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Delay No More

Banners protesting the continued ownership of the club by Carson Yeung and Birmingham International Holdings were displayed at St Andrew’s today during the 3-3 draw with Derby County.

Two banners were prominently displayed during the match – one stating “Made in Birmingham – Destroyed in Hong Kong” and another put together by the Blues Trust and others with the “Delay No More” tagline on it.

I wrote this piece back in October to explain the double meaning behind the “Delay No More” and I’m pleased to see that the Blues Trust have picked up the idea and have organised a banner too. They have also created a website which hopefully will create a jumping off point to build on the momentum, to bring fans together and to finally get rid of the toxic cloud of apathy that has hung over the club for some time.

Both banners provided a very focal point for fans who are clearly disaffected by what has gone on at the club. Noise around the ground was loud and vociferous and my personal hope now is that other people having seen that protest can be positive and peaceful will add to it. It does worry me however that people have brought the nationality of Carson Yeung etc to into the chants and I cannot stress enough that we as a fanbase need to be above that – it’s nothing to do with where Carson et al come from – it’s only their actions that are being judged.

There is definite media interest in what was displayed with local media picking up on the story and I’m happy to say that interest has been replicated in Hong Kong. I have spent Saturday evening putting together a package of pictures and videos sent to me by Bluenoses for my contacts in the HK media so that they can then use them in their newspapers and websites – bringing the feelings of the fans to where it matters. With the EGM on Wednesday I think the timing is perfect to make the shareholders aware that it’s in their best interest for BIH to sell up now.

For me, the next step is for us to fill the ground and get behind the team whilst continuing to demonstrate that we want the club to be sold. If the club is to be picked up a potential investor needs to know that the fans will back the team and that there is a good reason to buy the club from Carson – and it’s important with such a young side we show them we’re behind them on the pitch all the way.

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146 Responses to “Delay No More”

  • mark says:

    if carson has no intention of selling up your argument is seen as futile afraid

    • Timmy says:

      Mark, the protest isn’t futile; if nothing else it is better for the club the team and the fans than apathy. It galvanised the supporters today and perhaps that helped spur the team on to fight back for the draw.

      • John says:

        Yes a vote of thanks from all true Bluenoses, to all those who organised and carried out the banner protest. If common sense prevails, the directors should take notice.

    • Applebob says:

      There wasn’t really any significant protest before though, and no real coverage in HK media from what has been said on here. If this can get picked up on a more regular basis then it can have an affect, if only to force CY & PP to try and save face.

      • almajir says:

        Applebob – that may well change. I have been in regular contact with people in hk press and they have images and videos and are asking for more.

        • Thejudge says:

          Just feel it was a bit disgusting seeing the stewards attempting to confiscate the banners, nice seeing a bit more atmosphere and emotion yesterday.
          One fan hit the nail on the head

          Steward “you can’t have this going round the ground”
          Fan “son, who do you think will profit less if the club were to go under, considering it would be your job on the line?”

          Defense was woeful yesterday but Blackett looks capable. Why Burke wasn’t starting I’d beyond me!

          Delay no more, kro

  • mark says:

    whether fans like or not carson has also made clear that his verdict wont make any different bcfc….

  • Harborneblue says:

    It really did seem to galvanise the crowd, with the noise from supporters the loudest for a long long time.
    Just unfortunate the young centre half Thorpe was being stretched off during the start of it.
    Well done to everybody involved in organising and producing the banners etc.

    Really good point to boot!


  • mark says:

    and if investment is forthcoming make it even more silly………just my opinion

  • Blues Collective says:

    It was all about bringing fans together and removing the discontent within fans who have wanted to do something but have struggled to decide what is best. This was peaceful, to the point and no harm to the team or staff at the club who do such a good job under difficult circumstances.

    This was overdue and you could tell by the atmosphere which was one of the best all season, instead of fans being ‘anti fans’ the ground sang has one and seem to have come together after it was the talk of all the pubs after with fans wanting the same next time.

    This was a collaboration of fans coming together and showing what can be done once somebody takes the lead, Without trouble or problems with police or stewards, apart from minor disagreements when not allowed to take the banners the full length of the Kop.

    Delay No More Kro

  • Martin Grainger says:

    Great to see the Delay No More banner today! And to explain its double-meaning to a couple of people. Not so great to hear mentions of nationality in one or two chants but those didn’t last.

