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Redmond in Demand

Various newspapers reported yesterday evening that bids had been made from a number of Premier League clubs for teenage winger, Nathan Redmond. The Mail, Mirror and Telegraph name Norwich City, Swansea City, Fulham and Crystal Palace as suitors and place the bid values around £2mil, noting that Blues are holding out for £3mil or more.

I think it was to be expected that there would be interest in Nathan Redmond this transfer window. With two seasons in the Championship under his belt and over eighty appearances in royal blue he has gone from a raw teenager with potential to a rising star who has now got England u21 honours. It’s well-known that Nathan has only one year left on his contract and the club have the choice between cashing in on him now or potentially seeing him walk away for a much lower fee agreed by a tribunal.

Whilst I think people understand the likes of Curtis Davies potentially leaving, I think the sale of Nathan Redmond would create a backlash against the owners similar to the one when Jordon Mutch was sold last year for £3mil to Cardiff City. It’s one thing to sell a player who wants to rejoin the top flight; it’s another to have to sell a talented prospect cheaply to balance the books – and proves once again that Mr Pannu’s talk last summer of “eye-popping offers” of being required for either Redmond or Jack Butland was nothing more than temporary bravado.

I should imagine it’ll be a tough decision for Nathan too. Setting aside the sentimental aspect of leaving the club he has spent over a decade at, Redmond will have to balance how prestigious a new move could be with the amount of playing time he is likely to get at a new club. At Blues he’s guaranteed to play a big part in the first team squad – however that guarantee of first team action might not be in the equation if he steps up a division and that will surely weigh heavily on his mind; I have no doubt in my mind that the improvement in Redmond’s game has only come about because he has had time on the pitch.

I’ve seen people moot figures far in excess of what is quoted in the newspapers but the sad fact is I think we’ll be lucky to get more than £3mil for Nathan. Blues aren’t in the position to massively hold clubs to ransom and I think that any decent offer of that sort of number – especially if it included a player loaned back or similar would be given a lot of careful consideration.

I know Nathan reads these pages and whatever happens, I’d like to thank him for the last couple of seasons. I know he’s had a tough time of it at times, and there were times when it looked like he was going to struggle to live up to the reputation he’d carved for himself but the last couple of months of last season showed just what he can do when he plays with confidence and a swagger. I hope he does make it to the big time and fulfils the potential we’ve seen since a raw sixteen year old made his debut in the Carling Cup – it’s just a shame it probably won’t be with Blues.


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  • Evesham Blue says:

    I wonder if Blues have tried to secure him on a longer contract?

    Cant but help feel that there is a lot of balls in the air at the moment. Someone has to go. If the 4 dont go – then we have to sell our prized assets just like we did with Butland last season.

    I would of thought nathan would be better off continuing his education. Certainly 2M is derisory and the tabloids are circling.

  • KRO says:

    Would love to see him stay for another couple of seasons, if we have any hope of getting to the prem over the next ~3years its with the likes of nath. Hopefully we can offload a couple of the freebies and he will get a new contract.

  • kimbo says:

    id look to offload davies to hull for hobbs and 3mil before id get rid of nathan redmond. i mean yes we have been saying “are we going to lose redmond at the end of the season” for a few years now but hes still developing his game and if he goes yet he may be a flop at his new club so if i was any premier league club id personally look at getting redmond in two or three years time!!!!

  • Ted says:

    None of the teams mentioned are really that attractive a proposition. I honestly think another season with Blues would benefit his football and help secure him a move into the higher echelons of English football. He’s worth it. Ideal scenario: stay and we get promoted.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    This is one transfer that will truly cause the player much anguish.

    I can’t think of one Blues player – in my time – so involved in the culture of Blues.

    That includes all the pre-“Academy” players like the Latchfords / Burns / Francis / Pendry and so on, who also grew up from kids to first team at Blues.

    Yes, we have a load of good guys being brought through by Lee Clark, of a similar and passionate disposition to Blues — but Nathan is a bit special I think.

    With Kaz Carney of Blues Ladies ( & England next month) he is a figurehead for Blues in one charity.

    He is one of the strongest and most forefront of Blues players in another –the Help Harry campaign which is Blues’ adopted charity.

    His links and his roots are so embedded in Blues, I can’t help but feel a great empathy for him.

    The Twitter where he sent his mother a “Fathers Day” card really made me well up – and I’m a tough and cynical person!

