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The Carson Trial – Day 28

Former Legislative Council member Chim Pui-chung gave evidence on behalf of Carson Yeung as his trial on five counts of money laundering entered its 28th day.

Oriental Daily reports that Chim told the court that he met Carson at a gathering of friends and understood that Carson was a stock market speculator who had made a lot of money on the exchange. He said that it was quite common for people who speculated large amounts of money to trade it off between accounts.

Chim Pui-chung has had a controversial career. He was a member of the Legislative Council (the ruling body of Hong Kong), representing the financial services sector and held that position between 2004 and 2012. He was previously a member of the council from 1991 until he was jailed in 1998 for conspiring to forge documents, for which he served a year in prison.

The case resumes tomorrow at 9:30am (2:30am BST).

Edit 22:40 BST June 26 2013

There is a longer report here from Oriental Daily.

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70 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 28”

  • eddie says:

    I reckon “Not Guilty” is coming,
    welcome home Carson, the league cup awaits us again

  • lee says:

    Thus will drag on to the point we are in league one then liquidated

    • eddie says:

      nice positive Bluenose attitude, may as well give up now then

      • Wearynose says:

        He’s just being practical. You are denying the more likely course of events until such time as we are rid of the HK drain. Being positive has no beneficial effect on anything and your sort of reaction denies a realistic analysis of our position and the best course of action to combat it, should anyone want to combine to respond to the dire situation. Would you have told Joan of Arc to be positive when she was standing at the stake with the fire lighting torch bearer approaching?

        • Bluenosesol says:

          Thats a bit OTT if you dont mind Weary. We are of course on thin ice, but we are also setting ourselves fairly for a decent showing in the Championsahip next season and hopefully new owners before the year end. Not ready to cut my wrists just yet. You have chosen a non de plume which associates you with our great song which was accredited with raising spirits of the general populus to survive the Second World War, so unless you are a non believer, Though you are tired and weary still journey on till you come to your happy abode. The future is bright, the future is BLUE – KRO!

          • Wearynose says:

            Being “positive” as you call it has no positive effect whatsoever. Putting money into the Club only delays the realisation by the owners that the cash cow has dried up and that they have reached the point where they need to sell. Without ticket sales they only have the dwindling pool of saleable players with which to reduce the losses on their overblown purchase and that a sale would be wise before relegation to Division 1 further reduces the diminished value of the Club. The expectation that we are in for a good season having a mix of youngsters, free transfers and loans, with last season’s over-performing team has been denuded of its most valuable players is delusional. The likely prospect is relegation. I don’t wish it but a rational evaluation of the circumstances points to it. By not attending matches you are not “walking away”, as another fan puts it, you are working to bring about the most rapid progression to a sale. If we are in the Conference by then, with new owners in place, then I will attend again. Buying tickets will only encourage the owners to hang on because they will realise that they have a captive audience who will attend regardless of how much they are being taken for suckers, their cash input being creamed off to reduce the BIHL deficit in share value

          • eddie says:

            your a cheerful chap, we may as well give up now then wearynose and go home.

            If u look at the millions spent on running a football club, you not attending in protest wont make any difference what so ever.

            I believe backing the boys and the CLUB by being the 12th man will be a more positive and enjoyable experience,

            KRO means Keep Right On, don’t just say it, mean it

            if you think the bells are ringing your at the wrong club

        • eddie says:

          He is being negative, which will achieve nothing but dissuade fans from attending and making the problem worse.
          positivity and supporting the team is the way forward.

        • Stephen Wood says:

          Here here m8! We are in the laps of the Gods until the trial reaches its conclusion. I only hope its before the club goes into administration!

  • Steve says:

    These witness’s for ‘the defence’ seem very laughable??? surely to god he has got something a bit better to defend himself with????

  • Oldbluenose says:

    That witness was hardly usefull in court when he himself had done a ” stretch ” for Forgery, !!!!.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. The term “unreliable witness” springs to mind.

      • Chris Smith says:

        On the other hand he’s been to jail once, does he really want to go back?

  • Big Al says:

    This guy splits opinion more than Mrs T!

    • Taz says:

      Not really. Those expressing opinions, either for or against, Carson are just giving their views as they interpret things. Whereas those expressing opinions in favour of Thatcher, are just plain wrong.