    Many great things about today’s game, the football, the comeback, the result, and Rusnak is clearly a legend. Best day at the blues in a long time!

  • mark says:

    loans were signed or authorize to get players reinforcements in( could have been cleared from hk)

  • Chris W says:

    The atmosphere was certainly vocal today, reminiscent of days gone by.
    The banners certainly had an effect and hopefully will be seen where it hurts, on BIHL’s agenda.
    The question is “will they, won’t they” get the message?
    As for the game, firstly, hopefully Thorpe is not too seriously injured,. To be baptised in such a game must have seemed daunting to some of the lads and to go 3-1 down would have killed of most teams any many experienced players.
    There were signs of promise with some and, maybe nerves or inexperience in other.
    I should imagine that LC has a couple of local games arranged to try and gel these lads.
    Thought Packwood was excellent again, Caddis seemed lost without Burke and we were on dimensional until he came on.
    Yesterday I queried Macheda’s Goal ratio, 9 in 91 starts. To score on his debut will only do him good, and you could see some of his movement that will cause problems to defences, along with and understand with midfield and we can look forward to and exciting end to the season.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Excellent that it’s begun. I just renewed my Blues Trust membership today and I’m fully behind this.

  • gloria says:

    has much has im behind get carson and co another job i fell were lost i sat all day thinking dont get exited i lived in hong kong for 2 years at stanley fort under the 22nd cheshire reg and have seen what can happen if you go under or against chinese gov or the chinese but do hope its a life line and carson sees this before his case on 28th

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Pumped for Charlton now. Let’s get down there in numbers and back the boys.


    • skimmer says:

      Don’t forget the flat caps!

      • Ali Duncan says:

        I’ll buy a Peaky Blindes badge but that’s as far as my dressing up goes as I’ve got a Shoreditch session lined up after the game.

        I remember going infancy dress to Bristol City in , I think 99, and after hearing that Bristol and not Sunderland would be the end of season beano 4 of us turned up in full regalia. Never felt like such a Pratt in all my life as we were practically the only ones. Never again.

  • DoctorD says:

    Say what you like about Carson Yeung, but one thing is clear: a complete lack of information coming out of Hong Kong. I know his trial must be taking up time and energy, but surely it’s just good manners and sound business sense to speak from time to time directly to the fans, without whom the club is nothing. I am sure the owners think the statements to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are enough, but they’re not. There is a void of information and we can be thankful that Dan here has done so much to fill the gaps. But in an ideal world we should not really be having to rely on him for that.

  • skimmer says:

    Great to see the young boys heads did not drop at 1 – 3 down. Huws for me was easily the man of the match for me!

  • sutton apex says:

    well done to those organising the banners, our board need to realise by having a team of loanees and kids, our manager has no stability in his team and its credit to him we are not in the bottom 3.
    Totally agree that fans must not chant about chinese hatred – this is about human beings – pannu and carson, not race

  • Roger Jones says:

    I agree “DoctorD”, the real hurtful thing about this Chinese regime is their total contempt for the Fans. Pannu is a disgrace. Even if Yeung is unable to comment, PP should be communicating regularly with us. If he did that then a lot of us might have some sympathy for their predicament. Silence breeds contempt. Even a basic understanding of human relationships should tell him that. But perhaps he just doesn’t care? We ought to keep challenging him on this and getting as much in the media as we can.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    What a fantastic days football. Absolutely brilliant work by Lee bringing in these quality loan signings and there was a buzz around the ground yesterday. Unfortunately we gifted em 2 goals so were never gonna win but kept right on and got a quality equaliser at the end. Lee personifies Blues. Like us he doesn’t buckle, never moans, just faces what’s in front of him and gets on with it and it was nice to see the rapture which greeted him when he applauded the fans at the end.

    I applaud those who made and carried the banners around but abhor the racist chanting that accompanied it. Referring to Carson Yeung as a ‘Chinese Bas*ard’ will have lost us any sympathy we ought to have acheived in the Chinese media. For the record I don’t have a problem with Yeung as under his command I had my greatest ever Blues experience. Zero communication or funding is the issue I have but I don’t completely blame Yeung for that either as he has been on lockdown by the Chinese authorities since his arrest. I have had a problem with Pannu pretty much from day one and especially after he started waving his wallet at us in Madeira.

