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Caddis And Deadline Day Surprises

After a summer of woe, Birmingham City gave their fans a pleasant surprise at the end of the window with the permanent capture on a three year deal of former loanee Paul Caddis from Swindon Town for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around £150,000. It was the second time Caddis signed for Blues on deadline day having signed the Scot on a season long loan on August 31 last season.

To say the deal came as a bit of a surprise was an understatement. All the noises from the club were that there was no money to do any business with unless someone went. Even as late as 1:14pm yesterday Head of PR and Communications Andy Walker tweeted

Only if an almighty rabbit is pulled out of the proverbial hat.

in answer to a Blues fan asking if the Caddis deal was legitimate. Chris Alcock, Digital Media Manager and head of Blues TV tweeted that he’d taken the day off as he expected no business to be done.

There was a lot of scepticism before the deal was done too – Neil Moxley tweeted at 3:18pm

Sorry. Not sure I believe the spin about Paul Caddis. I’m sure Lee Clark doesn’t give a monkey’s, mind you. Should improve his squad.

and confirmed at 7:49pm in an exchange with a Blues fan that Lee Clark had told him on Monday lunchtime he’d got no money to spend. Colin Tattum also said he was surprised that money was found for Caddis, having been told on Saturday that there was no money available.

So what changed? The answer to that question is that I don’t know – all I can guess at is that the potential injury was bad enough to Eardley to force Pannu to release the purse strings just far enough for Clark to bring in a replacement. That being said, Tatts also confirmed that a bid for Burke was fended off yesterday as well which would suggest that maybe the club isn’t as desperate for hard cash as was thought.That could be for a number of reasons – the holding company could have decided to part with some of the loan that it had announced it had brought in or a fresh loan could have been brought in; money could have been juggled from another budget or maybe Pannu found some money down the back of the couch at BIH HQ in Wanchai – he was certainly spotted there yesterday evening HK time.

One thing that I can say for certain is that the money won’t have come from investment from a potential new owner. The reason I can say that with certainty is that I have historical evidence to go on – prior to buying the club outright Carson tried to loan the club £5mil to sign Tuncay Sanli but was stopped from doing so by stock market rules. I expect those rules are still in force.

Whilst I’m happy like most Blues fans that the team have managed to bring back Paul Caddis I do wonder how much of an indicator of how far we have fallen it is that we are excited to have brought in a player for £150,000. Just three years ago Blues brought in Martin Jiranek (around £1mil) and Jean Beausejour (around £3.5mil) along with loaning Aliaksandr Hleb on transfer deadline day; two years ago Wade Elliott and Pablo Ibanez arrived for around a million for the pair.

That being said, I believe it is a good signing and maybe hope that this season will improve.

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120 Responses to “Caddis And Deadline Day Surprises”

  • chas says:

    The size of the fee doesn’t equate to the worth of the Player. How much did we pay for Hleb ? Caddis is worth far more to us that he was any day of the week.

    • DoctorD says:

      My thoughts entirely — one reason we are in the doggies doo-doos is the silly money and deals we gave players while in the last year of the McLeish reign in 2010-11, Hleb included.

    • mark says:

      Imo I believe swindon tried to bully us with this player thinking they could play hard ball. But actually the player himself wanted to return, orherwise he could took other options to him. Sorry dan nothing should shock you beening a bluenose…………….

      • Andy W says:

        I am pleased with this signing, not just because of the quality of the player, but I believe he has probably taken a drop in wages to come back, because he wanted to come back, and that for me is a refreshing stance for a player in todays climate. I think this itself shows commitment to the cause, and he will be a good addition to the team. However, lets not get carried away and think Paul Caddis will be the saviour of our season. Our problems arte at the other end of the team, and unless we can get someone up front to fire, it will still be a long and difficult watch this season.

        • Chris W says:

          Agree with the fact he WANTED to come and has obviously taken a wage cut too.
          Forget your Rooney’s or Bales, they might have the ability but they only get up for the money, one of the things wrong with the game today…. NO LOYALTY.
          He is another string to the bow who can put in decent crosses that maybe Matt Green can get on the end of.
          With the present formations the front players have had to run the channels and then hold up for someone to get in the box to attack the ball, Matt Green proved he can get in where it hurts against Leicester.

