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Strangely Enjoyable – Wolves Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Maybe not the right result but an enjoyable game all the same

I never like to see Blues lose – and for them to lose to a local rival hurts more but it has to be said that it was a strangely enjoyable game. Had Blues not been so profligate in front of goal they could have won at a canter; chances went begging on a fairly frequent basis and I don’t think I do Wolves a disservice by saying that we certainly created more than they did.

The game was a microcosm of the season as a whole; promising periods that are never quite realised with an end product interspersed with a few moments of madness where everyone switched off and rounded off with a cameo for another player from the burgeoning Wast Hills production line of talent. As I suspect many are thinking with respect to the table now, people were leaving the ground with a host of “what ifs” in their head – what if Ferguson had hit his free kick three inches to the right and scored; what if Wes Thomas had brought his shooting boots; what if Blues had started with a midfield slightly less powderpuff than Elliott and Morrison.

Koby Arthur

Whilst he only made a short cameo, I think many people are going to be talking about our latest teenage talent. He didn’t have much chance to show what he could do but there were flashes of it; some nice touches and skill to retain the ball and move it; a couple of flashes of pace and a good run towards the box to win the free kick at the very end of the match. Arthur is very much still a raw talent but the news he’s signed up for two years is excellent for the future – another genuine talent who can supplement the squad and give an option off the bench as an impact sub as he matures.

Mitch Hancox

I was disappointed that Mitch got taken off for Koby’s debut as once again I think the young left back showed just how much he has matured as a player. The timing of his tackles has massively improved whilst he has retained his natural instinct to go forwards and support attacks; I think if the 35 yarder he hit in the first half had gone in (and it wasn’t that far away) he would have spontaneously combusted on the spot. As Blues attacked in the second half you could see him chomping at the bit to receive the ball and to run at the Wolves backline; not just along the touchline but driving into the middle too. There is an old cliché about players who would run through brick walls for a club and in this instance I think we have one – judging by the amount of scars he’s already picked up Mitch is one of those players who would put everything on the line for his club.

Wes Thomas

I really felt for Wes today. Away from goal, he did okay – he stretched their backline, he tried to impose himself on the centre halves and do a striker’s job but in front of goal he struggled massively. I’ve been critical of Wes in the past as I don’t think he’s technically good enough but one thing I will absolutely endorse about Wes is that he put the effort in today. Had he been a bit luckier Blues could have easily won today but it wasn’t to be; however if he keeps working as hard and keeps getting into good positions then surely he will add to his two goals against Derby this season. The fact is I don’t think there was any options to change it at all – Lovenkrands has been ineffective at best this season and Koby Arthur is more of a wideman than a winger.

Yes, it was a defeat and it was a defeat to a local rival. However, thanks to the win against Palace it might not be a defeat that means much in the long run and it wasn’t as if Blues didn’t turn up for 90 minutes. Things might not be quite right, but it’s not quite as bad as some might say.

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66 Responses to “Strangely Enjoyable – Wolves Match Reflections”

  • DoctorD says:

    Thanks for the match report for those who weren’t there. What was the attendance and the mood in the ground?

    • almajir says:

      19,630 attendance. Boos at half time, kinda mixed at full time. I think a few people felt the same as me – it was frustrating cos we were creating chances but also exciting because we were creating chances.

      • Kaje says:

        Yeah, it was a very weird atmosphere. We didn’t really stop singing, aside from to boo (rightly) at half-time, and the second half was like watching a completely different match.

        I didn’t see a huge number of people clapping, neither did I hear any particularly loud booing. It was more a feeling of confused apathy.

      • Jimbo says:

        I boo’d at half time. Not at the team but at the ref. He took Zigic out of the game. I don’t think he have a single foul against Zigic even though he was continually having his shirt/limbs pulled. Davies received the same treatment on every corner he went up for; one specific incident saw Davies being bear hugged from behind. I don’t see how an attacking payer can win in that type of situation, if they make a meal of it then they get booked and a foul is given against them and if they do nothing then they don’t score. Referees need to be more observant to these fouls.

