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The Only Way Is Up?

Monday May 20 will see the launch of Blues season tickets for the 2013/4 season. Against a backdrop of an under-fire “acting chairman”, a club president up before the beak in HK and cost cutting on and off the pitch the club will be hoping that fans stick by the team and renew.

The first thing to make clear is that the decision to purchase/renew season tickets is a personal one and however one may feel personally, I don’t think it’s right to criticise a decision  if people decide to buy or not. I’m not going to get into that conversation and I would hope that anyone responding to this piece can respect other’s decisions and beliefs.

Next season could be a tough one. I have no doubt in my mind that the squad as listed on the website right now will be fairly different to the one that kicks off the league season on August 3. It appears that there isn’t any money at all to be used for transfer fees and that players will have to be sold in the summer to ensure the continued survival of the club.

Yet I feel strangely good about the new season. Unlike the season just gone, I’ve got absolutely no expectations – survive relegation with the current situation and I’ll be happy. Thus every point will be welcomed, every win will be celebrated. I’m looking forwards to seeing what Lee Clark can do in the transfer market – I have this suspicion he’ll find a gem or two and coupled with the promotion of prospects from the Academy I think we’ll see a much younger side than we have for years. How long has it been since we’ve seen so many lads from Birmingham, who grew up as fans in the team?

I think a large part of it comes down to the ways we perceive players. I reckon a limited player playing his heart out for the team is going to get more latitude than a very talented player who seemingly can’t be bothered. Likewise, if we have a homegrown kid making his way in the professional world struggling due to inexperience and rawness they should get more leeway than a clapped out old pro trying to get as much money in before he finally hangs up his boots.

Whilst there is a lot of pain at the moment it’s not going to last forever. Yes, we might see every last saleable asset stripped out of the team but there is only a finite amount of time that can continue for and we’re close to the end of it – we have to be because I can’t see any other way out now. In a bizarre way the club is actually healthier than it has been for a while because the infrastructure behind the first team is in really good shape – which has been shown by Clark being able to call on the youngsters to fill in gaps in the squad and make positions their own.

Is it possible that this season see closure on one era and the start of a new, bright future? I honestly don’t know – but I hope it will be and it’s in that I hope I trust.

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147 Responses to “The Only Way Is Up?”

  • thongs says:

    I’m more of the opinion that Clark under achieved with one of the best squads in the division so is likely to be very poor with kids, unloved Jocks and other assorted nobody wants.

    As for the season tickets…closing a section of the ground will annoy and alienate some season ticket holders. Others just won’t fancy wasting their money.

    • almajir says:

      From hearing the economic arguments, I understand fully why the GMU was closed.

    • Steve Turner says:

      I am a season ticket holder in the Gil Merrick stand and it hasn’t angered me – far from it. I get the chance for a more expensive seat on the Kop for the same price I paid in GMU. Can’t say fairer than that.

  • NevBCFC says:

    Didn’t know you were into Yazz OP.

    Let’s hope the end of this dark tunnel appears sooner rather than later.
    Get the bloody thing sold!!!!

  • I’m definitely renewing mine. I get other people saying that if no-one brought tickets, the board might be encouraged to sell, but my own opinion is that things aren’t exactly a disaster at the moment. We’ve finished in the top half of the Championship, which is pretty good, whereas if the club got no money from tickets it’d be less able to bring in players on short-term contracts. We’d just end up going down a division, and I always want the best for my club. Football is a religion for me, and I don’t think there are circumstances in which I’d stop going. I’m actually excited about the progress the team has made this season, and I think we’re still in a transitional period to develop our best young players, before we have a change of ownership, which will be key to future success.

  • Andy says:

    I would love to buy Season ticket but cannot afford one, I go to games as and when I can. For me this season was a season of survival and I think next will be again. I was more than happy with mid table finish and will be hoping for the same this coming season. Until we have owners who are willing to invest more into the club then I feel we should be happy where we are for now. Promotion would be suicide for the club until things change. KRO

  • Mark says:

    I will renew, it will take more than what’s going on to stop me going.

    This season coming up a repeat points tally will be a great achievement.

    Clark will fully own the next squad so we will see what he is made of, I am not a great fan of his but we will have to make do.

  • desertootboy says:

    for the first time since I was a nipper, I wont be getting a season ticket this season, before we get the usual moaners!…..I will still go, its in the blood, ill just be paying game by game.
    I love the blues as much as my family and will stick by them through thick and thin but this time they are not having my money up front.
    Is it just me…or is anyone else feeling the same?

    • carlos says:

      I think this is the sensible attitude and the board need to know that while we love our club we should not be giving them large chunks of money to squander of give themselves as consultancy fees If anything Mr P should be on performance related pay ! ( and with this is mind he owes BCFC money)

  • fozzylou says:

    quite frankly a return to the dark days of the kumars and weldon is upon us.

    we should not get carried away with the young players coming through from the acadamy. yes hancox and rielly did well but to expect them to play 40 odd games in the championship to the level required for survival is unlikely at best.

    more of a concern to me is the defence, not right back at the club, davies will be gone and will murphy be fit enough to play every week. i fear pre season will do for robbo what it did for caldwell last season.

    redmond will be gone and call me a cynic but i believe burke was only retained to get an transfer fee for him.

    Zigic and king up top with the latter struggling with shot knees.

    so as we strand taking in to account the likely departures we have

    packwood (injured long term)
    davies (gone)
    murphy (injured)
    higgins (totally untried)
    spector (injury prone)
    burke (will be gone)
    redmond (will be gone)
    lee (development squad at best)
    ambrose (more life in 350 year old redwood tree)
    arthur (could be a gem)
    king (on his last legs)
    lovenkrands (see ambrose)
    asante (injury prone)

    not much to be positive about there..

    will still get a ST but it will be painful

  • AR says:

    Any ideas almajir what will happen to Marlon King & Nicola Zigic?

