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Good Advert for Championship Football – Leicester Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game between Leicester City and Blues. Please note that I watched this one on TV.

A Good Point

I think overall Blues should be happy with a point from this game; if there hadn’t been an absolute lack of clinical finishing in front of goal from the Leicester, some excellent last-ditch blocks from Paul Robinson and Curtis Davies along with a fairly generous penalty award that came about from a nightmare of a mistake from David Nugent then Blues could well have been buried.

In saying that, it would be incorrect to say Blues played poorly; indeed at times the interplay in midfield was as good as anything I’ve seen in the last couple of years. The first Blues goal came about from an absolutely magical move down the right which finished with Nikola Zigic given the ball six yards in front of an open goal which had opened Leicester up like a the proverbial hot knife through butter. If anything, the game was a great advert for Championship football because of how open it was; how much play there was on the deck and how many nice little moves were put together by both sides.

Paul Robinson

I’ve eulogised a bit about the former WBA and Bolton man of late and this game showcased exactly why I think so highly of him. He got caught for pace once or twice but his absolute tenacity to get back into position and win the ball back was an absolute delight to see; the one block on Jeffrey Schlupp after the Ghanaian had broken clear of the defence was just ridiculous in its brilliance. His partner Curtis Davies may have shaded the man of the match award with the pundits but I can’t agree – I thought Robbo was just that bit more solid and he was even unlucky not to score his first goal in four years when Konchesky blocked his first-half volley.

Nathan Redmond

Another player who has really turned it on in recent weeks is young Nathan Redmond, who kept the fit again Chris Burke out of his right flank spot. Once again the young winger was at his mercurial best, absolutely roasting Konchesky at times with neat flicks and runs that teased, twisted and turned the former Liverpool man and allowed Nathan to get into areas to shoot and cross. He was slightly unlucky not to score, fizzing two into the side netting in the first half having created space for himself on the right flank – but both efforts were evidence that the confidence is back and Redmond is back playing with the swagger that made teams sit up and take notice last year.

Nikola Zigic

Ziggy doesn’t half divide the fans. I had a bit of back and forth at half time with Ian Danter on Twitter who was at the game for TalkSport – Dants thought Ziggy had been dreadful whilst I didn’t think he’d been so bad. Admittedly, the little lay offs and deft flicks which I associate with Ziggy weren’t coming off and thus he wasn’t as effective as he could have been but he led the line – he’s the only striker we have who can do that alone and in my eyes he richly deserved his goal for the effort he put in up front. It’s worth noting that Ziggy also made his height count in defence, heading away various set pieces (as he has done a lot of late), making him even more valuable to his teammates.

Jack Butland

I’m not a fan of criticising players but I wanted to pick up on the disparity between Butland and another highly rated young keeper in Kasper Schmeichel. Schmeichel came for absolutely everything that was crossed into the box, taking defenders and attackers with him as he punched the ball. On the other side, Butland came for virtually nothing, allowing the Leicester players to cross corners onto the six yard box without fear of the keeper coming for it – and then when he did come for it he made such a horrible mess of it he had to be thankful to that man Robinson for blocking Nugent’s goalbound shot. If Butland is to become a top class keeper he needs to work on his command of crosses a lot because right now it’s a major flaw in his game and I do think teams exploit it somewhat.

Hopefully it’s another massive step to ensuring that we play in this division next season and a win against Bristol City on Tuesday should completely secure that for once and for all… he says, crossing fingers.

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69 Responses to “Good Advert for Championship Football – Leicester Match Reflections”

  • sutton apex says:

    a great draw – good game, dodgy penalty but thought we deserved a point. like 4 5 1 away – morrison class act again

  • Mortonsblue says:

    Spot in again Dan.
    I thought we played well without really threatening, our midfield play was much better than the last 2 games but I think that was partly because the ball went through on the deck rather than in the air so our lack of height didn’t show as much.
    I also agree on Robinson, if everyone gave the same commitment and effort we would be much higher up the table. Davies had a good game but git caught square a couple of times allowing them to play through us too easily.
    Zigic led the line well and for a change received valuable support from midfield, in particular Gomis who made several good runs and Redmond who also played well and had the beating of Konchesky all night. Most of our crossing was pretty poor including corners where we struggled to beat the first man in the first half but got a bit better after the break but this was a n area where Leicester were far superior and caused us lots of problems.
    Which brings me to Butland, the lad is an excellent shot stopper but he just never comes for crosses, this is an area of his game he has to work on (along with his kicking – which was actually ok tonight) because it creates a major problem for us giving free reign to the opposition. When he did come he punched and completely missed the ball on one occasion which nearly led to a goal! He has saved us numerous times this season, so its difficult to be too critical, also given his age, but as a former keeper I was always taught the six yard box is yours, something that as you pointed out Schmeichal made his own.
    A draw was a vert fair result and it was an entertaining game to watch – KRO

  • KiwiJohn says:

    I thought we rode our luck. Good to see the lads didn’t let their heads drop at any point – right to the end. Was very disappointed with Butland. He just didn’t look confident. Lost count how many times he punced the ball away! Overall a good result and hope it gives us enough breathing space for the next 4 matches. My biggest concern is now not which division we will be in next season, but who the hell we be on the pitch next season. Financial constraints and contracts ending are going to put LC under a lot of pressure in the summer. Still – love supporting Blues and always will! KRO!

  • Marky mark says:

    I thought the lads were excellent and fully deserved the point, the penalty wasn’t iffy in my eyes Thomas was breaking into the box and was fouled.

    Some of our football was superb to watch we looked confident, classy and full of pace. Yes Leicester had chances but there a decent team needing to win playing at home, which made the result all the more pleasing.

    Davies outstanding
    Robbo fantastic
    Ravel. The kid is class
    Gomis. 100% effort
    Zigic. The big man earned his money

    Have to agree Butland outclassed by Schmeichel, the kids got a lot to learn still

    Well done LC really beginning to look like he is building a good little team.

  • RUPERT says:

    Very good football good passing Lee Clark deserves praise for the way he sets the team up away from home.
    Agree re Butland he is becoming our weak link and sides have sused his weakness at crosses and corners out. Needs to improve.

    • John says:

      Butland gave away a penalty,when he amazingly, went in with his feet,when it was far easier to get to the ball, with his hands. He is a good shot stopper,but needs a lot more coaching,in how to catch the ball. I thought the draw was a fair result last night.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Great point and once again Lees substitutions won us the game.

    Zigic was doing the bare minimum again, a little bit better than against Millwall but not much.

  • Dave says:

    Agreed that Zigic did the bare minimum. Work ethic has been weak lately.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Butland is missing the first class coaching he got in previous seasons

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Doesn’t Butland train with Stoke now ??

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:


  • Bluebird says:

    Agree almost 100% with your Review with Zigic being my only bone of contention; so you are right as well on his divisiveness because I am with Ian Danter on last nights performance. What on earth was Zigic doing in the ‘penalty spot’ area for the corner that led to their second goal? Is it any wonder that even at his height he was beaten to the ball? For free kicks and corners his starting position should be on the goal line with him using his height advantage by coming out to head the ball away as it arrives in the area! I am totally fed up with Zigic drawing the precious funds he receives for totally inept performances where he continues to just go through the motions! And for the record, I cannot recall the last time I was highly critical of a Blues’ player ~ and that’s not because of my memory; it’s because of the respect I have for the players who pull on the Royal Blue Shirt (or ‘pink’ can you believe?)

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      It’s beyond me why people think he ‘leads the line’.

      Do they mean just by the very fact that he’s there?

      Stands around up front looking bored and uncommitted is how Id put it

      • almajir says:

        One of the hardest working players in a Blues shirt and the prozone stats used by the club prove it.

        • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

          Sorry mate if you think that you’re deluded.

          And to think you went to town on Wes Thomas

          • almajir says:

            No, I don’t “think” that. I know the club measure stats with Prozone, and I know Zigic ranks consistently highly for the amount of effort he puts in. That’s an objective opinion based on data and statistics rather than a subjective opinion based on what I think and what I feel.

