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Blog Update – OP… the Book!

On Friday I mentioned in my last blog update that I was working on a new creative project and I am pleased today to launch it properly. Having written about Birmingham City for the last two and a bit years, paying particular attention to Carson Yeung and Birmingham International Holdings I’ve decided to put everything I know together into a book, to be published later this year.

Why write a book?

Whilst I was in HK back in April/May, a few people asked me if I’d considered writing a book about the various stuff I’d done since I set this website up. Now, I’m of the opinion that a book about me would be boring but the idea of writing a book appealed and thus I thought more about writing about Carson.

I spent a lot of time in HK speaking to people who knew Carson intimately, and from those interviews plus some more I have to do I will be able to weave together the full story of how a former hair stylist became a Premier League club owner, followed by his subsequent arrest and downfall. I’ve managed to get some exclusive interviews with people who were involved in Grandtop/BIH and know exactly what happened behind the scenes, and coupled with interviews with people who knew Carson in his private life I’m hopeful of putting together something that people will be interested in.

Will this affect OP?

I’d be a fool if I said it won’t affect OP at all – it’s going to be hard to finish writing a book and maintaining this site every day but I am fully committed to doing both and I expect to keep putting out at least an article a day. However, I may have to spend some time away from Birmingham to finish the book and as such there is a possibility that match reports might suffer due to me not being able to get to a game. I apologise in advance for this.

When is the book likely to be published?

The aim is to have it finished and published for around October time, after the conclusion of Carson’s trial. That should mean that the legal issues around content being sub judice will be avoided and hopefully should come at a time when there is most interest in Carson. I have already sourced a publisher and written a draft outline so the book is already on the way to being written; distribution is also pretty much taken care of so all that’s left is the words and graphics to complete the job.

As part of the process I have started a Kickstarter project. The idea behind the kickstarter is to allow people to buy advance copies of the book (and to get their name included in it), and to give me somewhere to update you on the progress of what is happening without cluttering up Often Partisan.

I have to be honest and say that this is the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken in my life – the average OP article is 500-1000 words whilst a book is going to be 50,000-100,000 words – but I see it as a natural progression for me and for the site. I’m hopeful that whilst the book will be interesting it will also answer some of the questions that people have had about why what has happened has happened and what we can learn from it.

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96 Responses to “Blog Update – OP… the Book!”

  • fingles says:

    Good luck with the book, I will definitely consider buying it.

  • Adam Campbell says:

    Mate, I think you have let all this go to your head!! I think people were taking the mickey when they told you to write a book, and lets be honest I don’t think anyone would want to read a book about that moron who has almost destroyed our club.

    I know you like to copy other peoples work, and your reports are at best sketchy but I think your wasting your time mate!!

    Stick to passing others good journalism as your own.


  • Bluenosesol says:

    Good Luck with your project Almajir, pity you couldnt have completed it sooner as it could have been used as prosecution evidence :-) KRP

  • Dave says:

    Best of luck mate, let’s hope the trial and book end on a positive note for Blues.

  • Ozzyblue says:

    Well done Dan – I’ll reserve a copy on Kickstarter. C’mon everyone; chance to say a big ‘thankyou’ to Alamjir/Dan for all his dedication. (BTW I’m in the publishing/writing game and have been published in Australia, China, USA, Africa, S Am, UK and Europe – mags not books so if you need any advice you know my email)

  • Chris says:

    Best of luck Dan i am sure it will be a success and will purchase one no problem.. Ad said by many others your commitment to this blog and BCFC is second to none..Just post were we can advance a copy mate…

  • Adam Campbell says:

    Wow!! who are these people who follow you?? do they live in the real world? this is not middle earth.

    I don’t like to be critical but all you do Mr Ivery is copy all the stories from around the net and put them on your site, so actually your not doing much!!

    What next?? a OP movie…. just outta curiosity who would play almajir/dan?? my money would be on Ray Winstone.

    Infact people, I guess most of you are unemployed or have psychotic tendencies…. but lets all play a game…..

    Who would play Mr Ivery in a movie of OP??? who would you have Dan??

  • Chris says:

    Ozzy i think its you latter an A plus jerk…

  • Gibbsy says:

    Ignore Adam, I have backed you on Kickstarter

  • Chris says:

    O my word talk about up your asshole mate what is wrong in being unemployed unfortunately i am n how dare you cast me in that tone just because i have not got a job….