    Good to see the Trust getting involved as this is exactly where I see them, ie. at the forefront of fans protest. Becoming more visible will only enhance their reputation. If the rumours are correct ‘something’ along the same lines will be happening at Charlton next week. Plans are afoot to keep the feeling going and it’s an important game for us too. On the 9.30am train and looking forwards to 3 points and further unrest.


  • Mickey07 says:

    I love this because if and when the guilty verdict does land it’s going be all out crictism of yeung and hopefully things take a turn for the worst for pannu….

    comment edited

  • Art Watson says:

    This could be the start of the end of this terrible experience.We are dealing with awful people who have little respect for their main source of income -the fans.

    PP and CY should hang their head in shame- they are an absolute disgrace and have damaged our great club.

    Well done to all those who have organised this protest and congratulations to Dan for getting the HK media interest. I for one will immediately invest in the club once these despicable people have gone.

    The sun is stating to shine again.

  • Confused says:

    But but I thought the Trust and yourself were against any form of protest?

    this could have happened two years ago.


  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Art, I really don’t understand your optimism, it has already been made obvious that irrespective of the outcome of the trial CY is maneuvering now to ensure that he continues to hold the reins after February 28th. I think it has to be remembered too that he has not been found guilty yet. I personally believe that deep down somewhere Carson does have a love for the club, I got this feeling from the piece that Dan penned after speaking to him, there is something slightly endearing about him. It might be better for all concerned if CY is found not guilty and he has his assets back hopefully allowing us to operate normally again.

    • Art Watson says:

      Hi Steve.

      My biggest criticism concerning CY is the fact that during the financial constraints he has allowed PP to draw his outrageous annual salary at the expense of the hard working fans.

      The protest will hopefully shame CY into selling the club and will know doubt make the board fully aware of the mood of the fans which in my view is long overdue.

      On a personal note I hope he’s found guilty and can’t wait to see the back of him and PP who over the last 18 months has financially raped our club while enjoying his very expensive life style.

      DELAY NO MORE….and I do mean the Chinese interpretation .

      • Steve Aerobic says:

        Thanks Art, I did leave a reply to a question posted regarding the income of PP on this thread somewhere. As for his guilt or innocence I hope that he is found guilty ONLYif he is guilty and innocent ONLY if he is innocent. My guess is if he was to sell now for 15m he would have lost a fortune, hardly financial rape. I personally would like a change and hope that he does the sensible thing and sells but I wont become hysterical about it.

  • Darren Brown says:

    ABOUT TIME !!!


  • I.Roth says:

    Should of cleaned the street before the photo was taken.

  • chas says:

    If I was a member of the Blues Trust before yesterday, I would have resigned by this morning. Stupid , childish goings on. We ate sinking to the Villa Fans Level.Throwing round insults like a group of kids.

    • Alex T says:

      Chas, you are just the kind of blues snob that has until now, made us so apathetic. Just because the Vile do it for on a weekly basis, does not make protest unique to them. Seems you would rather go down with the ship with a stiff upper lip than plug the hole…..

    • almajir says:


      I respectfully disagree with you – and would like to ask you what you would do instead.

      • chas says:

        I would do exactly what we can do, Dan.. Not very much. I certainly would not sink to being insulting . We should have learnt our lesson after the treatment of the old Board. Alex T , you are posting through your rear orifice as you know bugger all about me, but here is a snippet. I attended the ‘Blue Revolution’ at the Town Hall(and had my car nicked ) I stood behind after matches protesting about the different Boards. I signed the petition against the sale of Elmdon and I have stood in queues for hours on end to get tickets. I gave a Darren Rowbotham a lift to catch the Coach to Pre4ston up after he missed it . My Blues credentials will stand against yours any day.
        Did anyone see Craig Bellamy’s Goal Celebration yesterday ? The same could be said for a lot of our ‘fans’.

    • Mickey07 says:

      Chas,What should we be doing then? How would you go about things?

    • chudlt says:

      Oh Dear, lesser men stand back and do nothing!

  • Steve Aerobic says:

    Are you organising this? Please let us have the details of the arrangements that you have in place, time and date etc. At last someone has taken the lead! Well done

  • chas says:

    By the way, RIP Tony Hateley.

