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An Information Vacuum

Despite the absolute lack of hard evidence, the talk of a takeover of Birmingham City rumbles on. Free Radio presenter Tom Ross has been adamant on social media of late that something is soon to happen and has attracted a lot of criticism from various quarters for stating as such.

Before I go anywhere with this, I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on Tom. I like Tom a lot; he’s a passionate guy, a bluenose and a bloke who only wants what is best for the club. He has no reason to lie to us; I’m of the belief that anything he has said has been with the best intentions and in good faith.

The truth is, we all want a takeover to happen. I think Tatts summed it up well in the Mail today when he said that something has to give now; things have gone too far and someone has got to stick their head above the parapet and try to force a deal before things get much worse. There have been rumours of local interest in the club (and before anyone says it, not Paladini) but much is clouded in secrecy and because of that it is difficult to determine what is happening and what isn’t.

I’ve been asked the question a lot over the last week and I have to reaffirm the stance I took in this article last week. As far as I’m aware, nothing is currently happening with regards to a takeover; I think it’s impossible now for it to take place before the start of the season and I believe that it is unlikely that a bid will be accepted before then as well. I remain of the belief that nothing will move for definite until we have some outcome from the trial and then things may happen very quickly.

However, to try to clarify matters I emailed Peter Pannu directly a few days ago to ask him

It is my understanding that any potential news re the sale of the club should be reported to the HKSE and that as fans, we should wait for this information prior to believing any rumours of a sale.

Could you please confirm that the above is correct, and that until an announcement is made to the Stock Exchange (especially pursuant to rule 13.09) then nothing further has happened with respect to a bid being made, much less accepted?

Pannu was gracious enough to reply to me in that I was indeed correct in assuming this.

The stock exchange rules are clear – any company that is involved in something that will materially affect its business are obliged to report it publicly to their shareholders. That doesn’t just mean that the company have to report if a bid has been accepted; it has to report it is in negotiations with another party.

For the record, I put my email and the response I received from Pannu to Tom Ross and he said that

I stand by what I said that a deal has been agreed to sell BCFC but nothing will be announced until BIHL tell the HKSE

So where does this leave us?

Essentially, no further forwards, and still within an information vacuum. I think what it comes down to now is decided whether  to wait to know what has happened, or whether to listen to speculation on what is happening. I’m a sceptic and I refuse to believe that something is definitely going to happen until I see physical evidence of it doing so. However, that’s my individual opinion and I would in no way say that everyone else must think the same way.

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131 Responses to “An Information Vacuum”

  • Pete says:

    Spelling police here : vacuum

    • almajir says:

      You got me

      • Tony Downing says:

        If you look at it logically Carson whats to sell the Club for more than the Market values it ,potential buyers want to buy it as cheaply as possible,so Carson sells value assets hoping both the Market & his own problems improve this seems more unlikely to be the case,what is inevitable is that the Club will be sold sooner rather than later the Question remains when does Carson ,his backers give up the ghost only he knows that we hope the Club is sold within the next few weeks but expect it to be sold within the next few months so bringing this pain-full experience to a close then & only then can we look forward to the future rather than glorifying in the past and at best treading water in the present K.R.O

        • nicky wicky says:

          can’t agree more carsom wants far more than the clubs worth and he wont budge and they are prepared to ruin the club in the hoppe that somone will stump up the cash for the club or until it goes into admin!

    • Bigman steveo says:

      I hear on the Brum grape vine that jasper carrott is about to buy us ???

  • Graham Woodward says:

    Have BIHL always played by the rules in terms of the HKSE? If not, then would they tell them they’re having discussions with interested parties.

  • Art Watson says:

    Good article again but I firmly believe that when the money runs out and the club is on the brink of administration Pannu will sell to the highest bidder regardless of who that may be.

    I think we are nearing this stage but I’m sure PP would love to off load King and Burke before the sale goes through.And guess what we will never get to know the full details and value of these and the other key transfers because Pannu is not publically disclosing any figures.