    My wife and children have all they need as i saved up when i was working we go to the blues and ST holders and a lot of away games….

    Do u attend or are you just a keyboard warrior…..

  • Radavis says:

    Don’t worry Adam, if you’re really worried, I’m sure you can ask Dan to create a pop up version with lot’s of pictures. Maybe even a colouring in book, would that suite you more?

    Well Done Aljamir, I too get most of my info on the commings and goings of Blues from here, so thanks for all the hard work.

  • Adam Campbell says:

    Ozzy are you and the rest of the followers delusional??

    Come on, who on earth wants to read this book?? I am only being honest and saying what most blues fans would say.

    I for one would not spend my hard earned money on a book about a moron who has wrecked our club, who cares if he was an hair dresser or used an extra finger up PP…

    Come on people…… WAKE UP!!!!! this is amazing, complete garbage.

    • LatchfordHattonFrancis says:

      OK Adam, we understand that YOU don’t want to read it. Leave it there. People are interested in Dan’s great work and not interested at all in a pathetic, illiterate, keyboard warrior like you. Go back to your cave.

    • Ozzyblue says:

      Adam – I want to read Dan’s writing and have ordered an advanced copy. So have many others. If you don’t have the wit, drive, ambition, knowledge and skills to write a book, don’t decry others for doing so. Writing is the hardest work to do well and I’ll be amazed if Dan gets this done by October but at least he’s giving it a go. There is no detrimental connection between writing this book and ‘the man who ruined our club’. In fact if we can all understand better what makes BIH, PP, CY et al tick, we might be in a better position to protect BCFC in the future. It’s called the Rise and Fall of Carson Yeung, not BCFC and it will be a best-seller. Dan if you want it translated and typeset into Chinese, email me.

  • AuldBlueEyes says:

    Many thanks for the daily news updates and of course the trial.
    Yes, I will probably buy your book but will also wait for the film. Who do you think might play the parts of Mr Yeung and Mr Pannu? Jackie Chan and …..???
    Thanks again.

  • Adam Campbell says:

    auldblueeyes how about international action superstar Chow Yun-Fat???

  • Chris says:

    Ok that is your god given right in this land nobody will force you to give over your hard earned cash…but some may want to…

  • andy says:

    Al, after conversations with various people out in Hong Kong and here at home what is your opinion on the possibility, if Carson is found not guilty, that he will retain his position and continue running Birmingham, or will he see it as a hot potato he will want to let go?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Oh dear… another Vile troll sneaks in. *yawn*

  • Teej says:

    Good luck Dan, I’m sure your book will be a huge success. You write well and your reputation as such is growing. Keep right on!
    Pity the numpties they no no better.

  • sutton apex says:

    good luck – who would play adam – chubby brown ??

  • Trevor Honnor says:

    Well done mate.

    I look forward to reading this book.

  • Blue Flamingo says:

    Good work, I’ll buy the book for sure – no doubt it will unveil a lot of things we didn’t know about the saga…..also keep up the good efforts with OP, great website.

  • dave mann says:

    jusy for your information Adam pal, ime employed, not quite phycotic,and very much wide awake.
    i dont read books so i propably wont buy it, but this site is great for the latest news on blues and
    love to use it. you obviously think your funny but your just not one of the IN crowd mate so i dont
    know why you bother.KRO.

  • Adam Campbell says:

    Wow!! you people….

  • Tone1963 says:

    Well from my point of view I wouldn’t be without OP everyday its a one stop shop for all Blues news – and for the numpty who thinks its a waste of time why are you on this site then….you’ve obviously have heard its a worth while read as there’s no pictures for you to look at !
    Good luck with the book I’ll be ordering one as I like the way you write your peices, easy to read and self explanitory

  • dave mann says:

    theres always one aint there Tone1963.obviously knows more than all of us put together.KRO.

  • Marky mark says:

    Adam, you can have your opinion on Dan’s book project, but don’t criticize or bad mouth some one you don’t even know. Just because someone has the ambition and drive to achieve something with there lives is commendable, how many books have you written ?

    Furthermore, I think most blues fans would buy a copy given tha its a major contributer to our history. I for one would buy it

    Good luck Dan, I’m sure you won’t be put off by some jealous fools.
    Incidentally even better if Carson was to give his blessing to the book.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Sounds like a great book for Carsen to read & mull over in his cell to pass away all the minutes,hours,days,weeks & years.