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    Nice one Dan and absolutely correct. Let us fill the stadium at the next home game to prove to investors what they can expect if an when we are up for sale.

  • Peter bates says:

    I have said before pp only comments when somebody gets under his skin and he threatens taking people to court and cy his only stopped from travelling here he his not being stopped from talking to the fans and myself like a lot of people dont care about them they have showed contempt for the fans and all their silence has alienated the most important people the fans serves them right delay no more cy and to the supporters kro

  • keith sykes says:

    great news, will you be showing us evidence that the pictures and videos are used in the hong kong press

  • BobbyBlue says:

    Great work Dan in helping to fuel things in HK. Those contacts of yours are invaluable to the protest having any kind of impact – where it’s needed anyway.

    And well done to the boys yesterday. Fighting back against a good team like Derby will give them the confidence to believe a result is possible even if we go behind in games.

    KRO + DNM

  • TracyKRO says:

    Well done Dan and Blues Trust
    Ive been saying for ages let our VOICES be heard.
    I didn’t like that nationality was brought up its got NOTHING to do with that.
    I think OUR support did help the TEAM so lets try get more people down ST ANDREWS again and show we are in this TOGETHER and let them know enough is enough.


    • Chris W says:

      I agree Tracy, the noise was deafening, and reminded me of walking from Muntz Street back in the 60/70’s.
      The chanting of racist remarks can or could possibly bring trouble upon the club and takes away any impact the banners had. The media always detract from the main issue when anything offensive can be used.
      The miners strikes reports were all about the violence not about the main issues.
      Not sure what effect the banners would have at away games, unless they were televised, looking at the fixtures I can’t see any that are.
      We do need more numbers at home games, but if we can carry on generating the atmosphere as we did Saturday, maybe many will return just to see what it is all about.
      I also think the volume of noise disrupted Derby’s game.
      Go to Liverpool and your hair stands up when they all sing in unison, Man U’s atmosphere at Old Trafford does not hold the same intimidation because the fans are disgruntled and all moaning about different things, and that shows in the teams performances.
      It seems that things are now happening that will only galvanize the supporters and team.
      Looking forward to Charlton, but I fancy the best away day will be Blackpool, sea air and a great atmosphere, I always enjoy Blackpool.


  • mark says:

    Unfortunately some fans will abuse this opportunity to voice peacefully possible the same fans who hurde abuse at Sullivans and gold brothers…….name calling has already started..imo this will become distasteful. I dont believe chas is snob just voicing his opinion…kro

  • Darren Brown says:

    If a meet was planned why does someone need to organise it !!!
    A date/location and e t a could be put forward by a number of bloggers and we’ve lift off !
    I remember being in the Railway end when Bluenoses had passion against the Kumars but now we take the micheal out of our neighbours the bed sheet brigade !
    I’ve not mention a protest or march just a gathering to show our feelings against whats going on at our club !
    Let’s get some passion back ! Let’s get the ground rocking again just like Crystal Palace who have come back from the brink of not having a team !!!
    I’ve been at home games with 5000 in attendance and away games with 100 blues fans and I’m proud to be a BCFC fan !
    I went to the Liverpool v Everton derby Tuesday and I can say our crowd make a louder noise !!!

    • almajir says:

      Why does someone need to organise a “meet”?

      Because, Mr Brown, if it’s that kind of protest the police will start getting involved. It has to be properly organised because if it’s not and violence kick off the organisers are criminally liable.

    • Chris W says:

      Someone mentioned meeting and protesting to Birmingham council before a game, the council offices are closed on a Saturday.
      Any organised walk has to be pre-arranged with police liaison and have official leaders and stewards to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

  • steve says:

    Is it illegal to protest in this country ?Why did the police get involved to stop the flag going around ? It was a peaceful protest.

  • Darren Brown says:

    I’ll be joining the Blues trust and support any peaceful gathering !
    The words hate don’t need to be used towards our owners we all just want the best for our club.
    I understand and I’m not organising or arranging and don’t want my head on the chopping block !
    Bye !

  • fletch says:

    how much longer will trial of carson take ?/?… if he;s sent down surely they must sell ??