  • Steve says:

    Dan – are you convinced that Yeung actually wants to sell the club and is not desperately trying to find further ‘investment’ (i.e. loans) so he can keep hold of it – and perhaps that explains the new directors appointed to BIHL? James Nursey claims that Yeung continues to mess the latest consortium around – how long before they walk away? Who’s left then to buy the club? They could sell Davies and Redmond this summer to keep us going until next summer (which should be much easier with a much reduced wage bill), when Zigic’s contract finally ends, and the nightmare could drag on.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think he’ll have a choice soon

      • fozzylou says:

        i understand there’s an english group or person interested in buying us who are/is not loaded but want to run the club in a proper manner..

        would you like to respond to that?

        • almajir says:


          Paladini blew his chance of buying blues cos he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

          A lesson learned?

          • Mickey07 says:

            That’s what you think mayor?

          • prewarblue says:

            Another lesson learned ?,,,,,,what about the promise of signing,,,what was it 7 ? NEW !! players spouted by “Poison Pete” last week,,,,,how many was it in actual fact ???,,,,,thats not a lesson learned ,,,,,we were taught that one,,,,his words are not to be trusted,,,,,,seeing as you like musical connections try this one

            Promise,s Promise,s
            thats all you gave to us
            Right from the start
            And now your promises are broken promise,s

            That did get to no1 in the the charts [ mind you it was before you were born I think !! lol]

  • Jim Hatton says:

    I’ve thought about not renewing but to be fair as we all know blues are in your blood they get under your skin and we’ll all still be here when this lot have gone so I for one will still go.and as for lc I am looking forward to see what he can do in the transfer window, ,he’s found gems in the past I.e pilkington, , novak, rhodes who to say he can’t do this for us. Don’t get me wrong at times this season I have been one of his biggest critics at times this season but I do believe he deserves credit for what he’s done this season under difficult circumstances . We’ve just got to see this out until pannu &co hsve gone a back the manager kro.

  • prewarblue says:

    I can agree with your hopes Dan,,,,,,however have my doubts about survival in this division with the team as it stands,,,,,this is not saying what we have is rubbish,,,far from it,,,,there are certainly some good prospects,,,,,,,but with possible injury and suspensions there is going to be times when “Development “squad games will have to be canceled due to its members being on first team duty,,,,,this is not a bad thing in its self but players who are not fully grown will suffer in their development bodily and skill wise in the hurly burly of the adult game.

    this is not intended to be a negative attitude although sending a negative message regarding my opinion,,the sooner we have new owners [ or fresh investment ] cannot come soon enough,,,,,closing parts of stands is just a symptom of the slow death of the club caused by the present owners and their appointee,s mismanagement

    • oldburyblue says:

      We will never run out of players to play in the Developement Team because it is always evolving. It is basically for under 21 players with a limited number of older players allowed. There are not many, if any, 20yr olds in the Teams put out….the average age being much younger including on occasions kids still at school. My point is that the 14yr olds from last year will become the 15yr olds this year, the 15’s will become the 16’s and so on until they become the 18’s and above who have earnt themselves a Pro Contract. Nothing can ever be guaranteed, but I have confidence that we have some really good kids coming through.

  • Jim Hatton says:

    P.s lc was st Wembley today wonder if he watching a target

  • Tony says:

    It is a thorny issue support the club by renewing season tickets ,when you know in the back of your mind that money is paying Pannu expenses and consultive fees. Or not renew and maybe have a part in the demise of the club but im sure it will not come to that.
    It is a question I have no answer to, it is as Dan says a matter of personal choice and no one should be haranged for making that personal choice.
    Agree with thongs I think Clark underachieved with the squad he had available and I more than most was on his case throughout the season, however there will be little room for critisism in the coming campaign if he survives it he will have done ok.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Some of the best players in opposition teams have been unknown to me, as have players in lower division teams that I have seen on the box. We don’t have to have household names in our side as long as they all play as a team. This is where LC comes in….hopefully he can mould what players he has at his disposal and in the future some WILL become household names. I look forward “with hope in my heart” as always.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    i have every faith in Lee Clark wheeling and dealing in the transfer market to make us competitive next season. He is a very hard working manager and he is leaving no stone unturned to find talented bargains.
    His first two signings were excellent.I rate both Shinnie and Randolph highly and I am eager to see what other gems come to light.

  • AF says:

    I back the development of the club, its academy and young players. From that aspect it is exciting and at the same time totally damming that we are unable to afford Paul Caddis. For a club of this size, its a disgrace.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I firmly believe the pricing structure, if innovative, will have a strong sway over if people renew or not. If the prices are better than competitive then people might compromise on their Pannu’s ethics and renew. If the prices are the same as last year and the club haven’t made renewing particularly attractive then the numbers of last season could take a serious battering.

    A prediction…..Bradford City of League One will have more season ticket holders than Blues next season. It’s very clear from looking at their pricing model why that might be……..

  • Paul Carter says:

    The squad, the board, the manager, the chances of success have no bearing on my renewal. Nor have they ever had. So long as I can afford it, I’ll buy my season tickets and this seasons will be my 40th in a row.

    Why? Easy. I love this club. I always have and always will. It means everything to me.

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    I will be renewing mine but one worries about the future of all clubs apart from the Champion League elite. One lady whom I work with husband took their two sons down the Vile on season tickets until McJudas’ efforts there and they stopped going. The two lads are now armchair Manure and Swansea (!) fans. Another whose husband is a Wolves fan took their son down the Wolves: they have decided not to renew their tickets and apparently the son has suddenly decided he is a Vile fan!

