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Not Good Enough: Barnsley Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game between Blues and Barnsley at St Andrews yesterday.

Three months without a home win isn’t good enough

It does sound churlish to say this but despite having gone ten games unbeaten and having taken 18 points from 30 five home draws in succession isn’t good enough. Barnsley were there for the taking; although they could easily have been in the lead by half time having missed two easy chances Blues could have put them to the sword but once again the good play from Blues was so patchy we let them back into it.

The system we play is the right one but we missed Tom Adeyemi in the middle; Olly Lee struggled to get his passing game going and Callum Reilly couldn’t find a blue shirt for love nor money for long stretches. Andrew Shinnie has a nice touch and the skill but he gets barged off the ball too easily and as much as I love Robbo (and his little bit of showboating) he seemed reluctant to go too far forwards for fear of being caught out of position, reducing our attacking options somewhat.

Lee Novak

Whilst Zigic took the Man of the Match award at the ground I’d have given it to Lee Novak. Switched from the left, to behind the striker and then back to the left again, he didn’t complain and did everything he could. He showed some deft touches – the one through the Barnsley defender’s legs to release Shinnie was just sublime – and he ran the channels hard to give Blues possession in the final third. Novak has taken flak this season from fans for not being a clinical striker but in this sort of formation he has flourished and has been a bright spot for us.

The midfield

I think the chief problem for Blues has been the lack of someone in midfield to consistently break into the box onto Zigic’s flicks. Burke has the right idea and was unlucky once or twice but Shinnie didn’t seem to be able to get on the end of anything and Reilly/Lee have to sit deep to protect the back four. I do wonder if the formation needs to be tweaked a bit further for home games to more of a 4-1-4-1 where  instead of having two holding midfielders we have just one and we have a bit more creativity going forwards; when Adeyemi returns to fitness I think he has the engine to go box to box and the tenacity to get on the end of runs and score and he would be the player I’d push forwards; however the player to sit in front of the back four is a bit more problematic as I don’t think Olly Lee or Callum Reilly could do it – I’d think about Hayden Mullins there as Dariusz Dudka has now departed the club.

The defence

Hopefully Kyle Bartley isn’t too injured but if he is I think Blues need to look to players like Will Packwood rather than Hayden Mullins to fill in at centre back. I don’t mind having the versatility of Mullins on the bench but I think Blues need to think more long term and use Packwood if the need for a new centre back arises; it’s either that or slot Paul Robinson back in at centre back and put Shane Ferguson/Amari’i Bell in the left back slot which I think is more of a risk. It’s a shame for Bartley as I’ve been impressed with him and Burn of late – they’re both still raw but I think I can see the nucleus of a good defender in each of them and the game time both have got have improved them.

So what now?

The next home game should be the delayed FA Cup 3rd round tie against Bristol Rovers or Crawley – and in that game I would like to see Clark change things slightly to see what other options he has in his squad – players like Will Packwood, possibly Reece Brown or a recall for Wade Elliott. We should have enough to put away either side I would hope and thus I think that Clark needs to re-assess his squad a bit – particularly as we’re back in the transfer window and you never know who we might need to sell next.

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103 Responses to “Not Good Enough: Barnsley Reflections”

  • sam says:

    Spot on boss,
    I feel if Shinnie was replaced with some real pace we’d more potent in front of goal. The mood at Stans was flat especially after the Forrest game and almost an air of resignation about yet another draw.
    In my opinion Zigic makes it very hard to play another forward with him as he is so inconsistant players don’t know whether to stick or twist on his flick ons. So this also limits LC’s options.
    News Years Resolution to become the next Huddersfield!

  • ChrisG says:

    According to Lee Clark there is a bug going round the club & 3 players, Robbo, Novak & Olly Lee were physically sick at half time, if that were the case then you could understand an under par performance, but like you say Dan 3 months without a home win isn’t good enough & we should really have stuffed Barnsley yesterday.

  • AuldBertie says:

    A truly shocking performance yesterday with Barnsley making us look like the team marooned at the bottom of the league. Shinnie and Reilly’s ball distribution was the worst I’ve ever seen at this level and I have seen better passing of a ball in my nephew’s U10 team. It’s hard to criticise a team of loanees, cast-offs, free-signing and players from the youth academy but yesterday was Blues at their frustratingly worst. I can forgive most of our players’ transgressions but the inability to find a fellow player consistently throughout the game with such shockingly wayward passing is indefensible. No matter their level of ability these are supposedly professional footballers whose most fundamental skill is lacking. I would leave both of these players out for their own sakes now until they have regained the ability to pass a football to one of their own players.

