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Postcards from HK – Ross on the Radio

Birmingham City got their season off to a mixed start yesterday, losing 1-0 to Watford despite giving what sounded like a decent performance on the pitch.

I have a confession. I hate listening to Blues matches on the radio. Being over here in the far east means I’m missing the first couple or so games this season and thus my only connection with what is going on the pitch is a web link to Tom Ross’ programme. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tom’s passion but I found it difficult to actually work out what was going on and I realised how much I miss going to the game itself when I’m not there.

As I didn’t see the game I obviously can’t comment on individual performances but from what I have read online, it seems like we played okay. What pleased me was the amount of people who tweeted that they had enjoyed the game; who praised the effort of the players and said that despite limitations they had given it all they could. I think it’s going to be a tough season but if the team keep giving their all on the pitch there isn’t much else we can ask for at this moment in time.

Of course Tom made the news after the game talking once again about a potential takeover; insisting that  deal has been agreed and that there should be an announcement soon to the stock exchange. I’m not going to call Tom a liar – I think he’s certain of the information he’s given but I do believe that whoever is feeding it him may be exaggerating slightly – and the longer it goes on without an announcement the more that person is hanging Tom out to dry. Tom first made this pronouncement on June 25, six weeks ago – and it strikes me that if something was that close to being done then surely there should be some word of it happening.

I can only say that from what I have heard here and the people I have spoken to I have heard nothing that suggests a deal is imminent. This doesn’t mean necessarily that there isn’t a deal around the corner – just that the people I know haven’t heard about it if there is. I have once again emailed Peter Pannu looking for clarification and should I receive a reply I will post it on here.

Since the last set of hearings were adjourned there hasn’t been much about Carson in the press out here; it appears on the surface at least that it’s not news until he is in court and the problems the club is suffering isn’t news at all. The truth is despite Birmingham City being the first and currently only English football club owned by a HK businessman, no one here cares about it as it’s not Premier League. I’ve seen adverts on the MTR (the underground system) all about the new PL season and a few assorted “big four” shirts, but there is nothing about us at all and I suspect most people here – even the football fans – wouldn’t know who we are.

Business here is all about face and reputation and I wonder how much Carson and Pannu would care if Birmingham City was in the news here. For all the talk of making the local/national press in the UK do something I think that maybe the answer would be to put the pressure on here – however whether it would force them to come out and say/do something or just put their backs up more I do not know. One thing is for certain – until news does break we’re left waiting.

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116 Responses to “Postcards from HK – Ross on the Radio”

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Enjoyable game. We simply got beaten by a better more technically gifted team. Good effort though and on another day we might have got something. I was disappointed to see Burke come on so late as his spark made a huge difference. Very impressed with both Watford lads with the Afros.

    I sat with the Forza lot today, good to see and be a part of their efforts. Well done lads, I hope the numbers grow.

    Regarding a sale. So much nonsense has been said / speculate the last year or so that I’ll only believe it when I see a bloke in a suit on the pitch holding aloft a scarf with the headline of new Blues owner(s).

    • fingles says:

      Burke’s crossing was very poor.I can see why LC wants to play 3-5-2,but it does require the wingbacks to get up and down.

      had we played 4-4-2 to accommodate Burke, we would have been hammered.

      • Ali Duncan says:

        Crossing was below average but he got to the byline and I felt frightened their full back which I didn’t really see too much of on that flank before he came on. Based on yesterday’s showing its not a side full of players taking on their man and we’ll need Burke for that especially if he incoming off the bench running at tired legs.

        Another thought is that Green was excellent when back to goal yesterday and laid the ball of well.

  • trueblue says:

    So so performance yesterday. Players generally worked hard but defence lacked mobility, there was little creativity – particularly down the wings – and too many players were knocked off the ball too easily. Not sure we’ll score too many goals with this set up.

    • RichardM says:

      True Blue – give em, a chance! What we have here is a group of players who don’t really know each other, but will grow as a side. Compared to last year there’s bags more energy and zip, and I thought the defence handled AS Roma Reserves OK as the match wore on. Their defence was extremely well-drilled, my only criticism would be playing Novak ahead of King, Zigic and even Lovenkrands has to be questionned. Agree, Burke should have been bought on earlier, but not convinced it would have made any difference. Thought Elliott and Shinnie looked good together in the middle.