    • Stephen Wood says:

      Hmmmmm Someone who sees the situation through my eyes! There are few assets left at the club now. But i am sure Pannu & Carson will want to extract every last penny. Before selling to the highest bidder. It is the cut & run tactics Carson has used from the start, And if you have followed the case fore the defense this is his trade mark. Any deal he does is not for the love of his quarry but to swell his bank ballance He has no love of the club, just another kill to him!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    This has been my thinking all along. I’ll not believe or disbelieve anything until I see it in black and white. Until then, business as usual. Roll on the new season. KRO

  • Jumbo says:

    We all know Tom loves a rumour! However I believe he must know the identity of the so called mystery bidder or why make himself look silly, maybe there is a deal done in the background, I do agree with OP tho I don’t think we will here about it until after the trial, as for the stock exchange PP and CY don’t care about rules!

  • Jimbo says:

    We all know Tom loves a rumour! However I believe he must know the identity of the so called mystery bidder or why make himself look silly, maybe there is a deal done in the background, I do agree with OP tho I don’t think we will here about it until after the trial, as for the stock exchange PP and CY don’t care about rules!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Jumbo/Jimbo? Are you like Clark Kent/Superman? lol

    • bluenoseb says:

      Have to agree with jimbo here, not like pannu and yeung have toed the line before, if they think they can get away with it then there at least give it a go and answer any questions when they get found out, and shift the blame sumwer else ie. xstep deal and asia rays ridiculous consultancy fees for total inept managment.

      Did Pannu divuldge any information as to what the hell is still goin on at our club and why it is still being ripped apart from top to bottom. Maybe instead of asking him questions to prove your right and tom is wrong you should ask more pressing questions as to wtf is going on and how long these further sales are going to keep the club afloat.

      • almajir says:

        Did Pannu divuldge any information as to what the hell is still goin on at our club and why it is still being ripped apart from top to bottom. Maybe instead of asking him questions to prove your right and tom is wrong you should ask more pressing questions as to wtf is going on and how long these further sales are going to keep the club afloat.

        But we already know the answer to this question – the club is skint. I keep saying this and people don’t seem to grasp it – there is no cashflow in the club. There is no one to put money in, no overdraft and thus to ensure the bills get paid and that we have enough money, we have had to sell players. It’ll keep going on until they run out of things to sell and then we could end up looking at admin if the club is not sold. That is a FACT.

        Last year’s wage bill was 25million. The year before that was even higher.

        If people want to know where the money has gone – look at the players.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I still don’t get why it’s so hard to understand. Gone are the days when a club could survive the season on a few million. £25m is petty cash to the Premier clubs, they pay that to their tea ladies… but it’s still an awful lot of dosh for a champs club.,, especially one that has little or no income. That’s without all the other expenses at the club. It ain’t rocket science.

          • Bluenosesol says:

            Always fancied a career change, that’s sorted then – I am gonna become a tea lady!!

        • bluenoseb says:

          Ok maybe should of worded it better, didn’t you already know the answer to the question you asked pannu? The point i was making for the first time he broke his silence in a while in 1 shape or form maybe a better question could of been put to him to maybe give the fans something to go on. The question you asked Pannu of all people with regards to how things are done properly or professionally on the HKSE in regards to a sale or bid, other people you probably know out there in HK could of confirmed that to you if by the look of it you didn’t know the answer already yourself. I mean if these were normal rational businessmen that done everything by the book you could take pannus word but im sorry they are not and nothing would surprise me as to what corners they will cut, and that they are not going to be open and transparent about for the sake of getting caught. As for you and tom one of you will proved right and one will be proved wrong and me like many other fans hope the sale is close for the sake of the club

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    Totally indicative of this regime, we are forced to scrabble around in the rumour bins for snippets of information.I honestly believe that we will be sold in the near future, I don’t think there is much left for them at the Blues in terms of assets. I for one will dance an Irish jig when they are gone. …No river dancing yet, I will believe it only when I see it.

    • chas says:

      You aren’t forced to do anything. Just chill your beans and relax, whatever happens will happen. It is only 6 weeks since a lot on here were saying we would have a team of babies next season. Too much panic, calm down..Nowt you can do about it, unless your dad is loaded.

      • Bluepenguin76 says:


      • Bluepenguin1976 says:

        Chas sorry didn’t get to finish my last response. I’m actually pretty chilled about the sale?,its going to happen,as I said….just peeved off with the fact that we as fans are never told anything by this regime…….the communication lines with the fans are poorly managed,if complaining about that is a crime, hang me buddy,i’m guilty!!!.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Tom’s source could well be correct. However the ‘agreed’ bid could be delayed by the sellers dithering or maybe needing more time to hide those skeletons. Remember the fiasco when Gold & Sulli were selling to Grandtop?

