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Player of the Season 2012-13 Nomination: Jack Butland

It’s been a difficult season for Birmingham City on and off the pitch but one hint of future success has been the development and rise of Jack Butland.

For a rookie keeper, it’s a big step up from understudy to first-choice. Pressure is intense from the get go as mistakes will almost always certainly cost goals and unless the defence in front of you is absolutely rock solid there will be plenty of opportunities to make errors. However, for Jack Butland the pressure was ratcheted up a notch before his Blues debut having made debuts for the Great Britain Olympic team and the England senior side. A player who had a lot of hype to live up to, who was the subject of various bids in the summer, Butland had to show straight away he was worth the faith that has been placed in him.

It would be wrong to say that Butland has had the perfect season. There have been definitely times when he has dropped rickets; where his decision-making has let him down and where he could have done better to prevent a goal being scored. However, considering the way the defence in front of him has changed and the problems affecting the team in front of him Butland has done remarkably well.

For me, the defining moment in Butland’s season came away from home against Peterborough. A tough game where both sides had the spectre of relegation hanging over them meant that the pressure was going to be on; any mistake could hand the opposition the advantage. That day, Butland produced one of the best double saves I’ve ever seen – the first from Tommy Rowe was good but as the ball came back for Lee Tomlin to smash home somehow Butland got back up, got a strong arm up and deflected it over the bar. Tomlin stood and stared for a good few seconds with an incredulous “how the hell did he save that?” expression on his face.

As the season has progressed Butland has started to show his talent more and more; whilst his kicking and commanding of the box could be better he is definitely one of the best shot stoppers we’ve seen for a while down St Andrews and it’s this ability that made him a sought-after commodity in the January transfer window. Unfortunately, as has happened many times over the years Blues maybe haven’t got the value for the player that they’d have hoped for in the past and I confess, it’s slightly gut-wrenching that we have to let go of our first home-grown current England international since Trevor Francis. To put it into context, Butland is one of just 18 players to have got England recognition whilst still at the club and of those players is one of just four to have played for England whilst at Blues since 1980.

Butland deserves his nomination because whilst he might have cost a few goals with errors he’s kept us in more games with his keeping. He’s the only player to have appeared in every league match this season for the team and one of only four players to have made more than forty appearances for the club this season with only Wade Elliott having made more. That level of games shows his consistence in performance in what has been an inconsistent season for Blues overall.


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  • matt says:

    It would be wrong to say that Butland has had the perfect season!
    whilst his kicking and commanding of the box could be better !

    No chance! Not voting for a stoke player who can’t take a cross and is dodgy kicking! sorry! Curtis Davies out on his own!

    • Qas says:

      Agreed about Curtis Davies, stand out performer, brilliant defender and has popped up with goals throughout the season, I sincerely hope we can hold onto him in Summer.

  • Always a Blue says:

    Jack will be a wonderful keeper but over the whole season Myhill was more consistent last season as jack cost us many points early on in the season(something Chis Houghton didn’t have to deal with)

    However Curtis Davis by a country mile,as for jack being a Stoke player I seem to remember joe Hart
    Winning the award while being a Man city player.

  • glyn rees says:

    Yes well played Jack but my vote goes to Curtis without a debt by a country mile Kro4ever

  • Chris Smith says:

    I’d have said Reilly over Butland. Caddis too. PR.

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Bluies Website says to Twitter and inform who we have voted for…OK ?


    Doo Wah Diddy



    Cut and paste.


    Now I am not going to knock any one’s choice, but I will state my own.


    About October / November, I praised Jack, but wondered if there was a connection between our gials against and Jack.

    This guy is going to be brilliant.

    Like Shilton from Leicester to Stoke, he will outclass and surpass Joe Hart within months.
    Not years – but months.
    I can’t praise Jack enough.

    But, imo, he learnt on the job at Blues.