  • Bluebird says:

    I thought we played well and the crowd were very supportive of the “New Blues” who have yet to become ‘familiar’ with each other ~ No Jokes Please~8)

    Watford scored a good goal but that really was their only chance which they took well…
    Blues had (3) chances that were within inches of the net and we definitely deserved a draw at least ~ and I do not consider myself being biased with that opinion…
    The behaviour of the Watford players at times was a disgrace, falling over and rolling around plus all the time wasting which I think proved how scared they were of Blues potential…
    And although the referee did play “the advantage” on many occasions I was surprised that they didn’t receive more bookings!

    I thought that Burn had a great game and reminded me so much of the early Kenny Burns when he played a defensive role…
    But on the whole an encouraging first game of the Season and at least this time we didn’t lose 4-0!

    • JohnR says:

      Exactly my thoughts. I would add a couple of points Shane Ferguson was disappointing for me, I’m not sure he quite knew where to play. We have to also find a place for Burke in the starting line up we can’t start him on the bench.

      • mike says:

        i think ferguson is a winger….as i said yesterday i got my stan lazaridis shirt out for luck…nearly worked…but ferguson is similer to stan…he can go past the back and put a good cross in…also his corners are good….i would have liked him to have stayed on the left wing when burke came on so we could have had a real go……..

  • suttonblue says:

    I enjoyed this game more despite result, plenty of effort and attacking intent. Hopefully with more goals as the team gels.

    Atmosphere was positive and must help team.


  • Mickey07 says:

    Certainly think someone is having Tom in the net…..it’s the biggest hole tom has dug himself in a long while….unbelievable infact if it don’t come off,but how long can he keep dragging it out.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Saw Burn at Shrewsbury and was not impressed. Saw him against Hull and began warming to him. Saw him yesterday and was impressed. Was present at a post-match interview where he was totally honest about himself and teammates…very impressed. He’ll do for me!

  • jason says:

    Randolph – dealt with most things with ease also very comanding.
    Eardly – decent on the ball and a lot of quality balls down the channel, seemed to be pegged back more in a right back position than wing back, didnt get forward much
    bartley – ok, unspectacular really, didnt do much wrong but was not outstanding
    robinson – typical of him did everything that you expect from him.
    Burn – burn has a lot of potential. wins the ball in the air, good in the tackle and quick enough for a center back. one problem he seems to have was he gets turned easy, a few times in the first half he was playing with his back to the game and out of position. got better in second half and hes young, needs more games and he could be a very good defender.
    Furguson – i have to say hardly in the match, could have done more going forward.
    Adeyami – frustrating, sometimes looked slugish. and didnt challenge as much as i expected he would, had 5 min burst of getting involved but flickerd in and out.
    Elliot – second half much better from him. always quality on the ball but got forward more second half. highlight for me was the beautiful ball for burke to run onto in the second half.
    Shinnie – my man of the match, quality on the ball, tents to find space and was dangerous, could be very good for us this season.
    Novak – willing runner, challenged a lot but not much to write home about in terms of quality.
    Green – i was quite impressed with green, got about the pitch, challenged, held the ball up really well. he made a lot of runs down the wings a lot of the time to make up for lack of players wide for blues. have to say though, didnt really threaten.

    Both scott allen and chris burke did well when they came on. burke probably just lacked final ball.

    Not a bad performance, given a few matches together and it could get a lot better, there was some good play at times but we did look a little disjointed. With only 3 players in the first team who played last season its understandable. i think we will do ok this season, would like to see both burke and allan worked into the first 11 though, how? im not sure.

    • tom says:

      Think I would pretty much agree with each players performance.
      I felt Eardly was so defensively minded too, often the overlap was on in up the wings and he just refused to move forwards. If we are going to play a wing back system its no good if hes just going to sit there all game.

      In relation to Ademyemi, i was watching him 5 minutes after half time, for someone whos just had 15 minutes break in the changing rooms, he was blowing out his backside. I dont know whether hes not fully match fit but you would expect players to be fatiguing a lot after 50 minutes at any rate.

      I felt green worked hard and made much more a significant impact than novak in the game. I heard people complaining about some of the long balls into the corners which Green was having to chase down, but in fairness he got onto the majority. this lead to the retaining of a lot more possesion than the hoof it to zigic for a flick on tactic seems to offer. As long as the team works hard to play off him once he holds it up, why is this not a viable tactic?

      For me Burke should of been brought on earlier in the game, and although he fluffed some crosses after coming on, managed to work the channels well and get that yard away from his man. I do agree that we cant afford to waste such talent on the bench, whether that be at wing back or as the outer centre mid positions.