    • Chris W says:

      I have to agree regarding the passing, it is not the first time that the two main culprits, Reilly and Lee, have done this on such a scale, basics in training, the other criticism has to be Ziggy, he never attacks the ball, Latchford, Pickering and Hateley all put themselves in where it hurt. Ziggy never jumps, is constantly moaning and waving his arms, the English game is more physical than he is use to but he has been in England long enough, I feel he is just doing enough in training and happy to pick up his wage packet each month, we need a physical presence in the box to win and knock the ball down to the likes of Shinnie and Novak.

      • chas says:

        Fans used to moan about Latchford, Pickering and especially Hateley in their day, so nothing changes. I can remember one game against Charlton at St. Andrews when we got a Corner and the ball passed through a crowd of Players to Hateley standing by the far post. He only had a second to see it and put it wide, the derision he got for that incident was disgusting. nSame when Latchford missed a chance against Chelsea when it bobbed up and hit his shin.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I vaguely recall Paul Cooper receiving similar stick, when he crouched to pick up a rolling ball, let it run up his arm, over his shoulder and into the net. Blues 6-3 Portsmouth sticks in my mind, but not sure if that’s my mind playing tricks.

          • bluenose08 says:

            Yes 3_0 down and came back to win it was Paul coopers debut I think !

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Cheers bluenose. I thought it was PC’s debut too. What a game that was. IIRC, we were 3-0 down after about 20 mins, then pulled it back to 3-3 at half time.

          • iMirkwood says:

            Yup – Paul Cooper’s debut game, 8th Jan 1972. This was the first in an 18 game unbeaten League run – 12 wins and 6 draws – which ended in the promotion-winning 1-0 win at Orient. Happy days!

          • Chris W says:

            I remember the Orient game, bunked off early from work with a bad back and drove down, 6 of us in a mini.
            There was a bomb scare and Millwall supporters kicked off, great night.
            Gaffer asked the next day if I enjoyed the game, he was a Baggies fan….

        • Chris W says:

          I agree nothing changes, but they scored more than they missed and put themselves about unlike Ziggy.
          Rarely did they moan about being pulled or jostled, they gave as good as they got.

  • Frankie says:

    Am bemused as to why people think teams should ‘lie down’ and let us ‘roll over’ them.
    Quite correct about midfield however, we DO lack creativity, which is why we struggle at home, sadly of course we don’t have the cash to rectify this, so fans will have to be a bit more patient at home .. we ARE going to struggle.
    We need maybe 7 or 8 more wins to guarantee survival, which would ‘tally up’ to a very good performance, given the players available.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    With a sickness bug running through the squad it was only the commitment of the players that earned a dogged draw. Without the sickness bug I feel that we’d have won this at a canter. Players can now get themselves right for the Brighton match on the 11th. Hopefully we can bring in some loan cover as well to bolster the squad. The £1m PP has trousered would have certainly helped LC bring in some fresh legs.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Sickness bug being the excuse for this debacle…what are the excuses foe Watford, Brighton, Ipswich, Bolton, Charlton , Blackpool , Doncaster, Middlesborough, Forest ?

    Its not as though we have even seen a good opposing team at St Andrews…Its a dire quality Championship season & we are in 17th place…not good enough sums it up nicely.

  • Chris W says:

    A true reflection on the Blues and as you point out our main problem now seems to be midfield which brings the question what has Ferguson or Scott Allen done to be left in the cold.
    Ferguson was the obvious replacement when Bartley came off.
    Tom Adeyemi, in my opinion, has developed well his season, Novak, and I have criticised him no end, is beginning to turn the corner with his hard work is getting him recognition.
    But it is central midfield we need some fresh blood, maybe Shinnie should play behind Ziggy until Adeyemi is fit again, something worth trying in the cup game.
    A chance to look at the two Reece’s, Will Packwood and give Wade Elliot some game time.
    Is it too son for Hancox being ready to get some game time?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think this is a perfect time to blood the likes of Packwood. We’ve been waiting for over a year to see whether the lad will be a centre back with a future. We’ll never know unless we give him a chance. Stick him in there with Robbo for the cup match and, if Hancox isn’t fit, go with Bell at left back with Ferguson in front of him. I’d give Brown a full match too. We have to try the youngsters out sometime.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As for Novak, he was Tatt’s MOTM in the BM too. I never had any doubt that he’d come good.