          • Oldbluenose says:

            Agreed with both you and Steve w, Caddis shows a refreshing attitude plus we know he can/does play wellin our team, !!.

  • mark says:

    The best right back in the championship without shadow of doubt………..well done bcfc

  • fletch says:

    not only is it strange we found the money for paul caddis , but don’t forget we also paid marlon king off ????? where all this money coming from ?????

  • StaffsBlue says:

    People should have a bit of faith.

    • DoctorD says:

      Ha ha, just checked the “Faith” lyrics by George Michael — some BCFC symoblism in there:

      ‘Cause I gotta have faith…
      Baby, I know you’re asking me to stay
      Say please, please, please, don’t go away
      You say I’m giving you the blues
      You mean every word you say
      Can’t help but think of yesterday

    • James Black says:

      Oh god.. As DoctorD said, those signings although seemed great at the time, turned out to be not good in the long run. We went down and the contracts they was on proved to be detrimental after relegation. Only some here can take a negative from a good signing, whether he cost a million or 50 pence, its a good signing and the stupid negativity fault finding missionaries are getting boring now. Great signing, not a million pound but a great signing,. But of course you will find negatives as always and out out out. They signed him, WE HAVE A UP AND COMING YOUNG SQUAD AND IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES, I HAVE NO IDEa why you expect more. I cant be bothered reading no more, . So pointless.

  • geraldsquires says:

    Dont be silly mark hes clearly not and you know it, you Cheeky scamp you.

    I really dont understand what all the fuss is about mmmmm? Its 150.000 not a million pounds, im sure getting king off the books helped somewhat mmmmm?

  • JohnR says:

    I’m with you “on how far have we fallen”. I’m pleased we signed Caddis but imo fans got far too excited yesterday over his signing. Let’s not forget we are still broke and until Yeung and Pannu are gone nothing will change. Having said that, Where did the money come from?

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    Where ever the money came from, it arrived!!. Caddis is an excellent edition. Makes our right look pretty solid (as long as Burkey is played) . Caddis was one of our better players last year and i’m delighted to welcome him back into the fold.

  • mark says:

    Dan- take a look down the side of your sofa you might be surprised…………lol

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Caddis also slings good crosses into the box. No disrespect, but Eardley and Spector couldn’t cross a road. More ammmunition for the strikers has to be a bonus. Surely Zigic will benefit and Matt Green’s not bad in the air either.

  • RichardM says:

    Sad to see Eddy Gnahore leave yestedray – I thought there were high hopes for him? Didn’t he come from Man City?

  • Woodlands says:

    My guess he has used part of the budget freed up by the agreement reached with Marlon King. And the injury to Eardley is a bad one.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Even if the scans aren’t so bad, it could be a month or two out. The likes of Spector and Packwood etc, are good stop gaps for a few matches, but we needed a specialist full back who is going to play regularly (I hope he’s over his shoulder problem now.)

      Who knows…. was the money freed only because of the Eardley injury, or had Lee Clark earmarked it for bringing a striker in? (he’d had a couple of strikers lined up for loan for a couple for a couple of weeks apparently.) Maybe he had to change his plans because of the injury.

      • RichardM says:

        Packwood is never a right back in a million years, and to be honest I’ve never been impressed with Spector at right back either

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Spector needs to be used either in midfield, or at centre back. He’s very limited at full back. Will Packwood is a centre back who filled in at right back only because of our injury list last season. Lee Clark sees him only as a centre back now.

  • pierre says:

    who would make the decision to release eddy ghaore i thought he was one of bcfcs rising stars.

  • chudlt says:

    Seems strange that we paid so little for Caddis who at that price is a bargain. Agree however how low our expectations have fallen.

  • Hamptonian says:

    THere are all sorts of ways this transfer could have been structured to make it happen. Transfer fees are rarely if ever paid 100% up front, and I would imagine that there was little to no money up front. If we have (say) agreed to pay 75% of Marlon King’s wages then this financial year has a 25% gap in the funding. I would expect that the deal is something like £50k pa over three years with the first £50k paid later this year. by all accounts that is only a few weeks wages for Marlon and less than a week’s pay for Zigic (the mind boggles), so it doesn’t take much to do those sums.

