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The Carson Trial – Day 2

Carson Yeung’s application to have his money laundering case thrown out was dismissed by Judge Douglas Yau today in court.

His Honour Judge Yau confirmed in his ruling that he saw no abuse of process in the way the police investigated the case, and that there was Carson had failed to prove that the mixing documents would result I him having an unfair trial.

The prosecution opened the case by confirming in the period January 3 2001 to December 31 2007, a total of HK$721,287,607 (approx £60million) was deposited in five accounts in the names of Carson and his father Yeung Chung despite the pair declaring incomes of HK$1,985,229 and HK$174,163 respectively in total for the period between 1997 and 2006.

The judge then adjourned the case until Tuesday May 7 when the hearing will restart at 9:30am HK time to allow submissions from the prosecution and defence to be made.

It was also confirmed that the case wouldn’t be heard on Friday May 10 to allow Carson to attend the BIH AGM.

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67 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 2”

  • ChrisG says:

    It’s a pity you can’t be there at that AGM. What you’d give to be a Chinese speaking fly on the wall eh?!

  • sutton apex says:

    great news at least the trial is going ahead !!

  • Mickey07 says:

    Did his fortune teller go?

  • mark says:

    oh know the judge has swiftly made it 1-1 can you believe it……..it looked slightly off-side to me… can carson come back……..you bet your money on it……kro

  • James says:

    Great news. No more delays and hopefully no more Carson/PP come the end of the trial!


  • Ali Duncan says:

    Finally. After what seems lkike about a thousand years this is actually going to happen. Shame, as you mentioned earlier in the week, that the verdict doesn’t come straight in after the trial.

  • prewarblue says:

    Great news that Carson,s trial is going ahead,,,,,no more wriggling to get off the hook,,,,now lets hope the AGM starts the process proper of getting rid of him,,,,,but even if he he goes down for the maximum,,,,,we may still be stuck with “Poison Pete”,,,,,,Carson may be declared an unfit person by the F.A,,,,,,but his sidekick will still be a shareholder and director of B.I.H and Blues,,,,being “teflon” nothing has stuck to him that has proved to be illegal [ so far ] and with signed contracts he can still drain the lifeblood from our club via his “Consultancy”deals

    • DoctorD says:

      Lovely. Didn’t have the best season this year by all accounts, but great to keep him. He wasn’t voted OP player of 2011-12 for nothing you know.

    • chas says:

      Surely this cant be correct.. I thought pannu had used up all the money and we were skint.?

    • Pete says:

      Did not expect this to be honest. Thought the view would be to get him off the wage bill. Unless this is a signing up in order to get a fee. I guess keeping him is cheaper than getting an unknown player and having to pay a fee or a signing on fee. Good business.

  • mark says:

    also stephen carr quitting he had given us 4 1/2 years great servant to the club. Real shame he never decided to take up a coaching role offered by clark. he wishes to purse his adventures in spain………
    I am sure all bluenoses wish him all the best……for me him picking up that cup for us was one of the greatest moments I will treasure…. He was pleasure to watch him playing his desire, commitment was all there to see ………top man kro

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Just had a butchers at the Salsa Group website. They look like slick properties. I’m more of an Italian holiday kind of bloke myself but if I was in Spain and in particular Marbella I would certainly pay his venues a visit.

  • Tony says:

    Pity Carr didnt quit last season he must have knew he was finished, still another years moneyhe got.

    • mark says:

      sorry Tony but I think you are been over harsh on Carr … you can forcast injuries now….lol

      • Agent Mcleish says:

        Tony is negative about everything. The bloke just moans and whines. I’m sure he is a Vile fan.

