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Hokey Cokey Moment – Millwall Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Blues and Millwall at St Andrews.

Not the Greatest of Games

I have to be honest and say that wasn’t the best game I’ve seen this season. Pre-match I’d have probably taken a point although I am worried by the sheer dearth of home wins this season – after the match I felt that maybe if Blues had tried a little harder they could have had all three.

Like the Wolves game, the defence had a couple of lapses in concentration – one which cost us a goal and two points but unlike the Wolves game Blues struggled to carve out chances. Too often the ball was given away in midfield and the lack of Shane Ferguson on the left meant the team was too lopsided; Wade Elliott kept taking positions up in the centre of midfield and Wes Thomas was wasted on the flank. Young Koby Arthur tried to make something happen once or twice but his inexperience showed as he was muscled off the ball once or twice and when he did stay on the ball he made a couple of misplaced passes. If Blues are to win games then they need the balance that was sorely lacking.

The Ref

I can’t not talk about the Ref. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen from a ref at the football; first he allows the goal – then disallows it when he sees the flag, then allows it after speaking to the lino with the flag in the air before finally disallowing it for a second time when he’s given the good word via the other lino and the fourth official.What makes it even worse is this is a ref who was on secondment in Japan training other refs how to do their jobs.

Whilst he eventually got the decision right he allowed the players to see him as indecisive and Danny Shittu in particular made sure he got into the ref’s ear about everything after it. If Refs want the respect of the players then they have to deserve it by being firm and by being decisive – an honest mistake is an honest mistake, but it’s less of a talking point than the three minute will-he-won’t-he we had today.

Ravel Morrison

Ravel was one of the few bright spots for me today; he was about the only midfielder who made it his job to retain possession and to try to play simple passes to feet to build attacks. There is a certain elegance about the way he lays off the ball at times that just doesn’t show from other players and it was his delicious through ball that allowed Wes Thomas to turn and score for his goal. Too many players in the team seem to treat the ball like a hot potato; whilst a touch-and-go can be a good attacking move it’s also sensible sometimes to look up and to ensure the ball goes to a fellow team-mate rather than pinging it wildly and hoping for the best as Wade Elliott seemed to do on more than one occasion. I think this season has done much for Morrison’s footballing education and I think if he’s given the chance to develop but with the firm hand holding him back from his excesses off the field, then he could become a very good player indeed.

Today was one of those games which would be instantly forgettable had it not been for the ref’s hokey-cokey moment. It’s only a point but it keeps us six clear of relegation and the number of games for teams to overhaul is slowly but surely diminishing. It’s possible that the last game of the season against Blackburn could be a reversal of the game in 2008 when Rovers relegated us despite Blues winning 4-1 – but it’s far too soon to be counting chickens yet

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86 Responses to “Hokey Cokey Moment – Millwall Reflections”

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Zigic was pitiful and should be dropped for the next game

    Crowd absolutely dire, our so called fans have deserted us.

    • Pele says:

      your comments sound like you are saying everyone who didnt attend is not a fan?!

    • Mortonsblue says:

      Zigic had 2 players climbing all over him throughout the match and the excuse for a Ref did not give him any protection, the only two free kicks he won were in his own half. What summed it up for me was late in the second half Shittu launched himself into the back of Zigic and forearm smashed the back of his head, the Ref did nothing until realising Zigic might be unconscious stopped the game so he could get attention.

      • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

        If you could not see how uninterested Zigic was you’re blind pal.

        Dunno if you went or not but let me tell you he was a joke.

        Watched Troy Deaney on the box later and he had 2 huge Cardiff centre halves on his back all through the game. Never stopped trying and gave as good as he got. So many times Zigic didn’t bother making any challenge and Im fed up of him looking for the foul all the time.

        Drop him.

      • mark says:

        if Zigic actually jumped Danny Shittu who 6FT 3ins shouldn’t not get any where near him……sorry to say but Zigic should have a bit more nouse about him to deal with these types of defenders. Unfortunately Zigic would rather look to take the foul now, when he should destroying defenders like this……..with his height..crouch didn’t lose much in the air as a prime example…..

        • almajir says:

          In fairness, it’s difficult to jump when you have two or three players sandwiching you as Zigic did often yesterday. Shittu should have gone for the elbow to the back of the head the ref completely missed too.

