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The Carson Trial – Day 18

The trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering moved into its eighteenth day today in the District Court in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Sing Tao reports that following the completion of the testimony of Roderick Sutton yesterday, the defence counsel requested that the chief of the investigation into Carson Yeung along with the assistant to Mr Sutton be summoned to give evidence in court, only to be denied by Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong.

The basis of the defence counsel request was that the police had deliberately held documents back from Carson that would help him to prove that he had made his money legitimately by stock trading; and that without those documents or the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses who had seen them Carson would not receive a fair trial.

However the Judge sided with the prosecution’s contention that he had the experience to know which witnesses to call to ensure Carson got a fair trial.

The case resumes on Thursday morning at 9:30am (2:30am BST) as tomorrow is a bank holiday in Hong Kong.

edit 09:00 BST June 12.

Further report from Sina.com here

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14 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 18”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    On and on, goes this saga, !!. 18, days and the Prosecution still has not finished, !!.

    25,days seems to be a conservative time-span, ?. Your comment the other day concerning the end-result being in October, — May even yet, be short of the target, ???.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    A strange observation from the Prosecution and the judge. The defence complained that CY had been denied access to evidence by the police, requesting the opportunity to ferment that position in court and their reponse was that the judge had the experience to know which witnesses to call to ensure a fair trial. Can not possibly see how the obstruction of access to evidence equates to the integrity and availability of witnesses?

  • tony says:

    Bluenose they will no doubt go for a miss trial now, and cant say I would blame them.

  • Alex T says:

    I dont care if Carson is found guilty or not, but this latest bit of news makes this court sound a bit like a kangaroo court.

    Not letting the defence call a witness so they can establish proof of earnings (or at least that proof has been withheld by authorities) in trial for ‘money laundering’ cannot be fair?! Even worse when the reason for denying the request is just because the ‘Judge says so’?? Sounds like the authority figures want to make an example of Carson Yeung and nail him whether guilty or not. Im starting to feel sorry for the guy!

  • Pete says:

    Think people are mixing up the UK legal system and customs and thinking that they are the same there. They have different values- so mistrials being refered to are being base don our own expectations, not Hong Kong. However, a UK judge will often refuse a witness, based on their own JUDGEment.

  • Pete says:

    Also I hope that the following report is true. With a small squad he could be our most important signing- at centre mid, centre half and right back. I actually see him as being a centre half if Davies goes and we cant replace him.


  • Richard Granfield says:

    Sky Sports is reporting that Jonathan Spector will sign a new 2 year contract shortly.
    Good news!!!

  • Matt says:

    Sounds to me like they’re going for the technical route out of jail here, which to me screams that his defence counsel has got zero faith in their client or his alibi. Not a good sign for Carson, I’d say.

  • Andrew says:

    If Carson is convicted but appeals against it what will happen? Will he still fail the fit and proper person test or not?

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