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Spector Signs

Jonathan Spector yesterday signed a new two-year deal with Birmingham City to complete the list of players offered new contracts. The 27-year-old American has been with the club since the summer of 2011 after signing on a Bosman free transfer from West Ham United and has made seventy-seven appearances for Blues, scoring once.

From a personal point of view I am glad that Spector has signed a new deal with the club. Whilst his injury record isn’t brilliant I think that last season in particular he offered us energy and drive in midfield that was sometimes lacking and for the level we are he offers us a lot of options because of his versatility. I think it also shows that despite the off-the-field problems with the club that something must be okay on the pitch as every single player offered re-engagement with the club has taken it up before July 1.

From a managerial point of view, it now means Lee Clark can move forwards with his transfers, knowing that he isn’t going to lose any more players to the Bosman ruling. Whilst the departure of Nathan Redmond seems almost inevitable and four further players have been made available for free transfer it does remove some of the uncertainty surrounding the squad and for me that has to be a good thing.

I thought it was interesting that in his Birmingham Mail interview this morning Spector talked about the possibility of pushing for promotion this season. I must admit that I think this season is going to be one of struggle due to some of the departures from the club and the level of players that Blues are able to replace them with and thus I can’t see promotion being likely at all. However, I think it shows the ambition of the players and the drive that they have to succeed which can only be a positive thing around the club. The truth is if Blues can get a good start to the season and the new players that have been brought in can gel quickly into the team then anything could happen – the Championship last year was utterly unpredictable at times and I’ve not seen much evidence yet that I think someone is going to run away with it.

The players have completed their first week of pre-season training now and will shortly be heading off to the Republic of Ireland for a training camp and a game against Shamrock Rovers (Monday July 8). Hopefully they will be leaving Birmingham complete with a couple of extra players – the two centre-backs that Lee Clark is hoping to loan from Premier League clubs – and we should start seeing very quickly how the team is likely to line up in the new campaign. I’ve been impressed with how Clark has gone about his business in this transfer window and I think it’s a good sign for Blues that the team isn’t too far away from looking like a complete squad by July 1.

Of course, the next few weeks could always carry a sting in the tail – departures are always a possibility – but I think there are reasons to be positive and to look forwards to the new campaign. It might have been a dark summer and there might be some dark clouds hanging over the club but we have to hope that the blue skies aren’t that far away.


58 Responses to “Spector Signs”

  • JohnR says:

    It is a positive that all players who were offered contracts have signed up. I’m not bothered about Mullins, Ambrose or Lovenkrands leaving but I do think it is a huge mistake in making King available. Our top scorer for the last two seasons should not be allowed to go for free, ideally I want him to stay. Without him I have no idea where the goals will come from this season. Defensively we will probably be OK but without goals I cannot see how we can push for a top six finish.

  • James says:

    It just shows that whilst there will be tough times ahead, we have still kept some of the senior players and I for one believe a mid table/top 8 finish is possible.

    Gutted to be losing NR, but if the cash helps the running of the club, then so be it.

    Roll on August!


  • mark says:

    Dam- there was no doubt about this signature imo

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Based on achievement both Cardiff & Hull had superior managers at the helm though…

    • mark says:

      Both had money to spend…………

      • Blueboy88 says:

        Not talking about money just the indisputable fact they both had managers of greater acheivement

        • Agent McLeish says:

          Rubbish, your statement is just based on opinion. I suppose you were also one of those that wanted Bruce out when he managed Blues? I remember Tom Ross getting loads of calls saying that “Bruce had lost the dressing room” that he had “taken us as far as he can” and all the other usual rubbish. I seriously doubt we’d have manintained our Championship status without LC so give the guy some credit.

          • Blueboy88 says:

            What’s rubbish about stating the fact that Bruce & Mackay have both achieved more as managers than Clark ?

  • Big Al says:

    We were a better team without King at the end of last season. Also many of us will feel better when a man of his dubious character no longer wears the shirt. As for Spector, I’m not a massive fan but I think he does provide good cover at right back.

  • dave mann says:

    good versatile player with bags of experience and will help the youmg players through
    so happy with spector but not necesarilly a first 11 pick, but good of the bench if we
    need him in the middle or at the back so well done lee.KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    good versatile player with bags of experience and will help the youmg players through
    so happy with spector but not necesarilly a first 11 pick, but good of the bench if we
    need him in the middle or at the back so well done lee.KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Lee Clark mentioned in his article in the BM about Spector eventually becoming a centre back. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that Spector originally signed as a centre back for Man Utd… and wondered if he could still play the position. Good to know it’s a possibility in LC’s thoughts.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Nathan is quoted in the Mirror today saying he wants to go to Everton!! As he as only just arrived home from Ibiza they are very quick off the mark.
    If I was Nathan I would refuse to move unless there was incontrovertible evidence that Blues would go into Administration unless he was sold.
    As for Spector, not only a versatile player but a very nice person. Glad he has signed.

