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The Carson Trial – What has happened so far

We’re now eight days into the trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering, and some detail has come out about what the prosecution are alleging.

With the weekend upon us and the trial adjourned until Monday I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what has happened and to try to break it down into simple terms what it means. Please bear in mind two things when you read this – one, I’m not a lawyer. I’ve spoken to lawyers and taken advice but I’m in no way qualified as one and that should be taken into account. Secondly, as the case is currently sub judice I cannot comment on guilt or anything like that – merely the facts and what they mean.

First things first. What is Carson supposed to have done?

Carson has been charged under the Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance of five counts of “Dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of indictable offence”. What the prosecution is alleging is that Carson had a vast amount of money go through five bank accounts controlled by him having declared no income, and that money came from nefarious sources – in other words, money laundering.

The specific charges read out in court on Friday May 3 read as follows:

As particularised in the 5 charges of money laundering which the defendant faces, it is alleged that, during the period between 3 January 2001 and 31 December 2007, the Defendant dealt with the entirety of funds deposited to each of the 5 bank accounts, and that he knew or had reasonable grounds to believe that those funds, in whole or in part, represented the proceeds of an indictable offence, contrary to section 25(1) of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance, Cap 455

So what’s happened so far, in layman’s terms?

So far, the trial has had two distinct phases.

The first day consisted of Carson’s defence team trying to get the entire case thrown out on the basis that the police had taken too long to arrest him and thus he couldn’t mount a proper defence. That was dismissed on day 2.

The second phase began on day 2 and has consisted of the prosecution putting their case forward. The defence has tried (and failed) to have the testimony of the main prosecution witness thrown out, and has cross-examined the rest of the witnesses as they have taken the stand. As at day eight, eight of the thirteen witnesses that the prosecution have lined up have given evidence.

The first witness called to the stand was a financial expert called Roderick Sutton who outlined the ins and outs of the accounts and how they were the hallmarks of money laundering.

The second witness was the police investigator who dealt with the case who continued to detail the money going into and out of the accounts.

The remaining six witnesses who have been called to the stand have all been representatives of securities firms who have detailed Carson’s dealings with their firms in the period in question. The prosecution have been building a picture of huge trading debts being built up and paid off despite Carson declaring no income whilst the defence have pointed to legitimate profits made with the same firms.

I understand the five remaining witnesses that the prosecution wish to call to the stand are also from securities firms and will continue in the same vein.

Does any of this relate to Blues?

Unfortunately, it does.

In the opening statement made by the prosecution, the following paragraph appears

Since July 2007, the Defendant has been an executive director and Chairman of the Board of Grandtop International Holdings (“Grandtop”). Grandtop acquired 29.9 per cent of the issued capital of Birmingham Capital Plc (sic) which wholly owned an English Football club, for a consideration of approximately HK$237,000,000. It appears between July and September 2007, a part of the consideration in the sum of HK$83,960,998 was paid personally from the bank accounts to Messrs. Prince Evans, a solicitors’ firm in the united Kingdom.

What that effectively is saying is that around £7million was paid from the bank accounts that are being investigated for money laundering to buy the club.

Furthermore, the representative from Kingston Securities was directly asked why that firm lent Carson and BIH money to buy the remainder of BCFC in 2009 bearing in mind that they would have known the investigation into Carson’s affairs began in 2008.

So what happens next?

The prosecution will call the remainder of their witnesses to the stand, and once their case has been laid out the judge will decide if Carson has a case to answer. Should that be the case, Carson’s legal team will set out the case for the defence.

The prosecution have already made it clear that they are going to ask for an adjournment of three weeks to examine the submission of the chief defence witness as it was made late – something I suspect will be granted.

It’s clear that as a process this isn’t going to be quick and the current opinion I have received from my legal contacts in HK is that we are unlikely to have a verdict until September, possibly October.

Does this affect the sale process?

The good news is that it does not. Despite Carson’s shares in BIH being directly named in the asset charge order made in July 2011, that does not preclude the sale of the club. Provided any proceeds of the sale due to Carson are frozen in the same manner, the HK Judiciary will have no issue with the club being sold.