  • Tony Downing says:

    We are now seeing the beginning of the end for the Carson Regime it may not be tomorrow next week or next month but the end is coming Why? because Fans have finally stood up & started peaceful protests against how the Club is slowly but surely being bled dry ! The Media both here and in Hong Kong are sympathetic to the fans cause, Fans from across the country are sympathetic it could be them next . The Ball has started to roll it wont stop until the present owners relinquish ownership of the Club .To the people who say protest is futile whats the alternative accept the demise of the Club sit on your hands without trying to do something to affect it WE SHALL OVERCOME… KRO

    • Chris W says:

      You say the media hear are sympathetic, I have to disagree, the local media just report what they want. If it wasn’t for Dan and his visits to Hong Kong, we would still be in the dark.
      Tom Ross has come out with facts that have not materialised as to takeovers and Tatts has reported on footballing matters while glossing over the money situation.
      We get the odd mention from Supporters Direct, this may warrant some space, providing the racist chants cease.
      There has not been much coverage in the nationals, even with CY’s charges and court case, the Football League don’t seem to care, and could find themselves with a similar situation with the debacle at Leeds United, another convicted owner who seemingly passed the “Fit and Proper” criteria.
      If the Birmingham Mail had taken up the case two years ago, or even when Dan returned from Hong Kong and his, though brief interview with CY, then maybe we would have a stronghold.
      Dan and the Blues Trust are doing what they can, and only now have the supporters decided to help.
      These banners should have flown while the BIHL director was watching the games.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Just give me a few worked examples of where sustained fan pressure has actually resulted in an owner going “okay, I know when I am not wanted” and selling up/moving on?

    I can think of plenty of stubborn sods who stand their ground DESPITE fan pressure and protest (Lerner and Ellis across the expressway, Tan in Cardiff, Sugar at Spurs, Ridsdale at Leeds….oh the list goes on).

    Sorry but I am not apathetic. Just realistic to think that businessmen – whoever they are and wherever they are from – don’t respond to flags/banners and certainly not to racist chanting, which has now destroyed any credibility that a (futile IMO) protest would’ve had anyway.

    The best Blues fans who want CY/PP out can hope for in the short term is conviction (if guilty) and a hand being forced, or acquittal and a reinvestment programme being initiated.

    Either way the club won’t die due to its loyal and ardent fanbase and I refute the idea we were all united in this action cos I wasn’t and many others like me wouldn’t be either.

    I prefer to back the shirt, the squad and our manager whatever happens off the pitch and I fear too many have allowed themselves to become disenfranchised and overly voiciferous in an area of little/no influence.

    Sing at the players and create noise and be the 12th man. Sing and chant at PP/CY and you’re simply falling on deaf ears…or at least ears that choose to polarise what they listen to because their country/culture/situation doesn’t allow or warrant a response.

    Sad but true I think. KRO

  • Blueboy1875 says:

    Chas just Jump of your high horse mate obviously haven’t got the balls to support the cause a lot of bluenoses have lost faith if this protest works your all be thanking us but if it don’t then it don’t least we done something. Not only that, we erged the team on yday to get the result #backTheTeam

    • chas says:

      Never been on a Horse in my Life, high or otherwise, but I do despise people who can only shout their mouths off when they are in a Crowd. We are sinking as low as the Bedsheet Brigade.

      • Chris W says:

        I’m not so sure about sinking to the bedsheet brigade, from what I saw, and the Blue banner was passed along by the crowd I sit with in the Kop, looked pretty professionally made and well thought out, the same said about the Blues trust banner. I think we have been patient over the last couple of years and now we have woke up and do something, we are sinking to new depths. It is that apathy that has seen support dwindle and given the moaners fuel to burn the true fans for attending games and so called funding PP and Hong Kong.
        I feel the sleeping dragon of BCFC (The Supporters). are beginning to stir, the Zulu Army used to be feared, well a new breed have been reborn, and doing things diplomatically.

  • nigel says:

    the protests need to hit them were it hurts them in the pocket

  • ErnieD says:

    Well done to the protest organisers…got us old farts out of our seats with a rare bit of excitement.

    Well done to the young lads who kept going yesterday…..

    I am amazed that people out there still don’t blame CY…just because we won the League Cup! that’s like not blaming your captors because they gave you a decent meal before your execution….I can’t say what I really feel about those who control our club as I don’t have a strong defence team or want to put this great website in jeopardy.

