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New Directors at BIH

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today the appointment of two new executive directors and one independent non executive director to take the board back up to full strength.

The announcement confirms that Chen Liang, Cheung Shing and Gao Shi Kui have been appointed to the board as executive directors and independent non-executive director respectively. All three will require re-election at the upcoming AGM on Friday.

Interestingly, all three are linked to various oil and gas firms in China; Mr Chen is currently CEO of China Natural Investment Company and has 20 years worth of petroleum exploration and development experience, Mr Cheung is an executive director of China Oil and Gas Group and has been linked to various PR China oil companies since 1969 and Mr Gao has 40 years worth of experience within the oil industry and is currently CEO of Beijing Sysmoto Joyful Multimedia Co. Ltd.

It’s intriguing that all three are from the mainland and I wonder if marks a potential for investment from China itself as I don’t think there is a coincidence that they’re all in oil either. Whether any inward investment comes into the football remains to be seen but it could mean new money and/or diversification of business for BIH, which would lessen their dependence on Blues. As ever, I will monitor developments for the blog.

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63 Responses to “New Directors at BIH”

  • bluenoserob says:

    any idea if these are big oil operations? Will they have any real money ?

  • bluenoserob says:

    are u sure China Natural investment are in oil ,Bloomburg have them listed in the healthcare sector?

    China Natural Investment Com (8250) Details
    China Natural Investment Company Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the provision of diagnostic testing services relating to liver diseases in Hong Kong. The company is also involved in the manufacture and sale of western pharmaceutical products; provision of advertising and public relations services; and property investment business. In addition, it trades health products; and provides consultancy services. The company was formerly known as Core Healthcare Investment Holdings Limited and changed its name to China Natural Investment Company Limited in January 2010. China Natural Investment Company Limited is headquartered in Central, Hong Kong.

  • mark says:

    Dan- i am assuming this is a positive move???

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Maybe these are the fellas PP was alluring to in his latest riposte.

    CY needs back-up within BIH and perhaps he has found it. If this means that they will invest their finances into BIH and BCFC, then it would be interesting to know what they want or expect in return.

    The AGM sounds as if it’s gonna be a proper battle royale with the sides trying to draw the battle lines and showing their might.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, As the A,G,M. is being held next friday, !!. These 3, additions face ratiifyng or rejection on that date, ?.

    Who, !!. appointed them ,???????????.

    • LatchfordHattonFrancis says:

      Oldbluenose, sort out your punctuation please.

      • prewarblue says:

        please make allowances for him,,,,,as the name suggest,s he is not in the first flush of youth,,,,,delerium tremens does not help his corordination,,,,nor advanced “Senile Dementia”,,,,,He has problems remembering things,,,,,like jokes he sent to those he posts to,,,,,repeating them ad infinitum at times on a daily basis

    • almajir says:

      I thought you’d realise it’s implict in the announcement that they were appointed by the current board…

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    One thing we could probably be sure of is that these people are rich. According to the latest Hurun report there are 2 800 000 US dollar millionaires in China (and according to Forbes, 95 USD billionaires). Every day In my hometown Hong Kong, crowds of cash-rich mainland Chinese are lining up outside the Gucci, Prada and LV stores, which you may have seen, Dan, on your recent trip. Whether these new board directors want to invest their money in our club is more difficult to know, though. But it is definitely an interesting development …

  • RUPERT says:

    DONT PANIC DONT PANIC…..No good news here! no investment to Blues and no selling of the club either. These are just people bought in to add support for carson and pann at board meetings, nothing else. They may not even exist!!!!

  • zxcv says:

    CY can not be on the board if he is sent down as the FA rules do not permit anyone to be a director of any club if they have a criminal record/ prison sentance. So i see this as people to run the club for him. I can`t see him standing for reelection tbh, what would be the point?

    • chris says:

      If he was jailed he couldn’t be on our (BCFC) board, but could he still be on BIHLboard? Are corporate rules the same in HK / China?