    Here’s to our club, a proper one with proper supporters. Let’s hope we can compete with the likes of Yeovil who will probably be spending sums we can only dream of.


    • Ali Duncan says:

      Football mirrors society. People want disposable success now and the saturated Premier League coverage means any none glamour clubs will struggle over the next 20 years or so.

      Leyton Orient’s free 1,500 youth season ticket policy is bold and progressive. We may need to go down a similar route to attract the next generation.

  • RUPERT says:

    Get real folks the last time we had so many youngsters was under Pendry and we got smashed! The squad is weak with no balance, we cant survive by selling everyone to funsd a lifestyle for someone who owns asia rays. Go ahead all you gullible fools buy your season tickets………..Write the cheque out to ASIA RAYS

    • Agent McLeish says:

      What you going to do next season then? Sit on the settee with your arms folded during the match, then ‘phone up Tom Ross or go on the web to make comments about a game that you even never went to?

    • chas says:

      You do realise that it is only May 20th and the Season doesnt start for another three months, dont you.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Matt Busby had a team with so many youngsters, they called them the Busby Babes. I bet they were crap…..

      • prewarblue says:

        So the greatest player ever to grace English football is crap ?,,,,,,you can keep all your Charltons, Bests, yes even Francis Latchfords and the like,,,,,,there never will be another LOCAL lad like Duncan Edwards,,,,,true to form we turned him down as not good enough.

        Oh and there was another “Crap” player connected with Blues on that plane as well !!,,,,,a “Crap winger that Busby paid a world record transfer fee to Blues [ £30,000 ] ,,,,,Johnny Berry ! who never played again

  • Paul Carter says:

    The latest excuse….Pannu

    Different one for every occasion.

    So what if the squad is weak? I think we’ll probably go down. So what?

    Enjoy Wembley did ya pal.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    I laughed because I realised how sh1t it was. There is no optimism or turning the corner yet by a long chalk. Survival is what its about

  • oldburyblue says:

    OK…if next year is about survival, lets look forward to it. We need supporters in the true sense of the word not fickle fans who can walk away in our hour of need.

  • Chris Smith says:

    I’m half and half about next season. Depends on working hours, though if blues had gotten promoted I wouldn’t have gotten an ST due to costs and not really wanting to see/hear blues get molested every week.

    That said I’m looking forward to next season, last one came around a bit too soon and I was a bit footballed out. Do I think promotion is on the cards? Nope. Do I think there’s a play off shot? Outside chance, considering the ‘kids’ this year. The thing that excites me though is how this season could end, and how the squad could be managed in terms of resembling an Olympic style selection. Under 23s for the most part but then 3 over age players to help marshall and the kids.

    Think about it, it’s not like the lads don’t have skill and bringing the lads through we could have 4/5 strikers fit at any one time meaning a 4-3-3 is more possible as things progress. the 4-5-1 is attacking enough as it is and the metodo could be thrown in if the squad can work with it well enough. In terms of old heads you have Robinson, Elliot and King to work alongside the youngsters in their positions. Next block being Ziggy, Davis and Burke.

    Next season could either go well or be a complete tits up. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Steve Whitfield says:

    I will probably renew. Possibly the worst thing about last season was the low attendances and lack of atmosphere at St Andrews. I can’t see that changing until the off the field situation changes. That means we will probably be winning more games away from home again next season.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Anyone being put off buying a ST this year, remember the following . 1. You are paying for a reserved seat in a part of the ground you prefer for 23 games of football…nothing more, nothing less. 2. We have never had any control over how our individual money is spent…it could be used to pay a fraction of Ziggy’s wages or the total monthly pay of the tea lady. We hope that it will be used wisely…but who knows? 3. Pannu will not be put off drawing his salary, commission or expenses if we don’t sell many Season Tickets. He will have 1st dibs on the TV money, League money, etc which will dwarf the ST sales, irrespective of just how many are sold, so you are not personally lining his pockets.

  • Tony Knight says:

    I’ll still be renewing and still be driving from Southampton.
    Mad? possibly
    Shortsighted? probably
    Bluenose? Definitely

  • Peter says:

    Sorry to sound harsh here, but I think there is an excuse for every occasion with our fans. The truth is we are s**t in terms of support. We help the opposition by getting on the players backs and giving no vocal support. Wy do people think we do better away??? The fans who don’t renew will stop oing for many games and eventually will find they don’t need it anymore and will stop going once jitney can watch it on television or have to go shopping.

    As for next season. I think we could just stay up. The issue is would we stay up with this squad AND a 10 point penalty?

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Agreed – away fixtures are far more enjoyable as a fan. The banks or empty seats and toxic atmosphere is demoralising. Away games attract mostly positive fand who back the team. At home games you get far too many moaners with ridiculous expectations who (some) IMO are out of touch with reality.

  • ChrisG says:

    Let’s try & look at the optimistic side, ok it’s all ifs & buts, but IF LC can put together a half decent side before the end of August (& let’s face it he seems to be working his socks off at the moment to do just that), & IF we can get new owners between Aug & Jan & IF we can be in & around the play offs by the Jan transfer window then with a little investment maybe we could go on to have a really good season. I don’t understand all the negativity all the while & some hostility still towards LC, a man who’s shown a lot more passion for Blues than any of our previous 2 managers who just wanted a springboard for their own careers, ok he’s made mistakes he’s the 1st to admit it, but i’m sure he’ll come good in the end. KRO

  • DudeAbides says:

    I’m a supporter of the club not a fan, so there is no reason why i should not renew.
    Joys and Sorrows!

  • StevieW says:

    On the field quite agree on expectation, I don’t have any. However I hope and pray for a survival season staying in the championship.