    Nathan Redmond is cut from the same mould as Bobby Charlton and Bobby Robson.

    Honest, God-Fearing and Gifted.

    His love for his family and his mother especially, shines out in every interview and tweet I’ve ever read.

    And NO, he isn’t as good as Rooney was in the “potential stakes” – but he is willing to learn.

    When Lee Clark sidelined him earlier this season, he listened, perhaps he had sat back a bit, but after the time the management spent with him, he came back and delivered tenfold.
    His rejuvenation under Clark & Co certainly contributed to Blues’ surge to safety.


    Most times it is publicly stated or “leaked” that so-and-so has had an offer of a new contract and we are in the “waiting-zone”
    That has never happened with Nathan. Never any public statement or “leak” about a new contract offer.
    Lee Clark has publicly stated that he wants to keep Nathan, he hasn’t done that over any other player – – Clark to me is a very honest person, so I don’t think that his statements are a bargaining tool, I think he means it.
    And with the manner of his rebuild, I can see how important Nathan would be in that future set-up.


    Another long one—sorry.

    A precis for the tired :-)

    Nathan I think will suffer more than any other Blues’ player about moving.
    The failure of a publicly announced ‘new contract’ – may have to do with keeping his future transfer fee within the realms of Jack’s and Jordan’s – enough to subsidise our cashflow and not deter bidders. (If he signed a 3/5 years deal, we may not have ANY bidders for a Championship teenager.

    Over cynical, perhaps.

    But, ignoring my this-or-that, meanderings, it comes back to Nathan.

    I respect him so much, as a person, I can only wish him the best.
    We will not EVER see Nathan in the same sentence as ‘Granny’ – ‘Binge’ – ‘Nightclub’ – ‘Kiss an Tell’ etc. Not if he stays at Blues.

    But he can’t stay can he?

    I’m slowly, very slowly begining to not trust Mr Pannu.
    Holder of the Contracts – King on the Throne??

    Peter Machiavelli Pannu ?


    • Ali Duncan says:

      Nice post Letsby.

    • Alex T says:

      best post i’ve ever read from you Letsby.

      To me, Redmond is a hero. A player who grew up with and loves the club. A player who excites fans and team mates alike whenever he is on the ball. A player who I have never seen give less than 100%….. and more than all that, although I have never met him, you just know he is a thoroughly nice chap!

      So, all this bollocks about the blues cashing in on him now, regardless of our circumstanses is an absolute disgrace which I put entirely down the PP & CY. If we sell him, we are selling the clubs future for a pittance just so we can eek out another few weeks without investment. He is one of our lowest wage earners at the moment, so not only does it not make sense to sell him for his performances, if we want a team of young low paid high ability footballers, Redmond is a shining light of an example!

      I also dont want to see a loan player come in his place with a ‘deal’ either. Its about truly being able to call a player your own (something that is very very rare these days) like we did with Sir Trev of Francis and if we got a good 9 years out of Redmond, then I would be very happy.

      For me, I am not going to renew my ST before the discount deadline. I am going to wait to see if we keep hold of Redmond. If we dont, I will lose all heart with Birmingham and certainly WONT renew.

    • Andy W says:

      A most thought provoking post Letsby. I honestly believe that Nathan wants to stay. I have met him briefly Alex T, and you are correct in my opinion. He appeared to me, in the few sentences we exchanged, to be an honest and most likeable young man who does not yet seem to have been affected by his ‘celebrity’ status, and he remains a role model for other young players whether they be in the academy or on the terraces. I think it will be a big blow for the club to lose him, not only because of his talent and potential, but because of the statement it would send out about our club, as referenced by many previous posts on here.

      It makes me wonder what kind of ‘football’ world we have created when a man no longer has the right to work where he chooses. I read once that Nathan said he would rather give up football than leave Blues. Now I don’t know if that is true, but we all know that if the right offer comes in, Nathan’s choice is removed, even if he doesn’t want to go to the club that’s bidding for him, unless he stays and plays for massively decreased wages or nothing. So effectively he has little choice. And the pockets of others are filled in the process. Surely that can’t be right?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’d be bitterly disappointed to see Redmond go, and see all that work and nurturing go to waste (in terms that we won’t see the benefits, as with Butland,) but, if it’s going to happen, let’s get it over and done quickly, so we can move on and replace him. If he decides to go, I really couldn’t care less where to. We need to replace him in the squad and with a decent quality player.