  • Tony says:

    Wonder why Chris? We needed Fahey

    • chris says:

      Ii beleive we just can’t afford his wages, we have a two year option on him i think so either LC doesn’t rate him, or some issues may remain from his absent this season or his wages are just too high.
      I’m guessing he’d be on about £20k a week and we need to save the £8 million we will lose in parachute payments next season.
      So Carr and Fahey leaving will save approx £2.5 million so far, if we could get rid of Zigic that would be another £3 million.
      I think Davies will go for £3 mill and that should save another £1.5 mill in his wages as well.

      • Ali Duncan says:

        We don’t know of course if the club offered him a contract on different terms and if he rejected it……

        • Pete says:

          I do understand the financial constraints. That said I would have thought a one year option on Burke would not have been taken out when he is playing second fiddle to Redmond when we have been crying out for Fahey and he would walk into the side. Surely the financial logic would have meant we would not be signing on Burke. I know their salaries will differ, but Burke will not have come cheap in terms of wages. It makes no sense to me….

          • Ali Duncan says:

            Perhaps LC expects serious bids to come in for Redmond and therefore Burke will be starting on the right next season?

  • thongs says:

    Fahey is off to Brighton.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    With the severe restrictions that he’ll be under next season, I believe that if Lee Clark gets us anywhere near the play-offs, he’ll have proved himself beyond any doubt. If he manages to get us promoted, they should build a statue of him outside the ground. He will have more than earned it. :-)

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Agreed. I just hope the majority of people understand the insane restrictions he’ll be working under. Like all clubs we have some complete cretins who are so out of touch with reality that it’s not even funny.

      • chas says:

        ‘Like all clubs we have some complete cretins who are so out of touch with reality that it’s not even funny.’

        I dont think TVOR is THAT bad…:-)

      • bluenoseneil says:


        I think anyone with a fully functioning brain will soon realise that “out with the old, in the with the young/cheap” will be LC’s mandate for 2013/14 and therefore we are right to expect the unexpected for next season.

        I for one will be happy to welcome new faces and see our youngsters develop further and if that means we go backwards to go forward and remain a sustainable football club, then everyone at BCFC will deserve a bloody medal.

        The cretins will always be here…just try and ignore the sounds of their knuckles dragging along the ground and wear earplugs at games, and you’ll be fine matey ;0)


        • Pete says:

          Half of me thinks already that if we can stay up next season we will have done okay. There will be no bog additions, almost certainly losing Butland for good, probably Davies gone….. By my reckoning unless we renew a galant but slow Robinson we now have no recognised keeper, 2 left backs if Murphy is okay next season and Davies the only recognised centre half. No right back. I will be more than happy with mid-table! Problem is unless this board, if anyone is performing we will sell them- so building for the future is not really happening.

  • prewarblue says:

    Regarding the new directors appointment,,,,,,will this mean yet more “Out Of Pocket” expense,s going to HK,,,,or will “Poison Pete” grease their palms himself ?.
    these appointments are only to ensure a majority vote to keep Yeung and Pannu in control after the AGM,,,,,,if there is anything more in it I will be amazed,,,,,,for all their years in the oil business I would have thought these persons could tell the difference between grease and grit in the works

    • prewarblue says:

      Sorry I was forgetting “PALM OIL” is a major industry problem in HK

      • mark says:

        who are unfortunately being used to make frivolous allegations and it is clear that they have an axe to grind and simply want to disrupt our operations.

        Frankly, we have better things to do and I can actually ignore all the scurrilous reports. However, I feel it has come to the point that I need to briefly point out where the reports are not clear and perhaps misleading.

        Read more at http://www.bcfc.com/news/article/a-statement-from-peter-pannu-806262.aspx#gu9TKm8E6eCFXi1Y.99

        • prewarblue says:

          yes Mark, i have read this statement,,,,,it does not change my opinion in any way of him or his methods,,,,,,bully ,browbeat and bluster any who oppose him as he has shown frequently, then those who stand up to him are threatened legally [ or other wise ]

      • almajir says:


        I think you’re wrong. I’ve seen the documentation and I’ve spoken to the people. I believe your faith in PP might be slightly misguided.

        I’m intending to analyse PP’s statement myself once I have legal clearance.