        • Michael says:

          But u have to admit that Blues was lucky to have all men in for second half…

        • TR7 says:

          The type of incident that you have highlighted Jimbo is my biggest frustration with the ‘modern ‘ game. Pulling , hugging , holding and just plain wrestling forwards to the ground has suddenly become completely acceptable . Zigic gets NOTHING from most refs , and when he complains I can only summise that the ref says “You’re 6ft 8 for god’s sake ! look after yourself ! ” only to book him 10 mins later for one of his now customary wombling tackle fouls.
          If I was was a ref , I’d tell both captains at the start of every match that all of the above will not be tollerated ESPECIALLY in the box , and then start dishing out penalties right left and centre , after about 5 or 6 spot kicks even today’s average numbskull player would cotton on . All of the big clubs do it, but usually when a ref actually does make a rare example of someone , it’s not against one of THE top clubs. Rant over ………

          • chas says:

            Completely agree with you, Sir.. The holding that Defenders get away with is terrible..Even if they gave Pens againt us,as long as they are consistent I would accept it.

  • James says:

    Substitutions killed it I thought, Nathan was giving them a hard time and replacing him for Lovenkrands just removed all our pace from the right, and although I was pleased to see Arthur play, Hancox and Ferguson were linking up well and were one of our biggest threats.

    Another story of missed chances, disappointing that Thomas couldnt put one or two chances away, but he did well to create them with his pace.

    • Kaje says:

      Completely agree re: the substitutions. Lee Clark won some brownie points for me a few games ago (I can’t remember off the top of my head which match) for making some absolutely spot on changes, today however I felt he stifled any chance of a real comeback with them.

      It may not have been any different had his substitutions been different, but I can’t help but wonder!

  • Kaje says:

    I felt it was hugely unfair on Hancox to be substituted, especially as it forced us into a few changes elsewhere on the field to compensate (and at one point, our bright attacking talent ended up on the wing) – the better choice, in my opinion, would have been to remove Elliott.

    Whilst he scored twice, both from the spot (well…almost…), I felt that Wade’s passing, heading, crossing and free-kicks were less than abysmal. A few around me echoed the sentiment. I would much rather have seen Reilly introduced for him, and Arthur for Thomas.

    Thomas, whilst created a few for himself, had the finishing of a young Ricky Otto. He was awful infront of goal and showed today (for me anyway) that he simply isn’t good enough for this level. In the remaining games I’d like to see our younger talent (Thomas is 26, hardly a development prospect and hardly likely to improve) given the games. We’ll be needing the likes of Koby next season, whilst Thomas would be lucky to cement a place in Bournemouth’s first team. I certainly wouldn’t like us wasting transfer funds on him.

    One other negative from today is that I (and others, thankfully) felt that Butland had one of his poorer games. His distribution was woeful, his communication and decision making almost none existent. It showed that he has a long way to go (understandably considering this season is his first real competitive full season) before he can be considered a Premiership goalkeeper. Stoke will have some more work to do with him before he’s their first choice!

    • TR7 says:

      I wish that you’d been sitting next to me yesterday Kaje ! I basically bored everyone stiff around me saying ALL of the points you mention ! Elliot, woefull , as he was on Friday night ( the only negative at Palace ). Thomas , unfortunately just not up to it , despite effort , Hancox was actually running through brick walls for us when he was dragged off ( He even SPRINTED to the touchline to save time bless him ) Butland , I don’t like to criticise young lads , but he was below average for most of the game ( He doesn’t like coming for crosses , seemingly relying on his unarguable lightning fast reflexes to make a goal line wonder save – Hart’s the same )

  • Marky mark says:

    I don’t get carried away with wins or overreact at defeats, but I have to say I’m annoyed very annoyed. We should have won that game at a canter but for some reason a few players were not at it first half, I do believe a few players got carried away after Palace.

    Still looking over our shoulder at the bottom 3 were not safe yet in this crazy season. Let’s hope we can all but banish those fears against Millwall.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    For a spell in the first half we were the antithesis of Palace with everything going against us and Wolves to their credit took full advantage of it. Apart from the period of their goals Wolves were second best to us. We hit the post 3 times but how Butland stayed on I do not know. I’ve been saying all season that we will win some and lose some in equal measure due to inconsistent players. Consistently good players go elsewhere. As Dan says a good game with lots of talking points and typical Blues to come off a result like Palace and go 3-0 down in the first half. Bring on Millwall. Possible Chelsea v Millwall final lol.

    • Art Watson says:

      What about the shocking defending which cost us at least two of the three goals.

      You can’t conceed 3 goals and expect to get a result.

      Just under 20,000 turned up to witness yet another home defeat Paul.

    • Mike ware says:

      The Butland challenge was correctly given as a booking player going away from goal and also covering defenders

      • chas says:

        Agre with you there Mike. Perhaps if Butland had stayed on his feet (no knock at him, he only had a second to decide) he may have forced the Wolves player further out..