  • the badger says:

    Pannu is seliing all he can, so they can trouser the money before a sale goes through. The fact that this seams to be regardless of the best interest of the club makes me think that a sale is imminent.
    These deals are never carried out in public. We will find out when it’s done and dusted.

    • chris says:

      They are entitled ‘to trouser the money’ in the sense the club/yeung took out loans from banks which we now have to pay back.
      Whether this money is being ‘trousered’ or being used to pay off these loans only they know as we are still awaiting the accounts yet again for half year ending December 2012.
      As these should have been out in March / April, what is the delay?

  • P'taah says:

    Maybe we will find out more when we hear the trial verdict? Just a thought.

  • Bombay Blues says:

    Just because there is an information vacuum does not mean that nothing is happening behind the scenes.

    The only practical debate can be about the timing of announcements!

    I am always unsure when you write these articles as to whether you are stating that there is nothing happening in the background, therefore there can be no sale of the club, or whether you are just advising that you do not know as to what is happening with regards to negotiations.

    What PP has said is factually correct and within the legal constraints of the HKSE, what else would you have expected?

    Can you be clear are you saying that there are no current negotiations at present? If there is can you clarify your understanding of the position. I.E still in due diligence. post due diligence and now negotiating warranties etc?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Truth is;, That we do not know what are C,Y’s intentions, ?. That he may, [ hopefully ] be forced to sell soon, but not untill his court case is over, — or– circumstances force him too, ?.

  • Andrew Whalley's rave video says:

    Tom really has made a rod for his own back with all his Twitter pronouncements. I hope for both the club’s sake and his sake that a deal is in the offing or his credibility really is shot to pieces.

  • TheSP says:

    Can I ask why Tatts and the Mail aren’t doing more to put pressure on them? Why aren’t they harassing and haranguing PP, bombarding his office with requests? Bugging the press office? Chasing Andy Walker?

    It is all too soft – the article you refer to in today’s Mail is as close as it has come but it is still desperately short of achieving anything.

    We need to start putting pressure on the likes of Tom and Tatts to start asking the questions, writing the features and probing the stories that will give us the information and updates we want as it is going to be the only route of communication we as fans have.

  • Chris Walker says:

    The CY trial could drag on for months still; if found guilty, he will obviously appeal.
    Tom Ross is a well-respected journalist and bluenose, and probably in a better position to hear the rumours, so I think there must be some truth in his remarks.
    As he is in such a position, he would not want to spread such rumours that will leave him red–faced.
    As for PP, there has been so many unsubstantiated stories from the halls of power at St Andrews regarding the financial position, though we all know it is in a dire situation, that if he were to claim the grass is green we would have to check for ourselves.
    If the club is on the verge of administration, they do not have to tell the HKSE of any forthcoming activity until the allocation of an administrator.
    BIHL have not exactly been forthcoming with any of their accounts or audits, which have led to so many rumours, so I doubt they will be rushing to HKSE with any imminent take over offers.
    As the headline states, we are in an “information vacuum” when it comes to our owner and chairperson, even the mail has struggled to get any confirmation.
    Like everyone else I will believe it when it happens, till then I am behind Lee Clark and the team, looking forward to the new season.

  • Masaccio says:

    Whatever happens in the trial and the next few weeks/months, I can’t see CY or PP appearing at the club on a match day, unless they’ve erected Job Centre type glass round the executive seating for blues fans to throuw themselves against.

    I agree with others, the best players have been sold. CY/PP will wait for the money to drop into their accounts leaving the club with the add on payments etc Then sell for the best price.

    Tatts mentions in his article that they’ve raised £44m since we got relegated, plus any sales before then, he will have made his money back…..