    Off the field I wish for Sell or Admin or both whichever way round you like the sooner the better to get rid of the owners.

    But being a Blues fan for many years I know none of this will happen in they way that will please fans, BCFC and success rarely meet in the same sentence.

  • darren says:

    I wont be renewing.

    time to send a message and force this lot out via administration

  • Duncan says:

    As Alan Hansen said, ‘You can’t win anything with kids!!’.
    Managers and players come and go, we’re still here. Keep the faith KRO

  • Brian king says:

    I think next session will be very interesting, we will see if kids and a bunch of nobodies from lower leagues can cut it or not. We will see if LC can build a team and make an half decent job of it or not. However we must be realistic it’s going to be very, very tuff and let’s be honest with ourself the clobber is in a desperate state. To buy or not to buy a session ticket well for a lot of fans it’s about putting food on the family table no matter how interesting next session will be.

  • Roy Smith says:

    I won’t buy a season ticket because I dread the idea that I may be seated next to holier than thou Paul Carter, and have to listen to his boasting about being the Blues greatest supporter every minute of the day. For god sake give it a rest. You put more people off than McJudas and Pannu combined.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I hear plans to rename the Main Stand the Trevor Francis Stand have been scrapped in favour of a much more fitting and worthy member of the Blues community – step forward winner of the “Best supporter since 1875 award” ……..Pau…..

  • Paul Carter says:

    That is actually the funniest post I’ve read on OP lol.

    As I said these people can always find a reason to moan.

    Always. Without exception they’ll find a negative and a reason for not going.

    Roy has come up with a classic lol. I am the reason lololololol.

  • sappy sad says:

    …..everybody will do what they think is right ….but doing anything before we get st Andrews listed could be a grave mistake ……clark is learning fast and will come out of this a good manager ,….like a rednosed manager that we all love lee knows that to get a great team and club you have to start with youth to hit the prem with a whole squad of good and hungry players ….blues are looking good and SMOKIN.bring it on ……sappy,…sad

  • Mike says:

    Ok, let’s put things into perspective here. The season just gone was the worst Championship division there has been since the likes of Stockport County and Grimsby Town were about. A 12th place finish with our squad was disappointing, but not surprising. Clark, under the circumstances, has done ok. He had to play the majority of the season without the 2 best fullbacks in the division, without last season’s central midfield partnership, and without Chris Burke at his best (who was the best player in the division in 2011/12). We also lost Marlon King for half the season. The kids he has brought in from the academy are there simply because they have to be, not necessarily because they are good enough. Hancox and Reilly have passion, but they are rash and I’m not sure whether they will play at a higher level than the Championship. Arthur is unknown. Redmond had a great end to the season but is still inconsistent. Packwood, again is a warrior.. capable of playing at a higher level? I have my doubts. Now as for Clark’s signings, again I am not impressed. Lovenkrands must be on a decent wage and has been awful, Wes Thomas isn’t good enough, Lucas (the goalkeeper) was rubbish. Admittedly, there were one or two good signings in Morrison and Caddis. Neither of which will be at Blues next season. It seems to me that a lot of fans seem to tell themselves that these players from the academy are in the first team because they are good. They aren’t. They’re there because they have to be. There is no other choice. Aside from all the footballing issues is what is happening off the pitch, which quite frankly I can’t be bothered to go into. But in simple terms, it is a joke. I haven’t been a season ticket holder at Blues for about 4 years now. I miss the times when there was 30,000 of us on Saturday (no matter what division), but due to multiple circumstances (not being able to afford a ticket anymore and even if I could I wouldn’t want to put my money in Pannu’s pocket) I won’t be getting a season ticket. I think that the majority of fans feel the same. We are very passionate fans, and I have no doubt if there were sensible owners, there would be 25,000+ down there every week. But we are also fed up of being made fools of. Things have to change fast because the club is on a slippery slope. All the signs are there for next season being harder than the one just gone (senior players coming out and saying how we’ve overachieved, signing unknown players who couldn’t get into a relegated league 2 clubs match day squad). I fear for Blues next season and beyond because I can’t see new owners anytime soon, as much as we like to tell ourselves that it will change soon… Sorry about the doom and gloom, it is Monday morning and I am a Bluenose afterall…..

    • Pete says:

      So in a nutshell- when it is going well, you feel fans will go. When things are not fans stay away. Yeah fantastic passionate support we have….. Sorry, this is not personal to individual cases but how can we ever call ourselves a big and passionate club when fans have shown in the past year to be fickle as hell to the team. With regards to the ownership that is different, but that has been used as an excuse by many not to support the team and it certainly does not explain the crap support the team get week in week out from those who do go.

      • Mike says:

        Well I don’t think I said that exactly?? But I wouldn’t disagree no. Fans will go when things are going well and won’t go when things aren’t. Surely the attendances tell you that? But that is no different to any other club in the country. It doesn’t mean that the fans aren’t passionate. There are plenty of passionate Blues fans that have perfectly good reasons not to attend every game. I don’t really get what your point is?

        • Peter says:

          My point is that we have a crowd where the attendance is a third of what it was. The fans ARE NOT passionate at all, with an atmosphere that is shocking. Other clubs have reasons why fans might not go, but still do- look ay Pompey or man city when they were in the old third. They still supported and got behind the team, where as we just use excuses. I love the club, but our support is rubbish. We give no support at home, but when there is a big game do you think these fans will still refuse to support because of pannu? Do you think 10000 would start going if we had new owners? D you think they are refusing to go because of a protest about Clark and would not go if we had a day at wembley? Fact is we have fickle fans and an excuse is all many have needed, which I am sad to say is not the same with many other clubs. The upshot is fans will go if we are spending loads and in the top flight, so what sort of fans does that mean we have???