    It’s also very possible we have verbally agreed a loan for one of our high earners – the sums of money we are talking here for fees in comparison to wages for three of our players are pennies. By my maths, Zigic and Pannu are on more money together than our matchday 18 put together at the moment!

    Also, I’d expect that there are probably escalating wages for Caddis – e.g. if we had to match 6k pw, he is probably on 4k this year with a jumpt ot 8k next year onwards. He was desperate to get out of Swindon so there;s a chance the numbers are even more skewed than that.

    I am convinced that whatever has happened, this is Pannu / Yeung effectively spending “someone else’s money” on the basis that they expect to sell the club later this season, in an attempt to ensure we retain Championship status (so that we might actually be worth enough to pay Carson’s loan and Pannu’s hard-earned consultancy fee).

  • Chris W says:

    Maybe Ziggy had a guilt trip and deferred his wages for the month to help the club out, after all the average bloke in the street could live off the interest he earns.
    Joking aside, Paul Caddis is an excellent addition, ticks all the boxes and already knows LC’s systems.
    Welcome back Paul,
    Hopefully PP can find some extra funds for the loan window that opens next week too.

  • Tony says:

    Pleased Caddis is here, but dont our problems lie higher up the pitch?

    • RichardM says:

      I agree Tony, but it’s like the old agade says “you build from the back”. Nice to have a bit of good news at Stans for a change with the signing of Caddis – I think we’ll start to see the best of Chris Burke now.
      For me the one positive so far has been the performance of the defence in general – I don’t get the impression we’re going to ship 3 goals each game (like I felt last season). Your right Tony, we need to improve up front but I believe this will come – once Green has a few more games under his belt and we get Zigic back.

      • Peter says:

        Why would some want good news. That means it is more difficult to moan….. Perhaps a striker could come in during the loan window, which is not closed. Apparently, to many, we are going down with a bottom 3 side which has, Randolph, Burn, Bartley, Caddis, Burke, Ferguson & Allan (now becoming match fit) and Murphy and ZIgic to come in. That is 2 players shy of a top 6 side! So maybe the moaning can stop once they have bedded a new team together within half a dozen matches!

  • mark says:

    We picked up three young arsenal players do you lot remember……..all three were stunning…so our expectations has been lowered…. So what……. Give these players a chance, and they will paid back in tenfold……patience is virtue……..try some……..

    • Pete says:

      Paul Caddis gives a nice balance to the side,Her has a a few days to ret fit as well,Then we have ,Packwood,Ziggy,Smurf,Ambrose Coming back to fitness as well,So things are looking a little brighter for now.

  • Blue Nose Gaz says:

    I am delighted with the capture of Caddis one of the better players last season, however I wont go as far as thanking our owners for the signing because its down to their inept stewardship in the last 3 years we find ourselves in such a chronic financial state.
    The day they leave our great club can’t come quick enough for me now that will be a day of celebrations KRO

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    Great work by Lee Clark and Birmingham City FC! Paul Caddis seems to be such a bargain. Even 100k lower price than previously and I would assume he has accepted the lower wages. With Marlon King’s wages out of the picture it definitely opened up a bit at the club to do a deal like this.
    I also hope there will be a place for Neal Eardley when he is back and fit, he seems to be a good addition to the club.

  • theguvna says:

    I for one am delighted with the capture of Paul Caddis. We all have differing opinions of Eardley, but for me, he’s one of the worst right backs I’ve ever seen play for us.

    If we are to stand any chance of doing anything this season, it goes without saying that there are a number of things that need addressing. In my opinion, the right back position was one of them.

    We we were vulnerable to attacks down that flank when Eardley was playing and he offered little or nothing going forward. Paul Caddis is a much more solid defender and dovetails really well with Chris Burke when linking up with the attack. Something that Eardley rarely did.

    Remember Paul Caddis’s man of the match debut for us, probably one of the best debut performances that I’d seen in more than 40 years watching Blues. He fell away a bit after his injury, but if he comes anywhere near that debut form, we will see an upturn in our form.

    Chris Burke currently looks lost on his own when foraging down the right hand side, but when he has able the support of Paul Caddis, he looks a different player.