            This is your problem Paul – you cannot accept that someone might have a different opinion to you and might be right.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

            But Dan I could put that back on you. I have zero problem with the fact that others might be right but I do have a problem with the fact that my eyes or brain might not be working properly. If you think Zigic leads our line well then our definitions of leading the line differ. I watch him week in week out and i can tell purely from his body language he aint interested. The man you trashed on here Thomas puts far more effort in than Zigic. And as for stats, do me a favour. It is a well known fact that statistics can be misleading. They are often used to prove a point, and can easily be twisted in favour of that point.

            Here’s a for instance and I’ll use a Blues related one. Bill Coldwell is statistically Blues most succesful manager in terms of win rate but he was only there for 3 games. You see what I’m getting at Dan. I don’t need prozone or anything else to tell me if a player is trying hard or not. i’ve got eyes.

          • Alex T says:

            just a quick comment….

            Its easy for a short pacy player to look interested than it is for a tall gangly character like Zigic.

            Just a quick question…

            although ‘SOME’ stats can be mis-leading, how can the stat showing km’s ran be mis-leading in terms of effort put in?

    • chas says:

      Bluebird, I saw the Goals this morning for the first time, and no-one can seriously blame Zigic for the second goal..He was marking a different player and the scorer was left alone by no.32 (I think it was ..Zigic was nowhere near to blame for that goal.

      • Bluebird says:

        Chas ~ Not saying that the second goal was the fault of Zigic, just saying that Zigic would be more effective on the line coming out as the ball arrives; same with most players really. It’s like Al’s comments about Prozone ~ just because you cover more metres doesn’t mean you’re more effective or that you put in more effort; sooner have a guy who conserves his energy to be more effective when called on rather than one who runs around like a busy fool achieving nothing!

  • John B says:

    I will be in HONG KONG on April 29th for CARSON’S trial.
    I am making it my business to be there.
    I want to front him and PANNU.
    Loacation of Court….date what Counsel he is using or should I say the Counsel that our Club are paying for.

  • Johnners says:

    Agree with the views here. Enjoyable game. Some great passing moves by Blues. We’re looking a very decent attacking team when we have the ball. That’s two penalties Thomas has won for us in the past couple of weeks. He gets himself about and is a bit of a pest which is a good characteristic for a forward – unlike Zigic who doesn’t get about at all and is only a pest to the ref. Some of the wing play last night with Caddis / Redmond and Hancox / Ferguson combining was great to watch. Glad that folk are realising that Butland’s halo is slipping. I think he has cost us points all season by not coming off his line and by punching/parrying shots rather than holding on to the ball. Great reflexes are not the only thing that makes for a great goalkeeper. He needs to command that six yard box and so instill confidence in the back four. You’d like to think this could be coached into him but I remember it was a weakness of Maik Taylor throughout his career and it used to drive the fans round the bend because it seemed so obvious to fix.

  • John B says:

    To Paul Carter,
    All what money?
    I’m down to my last 10 million and dropping fast.
    What Grave?
    I’m being cremated according to my “will”

    • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

      John don’t be put off by Dans online persona he’s a nice bloke really.

      Get him over there with you, hire a Batman and Robin uniform and burst into the courtroom like Del and Rodney.

      If you’ve got the odd 10mill knocking about you can buy me some beer on this years pre season jaunt. Hope it’s Austria again yeah?

  • alexjhurley says:

    Having slagged him before, i wanted to put in a word for Gomis – best i’ve seen him play in a blue shirt last night. I really like the set up of the team in that kind of 4-3-3 come 4-1-4-1 come 4-5-1. I totally agree that away from home it seems to be enabling us to retain and use the ball more effectively than we’ve done for a very very long time. OK we give it away more than we’d like and cutting edge relies too heavily on REdmond and/or burke, but as PCVOR has pointed out quite rightly on dozens of occassions, that’s a function of the level of player we can afford not Clark’s management.

    If only Clark could work out how to win home matches !!!!!!!

    • Alex T says:

      Play the same formation at home as he does away???

      We are rubbish when we play 442 as our midfield has ability, but is too powder puff and get out-muscled all to easily. Thats how wolves beat us, by just being physically stronger than us.

