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The Carson Trial – Day 17

Roderick Sutton was once again cross-examined by the defence as Carson Yeung’s trial on five counts of money laundering entered its seventeenth day.

Early reports from Oriental Daily confirm that Mr Sutton alleged that as well as investing laundered money in stocks, Carson bought his luxury house in Barker Road with some of the cash he received from SJM.

The defence countered that Carson had legitimately made money from investing in the market and had spent that on the house and that Mr Sutton had not got the data for Carson’s stock profits but this was firmly rebutted as Mr Sutton stated he had taken information from trading figures and not pulled an estimate out of thin air.

The trial continues tomorrow at 9:30am (2:30am BST)

Update 23:00BST June 10

A fuller report from Oriental Daily is now online with more details with respect to the cross-examination.

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34 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 17”

  • Mezz says:

    Am I right in thinking this is a 25 day trial so it’s nearer completion?

    • almajir says:

      Sort of.

      They aimed to get the trial done in 25 days … however, that doesn’t mean that they will stop at that amount of time. The defence hasn’t even had it’s got yet so I think it’s going to be a while yet for the arguments, and as I’ve consistently said you’re looking at October for a verdict.

  • RUPERT says:

    and in the meantime the club sinks to its knees in the same way it did in the eighties when the up and coming youngsters were Dean Peer and John Frain. We will soon have the equivalent of Richie Moran and the disaster that these clowns have guided us too will be complete.
    How to destroy a decent football club in just what 3 years ?

  • Murph says:

    Let clowns take over that’s how, think he’s heart was truly in it but paying as much as he did and the way it was paid over a couple of years worried me then , relegation did us and he’s arrest final nail. Need a buyer and can’t believe someone out there can’t see us as good investment . Jasper and co have a whip round please !

  • sappy sad says:

    …….I personally doesn’t like what has happened like everybody else but I do like whats happening at the moment with what we have got …..what lee clark is doing at the moment is the bravest thing I have ever seen from a Birmingham manager …the situation hasn’t give him much choice really ..no I don’t believe that as most managers would have gone for older stars to keep themselves in a job longer….lee has taken a long term strategy in the clubs interest of buying younger stars …..these young stars will need the backing of the fans Rupert …I personally reckon that with the players lee is going for we could surprise everybody abeted by the older players to give them vast learning skills …..and what a way to finish your career having the knowledge that you helped groom the new stars …..I for one cant wait for the new season to start….the future awaits….

  • AndyP says:

    You soppy sod, !

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Excellent post sappy! Let’s face it, we wern’t too clever with all the older players last season, so why not give youth it’s head. At least they’ll be hungry and full of energy… not happy to sit on their pay packets. Go for it Lee.

  • The Francis Fake says:

    I can’t see the Caddis deal being back on now even if Swindon let him go for free as we have since signed Eardley at right back. The limited wage budget I would think is earmarked for centre backs.

  • Jay says:

    Go for it Clarke… Bring in the kids…… Bring on the future…

    Well looking forward to the new season KRO!!!

  • Chris says:

    looks to me that Roderick Sutton has finally put the nail in CY coffin.. He has been on the stand for a number of days and i have only read one report (courtesy of this grate blog) were the defense has been able to rebuff his evidence….

    A UK court would convict him on this evidence with out a shadow of doubt …

  • RUPERT says:

    A little premature Chris ? Carsons highly paid brief has not even started the defence yet! This man is like Teflon, nothing will stick! Expect him to return to St Andrews by November to save us! This is why the club is not for sale.
    Carson to win the court case.

  • Happiness stan says:

    im afraid no little victories for carson,unless he gets some help from harry grout.

  • Happiness stan says:

    I think alot of people forget that blues’s finances were stretched before cy was pinched ,remember pp pep talk after spurs away defeat ,

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Here we are again – Happy as can be
    All Good friends – and jolly good company


    As possibly the last – “Devil’s Advocate”. Can I try again ?

    Carson’s Defence hasn’t even started.
    All they are doing at the moment is “cross” right now.

    They can call Sutton back when Carson’s Defence actually starts their case
    – this is just ‘estabishing’ positions and future points.

