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The Carson Trial – Day 38 – Adjournment

The long running trial of Carson Yeung took another twist today as the case has been adjourned for a further three months by the trial judge, Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong.

Metro Radio reports that after Carson’s niece Kassi Yeung Tak-wai gave evidence the trial was adjourned until October 15 with Carson to continue reporting on bail to the police once a week.

This followed reports last night that the trial hearings had to be concluded today due to scheduling conflicts with other trials that are due to be worked on by the prosecution and defence counsels.

Sharp Daily reports that Carson did appear in court today after feeling unwell yesterday but will be having gastrointestinal surgery tomorrow at the exclusive private Canossa Hospital on the Peak.

With an adjournment in the hearings now until October it is thought we may be waiting until the start of 2014 for a verdict.

Edit: 22:00BST July 12 2013

The full story from South China Morning Post confirms that Carson will not take the stand in his trial and that he is to undergo a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy tomorrow.

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135 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 38 – Adjournment”

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Oh joy.

  • Pete says:

    This cannot actualy be happening! Well surely the club has to sell now, as it will fold if this does beyond January with nobody of value left to sell. I cant help but feel there have been delibrate delaying tactics with Yeung and this might have been on the agenda…..

  • chatts-blue says:

    Ridiculous, How many more witnesses are there? Surely there’s only a day or 2 court time left, followed by the 3 months for the Judge to decide on a verdict. Now we have to wait 3 months to get these 2 days in court, and then another 3 months. Guess it gives CY time to think up more delaying tactics!

  • Andy says:

    Al – would you say this means we’ll probably be waiting until at least the start of 2014 until the club is sold too?

  • mark says:

    should we win the championship i wonder if Carson would want to sell imo????………
    Anyone who thought this was done and dusted………stay tuned……
    The one good thing about this we can all get on with supporting Clark and our team….
    All those who want to be silly and boycott our club please step forward…….
    Three months grace whereby football could be the most interesting subject……………….kro

    • steve says:

      well i won’t be renewing my season ticket until this is over.

      i am not prepared to finance Carson’s shenanigans while all our assets are stripped leaving us in certain turmoil.

      with no revenue we will go into administration, we will be sold, we will get an owner who is either passionate about football and want to make us work or a very astute businessman that will invest to build us up so he can sell and make a fortune. either way a much better alternative to watching non-league players fight it out in one of the toughest leagues there is against seasoned professionals. (LIONS TO THE SLAUGHTER – I honestly hope you can all ridicule me in a few months when i am wrong, but honestly, do you think i am?)

      on a second note: it has been a pleasure sitting next to you for the last couple of seasons AL, i may be back, and say hi to those around us; Geoff and Eddie in particular


  • StaffsBlue says:

    Really? We could never have expected this delay of course. Fancy having a gastric band fitted just to gain an extra 3 months. The things desperate people will do. *shakes head*

    I think the best thing we can do now, is forget all this rubbish and not let it overshadow the start of an exciting new season. Why should we let our dodgy owners ruin that? KRO

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Personally;, I have now given up on a resolution to this, !!.

    Farcical springs to mind, !!. Incompetance not far behind, !!.

    I really do fear for the survival of our club, !!.

  • Nigel Pretty says:

    Can I perform the surgery please? I’ll be gently!

  • bluenoseneil says:

    The man is ILL.

    Don’t be such a heartless bunch of sods.

    Jeez….some of these responses actually sicken me. Think of his family and friends before you make comments about football which – in comparison – are not in the slightest bit important.

    Perspective please.



    • KeeprightCroydON says:

      You are right of course bluenoseneil. But I also feel that if he’s not well and clearly lacks the ability and means to run the club, he should now sell up. He too needs to get his priorities right. If he’s ill, the stress of owning the club can’t help him, so he should let go.

    • Brad Smith says:

      If i had to save Carson Yeung’s life of our football clubs, i’d have no trouble switching off that machine.

      Disgraceful criminal that has ripped the soul out of our community.

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Brad that’s a hideous comment and actually libellous.

        I think you should engage your very small brain before wishing death on anyone. Either that or keep it shut pal cos that kind of mentality isn’t welcome here or at Stans.

        Dan – please intervene!!!