      Overall positive signs though and i was pleased with what i saw. Although the team is new, i beleive theres a good spirit within the group. On another day 1 or 2 of our chances would have gone in so I am not worried going into next week if we play like that.

      • RichardM says:

        On Eardley, I think you have to remember he was marking the very dangerous quick and skillfull Anja, which is probably why he didn’t push forward too much. I was worried in the first 15 mins, as it looked like Anja would go past him at will – but he stuck with it and eventually neutralised Anja (I thought) as the game wore on, with Anja being substituted after 70.

        • jason says:

          I know what you mean richard. i think it was more down to experience in that possition than anything else, watford played that formation all season last season with practically the same players. its a tricky one and maybe we had to be a little more daring and take a chance. if eardly pushed up would it leave a huge hole at the back for watford and us get well beaten or would it mean watfords wingback has to drop back to cover eardly stopping the threat on the wing against us? who knows.

      • chris says:

        saw AJ do the job Green was doing yesterday for fulham the year we went down and they made sure people got forward quickly to support him, so if shinnie and wing backs were quick on the counter it could work.
        by doing this AJ got in hole between defence and midfiled, but it needs whoever wins possesion to hit a quick first time ball forward.

  • Tony says:

    We were beaten by a side who had much better players than we did thats it in a nutshell really.
    No one could fault the effort and workrate but ohhhh the mediocrity, our main goalthreat came from the centre half that says a lot.
    Burke is our best and most dangerous player, the manager has to find a way of playing him regularly, I said some weeks ago without King I could not see where the goals were coming from,that is even more apparent now it needs sorting this week, either he is sold or hes back in the side next match, ridiculous to freeze out the one proven scorer we have especially as we are paying him anyhow
    Its very early days to soon for despondency but it was a home loss we cant afford to many of those.

    • Blueboy88 says:

      Totally agree Tony..all our problems will be in the final third.. we just don’t have a enough quality,
      & we must wonder where the goals are going to come from.

      That said , defensively we looked relatively solid , & there was plenty of effort for the shirt ,
      so hopefully we can remain competitive.

      Just need to stay in the division this season , & hope we will get new owners sooner rather than later.

    • mike ware says:

      Very negative with a new team gave one of the best teams
      In the division a good game and were unlucky not to get anything out of it

    • bluepaul says:

      tony please don’t get depressed this early in the season…I recommend you keep away from any sharp objects for a while

    • chris says:

      Tony, he’s not frozen out, he’s on his way out.
      why play him when he’s leaving and we can’t play him in case he gets injured and ruins the deal.
      If the window closes and he is still here, then that’s different.

    • Art Watson says:

      It could be that Clark has been told to get rid of Burke before the transfer deadline.

      Hence the reason for trying to manage without him?

  • Art Watson says:

    I am seriously considering setting up a petition to send to the Hong Kong media-(Newspapers-TV and Radio Stations).

    The petition will highlight the growing concerns and frustrations the supporters have about the way the club is being mis-managed by the current owners and their lack of communications.

    I understand that” Public Face and Personal Reputation” is important in Hong Kong so the petition would hopefully raise public awareness and create personal shame on Carson and Pannu..

    I would welcome your views on this idea as it will only be successful with your support.

    If I think there will be sufficient interest and support I will go online with the petition and forward it to the HK media .

  • Art Watson says:


    Thanks -if I get enough interest through this blog I will start the ball rolling ..ASAP.

    Thank for the reminder and I will make the donation tomorrow as promised.

    You called it well and I’m glad Burke is still with us- he’s a great player.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Good stuff. In the name of good sportsmanship and it being a great cause I’ll match your bet.

      I feel the same about Burke and like any of the comments above feel we have tofu d room for him in the starting XI.

  • Art Watson says:

    Brilliant and thanks.

    I see you can donate a fiver through a texting service -I will send two tomorrow.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m not a fan of the 3-5-2 and never will be. It has to be 4-4-2 / 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 for me.

    I think with the 3-5-2, the wing backs are worried about balls in behind them, so tend to hold back. I think with Eardley / Burke and Hancox / Ferguson in tandem, we have more chance of exploiting the wings, especially in todays congested midfields.

    This is a team I’d like to see given a go (maybe against Plymouth:)


    Eardley Burn/Bartley Robinson Hancox

    Burke Shinnie Reilly Allan Ferguson


    • Ali Duncan says:

      Happy with that lineup although I would keep Ade in instead of Callum.

