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Postcards From HK – When Daniel Met Carson

I’m delighted to say I managed to grab five minutes conversation with Carson following the conclusion of the hearing in his trial today.

Carson gracefully declined to comment when I asked him about Gianni Paladini’s bid to buy the club but told me that he was “disappointed” with the result against Leeds having listened to the match yesterday.

In what was a good-humoured conversation bearing in mind he’d just gone through a fairly stiff hour of cross-examination on the witness stand, he jokingly asked me if he was front page news in Birmingham and told me that he felt Blues had the players to improve their position in the league table.

Whilst he declined to pick a man of the match yesterday or offer an opinion on a favourite player, he did ask that fans kept their faith with the team and he offered praise to those fans who went to the matches to support the club. He was gracious enough to shake my hand when offered, but I couldn’t get a picture as it is not allowed in the court building.

I have to say that it surprised me; I expected him to curtly ignore me but he seemed quite happy to talk and quite jocular in nature; he was certainly willing to talk football and one can tell that he clearly does have a passion for the game. It also surprised fellow members of the media present as Carson hasn’t spoken to anyone at all at any length since the hearing started.

I will be posting what happened in the court room including Carson’s answers about the purchase of Birmingham City later – and also analysis of the announcement regarding the relisting process filed to the stock exchange today however there is no news of anything regarding a bid for the club.

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61 Responses to “Postcards From HK – When Daniel Met Carson”

  • mike b says:

    hi all………dan what a star you are…well done………..

  • DoctorD says:

    Well done mate at getting to speak — FINALLY — to the man himself. Obviously you were never going to get anything juicy out of him, but it is amazing how close you — as a humble Brummie blogger — have got to the scene of the action after all you sterling efforts on this blog. I can’t express how amazed and thankful II am at your efforts.

  • DudeAbides says:

    Putting the Evening Mail to shame with your one man band.

  • blewnozejohn says:

    thanks Dan…. is it fair to say then that by his body language and demeanour, CY is comfortable with the present situation, both on and off the field. The impression you give is that he is in no hurry to relinquish control over BCFC. As I have thought, the motivation for Paladini’s interview was a prompt to start/restart the buying process. Clearly, It appears, CY has taken this in his stride and remains non committal to any sale. Perhaps he wants to prove a point and rise like a phoenix from the flames! Saying that, he must be aware of how the vast majority of fans perceive him……..

  • haggis says:

    While I commend you reporting on the trial for us I’m very disappointed a bluenose who actually got to look him in the eye and talk to him never actually let him know he’s making tens of thiusands of people utterly miserable, has ripped the heart out of the club and is close to killing it. I certainly wouldn’t have got invilved in small talk abiut yesterdays embarrassment. A quick f*** off out of our club you c**t you’re not wanted would have been a better use of a few seconds than a bit of arse licking.

    • almajir says:

      You might, but I think it’s wiser to act with decorum in a courthouse personally.

    • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

      And you really believe such a response would have elicited a response from CY?

      It goes to show that he is still looking at what’s going on at the club and in the city itself.

      Well done almajir; something that many have been hoping for but never thinking we’d see. Hopefully next time it will be ten minutes instead of five and CY might even wish to talk a little more in-depth.

      The first step is always the most uncertain, now we can say that the man is willing to discuss our club – albeit fleetingly – but the feeling is there and he is aware of the trek you’ve made.

      If we wish to see how major a change in direction for CY this is, look at the response of the hardened hacks you were also in attendance.

    • John says:

      Quite right haggis,a waste of an oppotunity. He should have told Yeung (without any bad language),that the football team is in dire straits, in danger of relegation,totally because, of his and Panuu’s incompetence. !

  • Frankie says:

    Indeed the disinterest of the Birmingham Mail is disgraceful.
    Be a different ‘story’ if it was the Vile in this predicament.
    Don’t think Bluenose dislike Yeung in the way.Pannu is despised.
    Yeung just appears to be vain and do think he has maybe some feelings for the club in his own half-assed way.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Thanks Dan, that is a fantastic achievement! I am interested to hear your next instalment, though I am beginning to get a picture that Yeung will not be relinquishing control of the club, rather looking for a financial partner. The prospect of Yeung having his tens of millions released and to an extent available for team investment is interesting. I thin the observation that Yeung is not preparing to cut an run is quite sobering and will cause equal measures of optimism and ire from the fan base.

  • Dino Titloni says:

    Well done and keep right on

  • StevieW says:

    Carson clearly knows who he needs to talk to get a message to the fans top draw well done on getting the chat.

    You mention his mood as being jocular, well we are all in stitches this side of the world aswell.

    A quick plead to the Bluenoses of this world might not have gone a miss. He “Offered praise” for the fans who still cough up money keeping his dream alive.

  • Gianni says:

    That man is nowhere near the team, couldn’t even ring off a single name to answer your favourite player question.

    Whilst I applaud your work again Dan for being so proactive and quite clearly polite to Mr. Yeung, all he has done is pay a bit of lip service, and essentially say that the reason the club’s league performance is down to the players not performing.

    All about the PR, we can all look like we have passion if we need to.