The case resumes on Monday morning, at 9:30am HK time (2:30am BST). I will continue to endeavour picking up the reports from both the English and Cantonese language presses in HK and summarising them on this site. You can read everything I’ve written on the trial so far here.

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88 Responses to “The Carson Trial – What has happened so far”

  • OzzyBlue says:

    You may not be a lawyer Almajir but you damn well qualify to be one. Better than most of the legal twats I’ve dealt with. I think we should all separate our emotions between Carson and BCFC and not wish him any ill; just that justice is done in Hong Kong. If the club can be sold and a buyer is found, the Yeung/Pannu era will come to an end, just as the Gold/Sullivan one did. We should already be looking ahead.

    • Keep right on says:

      Well said it made a nice change seeing a positive comment despite of all the turmoil that has been happening at our beloved club

  • Art Watson says:

    A fine piece of work Almajir-well done.

    Does the court have any legal powers to enforce a sale of ST and any other BC assets?

    This assumes that Carson is found guilty of course.

  • ChrisG says:

    Sadly whether the trial affects the sale of Blues or not, the cold facts are there still doesn’t seem to be enough “real” interest shown from anyone to actually put in a serious bid, PP says that there have been several interested parties, well i’m sure like myself & most of the contributers to this blog we’re all interested parties but we just don’t have the money. It would be nice if in the not so distant future someone somewhere comes up with a firm offer but sadly I won’t be holding my breath, the cockney barrow boys were open to offer for us for years when we were in the prem & in good financial order & they had no offers so things don’t look good now we’re in the crapola. KRO

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    “Furthermore, the representative from Kingston Securities was directly asked why that firm lent Carson and BIH money to buy the remainder of BCFC in 2009 bearing in mind that they would have known the investigation into Carson’s affairs began in 2008.”

    The investigation began before 2008.
    As you have mentioned many times AJ.

    “Directly asked…” :-)

    Would he have an ‘Indirect Ask’ ?…:-)

    You are getting way too subjective here my frien…..imo.

    You do excellent and really brilliant research…but, I think you are tending to fall over your feet in a kind of early ‘rush to judgement’.

    Step back and THINK !

    The Judge that granted the adjournment that resulted in this Trial’s start date, mentioned that it was as much a case of “Tax Evasion” as money-laundering.

    You must have quoted that at some point AJ, because I don’t read HK papers and rely on you – but I know that statement from the Judge.

    All you summary of the first 8 days refers to a non-declaration of income…


    Nothing about income sourcing that would equate with “money-laundering” so far AJ.

    When does the Prosecution start providing eveidence for “money-laundering” ?

    So far it’s tax evasion or even “tax-avoidance” imo.

    I know I’m the last person on Planet Earth to wish Carson good luck, and realise what Pannu is doing without malice.

    But let’s be subjective.

    Where is the “money laundering” evidence. Day 8 and no sight of it.




    • almajir says:


      1) The conviction rate for a not guilty plea in HK is 75%. This compares with England and Wales (which like HK is a common law jurisdiction) of roughly 12.5%

      2) as per the defence counsel on the opening day, there is a tactical onus on Carson in this case to prove his innocence rather than the prosecution to prove his guilt – in money laundering cases, this is the way it goes, the defendant has to prove the money was there for legitimate reasons rather than the prosecution prove it was nefarious.

      3) Are you a lawyer specialising in OSCO? Have you been to the trial or are you reliant on my reporting of other reports? May I respectfully point out that if it’s the latter you have not heard all the evidence given and that you are being highly subjective? I can definitely say that I have the prosecution’s opening argument here in black and white (which was given to me by the prosecution counsel John Reading SC) and what is alleged in there is MOST DEFINITELY money laundering.

