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A Tale of Two Reeces – Solihull Moors v Blues DS Match Reflections

Blues’ reserve side were comfortable winners at the Autotech Stadium tonight after beating the Solihull Moors 3-1 thanks to two goals from Reece Brown and one from Reece Hales.

As a game, it started off slowly. Players were playing with the ball like it was a hot potato and passes were getting misplaced everywhere, on both sides. However, Blues settled down quicker and once Reece Brown (who for me was man of the match) got into his stride the team really started to show their class. The first goal started with a sumptuous ball from Truslove; Lovenkrands tried to loop it back over the keeper but it was drifting wide and looked to be going out. However, Amari’i Bell hadn’t given up, and nodded the ball from practically beside the post back to trialist Ahmed Obeng, who unselfishly squared the ball for the oncoming Brown to score.

The Moors made eleven changes on the hour mark and it showed; their second string lacked cohesiveness whilst Blues really grew in confidence. Charlee Adams excelled after being pushed back into his natural right flank role whilst sub Kwadwo Bonsu-Asamoah looked very much like his compatriot Koby Arthur in a dynamic central midfield role.

Obeng had done well in his hour on the pitch but his replacement Reece Hales was immense; his first touch was to delicately lob the keeper to make it 2-0 (showing Lovenkrands who had tried and failed twice to do that how it was done) before Brown made it three soon after with a rasping 25 yard drive. As the game went on Blues could have gone further ahead, with Lovenkrands guilty of missing chances before seeing one chalked off for offside; Asamoah hit one that went just wide and Gray could have scored twice too.

Blues trialled two defenders in the game in former Reading centre back Angus McDonald and former Coventry stopper Joe Henderson and both did okay without really excelling. Obeng, who has come in from Rushall Olympic was probably the most impressive of the trialists, making some good runs and being a willing foil for the vastly more experienced Peter Lovenkrands. The Dane looked out of sorts; several shots went wide and whilst he got into good positions he didn’t look convincing up front.

Solihull had the last laugh though when Trey Braithwaite stepped up and smashed a 30 yard free kick home with a shot that looked like it went between keeper Callum Preston’s arms, deceiving him completely. However, it was nothing more than a consolation for Solihull with the scoreline reflecting the difference between the teams.


Callum Preston, Charlee Adams, Marcos Painter (Nathan Quirk), Liam Truslove (Kwadwo Bonsu-Asamoah), Angus McDonald, James Fry, Amari’i Bell, Reece Brown, Ahmed Obeng (Reece Hales), Demarai Gray (Joe Henderson), Peter Lovenkrands

Subs not used Connal Trueman, Jean Kalenda

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46 Responses to “A Tale of Two Reeces – Solihull Moors v Blues DS Match Reflections”

  • Danny Kelly says:

    Do we have Painter back then?

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    No Marlon King ?

    Injured, on his way out , or back in the first team fold ?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Do you think that any of the young players on show tonight will manage to force themselves into the first team picture before the end of the season, or is it a season too soon?

  • sutton apex says:

    no wonder no ones wants to buy lovenkrands !!

  • Ricky says:

    Sorry for my ignorance who was the lightning quick young lad in the number 9 shirt?

  • AR says:

    Sorry that this is not relevant to the above, but is it right Zigic is out for a long time or is this a leg-pull?

  • AR says:

    The pun of “leg-pull” is not intended.

    • mark says:

      Staffsblue- it was my belief clark maybe thought the four requested to leave would have gone by now. Clark other option is now to play them in some capacity to hopefully move them on. It appears to me clark is hopeful something can be done later on if they are still available.

      • mark says:

        *trialists to possibly return. Staffsblue

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I think Lovenkrands will be as impossible to move on as Zigic has proved to be. The other three still have something to offer.

          As for the trialists, I think Liam Davis has possibly earned a short deal, maybe up to January. You can never have enough left-footed midfielders. But I don’t think McGurk and Little have had long enough to prove themselves.

  • Tony says:

    Pity about McGurk I think he could have done a job. What a sorry state we have become cant even afford a few grand a week to sign some players its a disgrace.
    Dan Im sure you must have answered all this before but could you give an estimated breakdown of our finances?.
    IE How much we have had in transfer fees, Parachute Payements, revenue of all sorts against expenditure, Iam aware you are not privy to the finer detail but you usually are not far out with your assesment.
    Apologies if I appear somewhat dense but I cant get my head around exactly whats going on down there we must have made around 6-7 mil in transfers, then theres parachute money, tv revenue, how much does it take to run a cub our size?.