        • John says:

          It would appear bluenoseneil,you have more concern for Carson Yeung,of whom, you know nothing, but have no concern, for the plight of this club of ours !

          • bluenoseneil says:

            No John I have plenty of concern but I draw the line at wishing death upon ANYONE, no matter how much of an arse***e that person may or may not be.

            Like I said before….perspective.

  • dave mann says:

    3 more and more and more months of this joke trial and 2 more and more and more months
    for a verdict, that takes us to 2014 and more players sold, what a nightmare that wont go
    away. case closed for me on this subject.KRO.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It seems as though this incompetent bunch won’t be leaving now until they’ve recouped the whole chuffin’ £80m. That means at least another year of this car crash ownership! Worst thing is, it’s not like it wasn’t expected!

    • Pete says:

      How will they do that now though? There is nobody left to sell. I cant imagine they would keep the club going in the hope a teenager suddenly becomesa superb player, which to be quite honest there is no evidence of being likely to happen….

  • mark says:

    Oldbluenose – I personally am not fearful – the club is in Ireland on tour got the best facilities, lads are enjoying themselves, Clark looks the most happiest person in the world, spring in his step….returned from Barcelona with food for thought…………for the pending season……….. players in want to play for bcfc, its our turn as fans now to man up and show our support…………..kro

  • Agent McLeish says:

    The judge should ask to see his surgery scar when the trial resumes. Maybe CY swallowed something that caused this condition?? Hang on! I thought he was suffering with a “cardiac condition”?

  • dave mann says:

    R. I. P blues, and keep right on to the end of the club.
    it was a pleasure and an honour to support you all
    of my life but the end is nigh!
    god bless all those that supported the club and city.

  • chatts-blue says:

    I think some people maybe getting confused. From the blog,i understand the case is adjourned because of Scheduling issues with defence and prosecution, not because CY is have an operation! The defence will have know that today was the last day before it had to be adjourned anyway.

  • Gary says:

    Having watched our Blues since the 60’s this is just another long long road, we have always had joys and sorrows at St Andrews, carson is no worse than the kumars we survived them and we will survive Carson, its about time we got behind the Boyz in Blue and raised the roof at Our St Andrews, l feel whoever owns our club is only a caretaker the Club belongs to Us so lets make the Boyz wearing the shirt see how much they and Shirt they are honoured to wear means


  • Andy W says:

    I’m afraid the cynic in me just sees this whole process as a game that CY is playing particularly well at the moment. All parties concerned would have known about the Court Schedule….they must have done! But this is the first I have heard of it unless I have missed the prior reporting of this fact and apologies in advance if I have. In any case, I find it of interest that a couple of days after the appeal for re-examination of prosecution witnesses fails, CY is taken ill and the case is adjourned only for him to return a day later to find that the trial has reached the end of it’s schedule. He now has a further three months to try and shore up his weak position (in my opinion) in this case, and so has played the system well?
    Meanwhile, we are still left with much uncertainty about what will happen to our club, and given the situation at Coventry it does make one a little insecure?

  • James says:

    There is nothing wrong with him; I’ll bet any amount ( well, £50!) to charity if Carson is genuinely ill.


  • chudlt says:

    Pannu and CY are really good at this aren’t they. We should all be fearful of what’s to come. The only asset left is St. Andrews.

  • geraldsquires says:

    I dont see how this affects a sale mmmmm?
    If indeed their are serious bidders the Problem lies solely with the valuation does it not mmmmm?

  • Gary says:

    Good links for songs try my favourite


  • mark says:

    http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/big-birmingham-city-interview-andrew-5071695? Can shinnie be a big player at blues??, i cannot wait, and he can score goals as well……….

  • Tony says:

    Let’s face it, he could be ill, but I like many others suspect it was just another way of delaying the inevitable. After all that’s what they’ve been doing for over a yea, they knew only so much time had been allocated for this trial and by dragging everything out they would have to schedule at a later date. Presumably it will be the same judge when it restarts and he does not allow them to continue with this farce indefinitely. Hope we’ve still got a club at the end of this.