  • Gianni says:

    Also, the PDF file of the announcement details a finding that the group have already had some non-compliance issues around the Listing Rules. Does this sort of thing apply to not disclosing interest from a bidder?

  • haggis says:

    Sorry but its arse lickers and apologists that have helped yeung carry on raping our club this long, if you all think shaking his hand and asking him who his favourite player is was a great piece of journalism then I give up. What a f****ing missed opportunity. But yeh you all keep patting each other on the back great work. It must just be me then.

    • almajir says:

      And what exactly would telling someone to f*ck off have achieved? It would have made you feel good for five minutes, but it wouldn’t have got you anywhere near him ever again… and wouldn’t have achieved anything constructive.

      • DoctorD says:

        Al — were you expecting to meet him or was it just by chance that you got a word in edgeways. And will you get another moment with him at some point?

        • almajir says:

          It was a chance meeting, and he spoke. He’s never spoken to anyone else before – the others I was with were amazed.

          And yes, I am hopeful he’ll talk again.

      • bluenose08 says:

        I agree keeping the conversation civil leaves the lines of comunication open and hopefully carson will be prepared to speak to dan again and we may be able to find out what his long term plans are.

    • alexjhurley says:

      We all understand and share your frustration, but I don’t think you should have a go at Almajir for not being abusive / displaying threatening behavior to somebody (especially in a court house).

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Let us look at this from another angle and perspective.

    CY is facing serious charges, the club is facing serious uncertainty, the team is struggling, we have no money for improvements and the attendances are dwindling.

    Any situation where you attepmt to build a link/rapport with a ‘shy’ individual, requires patience, porfessionalism and detachment. Start telling him what you feel and giving him a mouthful of abuse, well what will you achieve then?

    Nothing to do with bums or sycophancy. Just a realisation of the situation as it exists.

    Will you honestly deny it’s a positive move if the conversation is extended if there is another encounter, or more intense questions are asked next time around because CY allows another small meeting to take place due to the nature of the first one?

  • Art Watson says:

    In defence of Dan and what he’s trying to achieve may I just put this question to the Blues supporters

    What have you done to bring this situation to ahead.

    Answer-Sweet FA.

    You had a great opportunity to voice your opinions at the Bolton but kept quiet!

  • Pete says:

    After the headlines today it would be interesting to find out if he has ever heard of Neil Warnock! Interesting to note The Mirror reports he is being brought in as a Director of football. Warnock live on air on Talksport says he has heard nothing of this and 10 minutes later the newspaper headline is – “Warnock says it could happen.”

    Shows the merits/value in newspaper reports. Although Warnock said he thought G.P. had already paid a downpayment.

    Would be interested to see how Tom Ross would kiss arse if this ever did happen mind, after he has so publically stated he hates Warnock in the past! I always find his comments about arrogant cockneys goes out of the window when interviewing a new London manager.

  • Bluenosegaz says:

    You do a great job OP I can see why you didn’t have a go at CY i think blues fans are just totally frustrated with this situation mate what they probably mean is why didn’t you tell him how the majority are feeling right now.

  • Chris W says:

    Great article and one upmanship on the Mirror or other news journals.
    The first of many meetings hopefully and not surprising he didn’t say a lot about the potential takeover.
    Be interesting to read your summary on the announcement, I have read it and find it hard to find many positives from the jargon.
    Basically they couldn’t run a sweet shop.
    The bit of good I can see is CY and his financial situation have nothing to do with BCFC apart from the mess we are in.
    There have been a lot of changes and investigations that it isn’t surprising no one stays long enough to write up any accounts or reports.
    Do we need BIHL, or is it just a vehicle to move money, why do they have to make business so complicated.
    Like I say, be interesting to read your insight, and well done with the meeting with CY, he may open up a little in future, but the first step has been made.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    The big worry now is if an internecine war breaks out within BIHL.

    When PP was over here for the Bolton game, he made the statement that “he can understand the nonsense being ever so frustrating to Blues fans”. Maybe, just maybe, divisions are forming between him and CY’s insistence for a partial sell-off.

  • Bluenosegaz says:

    Though I don’t think it will happen I would love Neil warnock at the blues he is a bit mad but I think he is underrated and is a good manager especially in the championship even if it was to help out Clark at blues it could only be good for blues.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      If Lee Clark ever leaves, I wouldn’t say no to Warnock. I like his passion for the game. But as a Director of Football? Definitely not. DoF do not work in this country. You cannot have some office boy dictating who you do and don’t buy. That always makes a manager’s job untenable. Look at the laughing stock that is Newcastle.

  • phil says:

    Well done Dan,
    the fact that you’ve represented our club over there shows more willing than any of the reporters from our media. And I’m not blaming Tattum or Tom Ross personally for that either. More their bosses for not sending them to do a job.
    To be honest, I’m getting really bored of the will we sell, won’t we sell scenario.
    I’ll go down the matches and support the team, which will undoubtedly pee off the “do not give Yeung and Pannu any money” brigade and I will go down because the team needs my support more than ever now. It was easy being a fan back in Feb 2011, it’s harder now but I will not give in and turn my back.
    There are many good people who work at the club, people who need their jobs to pay their mortgages and bills.
    They would be the last people to receive any money if the club couldn’t pay the wages.
    The players would get their money first and foremost, Pannu would too, so who would we be hurting?
    The ordinary people who do a good job keeping that club going on a daily basis, that’s who.