    • almajir says:


      The bottom line.

      In 2011/12 we took in 39mil in turnover (including transfers). We spent £25mil in wages. We had to sell players to ensure the bills got paid.

      If you want a breakdown, read the accounts. They cost a quid from companies house.

    • Art Watson says:


      It’s easy to understand what’s going on at STA.

      PP is bleeding the club dry and running it on a shoe string.

      It’s all about money and apart from keeping the club out of administration (he can’t afford that to happen) nothing else matters.

      It’s a belt and bracers approach and I fear more financial constraints are just around the corner.

      It’s a complete shambles.

  • Tony says:

    Ok Dan That will suffice many thanks.

  • JohnBond says:

    If we could get rid of Mullins then we could probably take in 2 of the trailist

  • Marvin Shortman says:

    I suggested to someone I know at Shrewbury Town to take a look at Ahmed Obeng this kid has pace to burn and was playing at Bloxwich United (where I worked) in the west mids regional league this kid has hit 50 goals in the Northern Prem and only 19 years old ( heard Rushall wanted 10,000) he has a big future.

  • Tony says:

    Im sure Mc Gurk would have been an asset, if the fat controller gave up a few percentage points of his consultancy fee we could have signed him.

    • chas says:

      Tony, do you know how many Players we have signed already this Close Season ? We cant sign everyone who has a trial for us. I wouldn’t mind hazarding a guess that if a Player came along who would definitely improve the Team, the money will be found for him.

  • mark says:

    If the four players move on this would have been sufficent to have extended the trialist stay. collectively clark has moved fantastically well with what we have so far.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Nathan Quirk a former Liverpool FC Academy player might be worth pursuing as he has plenty of skill and tenacity and is only 18. Any thoughts?

  • Chris says:

    Lovenkrands was shockingly poor he just didn’t want to be there…just 1 decent effort all game time he had….one the upside…

    Nice pint and ciggy while watching the game wasn’t a bad couple of hours left ten min early car park would been a nightmare…..

    • StaffsBlue says:

      This is something that annoys me about a lot of players. Don’t they have any self-respect? If you’re surplus to requirements, you play for a move, not just be content to sit on your arse, watch your career sink and pick up your wages.

      • Blueboy 88 says:

        What about some respect from the manager ?

        Clark bought him to the club, he is an international player, & i can’t come up with one good reason from either the clubs or player perspective in him playing in the development side.

        If you want to sell a player you surely showcase him to his fullest advantage , not publically undermine & ridicule him…

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Nah, don’t buy that. If the manager has no intentions of using him, there’s no point including him in first team plans. What he has done, is made sure he’s fit and at least got some game time under his belt.

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            Not Including him in his first team plans ? ? ?

            Clark has just given him the No11 shirt for the new season….

          • StaffsBlue says:

            As Almajir said earlier, that doesn’t mean much. All four players given free transfers have been given numbers, but they can still go.

            With Lovenkrands, it’s the same situation as with Zigic, if no one wants the useless lump, then Clark may as well have him around rather than waste the wages.

  • dave mann says:

    of the sublect, i spent the evening watching warickshire beat gloucestershire in the t20 at
    edgbaston, few beers, good atmosphere, better than some i saw at st andrews last season.
    looking forward to hull on saturday, good morale boosting win before the real deal of watford
    the saturday after, bring it on.KRO.

  • Chris says:

    Conterary to lots on the official BCFC forums i think we will put a good show against the second string of Italy and spain…..

  • dave mann says:

    lets hope its better than last seasons 4-0 beating, ive got a sneaky were beat them
    italian team with a blues team of all british and irish players.KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Careful Chris and Dave…. you’ll be accused of being xenophobic if you’re not careful. Didn’t you know that you can’t be patriotic if you’re a Brit. lol

  • Chris says:

    Yaahay truly our little mish mash of a team will hold there heads high for this game…

  • mark says:

    Looking forward to the hull game refreshed, and ready to go. Stans to be once a wall of noise and boisterous………..cannot wait.. …kro

  • Applebob says:

    I’ve seen Ahmed Obeng play. In fact I think he was rushed off to hospital the first time I went. If he’s who I think he is he’s a good player, at the time he needed to look up and around more and have more awareness but there is loads of potential.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Strange decisions by LC to fill the pre season friendly teams with triallists. I would’ve liked to have seen the actual first team get more time together.

    Some of the kids sound good. Hopefully we’ll have some of them knocking on the door very soon.

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