    Our forwards are obviously of limited ability, but if they get some quality delivery from Caddis and Burke when they link up down the right, there has to be an improvement in our goalscoring.

    Ah, at least hope springs eternal, something you need in abundance being a Blues fan!

  • the timms says:

    I don’t know what I was more surprised about yesterday, the fact that Arsenal actually bought someone of note, or that we spent money on someone!!

    Caddis is a quality player, always looked calm and composed on the ball and was the only right back not to get injured! Eardley has looked a bit rubbish.

    Just need to sort the left side out now, Robinson is far too old to play there!

  • oldburyblue says:

    Great news about Caddis. My big fear last night was that Burke would have to be sold to pay for him, so it was a big relief when 11.00pm came. I know Caddis is a defender but our attacking options will increase greatly with him again linking with Burke down that right side.

  • Pete says:

    Burke to get his work rate back up now to where it was last year he needs to get back to last years form, I prefer Robbo in the centre,So hopefully young Packwood will be back soon as ewell.

  • RJ-BCFC1875 says:

    Nice to see Caddis back, will link up well with Burke on the right.
    just need LC to sort our best system and some one upfront on loan
    and we should be ok, if we can finish mid table that will do for me.
    Until we can get new owners in that the best we can hope for.

  • chatts-blue says:

    I also like this signing and think the owners probably recognise the need to stay in the Championship to have any chance of getting any money. However, as i think we all agree, Caddis is now one of our better players and as such becomes a salable asset in Jan, for maybe 1-1.5M???

  • dave mann says:

    paying money for paul caddis and keeping chris burke( 2 in 2) was the
    highilght off the deadline window for me, forget bale, ozil, fellanni that
    was great stuff from blues.
    havent been on for 5 days so i havent been able to say how gob smacked
    i and all other blues fans on saturday were with novak and lovenkrands
    starting up front, the whole pub just died with laughter, unbeleivable as
    gary neville would say, bad performance…. period.KRO.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Very pleased to sign PC. Who’s to say what kind of a deal was brokered with Swindon though as officially it was an “undisclosed’ fee”. The reputed ‘£150k fee’ seems to be based on Swindon’s valuation. Could be that he was signed on a promise of pay later as both the player and Swindon were desperate for this to happen.

  • Godsavetheblues says:

    We still need a forward! Carlton cole is a free agent, why not? Worth a bash!

  • MR says:

    Great capture, team now needs to be (when fit);

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Maybe he got sick of waiting for BIHL to sell…..

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Very pleasing news. Although a small gesture from the board this surely demonstrates that administration is not imminent and that there’s sufficient funds to survive until CY’s verdict. As bad a mess as the club are in financially it also shows that there is still a morsel of commitment from the board to the team. My only ambitions for the club this season are a) to avoid administration. b) Stay up. c) get new owners. As I do not possibly believe that this squad could avoid the bottom 8 in the division I think we are in for a relegation fight and administration will definitely send us down. I cannot bear the thought of experiencing 3rd tier football at St Andrews again.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Great to see Caddis back at Stans and well done Blues for tying him down for 3 years. If he can do as good a job as last season then who knows he may even get a call up for his national team. KRO

  • andy says:

    Paul Caddis is a good player at championship level and a snip at the price. I would imagine the money Fulham paid for Foday Nabay was used to sign Caddis.

  • Art says:

    I don’t think one good signing will make a great difference to the team performance or to Clark’s mis-management.!

    Hopefully it will but I’m sure it won’t.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      It could make all the difference. Just having Caddis at right back would (other than 3-5-2) release Burke to play his normal game. It also allows Spector to move back to centre midfield. Also, Caddis is a lot better with his crosses than Eardley. And finally, although he only came in yesterday, he already knows all the players that were there last season plus the manager and coaching staff. I can’t personally see a downside to the signing.