    • Pete says:

      If he is sold, a replacement will be the cheapest option- NOT likely to be high quality. Anyway, my view had always been did they renew Burke, so they could sell Redmond….? Starting to look that way.

  • Paulo says:

    The academy lads look up to him as the one who broke the mould, the kids look up to him as a sign of someone local who put the hard work in and achieved it. I think most of us look at him and see someone who just loves football and loves the club, and is so good to see when he’s on his game. It would be a shame to lose him at all.

  • Ted says:

    A very erudite summation Letsby. Nathan is a figurehead for Blues; for other youngsters, for how to be young and show dignity and humility, for the willingness to work. He deserves our respect. If he moves on I’ll be upset but happy for him. He’s a great kid. Stay Nathan and be a bluenose legend.

  • Gav_bcfc says:

    Worth noting, he’s very close to his mom who doesn’t
    like Lee Clark at all and has made that public knowledge.
    Any potential new deal is out of the question and he will definatly leave.

    • Pete says:

      A lot of sepculative ‘FACTS’ there. Why/what has been said his Mum does not get on with Clark? Not heard that one. However, I am doubtful he will stay…. No assets going to be left after this transfer window….

      • Alex T says:

        hmmmm… makes sense

        a few months ago I posted on NR’s facebook page which his mom runs, making some disparaging comments about Clarke being a muppet and for NR not to worry, Clark wont last long but Nathan will be here for years to come.

        It got a ‘Like’

        Just sayin like……

  • ChrisG says:

    I think it would be a HUGE mistake to let NR go, if the club had any ambitions at all they would be nailing players like Nathan own with at least a 5 year contract. I know we need the money but i’d rather other players be sold & keep our prized asset. Reading reports of the high tempo type of football that LC wants to play this season I think NR will be a massive player for us & fit in perfectly to that plan.
    It must be dificult for NR as it’s not exactly big name clubs coming in for him & I see any move to the 3 teams mentioned as more of a sideways step or possibly even a backward step .
    Here’s hoping all this transfer hype is just media speculation. KRO

    • Pete says:

      After Redmond and Davies who is left to sell? That is the point there is not a choice coming through. As for our ambitions, well I can tell you where they are – to keep trading so Yeung has something left. Simples.

  • George says:

    Very very good player who will get better through playing first team football. He is living a dream at Blues so why change just yet, wait for the right opportunity and that is not the bottom half of the Premiership and possible relegation. Anyway he is close to his family, friends and local links so how does that work if you live in Norwich or god forbid Wales.

    The BCFC planning will change as soon as the CY trial ends, so we all need to wait at least a couple of weeks..

  • sappy sad says:

    ………….the sad fact is that only the news papers mooted such a low price for Nathan.before a bid was made……..which proves that football reporters are not real football fans ,they would see a club destroyed just for another headline ……and the clubs bidding the sujested figure are doing so for fear of ending up in a similar position ,….I hear them now ….”they would do the same to us”…..Baa Baa………not if sporting gentlemen prevailed…………SHAME ON YOU …………keep right on blues

  • StevieW says:

    Players come and players go this is football and is part of the cycle of a players life. The amount of times I have heard/read fans saying he shouldn’t leave or we are doomed if he goes only for the next iconic figure to take their place. We should enjoy the time we have with them and then accept that they have a life they need to make a success of.

    If Nathan or any other player goes then good luck to them and thanks for the memories.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    We all love the Blues as much as Nathan I’m sure but I ask myself what I would do if I was in his boots and the answer is a very easy one to make. IMO three out of the four clubs mentioned are much more attractive propositions than Blues – playing at bigger clubs, in the Prem in front on full houses on probably triple the wages. If he went to Swansea he would also be in Europe. Now compare that to lining up at a half empty Stans on a Tues night against Barnsley and I know what I would pick.

    Yes he’ll get less game time and of course he is a local lad but this is his career and he needs to think of himself and his development and, hopefully, future international career too.

    He’s a smashing lad and I’m sure the decision will pain him but I don;t doubt if he right opportunity comes along for him and the club that he should and will take it.

    He has served the club well and I look forward to watching his career blossom – as Al says, it is just a shame it will be elsewhere. I’m sure he’ll get a great reception when he comes back to Stans.