  • OzzyBlue says:

    ChrisG sparked a synapse snap in me noggin. PRIVATE EQUITY! The PE funds are awash with cash…they’ll want massive returns but they like to buy low, increase asset value and then sell or float. If a PE fund can get interested, they buy a Championship club on the ropes, invest in players, training, infrastructure etc, we get promoted to Premiership and are worth a helluva lot more; the PE fund then sells or floats at a big profit – everyone’s happy especially fans. The PE types call this a frustrated or under-performing asset. Here’s some names: KKR, Carlyle Group, Charterhouse, CVC Capital Partners (they have $46 billion under management), Lion Capital, Blackrock and one that specialises in sport – Sport Investment Fund (advised Qatar on 2022 world cup). PE funds expect between 3x and 10x return on investment so we’d have to perform but what an incentive!

  • RonJ says:

    I find it difficult to believe that Sullivan etc did not know about the background to the money used to buy the club. They had been looking for a way out of Blues for sometime and when Carson came along no pertinent questions were asked as they obviously wanted out so they could buy West Ham that became available at the same time. He must have been a manna from heaven to the Board. Hindsight is a wonderful thing !!

    • DoctorD says:

      Spot on my friend — and apologies to everyone for repeating this statement below, but it says to me just how much Brady, Gold and Sullivan wanted to cash in on the club when they sold it to Yeung:

      “With great effort, we have sourced a multi-millionaire, backed by other mega rich Chinese investors who we hope can achieve for the club what we have failed to achieve,” said the City pair in a statement.”

      I simply don’t believe they put in much effort at all — if they had, they would have known that big question marks hung over Yeung.

      • Steve-0 says:

        Oh come on! How could any of Gold/Brady/Sullivan known the origins of his money? If you sold your car or your house the best you can do is establish if your buyer has the money or not. It isn’t your place to investigate where it came from.

  • Paul Carter says:

    Looks bang to rights to me.

    Not the brightest bloke by the look of it and I’m surprised that HK qualified practising lawyer and best friend of Carson PP didn’t report this activity. Obviously he knew nothing about it.

  • rugbybluenose says:

    why would carson want to even think about selling the club if the money is going to be frozen and if he goes down he wont see any of the money but if he gets away with it then he will just keep the club

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I can accept that under law and due process that these proceedings do not affect the sale. However for any interested parties, they serve as a distraction and do not remove the smoke, mirrors and general tackiness that prevails and hence they almost certainly would affect the sale by deterring potential buyers.

  • Paul Carter says:

    Couldn’t agree more Sol and all these morons calling for boycotts will deter them further.

  • Brian king says:

    So much money going in and then out of accounts but what is the source ?

  • Paul Carter says:

    The premise is that the source is from organised crime

  • bluearmyfaction says:

    I wonder if the rozzers over here are keeping a close eye on it. If, as is being suggested, Yeung bought Blues with laundered money, then the recipients might face charges for receiving the proceeds of crime…

    …and the first question would be “as experienced businessmen, have you ever paid four times the value of something for no reason at all?”

  • The Francis Fake says:

    An excellent summary of the situation Ajamajir. I do however agree with Bluenosesol. My view right the way through this process is that any potential buyer will wait for a trial verdict as they have a much better chance of a knock down price. It may be that the court case does not preclude a sale in practical terms but my belief is that it does in commercial terms. What I want to know is are there any corporate governance issues that prohibit a sale at this time and/or do the shares need to be relocated before a sale is possible?

  • superbeau says:

    Brilliant summing up – thanks!

  • George says:

    Excellent report with some clues as to where it is going to end.

    No proof, so far, of the money laundering sources. Unless the first two witnesses quoted some specifics. Surely the bank statements must throw something up?. If the big sums being paid in are from security firms then maybe CY has no case to answer on money laundering.

    Tax evasion surely revolves around CY’s tax returns and the published accounts of any company associated to CY. Seems strange to say the least that the prosecution do not have an expert witness on forensic accounting to explain his tax returns and company accounts and the nett worth of each company and what is owed to the various security lenders. Mind you there was nothing to look at from BCFC and BIH until very recently.

    What was the answer in court from Kingston Securities as to why they continued lending (£50m) with an investigation under way? Major point surely, if so get the Chief Executive Pollyanna Chu in the dock. Or more likely there were no concerns about the investigation and KS were just following through and did not want to lose out on the original investment.