      • chas says:

        But he isnt thom is he ..As much as i liked Carr, he said in his article yesterday that he knew a few months ago that he couldnt be able to play, so Tony has a point.. Zigic gets slagged off for his wages when he is turning out at least..
        (P.S. this is by no means a slagging off of Carr, a great Player for us )

        • Pete says:

          What should Carr have done? Considering there had been a hope he might get a game before the end of the season at one point. Announce he was not going to try and get back or then announce he does not want to be paid as per contract? I have no problem with him for this- although I have no issue with Zigic for that matter. It would be nice if he was willing to offer to take a small pay cut for the club- but you know I would doubt anyone in the club has ever asked him. Imagine if Pannu had the nerve to ask- after all Pannu did dlag off the massive money Zigic was taking out the club….!

          • chas says:

            He should have done exactly what he has done..He was under Contract and rightly so..Same as Zigic..But it is a bit two faced of fans to moan at Zigic but not at others,( and I am not including you in this).. That is my only point..

          • Pete says:

            I agree it is wrong to moan that he earns so much- I don’t do that. But I do understand frustrations that the player who is bleeding us (and entitled to do so) shows such very lttle effort at times. I think he is a decent effective player who is unfairly targetted- but he should always try his best and does not always do so.

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      shocking thoughts, I bet you are a laugh a minute on nights out….

  • mark says:

    http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/interview-lee-clark-says-birmingham-3405484? this is our future, rather all those so-call st holders refuse to renew, try being part of something new and exciting………. Blues are offering three matches on one day for the blackburn game …instead moaning lets pack out stans, and show our loyal support…. instead of using excuse after excuse to avoid going down…………….kro

  • Paul Carter says:

    They will always find an excuse Mark don’t worry about that.

    Week in week out Lee is showing the kind of leadership that real Blues fans admire.

    Given the joke that is our board, this man is now leading our great club and I for one am right behind him

    • Agent Mcleish says:

      Hear hear, let’s sing his name tomorrow and show our appreciation.

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      I really want to live in your world, where only 1 person is right and no other opinions count…. If people cant afford to go you they cant afford to go, yes 3 games in one afternoon is a really good idea and you can see who could be a future star, I remember watching Dazzer Carter run the midfiled against Man U’s U 18’s, but that was when I could afford to go to every match. I think your record should now stop harping on about excuses and remember some people have greater things to consider than a hobby, like paying bills etc.

      • Pete says:

        My view is this. Lee Clark regardless of what has been going on should have been able to a) organise a defence b) know his best side before March c) not have so many personal disagreements with players (some of which I am privy to). However, I think these are fair criticisms and it does not mean that people do not admire his having to cope in difficult times and for saying the right things (although some comments about cant go out in Birmingham, not being good enough centre forward for league one clubs on loan or too upset to speak to press do leave a concern in my mind here). Can he be a manager who is a long way off being superb, even if he has some redeaming qualities?

  • mark says:

    by also turning up on saturday we will be able to give our young goalkeeper Butland a great send off and applaud him because this will be emotion day for him. It will send a positive message to all our players, manager, and the club that we care as fans ………………..kro and we will be returning next season………….

    • Pete says:

      Mark I will be there. But I must say I think your head is in the clouds a little about Butland. A superb keeper in the making and could be a great. But he is level headed and in all likelyhood does not give a toss about playing his last game for Blues. I hope we can re-sign him on loan next year though and do wish him all the best.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Someone should advise old CY to put ‘Plan B’ into action.

    It really isn’t looking good for him and unless he can provide proof and evidence of of where those funds came from and went to and why his and his old man’s accounts were used, he really will face a fairly stinky shitstorm.

    Within BIHL, the other major shareholders will now know which way the breeze is blowing and can think about catering without CY, and by extension PP, and see how they want to move this company forward and what they want and expect from our club.

  • pedantic pete says:

    My how times have changed. I’ve seen many responses on this forum saying, “Clark out!”