    • chris says:

      the wage bill has been £25 mill first year in the championship plus last years wages, guessing at say another £18 mill so there’s 43 million

  • JohnBond says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s made his money back but he’s close to it that’s for sure bet he wishes he hadn’t of bought Zigic now.. Wonder what the wage bill will be for the club this year?? 7 strikers and 10 free signings for a club that is in financial problems the sales of Davies and Redmond wouldn’t of covered 10 new signings surely?? Think the last asset could go for a million yet (Reily)

  • Smudge says:

    I cant believe that Tom would stick his neck on the line like this if the rumor was BS, he is taking enough flak now if this proves to be just that a rumor then he will be hung by the fans. As for PP’s response, well that is just the standard reply to that enquiry. It would be perfectly feasible to wine and dine any prospective buyer and agree in principle to the sale of the club (dodgy handshakes), but any announcement or formal offers/discussions would have to wait. Sitting here on the fence it is easy to see PP is creating the illusion of playing by the rules but during the BIHL tenure this has not always been the case, so why start now. It has been touched on already that it is possible that a lot more dirty laundry is still to be cleaned (pardon the play on words) before any new owners get their hands on the club so any possible sale is easily a long way off. As PP has said administration is not an option. I would like to know why apart from the loss of any financial recompense, what skeletons are still hiding in the closet.

  • carlos says:

    Sorry Almajir, but Pannu is playing you. He is obviously going to agree with your statements regarding HK stock market rules, but we know from past experience that the regulations mean diddly squat to him, until he is found out then he backtracks furiously.
    Also again, I must take issue with your dismissal of TR’s comments, the guy has many years experience of being in and around Blues and has , dare I say, many more contacts than yourself. It is very probable that TR’s contact has been led to believe by Pannu that a deal has been done, an announcement imminent, only for Pannu to then about face and things come to nothing as seems to have been the case before (Yu amongst others).

  • quokkasskip says:

    I think the main problem will be agreeing the value of the club.

    Any buyer will want to do full financial due diligence. As all the accounts have been qualified and cannot be trusted, it is v difficult to attach a value to the club, unless that is zero!

  • Spike bcfc says:

    Regarding Tom Ross there are a few things that he has go wrong over the years when he is positive about it, but saying that Redmond hasn’t officially gone so why is there a hold up with the transfer, maybe Tom knows something maybe he is a backer of this group, we need to see what happens as soon as pp cy leave the best

  • Spike bcfc says:

    Regarding Tom Ross there are a few things that he has go wrong over the years when he is positive about it, but saying that Redmond hasn’t officially gone so why is there a hold up with the transfer, maybe Tom knows something maybe he is a backer of this group, we need to see what happens as soon as pp cy leave the best

  • lettuce says:

    Almajir, you noted that an announcement had been made to the HKSE way back in October last year.
    Do they need to announce interest again?
    If it is the same parties, I guess not.


  • StevieW says:

    Well given the Vacuum and the perceived financial state of affairs administration can only be a heartbeat away.

    As already stated no overdraft no sugar daddy no assets to sell we must be on the brink.

    If you add on the belief that PP is also taking his cut and going by past accounts then that is a big whack well prepare for the worst/good dependant on your views.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Who knows, perhaps there’s only one realistic buyer, who will only pay so much for the club.. and have said, ok, pay off the £20m that’s owed to the bank first, then we’ll do a deal.

    Yeah I know…. fanciful, but no more than any of the other theories on eBay. lol

  • Knowle Blues says:

    What’s the point of discussing more rumours or hearsay re BCFC sale…If Tom Ross is to be regarded as a credible journalist he should be dealing with facts, or making it clear it is his opinion only… Commenting on potential Stock Market deals and announcements is a little risky from someone in Toms position, and I don’t think the ‘mole’ on the inside will be off loading any info in future… Lets discuss when/if it hits the HKSE.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    It may well need a potential buyer to raise their head above the parapet and come and save the Blues, but there is no place for charitable acts in the cut throat world of football. Anyone with any business sense will know that a club will be on offer at its lowest price once it’s status is in administration. So either CY will pull off a miraculous Houdini act or we will go into admin. No business man with any business acumen would bid for the club in its current circumstances.

  • sappy sad says:

    …..Perhaps tom is right …so what we then have to look at is what is the hold up with telling the stock exchange ….are they wait ing for the courts ok to buy the club…..are they waiting for redmonds sale ….are they waiting for window to close with no more funds to spend at this time……are they waiting for the court case to end in case there are no gremlins lurking …

  • Beau brummie says:

    Ive said before and ill say it again weve been sold to paladini but its not ebeing publicsed for the sale and purchases of players so shhhh

  • Evesham Blue says:

    It seems logical that if BIHL/CY cant get their asking price then they may sell off the assets(players) to get their cut that way.

    Another way of looking at it is – if we are so near the brink then how can we afford to loan players? LC has built a new squad.

