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The Carson Trial – Day 16

Chief prosecution witness Roderick Sutton was once again cross-examined by the defence counsel today as the trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering moved into its sixteenth day.

Early reports from Sharp Daily seem to state that today was an excellent day for the defence, with Roderick Sutton forced to concede that the prosecution had not obtained all the documents it could have done with respect to Carson’s case, having only been commissioned to investigate since early 2010.

Sutton also confirmed that he had asked the office of the Attorney General of HK to obtain the relevant files without success but, was insistent that there was enough documentation to show evidence of money laundering.

The case resumes on Monday June 10 at 9;30am (2:30am BST)

Edit 0000 Saturday 08 June

Oriental Daily has reported further on the day in court, expounding on Roderick Sutton’s testimony.

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86 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 16”

  • mark says:

    good day for the defense is the Chief prosecution starting to rumble and concede……… Carson must have a happy ;-)

  • mark says:

    need all the evidence imo

  • Tony says:

    Any sign of this coming to an end soon or is it just more of the same every day?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I would think that, with the emphasis on having to prove his innocence, rather than the prosecution having to prove his guilt… the defence team would be far more vigorous in their work. Although, having taken so long to get the case to court, you’d think the prosecution would be more than ready with their evidence / witnesses.

    I suppose it’ll be swings and roundabouts until the end.

  • Kaje says:

    A prosecution does not need ALL of the evidence – they merely need ENOUGH evidence to make a solid case for conviction.

  • Daddyblue says:

    He is going to get off. We are doomed, doomed I say Kro4ever

  • Paul Carter - Proud Season Ticket Holder 2013-14 he says:

    It’s not looking good for Carson but the prosecution ain’t that sharp either

  • tmsblues says:

    Well if he don’t ‘get off’ he’ll appeal the conviction and it will go on and on and on… But if he’s looking like losing then I think that forces a sale decision sooner rather than later.

  • TracyKRO says:

    hi almajir if you answered this question before I apologise beforehand
    If mr yeung appeals, when/will hes bank assets become unfrozen thanks

  • Lee says:

    Is that it? Is that really all they’ve come up with today, Jesus Christ they know how to drag this shit on, you do realise its our season ticket money paying for all this and when he appeals, I can’t wait until he goes down, I hope he gets his arse ripped apart in there

  • Marky mark says:

    Fact, It would be far better for BCFC if Carson is found not guilty and allowed to resume his business activities.

    We might not like hiim, but if he is free two things could happen very quickly, 1) the sale of the club or
    2) he invests some money into his crumbling business at BCFC and we get back on a sound footing.

    If he gets found guilty we are pretty much doomed.

  • Lee says:

    comment removed on legal advice

  • StevieW says:

    Carson’s coming home

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Innocent until proven guilty is still the way for me (regardless of what they do over there.) We all have our thoughts and opinions about what’s gone on, but we can’t state them as fact, not until the court proves otherwise.

  • Marky mark says:


    You have no proof the club was purchased with dirty Money !

    Whoever buys the club all the money will go to CY anyway ??

    If guilty the trial will drag on via appeals for ever and ever, no one will buy it with this saga dragging on, admin would be inevitable, and contary to what some people might think there is nothing good about going into admin.

    I agree with you we want them out of the club asap, thats my point, if found not guilty I think we will be shot of them quicker !

  • BND says:

    I hope he is found not guilty. I think for Blues that is the best result. He can then either decide to back Blues or progress the sale of the club. A gulity verdict will just muddy the waters with appeals etc. I know whatever happens to CY should not affect the sale of the club but I think it will.
    I don’t think administration and points deduction is the way to go either. Wolves have the financial clout to out of divison 2. Blues do not.KRO

  • toby says:

    Or if found not guilty then he could string us along in limbo drip feeding pocket expenses .Sorry but anything that still involves pannu is bad for the club,he hasn’t had a problem advising himself on how much to pay himself has he.Does anyone really have any faith in him anymore ?

    comment edited

  • romanblue says:

    Serious is that it?Do these blokes work just an hour a day?