    • Pete says:

      That is based om the belief that Nathan Redmond loves the club to such an extent that he would put loyalty and love for the club ahead of a contract worth millions. His career could be gone in an instant. I would stay, but think it is easy to say when not in that position.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    This last signing, with all the other renewals, makes the “Lee Clark has lost the dressing room” theorists look a bit silly now. :-)

  • dave mann says:

    to be honest staffs very early on last season i thought the job was to big for him and that
    respect wasnt there, but i will come clean and admit i was wrong and he proved me
    wrong with the way he turned it round and the resigning of the more experienced players
    proves respect his there and all us fans should applaud him and get right behind him for
    what i think will be a season that just might supprise a few anti clark fans.
    come on lee.KRO.

  • SteveC says:

    Agree, we are really going to miss Marlon, both with his goals, experience and general savvy.
    He would be major plus to have alongside one of the younger ‘options’ up front.
    Spector is a tremendous asset to the club, so versatile and always a 100% ‘er.
    Would be criminal to lose Marlon King to a rival and watch him score a hatful, plus the regulation goals against us.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Personally, I don’t give a monkeys what King has done in the past. He’s paid his debt… end of. But, imo, we’ll miss him far more than Davies or Redmond. A 15-20 gps striker can be the difference between success and failure. We need to keep him.

    (And if anyone wants Redmond, make it a part of the deal that they have to take Zigic too.) lol

  • John bond says:

    I personally think Nathan’s football could improve a lot better if he stays with us I’m sure he will sign a new one year deal

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Can’t see it JB. The kid’s been dazzled. They rarely settle down again after that’s happened. But, I do think he might hold out for the best club he can get. So far, Everton are the best one mentioned. Sad thing is, the higher up the premier he goes, the less time he’ll get on the pitch.

      I doubt very much he’ll re-sign.. but agree, it would be the best thing for his progression.

      • RichardM says:

        I agree with this last point – and wonder if Blues might try and do a similar deal as with Butlnad and Stoke last season – i.e. we sell him but loan him back for the season. Surely that’s got to be better for both clubs and also Redmond himself, unless he’s guarnateed 1st team football (which he won’t be at Norwich, Swansea and certainly not Everton)

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Tbh, I can’t see him getting regular 1st team action with any Prem club. Even the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain or Walcott didn’t get that and they’re were more advanced than Redmond when they left for the prem.

          If he wants to play…. the best place is St Andrews.

  • dave mann says:

    you would think that by selling davies and redmond we could keep king on cause he scores goals
    but we must be dangerously desperate to get rid of our one and only goalscorer.KRO.

  • RichardM says:

    Any news on Ferguson and Morrison coming back? The longer it goes on with no news the more I fear neither will be coming back next season…

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Lee Clark has said that most teams take their kids with them on pre-season tours, to see if they’re up to first team duties yet. If not, that’s when they’re made available for loan, etc.

      As the premier clubs aren’t back in training till at least next week, that’s unlikely to happen for a couple of weeks yet. But apparently, we’re in dialogue with both Newcastle and West Ham. Have been for a few weeks according to LC.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Have Everton actually made a bid for Redmond, ?. or is it just paper talk, !!.

    Very pleased that Spector has re-signed for us, Though he had always maintained he would, !!.

    L,C. is doing a sterling job with both his arms tied behind his back, With monetary restrictions and having to release Ambrose, King and Mullins, with no monies coming into the club for them, !!.

  • dave mann says:

    fingers crossed on those 2 because they would walk into the side, ferguson would keep out
    redmond anyway and morrisson just ouzes class and that would make one hell of a diffrence
    to our first 11. LETS PREY. KRO.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Dan – has anyone actually displayed an active interest in signing Mullins, Ambrose, Lovenkrands or King yet?

    Just curious…

  • jazzzy786 says:

    The best thing about spector is his versatility but CB? He’s a bit short to be a CB. We would miss King if he went but dodgy knees, dubious character and 20k pw I can’t see any takers when they see the full package they receive. I dont think King is going anywhere.

  • dave mann says:

    id love him to stay.KRO,

  • John bond says:

    King will be with us till the end of his contract same as Mullins no one is going to want him.. Can we not try sell Ambrose beans we paid nearly a million for him what a rubbish signing he turned out to be

  • John bond says:

    Can’t see anyone wanting any of them freebies tbh

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think if Ambrose stays and he’s over his injuries, he could be like a new signing this season. But I think him and King will be gone before the season starts. I hope I’m wrong.

  • BND says:

    We are seling our best players and bringing in lesser players.
    People who talk about promotion next season are living in cloud cuckoo land.
    We will be lucky to avoid releagtion.
    A team full of players the wrong side of 30 and young kids that nobody else wants doesn’t mean a top six finish.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s what I love… an eternal optimist. Bet you’re a hoot at parties.