  • Stan says:

    Got to pick up on a couple of points in this article. Waxing lyrical about Robbo for starters. The reason he has all this last ditch tackles and blocks is because he is so exposed for pace an position. Look when King went through, he literally, from a stationary position, headed the ball past Robbo and ran past him with unbelievable ease. He also gives away numerous pointless free kicks by flying in through the back of players. Whether rightly or wrongly, unfortunately that will always be a foul and he’s too daft to realise.

    It’s rather naive to say he’s brilliant based on the last ditch blocks, as you’re missing the complete cock ups he’s made in allowing the attacker in to begin with!
    Compare him to Curtis, well there’s no comparison! He’s so much more composed, reads it, nips in and takes the ball, no fuss. Davies was a one man defence, as neither of our full backs are good defensively.

    Also, comparing Butland and Schmeical as young keepers is unfair. Kasper is 26 and has well over 200 senior appearances with the majority of those in the top 2 divisions. also i think it was only zig and davies we had over 6 foot, compare that to the number of lumps they had then set pieces were always going to favour them!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Butland is still only 20 years and 1 month old and is still developing his skills. He knows what he has to work on and he is making fewer and fewer mistakes as he progresses.
    He will be at his peak in 2022 and by then will be an international star at a Champions League club.

    • chas says:

      Well said, Ruichard.. Altho I agree about him still having faults, he is very young. When Scheimcal first broke inot football he was raved over by everybody , we were told he was better than his dad, then he appearede to have a dip in form , but is coming back..Butland will be OK as he gets experience..You cant buy experience.

  • Rkboosh says:

    Agree re butland. Unfortunately we have had him in the year he’s learning his trade . Surprised to see him as a player of year contender but that says much about out inconsistency. Though Gomes deserved picking out. He generally is a 7 out of 10 every week merchant (other than the odd mare) and I thought he brought some calm and organisation to the team last night. A very good point and at last I feel we’re safe

  • Rkboosh says:

    Actually thought last night was as well as zigic has played since the training ground rollicking but that merely shows how abysmal he’s been recently. He may show well in opta stats for ground covered but when it is at the pace of an asthmatic snail it doesn’t help much. Wes isn’t a world beater but the mobility he gives us when he’s on has made a big difference in recent games and he should start ahead of the big man for me

  • mark says:

    firstly I want to thank the 1400 fans who were there with me absolutely brilliant credit to our club…..kro
    Regardless of individual flaws this was a team effort well done blues, and our manager. Robbo and curtis blocks were unbelieveable… Robbo you thoughtly deserve other 12 months extension in my opinion….unlucky with his volley…
    Penalty Dan was not generous, or lucky we worked hard as team credit must go to the team. Blues have had their fair share of fuss Refs… Butland does need to commard his box more, but hey the lad still learning…..glad to see the opposing team fans boo at the end it makes a change lol. than the apathy we have within our own ground.imo clark also made the subs at the right time which made a further impact in the game, brave decision, and wes and blurke got stuck in. Again the young lads did well, and were not completely bullied by leicester…great point… Bring on bristol on tuesday to confirm our status in this league……

  • Scoobers says:

    Schemichel has played over 200 games, at least four times more than Butland. Easy to knock a young keeper in his first full season in the Championship playing behind a leaky defence

  • skareggae72 says:

    After reading some of the posts on here i think we need to remember that not every player has to run around the pitch like a headless chicken.
    For instance,Berbatov,Cantona,Sheringham,all top players past or present without sprinting around for 90 minutes,& not every player has to jump like a basketball player,why would Zigic jump for a ball when he towers above everybody anyway & you can probably get more power into the headers by keeping your feet on the floor.
    Unfortunately whatever peoples opinions are on Zig, good or bad,one thing for certain is we need to get him off the wage bill.

  • Always a Blue says:

    Butland will be superb remember Joe Hart was shaky early on at Blues

    However Myhill was a better all round keeper last year

    Plus the football at times this year has been good.

    Lee Clarke deserves credit and it will be interesting next season should he have the tools to work with.

  • The Purple Cow says:

    As a former goalkeeper myself I have to speak up in defence of Butland.