    1. Why did the Prosecution not seek ALL of Carson’s early 2000’s transactions ? (Why ONLY do the Macaou Casinos bit ?)

    2. Why did they FAIL to pursue “non-Gambling-Den” transactions? – considering these ‘ignored’ inpayments carried a hefty whack of Carson’s new found wealth?

    3. Why did they wait so many years before charging Carson, when they had their evidence?
    – The “evidence” they are now promoting and prosecuting him on ?
    – that same “evidence” that ANY Defence can not recover because it is shredded by the Broker and Bank (Legally).

    4. Why wait, and delay a prosecution?

    5. Why not investigate ALL Inpaynents to Carson’s numerous accounts? Why AVOID Some of them?

    4. If they actually charged Carson when they had the “evidence” they are producing now, he would have had a chance of presenting documents of the early 2000’s.
    – Now he can’t cos they are shredded because of the Prosecution delay.

    *** Just think — what if the other end of Carson’s “sudden weallth” was proven, by the ‘other end’ keeping records that were not shredded in HK ? And NOT pursued by the Prosecution?

    Devil’s Advocate — Over and Out


    • almajir says:

      I agree, there is a long way to go.

      However, they haven’t done themselves any favours cos they’ve annoyed the judge again today.

      I’m looking forward the prosecution cross-examination of defence witnesses.

      One person who’s not given any evidence yet is Carson himself. I wonder if he be giving any evidence as to why he’s innocent.

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    For the Defence to “annoy a Judge” is brilliant.
    90% of a mistrail.
    Is that your UNDERSTANDING AJ ?


    This Judge has to balance logs and advice he has available. legally – and that will include Defence submisions.

    Do you actually understand AJ ?

    It has taken you 3 weeks to report, or admit or even blog a “DEFENCE” challenge —WHY?

    This Court Case is NOT as “cut-and dried” as you originally led us to believe….No Way !

    Your TURNING CIRCLE starts now AJ …trust me


    • mark says:

      Letsby- dan would have done a full circle going from guilty to not guilty., dan has been admanant from the start there only one verdict……….this just nature taking its course……money always talks.

    • almajir says:


      I humbly suggest that you need to learn to read the articles. Reporting on what happens in court has to be factual only. I have read, digested and reported on what has been reported in the newspapers – if there has been a defence challenge I’ve noted it and if you’ll notice I noted only the other day that the prosecution were denied bringing in new evidence on a defence challenge that was upheld by the judge.

      As for your opinion on the court case Letsby, in the articles I have made no submisson either way on whether his guilt has been decided because I’m not allowed to. The case is sub judice and it would be wrong for me to do so. The prosecution have received most attention as it’s “their turn” to present the case.

      • Steve-0 says:

        AJ, you’re performing a great service in extending what is happening to us fans. I’d just be ignoring these critics if I were you. If they don’t understand the need for objecting and factual reporting then let them get into a tizz.

  • Marky mark says:


    What exactly is your issue ?

    Dan has only ever detailed what has been reported on the case, at no point has he taken any side on this case, in fact whenever pushed he had adamantly stayed neutral and not commented, I should know I’ve tried pushing him for an answer.

    Furthermore the defence hasn’t had there opportunity yet, I suggest you wait for the case to conclude and stop shooting the messenger.

  • AR says:

    Everyone can have an opinion, but Letsby should consider how much you,almajir are appreciated by those of us who want a balanced account of what is happening out in Hong Kong. I for one, would find it extremely difficult to find out anything about this case; you keep us up to date and informed. I suppose what I am trying to say is PLEASE, LETSBY SHUT UP!

  • James says:

    Letsby – bore off.

  • chas says:

    Wouldn’t a ‘Full Circle from Guilty’ just lead back to ‘Guilty’ again ?
    Letsby, is there any need for your antagonism against Dan ? A few good manners wouldn’t come amiss..He isn’t preaching to anyone, just trying to present facts, it is up to everyone if they accept them or not.

  • hris says:

    Yes my previous post may of been influenced by a few pints of larger to many yesterday..
    I would like nothing more than CY to be found not guilty,A guilty verdict would harm the club and its saleability…Thanks for the update as always…

  • bluenose08 says:

    guilty or not guilty i cant believe a hairdresser can become a multi-millionaire from playing the stock market !! And as i have said before when carson first tried to buy the club and failed because he didnt have the money alarm bells should have been ringing !!

    k.r.o. the new kids on the block !!!

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