    • mark says:

      be could in the premiership at the end of this hey Tony lol

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I agree with Tony. These delaying tactics have been solely to stetch it out to this adjournement. It gives them another 3 months grace, in which to prepare themselves (as if they didn’t have enough time before the case started.) Hopefully, when the case resumes, the judge refuses anymore delaying tactics. I gather it will be the same judge? (notwithstanding chest pains and gastric surgery)

      • mark says:

        now that’s interesting does the judge get changed…… or does he stay for stability and continuity of the case?? i would only think the judge only gets changed should he or she falls ill?? i stand corrected if this is not the case………….??

        other thing to remember is- Dan mentioned possible 2 years of appeals- surely in that time there may need to be a change of judge…….. if this happens another judge opinion could also alter, as each judge have their own opinions………..

  • DoctorD says:

    Al — I think you might have to postpone the release of your book now or at least add another couple of chapters. How convenient that he’s taken ill just as he was about to speak in court.

    That’ll be Chpater 11: Under the Knife: How a Well-Timed Op Saved My Bacon

  • Steve kemp says:

    And who is paying for the private surgery ?

  • Marky mark says:


    Am I right to assume his assets will still be frozen during this 3 month delay, surely they have to allow him to operate his business concerns.

    If this case results in the collapse of his empire and then they find him not guilty would he not have a case for massive compensation ?

  • dave mann says:

    pete and mark, a bit over the top i know but ime very passionet about the club like yourselves
    and this period of pain is dragging on far to long for me to keep my sanity.
    will i be there for the watford game?…………..OFCOURSE I WILL!……..and all the other home
    games this season and quite a few away games to because ive got blue blood and always
    will, its my life and my familys life! KRO.

    • mark says:

      if the eleven players have your spirit and passion for our club like you Dave the championship title is going to be ours…………you heard first on the best blog……… we will be champions…………

  • mark says:

    Liam Davis could have played his way into a contract at Birmingham City after impressing Blues boss Lee Clark as a free agent on the club’s pre-season tour of Ireland. maybe another player ready to sign……………??

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I think everybody that posts on here will have died of old age before this gets sorted. Adjournment, waiting for the verdict, then sentencing and no doubt an appeal and on and on it goes…

  • ken says:

    Dont forget to send the GET well CARDS

  • dave mann says:

    mark , if we win the championship this comming season it would be the biggest achivement
    in the clubs history no danger, bigger than 2002 promotion, bigger than 2011 carling cup,
    all the victories over vile between 2002 and 2010, this would surpass all those purely on
    the circumstances we find our selves in.
    cheers for the compliment.KRO.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Bit hard to stomach. I’ll get me coat!

  • dave mann says:

    a coat in this weather would be madness surely lol. KRO.

  • Lee says:

    All you lot who have bought season tickets have paid for your mate Carson to sit in an ‘exclusive’ hospital bed, he must think you lot are great

    • mark says:

      well he does like the grandeur life style………..at least he can put his feet up now for 3 months……….lol

    • phil says:

      we’ve sold about 8000 season tickets so far. 2 of them are mine and I very much doubt it’s gone in Carsons pocket, after all, we have staff working at the club that need paying too you know.

      • mark says:

        Hi Phil – that’s great news 8,000 hopefully that will keep rising, and many more will vote for football reasons……….. and not be sucked into hearsay and generalizing where people think their money possibly going……..

        • phil says:

          That’s what the girl in the ticket office told me Mark. I would love it if we sold 20,000 season tickets and showed a possible new owner what we can be like. I don’t get this I’m not buying til these owners have gone mentality. If you can afford a ticket, I would encourage you to get one. Our club will be stronger for it, not Yeung. He’ll just be more sorry that he messed up.

      • Pete says:

        We have to have a reality check here. It is great we will have a reasonable sum of season ticket holders, but there will be a huge number of them aged under 10. Nothing wrong with this, but remember these were free season ticket holders. So in terms of revenue into the club and a true picture of our paying support this could not be quite as it might seem.

  • dave mann says:

    we all have to do our bit to keep carson happy surely lee, the mans suffering and deserves
    every single penny and we all think hes great to, so get your season tcket pal!
    ( if you believe that your believe anything) i do it for me, my wife, my son and the club
    i love, i dont need carson telling me how great i am.KRO.