      Sounds like Tom Ross is running a bit scared if he’s taking names. A bit sad really if that is the case. The man is a journalist / presenter and if that is the career you chose you’re in the public eye, stating your opinions and therefore, naturally, leave yourself open to be questioned and also attacked.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I think what he was hinting at Ali, is that ‘when’ the sale goes through, he’s going to expect apologies from them all. I suppose that, if he IS proved to have been correct all along, it’s probably the least he can expect after all the sh1t he’s taken over the subject..

      • chris says:

        but also many on forums twitter and radio didn’t listen to what he said.
        “a deal is agreed” but not sold.
        a big difference and people in HK may have agreed a sale but as with most other things that our owners say from there, it always seems to be a play on words, or always long winded.
        They may well have agreed a sale, but they will drag their feet and only do it when they are ready, obviously waiting for something else to happen e.g. BIHL shares trading again, or Yeung’s court case conclusion or paying off loans we owe them , only they know.

        • almajir says:

          Regardless, if any kind of bid has been made and is being considered let alone agreed there has to be an announcement as per stock exchange rules.

    • jazzzy786 says:

      We will play a shadow side versus Plymouth

      Higgins Burn Fry Hancox
      Arthur Lee Allan Ambrose
      Zigic Novak

      Should be too good for Plymouth and thrash them by at least four.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As for Tom Ross’ announcement… I kind of feel sorry for the guy. It seems like someone has hung him out to dry. But, he still seems utterly convinced of his information… so he must be totally trusting of his source(s.)

    I heard him say, also, that he’s noted down all the names of people on twitter and facebook who have slagged him off/called him a bullsh*tt*r. I wonder if OP’s name is in his little black book? :)

    • Marky mark says:

      Staffs, to be fair I don’t think Dan has slagged him off or accused him of lying, I’m certain Mr Ross will have the last laugh on all those who have.

      The conclusion draws ever closer.

  • Hong Kong bluenose says:

    Sorry for being off topic but Clark should try and get teenager gedion zalalem on loan from arsenal,
    His passing ability is sublime

  • Mark says:

    You certainly gave us a very good tough game and thought a draw would have been fair TBH.

    Good luck for the season on and off the pitch.

  • brumie says:

    We are what we are a bunch of triers who lack quality. A tough season ahead by the looks of it but we should manage to stay out of trouble.

  • Shergar says:

    I’ve been listening to Tom for years & I have never heard him speculate over anything not even Free transfers… I don’t think he’s gonna risk his reputation on this but then again if the almighty gods of Internet blogging don’t have the same info then it can’t be true ;)

  • mark says:

    To lose 1-0 is to blues credit. We were not beaten or hammered. Procession wise I think watford had more. That was a better showing than previous year. Passion and desire was there. Another day luck could have gone blues way. Maybe draw would been better result given blues endeavour. Plymouth game will hopefully continue the gelling the team. Kro……….

  • mark says:

    Pleased nearly 19,000 turned up…. I salute you………..kro

  • steve says:

    Dan,what makes you think that the imformation you’re being given is true. you may be being hung out to dry. I have no reason to believe or disbelieve either of you. But Tom Ross is very confident,even booking studio’s in Spain in case news broke whilst he was on holiday.

  • Mark1875 says:

    Burke was poor when he came on. Ferguson didn’t have a good game either. Lots to be positive about though. Tom Ross? Who cares? He is right about a takeover just a case of when

    • steve says:

      Burke was only on for 10 minutes.They put 2 men on him but when he got a chance he took people on and caused some problems.He has to start every game because Eardlley was a waste of time.A wing back that’s scared to cross the half way line ?

      • chris says:

        but if he feels the player he’s marking is too good and he may get caught out he will revert to his main role and it’s the manager who needs to see this and change the system and / or make subs.
        can’t believe he didn’t have Hancock on bench as an alternative fullback / wingback, was he injured?

  • mark says:

    Unless it comes from bcfc who cares what is speculated……you got more chance of it coming from pp…………how many times do people think they know then suddenly end up with egg on their faces….. It appears to me that it carson and pp who hold the king and ace around the table……pays 21…… No one not even close sammy got blown away…..and he run off to sheffield wed…… I will ask question where are the other players to buying bcfc, lets see absolutely no where…..