    • Steve Aerobic says:

      Regarding your comment about CY, I for one won’t be blaming him for anything until the verdict is in. You may have decided that he is gulity in advance but some of us will want to see what the Chinese justice system does first. The reason that he cannot support the club with cash is that his assets are frozen pending the ourcome of the case, this is pivotal to the whloe situation.

      • Art Watson says:


        So why hasn’t CY given PP a substantial pay cut.?

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          Art, I am not privvy to what goes on in terms of how much PP takes from the club but the reverse argument could be used by asking who has raised money to keeo the club going every time it seems that we are going to crash. I am not an apologist for CY I am merely stating how I look at the position and what my thoughts regarding his innocence are. He has had to hand over a lot of control to PP but I think the growing involvement of the Greek gentleman may well se the role (and income) of PP diminish. The outcome of the EGM will make intetesting reading.

  • Enckelman says:

    Glad to see that our voices may be heard, people who support Carson really do baffle me.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think the Football League need to take a long look at themselves too… allowing these kind of people to take over ownerships of clubs that are part of their membership. It looks like they’re possibly going to allow a guy take over Leeds, who is a known con artist and is facing embezelment charges in his own country. Will Leeds end up the same as us, with an owner facing a prison sentence? The whole system just beggars belief.

    • Steve Aerobic says:

      Staffs, I think the league are limited in how much they can actually investigate someone and if a person has been convicted and done their porridge I’m a not sure they can do anything as in the case of Marlon King who was on the sex offenders register whilst playing for Blues. Which is the worst one CY who is yet to be convicted of anything or Marlon who has done the crime and the time?

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I see your point Steve, but 1, King wasn’t an owner and, whatever he does/did, can only affect himself and his own career. 2, The Football League is responsible for membership and, if they could be bothered, they could suspend, or rescind membership if their rules aren’t adhered to. At the end of the day, it’s just another useless body not fit for purpose.

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          Its interesting Staffs. Kings actions obviousky affect the clubs reputation and that of the league too. In respect of league rules being broken im not sure that CY has broken any? They cannot look into his criminal record etc just the way that I couldn’t, the league has no such arrangement with the Police. They can ask a question on a form but have no way of checking its truth. I believe I’m right in saying this but if anyone knows otherwise I would be interested to hear.

          • Chris W says:

            Any organisation who takes on clients can ask the police for a certificate that allows them to see any criminal actions, in the UK it is a CRB check for which you pay depening whether you have a partial, as for volunteers or a full if you are employing someone.
            In America you can get this information freely, which is scary, I checked my name and it seems I’m on death row.
            As for International records I have no idea.

    • Chris W says:

      Staffs, I think if you check him out, he has already been convicted, he even negotiated his own sentence in prison of 1 year 3 months served in 2001.
      Though the Italian translation can be a little hard to work some things out, he was tried in 1996 but didn’t go to prison until 2001, he has also tried to buy Newcastle, West Ham, QPR and Crystal Palace.
      So much for “Fit and Proper” rumour has it they wanted Ronnie Biggs as treasurer as he passed it too.

  • Ron J says:

    We need the international media to be made aware of our situation and the only way is by direct action so as to get publicity. Banners should also spell the positives of the club and it’s supporters. Can you imagine if our club was a Chelsea arsenal or Manu- there would be uproar. I am afraid we have to be robust in our protests as it is the only way to get to the hairdresser and his cronies as we are perceived by the outside world as small and irrelevant .

    • Chris W says:

      Ron, I like your optimist, but we can’t even get help from the Birmingham Mail, so International Agencies certainly won’t.
      As with most things and Birmingham City, we are out on our own, we get some sympathy from other clubs but that is about all.

  • Eddie says:

    I couldn’t make it yesterday, gutted.
    but I did listen to the match on Free Radio 80’s where the commentators were mocking the banners.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    I like the ‘protest’ website by the Blues Trust and the banners that were displayed. From small seeds grow great trees so safe to assume that if momentum is kept up then this will only attract more and more attention.
    Please keep all chanting, banners and protests relevant to the situation though. We don’t want any racism to stain the protest. Remember that we want the HK & Chinese media to sympathise with our plight not slate it so please keep it clean.
    Round of applause for all the banner makers and organiser of the protest who demonstrated with actions rather than words.