        As for Thomas, I only saw the highlights but it is unfair to knock him on those..He was clever enough to get into the positions to take shots.If anyone saw any of the Cup match , vPersie missed far easier chances..

        Did the Wolves Player get booked for his late fould on Robinson ?

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      I actually agree with you Paul….. Apart from why did LC change a winning formula? Why not play Callum instead of Fahey?

    • Ziggy says:


      Butland stay on – because the ball was going away from goal – correct decision… for DOGSO you have to ask the following

      1) Is the ball going to towards goal
      2) Is the player facing goal
      3) Location on the pitch
      4) Is the ball under control
      5) covering players

      So based on the above – 1) the ball was moving away from goal 2) the player was moving towards the Kop 3) in the red zone – tick that one 4) ball was not under-control – so based 5) no covering players tick that one – and you need to tick all five fro DOGSO…I can only tick 2 from 5….. having said that a different refereeing angle maybe been able to tick all 5…. is about the angles and the 5 points above – its not easy!!!!

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Hindsight is very easy and I would have gone with 4-5-1 with Reilly in for Fahey to give more steel to midfield. In the end the result was down the dire finishing of Thomas, a bad miss from Redmond and the wrong side of the post three times. We won the second half at least 6-0

  • BluenoseDownunder says:

    I had the opportunity to watch both Wolves and the Palace games, it was hard to see how a team that played so well at Palace, and with only 1 change, can then perform so badly in the 1st half, at home against arguably weaker opposition? The first half was terrible but thankfully a gutsy 2nd half restored some pride and showed how we can play, but how many times this season have we played really bad halves of football that have cost us, it’s a worrying trend? I agree with earlier comments re butland he needs to be more commanding in the area and come off his line more for crosses.

  • pedantic pete says:

    Just watched the highlights on the Football League Show. Nice to see a Blues game as the featured game for a change.

    During the live commentary this afternoon it was suggested that Zigic was pulled down in the box but got nothing for it. Also why wasn’t their player given a second yellow for his handball in the box which led to our second penalty? Did you think some decisions went against us?

    • almajir says:

      I do think that the ref was poor; he bottled some decisions early on and he allowed some really unfair stuff against Zigic. Wolves were very physical and we didn’t get a lot of decisions that I thought we should have.

      • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

        Zigic gets a raw deal from most referees mainly due to his size but also due to his playacting when he makes more of fouls than they are and when he doubles up in pain then drops to the floor.

        Was sad to see him trying to get one of theirs sent off. Don’t like that whoever does it.

        • chas says:

          Sad to see it ??? No sadder than their plaers asking for Butland to be sent off, and the Wolves blo0ke should have been sent off, he had already been booked. But there again, I like Ziggy..

      • mark says:

        foul on Zigic in the penalty area IMO was cast iron penalty, Agreed the ref was shockly poor…

      • John says:

        The officials were poor,in the second half,Zigic was flagged for offside,when the wolves full back,was standinding two yards in front of the linesman,clearly playing Zigic onside. He should als have been awarded a penalty in the first half,when he was brought down.

    • Ziggy says:

      Interesting comments – I think Zigic was a pen…maybe the foul on Davies on 10 mins was a caution but Eillot was lucky not to get send off.. having man handled a wolves player (good spot by the 4th Official) and then later made 2 fouls which could have been cautions and he (the ref) worked with Davies to manage Eillot.

      From a technical refereeing point of view, he handled the game to make it “strangely enjoyable” -he gave himself time to make decisions and 3 goals against Brum were simply down to us not him or his team.

      Do you not think that a some-one making 900 decisions in each event in a game – running 11.2km per game may miss a couple of things during a game… I just wish the players made the right decisions all the time… Butlands decision making was all over the place (cost us 2 goals) – Redmond never knows when to pass, Zigic you could write a book….

  • ron says:

    accurate review and I think Clarke’s comments after the game were spot on – too many didn’t play without the ball in the first half. Unlucky in front of goal and I think in general we outplayed Wolves for the majority of the game. Not sure what happened to Redmond, he seemed loathe to run at players today and I think Hunt had the run of Caddis for most pf the match. Butland clearly at fault for the pen, which he held his and up to. ZIgic was awesome again – you now have confidence that he’ll win things in the air. Blues now use is height from deep, from where he seems to be able to win the ball. Crowd were ok considering – bit harsh to have booed at half time. 2nd half deserved more, but the damage was obviously done by slack defending (by the whole team) in the first half

  • tony says:

    i always think our midfield looks weak when elliot plays in a 4.Back to the awful defending and little tracking back by the midfield in the first half and zigic did his best to impersonate a cart horse.2nd half was a vast improvement but everyone just felt the longer the game went on we wasn’t going to score.Overall i wouldn’t call it an enjoyable game,frustrating maybe and bloody cold.