  • dave mann says:

    ive been on clarks side up untill saturday but lost a lot of patience wih his
    selections, how the hell can he pick lovenkrands and novak up front, we
    were lucky to get a point. getting caddis is great but hes got to start playing
    the right players in the right positions show more intent at home because our
    home form under lee as been terrible and it looks like its going to continue, slag
    mcleish all you want but our record at home was outstanding when he was
    manager, sort it out lee before i start changeing my mind from top 8 to bottom

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Nice to see caddis back. I feel sorry for Higgins though as I thought this maybe his chance to break through. This should allow Burke to get forward more and can only benefit our attack as Caddis gets forward and puts good crosses in. Clark needs to play Hancox at LB so we have good attacking full backs and wingers on both sides. Paul Robinson should only play CB as he is too slow at LB.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Just read that Cameron Jerome has joined Crystal Palace on a season-long loan… and Andrew Johnson has rejoined Palace too.

  • Toney says:

    Dan what do you think Moxley meant when he said (im sure Lee Clark doesnt give a monkeys)?.

  • steve aerobic says:

    I think the addition of Caddis could make an interesting 4-5-1 utilising the width that we have and getting goals from around the team (hopefully). How about this


    Caddis ,Barclay, Burn, Murphy

    Burke, Allan,Adeyemi,Elliot,Furguson


    I think at times we were overun in midfield on Saturday and it may be that we have got used to having 5 in the midlle, this line up (or similar) would make us fast getting forward with the threat of Burke and furgusson wide and Caddis and Murphy backing them up but it would also be strong when defending with Adayemi (or another) sitting deep.

    Views would be interesting.

    Steve Aerobic

    • StaffsBlue says:

      My only views are, that I would play Hancox at left back. He proved last season that he and Ferguson have as good an understanding on the left, as Caddis and Burke on the right. Murphy needs to fight for his place, not come straight back in.

      Only other thing, is that with Allan, Adeyemi and Elliott in the middle, we’d be a soft as jelly down the middle. Adeyemi can’t do the “sitting midfielder” job. He’s not disciplined enough for the role. So, I’d swap Murphy for Hancox and Adeyemi for either Robinson or Spector.

      Other than those, I think your side is fine. But, I’m sure others will disagree.

  • fletch says:

    the loan system starts again on monday …. burke to go on loan …. zigic abroad ???? …probably been agreed already money used up on caddis ???? lovenkrand probably put in shop window last saturday… wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn up at wolves….. with transfer deals add ons can be bought out … perhaps the redmond or butland deals have been restructured , to pay off king and buy caddis…. we now need two sharp forwards who can score …. still leaves us with lovenkrand doyle ambrose murphy and zigic to get rid of …i,d love to know how much these lot are on … anyone know ?… its still gonna be a long hard season

    • oldburyblue says:

      “Two sharp forwards who can score”. What a good idea fletch. I’m sure there are hundreds of players available who fit the bill that can be acquired for free, don’t want much money and have escaped the attention of every other Premiership and League Team that would pay millions of pounds for anyone even showing that they MIGHT score regularly. Anybody spring to mind?

  • tony says:

    Think the time has come to give Hales a shot at it

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Dan with respect I refer you to this you said above: ‘which would suggest that maybe the club isn’t as desperate for hard cash as was thought.’ I think you should change ‘WAS’ to I. There’s been no comment from the club of state of there finances, so when the chips are down money is there.

    When there are announcements of redundancies in key and vital positions, creditors going public on outstanding debts, them we should worry.

    • almajir says:

      Two things Julian.

      Firstly, it is widely reported that the club is struggling. Not only that, but at meetings with the club staff such as the ideas meeting back in July the staff are open that times are tight. It may not suit what some people think but the brutal fact is the club is struggling financially, and as reported to the HKSE the holding company are having to seek short term loans to tide them over.

      Secondly, there have been redundancies over the summer – as there has been since relegation and the club are now at a point that they cannot cut any staff without causing massive problems.

      • Rob78 says:

        In what departments were the redundancies? Every business has streamlined so why not the blues get rid of dead wood too? Also how much did it cost to do the new bar8? I am not saying that we are flush but does anyone really know the true picture? You know what they want you to know…..

  • Blue Steve says:

    Delighted Caddis has signed. I think it may lead to a back 4 more often than not now. I know Robinson is our caption and a gutsy competitor but I like the height of both Bartley and Burn in there in a back 4. Plus they will be a big threat at set pieces in the oppositions box. Ferguson and Burke are obvious picks wide but other than Spector holding you then have 2 from Elliot, Shinnie, Allan, Adyemi, and Ambrose to complete a 5 man midfield. I don’t think LC know his best 2 of these 5 either.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s a reasoned assessment. I think Allan has to be the playmaker. So for me, it would be one from 3.