    So, the sale or non sale of my club can take a back seat cos I’m sick of my hopes being raised only to be dashed again over and over again.
    I think Carson Yeung has a passion for football I really do, but I also think he is out of his depth and it’s time to graciously bow down and go. Could you tell him that if you happen to get in that lift with him again mate? Could you also tell him that Peter Pannu is doing him no favours and at the very least, get rid of him asap!

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Did you check that you still had your watch on after he shook your hand?

  • Macc Lad says:

    It’s all very surreal. Almost like the plot to a Tom Hanks film.

  • the timms says:

    Good work! You’re already more clued up then Tom Ross and he’s been in the biz for years! But yes, telling CY to f**k off would of been an extreme waste of time and air fare money on your part!

    When people talk to me about the takeover I do find myself saying to them I don’t believe anything unless Often Partisan reports it first.

    Best reporter ever.

  • Blue nose Geoff says:

    Well done Dan at least you got close to him and maybe if mr paladini is serious about buying the club then maybe he should take your example of waiting outside the court room and making his offer face to face

  • haggis says:

    Look dan has admitted it was a chance meeting. those of you who think yeung will agree to further meetings or talks because he was nice to him are whistling in the wind. I thank dan for going over there and reporting on the trial and would never question his enthusiasm but this chance encounter was a one off that passed him by. Ok dont tell him to f**k off but at least ask him if he’s aware of how unhappy he is making thousands of people back in the uk and does he realise how unpopular he is in brum? Or do you think you’ve done a good job in takibg over a prem club and taking it to where it is now? Or even a please sell our ckub to someone else. I’m obviously no journo just saying what 90% of working class bluenoses perhaps would like to convey to him if they bumped into him. There will be no other meetings and I maintain it was a chance missed to let him know how he’s perceived over here.

    • RichardM says:

      Haggis – it sounds to me as if this was a “chance” meeting, I don’t think Dan expected to get 5 mins with the man (let alone get him to talk or answer any questions). I could see your point if this were a planned meeting, but clearly it wasn’t, yes hindsight’s a wonderful thing but I don’t think it’s fair to slale Dan for not asking the question you wanted to be asked.

  • ChrisG says:

    I’ve said all along that I don’t think CY has any intention of selling & my opinion hasn’t changed judging by his chat with Dan. I also still think that he feels he will be found not guilty as he believes he’s done nothing wrong.

    • Chris W says:

      I would go along with that only if PP has not been keeping him up to date with everything. Maybe he has realised that PP has not been forthcoming with the whole situation and that is why he has decided to get third parties involved to sell the club on his behalf.

  • haggis says:

    Yeh point taken richardM guess like a lot of blues I’m just feeling very frustrated atm. Apologiies dan.

  • Sh*t on the villa says:

    Was you not tempted to spit at him? lol

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I have been considering what would happen if Carson was to be found innocent of the charges levelled at him and wished to continue at the helm at Blues. I dont know what his financial position would be if he was cleared and whether he would have enough financial clout to carry the club forward, Dan do you know what position his finances might be in? Its fascinating to get a glimpse of the man behind the mask of public perception. I get a feeling that he truly does have a love of the club and im left feeling a little confused.It would be good to know how other blue noses now see him.

  • mark says:

    Well-done dan, realisation that carson is human after all, shame some on here dont think that way. Let the hanging team in some people just dont have common sense…….. Glad he gave you 5 minutes of his time…….. I bet he was disappointed as we all were about result against Leeds………

  • Paulo says:

    Thank you for persistence and hard work Daniel ..and I hope your good fortune pays off.

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    I agree and that is my point exactly…….what if?

  • bluenoseb says:

    Massive missed opportunity if ever there was one. As you say carson hasn’t spoken to anybody for over 2 years and by the sounds of how your meeting came across by shaking hands and nicety’s is the complete opposite to what most blues fans feel towards him. Understand you’ve got a book to sell and the meeting and quotes from carson directly at the court house will definatley fill a few pages for when you met carson mid trial, but if carson now thinks that’s how he will be perceived by all blues fans how you was with him today hes wrong and very deluded, and joking that is ‘front page news’ for what hes alleged to have done ent a joke its a embarrassment to our club to even be remotely connected to it. The one thing I would of talked about if i was to talk about yesterdays woeful performance and defeat with him is how the standard of personnel has dropped and how it is only going to drop further until he sells not who our man of match was in 4nil defeat to a very average leeds team. I wouldn’t of effed and jeffed at him like another person stated above, but definitely would of told him the ill feeling from the fans towards him and exactly what the fans want him to do, whether he would of liked it is another thing but at least he know. Lets hope you get another chance to speak to him else getting golden chance and to only talk about an embarrassing 4nil defeat is a waste of great chance.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Impressive. I take it someone from The Mail spoke to him directly after you. Did they b**locks. The local media have been an embarrassment.

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