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The Carson Trial – Day 37

The long running trial of Carson Yeung on five counts of money laundering was interrupted today when Carson was taken ill, complaining of chest pains.

Sharp Daily reports that Carson reported being in discomfort relating to a cardiac condition during the morning of the hearing and was ordered by the judge to see a doctor and return for the afternoon session. However Carson did not return and his representatives said that he was undergoing a full physical check-up at the private Canossa Hospital on the Peak.

Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong has apparently disclaimed his displeasure at what he says are unnecessary delays in the court case and has told Carson’s legal team that the Birmingham City President must return to court tomorrow unless he is either in a coma or intensive care. The prosecution have also considered changing Carson’s bail conditions.

The case resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am (2;30am BST)

edit 22:00 BST July 11 2013

Oriental Daily’s full report confirms just how angry the judge was – with the headline being that unless Carson was dying he was to appear in court on Friday. The judge has also ordered the defence to confirm how many witnesses are left to call and if Carson will take the stand himself.

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