    Do we know the identity of the chief defence witness and does CY take the stand? If the prosecution need 3 weeks to consider the late affidavits submitted then they must be very detailed or need some investigation and a counter affidavit. This seems to be the likely pivotal point and as there was a late submission its probably clever defence tactics.

    Finally is anyone ever going to ask CY why he paid so much for the Blues and why his right hand man is grossly overpaid with incredible expenses and runs a struggling UK business under investigation in this case (the Blues) from Hong Kong.

    I don’t think the prosecution are pressing the right buttons.

  • Evesham blue says:

    The 7mill used to buy Blues with alleged laundered money – will the court seize that money if CY is found guilty?

    If so will we be in admin by early next season with a 10 point deduction assuming the trial ends oct?

    Any investor will not deal with Blues until the CY outcome is decided I wouldn’t have thought by which time they could be picking up a bargain if the club is in admin.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    The cockney mob knew something was not right about C`Y.

    2007 they criticised c`y for not completing the take over of BLUES.

    Then told the stock exchange in Dec that year,they had terminated discussions with c`y,think the words used were,”Don’t believe he has the money” !!

    2009 Grandtop after a loss making 4 years,get hold of a 57m bridging loan to fund the takeover of BLUES.


    • OzzyBlue says:

      Probably the most incisive observation of the historical truth Euston. How quick we forget that Grandtop’s acquisition was fraught with trauma. Golds/Sullivan set a price and wanted their money and did not care where it came from. If I recall, he first got 26% of the club and was not even allowed a seat on the board. Carson said at the time something like ‘how strange that a 26% shareholder can not make decisions as to the direction of the club.’ Golds and Sullivan well knew the business tactic of majority power from minority shareholding and had their defence solidly in place until ‘show me the money time.’ The money came through from who knows where it seems. CY had a lawsuit against former board going until he just dropped it knowing he could not win. He was outsmarted.

  • Tony says:

    Carson should think himself lucky he is not being tried in the U.S

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      I agree Tony. US courts are much more ruthless and decisive in financial irregularities cases. They do not pussy foot around, and less likely to adjourn proceedings such as on the rather spurious grounds presented on the first day of this trial.

  • AR says:

    I’m sure that the overwhelming number of people who read your blog, Almajir, are deeply grateful for your summaries. I cannot believe the nitpicking criticism from someone who appears to want to prove he is more knowledgeable and therefore wants to be seen to be superior. He isn’t, and please keep up the magnificent work.

  • Duncan says:

    Great work as always Al. Personally, I’m just waiting for the football to start again. KRO.

  • oldburyblue says:

    I cannot believe that Gold & Sullivan are STILL being blamed for our ills. Think back and you will see that there was a wave of calls for them to sell….to anyone, just to get rid of them. Whenever I have sold my house I felt no obligation or duty to research who the buyers were and how they had come by their money as long as I received MY money.

    I would hope that the new owners would fit into the neighbourhood for the benefit of my ex-neighbours….but if those same neighbours had made my life a misery and forced me out, I couldn’t care less. Am I alone in that thinking?

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      I agree. Gold and Sullivan are businessmen, football being a means to an end. We might not like it, but the way of business. In fairness they did pull the plug when he did not come up with the balance (after they granted an extension if my memory serves me right) the first time round. At the time alarm bells rang in my head about CY, as they surely must have with G & S.

      However everyone has their price, and when CY offered silly money second time round, G & S did what any decent businessmen would have done. It was just too good an offer to turn down. So it’s pointless pointing the finger at G & S. Blame lies solely on CY for making an absolutely crazy offer which was too good to turn down.

      • Paul Carter says:

        Seeing as your bringing business thinking into it there is such a thing as a mission statement. This is where a business states is prime aim(s). Gold and Sullivan swore they would only sell to reputable buyers but when it came to it any chancer would have done

    • Oldbluenose says:


      You told it just like it was, Mate, Who will ever forget those disgraceful scenes of a baying mob, directing obceneties to D,S, in the directors box, — With both of his youngs sons, looking absolutely terrified, !!!!!!!.