    Now another question I would be asking is when is the last 8M parachute payment due? Surely they will trouser that first before disappearing over the sunset?

  • dave mann says:

    redmonds finally gone, now on with the show, come on blues.KRO.

  • SteveC says:

    Yes, Evesham .. they’ve been waiting for that ‘parachute wonga’, could be the catalyst for a sale.

  • dave mann says:

    another undissclosed fee, that should be banned because all fees should be known to all and
    sundry because of our right to know.£2 MILLION with £1.2 million to come thats not the case
    now i bet you any money.KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Whether it’s true or not… undisclosed fees mean something underhand to me. Clubs always used to disclose the fees… why not now? Very shady.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Can someone plz explain why on twitter & facebook people are posting BLUES will have new owners now Redmond has been sold ??
    We are told that the selling of players is to keep the club out of admin.
    Most company’s asset strip when they are in admin,thought you keep your most valuable assets to get a higher selling price.

    • Art Watson says:


      The sale of these players effectively reduce’s the value of club which then becomes more attractive to potential buyers.It is clear to me that the club has been up for sale now for quite a while and there have been some very interested buyers but Pannu is asking far too much hence the reason the club has’nt yet been sold.

      Pannu will not risk going into administration, potential buyers know this and are therefore looking for a bargain price.Selling the best players puts Pannu in a better position to attract potential buyers and in my view the club will now be sold quickly and I think the sale will be in the region of £25m max.

      We can only hope!

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I’m with you. I think the club is now worth £20-25m tops… which is about half what it was worth when they bought the club.

        • Euston 9.18 says:

          Thx’s for the reply’s.

          So they bought BLUES for around 80 Million & are prepared to sell it for 20/25 Million.

          Ok will have dropped out the prem,but why didn’t they sell years back,would of got more then,than now,I mean we have been in the villa (sh!t) for years.

          Fingers crossed for a new owner soon.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            They bought the club for £80m, but it was realistically worth only half, or a little more than that. The thing that ballsed it all up, was relegation. Going by their dealings since… I doubt they ever expected, or provided for that. Hence, the stupid contracts they dished out with every packet of Cornflakes (other well-known cereals are available.) If we’d stayed in the Prem for another season or two, I don’t think we’d be in the mess we are today.

        • chris says:

          the club is only worth around 15 to 20 mill
          st andrews about 8-10 (potential housing) wast hills 2 (no planning for housing) and players, goodwill and league position the rest minus debts which is why they are trying to clear loans

    • chris says:

      you sell assets to clear debt / loans or else the new owner will reduce price by amount of debt.
      i.e club worth £20 mill take off debt of £20 mill means current owners walk away with nothing.
      but sell off assets to reduce debt or totally pay of loans then the owners walk away with £20 mill

    • Beau brummie says:

      This money from selling these players is to be used as a catalyst for selling the club and them to be usef as spare money by paladini and his lot when he comes in to take over in a few weeks meaning we should have 3-5 million to spend on players so we can finally buy someone :)))))

  • sutton apex says:

    whatever will be, will be ! Lets get behind lee clark and the boys and get back to fortress st andrews !
    Cant wait for shrewsbury away – a positive and loud support will boost the players confidence.The takeover will run its course – we cant influence that but we can influence home games with passionate support. KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Imagine if, despite all the behind the scenes troubles, the management and players hear the fans 100% behind them from the start. Think what a boost they’ll get from that! Who wouldn’t want to play their heart out with fans like that cheering them on? And imagine how chuffed Lee Clark would feel if he heard his name being chanted from the moment he came down the tunnel.

  • bluenoserob says:

    ive been reading some of the comments on facebook re redmond , never read such a pile of sh*te , think i will stick with you guys for my blues related chatter from now on.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I find it worrying too when I read social media and hear other people views about the Blues. This isn’t because they might differ from mine but purely because the opinions stated are without pragmatism or any sense of logical thought. Some people are either totally deluded or in denial about the way the world works (especially the world of football)

      I seldom check anything else online other than The Mail, BBC Football and the official site for away ticket news. I rarely read the comments section if there is one.

      The level of intelligence of some of these cretins on Facebook never ceases to amaze me. Par example: The club is on its knees financially and you’ll so a quote from Joe in Sheldon saying the missing peice of the jigsaw is a £2 million striker. Why are Blues not in the market for X prolific striker? It beggars belief.