    • steve says:

      You’ve just contradicted yourself there. You said nobody knows then say that nobody is close.If there is anybody interested,they can,t come out and announce it.It goes to HKSE first.

      • mark says:

        Steve- my dear fella it quite simply really where are no buyers pure speculation. Tom fingers have they been burned. If it was to come from hkhs then pp would only be too happy to inform us there are buyers on bcfc website………… Imo carson will give nothing away including his football club……..if the guy does not wish to sell………you can have as many so – call buyers as you like………..as sammy found out!!!!!.

  • mark says:

    Dan- would you interview tom on your return????

  • Andifo says:

    I couldn’t get to yesterday’s match unfortunately but the 1st thing that sprang to mind when i saw the teamsheet was “where is Burke?” Could we not employ Burke as a right wing back? I’ve always been massively impressed with Burkey’s workrate and tracking back in the last 3 seasons so for me he would be an ideal balance of defensive grit (altho positioning may need to be worked on) & attacking flair! Interested to know you’re thoughts?! That said i can understand Clark’s philosophy yesterday to use the more defensive-minded Eardley to neutralise the danger of Anja & from what i have read, tactically we weren’t a million miles away from getting it right & taking a deserved point against a team who will likely be there or thereabouts come May!

    Interesting to hear that Green was doing the running into the corners, as from what I’ve seen of him & Novak in the past, i would have suggested that those roles should be reversed & Novak be doing the donkey work in the channels for the prolific Green!

    Marlon will leave this week, which definitely leaves us short of goals but may just free up some wages to invest on a fresh face…but i wont be counting my chickens just yet!

    Fair play to one & all of the 18,830 who made it down to StAns yesterday, all we can do is get behind the players & Lee Clark until Tom Ross is proved right (hopefully!!) KRO!

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      From Novak’s own comments the donkey work is what he used to doing so I was expecting they
      With Green foraging around him. Maybe Novak is not back to full fitness?

  • Margaret says:

    I was encouraged by the crowd reaction yesterday; they applauded the effort our team made against a better team. Anya looked like he had the ball tied to his shoe laces at times.
    I too hated listened to online commentary when I was abroad and found Tom Ross’s the most difficult because my dial-up internet connection always seemed to cut out while his voice was rising to a crescendo and I was left wondering if someone had scored or not.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Did Eardley play wing back at Blackpool; has Ferguson done likewise at Newcastle?

    I’ve seen Eardley three times and he looks like an orthodox right back to me. Similarly Ferguson looks like an winger (and proven as successful with Hancox behind him)

    A pity we can have 3-5-2 with Hancox and Burke starting. Both played well for most of last season

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Blackpool always played 4-3-3 under Holloway, so Eardly has always been a standard right-back. But, he attacked quite a bit in that formation. I see absolutely no advantage to the 3-5-2. The wing backs are sh1t scared to go forward and leave spaces in behind. A full back/winger tandem is still the best imho.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        One thing Watford did do effectively yesterday, was whenever one of the 3 centre backs moved out of position, there was always a midfielder to drop back into the space to cover. Have we got a midfielder with the nous to do that? I can’t think of one… except maybe, Jonathan Spector.

    • glosblue says:

      If playing 3-5-2 means we can’t have Eardley & Burke in the same team then we must go back to 4-4-2. Eardley couldn’t cope with their threat down the left on his own and play in attack. When Burke came on Eardley immediately joined the back 3 and we looked more balanced. It’s a pity Green had to go off as with Burke on he and Novak could have had more service, hope he wasn’t injured too badly.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Yes that might be the reason they were subdued yesterday

    I expect LC to satisfactory work out the conundrum of the four protagonists. To be fair to him Eardley is only here because Caddis isn’t and we’d all be rightly complaining if he’d not gone for Ferguson given his availability

  • Eamon says:

    Never commented on the internet before but here goes.
    On the Tom Ross comments a few ideas:-
    David Sullivan has taken a majority share in WHU. If he has off who?
    On his tweet of the 21st July David Gold commented that he had spent the previous evening with Tom Ross and his young lady and congratulated them on their engagement. As Tom Ross I believe was still in Spain at that time, was David Gold also in Spain ? Therefore the need for the studio in Spain.
    David Gold was originally going stay at the club after the sale but fell out with CY. If he was the proposed new owner I think PP and CY would have loved to make him look a fool by hanging out any sale.
    Also Tom will not answer any questions on the takeover as the name would come out. I would think David Gold if it was him would come out fairly quickly.
    I know I am putting two and two together and making five but it could fit.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Wishful thinking maybe Eamon… but well thought out. I wouldn’t be against DG moving back in… at least he’s a very astute businessman, he’s British and he knows the club, the fans and the area. We could do a lot worse.