      • oldburyblue says:

        Thank you. I’m glad there are others who do not suffer from selective memories.

        • chas says:

          I also dont suffer ,Oldbury, which is why I think it is so wrong for all the name calling and insults from a lot of Posters on here..And just to put it right,S and G didnt pocket 80million quid, I pocketed 1 thousand , along with nearly all the other shareholders.

    • Paul Carter says:

      Difference is nobody gives 2 about your house whereas thousands feel passionately about Blues

      Shit analogy

      • oldburyblue says:

        A shit analogy?…As ever PC, you have your opinions which I have occasionally found some people actually agree with! I cannot be held responsible for the intellectual Capacity of all commentators on this Blog. Most will realise that my main point was that Gold & Sullivan were hounded out of this Club by the vocal minority and I don’t blame them for taking the money and running.

        • Bluenosesol says:

          When Golds aand Sullivan realised that they had hoodwinked the Chinese,they could not believe their luck. They used a fair degree of psychology when it looked like CY was struggling to finalise the deal. They called into question his integrity and CY pulled out all the stops to find the money to complete the deal. Gold grinned and gloated on Piers Morgan, that this would eventally prove to be the best deal ever done in football. This proves that he knew that he had committed Blues new owners to massive over investment from which the owners and hence the club would never recover. To this end, he knew darn well when the deal was done that he was delivering a fatal blow to the owners, the club and its supporters. If some Bluenoses wish to continue to harp on about what guardian angels the Golds and Sullivan were then get on with it, but in the meantime dont forget to renew your season tickets, because if you have decided to desert the club then get the hell out of here and take your disaffected and poisoned opinions elsewhere!

          • oldburyblue says:

            As your last sentence was posted in a reply to my previous comment I hope you are not having a dig at me for having an opinion. For information I have been a Season Ticket holder since the 60’s so have experienced the dark days pre-G&S of having to hold my breath before & whilst using the “toilet” inside The Kop turnstiles whilst nodding at the females walking up the steps who had a clear view. I have experienced the Wheldon days when every other lightbulb was removed to save money. I was still a ST Holder in the old 3rd Division and definitely got my moneys worth. I AM grateful for G, S and Brady and what they did for us….and I make no apology for that. They all made BIG mistakes along the way but without doubt they left us in a much stronger state than when they came. Ps…..I will soon be renewing my family’s 4 ST’s so I for one will not be “deserting the Club and getting the hell out of here.” pps……is it “poisonous” to defend G&S but not when you attack them?

          • Bluenosesol says:

            Hi OBB, it was your comments and the ongoing comments on here lauding the very people who put Blues into the position they are in today that initially made me respond, however I clearly stated in my comments that I am referring to those who laud the clubs demisers and in the same breath state that they will withdraw their support from the club as some deluded method of bringing about an improvement in the club’s fortunes. How can people who love the club hand it over en masse to the mobsters and let them destroy it in our absence? We need to stay around and show our support for each other, the players and the club. I absolutely agree that the Golds and Sullivan pulled the club up by its bootstrings, but all they were doing was growing the value of the club, so that they could sell it on at a 79 million pound profit and leave us in sh*t street. I fundamentally disagree with your emotional attachment to the cockney boys, but I absolutley laud and respect you and your family for staying with the club in their greatest hour of need.

          • oldburyblue says:

            Thank you for your clarification Bluenosesol. I enjoyed the ride with the previous owners but where we will always disagree is as to who is really to blame for our present plight. No-one forced the Chinese to buy the Club and pay over-the-top for it. Why did they do that? Being aware of libel laws I simply ask whether there is any significence in the purchase of a “Clean” Company (BCFC) by a person subsequently charged with money-laundering? Purely hypothetical of course…but what a way to “clean” money by using a football club. Carrying on with that hypothesis if I wonder if the supporters would have complained if “dirty” money had bought top players and success to the Club? Would G&S be as reviled then? Just questions, you understand!