    There are two types of goalkeeper Proactive (the Schemichels, van der Sar, Buffon, Banks) and Reactive (Butland, Vorm, Me, Yashin, Montgomery, Vermeer.) I don’t think I’ve seen any convincing evidence anywhere that being proactive is necessarily more effective than being reactive. It’s a matter of style, of personal taste if you like. To suggest that great goalkeepers must ‘dominate their area’ is nonsense in my opinion.

    • Ray says:

      These two styles you discuss, fine, whatever way you want to look at it. I was going to say its nice when a teams keeper is able to come and collect, but of course a keeper has to to do this. One of Hart’s faults early on with us, but he overcame this bout 4 months in. Butland is capable of it and am sure it will become part of his game down the line somewhere. A keeper must command their area and if they don’t then they are not capable of it and have a big flaw in their game or are still learning their trade. As is the case with JB, still learning and very capable. Sorry just really don’t see this proactive and reactive thing washing with me at all. But hey, each to their own.

  • Tony says:

    Well it has to be conceded Butland lacks courage, the six yard box belongs to him but he never dominates it he just never comes for the ball. It is an aspect of the game that must improve because at this moment 3 million looks a good deal for us.
    Some people on here look at zidic and think his strengh is in the Air, well its not hes a footballer he has played at the very highest level he needs the ball played on the deck then he can lead the line well. dont compare him to Thomas please who may run all day long but he lacks class most of the time couldnt hit a barn door from 6 yards
    Robinson has been a revelation he never fails to give his all he has done that all his career I think he deserves another year.
    We rode our luck at times and the pen was outside the box but its another point towards safety.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I have recently been left scratching my head and think ‘if only’ after the last 3 away games. The results, standard of passing, attacking football and all round performances have been first rate. Had some of these excellent away results, performances and standard of football been transferred into even a handful of our home games then what if?

    Could and should blues be legitimately challenging for one of the last two play off spots and have the momentum of consistent home and away performances?

    Would some better home displays have got the stay always back based on easy on the eye football and a better atmosphere?

    I think big credit to Lee for turning it around and I personally have really enjoyed my football again since January. I know we’re a work in progress with big financial limitations etc but I can’t help but feel that we perhaps could have got just a little further.

    Anyhow, onwards and upwards and looking forward to Tuesday night.


  • AuldBertie says:

    Both Leceister goals could have easily been ruled out for fouls on Davies and Zigic respectively so surely the generosity of those decisions nullify any qualms about the award of our penalty.

    • chas says:

      At last, Bertie , a reply I have been waiting to see.. Tatts commented last night that the first Leics goal should have been a foul to us and it was obvious that something had happened to Zigic for him to fail to clea the second, but I was watching their bloke hold Curtis down so missed itr..The Pen was one of those things, mostly Away teams dont get them, this time we did, but it cancelled out the First Goal..

    • tmsblues says:

      Absolutely right AuldBertie. The Wes Thomas decision helped redress those mistakes! Otherwise I think Dan’s comments on the game are pretty well spot on though I continue to doubt Ziggy’s work ethic. I think he’s convinced if he covers a lot of ground at any old speed he likes, then it keeps the critics from his £50k pw(5 player budget) door! Robinson was outstanding and Davies looks so much more comfortable with him at his side. We still lacked a little in front of goal and gave them too many chances but at times we played some excellent football al over the park and for extended periods and Gomis had a really good game getting at them if we lost the ball. Good all round team performance should be good enough for safety but with all the last couple of month’s form teams continuing to come from the lower half of the table (inc us) who knows ??

  • Paulo says:

    I think I saw some of the best teamwork and football showed by blues this season ..in parts. Of course, we also made a few mistakes, but that’s what it’s like. Leicester can’t be underestimated and they also showed how aggressive they can be. Their current run of form maybe helped us, I don’t know, but it was a good match and as well as being nail biting for us, it was a much valued point, and we came away from the ground more than relieved.
    It’s no surprise that Leicester deemed this one as a high profile game and as such served no beer at all, and a massive police presence. It all added to an atmosphere that made us louder and do what we do best …give it back.

  • Evesham blue says:

    Just goes to show the differing opinions about players from Blues fans who watched the same game.

    I am in the camp that thinks Butland doesn’t come off his line enough for crosses. Perhaps he is intimidated? Ziggy debate is pointless. We all know he doesn’t justify his money nearly enough and he looks languid but he does weigh in with a contribution in a game usually. We are stuck with so what else we supposed to do with him?