          • Mike says:

            Of course the fans are passionate. Portsmouth fans being passionate is a myth. There average attendances this season are around 12,000 which is just over 50% capacity. Our average attendances are around 16,000, again just over 50% capacity. Leeds, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are very similar. All sets of fans are very passionate but the average attendances are around 50 – 60%. Home support is always worse than away support. We took about 8,000 to Brugge last year, are you saying they aren’t passionate about their club? Of course attendances are higher when things are going well, look at Brighton. They have the highest attendances in the Championship this season, are they renowned for being a big club with passionate fans? No. Things change in football from season to season and generally when teams are more successful their stadium fills out, when things aren’t so great there are more empty seats. That doesn’t mean fans aren’t passionate. Everybody has their own personal reasons behind why they don’t or can’t go to games. I know fans that go every week and fans that don’t and every single one of them is passionate about Blues

    • Pete says:

      Mike- a myth? Portsouth were getting 12,000 loud and chanting fans when going down to division 2 and not knowing if the club would be there the following week. Leeds and Sheffield W were having vastly more fans than us. How many do you think we would have had if we had been in div 1? How many do you think we would have next season? Yes we took 8,000 to Bruges- so we have fans who are there when they want to be and many who cant be bothered to turn up. Yes every club has some, but we cant claim to be a big club when we have many who dont bother and none can be heard at the home games.Rather than simply be blinded by loyalty, maybe realism is needed. Not trying to patronise, but if you are 21 you would do well to remember life before the prem where we had well over 20 odd thousand each game, despite being a champ side. There was proper noise. Now we have plastic seat and in many cases plastic fans. Ask anyone who has been going down for 20 years plus to describe our fans now and how genuine our support is I would doubt many could say we have good support. I may be wrong- try and find out?

      • Mike says:

        I am 21 and I do remember Blues playing in the nationwide division 1 as I had a season ticket then. I can remember we had high twenty-odd thousand every week. Blackburn are another good example. A club in a similar position to us.. If not better after they could afford to spend £8m on a player last season. They were only getting 14,000 on average last season and they have passionate fans. Fans can be fickle and ‘fair weather supporters’, that’s just the way it is. I haven’t been Blues regularly for about 4 years, and I’m very passionate about the club. There are many fans exactly the same as me. I certainly don’t consider myself a ‘plastic’ fan. I believe many fans don’t go purely because of the owners. At the end of the day, when the club say they can’t afford to pay £250,000 for a player, but can pay their acting chairman over £600,000 in ‘bonuses’, the majority of fans would think twice about where their money is going. But I can guarantee you they all love and are passionate about the club. I think your being very narrow minded making a generalisation based on the way the supporters at the game have been recently. We had the same amount of fans at Wembley for the cup final as Arsenal did and we were much louder than they were, if we apply your passionate fans – big club theory then I guess that makes us a bigger club than Arsenal? No it doesn’t. Also, I’ve been to Elland Road and Hillsborough in recent times and their support is as quiet as ours is at St Andrews

        • Pete says:

          Mike. I dont agree with your points at all. If I am narrow minded then fair enough. I DO think that fans keeping away is pathetic. I think they need any excuse, but would be back if we were in the prem. This is not a real fan. The word fan stands for fanatic. How can someone be fanatical about something, but so long as we are doing well. I do not believe the owners situation is the reason many have stopped. I think many have stopped as they dont see us winning the league.
          Re Blackburn. Their attendances did not used to be as high as ours, so 14,000 is comparable. But at least those left are chanting their views and their thoughts on the ownership (and despite paying £8m for a centre forward they sold a lot too) as opposed to just sitting there and getting on the players back. Tell me- what have you heard chanted to get behind the team in 2012/13? What have you heard stating support about getting owners gone? What have you heard slating players and the management? Plenty for the latter. I mean no disrespect, but I am not attacking you. I am slating the stay away fans and those who dont make any attempt to get behind the team, especially as many could do so (using excuses as to why they dont go because it sounds better than “I dont like it when we are not winning” or” I cant be bothered”).

          • Mike says:

            The fact that the team isn’t challenging for promotion or to win the title can’t be the reason for why the fans are staying away. If that was the case, why were the attendances poor last season when we were relatively successful in terms of making the play-offs and being in the top 6 for the majority of the season (i.e. challenging for promotion)? Blackburn fans may be chanting their views about the the owners but that has hardly had a positive influence on or off the pitch has it? A 17th place finish and 2 managers sacked doesn’t exactly seem the result of a positive atmosphere to me. I don’t think you can say the Blackburn fans haven’t constantly slated the management and players – that’s exactly what the have been doing since Steve Kean took over and right up to the end of this season. I think what is important is that we just accept that everybody has different views and opinions on why they will or won’t go, but we can’t assume that just because somebody doesn’t go they aren’t passionate about the club because there are multiple reasons why people can’t or don’t go

    • Pete says:

      Mike you and I will just have to agree to disagree. I think there are a lare number of fair weather fans and you think they all have a good excuse. Fair enough.

  • Paul Carter says:

    Some fair comments there Mike. Obviously if you can’t afford a ticket no-one can criticise but it is incumbent upon those of us who can to renew and keep this club going because as you rightly say we are in one of the darkest times in our history. Let’s not make it darker by all disappearing.

    My own thoughts on a lot of these people is that they’ve lost any love they had for the club, got out the habit of going and basically just can’t be bothered. Obviously they get the feeling back for Wembley though. I’ve only ever read one guy on here who actually admitted he just can’t be bothered anymore. I have no problem with that and admire his truthfullness. It’s the others who keep on and on and on and on about why they don’t go, finding all manners of different reasons but still make out they are the same as those of us who do go.

    comment edited

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Do you ever give it a rest Paul?

