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The Carson Trial – Day 34

A shortened hearing in the District Court saw a longtime friend give evidence on behalf of Carson Yeung as his long running trial entered its thirty-fourth day.

Sharp Daily reports that a long time friend of Carson, Joseph Ng Loi-ping gave evidence today. Ng confirmed that he had known Carson for more than ten years and that Carson was public-spirited, giving money to charity often. Ng also told the court that Carson had bought Birmingham City because of the poor standard of football and football facilities in mainland China and that he wanted to help improve that by utilising the know-how and experience of Birmingham City’s staff.

Ng went on to say that he knew of Carson’s work at the Peninsula Hotel, and that he had met Taiwanese film star Brigitte Lin there.

Oriental Daily reports that Carson also was barber to Jackie Chan, and that he won the confidence of party apparatchik Jia Qinglin with his philanthrophy on the mainland.

The case resumes tomorrow at 10am (2am BST).

Update 22:30BST July 08

Full report from Oriental Daily here and from South China Morning Post here.

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47 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 34”

  • romanblue says:

    whats meeting a Taiwanese film star got to do with anything?lol

  • George says:

    He was making the point that CY owned an upmarket hotel where you could meet film stars. So he is a successful businessman.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    It would seem as though C,Y. has only character witnesses to call on, rather than ” normal ” defence witnesses, ?.

  • steve says:

    carson owned the Peninsula?? I dont think he did. Ive been in there many times, and its one of the best hotels in HK

  • steve says:

    Maybe he was referring to when he was a barber in the hotel.

  • Pete says:

    I seem to recall two young entrepreneurs who socialised in social circles and would give money to charity. It did not stop Ronnie and Reggie being criminals…… Not the best way of proving you are innocent. I think documentation to account for £60m worth of income would be the best approach!

  • Gary R says:

    His “defence” is so incredibly flimsy that I feel like laughing. It’s bordering on farcical, actually. With each day the Defence has the ‘stage’, so to speak, they’re shooting themselves in the foot more and more.

    Almajir – do we expect CY on the stand this week, or more likely, if at all, next week?

    • almajir says:

      still trying to find out

      • Gary R says:

        That’s great, Almajir. I think, in terms of the trial, everyone is waiting for CY to take to the stand. I think it’ll be the make or break of the trial, and I’ll go as far as to say that after his evidence is given us, as fans, and you, Almajir, though unable to comment publicly, we will all have an idea whether CY will be found Guilty or Not Guilty before the official Verdict in a few weeks time.

  • cyprusblue says:

    Yes he was referring to his haridressing salons. It says so in the SOuth China Morning Post. If you google “carson yeung peninsula hong kong” you will see. Not sure if its copyright breach if i copy and paste!

  • SteveC says:

    Almost surreal isn’t it …

    Charge: nearly 60 mill. passing in and out of ex-hairdresser’s bank account(s) lightning-style from various ‘contributors.

    Defence: Lucky on Stock market and Bacarat table and gives money to charity ….

    Am expecting the Chuckle brothers (Paul and Barry) to be called soon as ‘expert witnesses’.
    To this account, to that account …….

  • John says:

    Hi, is this today’s outcome because its dated 5th July cheers

  • Flakey says:

    Shocking defence witnesses,if CY gets off with this my pr÷@#$ a bloater and we’re all having fish for tea,saying that we all remember O J Simpson KRO

  • John says:

    It says day-34 July 05 on mine

  • Chris Walker says:

    This could out last Corrie ST…
    Thought the O.J. Simpson case was farcical, this is a Del Trotter scenario, next he’ll be calling Mrs Browns Boys for the encore.
    Seriously though do we have any idea how much longer we will have to wait for an outcome and is he likely to appeal if found guilty?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think it sums up the boredom with these Comedy Capers, that comments are now nearly all satirical. Is there light at the end of that there tunnel?

  • DoctorD says:

    Love this translation from Oriental Daily:

    “Wu said Yang when restricted to the barber to friendship price received 500 yuan a meter. ”

    So that’s where he made his money from barbering — Carson Yeung’s genius tactic was to charge customers on the length of hair cut off.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    Can’t figure out why he’s wasted his money on defending this case. Utterly useless witnesses not offering any worthwhile evidence to help him prove his innocence. The way it’s going he’d have been better off pleading guilty to get a reduced sentence and save himself a bucket load of money.