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      Hee hee, gottal love football.

      Two separate posts same game, one describing Zigic as awesome the other calling him a carthorse :)

  • kiwipete says:

    Having watched both this game and the Palace one on dodgy Streams, my views are that, at Palace we were up against a team that wanted to play pretty football and play around us, our youthful exuberance nullified that, with Wolves though it was a completely different kettle of fish, and it was more like Boys v Men, Our Boys couldn’t handle the physicality of their Men. I still look forward to the Millwall game with hope, as with the amount of youth in our side they don’t drop their heads as much as some seasoned players do.

  • andy says:

    U just cant turn up for 45 minutes of a game, Blues did and it cost us. Lee Clarks comments were spot on and im sure he let certain players know that at half time.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Been saying all season how a lot of our problems are due to the players themselves.

    Had they applied themselves from kick off this would have been a win.

  • StevieW says:

    For me I felt we should have played 4-5-1, it worked well against Palace and we needed to stifle Wolves in midfield to protect our back 4. However the introduction of Thomas scuppered that idea and 4-4-2 with the attitudes on the pitch in the 1st half 3 nil down was always going to be. 2nd half much better and if it wasn’t for our poor finishing then we might have won.

    I think the pairings of Caddis Redmond and Hancox and Ferguson on the flanks are the best we have had in ages and LC should keep them together as much as possible.

  • Michael says:

    I agree that Wolves was physical, but all in one Butland should be thankfull to the ref to play second half. He should have had the red….

  • mark says:

    Dan totally agree with your blog, blues certainly should have won by a canter wolves were shockly bad. The players let themselves down in the first half. Maybe keith might have made a different than wade who knows if he was fit..Ball distribution and decision making was woeful yesterday some must have thought this would be a stroll in the park, wolves just played ugly,and got lucky. Only when clark got them back in changing room he must have told them some home truths that their performance improved. But at the end of the day you play as team you win as team.. move on to the Millwall game, and get this match wrapped up.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Agree Mark

    Lee certainly got em to up their game 2nd half. Shame they weren’t ‘on it’ from the start like they were at Palace. half the performance of Palace would have seen Wolves taken apart.

  • Gary says:

    7 games this season that we have now gone 3-0 down mostly before H/T and mostly at Home and managed 1 point. This needs to be addressed as priority by the management team as it’s no coincidence after 7 times!!
    Sheff Wed – A
    Barnsley – H
    Millwall – A
    Hull – H
    Watford – H
    Hull – A
    Wolves – H

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Pleasing that repeated chances were being created. That is not something we could say at the start of the season. The home form continues to be alarming but I concur that it won’t mean too much come May.

    To put a positive spin on it we didn’t just cave in after the break. The boys came out fighting and had a real go. This to me says they want to play for Clark and get stuck in. I think there is real unity in the dressing room now and the mix of Lee’s Lads and older pros is really starting to pay off.

    I might get shot down for this but I’ve really enjoyed this season. Yes there has been some heatache and frankly awful performances and home spankings but if you look at August to now and the gradual improvement its actually very refreshing to monitr the improvement. Even before the turn of the year there were flashes of good performances and if you look at the way the team has moulded together and slowly bit-by-bit improve in confidence, attacking prowess and at times electric wing play it is a joy to watch the continued development.

    Yes we need to work on defending and concentration, especially at home, but I really feel this team is going places and with one or two savvy additions (perhaps Clark working the loan market) we could seiously challenge for the play-offs next season.


  • Retired&Weary says:

    Message to LC: please don’t start with 4 4 2 again! We don’t have strong enough individuals to play with only a central 2 in midfield, plus our back 4 is not good enough to play behind a lightweight midfield, plus Zigic is far better as a lone striker.
    After seeing our most balanced team on Friday, LC reverts to a system that has not worked all season & led to one or two hammerings.
    It’s no consolation to say that they had a right go in the 2nd half. You can’t expect to go 2 or 3 goals down & come back to win. That’s wearing a bit thin now.
    I agree with LC’s policy of playing young hungry players but he also needs to learn from his mistakes & use some common sense. One step forward, two back springs to mind.
    Typical Blues I suppose. How many teams win a cup & then get relegated from a seemingly comfortable league position?
    Nice to see a few more turn up after all of Paul’s nagging, unfortunately I doubt that they will be back on Saturday.