      • So are you Taz. Balance in debate is always a worthy position, not the other man is wrong just because he doesn’t share your view. There are a lot of people who would support Mrs T just as there are a few that want to see reason when it comes to CY. History will be the judge of both in the end.

  • mark says:

    Again putting doubt in the judge mind springs to mind.

  • John bond says:

    Simon Church yes please him and Novak upfront.. Hopefully we have king for another season prem here we come.. Poor old Davies back in championship next season

  • SteveC says:

    ONly chance Carson stands, given the laughable standard of ‘defence evidence’ which almost reminds you of the Monty Python sketch of the ‘Piranna Brothers’, is if Pannu can come up with ‘something’ unexpected shall we say.

  • SteveC says:

    Maybe not in court .. but there must be SOME reason why he is now resident in Hong Kong.
    Maybe its the warm weather .. don’t think the former Head of Police in Hong Kong is sunbathing .. do you ?

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I am as yet unconvinced as to whether we (BCFC) would be better off with a guilty or non gulity verdict, though I hope fairness and justice prevails. However given the burden of proof on CY’s shoulders, then the fact that he can only summons a handul of witnesses and that the integrity of witnesses thus far is somewhat questionable and as yet there has been no proof offered to determine that the funds were not ill gotten gains, then if I was CY I would start conditioning my self for a prolonged spell of high walled security and cockroach companionship!

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Is it me or does it seem that most of CY’s defence ‘witnesses’ have previous?

  • SteveC says:

    Am just waiting for someone to ‘testify’ from the witness box .. in defence to come up with ..
    ‘Old Carson used to give the best short back and sides in Honkers ‘ ..

    would be the most pertinent bit of evidence for him yet :-)

  • quokkasskip says:

    the defence is all heresay so far.

    He appears to have nothing to defend him, imo dont see how he isn’t found guilty.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Looks like a ‘guilty’ verdict is looming large, unless he can pull something special out of his bag of legal tricks.

    If he is found guilty, I’m wondering if he’ll even be granted leave to appeal given the standard of his defence witnesses who seem pretty useless and unconvincing.

  • Cypher says:

    Any idea how many witnesses left to be called

  • BarthDomak says:

    To be honest, i just want new owners because these financial rapists are killing the club!

    I’ve already got my season ticket however not knowing how long we have or what 11 will turn up on a sat is really frightening!

    Its just important new investment reaches the club and funds are given!

    Its also a worry that we will have stands closed for next season, where has everyone gone? Forget Carson, we seriously need to question ourselves!


  • Brian king says:

    Would the judge know this witness for the defence had been inside for forging documentts and can the prosecution let it be known that the witness is an ex con. If this is the kind of witness CY is depending on he might as well give in now.

  • toby says:

    If it guarantees Blues being rid of pocket expense pete and the hairdresser then I hope cy goes to prison and stays there .Once pannu sells Redmond then I guess they might put more effort into selling as theres nobody else to flog and the kitchen sinks probably crated up as an expense.

  • sappy sad says:

    ……….seems to me that carsons people are going to bore everybody into what exactly what carson was actually charged with in the first place and cant exactly remember what the prosecution said then come in at the end when everybody in court is in a state of semi coma with a massive attack on the accusations and how wrong the court was ……to shock everybody and win his case

  • Mac says:

    Chim Pui-chung has had a controversial career. He was a member of the Legislative Council (the ruling body of Hong Kong), representing the financial services sector and held that position between 2004 and 2012. He was previously a member of the council from 1991 until he was jailed in 1998 for conspiring to forge documents, for which he served a year in prison.

    Reading this it looks like he must have been forgiven because after he got out he rejoined the legislative council for another 8 years. The article says he was a member of ‘the ruling body of Hong Kong’ so he’s not some lightweight no-body, but quite a powerful bloke.

    Not sure how much he says will influence the judge – but this guy must be known to him.

  • Worcester Blue says:


  • Blue is the Colour says:

    I can’t imagine anyone in this country being given their job back in a legisaltive body once being convicted ? Hong Kong Fooey.

    Maybe evryones got it wrong and this is CY’s masterstoke star witness.