  • Lee says:

    Explain or give me one other legit reason why anyone would pay 81m for a business only worth half that, no one would purchase anything for that sort of money or spend that sort of money genuinely without first doing a serious amount of homework and not finding out it was worth 40m tops, if you believe it your a mug, simple as

    • Keith says:

      Perhaps, being in the Premier League, they thought they could make their money back and more over a few seasons. No one knew that the old bill was about to feel Carson’s collar not long after the purchase. In hindsight, does anyone really think he would have bought BCFC in the first place if he had an inkling that was going to happen?

      • almajir says:


        Kingston Holdings were directly asked in court why they lent money to Carson to buy BCFC bearing in mind they knew he was under investigation.

        Just saying.

        • Keith says:

          Thanks for that!

          • Alex T says:

            So Kingston Securities knew he was under investigation….. And what about the FA when conducting their fit and proper person test??? Surely they knew? If not, why not?

            Those useless imbeciles (spelling??)!! That test is beyond useless, so much so they should be sued?! Surely there is some law that says an organisation that takes its funding from football clubs (ergo, us) has to be fit for purpose?

            My blood is boiling at the FA for allowing this buyout to happen……..

          • almajir says:

            You will have to excuse me, but I feel like I continually have to explain this.

            They don’t conduct a test. They give a form to people who are directors or have a significant shareholding, it’s filled in and sent back.

            That’s it.

            There is no investigation. There is no looking into background. It’s a self-cert form, that’s it?

            There is no law about who can own a football club. People have wayyyyyyy too much faith in rules and regulations.

            You cannot test someone’s intentions. Even if someone is under investigation, it doesn’t mean that they are guilty … and I’m fairly sure that investigation was secret.

  • Lee says:

    Comment removed on legal advice

  • Art Watson says:

    A complete boycott of the home games together with a refusal to renew season tickets is the only way to focus the minds of PP and the Board.

    PP will know doubt legally justify his expenses and ludicrous salary but why should hard working fans pay a man who continues to do very little for our club.

    It’s like watching the Titanic sink with captain Pannu in charge.

  • TracyKRO says:

    I think boycotting the club with st and other things wont damage the board it will damage US the FANS.

    • mark says:

      Tracey- he is sitting his deck chair in the sun……

    • Art Watson says:

      I have to disagree.

      It will force a quick sale and we can then start to repair the damage done by this incompetent and cashless Board,

      I appreciate its painful and goes against the grain of loyal supporters (of which I am one) but it can’t be any worse than watching our club die a slow death.

      • KeepRightcroydOn says:

        Art Watson
        You’re trying to be logical, but logic does not come into the thinking of these owners. Think back to how much they paid for the club – £80m when it was worth half that at best. Totally illogical, and their decision making since then hasn’t got any better.
        So trying to force this illogical lot out with a ST boycott is not going to work.

        • Art Watson says:

          If the revenue dries up the bank will eventully decide the future of the club which may mean administration so this illogical Board will then have 3 choices.

          Quickly sell the club.
          or re-finance through new investors.

          At the moment the board are happy to take the fans money and asset strip the team.

          What are they giving us in return?

          • Alex T says:

            before we go into administration, we would sell our star players like Redmond…..

            I for one, couldn’t bear to see the players who we should be building our team around go for pittance, just for the board to eek out a few more seasons.

    • Art Watson says:

      How will it damage the fans?

  • mark says:

    Dan you are having a more difficult day than carson…… Probably the same bunch who wanted Sullivan and gold out…..

  • steve-0 says:

    If Yeung is found guilty and appeals the verdict. I am assuming he will be doing that from INSIDE a prison cell. If that were the case then I’m sure a sale of the club would happen before the appeal process is complete. I’m sure a guilty verdict will force him out.