    It just pains me that Nathan will be the third quality academy player to be sold for, IMO, very little and too early in their Blues career. I was annoyed about Jordan Mutch, saddened by Jack Butland as I knew it was coming but Nathan leaving actually hurts if that makes sense. Clearly investment over decades with kids works at our club and we should be very proud of that but this stinking financial situation has ruined the club and I think (every day) about what if scenarios if we were on an even keel and had been able to develop a proper squad. Very angry.

    • Pete says:

      The point I take from this as well- is we had the best youth developer in Terry Westley- how brough in Mutch, Redmond was developed, Butland, etc and so we got rid of him in a cost cutting move. This does not mean there is a conveyor belt of future talent coming through in a few years after this current crop.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:


    I have heard from a very good source that Redders is off to Swansea this weekend for talks. I hope my source is wrong as would love him to stay for another season.


  • Mickey07 says:

    Butland,mutch,and now Redmond all young and up and coming players that would have had a massive part in the rebuilding of the club and getting us back up there now all taken away from us so the cancer that is pannu and yeung can cash in,plain and simply cashing in for there own mistakes made in buying the club……I can remember sullivans parting shot from blues when he said “let’s see where blues are in five years time” under the guide of these lot of cowboys running us…well your dead right dave but its only took two years though to destroy us….actively trying to sell us “my arse”

  • Leigh says:

    Nathan, please do not jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Be sure in your own mind that you are not moving to a club who is likely to struggle next season, or, to one who will loan you out into the championship.
    The timing is unfortunately wrong, who knows what will be Blues situation in a few months time. If you stay, and play well, you will still be wanted in the Premier League in 12 months time, and probably by better clubs than those mentioned, and, you will not be the loser, only Blues financially, but no one will blame you for this, because you will have done your best

  • iang says:

    This is just a conveyor belt of young talent breaking through and then being sold off for the first cut price offer the owners can grasp at. Next summer if they are still hanging on to the club it will Reilly and Arthur if they make the breakthrough this season, truly depressing as for the first time we have a great crop of youngesters who are all being sold off . Journeymen such as Novak and Eardly and youngesters who can’t make the grade such as Lee are our future , not much to hold onto in terms of hope at the moment

  • SteveC says:

    Everyone expects Curtis Davis to leave, he is approaching 30 and deserves to play again at the top level, no-one would begrudge him.
    Nathan is a different matter, he is young and developing with some exciting years at the top ahead of him for sure, he is also a local lad who loves the club.
    He SHOULD have been secured on a long term deal by now and any competent club would have done it.
    Sadly we have the fat waster Pannu supposedly in charge and he doesn’t give a ‘flying’ for BCFC and prefers to sit on his fat behind in hong Kong, on Blues expenses, ‘working behind the scenes’ for his ‘master’.
    Hope Nathan gives it another season, hopefully we can get some honest owners in during that time and he can be rewarded with a proper ontract.

  • dave mann says:

    chas regarding your post yesterday, if you think that IF carson is found not guilty, he will
    come running back to blues with open arms wanting to put millions into blues, then your
    the one living in cloud cookoo land mate.
    it aint gonna happen and hes a cancer that i said yesterday that needs shifting as soon
    as this trial comes to a verdict!

    • chas says:

      Dave, You have your opinions, I have mine, just that I try not to get over-emotional when I post. Don’t always succeed , but I try.But you didn’t answer whether you would back Yeung if he stayed and put money in ..

      • chris says:

        Sorry Chas have to agree with Dave, although there is a possibility of course i can’t see Yeung putting any money in when he is still owed millions from the club.
        £60 million is peanuts when owning a club, even if it was all cash (and not tied up in businesses and assets) if he just lived off the interest that would only give him an income of around £2 million of which he may put in £500,000.
        That is nothing even in championship terms, when Doherty at Forest was putting in £750,000 a month or Sheff Wed only finishing in the bottom half and making a loss of £5 million which Manderic has covered. Even Leicester alledgedly losing around 4 or 5 million last season, now seem to cutting back.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I recall a quote from the great Liverpool manager Bob Paisley…..”The sort of lad I want is a lad who will nutmeg Kevin Keegan in training and stand aside for him in the corridor”.
    That describes Nathan perfectly.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    First game: Birmingham City v Watford

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If REdmond DOES go to Swansea, his first “game” will be at home to Man Utd.