          • mark says:

            agreed with that one Dan, we seem to get our fair share of dreadful Refs……

          • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

            But also to be fair it is NOT difficult to jump nor chase when no-one is around you which also happened with Zigic yesterday

          • almajir says:

            I think you’re being overly harsh on Ziggy; he did actually win some headers (contrary to the bloke sitting next to me), and made some neat flicks.

            Sorry if that disagrees with you, but he wasn’t the worst bloke on the pitch by far; Elliott was dreadful, Hancox struggled and Spector couldn’t get into the game before getting injured again.

          • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

            Nooo I agree with the other 3 also but Zigic got bullied out of the game yesterday and it happens too often. His commitment and drive were poor and did not look like a man leading the line. Yes he won some flicks, he always will but where do these flicks end up? His constant appealing for fouls and doubling over as if stabbed is putting refs against him. So what if he’s up against big centre halves so was Thomas who tried hard throughout.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Your glorious leader’s tactics of launching it to Zigic’ head was the biggest mistake. It looks like his team selection and chisen tactics fit Palace were a fluke.

      • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

        Strange that cos I saw a lot of play going through our midfield and wide men but that wouldn’t fit your agenda would it pal.

        Zigic is 6ft 8, course you aim for his head.

    • chudlt says:

      I don’t agree with your comments about Zigic.

  • Qas says:

    Completely agree with your comments about Ravel, worked very very hard all over the pitch today, it would be nice to get him back next season too.

    I thought Mitch Hancox had a bad game today and it showed just how far he has to go yet, however he was offered nought in the way of protection by Wade Elliott, whose performance today was insulting, how a so-called “seasoned pro” can play like that is beyond me, you can forgive it from youngsters, but Wade should know better than to just launch the ball anywhere.

    I also thought Zigic was awful, looked totally disinterested, for £52,000 a week I’d expect effort, if nothing else. Talking of effort, I thought Wes put himself about today, tried to get into good positions and caused a little trouble for Millwall, he just didn’t get the service, I have been a vocal critic of him but I can’t deny the lad’s workrate.

    I think we need to take advantage of Leicester’s poor form and get a result there, along with three points from Bristol and hopefully that should see us safe. On the topic of Blackburn, I hope we are the ones to relegate them, I will never forget them playing out a draw with our canine neighbours because it kept them both safe, revenge will be sweet I hope.

  • DoctorD says:

    If Bristol City lose on the weekend, it will almost certainly mean them needing to beat us on Tuesday week to stay in the division. I for one am not looking forward to that game.

    • Marky mark says:

      Couldn’t disagree more, Bristol City know there doomed, in fact I suspect we will relegate them and hopefully Blackburn and maybe Weeds.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Just seen the criminal marking for some of their goals at Burnley. They’re a very poor side and were so back at Stans in November. I expect the pace of Wes and trickery of Nathan do send them down.

      Always a good away day too do looking forward to that one as a win could potentially secure our survival.

  • tony says:

    zigic was poor against wolves and was awful against millwall.Mitch hancox gave their player far to much room and wade elliot just kept losing possession just like against wolves and palace,can’t believe it took clark so long to sub him..Morrisson looked bright in possession but the midfield looked poor as a whole and after watching the game you have to be happy with the point because we didn’t deserve 3.Another home game to forget against poor opposition

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    THE REF !

    WE didn’t know what the harry was going on, none of those around us did either. One guy blurted out “Red Card” – don’t know what he saw…:-)
    I said to my friends that I’d read ‘somewhere’ that this guy had done 2 years teaching Refs in Japan.

    Thank you, it was here I read it!!

    Millwall won their last 3 away games on the bounce, and I was happy to take a point before the game, BUT…like Wolves I feel dispirited because I thought we were a goal or even two goals short of what we could have had.

    We need a bit of BEEF !

    Too physically lightweight imo. I’m NOT asking for cloggers, but people with the body strength and guile/experience to go alongside our burgeoning fledglings.

    I’ll settle for the point.

  • Mortonsblue says:

    I think we are all agreed that the Ref was embarrassing and should never be allowed to officiate at this level again.

    Why does Clark persist in playing Elliott on the left of midfield when he is anywhere but the left of midfield leaving poor Hancox totally exposed and unsupported, its the same every week, except when Ferguson played left side and he did support Hancox.