    Robbo done a Stirling job for us this season but I worry about his age and lack of pace being exposed. Having said that he is keeping Caldwell out which is a good thing in my book

  • AR says:

    I agree with all that you have said about last night, but I would like to add one thing for comment. Every corner against us was a potential goal and has been for all the season. We not only have a 6′ 5″ goalie who rarely dominates the 6 yard area, but we also have two small full-backs. In defending corners in the air, we have Davies, Zigic, Robinson who jumps better than his height should allow and no-one else who can help. If the opposition have 2 centre backs, 2 strikers plus a big midfielder, it’s not surprising we are in great difficulty. Butland should be given extensive training in coming out, and this would help. I thought the team selection was good last night (pleased to see Gomis tackle & harry so well; Mullins eat your heart out). My tiny grouse was why both substitutions couldn’t have happened at the same time (see the Barry Fry Book of Substituting).

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Quick question Dan, is their prize money in the Championship for position finished?

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Quick quiz for ya, if Bristol fail to beat us on Tuesday they could go down.

    Who was the last team who were relegated the day they played us?

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Oi Oi you been on the bevvy, yeah West Ham

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Hope we ain’t driving you to drink on ere lol

  • ray says:

    Great to hear all the positives, especially about lee clark and the optimism for next season. another fine blues performance with some excellent football played. i like what clark is doing and hope we give him another season, hopefully with new owners and a bit of cash! SOTV

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Interesting that even when Fahey and Spector are injured and Reilly is overlooked Gomis get in ahead of Mullins. It seems he is well out of favour.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I watched the game on Sky. It was very encouraging to hear Peter Beagrie waxing lyrical about the fact that Blues have such a fantastic youth foundation and a great future. I sometimes think I have seen a different game to others. I thought Ziggy was hopeless and appeared to constantly refuse to jump in challenges against players who were giving him a 10 inch advantage.Redmond was blistering and I really fear that it will take a strong commitment by the club to resist the offers which will invariably come along in the summer. Robbo was superb again. Amased that several have mentioned a “dodgy” penalty. I think many believe it was dodgy because Sky said so, but it looked clear cut to me. A bigger event which no one has picked up on, was the fact that Morgan was on Davies’s back for their first goal and he could noty get anything other than his head on the ball. A clear foul, but again, Sky didnt mention it, so we assume it wasnt the case! Watch it again and you will agree with me. Lets get the points, get rid of the deadly duo CY/PP, sell the club, keep the kids and look forward to a promotion chasing season next year! KRO

  • tony says:

    zigic always seems to want to play one touch football and never actually holds the ball up.A good point away from home and a better performance than the previous 2 home games.I though gomis run his wotsits off and morrisson and redmond both looked lively .

  • StevieW says:

    A good game from my view. We rode our luck a bit but the movement for Ziggies goal was almost Barcaesque. It is a shame that this team may be dismantled come the summer. LC now just needs to produce this sort of stuff at home and I think he will win us all over.

    Same team same formation would be an idea.

  • mark says:

    Think Paul (VOR) hit the nail on the head in his previous posts, until we can get 11 consistent players playing how clark wants regularly enough those home results will change , and possibly avoid the amount of injuries to players would have certainly have helped. Equally those fans who slated Clark, and wanted someone to constantly blame throughout the season need to be shame of themselves, Their apathy within the fan base needs to change dramatically, and the toxic atmosphere that has spread around the home ground like a disease will need to change for next season for our young pups to know their fans are right behind them…. whether carson or pp go is relevant your support for your club should never die no matter what the situation is IMO inclarkwetrust……….kro again

  • mark says:

    further more to be out sang by the away supporters, IN your own ground is absolute disgrace IMO

  • Singing Face says:

    Zigic doesn’t impress me. Doesn’t punch his weight or use his height enough. When closing down opposition defenders it appears he’s doing because people are watching but with no real venom.
    He’s got a nice touch but could do a lot more. All the same, heres hoping he scores a hat trick against Bristol.

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Couldn’t agree with the 3 of you more.


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