    In that “Learning” were many, many mistakes.
    Never once was he called to question, whereas outfield players were often questioned COLLECTIVELY.
    One Forward, INDIVIDUALLY

    Sorry AJ,

    But Jack is brilliant and will replace Joe Hart within months imo, but Jack learnt on the job at St Andrews, and let us down quite often.
    Be Honest.

    Jack – NOW – is rampant!
    Up until Christmas he was a potential lliabiilty.. a “will-he-won’t-he?” player.

    My Choice is not for a “Potential” Premier starlet, but for a totally other character.

    A ‘Heart Driven’ kid


    Mitch Hancox is my player of the season.
    Because of


    Mitch Hancox is my vote.

    The Future of Blues is people like Mitch, and he gets my vote

    Fabulous endeavor, commitment and skill. improvinf EVER game he gets.

    Might be too radical for some, and I hope I don’t embarrass the kid – but to me, he is Blues, he and his peers are the future, if they live upto Mitch, we will be OK.
    Another reason for Mitch



    • almajir says:

      Do you believe in paragraphs? ;)

      I’m a fan of Mitch Hancox, and I can see him being up for young player of the year – but player of the season? Are you out of your mind? He’s played sixteen times this season out of a possible 45 – barely a third of the games. Of those, only ten have been starts. For a player to be considered “player of the season”, they have to be consistently good throughout the season which would indicate that they’ve played the majority of games.

      Furthermore, of those 15 games Mitch has had some poor ones, as I’m sure he’d admit himself. For example, the Millwall game was probably his worst in a Blues shirt and although he wasn’t helped by the lack of a left midfield in front of him he was poor. You can’t give player of the season based on the fact he’s a bit mental and loves the Blues – it just doesn’t work like that.

      The one player I feel guilty for missing out is Paul Robinson. The rest – no.

  • Jaffa says:

    I wish jack all the best, but somehow it feel’s wrong to vote him now he’s not a blues player.i was very surprised he chose to go to stoke.my vote is for Reilly.

  • desertbootboy says:

    cant we just vote for the young ones as a block…..
    after all they are the only thing worthwhile to come out of this season.

  • Marky mark says:

    My vote would go to Redmond our brightest kid who loves the club, but it won’t because there not nominated ?

    Carnt vote for a Stoke player
    Carnt vote for any defender on this season’s efforts
    Carnt vote for someone who’s missed half the games

    I will abstain

    • Chris says:

      For me it goes to Paul caddis he’s been fantastic all year round! My second choice would be Curtis Davies saved us a lot this season and had a very good season then I’d go for wade Elliot he’s had a great season imo very underrated scored some important goals as well! Jack has had some poor games and is very weak to his left hand side he’s kicking is also not great! While he has saved us in some games he’s also cost us in others!

  • andy says:

    Jack is a top keeper, Stoke literally stole him from us, bargain of the century in my opinion, it still annoys me after Pannu stated only an eye popping offer would be considered. But obviously the club were desperate for the 3 million. Player of the season? Well it would cap an incredible past 12 months for Jack and he has made a few outstanding saves.

  • mark says:

    Regardless of been a stoke player next year to me is totally relevant…. At this moment in time he is playing in a birmingham shirt…..my vote goes to butland.. and would like to wish him all the best.. hopefully we will find another quality goalkeeper off our production line…..The young lad done extremely well under very difficult circustances, and to keep another pro out like doyle shows how far he has come…….still got bags to learn but he going in the right direction. It was noted by other poster only yesterday he could still be continuing his trade in championship if stoke go down??? its happen to roger johnson and scott Dann….as for curtis Davis more than lightly he move on in the summer if a fee comes in or transfer is put in by himself……would mind recouping the money AV paided for him……..

  • Retired&Weary says:

    For such a young keeper Jack has been fantastic, he’s gained us far more points than he’s lost in my opinion. The knockers we get on here are so typical of Blues fans, as Paul keeps saying it’s no wonder the players are so scared to play home games.
    I’m disappointed that he’s going to Stoke, that’s a club on a downward spiral if I ever saw one.
    It is difficult to pick a player of the year tbh, I certainly couldn’t pick one. Curtis mentioned above has been as inconsistent as anyone, imperious in one game, then a pub player the next (like on Saturday).