      I’m not being a snob to other places people state opinions but on her it’s a good bunch. Even the Victor Meldrews like Tony (sorry Tony) are knowledgeable, considered and more importantly realists.

      Long live OP.

      (rant over)

  • Wingman Blue says:

    That’s facebook for you.

    I like this novel approach to selling a company off . It’s like a man selling a vintage car that no-one is bidding for. While he’s waiting he’s selling off bits off the car to raise cash. No-one minded the furry dice and the green windscreen CARSON PETER plastic strip going, so he started selling the seats and mirrors to force a buyer’s hand. That hasn’t worked either, and now he’s wrenching off the doors and bonnet and selling them on e-bay in the hope that that the buyer waiting in the wings will panic at the vandalism and hurriedly up their bid.

    I know, it sounds crazy, but given the last twelve months, that’s about the only reason I can see.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    There is speculation in the Express and Star that Wolves are considering a bid of £1.5m for Shane Ferguson.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Why would he want to play in the 3rd division when he can play for us in the Champs for another season, then go back to the Prem with Newcastle?

      • Richard Granfield says:

        Wolves have money to spend and we don’t, so Newcastle may prefer to cash in rather than send him out on loan again.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          He’s very well thought of at Newcastle. Can’t see why he’d want to drop 2 divisions. Still, whoever doesn’t want to come, we won’t miss. Life goes on.

          • DoctorD says:

            StaffsBlue — are you my alter ego? I find myself nodding in agreement with almost everything you say.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            They have tablets for that these days lol

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Tbh DoctorD, I’m a pragmatist. Curtis Davies and Nathan Redmond are no more our players now than Ronaldo or Messi. Why would I care about them? At the end of the day, I’m only interested in Birmingham City players.

  • tamuffblue says:

    I an a big critic of Tom Ross but must admit to thinking he is onto something here – simply because he like Tatum usually sits on the fence and knows reputation is all in his proffesion – Ialso believe that has its him saying it the offer will have local connections after the dismal times of late lets really hope TR is spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StevieW says:

    It is now official the BCFC cupboard is now bare.

    Bring on the preditor’s who want take us away from this world.

    • Art Watson says:

      Stevie Blue,

      Yes it’s almost bare but I think Burke will go soon -he’s worth around £500k but PP would be happy with £300k

      • StevieW says:

        Yeah sorry on that one Art I forgot our flying Scotsman but like you say PP will settle for peanuts just to get rid.

        Something has got to happen now, hasn’t it?????

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Other than the youngsters, the only player that could command a fee now is probably Burke. And even then, he’ll be 30 at Xmas, and he’s played all of his career in the Scottish league and the Championship. He’ll only be worth £500,000… £750,000 tops. If I was the tea lady, I’d start running.

  • Art Watson says:

    Staffs Blue,

    You’re reading my mind.!

    Fancy a small bet for a kids charity?

    £10 says he’s gone before the start of the season ?

  • Marky mark says:

    We need a mole on the inside to divulge the what’s going on, any volunteers ?

    Tom Ross knows plenty of moles and my money is on him to be right, that said Dan full appreciate your stance.

    I think Zigic may be a mole cleverly disguised as a centre forward

  • Blue is the Colour says:

    Really think there is a sale that close ?

    No where near I reckon because :

    1 no stock exchange message
    2 buyer would put a hold on pannu selling players
    3 no way will cy sell until trial outcome is known unless its to one of his mates and a money ‘moving process’
    4 they are currently just selling the assets to keep us from admin

    Sorry Toms wrong this time

    KRO Sotv

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Those that say a sale is imminent, those who say there isn’t… it’s all conjecture, nothing more.

    With the owners saying bugger all, we’re left to wonder what the eff is going on. Pannu must be laughing his bonuses off.

  • Tony says:

    Dan states that he does not respond to speculation, fair enough he likes to deal in facts. Ok but can someone tell me what the speculatioon consists of? what has been heard by anyone? I must admit that apart from Paladini I have heard of no other interested party.
    There is no harm in people saying what they have heard, its a bit like the transfer rumours in the newspapers 80% of it is junk but its still interesting so come on folks lets hear your stories, it matters not if they are true or not..

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’d rather concentrate on the team. The rest will sort itself out.