  • bluenoserob says:

    Day 34,next time we have a crooked Chinese owner who has to go to trial,and Dan says its gonna be a 25 day thing I’m gonna take it with a pinch of salt ….lol

    • almajir says:

      I never said it would take exactly 25 days pal, I said it was estimated to be at least 25 days.

      • chas says:

        Dan, why do you bother to answer Posters who keep saying things like Bluenose Rob ? You have explained yourself enough times for any sensible person to understand. I admire your patience.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Tbh, I hope there’s an awful lot that hasn’t been reported… because if that IS his defence, he’d better start getting used to porridge. We’ve not heard a single shred of evidence to prove he isn’t guilty of those charges. It all seems to be hearsay.

  • bluenoserob says:

    I know you said it was at least 25 days Dan ,I was only kidding ,I was just commenting on what a bizzare situation it is and how it seems to be going on forever

  • Chris says:

    CY defense is and always has been hearsay no records of income…F…Me if you are telling a judge that you was a barber to jackie chan for your defense on charges of money laundering then you are seriously in deep without a paddle…..

  • bluenoserob says:

    Chas,sorry that my comment was too faintly ironic for you, you got the impression from my post that I’m not sensible ,from your comment I got the impression that your a grade A suck up

  • mark says:

    don’t you just love court days, its great to know our owner has so many friends in high places, associates of the highest order, film stars…………and so on………..
    Hope Jackie Chan is blues supporter i love his films………… issue will be when Carson takes the stand, and he recites his life and tribulation……….from been a high class barber to paying 80 mil for Birmingham…..cannot wait…………….he will start off with “I had a dream” and he will finish off with “I still have a dream” ……………the tension is gripping…….

  • bcfc1975 says:

    Mark sorry to say – but that is sh*t funny lol

  • mark says:

    thanks – bcfc1975

  • SteveC says:

    Wonder who we’ll have giving evidence for the ‘defence’ today ?

    We’ve had the comedy …
    Perhaps a musical interlude …. ?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      It’s that old comedy duo…. you know, the ones who played for the Villa in the 70s, names were We Won Once and How Long Since. ;)

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If this is the best Carson Yeung’s defence has to offer… then I see no way he can avoid taking the stand. It’s all going to stand or fall on his testimony alone. I hope he’s been practicing.

  • mark says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsaSM5EPd_Q for me carson will do it in style lol come on you bluenoses dance to theme………….

  • mark says:

    don’t you just love those shades………….lol

  • SteveC says:

    Today is looking good ..
    Another win for the boys and Benteke saying bye byes …

    Love the song too :-)

  • Smudge says:

    I am still going to fence sit as i dont think the newspapers are telling us everything. If we are to believe the press reports then Carson’s Defence is purely trying to prove his good character, surely the judge would be asking the defence council if they have any actual evidence in order to prove CY’ innocence or at least refute the prosecutions allegations against him, and as an interested bystander i just dont see how he is proving his innocence. As for the news that Sammy Yu has pulled out, this only proves to me that PP is not in any hurry to offload the club. Maybe CY and PP do have an ace up their sleeve and as soon as this trial is over something monumental will happen, the cynic in me says it wont be what we fans want

    • Chris Walker says:

      The silence from PP is deafening, especially when it comes to the selling of BCFC.
      As for the court case and from what has been published and/or translated I don’t even think the Great Houdini could get himself out of this case, in fact with friends like CY’s who needs enemies.
      The judge has the final say, if I am correct, if there is a jury they must be in stitches by now.
      If found guilty then surely they must sell, though CY has got his son on the board, but then we will have to endure an appeal to prolong the agony.
      I think we will be facing administration, which I can only see will end us of this regime.

      • Gary R says:

        Any appeal is irrelevant when it comes to the sale of BCFC. The appropriate Footballing Authorities would take immediate action, regardless of appeal procedures, if any.

        • Chris Walker says:

          Not so sure about the Footballing Authorities stepping in, they didn’t with Portsmouth or Blackburn and they have authorised Coventry City’s move to Northampton for 3 years.
          They only seem to get involved with Footballing issues not ownerships.
          No doubt someone will correct me

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