  • twobobsandatrev says:

    @Ron J “I find it difficult to believe that Sullivan etc did not know about the background to the money used to buy the club.”

    If that is the case look out for civil proceedings in the UK in due course. I am using the Blues saga to illustrate to my law students how potential liabilities in knowing receipt may arise. Difficult to prove though, as is shown by the result in the big case in this area, BCCI v Akindele.

    • OzzyBlue says:

      Benefiting from the proceeds of criminal activity is indeed a crime in itself 2Bobs but proving it retrospectively is a nightmare.Chinese businessmen have been buying up properties and vast slabs of Australia since 2000 and no one asks how the money was made. Everyone, including the police, knows there must be an element of ‘white powder trade’ illegal immigration, extortion, identity fraud and prostitution money in there. Last year 2 such chaps were found to have a couple of million in Australian currency in suitcases as they crossed the country by train from Sydney to Perth. Said it was ‘traveling expenses’! Absolutely no inference in this on the CY trial but let me assure you 100% that the Triads are still very active.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    You can say what you like about the Cockneys but you cant deny Blues were a well run club under them. Most people didnt mind Gold although he often put foot in mouth but it was Sullivan’s whinging about travelling from London and criticism of Blues fans which rankled. They did back the manager everytime we got relegated as well.

    You could argue that they had a duty of care to ensure they were handing over to legitimate people tho. They took the money and run and sold us down the river basically. A football club is not a house. It’s a community.

    • oldburyblue says:

      Of course you are right about the community aspect of ANY football club and there should be a Duty of Care shown in any sale. My question would be just how much care was shown previously in selling our Club to The Rag&Bone man Ken Wheldon and then to the flashy Kumars. I think it is reasonable for the Golds & Sullivan to assume that Yeung was merely the Frontman for some very Heavy Players in China who were willing to invest heavily into the Club once it was purchased for an over-the-top price. I still think this was the case but for many reasons the rug was pulled from under him and he was left high & dry. Would Gold & Sullivan know that this was going to happen?

  • Dodger says:

    A great article do you have any idea if any prospective bidders are going to show there hands any time soon?

  • Marky mark says:

    All Carson has to do is prove where the funds originated from and he will walk.

    I suspect he will prove the majority is clean and return to deal with BCFC, what he does with us is anybody’s guess

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      Indeed that is all he has to do – where the funds originated. That and that they were legal, and then he’ll walk a free man Simples.
      I can’t help thinking that if it was that easy he would have presented to the HK equivalent of the DPP long before it got to court.

      • Marky mark says:

        Simples, I’m sure his receipts and back up evidence are being uncovered as we speak, amazing how things appear when you look hard enough, specially if you have the right people looking.

        • almajir says:

          Do you know what the word “naive” means?

          • Marky mark says:

            Why ! Are you accusing me of it

          • almajir says:

            Marky – if you thought it was that easy for Carson to prove his innocence, he’d be in court? Honestly?

          • Marky mark says:

            Of course not, but CY may be a small fish with some big fish who would like to see him a free

        • OzzyBlue says:

          MarkyMark mate – what you are implying is that presentable evidence can be ‘discovered’ conveniently. If it’s forged that is the most serious offence imaginable in such a case – contempt. It just won’t happen; the power of the subpoena will see to it. The Law may be an ass at time, but it is the Ass’s head not the other end.

          • Marky mark says:


            All I’m saying is it would be niave to underestimate the criminal underworld in HK
            And it would be niave ti think CY doesn’t swim with some bigger fish

            Money makes the world go round

  • Tony says:

    No one should expect police in this country to pursue anything or anyone, they have but one objective and that is their own intertest, in addition to this they are somewhat stupid.

  • Pete says:

    Is the add on the website for purchase ledger a wind up by an employee???? Job includes paying invoices and sorting out VAT payments. Surely this is the most easy job in the world as we dont buy anything and well the tax…. nuff said!