        • mark says:

          Dan – I have open mind I would love to read your analyse pp’s statement when to get legal clearance.
          Dan – Has PP blank you regarding one on one interview??? or it simply that there is too much legal wrangle going on for PP to give you that time???

          • almajir says:

            Pannu hasn’t responded to anything since about January from me.

          • bluenoseneil says:


            Would you like to venture an opinion as to why you think that is (without getting yourself into hot water, of course)?

          • mark says:

            thanks for your response Dan, I am extremely sadden by that because I do feel you would have given imo a balance view. Please accept my best wishes you do an unbelieveable amount ground work regarding our club. you are top notch mate.

          • prewarblue says:

            you dont think he is upset with you, do you Dan ?,,,,cant be anything you or Matt or the “Blues Trust” have divulged ?

  • mark says:

    from day one clark has had severe restrictions, and imo clark has done extremely under those conditions….it true his next season will a monumentous task….for me bring it on ….but unfortunately some fans have a ridickous expectations, and some them need to stay in reality. chill and enjoy….
    Fahey best wishes mate… I hope westham consider ravel loan for next season, and ravel himself wants to return to our great club because imo he can only get better and better with us………..

  • Tony says:

    Could Fahey leaving be anything to do with unresolved issues regarding Mr Clark?..

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    With Fahey leaving we only have Zigic left from starting 11 at Wembley
    You can add Murphy who was in squad but did not play.

  • Tony says:

    No Mark I think zidic can handle Clark all day long, hes much thicker skinned than Fahey who is somewhat delicate. Just what did happen between Clark and Fahey?.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that to release Fahey was the right option? The guy was unavailable for most of this season and on big premiership wages. With our current budget for me a no brainer.

  • mark says:

    Blues defender Curtis Davies was the star of the show as he claimed two top gongs at the Player Awards 2013, and getting your award Dan lets hope we not see the last of him mate……….gosh he got be worth more than the 1 and half mil you think surely……….let.hope he stays, and believes we can achieve the impossible next season….or will he run the premiership???.

    • almajir says:

      Mark, he’ll go – for one reason and one reason only. We need the money…

    • Bluejohn says:

      “Blues defender Curtis Davies was the start of the show…”
      Mark, why do always quote articles from the Blues web-site? You do realise that Blues fans don’t talk like that to other Blues fans don’t you? – to us he is just “Curtis Davies” (we know who he plays for and his position). This, along with other comments (wild swings between grammatically correct statements and not being able to spell all of a sudden) raise suspicions in my mind as to who you really are. IMO

  • dazabcfc says:

    Totally different topic but is anybody else worried about how many season tkts we are going to sell for next season? I think approx 7,500 if we are lucky at an average of say £400 per tkt generating £3m. I believe if we sell all season tkts at HALF price until the end of June, for example, and really push the idea of young players with plenty of passion in the team we could sell 15,000 tkts @ an average of £200 per tkt which would still generate £3m plus extra match day sales and hopefully ensure bigger gates and a better atmosphere next season. Half price home shirts could also be added as an incentive to win fans over as I feel many will be lost at the usual high rates. Kro

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    New directors appointed so soon as the main revenue stream is confirmed?

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan – for all three new board members, it says that they do “not have any relationship with any director, senior management or substantial or controlling shareholder of the Company”. Does that mean that none of these guys are pals with Yeung and chums? If so, how did Yeung get hold of them and presuade them to join the board? And what do three people who’ve been in the oil and gas industry know about football anyway?

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    So what to make of these new board appointments? At least they’re not related by blood or marriage to CY, so that’s something positive. They have (or appear to have) business pedigree – another positive.
    But timing of appointments is slightly suspicious, just before the AGM. Does this imply that they’ve been brought in to fight CY’s corner now that he’s facing an awkward situation with the board member who’s married to the sister of CY’s girlfriend.(or whatever the relationship is)?

    Corporate power struggles, involving family members, court case, a football club and lots more. This seems like an Anglo Chinese version of the Dynasty series.

  • […] very intriguing that the other four have quit so soon after joining the board; with Messrs Chen, Cheung and Gao being on the board only for a matter of four days. Those retirements once again leave the board at […]

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