    Our real problems are in midfield, we are so lightweight and have no height (we must be the smallest team in the whole of the league) so just get completely out muscled by every team, it happened against Wolves and it happened again yesterday. We seem to dither on the ball, no one takes responsibility and consequently we repeatedly get dispossessed. When we are in possession the ball is like a hot potato so we constantly misplace passes in our rush to get rid of it to the nearest player
    The blame for this must lay at the feet of Clark, when he bought on young Arthur, the midfield comprised three 19 year-olds and a lad of 17, no wonder we were over run. I’m not a fan of Mullins or Ambrose but surely he should had added some experience at that point?
    What on earth is he thinking by bringing on a young lad who is even smaller than Hancox and Caddis into that environment? He could ruin his confidence and set back his progress. Expecting him to flourish when we are up against it is wrong, if you want to give him experience, bring him on when we are a couple of goal;s up with 15 minutes to go.

    • Letsby Avenue says:


      Thanks for your constructive post where you have detailed every mistake made by Lee Clark.

      A fair propotion of Blues want to ‘bring on the kids’ now we are safe-ish. Those in the funnel are even smaller and weaker. So you would be opposed to that –logically.
      Look at the’weight’ of Cardif, Hull even Boro. We are small and ‘nippy’, get muscled out too often.

      So, are you calling for Mullins, Ambrose and Caldwell ? Because they were taller? Rather than having speed and urgency ?

      Let’s look for people above 5′ 5″ ?

      Who else do we have in reserve except growing kids ?

      Saddo Morton Mate! We play with what we have, try to grasp that point ….

      • Mortonsblue says:

        I am not opposed to bringing on the kids, I just think there is a right time to do this and bringing on Arthur, who has been in the Academy just 12 months, into the heat of a battle like Wolves and Millwall alongside a group of 19 year-olds is just plain wrong. He needs to be playing alongside experienced pros or coming on when the game is won so there is no pressure on him.

        • Chris Smith says:

          Who would you have brought on instead of him, Mullins or Ambrose? Your other options are Caldwell and Doyle. In fact i’m not really sure who else could be played from the Senior squad

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      My favourite post so far. Thought Ambrose and Mullins were the bogey men lol. Never play again I’ve read time and time again on this board.

      I thought it was great that Lee bought on Koby, long may it continue

      • Mortonsblue says:

        Paul you are an idiot!

        I said I am not a fan of Mullins and Ambrose, but the balance has to be right and the time to introduce Arthur is when we have the game won and with some experience. It’s no wonder we were overrun in midfield.

        • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

          Lol, ever heard of hindsight mate? All you tactical geniuses make me laugh. Had we won it would be a non issue

        • Marky mark says:

          I understand what you’re trying to say Morton, and agree I wouldn’t have put Arthur on , but the options on the bench have disappointed so often this season I can also understand LC not using them.perhaps he thinks we are safe and it was worth the risk.

          We need to get used to watching the kids because next season the team will be full of them.

  • Lenoir says:

    Do not wrap youngsters in cotton wool, if they are good enough play them, but, yes mix with an couple of experienced heads. Unfortunately except for King, Burke and Fahey, all missing injured, the experience on show against Millwall was woeful.

  • LesBeau Brummie says:

    It seems ironical that we may not be able to afford Caddis because the difference in valuations = two weeks Zigic wages !

  • ed77 says:

    What a poor poor performance talk about on the beach only paul robinson showed any passion,id say shittu had zigic in his pocket but zigic didnt go that close 2 him,it was horrible hancox,elliott cudnt pass,and what summed the match up was our corner at the end redmond instead of getting the ball in the box for 1 last chance,he gave it arthur who lost it straight away,it reminded me of a pre season friendly the lack of passion was worrying with us still not safe

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Our Pitiful home form this season continues

    Played 21
    Won 6
    Drawn 8
    Lost 7
    For 27
    Against 33

    26pts from a possible 63pts…..

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I thought we did ok until Millwall scored and first half Thomas made himself a nuisance and got about the Millwall back line. I share Al’s view that if we had maybe tried a little harder and upped the temp we could have won. We were clearly lightweight and Millwall physically dominated us at times. What baffled me was that we didn’t run at their full backs enough. Shittu is so slow (and IMO frankly fat for a pro footballer) and I would like to have seen Wes and Nathan trying to push the ball past them more. That said, credit to their back line for stopping that happen.

    As mentioned above some of our passing was awful and given away very cheaply at times, especially Wade and Mitch.