  • Royalblue says:

    I actually think some of the comments on here are a bit harsh. We weren’t at our best I can’t deny but
    I thought we played well enough to win the game. If Zigic showed a bit more desire to get on the end of crosses then we would have won.
    I don’t understand why he left it so late to bring Lovenkrands on, he looked lively but you need more than ten minutes!
    If the sickness thing is right then that explains certain individual performances, but to slag the team as a whole is wrong.

  • dave mann says:

    good start 1- 0 after 10 mins and thought we would go on and do to them what they did to us
    last season but we should no better shouldnt we, thought barnsley deserved there draw to
    be fair and another draw to go with the other 4 previous home draws keeps the unbeaten
    run going, ime glad i go to away games to cuz your only seeing the best of blues on there
    travels, home form costing us dearly if we want to get in to the top half of the league or
    even push for playoffs, just 3 wins from them 5 home draws and we would be on the verge
    of the playoffs…. ah well still not to bad if you think about it!! KRO.

  • Dave says:

    For me yesterday it was clear quite a few of the boys were knackered! Clark should of freshened it up abit. Olly Lee and Burkey looked tired. Both gave 100% and did ok but Mullins or Elliot should of played instead of Lee and gray or Ferguson should of been in for Burke. The second half we were crying out for Ferguson, he gives us balance, pace and a left foot that can deliver. Shinnie doesn’t do enough for me in that little free role position in behind Zigic. We need someone who’s mobile, good at finding little spaces to receive the ball and have the guile to cut open defences! Lingaard could do it, Could Ferguson do this? Reece Brown? Scot Dobbie from Palace would be perfect but his at Blackpool. After watching pre season I thought Scott Allen could of done it but his out the picture!

  • Sheldonman says:

    Having missed a couple of home matches and hearing good reports about away form, I was almost looking forward to yesterday’s game, as I thought LC might be getting things right at last. However after 20 minutes it seems the wheels came off again and it was back to the bad old days of misplaced passes and hoof and run type stuff. LC said some players were running on empty against Blackburn, and it was clear that some of the players were knackered, so why not put some fresh legs on earlier? One other thing that bothers me is the coaching staff. We have no money but can afford experienced (and I assume fairly high earners) in McDermott, Watson and Fazackerly, but I don’t see much evidence of their influence on the pitch, so what do they bring to the team? Finally, I remember when LC was sacked by Huddersfield, despite not losing for a zillion games, and the reason I think given, was they had drawn too many games. Seems that history is repeating itself. Happy new year !!!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I certainly wouldn’t complain if our unbeaten run were to last 42 games.

      If we had 4 consecutive wins at home and 5 draws away… would anyone be complaining? I don’t see the difference…. it still adds up to 17 points either way. I couldn’t care less how we get the points, as long as we get them.

  • mark says:

    Great blog Daniel……..of cause we are crying out for a win at home…….bit like the number 11 bus when they do come they come in a custer imo. I. am Not worried at all must keep our unbeaten run going as long as possible…….if I had a wish til the end of season would be bloody lovely…..kro

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see if Lee Clark can do any kind of business this month. Dudka’s gone now and we have a couple of loans expiring. Even with only, say, Dudka and Allan going, it could free up a little bit to bring someone useful in. Fingers crossed.

    • Blue Steve says:

      I think if all parties agree Shane Ferguson will be gone as well. That would free up a little more budget on the wage bill to bring in a left sided winger-cum-striker.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        There aren’t that many decent left-footers around to be honest, at least not immediately available. I think he’ll keep Ferguson for that reason… that is, if Ferguson wants to stay. I’ve heard nothing to the contrary. Imo, it’s still that defensive midfielder we need more than anything. We’ve proved we can score goals, when we’re not constantly worried about letting teams in the back door.