    • mark says:

      that because they are looking pathetic, and their realisation that clark has turned things around in the second half of the season, and nearly got us there. Lets not forget he is a young manager learning his trade. rome was not built in a day……….kro

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        Mark I’ve always said I want Clark to be a success but I think he has got to where we are by luck and not design, now I would rather have a lucky manager than a great but unlck manager. When I say lucky he wouldn’t have played the kids if the senior players weren’t injured and to be fair to him he kept them in if they performed. However his transfers haven’t come out smelling of roses, its the loans that have helped him and only a few of them at that. Its a big summer for him and I’m hoping he doesn’t get any money….. He looks like he can motivate the younger players so I’m hoping that’s what he goes and gets. Huddersfield fans said the same, look at Jordan Rhodes, perhaps he might un-earth a clone of him from the strays that have been on trial lately.

  • dave mann says:

    how good was lee on the footballers football show last night.
    spoke superbly well, and is knowledge off the game was 1st class.
    bring on next season when with or without carson and pannu,
    lee will lead blues to the prommised land off premiership football.
    look forward to the game tommorow when lee,s lads will sighn
    off with 3 points.KRO to next season!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Ali Duncan says:


    To me this reads that he is running scared. Also a bit of pot calling the kettle black regarding those with criminal prosecutions hanging over them.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      His comment about ST prices is interesting although I think his view of happy might well be different from that of the average Joe. That said it does look like they’re at least looking at initiatives to get more bums on seats.

      • mark says:

        I personally think PP is acting in the club’s best interest, supporters can take his statement how they want. It about time fans realised it our club, and its about time they started supported it.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          Really Mark? Are you sure about that? PP, this is the same man who stood up in the Directors Box “doing a loads of money impression” the same man that earns more than most Premiership CEO’s. This is the man that spends more time in HK than Birmingham, shall I go on? Its a bloody good job we have some management from the administration staff at the club. the bloke has no clue how to run a football club. Oh I forgot this was the man that sold Jordan Mutch for a pittance under the nose of your favorite person….. Come on get real Mark please.

        • steve says:

          Mark,you really are a happy clapping twat.you post the same tosh all the time.

          • mark says:

            If you dont like pp thats your opinion. As for my comments if you are so easy upset by them dont read them. Stevie boy

          • Pete says:

            I am just confused why you might actually have a positive view about Pannu? He has insulted the fans. Threatens everybody in sight. Turned down a £6m offer for a player so he could get half that 4 months later. Sold Jordan Mutch for nothing. Does not speak to fans via the media where he might be able to be asked a direct question and give a direct answer and presumes to tell fans that they are and should be happy. What has he actually done other than pocket lots of secret payments.

    • chas says:

      To me, the Article is making sure his point of view gets put across, certainly doesnt seem to be running scared..The best advice he gives is that everyone should keep an open mind.. Some forget to do that.

      • Ali Duncan says:

        A fair point about being open minded however I read the bit regarding taking legal advice as a standard reaction quote when people are perhaps boxed into a corner. Clearly all about self interpretaton.

    • Garyblues says:

      I would say the media have hit a nerve from the statement, wouldn’t it be nice if some dirt stuck on Pannu as well

      • Ali Duncan says:

        PP has only come out and communicated when he has been under attack. Otherwise the silence is deafening. Why do you think the Blues Trust was set up!

  • dave mann says:

    interesting thoughts from pannu,especially about blues fans
    needing or deserving a change in ownership, but that only
    looks likely from china and them offering the 40 million that
    carson wants.
    will that solve our financial problems, ime not 100% convinced,
    but do like the season ticket offers he seems to be implementing.
    lets wait and see and hope and prey to an end to this ongoing saga.

    • Pete says:

      What offers? He is telling us we will be happy, without saying what it is yet. He has also told fans there is no major financial isue whilst selling everybody in sight and tells fans they should be happy. This is the same bloke who told Hughton we should get automatic promotion last season before selling most of the team.

  • Andrew Whalley's rave video says:

    How very apt that 2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. Looks like Mr Yeung could well be slithering his way into a bit of bother….

  • Jonday says:

    Only pity is if found guilty, the death penalty doesn’t apply!