      • chas says:

        He was also deeply and shamefully insulted by a vast number of our ermm, Supporters. If I was DG , I wouldn’t touch Blues with a barge Pole.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Although their hearts lie in West Ham, as we all know, it must be galling for them to see how these Chinese owners have destroyed in less than 2 years, what it took G/S/G over 15 years to build up. I’d love to hear their personal thoughts on it all.

  • Alan Dawson says:

    Hope Tom Ross is right about the take over , he is passionate about the Blues and I hope for his sake he is right -there is a wall of silence at the moment and as I said in a previous comment the chips are stacked up against CY and will he gamble and end up with nothing -do you feel lucky punk ?

  • Eamon says:

    I see my comment is “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” not sure what this means. Have I done something wrong ?

    • almajir says:

      Not at all. Some comments get held for moderation by the system and I don’t get chance to approve them immediately all the time as I’m not on the site 24/7. It’s 2am here in HK…

  • Eamon says:

    Thanks for that.

  • Tony says:

    This Tom Ross thing is very interesting ,we have Tom telling us one thing and Dan another ,now both mens personalities differ greatly it seems.
    Tom could be considered an optimist and Dan a very careful guy who needs a lot of proof before commiting himself fair enough.
    Both men command respect But I cant believe a guy with so much experience as Ross would hang himself out to dry like this, he must have been told something, the question being is he being had?.
    There is little doubt that Dan has an agenda in all this he is careful not to cross a line I believe his ultimate ambition lies in full time journalism, not supporting any pressure group representing BCFC.
    again I dont have a problem with that. It seems to me we have reached a stage where both mens credibility are on the line, the problem for Tom Ross is the longer this goes on he is going to have to provide some kind of proof of what he knew and when he knew it.
    There is no doubt Tom Ross is what it says on the tin he is open honest and passionate about Blues ,but again he will not cross the line he will not upset the directors he has always been like that.
    Ross considers himself a friend of David gould ,and beieve it or not Gould does consider himself to hold some responsibility for the state We are in, not saying Eamon is right but maybe we should watch the space as they say.

  • Tony says:

    Chris you say King is not frozen out hes on his way out, but hes on his way because he was frozen out by Clark. He was told before the season bagan as we all were that he was not part of the plans, what could he do?.
    Whatever anyone thinks of King he scores goals he is our only goalscorer really, whats the point in paying him but not playing him?. Regarding him getting injured his record is well known he gets a few knocks Managers are well aware of this and will act accordingly.

  • Alex T says:

    Did Tom ever say if he was happy with the suitors that have agreed this deal? Ie. indicate if they were rich, local, as dodgy as a wobbly hammer etc….

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Following LC’s efforts pre-season, I was really worried that Lee had enthusiastically put to gether a bunch of young and hungry players with a degree of proven ability but when push came to shove, they would fall desperately short commecning with a thrashing by Watford. I went to the friendly against Hull and my fears began to wain as we defeated a full strength premier league team. I then went to the Watford game and joined in the applause as we clapped the team off following a narrow defeat. I thought that once again, Matt Green was tremendous. He won the ball betwen two Watford defenders on 6 occasions including 3 lost causes. Had the forwards managed to get into the box, we would have won this game. Some concerns as Adeyemi, Eardley and Ferguson were all clearly short of fitness, but that is quickly fixable. Absolutely appalled at the antics of Watford and they will quickly gain a reputation and a dislkie from the wider public if they carry on in that manner, writhing on the ground when they feel the lightest of contact. i am disgusted that Blues have been slated in the media for not giving the ball back to Watford following a ball played out by them. This was a piece of outragious timewasting and cheating so WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE aid and abet their cheating by giving him the ball back. Thanks to the Watford fans for respecting chuch and sharing in the best atmosphere i have seen at STANS in over a year and things bode well for the season. For those who have been able to purchase a ticket, se you at the sell out at Yeovil KRO!!