      I have my own views on non-attendees but last time I checked there was such a thing as freedom of choice and if people don’t want to go then that is their prerogative. I’m not sure who appointed you Judge, Jury and Execution that you have a right to criticise people for making a personal choice. While your passion is commendable you seem to think everyone is like you. Other people are at different stages of life and want to do other things / have other interests / want to spend more time with their families / are sick of the greed within Football etc etc. For whatever reason you have no right to bash them on here. If they want to moan and whinge then yes it gets on my tits too as I do believe they have no right to moan (about on the pitch performance at least – and how could they if they’re not there) but I don’t believe it makes them any less of a fan that me.

      Stop being such a martyr, change the record and KRO!

    • Mike says:

      I agree with you there Paul. My dad is one of those people who openly admits that he just can’t be bothered with it all anymore – he still religiously follows the results on a Saturday afternoon, going wild when we win and is infuriated when we lose. I’m 21 and had a season ticket for 8 years up to when I left school. I had to start working, and fortunately found work at Blues and was able to continue watching the games! However, a change of management saw me and the other guys I worked with lose our jobs (I was only casual match day staff). Ever since I have only been able to go every now and then over the last 4 years or so. I think its important to acknowledge that everybody has their reasons, and we have to accept those reasons. I really want to watch Blues at St Andrews every week, but I can’t afford to or stand the thought of the money I have scraped together going to Pannu or Yeung

      • Euston 9.18 says:

        Your earlier post MIKE (miss the 30`000 day’s at ST`ANDREWS) I was going to ask how old you were,reading your 2nd post you tell us your 21.
        Sorry but I go back before weldon day’s & off the top of my head the last game I can remember BLUES gate over 30`000 was when B.Clough brought his Forest team to ST`ANDREWS in a 1/4 final F.A. Cup game.
        Don’t think we have had a full house since the seats went in.

        How to get more fans to watch a game at ST`Andrews ??

        Knock the main stand to the floor & build a “HEALTH & SAFETY” standing terrace.

        • Ali Duncan says:

          We got close. The second season of the Prem with Dunn and Mikael Forssell I think our average was 29,500.

        • Mike says:

          We were regularly getting near enough 30,000 when Bruce was in charge. I didn’t keep a record of the attendances, and it may not of been the full 30,011 or whatever it is, but it was near enough full every week. It was a full house for the European games last season too. Only reason it wasn’t the exact 30,000 was because UEFA take the front row of seats and the travelling support didn’t exactly pack out their section in the GM

      • DoctorD says:

        Fair point mate, but then if you take that argument to an extreme, you should only be buying food at your local corner shop and not at Tesco because you’re lining the pockets of one of the biggest firms on the planet. You shouldn’t be shopping at Amazon because they’re nasty and don’t pay taxes. You shouldn’t be buying apples from Chile because your paying the big airlines with your hard won cash. At the end of the day anyone buying a season ticket is not just lining Yeung and Pannu’s pockets, but you’re helping to pay the wages of loyal St Andrews staff.

        • Mike says:

          But isn’t that kind of the point? We have to prioritise with the money we earn. I can’t afford to think about every hardworking member of staff at Blues (and I’m sure there are many). If I put a season ticket at Blues at the top of my list of priorities I wouldn’t have money for the essentials. It doesn’t matter how diehard you are as a fan, some things come before a season ticket or paying over the odds to watch Blues play Peterborough and Barnsley

          • DoctorD says:

            Yeah fair point – I suppose if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. But a season ticket is normally better value for money than paying game-by-game.

            But generally speaking, why can’t clubs be a bit more imaginative about how they sell tickets. At the moment it’s pay on the day or season ticket — why not buy nine get one free, buy a “monthly pass”, buy a season ticket, get a free kit. Dunno, there must be all sorts of ruses to sell tickets.

          • Ali Duncan says:

            DoctorD – a good idea. The two ways are very traditional and unimaginative. I’m sure the boffins in the marketing department at Stans could come up with other financially viable and attractive schemes based on the ever changing nature of our support, society and the entertainment business

        • oldburyblue says:

          Spot on DoctorD.

        • Mike says:

          Yeah it’s a good idea. I agree there could be better ways to sell tickets and get bums on seats

    • chas says:

      Paul, there are a couple of us who have posted that we cant be bothered, but opne of the best reasons not to go was posted earlier todfay..I will let you find it for yourself.;-)

  • dave mann says:

    theres two groups of supporters.
    loyal and armchair. those who are loyal like paul carter and yours trully
    deserve to speak there mind because they help finance the club and
    help to keep it going, so those off you who voice dissaproval off his
    ranting and raving and start slagging him of are the ones who dont
    have is or my passion for the club.
    i will be renewing for god nos how many years again along with my
    wife and son. i would rather spend a grand on family season tickets
    than a crappy holiday, but then that is my choice and dont regret it.

  • Blue blood says:

    Clark was clueless with what he had at the start of the season, I’m sure now after a long hard season he has a good idea of what to expect, but not being able to bring in caddis must hurt, this is annoying as Rooney went the other way, I work every Saturday as its the nature of retail but if I had the chance I’d buy a season ticket, blues is a way of life, getting lagging before during & after the game, whilst singing your heart out for the lads is good for the soul, it is painful to know that pannu is bleeding us dry, the extra fee’s he is pocketing could go towards signing key players like caddis, as long as blues are still a viable football club in any division I will still support them,
    The one sure thing about luck, is it has to change KRO & SOTV

  • Marky mark says:

    I’ve decided im not going to renew ny ticket.

    I can never park by the club shop, the blue seats are hard and give me piles, the coffee is not decaff and not to mention the ball boys so slow at retrieving the ball.