      • maurice walters from thailand says:

        Staffsblue you are assuming we will play 4-4-2 i still think our best team is 4-2-3-1

        • BhamCityJulian says:

          Why have two holding midfielders?

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Why not? It gives us extra protection for the back four and gives the flair players more confidence to go forward. They’ve seemed to be stuck in no-man’s-land so far this season, not knowing when to go and when to stay.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          To be honest maurice, I’m not assuming anything. Without a decent defensive midfielder, I think 4-4-2 leaves us too open to the counter attack. I’ve lost count of the times in the last 12 months that teams have opened us up and driven straight through our middle. That’s the one thing I’m surprised Lee Clark hasn’t addressed so far.

  • Bobble says:

    The Caddis signing has given most of us a lift, not least because Caddis at right back is three for the price of one as it frees Spector for midfield and hopefully will bring the best out of Burke. With a threat on both flanks and Allan in a midfield five or in the hole perhaps there will be enough creativity for Green to prove himself a natural finisher at championship level.
    On the money front, the Caddis deal is coming over as cheap, but the three year contract will still cost £1m. The evidence shows costs being screwed down and detailed budgeting in place. Perhaps we are seeing a new business model being pursued. The more I read, the more inclined I am to think that the best chance that the owners have to recover all of their loans is to keep the Club running.
    Sullivan and friends took years to understand how to run a football club, maybe this lot are quicker on the uptake.

  • mark says:

    Jesse lingard was scouted by clark, it understood clark has been on the trail of two attacking players. It will be definitely be interesting who will come and who they are…….we will find out in a week’s time……………

  • Murph says:

    Just bumped into zigic coming out of the curry house in dorridge , how’s your back I asked he said fine tonight as left my wallet at home . Kro

  • mark says:

    Ziggy supposely will be fit for the qpr game after internationals…. …..

  • Murph says:

    Hope he is , was in jest but he seemed as quick as iv seen him running to he’s merc !

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Playing 4-1-2-1-2 looks good now: Caddis and Burke on the right, Hancox and Ferguson on turn left, Robinson enforcing in front of Burn and Bartley, Allan at the font of midfield; Green and Novak/Zigic up front

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m glad people are seeing the advantage of using Paul Robinson as the holding midfield player at last. I’ve been going on about it for a few weeks. It makes perfect sense to me. My team for QPR would be;


    Caddis Bartley Burn Hancox


    Burk Spector Allan Elliott Ferguson




    Caddis Bartley Burn Hancox

    Spector Robinson

    Burke Allan Ferguson


    I also have a sneaky feeling that Lee Clark may go something like this;


    Bartley Burn Robinson

    Caddis Adeyemi Spector Elliott Ferguson

    Zigic Green/Shinnie

  • StevieW says:

    I find it amazing the amount and level of enthusiasm being being poured out across Bluenose sites for the arrival of Caddis. It is almost like the second coming of the Messiah. Lets face it he is only one guy and to put so much expectation on him rescuing the whole team and suddenly turning us into a winning formula is a bit OTT in my opinion.

    Welcome back Paul good to have you but I wont place all my expectations on your shoulders that is reserved for LC as this is his team his tactics his formations and if they fail he will be to blame just as his success will rightly be his.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Caddis will make a difference, because he’ll allow Burke to play his normal game. For instance, Burke was pretty anonymous for most of the first half against Ipswich. But once Eardley went off and Spector moved to right back, Burke was a different player. It was the same last season… Burke was shite until Caddis came in, then his form picked up noticably. They’re a good combination on the right… maybe not as good as Carr and Burke, but not far off.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    No more than one of Elliott, Adeyemi and Spector starting I midfield please. Too many incomplete passes, uncreative passes for anyone to contemplate surely

    • StaffsBlue says:

      If I had to choose one… it would be Spector. Elliott doesn’t like any kind of physical challenge, and Adeyemi runs around like a headless chicken. So it would be Spector for me.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    The new 8 bar was financed by Heineken!

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