    In totaly unrelated news Ive just appointed a guy called Ronald Biggs to look after security at my local Bank.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Looking ahead if hypothetically CY is found guilty,will he be able to appeal and if so how long would that process take?

  • Lee says:

    If Carson is standing trail for money laundering, and is currently trying to provided evidence that he made a lot of money legally, what happens regarding the former charges of tax evasion?

    Am I missing something obvious or is he’s shooting himself in the foot?

  • AndyP says:

    Where the hell is he getting his defence witnesses from .the next thing you know they’ll be having 8 people holding hands round a table and calling Robert maxwell

  • Marky mark says:

    I appreciate we are only divvy to sketchy reports but not one witness has come forward with any concrete evidence as yet, if they had surely it would have been reported.

    Carson is going down in my opinion unless he can pull a rabbit out if some hat.

    Not guilty is the best verdict for Blues I’m afraid, however much we hate him and the bald leech of a sidekick.

  • Marky mark says:

    Divvy ??

    To many jack Daniels in the sun.


  • tamuffblue says:

    Building the gallows as we speak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark says:

    I am sure Carson must be getting bored travelling from his mansion to court………….

  • jazzzy786 says:

    You are judged by the company you keep and if all your friends are crooks there’s a good chance that you are a Crook too.

  • river says:

    CY found innocent.CY reinvests in BCFC.BCFC bid accepted for Messi and Ronaldo.Champions league here we come,one can dream lol.I do think that CY will get off which leaves him 2 options 1-sell up or 2- reinvest.Monte Python once said “Always look on the bright side of life”.We will rise again KRO and keep believing.

  • Tony says:

    We cant take two more years of this crap.

  • Tony says:

    River get me a pint of what your drinking please

  • mark says:

    maybe we should bring ken wheldon back hey Tony………………

  • mark says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwnCwsiRMyk this cheer you up Tony……………..

  • Stephen says:

    On a footballing note, Will Grigg in discussions with Brentford as he’s out of contract at Walsall, worth a punt I think, 20 goals last year and wouldn’t command a large salary.

    Any thoughts on that?

    • almajir says:

      ex Blues Academy as well

      • Stephen says:

        Just read a report stating that Grigg’s move could cost Brentford 300k, if that’s true then I can see why we wouldn’t be going in for him, being skint, he might be out of contract but i suppose a fee would have to be paid due to his age and coming through walsall’s youth system.

        Would still like us to take Krystian Pearce back, as far as I can see he is still to be offered a new contract by Notts County & can’t find any news on him signing for anyone else. Another local lad who would love to come back. He’d also give Clark competition for CB position.

  • Stephen says:

    Despite the transfer roumors regarding Redmond I’ve ordered my season tickets in the tilton today, I’ll be gutted if Nathan goes but will still enjoy watching the youth coming through next year, at least we’ll see effort, fight, enthusiasm & energy.

    Despite what’s going on I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing the fruits of our youth system. Remember when the youth system was scrapped years ago, my god we’d be screwed now without it.

  • Stephen says:

    Another young player worth a free transfer punt is Harry Forrester (Brentford), started at Watford, sold to Villa, then moved to Brentford after a trial with Ajax. I saw him play against Chelsea last season and he did well & scored, also played in the same team as Tom Adeyemi.

    No fee, low wage and a young, packet striker who can also play out wide.

    Worth a look.

  • Stephen says:

    Another young player worth a free transfer punt is Harry Forrester (Brentford), started at Watford, sold to Villa, then moved to Brentford after a trial with Ajax. I saw him play against Chelsea last season and he did well & scored, also played in the same team as Tom Adeyemi.

    No fee, low wage and a young, quick striker who can also play out wide.

    Worth a look.

  • Ray says:

    All this conjecture about the fate of CY is negative. You either support the club to the full ore you walk away. I have supported the club since we defeated Liverpool 9-1 at St Andrews (yes 9-1!) in the old second division in December 1954 when I was 12. I will be supporting Blues until it’s full time for me. Keep Rght On no matter what division we are in, that’s what I say!

    • Cypher says:

      If only we had a good few more like you Ray then maybe we wouldnt have to rely on some sugar daddy to prop the club up because most of its so called fans cant be bothered to go and support the team anymore

  • mad malc says:

    hoo ray for ray

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