    On a plus note Nathan really was the engin of the side and if anything was going to happen it would have come through him (or Ravel)

  • Paulo says:

    Very frustrating game! How on earth can we defend ourselves when Millwall totally dominated for most of the 90 minutes. They did it through their typical on form brick wall tactics, which is nothing new (and what their fans expect), yet they also managed to dictate the pace of the game as well, turning it as flat as a pancake for us at times as well. I agree that Thomas was wasted and we missed Ferguson, but we are missing a few other players as well (through injury). I just can’t stand watching Zigic continually want to get rid of the ball and only wants one touch of it. To me, it seems he doesn’t want to change his playing style to fit in with what we need right now, which is aggressive possession and tackling and taking the shot if you can, assisting if you cant. We are just missing those players that can think so quick and make decisions on the spot, not pass the ball with a header all the time, be selfish and score, no one will think less of that.
    Have to say though, it was a crying shame that the game was marred by a foul mouthed Millwall side, who remarkably got away with a lot, and their fans (surprise?) kicking off with the police and stewards, let alone the reports coming in during the game of pockets of trouble flaring up, including almost all cars in the green lane area having windows smashed in.
    That ref really did seem to be running scared of them, and seemed to not want to ignite any further reason for trouble. His body language showed it all. As for Danny Shittu, well, he’d scare anyone if they let him.

  • Steve says:

    Almajir, i thought Wade Elliott did some poor things i agree..but the bloke always tries to get it down and create something. He’s been a real calming influence in centre-mid recently. Spector..is he becoming the new Paul Furlong? Although i think LC needs to take the blame throwing him straight back in after his previous injury. Koby Arthur looks really capable. There was an air of little Simon Sturridge about him stature-wise..but with extra quality for me. Disappointing to relinquish a lead at home again but we are safe in my opinion. I know the gap in points isn’t massive but the fact that there’s about 10 teams involved works to our advantage..and some will be playing each other no doubt.

  • mark says:

    http://www.bcfc.com/news/article/a-fair-outcome-756934.aspx Fair summary in IYO Dan, Clark felt was a fair outcome….Imo we had more prossession than Millwall .forde made a unbelieveable save from wes volley, also Nathan had a free kick turned over the bar. Agreed we didnot have a complete foothold in the midfield, and the balance was not there without shane. You can see staight away what difference this lad has made already. And the possible miss of fahey now he’s out for the season. Until we can get a consistent 11 players playing week in week out unfortunately we are going to be Hokey Cokey team. move on support your team in thick and thin..kro

  • Marky mark says:

    On reflection I’m happy with a point, we missed Fahey and Ferguson and as some have said the midfield was lightweight today ands against Wolves, but in LC defense what was he supposed to do zero options on the bench an unfit Ambrose or a lambasted Mullins.

    I thought Millwall came for a draw and not for the first time we failed to get the killer 2nd goal.

    As soon as Millwall came looking for a goal the were simply better than us, slicker, neater and stronger.

    I agree with some that after this showing Zigic should be dropped, but I fear LC won’t want to do that specially with Leicester away calling for 4-5-1 set up,

    And Wade Elliott bless him I’m sure if we had options he wouldn’t be playing, I like him as he pops up with goals but summertime exit awaits me thinks.

    All in all another point closer, two away games coming up, we play better away one more win

    • Paulo says:

      Hear Hear.
      Very few options and to play against such an aggressive team, it was expected that we were going to struggle. I know we came away with a point, and a draw is a good result for us really, but it did feel like a loss ..cant explain why!

      • Ali Duncan says:

        Maybe because the number of home wins has been so low this season and to me at least this game felt like with a little more effort could have meant a much valued home win.

        • Paul Carter says:

          Maybe it’s the pitiful crowds and toxic atmosphere at home affecting the players?

          Paul – no place for politics here mate. Leave it out.

          • Paul Carter says:

            Ok Dan, why did you leave all the fascist posts on the other day then? In fact they’re still on now?

          • almajir says:


            Because I have a full time job as well as running this site and I didn’t see them. By the time I did they’d been up so long it wasn’t worth me doing much about them.

            I abhor fascism. But what I abhor MORE is people bringing politics – any politics at all – onto my website. This is a site about football. I’m going to go through it now with my red pen. If you see something you don’t like, email me (cos I’ll see that quicker) and I’ll sort it if I can. However, I’d appreciate if people (and this isn’t a dig at you) acted like adults and left it alone.

          • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

            Fair enough, I wondered why theyd been left up. One was from Tony the other from Prewar Blue telling us all the virtues of fascism. Thing is people in the press, from the club, our own ethnic fans and other fans from other clubs read that shite and think we’re all the same. Looks bad on BCFC.

            It all came up in the context of Di Canio

          • almajir says:

            All been binned now.

          • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

            Just pointing it out to ya Dan I wasn’t implying you agreed with it just in case you thought I was.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Both Fahey and Spector have been unavailable for selection due to injury for large parts of this season. Given the fact that our revenue will be cut by 8 million next year we can not afford to have players on the wage bill that are unavailable. Therefore as they are both out of contract I would probably release them both. Hopefully by the time the last game comes round we will be safe! KRO

  • mark says:

    just noting your headline on your blog, lets hope we are all doing the conga in our next two away games……got keep smiling……we are blue…

  • Bluenosesol says:

    No chance of relegation. Absolutely blinding performance by Redmond. Hoping we can sort out season long deals for Ferguson and Butland next season. Just need to sort out the off field shennanigans and build confidence for next season and boost season ticket sales. KRO.

  • Dave says:

    It’s difficult to know how to motivate Zigic for more than a couple of games in a row. He knows that he has a very nice contract that will see a financial increase very soon. He also knows that nobody wants to buy him and that he can coast along in the knowledge that he has enough fans that if he performs well enough in a game or two he’s still a hero. Truth is that I’ve seen him play maybe four of five great games in all of the time he’s been with us. I thought that after LC’s public dressing down that Zigic had turned a corner and was prepared to put a real shift in. The sad truth is that he’s an average player that nobody else wants to buy. Whether or not he gets his head filled with rubbish by his annoying agent, I’m not sure, but he’s too often absent when we need him the most. Oh, and it’s call football, not headball, so he should try and improve with his feet. Am I being too harsh? I know there are a lot of fans who worship the ground he walks on. But, on his day, he’s lazy and workshy and not a team player. At least we’re seeing youth players coming through the ranks, which is a positive sign for the future. KRO

    • mark says:

      blues are stuck between a rock and deep blue sea, for money he’s is on, and the contract he’s got, I hope we never put ourselves in this kind of mess ever again regarding signing players in this way. worship no, back any player in blue shirt if they put the passion and desire in for the club.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      If Zigic continues to underperform to the end of his contract, then his value will evaporate and he will end up playing for some Dutch third division team. He really needs to up his game. If you recall we had a similar situation with Mike Newell, who similarly was on huge wages but never cut the mustard. After leaving the Blues, he spent the last 5 years of his career rotting in the nether regions. Could well happen to Ziggy!

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Wonder if J.Butland will be facing us next season in the Championship ??

  • Tony says:

    Morton telling Paul he is an idiot is stating the obvious, The kids were brushed aside far too easily you can get away with one maybe two at a time but four or five no way.

    • almajir says:


      Who else would you have played? Seriously?

      I mean, we could play Caldwell at centre back and Robinson at left back and have our left side of defence unable to outpace a snail.

      Burke was injured, as was Fahey. Ferguson was ill. That left us with one – count them, one – out and out winger to play – in Redmond. Morrison was our best player on the pitch. Spector got crocked AGAIN – maybe he could have brought on Mullins instead of Reilly but I don’t think that would have changed much.

      On the left flank, Elliott had a mare. Sure, Arthur is young – who else we got who plays wide left. Don’t say Lovenkrands, he’s been dire of late. Ambrose can’t play wide.

      The absolute stone cold fact is that there isn’t any better options realistically – and this is something we have to get used to cos if there is no takeover next season will be all kids.

      • Chris Smith says:

        Just done a look up at the squad too, 25 senior first team players, of which 10 are injured (i count FergieMk2 and Gomis in there), 15 are fit. Of those 15 you have 4 defenders, 2 keepers, 6 midfielders and 3 forwards (Redmond I count as a senior). Basically we haven’t access to a full first team for match day from Seniors.

        Youth team with squad numbers count at 9, of those 2 are regular aux to the first team (Hancox & Reily) and 1 is being tested. Those are the three that have been making up the 18 on the last two Match days.