        I think Almajir’s 4-1-4-1 might be the answer. For me, I’d go Caddis and Burke on the right, Hancox (when fit) and Ferguson on the left, with Adeyemi and A. N. Other in the middle. But, but does 4-1-4-1 allow for Novak in the team, because he’s one of our more consistent players at the moment? Does it allow for Lingard, he-who-can’t-be-left-out? And Zigic, although, credit to him, he seems to be scoring lately, other players seem to be unable to play with him, because it’s pot luck where his headers and knock downs will end up. And is is really worth putting decent crosses in, if he’s going to stop and wave them past?

        A lot of questions that Lee Clark needs to find the answers to.

  • Frankie says:

    Yep, real easy to second-guess the ‘day after’ a game.
    The Americans call it ‘Monday Morning Quarter Back’ and we have MORE than our fair share.
    If Lee Clark had ‘tinkered’ with the line-up, he’d have been slammed, if he doesn’t he gets criticised.
    Our 10 game run is a tremendous achievement and has carried us away from the bottom 3.
    Forget the play-offs, that is as realistic a dream as Mylene Klass popping around to ‘boff my brains out’.
    Mid-table to just below is pretty much akin to promotion, given the ongoing ‘difficulties at St Andrews.

  • chas says:

    Crystal Palace have released Kevin Phillips. Worth a punt for the rest of the Season?

  • dave mann says:

    cant see many players comming in this month, id be happy to keep what weve got and that
    means randolph, adeyemi and burke not being sold as there our only sellable assets….the
    squads looking better know and a few days rest after yesterday which lee as promised
    them will do them a power of good and them play a few of the younger squad players
    next tuesday in the fa cup…..that means the main 11 at the momment will get a good rest
    before 11th january against brighton! KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think there are 6 or 7 players who basically pick themselves now, the more consistent performers. It’s the others that need to up their game a bit. Other than Adeyemi, who stands head and shoulders above the rest, most of our central midfeilders are much of a muchness. Elliott, Reilly, Shinnie, Mullins, Ambrose, etc.. none of them have really shone, other than the odd game here and there. Maybe Mullins would be the answer as the DM in front of the back 4. I doubt he could do too much worse than those who have already tried.

      Perhaps something like;


      Caddis, Bartley, Robbo, Hancox


      Burke, Adeyemi, Elliott, Ferguson


  • mike b says:

    hi all……..shinnie..reilly were both poor yesterday…will not comment about any others due to query over sickness….again dropped to far back ……and we seem not to come forward as a unit ….hence not enough bodies to take advantage of ziggies flicks………and why ferguson was not brought on!!!! greasy surface raining ideal for more shots….we must be one of the worst performing team for ratio of shots per match….
    a happy and healthy new year to you all…………..

  • Dave says:

    4-1-4-1?? With the way Shinnie plays, he plays like a 3rd centre midfielder anyway!! When we haven’t got the ball we set up 4-5-1 so that wouldn’t change anything. I’d let Lee sit, win the ball and spread the play. Let Adayemi go box to box and judge when to go forward or not. Push the 2 wingers right on to the full backs and let Lingaard have a free role! I’d keep it at 4-2-3-1
    Caddis Bartley Robinson Hancox
    Adayemi Lee
    Burke Lingaard Novak/ferguson

  • Johnners says:

    Overall, we’re on a good run and we’re clocking up enough points to get us to a mid-table finish which is where we belong at the moment. The win at Blackburn was a fantastic result so with that and the sickness bug I can forgive not putting Barnsley to the sword yesterday. I do agree about the midfield issue – we lost our shape far too easily yesterday and missed Adeyemi as a central focal point who can go box to box. I am also puzzled as to Ferguson being out in the cold when he can so easily bring some natural balance to our side when playing on the left. I’d like to see the following ‘experimental side’ for the Cup game – Doyle, Caddis, Packwood, Robinson, Hancox, Arthur, Elliott, Reilly, Ferguson, Lovenkrands, McLean. With bit of luck a couple of those will stake a claim and bring some healthy competition to the first team.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Oh great…. Bartley out and now Dan Burn recalled by Fulham!

  • John says:

    Because of this unbeaten run we are on, some people are getting carried away. What everyone has to remember,is that Yeung and his cronies have decimated the club financially and because of that,we have a team made up of inexperienced kids, one or two who are past their prime and some loanees, who are not good enough, to play for their parent clubs. It,s quite obvious that we do not posses a midfielder of any quality and the same goes for the strike force. They try to make up for their lack of skill with hard work and determination, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. But we should not get at the players (there was some booing at the end), the reason why the the standard is so low, is entirely the fault of our incompetent board. With Burn going back to Fulham and Bartley out for a while,we could be in trouble,unless, some money is found for Lee Clark,this month. Highly unlikely ! kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Looks like he’s going to have to let a few go, to recruit, at least, another centre back.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        It looks like Packwood has to come in on Tuesday for the cup game. Unless Lee Clark finds someone from somewhere. Mullins is not the answer at CB, but he could probably do a job in protecting the two centre backs.