  • Paul Carter says:

    We need a change of CEO to one who takes a sensible wage. Cheeky c**t he is.

    (Comment edited – please use asterisks in the appropriate places

  • Paulo says:

    I hope the case against Carson Young can now proceed and the judge has a no nonsense approach to the whole fiasco. Albeit whether CY is proved innocent or not, it’s his never ending attempts at stalling the trial that only casts a cloud of doubt over his approach to the allegations against him. It’s fair to say that most, If not all of us Blues fans do not have the ability to seemingly move in circles of such wealth and ignorance, and none of us want to see our club stripped or brought to the wall financially.
    The one thing I have seen though, is how the club has survived during this ownership mess. We really should be grateful for what we have and not solely lay the blame at LC’s door. It has been a mixture of injuries to certain players that has cost us, as well as decisions made on the pitch as well as off.
    I must have missed the small print that said what to expect as a blues fan, but I was told that players come and go, so do managers, so do owners, but the name on the shirt stays home.

  • StevieW says:

    Pannu’s response is considered and measured. Defo hit a nerve with somewhere along the line as that is well written not like some of the stuff he has produced in the past.

    No slating the fans and just a mild pop at the media did he really write this????

    • Pete says:

      The man can only speak with threats and aggression. Maybe he was unhappy with the Mail as they have actually repeated other peoples journalism and given some bad press with something newsworthy for the first time in 2 years.

  • ronniex says:

    I can’t believe the lack of loyalty I am seeing towards our owner. I think people have very short memories, just pause for a moment and think of what would have happened if we hadn’t had his hard-earned millions to prop us up.

    Personally I’m prepared to back our leader and it’s a pity a few more aren’t like-minded.

  • Art Watson says:

    Here’s my challenge to PP.

    Arrange to meet Dan for a full and frank interview.

    You know he’s over there!

    Bet he won’t though!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Shame Dan can’t stay the full month in HK. Can’t the Birmingham Mail fund his stay. Surely this is proper news that the people of Birmingham want to hear. Or is only news Affecting the claret and blue half of the City important to the mail?

  • Marky mark says:

    So, Mr Pannu has come out of the cupboard and opened his heart, and while I give him credit and respect for giving us an update, unfortunately it is along time overdue.

    Some fancy words and promises don’t build any bridges with me Mr Pannu, and whilst you may well be completely innocent of any misdemeanors I don’t trust you and look forward to the day the club are sold and you find new employment.

  • Chris Smith says:

    For lack of anywhere else to post on here, when did final day kick off change to 12.45pm? I miss enough games due to midweek as it is. I’m skiping the season ticket next year, i’ll pay on the door or buy the tickets on the net. It’ll be cheaper.

  • Tony says:

    Marks world must be wonderful , oh how I wish I could live in that world, he is a happy clapper guy who can see no wrong, to him 12th is great.Mark would be the same if we were in the conference No matter Clark has taken 8months to get a grip, he has not turned things around at all as has been said its more luck than design.
    I maintain with the squad he had available a play of place should have been almost assured.Im accused of being negative, but for christ sake BARNSLEY AT HOME enough said.
    It has ended up much better than seemed possible a few months ago, but it has been hard work.and Clark does manage on a wing and a prayer.
    My views on the manager are well known I am convinced he is not the man for the job, he never was.and I hope he will be sent packing, given our current position that seens unlikely.So I am prepared to give him until Christmas to prove me wrong, I hope he can do it but Im not holding my breath.

  • Art Watson says:

    Yet another poor home performance against Blackburn.

    Where’s Mr P.C and his happy band of Clark supporters-queuing up for a season ticket no doubt.

  • mark says:

    the last two comments it like reading the chuckle brothers lol remember Tony no longer than 3 minutes holding your breath………You are giving clark until christmas thats very thoughful of you, edging your bets I see………….just case you get it wrong again…………

    art you dont need to worry about your st lol hope sky sports prices are generous for next season…

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