    No enough is enough. I’m finished with them Blues!!

    Unless we start winning then I might pop back like I’ve never been away

  • dave mann says:

    not sure if your serious or having a wind up there marky,but
    thats your perogative. i park at the forge so the shop doesnt
    bother me, i sit in a white seat but spend most the time standing
    up singing so piles isnt a problem, ive had that much lager that
    the coffee not an issue either, and the ball boys were slow
    because they were propably grabbing a nap in between all
    the goals we were conceiding, but as i said earlier it wont
    stop me comming back for more, its a drug i cant stop taking.

    • Drew says:

      Blues being a drug is a spot on analogy if I say so myself ……. The trouble is addiction can seriously cloud the mind Dave and as your CURRENT supplier is a certain dodgy pusher called Peter, you are currently helping to fund his lavish lifestyle off the proceeds of your habit.
      Now far be it for me to say (I got successful treatment for my 25 year addiction post relegation), your current addiction is having the severe side effect known as ‘complete blind faith’ and your supplier will take your last penny before he moves on to a new patch post his boss meeting up with Bubba in the showers in a couple of months time. At that point in time, Peter will feel the heat and move on to pastures new in order to maintain the quality of life he has been leading at your expense.
      I wouldn’t mind if your drug of choice was of the same high quality it used to be Dave but these days your supplier has been cutting it with all sorts of stuff …. mainly far eastern excrement, fresh air and bull s**t.
      Like someone commented earlier, you may as well set up a standing order to Asia Rays and be done with it. At least that way you can clearly see where your drug money ends up by simply viewing your bank statement on-line.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    New ticket prices announced. Loyalty Bonus and a 5% discount for online means less than £20 per match for one of the most expensive parts of the ground (Kop main). Also free U10 for every paying adult. Credit to the St Andrews commercial team for providing a very good deal. Four in our party will be renewing!! KRO!

  • AuldBertie says:

    I’d have renewed regardless of the price so price freeze and U10’s free is an added bonus :)

  • Gibbsy says:

    Well that was an easy decision for me, I have just renewed both my son’s and my season tickets, it is the only time we go to the pub together

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    At these prices we should sell out.

  • dave mann says:

    gibbsy, exactly the same for me mate, the only time i go to the
    pub with my son is when we go down the blues, so weve
    renewed also. its a family thing cuz the wife comes to!KRO

    • prewarblue says:

      No rest for the wicked eh Dave,,,,,,cant even go to a game to get away,,,,,you sure the missus goes to watch the game and not you and your son ?,,,,,,keeping you both out of trouble lol

  • parchy99 says:

    I honestly have to renew. It just isn’t an option not to.

    My saturdays are what i live for. After taking the kids to football practice in the morning, i head off to either the Roost or the George, to meet up with some pals; sometimes with the kids, sometimes without.

    After much banter about how EASY it is to run our club, how simply we would apply tactics that would CERTAINLY get us more goals, how we COULD bring in a billionaire to sort the finances and achieve world domination in 3 seasons, we head off to the ground.

    The hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end when i walk up those stairs like it was the first game ive ever been to (20th february 1988 Blues v Forest 5th round FA cup). Every match I feel like I am where I should be. With fellow blue noses by my side. Win, lose or draw its back to the roost for post match analysis, banter, a bit of whinging and some more liquid refreshment to celebrate or console.

    This may sound very familiar to many true Blue noses so ask yourself this question……….

    Why would I let Carson Yeung take this from me?

    Why would I let a lying, thieving, immoral, greedy, self serving Autocrat ruin my happiness?

    I get the frustrations, the anger and the disillusionment. Stick together guys, blue skies are a coming. I hope to see you all next season.


  • Daniel Insole says:

    I have had a season ticket since the 2001-2002 season. This is the first time I have had serious doubts about renewing. It’s not a question of loyalty as Blues are my life. However if I’m honest there were stages last season where I really wasn’t looking forward to going to home games. Although I seemed to get the hunger back towards the end of the season I might go on a game by game basis. I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been a price reduction because with the detrimental changes to the squad and to cite the recent news that we can’t afford to pay a £250,000 for Paul Caddis, this doesn’t fill me with confidence going into the new campaign and I imagine others are the same. I don’t think some of the ‘loyalty’ arguments are fair. I don’t earn a lot as a recent graduate and that is another thing that comes into consideration. One thing is for sure I can’t see a full St Andrews coming any time soon.

    • Pete says:

      There has been a reduction of 5% if you book online, where you can still pay monthly. If you have family members they are throwing kids prices in for free. What more could they do?

  • DudeAbides says:

    Just renewed, K.R.O

  • oldburyblue says:

    I agree 100% parchy. I have just watched the video attached to the Season Ticket info on the Official Site. If it makes your chest puff out with pride and brings a tear to the eye as it did me, there can be NO doubt about renewing this year.

  • dave mann says:

    drew, your propably right that the supply isnt that good at the momment,
    but i live in hope that it will turn around one sunny day!.
    powerblue, your also right that the misses propably comes down
    to keep an eye on me because i do tend to loose it now and again,
    especially after a few jars, my son on the other hand comes down
    to look after both off us.KRO.

  • Paul Carter says:

    All those proposing desertion should watch that video, walk away and never come back.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    The only way is up unless we get relegated in which case it’s down.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Just renewed. I think the season ticket price is far too low. I would willingly sell my house, all its contents, my car and my wife to help Carsons legal fees and Peter’s ‘consultancy’ fees. Carson is a top of the range owner and with PPs desire to spend as much time at the club sorting out problems and communicating to the fans they have to be two of the best people that have ever run this club. Not since Ken Wheldon have we ever been blessed with such dedicated and truthful people.