  • mike b says:

    hi all………….just to restart the cup or league argument……even with the team being decimated …returnees ..injuries….illness….i still think it is most important to field our strongest team…..we need the impetus a win and good performance plus the revenue has got to be important…then who knows about a top club at home….we have to aim for that………

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I don’t think he’s going to have much choice mike. With the defence torn to shreds, I can see a back 4 of Caddis, Packwood, Robbo, Ferguson. If that’s the case, he needs to bed them in before the league game at Brighton.

      I suppose, realistically, there was always the chance that Bartley and/or Burn could be recalled in January, so the only thing we can hope for, is that Lee Clark had stringency plans for that eventuality and has someone in mind for Burn’s wages. It’s a case of wait and see I suppose.

  • Chris W says:

    Though Dan Burn gave me palpitations every time he let the ball bounce, having to turn and chase, he was starting to mature with his partnership with Kyle Bartley, hopefully Fulham will let him return and finish his development at St Ans.
    If not who have we got to play central defence, Robbo can move across with Ferguson at LB, but who can partner Robbo?
    Spector could, but how near to fitness is he, we seem very thin in that department and Academy players would be too much a risk.
    Maybe LC can find an emergency loan for an experienced central defender, maybe CY can give the sofa a shake and find some more funds to help LC.
    Just when things were looking settled someone has to throw a spanner in the mix.
    It might even be worth a punt dropping Ziggy back for the cup game, He is constantly offside and falling over, he might just get the decisions he keeps complaining about… Maybe I am still sniffing the sherry…
    What other options are their with such a paper thin squad…?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think Lee Clark said End of Feb, beginning of March for Spector. Hancox could make it for Brighton.

      The other centre back has to be either Mullins or Packwood. There is no one else to my knowledge.

      • Chris W says:

        I can’t think of anyone either, both Mullins and Packwood have not played regularly with the squad unless LC has been working on a plan B.
        The cup game will be an ideal game to blood whoever we have for those positions or experiment with playing 3 at the back with 5 in midfield
        Hopefully Fulham will let him develop with us, think Bartley could be out for about 6 games depending on the damage to his hamstring, hopefully it hasn’t torn.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          3-5-2 actually crossed my mind too. It would have to be Mullins Packwood Robinson, We’d have to be desperate…. but aren’t we?

          • Chris W says:

            I think desperate would see LC bring Ziggy into defence… But it worked the other way round when we had to use Kenny Burns as an emergency striker, Cloughie bought him and old him he would never be a striker…. scored some cracking goals for both us and Forest.
            And lets ace it he has done pretty well when defending corners.

  • sappy dad says:

    funny before the barnsley game i was on top of the world now
    a short time on i am being told the end is nigh ….what a load of
    bull lingard could be going ..burn could be going..we will miss
    them if they do go ..but they are leaving behind them a legacy
    they who dares wins…they have given blues own young men
    time to mature and if they go we thank them for being part
    of the bc revival ….there will be out of contract players on offer
    and perhaps we maybe able to avoid loan recalls …even so
    come on you super blues.

  • mark says:

    not sure myself but burns return to fulham is a serious blow to Clark……………just when burns and bartley were becoming the next dann and johnson for blues……………..hopefully the fulham manager does not see the need to want him…….this is assessment by their manager so there is possibilities of him returning back to blues if not needed or he still does not fit into their plans…………………

  • mark says:

    it looks definately lightly a new defence will need to be formed………….again we will need come through this adversity together as fans …………..

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Whoever is chosen, it’s up to the fans to get right behind them and give them a boost. It’s gonna be tough for sure, with the likes of Brighton, Watford, Leicester and Derby coming up.

      • mark says:

        will packwood what a opportunity for this lad…………………horrendous injury he has recovered from…….i bet inside he be cuffed too bits………………………………..kro

        • mark says:

          if given a chance to play by clark………..

          • Chris W says:

            Can’t see too many alternatives, but is he ready for the Championship?