  • Tony says:

    Regarding Ali,s reference to myself as Victor Meldrew, I have only one thing to say in response

  • chas says:

    Redmond’s Message To save everyone from looking.

    “it has been a very emotional 11 years for me at Birmingham City FC and i have loved every single minute of it. Coming through the ranks with Mitchell Hancox and Callum Reilly has been a journey and a half and i have loved it. I really really am going to miss it from the bottom of my heart. My nan who passed away last year always use to tell me “never forget where u have come from ” Well i came from Birmingham City FC !! ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE … this club will remain etched on my heart and soul for life, i am just sorry that i had to leave but i am looking forward to the next step on my journey as a professional footballer. Thank you so much to you the fans for supporting me on my journey from school boy to young professional. I will always KRO !!! x yours always Nathan Redmond x”

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Wasn’t looking. lol I saw the headline earlier today and haven’t read a thing about it since. He’s gone, I’m over it. Roll on the new season. KRO

    • Alex T says:

      Damn Staffs, you have no heart! I’d hate to see the state of your ex girlfriends ;-)

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Me too lol

        • StaffsBlue says:

          At the end of the day Alex, he ain’t gonna be shedding any tears over leaving us… his new pay packet will console him. Cynical? Maybe, but I’m not going to worry over something I can’t change. We have a team to support!

          • Pete says:

            Could not agree more. He had a choice to stay and opted to go. He was hugely well paid already, but made a financial decision to leave. Good luck, but he cant have cared that much. I hope he does well, but for me he is just another player to be given away for a joke fee. THAT is the disgrace.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I said the same the other day Pete. I said whether he stays or goes, it will be totally down to the player. No one can force him out if he doesn’t want to go.

          • Alex T says:

            Pete and Staffs, im sorry but your talking complete cynical bollocks. Did you read the heart felt message on Facebook? I agree that he probably could have stayed, I think he wanted to, but Pannu has probably made it clear that the club couldn’t survive if he stayed.

            FFS, he has been with us since he was 8!! You have such little concern for someone who pretty muchgave more than half his life to the club, then say you have a club to support? ?

            Well fair play, the club we support is having the heart ripped out of it and if you can carry on as if nothing is happening then you are a harder nut than I am. Personally, I think I will do the club more good in the long run if the chinese muppets don’t see the colour of my money.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I’m too long in the tooth to do hearts and violins. He’s gone. End of. One day, we might be in a position to keep hold of the Redmonds, Butlands and Mutches, but at the moment, we can’t. As long as the club survives, that’s the be all and end all.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Two things I noticed from reports on Redmond signing for Norwich.

            Redmond: “Chris Hughton was very influential on my career at Birmingham.” Influential? In one season? Right.

            Hughton: “He is a player that was of interest to us for some time and the situation has now come about that we can get him on our terms.” You mean ripping of your old club for a few poxy million?

            Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age.

  • bill cridland says:

    i think birmingham university may have something to say about the sale of wast hills ithink you will find it leased from the university

  • eddie says:

    this is obviously a hot topic, and watching what has happened to Coventry today has worried everyone

  • Dave S says:

    So, Blues “could” have new owners from the sub continent but with big Brum “family” connections, it’s about time one of the world richest finally gave something back to the city that allowed him to flourish
    Instead of the smoke.
    Just speculation and rumours, TR may not be a million miles off WTS

  • Ribeyeblue says:

    Is there the same requirement to inform shareholders of a sale negotiation via the HKSE if……….the prospective buyer is one of the shareholders?

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Ray says:

    I would like almajir’s opinion on how long this trial is likely to last . Perhaps I could go on holiday in the meantime, forget it,then come back to some positive news!

  • mark says:

    Maybe fans should also consider the 4mil ziggy wages……..

  • Blues for life 71 says:

    lots of people lots of opinions !! gonna do any good ?? not a prayer !! why bother.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    “Tom Ross is a well-respected journalist …”

    Yes? On who’s say so is that?

  • Mark says:

    It’s true and the reason for the showing off about it is…..

    A very very close friend of his.

    Got me excited when I found out. I won’t reveal for fear of contributing to a whole host of problems for him.

  • Bluenose Sean says:

    What can be worst than Carson

  • […] my opinion, I think this is bad news. I have stated a few times that I disagree with Tom Ross that a takeover is on the horizon and I have seen no reason to change […]

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