  • Tony says:

    What a weird way of doing things the trial should reach a conclusion without a break ,its smoke and mirrors all the time delaying tactics.
    Whats it all for anyway, most of these characters have been engaged in wrongdoing many times before.
    Sick and tired of it all, the authorities over here should step in and do something, Im told you should not generalize a nation just on one individual but christ Glasshoper this is ridiculous.

  • dazbcfc says:

    Thanks for all the updates on the case Dan. Devastated with the further delay. But I always try to stay positive. For example at least we are playing our home at St. Andrews rather than Northampton. (Can’t understand why Coventry didn’t share with us, just a bus journey away??) Or we could be like Pompey in the bottom league? It doesn’t make our situation better but it could be far worse imo. Let’s get right behind the boys in royal blue, kro

  • mark says:

    spoke to lee novak on the web-chat with Andy walker seems a very likable chappy, likes taking penalties…. easy going and very much likes been at bcfc…… it great that the fans can get a better perceptive of players…imo

  • mark says:

    my other question which i did not have time to do- can novak do for Matt Green what he did for Rhodes……………. if so there a possibility we could be on fire…….

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s one of the most exciting parts…. Novak and Green, with maybe Shinnie or Arthur pulling the strings behind. Brains in the middle and pace and power up front. Can’t wait for it to all kick off.

      • mark says:

        not forgetting a possibly sturdy and tight defense in burns and bartley with wing back and full back bombing on…funny how a year can change so quickly, and exciting times possibly returning to stans , new players to get excited about………please that Clark is getting the reception from the fans……….the stans will once more become a scary fortress for the away fans…….too top off next year to pull the vilers in the cup at home………..

  • dave mann says:

    well lees pretty much said that its novak and green as is preffered 2, with shinniesta just of
    the front, that looks very good and should exite a pretty unexited st andrews from last season
    so looking forward to the season and all the moans and groans that a home support brings.KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    agree with what you say mark but st andrews will only become a fortress when our home record
    improves from last seasons disaster and we can get 20,000 plus fans to roar us on.
    great home record, good crowds = scary fortress, lets hope results dictate this! .KRO.

    • mark says:

      i cannot disagree with your comments Dave……….like all of us Watford game may set the tone on how we as fans more on. This game should have a clean slate for both the team, and for the manager…..
      just out of interest it will be interesting how blues adapt against hull at home in their friendly……….to how maybe Clark play against Watford…….

  • Lee says:

    Apparently there’s a big announcement on Monday, hopefully good news

  • dave mann says:

    fergouon signing on loan from newcastle that will be lee.KRO.

  • dave mann says:


  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    This is getting to be a modern day, oriental version of Bleak House. Soon no one will know what the case us about as it drags on aimlessly.

    But now I have come to realise why he dragged in so many useless witnesses who weren’t doing.his defence any good. Obviously some kind of fillybustering ploy to drag things on until an inevitable adjournment. I think I read in one of Dan’s earlier reports that the judge appeared a tad annoyed and asked the defence for a clear list of who else was going to attest. Seems like they’re stringing the judge along as well.

    As for the sale of the club. I know this adjournment should not have any bearing – well not in theory. But I do think it gives CY breathing space on this issue. If he’s found guilty he’d be disqualified as a director of an English club which would force him to sell up. So the delay means he can’t be forced to sell up, and call hang on a bit longer.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Ferguson signing will be good news and may complete the squad jigsaw. But hardly a big announcement.

  • dave mann says:

    what else could it be? KRO.

  • JohnBond says:

    Where has reports of his big announcement come from??

  • Blue Nose Gaz says:

    What a complete farce, maybe Pannu might grow a pair and let us know what plans if any he has now this saga seems nowhere near being resolved

  • StaffsBlue says:


    For me, Randolph and Reilly stood out as being particularly sharp. Good to see the BM left the bad language in… more natural lol

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Anyone up for a whip round to get Carson some flowers and grapes?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    A piece of useless trivia is that Adam Rooney (remember him) is in a dispute with Swindon over his contract and is training with Oldham.

  • Kimberley Blue says:

    does the trial delay muck up your book release date?

  • Pete says:

    Where is this Monday announcement talk coming from? Can anyone clarify please?

  • Macca salop blue says:

    Totally fed up with this can see this going on and on and on till 2016 at this rate.