    • TracyKRO says:

      I agree with you BND they in DREAMLAND, I say if we avoid regulation, others say finish mid table will be fare, I don’t think the pressure will be on the team this season by the fans who will attend the match’s, be the ones who don’t go to a match that will be hoping for success. All we can do guys is support Clark and the players through this bad time and sing our hearts out for them kro

    • chudlt says:

      I agree people now seem happy when we sign players with little or no experience of Championship football on Bosmans and Free,s. The board has no ambition. We will struggle again this season as we did the last one.

  • dave mann says:

    i hope king stays purely because hes our only goalscorer and it looks like were struggle for
    goals without him unless as ive said in earlier posts that asante comes to the party and he
    could be our supprise packageKRO.

  • dave mann says:

    thats a great point you make Tracy, the fans that go to the games will not put to much pressure
    on lee, but the ones that dont and wont go will expect more, then its easy to critiscise when
    your sitting on your backside and rely on critics for what there worth.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It’s going to be hard enough for the players this season, so the fans support will be important. As for how well the team do… we’ll have to wait and see. Jonathan Spector sees no reason why we can’t have a crack at the play offs, so who am I to disagree.

    What I won’t do, is diss the squad before a ball is even kicked in anger. They might not be the best squad in the division, but with decent support, who knows what could be achieved.

  • Marky mark says:

    Spector, not the most skillful player in the world but puts his body on the line for blues and is versatile which is good enough for me we could do with.a few more like Robbo n Spector.

    Redmond, gutted he is going but don’t blame the lad at all, as a footballer you grab every chance you get, good luck to the kid I wish him all the best.

    King, we didn’t miss him at all, infact won more points without him bye bye.

    Elsie, so much respect for the gaffer, I do believe he is a converted bluenose.

    LC blue white army. KRO

  • dave mann says:

    this season is wait and see for me, relegation, just staying up, mid table, just outside playoffs,
    playoffs, automatic promotion, god knows what will happen but we as fans have got to do
    our bit and thats loose your voice singing and supporting the team because that could make
    all the diffrence.KRO.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Excellent point Dave. The division is so unpredictable. We could as easily trouble the top three all season as we could the bottom three. Exciting eh!!!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It’ll be interesting to see who steps up to the plate this season, regarding goals (assuming King will be gone.)

    Zigic, he’ll never break any records, same with Lovenkrands. Asante is untried at this level, so Novak may be a key player. But, we have the likes of Burke, Shinnie, Adeyemi and Elliott who like a shot. Reilly can add the odd goal too. Hopefully, we might get 8 or 10 from the defence as well.I think the whole team has to chip in, because if King does go, we’ve got to replace those 15-18 goals somehow.

    • Dan H says:

      All the signings point at Clark going for 4 – 5 – 1 as we will be well stocked for attacking midfielders and the system worked much better towards the end of the season.

      I think he may well look at Hancox and Eardley as wing backs as well as Clark played in successful Newcastle and Fulham teams under Keegan that played that system

      • Pete says:

        I think Murphy and Eardley maybe played this way. Clark said he wanted to try a new system out last season, but due to the injury to Hancox could not do so. However, I wish we had held on and would have got Caddis to get him off the Swindon wage bill and he would have been the perfect wing back in my opinion. Still we have what we have and a 3-5-2 would suit me down to the ground. The question is- would it suit Paul Robinson…. and his lack of pace?

        • Dan H says:

          That system most of the time only needs one player with real pace to make it work. Leicetser used to play Gerry Taggart, Matt Elliott and Frank Sinclair and it worked for about 5 seasons for Martin O’Neill with Sinclair the sweeper.

          We need a couple of centre backs first ! Maybe play Spector back there he’s pretty mobile

  • Dave says:

    The reality is that Clark has had less resources available to him than our most recent previous managers and that is a simple fact. If fans are already sharpening the knives for the manager during pre-season, that’s a pretty poor sign of what’s ahead. Yes, we’re losing more players, and maybe will again until the HK situation is resolved once and for all, but a lot of managers would have walked out by now, irregardless of cash. Bruce has had a few lean years until last season, and look where McLeish is now? Let’s cut the sniping, back the manager and the team. The reality is that surviving in the Championship this season will be the biggest challenge, until we have sound ownership and finances. Better to built some lasting stability, even if that means another season or so in the 2nd tier, than financially self destruct KRO Bluenoses from a Bluenose whose first season on the terraces was 1971

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Dave;, Fully agree with your comment, mate. !!. The playing staff is ” rock-bottom ” in terms of Quantity and Qaulity, — NOT L,C’s, fault, He is giving it a go, So let us give the guy some slack, !!.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Apart from Olly Lee (fairly unknown quantity,) all the other signings so far have been a success at the clubs they were signed from. So there’s no reason for pessimism imo. And things could look even rosier next week, when the 2 new centre backs hop aboard the Good Ship Brum.

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