  • chas says:

    By the way, I have been reading these ‘Who is going where’ rumours in the papers since the Season ended, have any of them actually got their rumour correct yet ? Villa have signed four Players and not once was there a mention on the deals, as have Man.City and a few others.We as fans are very quick to panic.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think most fans are resigned to losing certain players and, although upsetting, it’s inevitable. What would concern me more, is having quality replacements signed in time for the new season. We still need at least 5 players in important positions imo.

  • Simon says:

    Why so cheap. You get figures quoted for Southamptons youngsters, some of whom not played a first team game at figures in excess of £10m, how much did Theo Walcott go to Arsenal for all those years ago, same of Oxlade Chamberlain. Wilfred Zaha, £15m. Yet we only look for £3m!!! Why sell so cheap. If we need the money so bad hold out for more, quote more, these figures in excess of £10m have been done in the past, why not us?

    • almajir says:


      Two reasons, both of which are mentioned in the article. One – Redmond has one year left on his deal. Two – teams know we’re skint.

  • chris says:

    Why are Blues fans always punished by having seaside away fixtures in the bloody winter, sick of being penalised by FL. Brighton only exception i believe two seasons ago.
    Oh well, Yeovil isn’t far from Devon coast!

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Yep, the Bournemouth date sucks. Not impressed. Got a mate down there so planning to make a boozey weekend of it but oh no.

      Interesting that both Millwall dates are Tuesday nights after it kicking off at Stans at a 15.00 kick off last season. It seems we can’t be trusted…

  • dave mann says:

    great start with udinesse first game, and that will be a real test, yeovil away looking forward
    to that one.
    chas the first part of your post, ime passionet about my club and make no excuses for my
    emotional state when supporting or speaking about blues, secondly, if carson is found not
    guilty and stayed and put money into blues i will personally buy a vile season ticket because
    it aint happening so stop living the nightmare.KRO.

    • chas says:

      Fair do’s Dave. I am passionate about the Club as well, I just dislike the way Fans (not just Blues Fans) go spouting off utter rubbish as if we have a God given right to be playing in the PL..Blues are a business and as such, experience up and downs .IF Yeung did come back , give me a shout and I will drive you over to VP myself..;-)

  • SteveC says:

    Carson Yeung, doesn’t have ANY money, he is a man of straw who ‘cobbled together’ the 81 million ‘price tag’ that the Cockney Shysters demanded jokingly.
    You and I are more likely to put money into the club, in fact we DO.

  • TracyKRO says:

    Selling our young stars is hurting everyone of us, I believe the time will be here soon for change and we will just have to be patient, we have just got to stick together and help Clark and players the best we can.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think it will be an interesting test against Watford. If they play the way they did last season – albeit without some of the foreign players – it will interesting to see if Lee Clark has come up with a way of combatting that 3-5-2 formation that did us so much damage last season (also against Hull in the last pre-season friendly.) If we do well against them this time, things will look a little more optimistic for the season ahead.

  • JohnnyZ says:

    Lee Clark should be given credit for man management of Redmond who was having a poor season and contributing nothing until he was dropped and Rob Hall came in. If Pannu forces Redmond’s sale it will be a disgrace and Redmond would be mad to go elsewhere. He will play regularly aged 18, 19 at Blues. elsewhere he will be just another number and get lost in the system. He still needs to prove himself over a full season as well

  • dave mann says:

    to right SteveC , us blue noses have put more money into this club than that man ever has.
    he brought the club with borrowed money and youve still got fans who come on this blog
    and think he will be our savior if , and its a big IF hes found not guilty. it just amazes me
    what little some fans know about the situation. unbelieveble.KRO.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    There’s nowt we can about what’s going on over in HK. All we can do, is sit tight and hope for the best outcome. Until then, we have a team to support. KRO

  • andy says:

    Stop selling the best players and sell the club!!!!!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    The Sun is speculating that Shola Ameobi may be offered to Blues! If true he would be a good signing even at 31 as he always did well when playing against us

    • Pete says:

      I would be happy with that, but doubt it very much. Lets hope Joe Kinnear hates him and is giving him away on loan, as we cant afford a fee or his wages.