  • Tony says:

    Think I would be right for the part,just the right mix of emotion and comedy hhmm

  • dave mann says:

    i just hope the book as a happy ending, and we all know what that is.
    “carson yeung youve been found guilty on all acounts of money laundring,
    your go to prison for 5 years”(sounds porrildge like but music to the ears).KRO.

  • Tony says:

    I want to be billed as Tony Curtisoso

  • oldburyblue says:

    I love your style of writing Dan and am confident that your book will be a good read. However I just hope that your legal advisors loosen their strings enough to allow The TRUTH to be exposed. If not, there is no real point. As for the idiotic comments of “Adam”, he could not be more wrong….in my experience it is the full-time professional press journalists that copy you rather than the other way round.

    • almajir says:

      I have a solicitor helping me on this… the idea is to publish once the case is completed in October which will allow a significant relaxation of various legal issues

      • Blueboy88 says:

        That could be the potential flaw within your venture.
        If BCFC have new owners by Oct , CY will be a distant nightmare
        That few will want reminding of..

        Take a chance publish & be damned..

  • mark says:

    Sorry dan regarding Adam foolishness I am sure where are lots of people like him.imo regarding your adventure brilllant kro. Maybe the ending whereby carson continues his ownership of blues…..a fall from grace then back to premiership nothing can ever be rule out……Adam may I come back to you are a prize tw*t of the highest order. Obviously got nothing sensible to bring to op. So ride into the sunset……

  • Tony says:

    Any idea what the book will retail at Dan?.

  • mark says:

    Ps dan- I also would be prepared to buy copy just on your hours you put in regarding bcfc. And frankly where is no other blog that can compete with you mate. You are refreshing in your blogs…. You will always be my first read where I am…….kro……..

  • Mike says:

    Just want to say that this blog is the first place I come for all my Blues news and you are generally better informed than most. You have a good writing style and make it easier for us ‘average joes’ to understand some of the complex issues that are going on at the minute, espcially in HK. Keep up the excellent work, I for one will definitely be buying a copy, if only to satisfy my curiosity as to exactly how CY got hold of our club.

    Ignore the comments from this Adam chap, he does seem like a troll and is talking out of his backside. KRO

  • John says:

    Why not wait until we have new owners? Surely it can’t be long until we do and you will be able write up the whole saga from the start to the very end of his ownership instead of the end of his trial. Best of luck anyway.

  • Art Watson says:


    Good luck with the book which I will certainly order in advance .

    Should make a great read and Xmas present for the kids.


  • Flying Doctor says:

    Will there be a change in the book’s title if Carson is found not guilty?

  • James says:

    Good luck Almajir – would be interested to see how Carson has gone from riches to rags!

    All the best and KRO

  • geraldsquires says:

    Mmmmm not sure why grown men would want to read a book about a chinese hairdresser. Are there parts in this book that no man or beast already knows about mmmmmm.? Apart from the odd tit but of course.,

  • geraldsquires says:

    Mmmmm not sure why grown men would want to read a book about a chinese hairdresser. Are there parts in this book that no man or beast already knows about mmmmmm.? Apart from the odd tit but of course.,

  • Brian king says:

    Is this going to be a work of fiction ???

  • Chris Smith says:

    To be honest Al, I’d have waited on the kickstarter project till you’ve got a couple of drafts done. Seriously. Also kickstarter…having seen the amount of attempts to get something off the ground fail I’d say it’s not worth it. Do an ebook if you’re going to do that, cost it at a break even price or just do it as a CC release.

  • Barry says:

    Good luck with the book – i’ll look forward to it being turned into a film or maybe it will be “Carsongate – The Musical”

  • Hong Kong bluenose says:

    Full support :)

    If you need anyone to help you with the graphics , let me know as I’m a graphic designer

  • KRO says:

    Best of luck mate.

  • Casper says:

    I believe that there is a need for this book t be written, It will gain notoriety for Carson Yeung (and hopefully Peter Pan), which will be a lasting reminder about their damaging legacy at this marvellous club – a lasting reminder to anyone considering doing business with them in the future.

    It is true that the book will probably only appeal to (some) Bluenoses, aspirational hairdressers, people researching about balls-ups in business, future football historians and a few folk from Hong Kong – BUT it will be good to have on the shelf, 15 years from now when we are ruing about how pants life is as a Bluenose because we have just missed out on the Premiership title on goal difference (I can hope!).

    Good on you I say Almajir and KRO!