    • Gary R says:

      As far as I’m concerned if CY is found guilty he’ll be requested to stand down at Blues and BIHL by the FL/FA, regardless of any appeal process. An appeal process will not even come into the equation with the FL/FA, because he’d already be classed as a convicted felon if, indeed, he is eventually convicted. And I reckon a ‘guilty’ or ‘Not guilty’ will come back either Sept/Oct, as OP has consistently estimated.

  • David says:

    On another subject I have noted that jermaine pennant and Matthew Upson have been released by Stoke . I would welcome them back!!

  • JohnBond says:

    Pennant would be a good signing but probably would want a big wage

  • Keith says:

    Pennant hasn’t pulled up any trees since he left us tbh. I think his best performances were in a Blues shirt. Unless he can play regularly on the left hand side, I can’t see why we’d need him.

  • sappy sad says:

    …….this court case is the possible reason why B.C. is struggling …..buyers buy a club and run at a loss for a few years to gain success …….and hopefully riches later …..thje doubt and fear of carson young possibly.guilty could possibly be the reason why B.C. have failed to get sponsorship…with the falure of the board to keep B.C.in the premiership ….possibly because the amount of money that the media stated carson yeung was going to spend never possibly was …..I believe that the FA who has possibly stated that carson yeung is a fit and proper person to run Birmingham city f.c.,should now get into contact with the Chinese court where carson yeung is being tried in the name of good will and sporting gestures .that the Chinese court in a good will jesture to 40,000 0f birminghams finest fans.that possibly to ease the situation that they the court in the the name of justice and fair play would release £5,ooo,ooo pound to the F.A.from carson yeungs bank account.and given to birminghams manager to spend on players as and when required possibly

    • Keith says:

      In a perfect world…

    • almajir says:

      I honestly don’t understand why people think it’s “the FA’s fault”.

      The “fit and proper person test” just checks to see if people have convictions. it is impossible to test what someone’s intentions are – and in this country we live by the creed of “innocent until proven guilty” – as in if someone hasn’t done anything wrong we can’t presume that they will or are going to.

      It’s nothing to do with the FA any more… in case people haven’t realised, we are in competition run by the Football League which is a completely different body.

      And as for “that the Chinese court in a good will jesture to 40,000 0f birminghams finest fans.that possibly to ease the situation that they the court in the the name of justice and fair play would release £5,ooo,ooo pound to the F.A.from carson yeungs bank account.” – well, firstly it’s a HK court, not Chinese – COMPLETELY different legal system and secondly Carson has not been convicted of anything so why the hell would they take money from his account, much less give it to an organisation that has nothing to do with Blues?

  • Marky mark says:

    Sappy sad,

    Possibly the most stupid comments I’ve ever read

  • Tony says:

    Think Art has made the most sensible comments so far Admin is the way to go, we could go on for years like this,ST prices are merely pocket money for Pannu

  • Tony says:

    £ 5,000000 Given to Clark to buy players? OMG now that is what I call worrying (gulp)

    • Thejudge says:

      If blues somehow received £5m (emphasis on somehow…),I’d much rather see us still seek bosmans and loans but use it for their wages. Could tie some good players in for a couple of years, there’s some pretty decent names that have just been released in the premier league, and I’d bet a fair few are affordable.

  • Marky mark says:

    When are people going to accept money is not being stripped out of the club and assets are being sold to survive.

    Our owner and main shareholder cannot invest any money as his assets have been frozen, when your overheads are more than your turnover you have to make cutbacks, sacrifices and reduce the costs which is exactly what Pannu has been doing !!!

    The only gripe we can have is Pannu wages, but its on a par with anyone in business doing the job he is.

    Don’t get me wrong I cannot wait to get rid of the pair of them, but some people need to stop letting there imagination run wild

    • Art Watson says:

      So Butland and possibly Davies are not assets and please don’t tell me the money generated from these sales are solely being used to finance the clubs survival.

      As for Pannu-when did he last visit the club and perhaps you can tell me how he justifies his salary.?

      • Marky mark says:

        Butland and Davies are assets and will/was sold to finance survival, did you read my post?