    • prewarblue says:

      I wouldnt think its a wind up,,,,,possibly the last employee in this role has gone into hiding,,,,,,somebody disclosed all those internal e-mails concerning finance,,,,,not that I am saying Mr Pannu would have anything to do that could be thought of as threatening behaviour to club employee,s OR the Auditing company,s either ,,,,,Heaven forbid but on past happenings,,,,,,,would you stay around to find out if he was a man of his word ?

  • Steve-0 says:

    I seriously can’t believe people are pointing the finger at Sullivan and Gold. We may as well blame The Kumars administrators for selling to people who will sell to people who money launder.

    Are any of you for real on this?

  • Brian king says:

    Sullivan and Gold put BCFC back on level footing and give use prem football, however Gold often said some strange things which showed he lived in a world of his own. Sullivan well Sullivan is just not a nice human-being apart from the rants the broken promises and how he did not want to be at BCFC they did ok for us. Ho yes they sold BCFC to a man who’s financial background was somewhat questionable.

    • skareggae72 says:

      ‘they sold BCFC to a man who’s financial background was somewhat questionable.

      Yes,and of course they knew this,as Yeung’s first proposed takeover fell through,they then launched an attack on him when it was found he did not have the monies needed to finalize the deal.
      When Yeung reappeared with the money they grabbed it & ran,nobody else was crazy enough to pay that much over the odds.

      • Steve-0 says:

        None of this points to them knowingly taking dirty money. They have no obligation to get proof that the money is legal, like we don’t when we sell houses. If Paul Carter doesn’t care about my house I couldn’t give two hoots. The fact is Sullivan is NOT to blame for taking CYs money if it was from ill gain unless he was aware. FACT! PERIOD!!

  • Paul Carter says:

    Did Pannu never wonder how a man with no income could finance a takeover of a football club?

  • Pete says:

    I have no problem with Sullivan and Gold selling for a fortune. The only issue I had was their misleading the fans. Dont say you will do something and then dont. Dont tell the fans you love the club, when you clearly dont. Dont say you will only ever sell to someone who is right for the club and will move us forward and then sell to the people you’ve said you doubt has enough funds. I dont like them and most accurately, THEY dont care.

  • Paul Carter says:

    Problem is Pete too many of our own fans don’t care either.

    • mark says:

      By sounds of it – premiership football or wembley trip or europe…..then they rush out in their thousands…….get yourself ticket……..we support you through thick and thin what jokers…….then blame other people……..blues is for life not for one match…………

  • mark says:

    Myself cannot wait for the season start again, cannot come quick enough. I am definitely sure we as fans won’t be unite, on many fronts but we see……….it will be also interesting how many st will be sold. I wonder how many will stamp their feet and go on their little boycott????? We will see shortly no doubt………..

  • oldburyblue says:

    No…poor old Tony! You are not really a Blues Supporter are you?

  • mark says:

    Again dan your continual hard work……..it a shame a slot cannot be found at bcfc for you……..maybe our historian………..

  • zxcv says:

    Dan, If CY is found guilty do you know what the max sentance he could recive and would it aploy to each of the Five counts he is charged with.?

  • Paul Carter says:

    Bring on Yeovil away. A rare new ground for me.

  • mark says:

    Alex govan wow love to see 5 defenders and 5 attackers what sight that would be………free scoring I have some of that :-)

    • prewarblue says:

      Its not so long ago,,,,,we used to see that ,,,,Freddie Godwins / Willie Bell teams played like that,,Jim Smiths as well but Ron Saunders soon put a stop to that

  • Paulo says:

    Fine update Almajir, much appreciated.

  • mark says:

    Dan how along will the application for stans take? Honestly is it achievable??

  • Peter says:

    Gill Merck upper will not be open next season. I had a email confirming this on Friday from the club. Are there other areas of the ground going to be shut to economise? Am curious about whether they will keep the main stand open.

    • almajir says:

      The main stand will be kept open – I know this because this is where I sit and I have had nowt telling me it’sbeing shut.

      As for the GMU, I understand why they’ve done it – sadly it makes economic sense

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