    • Andy W says:

      I think that is a very accurate assessment Bluenosesol. I think the atmosphere yesterday was really positive from the stands. I haven’t heard singing like that for a couple of seasons. And I’m convinced that it had a positive effect with the team. It was a real shame that we conceded when we did, because I thought we started the game very positively, and the goal kind of knocked us back, and the crowd too. I think we may have all expected a repeat of the 4-0 from last season? But we stuck at it, and in the end, although we didn’t create anything really clear cut , I think we deserved something out of the game. I thought Randolph looked as if he’s been with us for 3 seasons, very assured and capable. I don’t actually think we’ll miss JB that much? Burn had a great game, and I think will prove to be our defensive talisman. His end of match appreciation of the support was quite evident. Shinnie showed much promise in the first half but I felt faded later on, but maybe that’s a fitness thing? And Green worked very hard, running the channels and making himself available. He did show his inexperience at times when getting behind the defence only to cross to no-one, but I’m sure that will come. Overall I think it was a good solid performance given the circumstances and we will lose to worse teams at times during the season. I did leave wondering where our goals might come from though, but it is too early to tell? Many have us down as relegation candidates……..they may be right, but on Saturdays’ evidence I am a little more assured.
      And as for the Tom Ross saga…………I have heard and seen so much about this, and it has never materialised… and whilst I would love new owners to come in, until I see it in black and white, I’m not getting excited.

    • mark says:

      Faultless assessment……….bit luck, another day watford would have losted……

      • RichardM says:

        Agreed, I’m glad someone picked up on Robinson’s refusal to give AS Roma reserves the ball-back from the throw in – it was outrageous time wasting and I think ASRR’s over-reaction incensed the crowd as well – it was at that point we had a full bloodied version of “Keep Right On” eching around the stadium – how many times did that happen last season? The fans want to see that passion and hunger in the team, great to see.

        As I’ve said before, ASRR will probably get promoted, but I dislike intensely they way they have gone about it, and the play-acting antics they have bought with them from Italy. Ironic that it was a Brummie who scored the only goal of the match – but of Troy Deeney is a “life-long blues fan” what was with the goal celebration in front of the Tilton End???

  • Tony says:

    No Alex he did not, but you would not expext him too.

    • Alex T says:

      Oh I dont know… If he has been given some details, it wouldn’t be remiss of him to give an opinion as to whether he was excited by the planned sale or not. If it was a case of ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’ the agreed deal would hardly be worth mentioning.

  • Tony says:

    Remember the first time I encountered Tom it was at the traffic lights at the Weatsheaf Sheldon. he pulled up next to me , at the time we were trying to sign a big name player (cant remember who he was) I gestured to him to wind down the window he did so and I asked him if he had any news, he was as excited as a small boy as he confirmed we had indeed signed the player
    Tom Ross is a good guy and hes no fool ,hes supposed to be inpartial but we all know hes a blue I really hope he is correct on this one and I must agree with Staffs if by the autumn there is no news then we have to reluctantly conclude that he was wrong.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Even then Tony, I wouldn’t hold it against the bloke. He’s a Bluenose through-and-through and probably wants rid of the disease that’s killing the club as much as we do. He obviously trusts implicitly, the source of his info. But, who of us hasn’t been mislead by people we’ve trusted sometime in our lives.

      If it does turn out to be wrong, then we’re no better or worse off. But if it is true….

  • mike ware says:

    Why are we talking about whether tom ross is right or not he stated that the deal was done six weeks ago still no announcement to the stock exchange. We all know that the club will be sold but he was wrong in saying that a sale was happening soon (six weeks and counting) when it is eventually sold he cant say I told you so he has already been proved wrong.

  • Poppa999 says:

    I’ve watched the Blues last two games and I have to admit I get so confused between Shiinnie and Ellliott on the ball. Mind you that is nothing new I confuse Morrison and Redmond all last season. Should have gone to Specsavers!

  • Stephen says:

    Keep reading people saying play King but are they forgetting that he was arrested for a hit and run incident last week, I can’t see anyone signing him with that hanging over him (even on a free) & it could be a sacking on the cards.

  • Alex T says:

    Personally, I would rather see Blues field 10 players rather than have King on the pitch again. Aren’t we meant to admire the lads on the pitch? This fella just makes me want to puke……

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    If it is DG coming back and he gave the reasons to be 1/ get us out the mire and 2/ because he feels guilty he didn’t do greater due diligence on CY (whether you believe that or not) do you think his motives are honourable or is he pandering to his ego and/or has an eye for making a decent profit on selling us a few years down the line?

  • mark says:

    Sorry dan- I think some of our fans are on happy happy pills……. Reality check maybe needed…….a least the football looking good. Gosh it that long to September????