    • oldburyblue says:

      How do you stop biting your tongue all the time with it being stuck so far in your cheek?

    • Bluenosesol says:

      AML fair play for renewing. In all seriousness, even £20 a game is too much, but until we start paying realistic wages, we will continue to have to fund undeserving lifestyles. In the current climate, the deals on offer at the Blues for next season are very reasonable.

  • Tony says:

    Incredible, Women? They should not be there anyhow, neither should female football sports reporters,Its a mans thing, the banter, the swearing no place for women, the only women I have seen down there were size 18 or more they look revolting to my eyes in their ridiculously tight shirts. There again anyhting over a size 12 does not look nice for a woman.
    The kitchen is the place to be for them get a bit of weight of em.

    • prewarblue says:

      Total Agreement Tony,,,,,,when women want to have white weddings,,,,,agree with them,,,,,they will match everything else in the kitchen ,,,,,washing machine ,fridge, freezer, sink.,,,,the best place for them,,,,,female equality was merely a means of shutting them up,,,,,they claim to be superior with a socalled ability to “Multi Task”,,,,,,the simple truth is they dont have the brains to concentrate on a single thought for long enough to give a decent opinion on anything,,,,,not that what they have to say counts as an opinion,,,,,merely back ground noise to disturb whatever is on the television your concentrating on

      • prewarblue says:

        A womans thoughts when marriage is mentioned is the church service It does not matter the bloke has been trained by his mother to do things her way the bride wants things her way and no other

        the order of things should tell a bloke this Aisle Altar Hymn say these words and you will understand what I say

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Do we have to put up with Tonys sexism Dan?

    We are an all inclusive club.

    comment edited

  • markg says:

    Got to smile :-)

  • Pete says:

    Just renewed. Got discount. Got to pay monthly. Got a season ticket for my son. Got an upgraded ticket as being evicted from Gill Merrick. My problem is that only 109 people have renewed so far today. If we have the same numbers for the next 2 months that is only 6 thousand! I am sure I am going to be accused of being disloyal for supporting the team, but my preference is to stay away from cup games (perhaps) but def boycott food and drink at the club. I can support the team and still not support putting unnecesary money into the legal costs…. erm expesnes… erm consultancy fees. Look at the bright side- this is 30% of what I paid under Gold and Sullivan for one ticket when we bought Garry O’Connor. This is a bargain!!!

  • Blue blood says:

    I can’t remember ever not being able to afford anyone with a price tag of £250.000, that is ridiculous lol we all know they need it for getting that crook off with what he has been upto, I’m Sulivan & gold new all about his dodgy ness,

  • Tony says:

    Things are bleak enough gotta hav a laff.

  • Paulo says:

    It really is getting old how those that are prepared to commit to contributing to OP about judging those that actually go down the blues. Opinion is opinion and that should be respected, but it is kind of strange how OP has become so successful and grown so much …about all things Birmingham, and yet those who are season ticket holders and watch the games are ridiculed.
    There will be a few who wont renew or buy a ticket, well …so what. My match days wont be served in a boycott fashion, but I’ll be at the stadium. What the hell else am I going to do? I’ll be at whatever away games I can get to, and I’ll be chatting about blues at work. I’m not giving any reason, I don’t have to, I’m just a bluenose and a football fan.
    I have the same conversation with other fans when I’m out and about …Barnsley fans, ‘Boro fans, Leicester fans, you name it, we all banter over a pint about football. Christ, just last week I had a staunch native Man U fan moan about his club! Couldn’t get my breath. Point is, I have more in common with those that go down to watch their local team (or travel to it, if not local).

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Spent half a day in the company of a Wigan fan yesterday. We were contrasting the diifferent approach between Wigan and Blues to how they celebrated after winning the cup and getting relegated. We put off celebrating officaly until we knew our league status. When we were relegated no one could be arsed to make the cup celebration happen. With Wigan they expect to go up and down regularly, but they DONT expect to win the FA Cup. So relegation is a fact of life but winning the cup is a massive celebration regardless. Methinks there are lessons to be learnt there! KRO.

  • Tony says:

    Thought an ellipsis was Hondas new car

    • prewarblue says:

      I would use one [ if I only knew where it is on a keyboard ]

      • almajir says:

        fullstop key, next to the comma. Press it three times, and presto… an ellipsis

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Syntax lessons eh. OP really is expanding now :)

        • prewarblue says:

          Bleedin Hell AJ thats technical only just learned how to program me Phillips VHS video we are not all techno mad like some people got to go now me wind up gramophone needs a new needle fitting making a mess of the wax cylinder playing “Harry Lauder” singing KRO [ its an old one before he got his knighthood ]

          • Ali Duncan says:

            White label? ;)

          • prewarblue says:

            Ali White Label ? as a true Scot “Harry” only touched “Black Label” if he couldnt get “Glen Morangie”

          • Ali Duncan says:

            First rate Prewar. I did chuckle when reading that. As an Alistair Scott Duncan I’m more of a Laphroaig and Talisker man myself.


          • prewarblue says:

            Myself ? I,m a paint stripper type…….if it,s alcoholic…..i,ll drink it [ Saudi Arabian brandy prefered though !! ]

  • oldburyblue says:

    Course its not Tony….everybody knows its when the moon blocks the sun!

  • mark says:

    I was thinking about joining the debate but someone talked me out of it………..

  • JohnBond says:

    Why don’t Zigic donate 2 months worth of money so we can afford but Caddis, then hopefully he F*^*** off, surely with no money they cannot afford to keep him any longer, why don’t we just look into giving Brentford Zigic and they give us Forrester

  • prewarblue says:

    Lads I Found it…………………………………..see !!

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