        Show me evidence of where money has left the club illegally, you carnt.

        As I said, our only gripe is Pannus wages and I don’t like him and want him out of our club, did you read my post?

        If Pannu keeps us afloat and clear of admin until New owners are in place, then yes he will have justified his package to some degree

        • Art Watson says:

          I think you are in he same position as me Mark-show me the evidence that money hasn’t illegally left the club.

          Will have to agree to differ on this one

          At least we share the same view about Pannu and I’m still waiting to hear how he justifies his salary.

      • almajir says:

        Fyi Pannu was at St Andrews for three days last week. Back in HK now though.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    I live in Hong Kong and I have heard many times people in the financial industry saying that Hong Kong is the money-laundring capital of the world, although authorities have recently tried to fix a lot of loopholes. But in my view, I believe that the prosecution is right claiming that CY has done what he is accused of. The mentality of HK people is to do whatever they can to get rich, even if it touches legal barriers.

  • sappy sad says:


  • mark says:

    Lee Clark is interested in signing Dan Seaborne as he steps up his task of rebuilding the Blues defence. The centre-back is out of contract after being released by Southampton.

  • mark says:

    are you still up writing Carson next chapter…….

  • mark says:

    are you still up writing Carson next chapter…….

  • dave mann says:

    been on holiday for the last week so havent been sending any posts, but ime just glad that the
    trial goes into its 17th day on monday is it, which means there might only be 9 days left or so
    which hopefully means we could be getting closer to the end of this on going soap opera and
    we might get a guilty verdict which seems the case from what ive taken in on the trial.
    a clean slate and a new start and new owners is what all blue noses whant. KRO.
    ( before you put me right i know that its possibly 9 court days.)

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As the whole thing started on 29 April (I think) that’s 40 days ago and we’re only on the 16th Court Day. That’s about 1 court day to every actual 2 and a half days (approx.) So don’t bank on a conclusion any time soon is my guess. I’ll be very surprised if anything major happens before the start of the new season.

  • dave mann says:

    so that means 22,23 actual days which means the case could be concluded by the end of the
    month or very early july, but that will only apply if the judge is clear on the verdict, which we
    all hope he is, and then things might start to happen with still a full month to the start of the
    like you say staffs it will be supprising if anything does happen before the new season, but
    things happen very quickly in this game and lets hope it happens to us! KRO.

    • almajir says:


      FYI, as I’ve continually said on here, the judge will require a month or two to consider the hundreds of pages of testimony before delivering a verdict.

      I wouldn’t bank on an outcome until September or October.

  • mark says:

    Jack Hobbs is 24, touted as cash + player for Davis from hull……………….we will see

  • JohnBond says:

    Take 2.5 and Hobbs 3 million and Hobbs then we are laughing aslong as he was to stay fit

    • Art Watson says:

      Getting rid of Davies is yet another nail in the coffin .

      I just can’t see how we can be laughing about this deal.

      It’s part of Pannu’s continued policy to asset strip using the excuse that the money is needed in order for the club to survive.


      • skareggae72 says:

        It does seem as though people are now hardened to this sales policy & players leave(or are replaced by inferior players)with hardly a grumble.

        What next,the proposed sale of the ground & people on here talking about the new HS3 line & the need for new housing so its a good deal & understandable that Pannu is flogging St Andrews !!

      • mark says:

        Art- you really have missed the point…….Davis wants to play at the highest level. In imo I would love price war between norwich and hull. Also Davis is under contract so we are not just giving him away….

  • mark says:

    Whether we agree to disagree as fans history tell me 9th in premiership, and cup success under carson and pp. You can make your own mind up as fans.

  • P.J.Nicholls says:

    Why do I feel the FA is at fault ???
    I think the FA ruling which entitles all football associates to get their financial rights over and above everyone else is against company law & protects the players & their agent from the debts of the club even over the Tax authorities.
    If the onus of the clubs debts was placed at the players door I am sure there would be positive signs from the PFA with action to protect the spectators & their rights.

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