  • mark says:

    While you are in hk……….can you not get to see carson in person???………maybe get invite to his house……, or have you attempted this already???

    • almajir says:

      Carson hasn’t granted an interview to the press since before his arrest. What makes you think he’ll say “yeah, pop around for a beer?”

      Sorry for the sarcasm, but you did just say some people need a reality check…

      • Richard Granfield says:

        What a coup it would be if you did get an interview with CY for your book.
        You have obviously never worked as a salesman, because their motto is “If you don’t ask you don’t get”.
        You can’t lose……If he declines an interview you haven’t lost anything. If he does grant you an interview you go to the top of the best seller list!

        • almajir says:


          What part of “he’s not spoken to the press for three years so I have a snowball juggler’s hell in chance of interviewing Carson” do people not understand?

          Seriously, I don’t like being this blunt but people need to understand ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

          I’ve already asked, the answer is already a no. He’s not talking to anyone under advice from his legal team.

          • Richard Granfield says:

            Calm down……You hadn’t made it clear that you had “Already asked”. You gave me the impression that you hadn’t asked, hence the comment.

          • almajir says:

            it wouldn’t matter if I had asked or not, he’s not giving interviews to anyone and hasn’t for over two years

      • mark says:

        Dan- I do like your wit……….

  • Art Watson says:

    Ali Duncan,

    Just to let know that I have made a donation to HHHO today!

    I still think Burke will be sold soon but I wouldn’t bet on it !

  • dave mann says:

    very positive performance, particuly second half, didnt look out of our depth and we wont
    get many better teams than watford comming to st andrews this season, so all you
    doom and gloomers who was there saturday should show a bit more enthusiasm
    for the task ahead cause we deserved atleast a point from that game, ok we didnt
    get one but from a bunch of no hopers it wasnt to bad was it!KRO.

  • KeepRightcroydON says:

    In a sense Watford can be considered a tad fortunate to be playing us at the start of the season as Blues are still getting used to playing as a cohesive team. Nine players inc Allen making their competitive debuts – I bet Watford were happy to be meeing us first game of the season. I still think the team needs about 3 or 4 more games to develop a good understanding

  • dave mann says:

    if we carry on showing that fighting spirit, playing for the shirt and passion we will
    do better than last season definetley, watford were holding on at the end and had
    to defend for there lifes so ime very calm about the situation on the pitch.KRO.

  • Tony says:

    Agree with many of the comments but this formation aint gonna work it has to be 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 and whos going to score the goals?. We showed plenty of commitment but little else, why keep banging it in the chanels for Green to chase ,Novak too, half the time they got it by the corner flag with no options, goals win games and we aint gonna score from there.
    This kid Adeyemi, well I do hope it is a fitness thing because from what I saw hes not going to make it, there needs to be a dramatic improvement.
    Shinnie is the key he I think has the quality, but he needs to play of the front men not upfront himself
    It was obvious Saturday that the pace of the match was to much for him second half but Im sure he will be ok.

  • Tony says:

    Randolph, Eardley Burn, Robinson, Ferguson Shinnie,Allan, Elliot, Burke,Zigic, King( if available) thats eleven players who will perform at this level, put Green in for King if needed.

  • Chris Walker says:

    Late with my account due to being on holiday, how I managed that I will never know, got to the match even so.
    I was impressed with our opening performance.
    Watford were at times embarrassing with their antics, time-wasting and general performance, they were obviously more frightened of us the we of them.
    I thought the crowd were excellent and rewarded the players and performance with an ovation at the end.
    Plenty of positives and when they have had a few games to really gel I think we will have an exciting season.
    I agree with other comments we do need to start with Burke.
    Roll on Tuesday and Plymouth, hopefully we can see them off at the first attempt and get our first competitive win under our belts.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Interesting appointment announced for the next HK DPP: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1293725/barrister-keith-yeung-be-first-hong-kong-chinese-chief-prosecutor
    The ‘new’ guy seems to be attracting critisism already due to alledged past activities. Think this will affect the CY trial?

  • dave mann says:

    a few changes tomorrow if possible, give the fringe players a crack at plymouth,
    then roll om to yeovil, cant wait for that and 3 point hopefully and through to 2nd
    round of the league cup, wont be a bad week then will it? KRO.

  • col says:

    Looking for strikers ?? Thought I saw Gary O’Connor in Solihull today {6th Aug}

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