  • dave mann says:

    andy, to the point and bang on accurate but it looks like we may have to wait a little longer
    for that to happen. As for shola ameobi, knows where the goal is and would be a very
    good addition to the attacking opptions for lee, and lets hope he can use is geordie
    connections for that one.
    were still trying to get morrisson and ferguson back on loan and thats ongoing, but that
    would mean selling davies to hull, getting in hobbs add useing whats left of the transfer
    fee to get them loan deals tied up if west ham and newcastle can be persuaded.KRO.

  • Tony says:

    Think people are getting a little over emotional here, Yes Redmond shows great potential and I think will become a good player one day but he has a way to go. There are faults with his game he needs to eradicate, ie at times he trys to beat the same man three times ,his crossing is not always good enough. defenders know he will try to move inside
    Agree with Letsby he is a bluenose through and through he loves it here it will be a great shame to see him go, as for Norwich, Crystal Palace,their tenure in the premiership is very temporary, He could if allowed decide to run his contract down and have a free choice next year in the meantime things could look up for us.
    Letsby mentions the likes of Francis, Burns, Latchford, Pendry, Well I have my doubts he will ever reach the heights of the first three and fully expect him to totally eclipse the latter who like Nathan was home town lad but sadly lacked the talent.
    It is totally unfair to judge him by those gods of the club.I hope he stays but in our present circumstances I would take 3.5 million. certainly not 2mill

  • SteveC says:

    Think we are being a bit optimistic by thinking any residue from the Davis transfer will be heading for Lee Clark’s empty transfer chest.
    Ameobi’s salry would preclude any move to Blues and i’d rather keep Marlon anyway, given the choice.

  • dave mann says:

    ime glad im not one of those emotional fans when it comes to redmond. ive been saying
    all along Tony that he wont be as good as what people thimk, the 2 million we will only
    get for redmond because of his last year of contract is to small i agree, because 4 million
    would be more the price for his potential and to compare him with those legends is totally
    unfair and unjust.KRO.

    • Alex T says:

      well, I get emotional about him because he is ours (ours as in blues through and through, not just contractually) and is a special talent.

      I dont care what he is worth, but I’ll tell you, he has more talent than Ashley Young. Maybe not as consistent yet, but the ability is obvious.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think if we get £4m for him, we’ll have done well.

  • dave mann says:

    SteveC , those words about davies fee covering the loans of morrisson and ferguson were
    mentioned by the birmingham mail reporter, i was jusi agreeing that that would be my choice
    and was not in anyway saying that would definetley be the case.
    as for marlon king i totally agree, i would rather keep him than ameobi, but if he does go he
    wouldnt be a bad gap filler if we can afford is wages, but as you rightly said that could
    be a problem.KRO.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Who we would we get to replace Redmond?

    Even if the sale fee was available for another player (certainly not guaranteed!), does anyone seriously think we could get anyone to replace him with his talent? Yes, he’s not the finished product, accuracy for one needs improving, but he is a dynamic impact player that can drag a defence out of position and leave a space for someone else.
    More importantly, he has the right attitude. Works hard and doesn’t have Star Syndrome. Has a positive influence on those around him, a potential future captain.

    In the past we might have got an almost-past-it star from the past for 2 or £3m, but we can no longer afford the wages. My guess the money will go to pay the general wage bill, we get a loanee of little talent, and Nathan festers in the Premiership at the very time he needs to improve his skills.

    F*** the transfer fee, we need Nathan now!

    • Pete says:

      I suspect the answer will be a player called Chris Burke and then a cheap loan or Jon Spector or Kobi Arthur as back up. Not nice, but this is how it is.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    In an ideal world, depending on fee and wages, I wouldn’t mind Paul Coutts of Derby.

    • Pete says:

      You just said the word fee. Ain’t going to happen.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        One can dream.

        I wonder if we’ll ever have a “star” playing for us again. So far, they’ve all been sold off before they can reach that status. It does make you worry what will happen next year, when the likes of Hancox and Reilly are about to come of age.

  • tamuffblue says:

    When will we ever learn – it matters not a jot to the people who own /run OUR club if someone has an ounce of skill THEY WILL BE SOLD !!!!!!! end of !!!!!! so look beyong Redmond and Davies and see who they can sell in 6/12 months time ie Reilly – Packwood etc etc

    comment edited

  • dave mann says:

    hopefully fingers crossed tamuffblue were have new owners by the end of the year who
    have got real money and the selling of our better players will stop and we can start making
    a charge for the premiership…….. heres hopeing pal!KRO.