    • Art Watson says:

      Here here!

    • mark says:

      so chanting racist remarks is not words well eat my hat……

      • B25dave says:

        the Racist chanting is NOT acceptable in any way shape or form…it emanated from Block 11
        The DelayNoMore Campaign is Non Violent Non Racist it has a simple message.
        The Blues Trust is not a Protest Group but have never ruled out the right or need to do so,and despite the best efforts of some we did not actually oppose any protest in february last year we simply did not sanction it nor organise it which is what we were being asked to do.We didnt and couldnt prevent others from doing so,although its fairly Ironic that the inaction then became the Trusts problem.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I cannot let the day pass without expressing my condolences to the Hateley family.
    Tony passed away yesterday and a little part of my childhood passed with him. I fondly remember standing on the Tilton in the the late sixties singing……Hateley is our King.
    He only managed 6 goals in 28 league games for us, but was prolific for his other clubs
    His heading ability had few equals, but he admitted his control on the floor wasn’t the best.
    RIP Tony Hateley..

  • sappy sad says:

    manchester city are after reece brown i hear .it is time that
    the football authorities changed the laws on young players
    any young player over 16 that has played for the first team
    should have a parential contract as a apprentice to the club
    he is with .bigger clubs should only be able to sign under 18
    players at the end of a season ..any club that wants to sign a
    under 18player must pay compensation for gate loss to the
    club he is with judged by a board and rated on value of the
    player and for the period he is with his new club..in the case
    of reece brown i hopeo he is going to be played by Lc and not
    kept on the bench for end of the year finances

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    For subsequent games PP will have his heavies out to stop the banners reappearing. I hope there is a strategy to counter this action.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      To clarify. I hope there is a strategy to outwit PP’s attempts to stop them getting in the ground or being unfurled.

    • Eddie says:

      where do you live? in the wild west.
      this is Britain, what do you mean get his heavies out?

      by that do you mean fat stewards

      • phil says:

        pmsl, good reply eddie.
        To the people who organised the banners yesterday you deserve credit.
        It made me realise that we will not just lie down and take everything that is thrown at us by the owners. the fans got together and sang together in unison. The stewards were pathetic. Let it go, it was not violent and if it turned violent that would be down to you lot of part time mercenaries.
        You were a joke to the club. WE, the fans are the ones who ensure your wages get paid. If we didn’t turn up, week in week out, you would not be there so let the banners go round peacefully you bunch of jobsworths.
        KRO and next time I hope more fans will march round the stadium and keep it peaceful and if the stewards try to get heavy handed, it should be them that face the flak. LET US PROTEST PEACEFULLY OR YOU WILL TURN IT NASTY WITH YOUR STUPID HEAVY HANDED TACTICS

      • BhamCityJulian says:


        PP will have people out looking for the banners and they will have a heavy-handed approach when they find them. Does that clarify your understanding of what I said.

        • Eddie says:

          if anyone was heavy handed with a member of the public they could face prosecution for assault,

          I think your getting Jackie Chan films mixed up with reality

          • BhamCityJulian says:

            Do grow up Eddie. You can be heavy handed without being physical

          • Eddie says:

            Tell me in your maturity, what could “PP Heavies” do to someone holding a banner that would require you to warn them

    • steve says:

      Hide the banner,walk along the aisles and open it up in front of the directors box.Walk above the main aisle.

  • chudlt says:

    Well done to all who organised the protest banners . I believe that if the banners were passed around the crowd there would be no interference from the stewards/police. What they don’t like is a large group of fans moving around the stadium in the direction of the away supporters. This could be misconstrued by away fans who have little understanding of the difficulties the club are in at this time.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Real easy to see the line. Keep it legal, non violent and non racist and no-one will mind the protests going ahead.

    The racism yesterday was unbearable

  • Blue tsunami says:

    Really proud of what was organised yesterday. It takes a lot to sort a protest and it went well. Its a start, now the trick is to follow it up consistently and watch it grow.
    With regard to passing the banners round, how much do they cost? If you could get more not only would they look excellent but they’d also not have to be passed around hence cutting out the stewards. Providing they can be afforded that is.
    The new players looked promising yesterday and the on field future looks brighter than it has all season.