          • StaffsBlue says:

            He was doing ok last season, until his injury.. and that was out of position. He made a huge difference to Bristol Rovers, getting a couple of MOTM awards. They’ve missed him since he was recalled. We’ve got to know if he can handle it sooner or later, why not now, while there’s a spot in the team.

  • mark says:

    dudka situation appears strange was it simply he was not up to the task ( the guy international) or is it a money thing…………has clark got other options lined up?//……….this will probably make interesting january transfer window……….. has carson got any more money down his sofa…………….

  • South coast blue says:

    I think the sickness bug was probably a lot more important than a lot of folks realise. I’ve also thought the same about tiredness when we’ve performed badly after a mid week game. It’s often a really small margin between winning the 50/50 ball or not and a few players who are just slightly under par and win a few less 50/50 balls can mean the difference between a narrow win and a draw. Don’t know what you do about it mind – especially if you haven’t get the squad to rotate players (and if you do rotate then you get accused of tinkering). I suspect that giving the players stick when they already feel like s**t probably doesn’t help much though.

  • mike b says:

    hi all again…… randolph
    burke lee elliott novak
    lovenkrands linguard l……………well………??????

  • andy says:

    I have not been to any away games this season but I am wondering whether the success Blues are having away from home, which in fact is keeping them out of trouble, is down to the home teams attacking more which suits Blues play. Teams come to St Andrews and Blues tend to struggle in breaking them down, whilst away this doesn’t seem to be the case?

  • Kingsbury Rich says:

    Ziggy at CB!!! Penalties galore for the opposition judging by the number of fouls he gets pulled for :(

  • Shirley Blue says:

    We are absolutely screwed with Burn being recalled and Bartley out injured as well. Terrible news.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      If I’m pefectly honest, when I first saw that, I thought Randolph was giving him far too much room on the right hand side…. and that’s where he stuck it. The keeper was too far over to be able to reach it. Another yard to his left and I think he would have gotten to it.

      • chas says:

        That is what I thought when I saw it Staffs.

      • Chris W says:

        I was a goalkeeper for many years and played some lower non league football, from my seat I thought that the wall was set up wrong but watching it later I agree that Randolph was maybe a yard too far left and knowing he was going for goal maybe someone should have been on the post. I have noticed that Randolph has done this on a couple of times, I used the same psychology, to try and get the player to put it where you want it by giving them a bigger target, and where you are the strongest, this time I think Randolph made an error of judgement.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Yes, one my few occasions in goal, I’ve done the same thing… but I was a quick little bugger. :-)

          I’ve thought on 4 or 5 occasions that Randolph could have done better getting to free kicks. But, I suppose it’s swings and roundabouts.. he’s saved us quite a few points this season with his shot-stopping.

          • Chris W says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking, most of the time I made up for it with agility, then I learned about positioning and not getting my kit dirty as we had wash our own…
            He has proved he is a good keeper, just something he needs to look at and be more conscience off…

  • lichfieldnose says:

    Lingard returns to Man Utd… more bad news…

    • chas says:

      Lets not get too despondent yet. Would he have been allowed to Play in the Cup match anyway ?

      The centre-half will return to Craven Cottage so that Fulham boss Rene Meulensteen can assess the 21-year-old before deciding whether to allow Burn to recommence his loan stay at St Andrew’s

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I would think that, if all parties are agreed, Utd will send him back to us. He’s clearly not up to Premier standard yet, I doubt he’d get near their first team this season (barring injuries.) He’d do himself more good staying with us.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    With Burn and Bartley gone surely it is time LC gave Packwood his chance. Robbo should not play LB as he hasn’t the pace to handle wingers or get forward. What’s happened to Ferguson? I can see LC putting Mullins at CB before playing Packwood.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Mullins can just about wing it in a 3 man back line, but I wouldn’t feel safe with him in a back 4… although, he played their in his early days at Wet Spam and at Portsmouth. So who knows.

  • mark says:

    I wonder if clark will need to change formation maybe 532 or will change to suit different players ability………….cup.game seem the ideal place.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      With Bartley and Hancox out and Burn not expected back any time soon, he has to try out a new defence as soon as. For me, it has to be Caddis, Packwood, Robinson, Ferguson. Stick Mullins in front, and hope they can all hold out. I don’t see too many better options tbh.

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