  • James says:

    Funny how the comments on here don’t correlate to the votes on the right hand side!

    Great keeper who will improve, wears the blue and white ( for now) and gets my vote

    Curtis has been our best defender, although Robbo has been a model pro.

    King has had no competition and it’s a pity he’s injured for the rest of the season as he would have gone on to score a few more

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Why can’t we vote for who we want not just one of the ‘chosen three’ ?

    • almajir says:

      Cos it’s my website. ;)

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        Yes I know that :-) but most of what you say is logical and reasoned so I’m surprised the rely to my question wasn’t afforded the same?

        • almajir says:

          Okay, let me break it down for you.

          I’ve shortlisted three candidates who I think stand out in the season, who have played a majority of games and have contributed to what success the team has had. I have written a piece on each to help people decide who they want, which I’ll be publishing whilst the poll is on.

          Why have I not asked the wider populace their views? Cos it’s my website, I’ll be paying for the trophy and thus I get the final say. Simple, innit?

      • mark says:

        why do you feel you need to explain yourself Dan it not rocket science you chose 3 if you had considered 10 someone will have wanted 12 unbelieveable DAMN right it your Blog, you tell them mate……can I have trevor Francis before Tony choose him….inclarkwetrust

  • dave mann says:

    over the whole season and ive been to most games home and away,
    id say curtis. because hes been our most concistent defender,
    followed by marlon, untill he got injured and butland,though he didnt
    start the season to clever.
    young player is callum no danger, special talent in the making. KRO.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Can’t see how people who never go can vote?

  • dave mann says:

    what it is paul is that the fans who stay away will go on just feedback
    and tv clips and judge from that i suppose but you cant stop them can
    you mate.KRO.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    My vote goes to Jack as I backed him from day one and he has proven his doubters wrong. As for him being a Stokee, dont forget we are trying to secure a season loan for next year, besides, I work in Stoke and he gives me something to talk about.

  • dave mann says:

    we all seem to have our own opinions on player of the year,
    but to be fair almajir has got the 3 nominees down to a tee so
    no complaints there.
    id definetley make lee clark our manager off the year. KRO.

  • RUPERT says:

    No, one deserves an award. As for Butland he is young and learning but I just dont see what all the fuss is about.

  • Blues for life 71 says:

    what about Fahey comes back for one game and what a game phew well done Keeet.

  • The Flying Pig says:

    Curtis Davies has been good in a poor defence this year. However, I think he was better last year and I think his weakness [defensively] is against crosses where the forward seems to get away from him too easily this year. However, that’s being hyper-critical and he’s probably the best central defender in this division, so we’ll miss him next year [I think his sale is inevitable at present]. If only he could pass, he’d be top-half Prem material, no question.

    Jacko has been great, in light of his age/experience, and I hope he’ll be England’s goalie for many years [once his learning is complete]. Obviously, he’s not the finished article; as someone else mentioned, he’s weak on his left side and needs to come and catch high balls in/around his 6-yard box. On the other hand, I congratulate him on his maturity and a few wonderful saves this season and I applaud his decision to go to Stoke as there was no prospect of first-team football at Chelsea. I sincerely hope he gets a standing ovation at the last home game as he deserves it.

    Marlon gets my vote – great finishing has baled out some poor team performances; who knows where we would have been without his goals.

    Just as an aside, if this poll was post-Christmas then Robbo would be getting my vote, he’s been a great example to the young players and I love his attitude and commitment.

  • dr chocolate says:

    curtis for me with caddis a close 2cd

  • Tony says:

    Your not the only one to think Davies is overrated Alex, I said it the other day, to think he cost 12 mill
    fantastc work by Mobray to get then for him.

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