  • Tony says:

    mmmmmmmm maybe its me signing on monday mmmmmm

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Thought you had to be ……..

    “FIT & PROPER” to be a chairman of a non Prem League club ??

    Well the hairdresser is not …..

    “FIT”…… Get well soon…………..!!


    “PROPER” Ermmmmmmm !!!!!!!! Well the brady bunch thought he was !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      As has been stated on a number of occasions…. the fit and proper person thing isn’t fit to wipe yer arris on. It’s a piece of nothing, invented to make the bigwigs feel good about themselves. It isn’t fit for purpose.

  • bluenose1949 says:

    Have you got the Judges name right.Is it Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong or is it Judge Douglas you take too long.?????
    Tired and Weary but still hanging on in there.

  • ray says:

    If you wrote a script for a movie like this it would be called “The never ending story.” The Nurenburg War Crimes Trials didn’t last this long!I I bet we couldn’t write the script for the ending either! All we can do is keep supporting the club as we always have done. Still, it makes the Kumars look like a minor incident doesn’t it!

  • tgeejay says:

    Surely we should all be concentrating on keeping the club surviving not running down some poor old chinaman who will be treated in what sounds like Hong Kong’s most expensive hospital?

  • Big Bill says:

    Almajir I can’t read the stuff on the South China Morning Post website as I have already read the maximum 4 free articles on there.
    That website now wants me to “resgister” there and I am loathe to do that.
    Can you publish the full text of their latest article on Carson Yeung as part of this blog response please?

  • sutton apex says:

    money talks – if someone bids 35 mllion for blues, spend 10 million on players/extra wages, gets into premier straight away – 57 million before you kick a ball – instant profit
    regardless of what happens to carson we need an investor prepared to take a gamble – carson will sell if the price is right regardless of his health/court case

  • StaffsBlue says:

    … on top of that, you have the potential.

    Although we’re pretty much on our knees at the moment… that £10m invested in players could potentially buy Birmingham City promotion to the premier league within 1-2 seasons. Every purchase in business has it’s risks… but I don’t think we’d be that much of a risk. The potential is there for any buyer who’s interested.

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      I’m with you on this one StaffsBlue. Fulham has just been bought up by a rich American of Pakistani origin. Admittedly it’s a well established Premiership club, but I’m sure it did not come cheap. It has around £200m liabilities in ‘soft’ loans from Al Fayed, and I’m sure he’d have insisted on the recovery of them as part of the deal.

      • KeepRightcroydOn says:

        With the massive player clear out over the last two seasons, Zigic is now the only really high earner in the squad, and he has only a year left on his contract. Yes King, Mullins & Lowenkrands are also in highish wages, but not in the same category and they’ll probably be off soon. So whoever buys the glum now will take on an operation with low and potentially reducing assets, and potential they can nurture if the have a decent business and operational strategy. So come on potential investors with Blues interests at heart. It’s a good time to invest in it.

  • Euston 9.18 says:

    Seems other clubs are getting wealthy investors involved,just read Doncaster Rovers are prepared to have the sh!ts shay given on a seasons loan & pay his wages.

    Agreed by there new Irish owners.

    No disrespect to Doncaster as a place or as a football club,but BIRMINGHAM surely have more potential then Doncaster for profit & exposure.

    BLUES have been up for sale now,how long 12 months or more & still no takers,read elsewhere after Redmond leaving the club would be sold or when c`y trial came to an end,well the trial now looks like it will drag on for another year or so & who benefits for all this bad press,which I thought the Far East culture was all against bad press.

    I seem to think there is something very wrong down ST ANDREWS which won’t be exposed until we have a new owner,to much undisclosed deals for players & money so called spent on board members wages/expenses.

    Surely someone who works at ST ANDREWS knows what actually is going on or is the truth that the only people you are “in the know” is pannu & young ??

  • StaffsBlue says:


    Matt Green: “Everyone seems to be singing off the same hymn sheet, in the work and in training. There has been no grumbles at all,’’ he added.

    “No-one wants to be anywhere else than Birmingham City.”

    That last sentence is the most important for me. It makes a huge change from the last 3 seasons.

    • mark says:

      now it time the fans sing from the same hymn that might make a change then i think the stans will be better place for it…………………everyone moving together, one team…..one community…one blues…..kro

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