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The Carson Trial – Day 31

Defence expert Ian Robinson gave further evidence in court today as the trial of Carson Yeung on charges of money laundering entered its thirty-first day.

Oriental Daily reports that Mr Robinson continued to give evidence on the basis of Carson’s wealth prior to the period in question. Robinson confirmed to the court that Carson earnt between HKD40mil and HKD78mil (approx £3.4mil to £6.6mil) but admitted that was based on testimony from Carson and his lawyers rather than written documentation.

Sharp Daily have also reported that it was confirmed in court that Carson had borrowed HKD20mil (approx £1.7mil) from Macau-based businessman Cheung Chi Tai to fund a UK property investment which was repaid in 2009. Cheung Chi Tai was reported by Reuters to be a leader of the Wo Hop To Triad gang. However, it is germane to note that Cheung has not been tried much less convicted of being involved in organised crime due to the case collapsing against him because of a lack of evidence.

The case resumes for its 32nd day tomorrow at 10am (3am BST)

Update 22:20BST July 02 2013

Oriental Daily have updated their story, and more has been made of the money lent to Carson by Cheung Chi Tai. It was confirmed that the money was lent to Carson in 2007, and was paid into the account of a solicitors named Prince Evans. The defence denied that the money was used to help purchase the club, something that the prosecution alleged in it’s opening statement on Day 2.

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