  • BlueBlues says:

    Well done to all of the organisers yesterday it really lifted the crowd and gave us at last something to get behind. Now the next challenge is for the missing fans to make an effort and get down to the next game and at least fill the Tilton and make the same amount of noise. Perhaps every one could get an A4 sheet printed out with some spares with the words delay no more Carson out. And hold them up before the game

    I will be buy another 4 tickets for my family for this game so that’s my contribution, I already have 3season tickets perhaps others may follow all I ask is perhaps one effort from all us blues


  • andy says:

    i’mm trying to sort some banners for the masses to complement what is already happening, i have a chinese question…
    does 现在去 mean GO NOW

    if not, what does?



  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Get em down to Charlton Andy, big things planned


  • Bluenosesol says:

    Fantastic come back yesterday and congratulations for Lee Clark for building professional ties with the countries leading clubs. As much as many of us bemoan our current status (as I do), it is clear that we are highly regarded by the upper echelons of British football and also by the top players of tomorrow, who appear delighted to be joining us. I said last week that i
    I could sense a “tipping point” in supporter apathy towards supporter action. Well done to all who organised events on Saturday, but please take heed to the warnings about undermining efforts with associated racism. RIP Tony Hateley, a character who we loved so much that we gave him his own song. Sad to recall though that in his last game for Blues, he walked off the field after the fans sang insults to him for missing a couple of open goal headers. Lets get behind the team, push on away from the relegation zone and hopefully after the executive events and CY’s trial conclusion in February, we may have the opportunity to get back to a degree of normality. KRO.

  • Mark Sutton says:

    Well done those with the banners yesterday – it really lifted the crowd (and even the team I think). Shame about the racism – we need to cut that out. Overall, it was nice to feel part of a crowd all pulling in roughly the same direction.

    Off subject (sorry Daniel but it has been mentioned above) I also was very sad to hear of Tony Hateley’s death. He was part of the scene when I first started watching football and was a big name. He wasn’t great for us (I remember him missing a chance at the Tilton end and getting booked for throwing mud in frustration – was that against Charlton?). But we had a great song for him that people have alluded to above…

    His name was Tony Hateley, from Coventry he come
    He used to play for Liverpool, but now he plays for Brum
    And when he scores a goal for us, this is what we sing
    His name is Tony Hateley, and Hateley is our king
    We’ll win the cup, we’ll win the league, we’ll win division 2 (is this right?)
    And when we win division 2, we’ll sing this song to you

    I tell the younger generation they need to be more inventive with their chants, but I think Blues still do ok. Am I right in thinking that as well as “KRO” we have “How Did We Get Here?” and “Ivory Madonna” which are unique? I also liked the “Cardiff Dance”. Any others?

    • Chris W says:

      Wind, Rain, Sleet, or Snow, for one and we had a song for another great late, Trevor Hockey to the tune of she’ll be coming round the mountain, don’t make songs like that now either…

      • Bluenosesol says:

        Chris, I recall that when we sung Hockey’s song, he used to do a jig on the pitch as we sang! I used to see Trevor in his light blue Jag picking up the odd grocery at the Radley’s Sheldon. He woould always stop and say hello. He lived in Digby Drive Marston Green. Couldnt see Ziggy living there somehow!!

        • Chris W says:

          He gave me and my mate a lift home one night because it was late and raining. A real gent who appreciated the fans, something today’s players should take note of.
          If I’m not mistaken he cut a record too of Wind, rain etc….

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Well done Mark, I was going to post it, but could not recall all the words. I think that line was…..
      We’ll win the league, we’ll win the cup we’ll win Division 2

  • mark says:

    Tony hately only slightly before my time before i visited the stans respects go to his family……….kro.

  • Eamon C says:

    Song from the late 1960s:-
    Come On Without Come On Within You Ain’t seen Nothing Like Fred Pickering.

    Song from the 1970s:-
    John Connelly, John Connelly the winger to watch.

    RIP Tony Hateley. As I remember he was not very much loved down the Blues.

    • chas says:

      He was most certainly derided by our Fans after his miss against Charlton, which was very rough on him as the ball came through a crowd of Players to land at his feet and he put it wide. I thought he had done well to get anything on it at all, but there you go.

  • andy says:

    Pity Charltons ground is not nearer the chinese embassy in london,a few of those banners might have created a bit of a stir,may have made the news back in mainland

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