  • Tony says:

    Would you like me to do the foreward Dan?.

  • IanB says:

    Dan. it’s a great project and a smart move using Kickstarter to fund it. I hope it is a commercial success and also gets you wider recognition – you deserve it. I look forward to receiving my copy later this year.

  • twooutofthreelatchfords says:


    I am in. And perhaps a sequel if and when civil proceedings are initiated against the former owners?

    I have a dream. This book, pride of place in the club shop, when we get new owners.

  • DoctorD says:

    I think the title of your book — THE RISE AND FALL OF CARSON YEUNG — is prejudging the trial a bit surely? He might get let off. Here’s some alternative suggestions.


  • mark says:

    doctorD – snip to far

  • Tony says:

    Carson down the Pannubend

  • Tony says:

    On a serious note your book will surely rely on a guilty verdict against Carson, there will be material there that you could not publish if he is found not guilty, by publishing that material would you not be open to a charge of Libel?.

  • The Hurc says:

    For non-Bluenoses this book coukd be a best seller in the FICTION category…unfortunately its a true story.

    Best wishes for the book (would make a great film!!!)

  • mark says:

    carson in GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일)……………………bring on all you bluenoses like me waiting for the players to come out the tunnel by Carson himself all dancing to gangnam style……..kro

  • Knowle Blues says:

    Great idea. Very best of luck. Stay positive and hope the books final chapter will conclude with the sale of our club to serious investors.

  • DoctorD says:

    Chapter 1 — Snip of the Old Block: How Carsons Made Millions Cutting Hair
    Chapter 2 — Dull Stuff About HK Banking Regulation
    Chpater 3 — Carson Tries to Buy Blues But Can’t Find Enough Wonga Under His Mattress
    Chapter 4 — Carson’s Pals Have a Whip Round and Pays Over the Odds to Gold and Co
    Chapter 5 — Wemberley — Can Things Get Any Better Than This?
    Chapter 6 — No They Can’t: Relegation and Big Eck Resigns by Email
    Chapter 7 — The XTEP Deal
    Chapter 8 — Carson Invites That Nice Pannu on to the Board and Takes Some Pocket Expenses
    Chatper 9 — In the Slammer (alternative title — Off the Hook)

  • Ray says:

    Dan, best of luck with it. I see Hong Kong bluenose has offered his design services but I would like to do the same. If you need help with artwork for the cover etc. you should have my email address from this post so feel free to contact me if you would like. Good luck again on your project.

  • DoctorD says:

    Al – make sure the book has a good index. It sounds insignificant, but it’s a sign of a quality product.

  • Knowle Blues says:

    Hi Dan, check out web site – http://www.50sob.co.uk.. Maybe worth contacting a fellow blue nose for tips on low volume publishing and distribution…
    ………Welcome to the 50 Shades of Birmingham website, What started out as a joke on a Facebook “page” has turned into a global internet sensation. The incredible response to the Facebook “page” lead to the writing and release of the book “Shades’ Story” and not long after “Our Ang’s Story”

    July 17th 2013 marks one year since 50 Shades of Birmingham was born, so it seems only fitting that the third and final book in the 50 Shades of Birmingham Trilogy will be released on this date. The final book will be titled “Back In The Day” and will be available on Paperback and on Kindle. As with the first two books there will be a limited run of 1,000 signed copies which will be available as pre-orders two weeks before the release date. When available, you will be able to pre-order the book directly through this site.

  • Andy says:

    Great idea. I look forward to reading it.

  • Ken says:

    Write a novel rather summarise a string of events then I think you may be on a winner. Based on a true story rather than sticking to the absolute truth may just give you a best seller, particularly bringing the previous owners into the story. Good luck to you in any event. I do like your reporting style so please keep this going. The ultimate summing up by the Judge should prove very interesting.

  • DiscoPete says:

    The story of the Blues is riddled with controversy, Intrigue, scandal, dishonesty, and double dealing. They have been by word’s at St Andrews. Besides CY we can go back to Ron Saunders crossing the City, Wheldon, the Kumar reign, Goodwin’s victory in the courts for unfair dismissal, Jermaine Pennants tag, Gary O’Connor’s drug scandal, the Red Judas, the 80’s team of hard men and their misdemeanours. There is a book to be written on the real history of yhe Blues. CY is another chapter yet to be finished. That’s why its hard to be a Bluenose. Good luck writing the book. I’ll buy a copy.

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