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The Carson Trial – Day 21

The first witness for the defence took the stand at the District Court today as the trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering entered its twenty-first day.

South China Morning Post reports that former associate director of Lippo Securities, Jackie Pan Chik told the court that Carson was one of his highest volume clients. The court also heard that it was very common for speculative traders to hold more than one securities account.

According to HK who’s who website www.webb-site.com, Mr Pan is a previous independent non-executive director (INED) of Sing Pao Media Enterprises, which is 11% owned by Carson Yeung. He is also a former INED of Chinese Energy Holdings, which has had former BIH INED Raymond Yau as it’s chair for five years until February and has current BIH INED Carson Wong as its financial director.

Furthermore, Mr Pan was also once a large shareholder within BIH itself, buying and selling 9.56% of the company during a single week in 2011.

The case resumes tomorrow at 9:30am (2:30am BST)

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