        Tony – You had two choices, play a nippy ‘kid’ or play one of two slow OverAgedPlayers, or a goal keeper and a defender. Who are, 4/5 of the remaining Senior players. Secondly Morrison is 21, Redmond is something like 19/20, Hancox and Reilly ar 19. Inexperienced from a longterm perspective yes, but they can handle themselves well and can’t be called kids. Packwood is 19, FergieMk2 is 21 and Koby Artur to who you refer is 17 having had his birthday on the 3rd of January and having been born in 1996.

        They aren’t the pie guzzling teams of Milwall and Wolves, the players who can deal with them one on one for muscle are injured mostly. Buit to say four or five kids, the nearest was Arthur so where were the rest?

    • Marky mark says:

      Tony, on the wind up again.

      Paul may well be a lot if things, but one thing is for sure judged against your comments his football knowledge is on a different scale to yours, some of the stuff you come our with makes me believe you’re only doing it for attention ?

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Take no notice Dan

    comment edited – the rest of it wasn’t needed

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Yeah well I despise em mate, sorry

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:


  • bluenoseneil says:

    Is it not possible to just stop Tony from posting on here altogether?

    I am all for free speech but it seems pretty clear he comes on here to wind everyone up intentionally and doesn’t seem to have anything positive to contribute that would constitute his proof of actually BEING a Blues fan???

    Prove me wrong Tony!!

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      Even after the Palace game he was nausing everybody off

      No one can be a Blue and paste post after post of negative anti crap.

      He’s Vile mate

  • Northern Exile says:

    Sorry Almajir, as a ref myself, I reckon he’s probably done the right thing. It was a big decision and he had to be sure. He probably could have got to the bottom of it quicker by making a quick decision, but the main thing was that he used his assistants well and got the decision right.

  • Eric says:

    Paul is an attention seeker and a nasty one at that. He takes the discussion away from football and into personal attacks. He needs his own website instead of trying to take over yours.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Love the irony there Eric, you attacking me personally whilst moaning that I attack people personally!!

    That us quality pal, pure quality.

    Almost all my posts are about Blues but don’t let that stop you x

  • Tony says:

    Just seen Pauls post Dan , it is rubbish there was no fascist talk from me the debate was about football and Clark, It was Paul who launched into a tirade about Dicanio, and Sunderland.
    Please look back you will see

  • Tony says:

    Im not commenting on who he should play, but obviously if you play four or five lighweight kids in a team they will be brushes aside.

  • Tony says:

    Fair enough I respect your judgment.

  • Tony says:

    Errrrrr Prove you wrong Neil well lets see Iwas there when they became the first British club to play in Europe. Iwas outside the hospital when Jeff Hall died. Iwas at Wembley when we lost to Man city in the final.
    In the 60s i helped clear the terraces of snow I was there when Berie Auld dropped Johnny Haynes and Maurice Cook on their arse with left hooks.Iwas even there the very first time KRO WAS SUNG.
    Was there when we had 50 odd thousand for a second division match, was there the day TF Made his debut I really could go on and on, so please dont ever accuse me of not being a fan. As for your ridiculous atempts to ban My posts that sums up your pathetic, sycophantic, moronic.existence.

    • almajir says:

      Before this gets derailed any further…

      … I have a job for you old ‘uns. I need to have a word with people who can remember pre-season tours of the sixties and seventies – where we went, who we played. If you have memories etc, please contact me on my usual email, it’s for a feature I’m working on in the summer. Ta

    • bluenoseneil says:

      Take away the first few and last few words of your reply proves me RIGHT. You can be and are a supporter but the vitriol and negativity needs dialling down a shade, sunshine.

      I wasn’t present at any of those events as I am clearly half your age. Please don’t behave like you have half the brain cos you need to direct your passion and love for Blues better, as right now you just come across as a whinger…which is a shame considering your lifelong commitment.

      KRO and keep it POSITIVE, Tony!!

    • Chris Smith says:

      All that and you still have a poor understanding of the current squad situation and how to rectify it and how to pick a player to fill a position.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    We played better with Fahey and Ferguson in the team and we couldnt replace them. Why waste your time debating Zigic? We are stuck with him like it or not.

    All I know is LC will have his work cut out recruiting the right sort of player next year. Some tough calls.

    e.g. Fahey has quaility but he has played how many games for us this season? You cant say that LC is not already thinking ahead tho.

  • Blues for life 71 says:

    and theres me saying “FFS lads he wont change his mind stop argueing and get on with the b####y game !!!! how wrong was i what do i know about football pffft the referee will change his mind ha never !!

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