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      I’ll keep on trying to get em out though R&W :)

      Referring to your comments, you know, I know and we all know what would have happened had Clark played one up front at home and lost. I can still hear the massed ranks of the tilton chanting ‘4-4-2’ en masse when we had McBastard in charge.

      He did what he had to do, the players let him down but he got em back on it in the 2nd half.

    • Kaje says:

      I’m fairly certain that the attendance had nothing to do with a poster on the comments pages of a fansite – out of those 16,000 yesterday I bet less than 1% have any idea who Paul is.

      • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

        I think R&W called it right

      • chas says:

        Cant agree Kaje.. I for one dont go just to annoy the mouthy one..

      • Kaje says:

        You don’t agree? Do you mean you do agree, as you then went on to say you don’t go to annoy Paul Carter!

        And Paul, he definitely didn’t call it right. You have zero to do with anything at the club, let alone attendances!

        • chas says:

          It was a jocular coment, kaje..I forgot the smilie..I was replying to your comment that the Atendences arent influenced by P.C..I was joking that it was, as I dont go because of him..But as I say, it was a jocular comment..I dont know Paul, thak God..;-)

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    Half of it was enjoyable but also frustrating. I agree with pretty much all of the summing up except about Wes Thomas. I can forgive him most things (as you say he’s not quite good enough at this level) but missing the target with the goalie stranded was poor.He had enough chances to win two games.

    Perhaps the most surprisng thing was Robinson gettting MOTM. I felt he was culpable for two of the goals for being out of position. I’d rather have Caldwell back in. He must be raring to go right now.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I was gutted Will Packwood got injured. I was saying to a Port Vale supporting mate at Selhurst who comes along to the odd Blues game in response to his surprise at Robbo starting at CB that Packwood would have been playing there on a permanent basis now if he hadn’t got injured.

  • Dave says:

    Shame we couldn’t build on friday’s fantastic result, but, looking at the table I think anybody from 8th position down (Derby) could fill the last two relegation places at the moment. The last day of the season is going to be complete madness I reckon.

  • Tony says:

    After the Lord mayors show comes to mind the Dingles are getting closer to us,there is a far greater prospect of us going down than there is of reaching the playoffs.
    Two very similar sides both with managers of similar abilities too I dont think either will go down but its going to be close.

  • Johnners says:

    I enjoyed the game yesterday because I feel we are now safe and that makes a big difference! I am afraid that Jack Butland let his halo slip yesterday and we need to be honest about his performance rather than pretend he has suddenly got ten years experience between the sticks. I felt he was at fault for the first goal when he should either have held onto the first strike or tipped it safely round the post and clearly he had a rush of blood for the third. In this way, you could say that he lost us the game. That isn’t to say he isn’t a fantastic prospect but given the number of goals we have shipped this season then he is clearly not yet the reliable pair of hands that a top team will need him to be. It is one thing to pull of regular worldies but, for me, top class goalkeepers should be like top class referees – they are judged by their mistakes not by their brilliance and in this respect Jack inevitably still has a lot to learn.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Dad and I left that game feeling strangely similar to the rest of you that we’re there: where were we in the First Half? What was the Ref doing and for that matter his Linesman down the one side too?

    We bested Wolves for the Second Half because they were 3-0 up and after our first penalty went in you could see them panicking to hold onto the lead, and that lead to it being scrappy and disjointed.

    We could’ve capitalised if we had been blessed with better distribution from Ravel and Elliott (who’s passing and free kicks were mostly shocking) and I didn’t think that Fergusons crossing was top notch either.

    We conceded the 2nd goal because Johnson ran into the box, took Ziggy with him and left their Midfielder alone to be passed to. Nobody picked him up and …. Goal. That was left side, so Hancox or Ferguson had been caught napping there.

    We were unlucky with the woodwork and with Ziggy being pulled to bits every time he had a challenge on him, as well as Thomas ‘huffing and puffing’ with no end product. Felt sorry for him especially when he beat the defenders and goalie and then took it slightly too wide to shoot, and wanted an extra half second to steady himself….shame.

    Hey ho, we would’ve expected a loss to Palace and win against Wolves but as I have said before…..EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

    I reckon that needs to go on the back of shirts, the billboards and the programmes from now on!