  • Asif ashiq says:

    Redmond was better than zaha and ince at the u21s. And hes worth less than them two!!!!! Sell for 3 million with selling on clause. And i personally hope that wherever he goes he gets playing time because it would be a shame to throw his career away too soon

  • jazzzy786 says:

    It would be a very bad move for Nate career wise as he won’t get much playing time. Right now he needs to be playing regularly so he can develop and he will not get that sitting on the bench of some premiership team. He should insist on first team football like Butland did.

    Whatever Nate does I wish him the best. That goal versus Nacional will live on long in my memories. Thank you.

  • Chris says:

    unfortunately its a sad fact that our young talent will be sold of over the coming season, and the squad primarily will be bosmans…Only hope we have is for NR is a player plus cash deal…

    This season is going to be spectacular or a nightmare for us BCFC fans…

  • mark says:

    for me what holding the Davis deal going though ??? just maybe if this deal is successful there will be no need for Nathan to leave…….. surely same goes if the other 4 move on. imo Nathan will sacrificial lamb if they or Davis cannot be moved lets hope its them not Nathan…………kro

    Great a home fixture lovely my only fear will be the pin dolls merchants will be out in force if he don’t that one right at home…………..we will see

    • StaffsBlue says:

      The Saturday before the season starts, we play Hull… who play a similar style to Watford, 3-5-2. It’s a chance to test out a few tactics for the following week.

      • mark says:

        to counter that i wonder whether Clark will go with 451 at home, or will he brave go 442

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I think that, like last season, that depends on the personnel. Who knows who will be here and who won’t by then. I have a feeling he’ll go 4-5-1 this season, with speed to get behind defences. Surely we can’t go another season bombing onto the head of a guy who can’t jump? Hope not anyway.

          • mark says:

            tour of Ireland and friendly should give him some idea, i believe Clark will be more tactically aware of his opponents this time round………….those four matches i think will define our season……… purely on the grounds where those teams were all last year…………..get on early run would do blues the world of good in imo…………. Clark need to get those 75% of fans right behind him early on………..

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Like you mark, if we can get a good start against those strong teams early on, I can see us building a head of steam… especially if, as Clark would like, we have pace in the side.

          • mark says:

            I hope not as well, Clark was looking at this forward Green from the lower leagues……….with the possibility of Morrison and fergs returning where could be enough in the midfield with them as well to play on the ground football. If Zigic can be effective hopefully on crosses in the box, but for me some forward in our ranks as got hit 15-20 goals………….i pray this is not a big ask…………..

          • StaffsBlue says:

            If Morrison and Ferguson don’t come back… and it’s by no means certain… I wonder what Plan B is?

          • mark says:

            again this will demonstrate to me why Clark needs to be given slack by fans………….
            Plan B,who know!!! sometimes the way things go for ya…………….. he probably need a plan c and d lol your right it will come down to who we can still get in if there any plan b

            one different from last season those players whoever they are will be singing from the same hymn sheet……i believe you won’t see any ugly heads even from Zigic like you did last year, or the slacking……….

            I think they be fitter, more hungry, more committed, and tbh we will be a surprise this time around to some teams……they will underestimate us………. for me there still further twists and turns before the season starts…….kro

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I think that we’ll stick two fingers up to adversity and be right up there this season. Even with things so uncertain atm, I refuse to be negative. I expect at least a Top 10 finish.

          • mark says:

            couldn’t agree more with you, bluenoses know all about adversity…………….lol……bring it on championship…….

  • mark says:

    ww.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/birmingham-city/10131087/Steve-Bruce-agrees-2.25-million-deal-for-Curtis-Davie here we go here we go………………………

    • StaffsBlue says:

      They want Davies AND a loan fee for Hobbs. I’d tell em to… go forth and multiply.

      • mark says:

        this why blues shouldn’t buckle, and get the best they can not the other way around… I have not heard Curtis say he want to go to hull???yes play in premiership…… but who does want to play for?? it because he is still under contract with blues, and they decide??

  • mark says:


  • geraldsquires says:

    What chance of keeping young nathan mmmmm?

    Step forward the highest bidder and to be replaced of course by a loan One would safely assume mmmmm?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Whoever is going or staying… I wish they’d just get on with it and let us move on with finding replacements. All the rumour and counter-rumour is just getting boring now. I’m more interested in who’s coming in, not who’s going out.

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