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The Carson Trial – Day 41

Carson Yeung denied buying Birmingham City with the proceeds of money laundering as his trial entered the forty-first day of hearings in the district court.

Carson told the court that he had bought the club as he loved football and wanted to improve the standard of it in China. He went onto say that he had planned to build fifty soccer schools on the mainland for kids to learn how to play with the best being sent to Birmingham to train with the club.

The morning session of the day was given over to the end of the examination-in-chief, with the defence counsel showing the court pictures of Carson with NBA player Kobe Bryant and Deng Pafung (the oldest son of former communist party supremo Deng Xiaoping) at various charity functions. The defence went on to discuss how Carson had invested money in casino operations in Macau and had spent large sums of money on houses, a yacht and his Maybach car.

In the afternoon, it was a much sterner time for Carson as the cross-examination started. John Reading, the prosecution chief counsel immediately laid into Carson, telling him that he believed he had grossly exaggerated the money he said he had made from stock profits and from gambling.

Carson was also criticised for failing to summons more witnesses to corroborate his evidence, with Carson telling the court that he felt the people who had failed to respond to his pleas to give evidence would have been uncooperative. He went on to give a specific example where he had been told by one potential witness “never to contact him again” after pleading with him to give evidence.

The former hairdresser flatly denied having control of his father’s accounts, saying that “he and his daddy had acted in concert but separately” when it was put to him that he had used his father’s accounts to move money and shares.

For long periods the evidence given was about stocks and shares and at times it was difficult to follow with the judge having to stop Carson and ask him for clarification in what he was saying frequently. The defence were clearly looking to answer the questions of why certain individuals had put money into Carson’s accounts; the prosecution were equally determined to pick holes in Carson’s answers and cast further doubt on his character.

From speaking to both defence and prosecution counsels the feeling is cross examination will be completed by Friday; there will be a further adjournment whilst final submissions are made – with a ballpark date of early December for closing arguments and a verdict either before or after the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations early next year.

The case resumes tomorrow at 9:30am (2:30am BST)

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35 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 41”

  • Chris W says:

    Don’t look good for either CY or the sale of BCFC before the January window, Paladini will have to force CY’s hand somehow.
    Well done again on keeping the true supporters who care about our club updated.

    • Stephen Wood says:

      I have always thought that Carson would be in the firing line as his defense was poor to say the best. The prosecutions case was v. strong. It will be interesting to see how Carson proceeds from here, his defense is translucent!
      I think its interesting what he can get away with rather than what he dont. Whatever the outcome he will be charged & convicted with one or more of the accusations made against him! For sure!

      • Chris W says:

        I agree, but the problem with that is he will appeal which will drag this on for at least another year and BCFC will be the main sufferers, along with us supporters.
        On the other hand a guilty verdict could also see him forced to sell quickly to fund his already huge legal fees.
        Catch 22 scenario I think

  • Biddy1161 says:

    My worst fears are coming to fruition. It appears that the prosecution have now linked BCFC with laundered money and if CY is found guilty our club could well be seized by the Chinese authorities. Let’s hope not.

    • TheJudge says:

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If this is true however look at the benefits.
      1. What do the authorities want with a football club? Not a lot I should imagine and what else can be stripped down?
      2. If the club is seized, and if paladini is as die hard blue as he makes out, surely he’ll be able to out bid most for the club
      3. Surely it’s a better way of ownership change than admin plus -10 points?
      Please correct me if I’m wrong


    • Stephen Wood says:

      Biddy , i do not think you should be too worried about this. It is Carson & NOT B,ham who are in the Dock. The accusations are against him & not Birmingham City FC

  • zxcv says:

    I told you on day one when the case started that he had not Corroborated his evidence which means its only his word that was on offer which means that its not Evidence. But like other times you try to shoot my argument down because you didn`t want to agree with my points.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It seems unlikely that this case will be wrapped up this year. The question is, without some investment and attendances dwindling fast, can the club keeping managing hand-over-fist until next year?

    • steve says:

      Paladini has said that we’re not close to administration.We should be ok.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        But, if a sale doesn’t go through, or investment isn’t forthcoming… will there be further sales, i.e. Randolph, Burke, Murphy, etc, come January?

        • steve says:

          Burke is out of contract in the summer,so there’s no money there.I can’t see Murphy bringing much in with his injury record.So it’s Randolph and the kids.Not really much to sell really,not for big fees anyway.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            That doesn’t seem to bother the Chinese lot. Ten bob and a book of green shield stamps would do for them.

  • jon says:

    i always feared cy had used laundered money to buy bcfc why else would he pay 80 mill for something thats not worth half of that

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir,!!. You have possibly answered this question before, but with so much flying around for so long a period, — Olg Git’s like me forget,.

    IF, there is a proved connection between ” laundered ” monies being used to buy the Blues, What reprecussions could their be for our Club, ?.

    • almajir says:

      Good question. I don’t know – that would be down to the FL

    • zxcv says:

      Has as been pointed out on this site before, Carson has to prove his innocence on the said charges. so I would of thought how he spent any gains he made would not be covered in the said charges, however he may well be rearrested and face new charges relating to the case if anyone wanted to press charges.

      • SW16girl says:

        The Chinese are trying to increase the amount and number of assets that they seize as proceeds of crime. I do not know enough about the ownership structure or how and why different shares ended up with different people and whether they have the beneficial ownership of them anyway to say with any degree of certainty but BCFC may be available to be seized _ that is one of the reasons why a sale before this is sorted seems unlikely If it was seized the Police would have to consider it was an asset rather than a liability and they may not do that – particularly after the parachute payments have run out..

  • ...sappy sad says:

    …….I thought the sale of the club could go ahead anyway even if laundered money was used ,…..in fact this could mean that the club could be sold sooner than later as the court will be be more interested in money not the burden of property….time though to get st Andrews on the asset to the community register ,…….

  • chris says:

    Would not want BCFC to become an asset of the courts they will have no interest in a club just the liquidity of assets mainly property….Have a think what would be sold !!!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    If bcfc has been bought with dodgy money would the previous owners have to pay back anything

  • Chris says:

    Don’t be silly FA/FL would not allow a southern nancy of a club to be draged down with a scummy hooligan ridden club from Birmingham….that just wouldn’t be cricket…

  • Tony says:

    Aplogies in advance if this question has been answered previously.
    Dan you and others have told us that any bona fide bid for the club has to be notified to the HKSE my question is this ,if this is not done does it mean a criminal offence has been commited

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Good point.

      Because if what Paladini has said is true, then they’ve received a bona fide bid. If not, what actually constitutes a “bona fide bid?”

  • Mohammed says:

    We’ll surprise is big for the hong king court system not much right from all case.
    Maybe warnock will bye shares from BIH

  • Sam says:

    I always thought that if yeng is guilty of laundering the money then surley it was used to buy blues like people are saying why would he pay so much more than the club was worth for it but surley if any penalty would come bk on blues it would of wen cy was aressted plus u carnt punish a person for not knowing about a crime so why it come bk on us as far as blues the pl fl was concerned cy was clean wen we sold to him

  • ...sappy sad says:

    ………..trying to read between ears I would rather paladini offer £1 plus the add ons on top of the original offer…..Chinese laws being complicated there could be an excuse for carson in the cash offered perhaps……whatever there is a pattern of strategy on all that’s been done its based on having a slow boat with the name eternity

  • mike b says:

    hi all…..sorry to go off track!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But…did you see the palace match…never mind the football and the goal of the season…how do a SMALL club get that atmosphere???

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Guys, you’ll find they can’t “size BCFC” rather they can seize CY’s 26% shareholding in the parent entity.

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