  • bluenoseneil says:

    PS if we had played 4-5-1 at HOME Lee Clark would’ve been slain, regardless. I have visions of the anti-McLeish brigade turning on him…

    Plus he didn’t have Fahey due to injury and Reilly is not (yet) a straight swap.

    Damned if you do…..

    • chas says:

      Agree with that, Neil..It wasnt Clark’s fault our defenders forgot to do what they are paid for..A bit harsh, maybe, ut am I the only one who thinks Butland should have come out faster for the second Goal ? It wasnt that far away from him.

  • Chris Smith says:

    Agree with everyone saying that could have so easily have been a win. Most of those chances should have been in but in terms of near misses Ferguson! AH, that lad could have had us for 3-3. And Thomas, the man who couldn’t catch a break. I feel for those two. Wolves did what I expected them to, muscle blues out of the game at points, certainly in the first half.

    I am glad that LC did a 4-4-2, and stuck with the same starting lineup for the most part. I remember when AMc playing 4-5-1 at home, I doubt that blues would have done well against Wolves with that lineup nor got as many chances. If it was the previous Wolves manager they’ed have tried to play pretty football and we’d have seen a rugby score for Blues.

    Either way good game, couldn’t boo the players at the end ever and definitely not yesterday.

  • Paulo says:

    Enjoyable match, Kobe Arthur, Mitch Hancox & Wes Thomas…? Four things were seriously NOT on the talking list today at work. To be honest, it was about as enjoyable as sitting on a claret and blue seat while eating a bag of nails.
    how about; we lost it in midfield, the possession in the first half was pretty much all wolves, they continued to grab hold of,and foul, whoever they could because the linesmen and ref were what can only be described as pathetic ..did nothing about it, as well as not noticing ‘offside’ when looking at the dingles. Again, Zigic is too tall to be fouled, end of. Another note of what I can only praise, is LC is losing it and very nearly being sent to the stands. It was frustrating to watch and almost as hard to figure out why substitutions were not made earlier in the game.
    From our side’s point of view, the biggest point of the game was Butland. But, as is usual, he will be defended for being young and learning. I do pose the question that many players are young, and if any of our young players went in and took someone out, he would be disgraced. Butland was lucky not to have been red carded, and what’s more, he knew it. That was the point however, which did change the game, the atmosphere and the playing aggression. Being blues and being 3-0 down is nothing new, but it is rare to come back from, so being a premiership player and an England player, that kind of thinking is reckless and unforgivable. The point is, why did it have to happen? Battered in midfield? Defense pounded continually? Poor possession? Whatever the opinion, as a team ..we did it to ourselves and we were taken advantage of.
    Credit to the fans for sticking with it and giving it a loud one. Credit to Robinson for his amazing tackle on Ebanks-Blake. Also to Caddis for his continued work rate and Curtis Davies for carrying on after being took out. I can’t say it was all LC’s fault, but it really wasn’t our day, but they came in after only playing on Saturday and beating Boro’ 3-2 (even with an OG) and we seemed a bit too confident after Friday. It wasn’t fair, but it wasn’t a fair game, and we were just as much to blame for that.

  • Can't be worse then Mullins says:

    Can anyone anwser for the shocking subs lee Clark made taking Redmond off when he was the most targeted player, taking two players outbthe game, and why replace Hancock who was by far the most positive player on the pitch, to replace him for no reason, then in the statement after the game says 3 or 4 player were not at it today? The two he replaced at blame there ?
    As for the 4 4 2 system he likes to call it, don’t fix if not broken !

  • David says:

    I don’t care who anybody thinks but Clark is not going to ever get us promotion. TVOR may support him but he is useless . Asate would have buried the chances Thomas had. Clark is useless division 1 awaits unless he goes.

  • Steve Whitfield says:

    Whilst we created plenty of chances, I didn’t enjoy the game at all, as it meant little given we were 3-0 down at half time, even worse that it was against Wolves. It was like groundhog day, yet again going in at half time with a mountain to climb. It”s become very tedious watching us try to fight back from behind at home all the time, especially from several goals behind. You cant give teams a 3 goal head start and expect to get a result. Plus the atmosphere is so flat in the ground these days, its just not enjoyable going down St Andrews anymore. I’ve left more games before full time this season than in 20 years of following Blues altogether. I might go to some away games next season where the atmosphere is better, but won’t be renewing my season ticket down at St Andrews unless both Clark and Yeung leave in the summer.

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