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BIH Sells 12 per cent Stake in BCFC to Chinese Advertising Firm

Birmingham International Holdings have confirmed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the last hour that they have entered into a binding MOU with a Chinese advertising firm to sell 12% of its shareholding in Birmingham City for HK$45M.

The announcement confirms the MOU with a firm called 北京良渚國際傳媒廣告有限公司 or Beijing Liangzhu International Media Advertising Co. who will have to pay a deposit of HK$10M (circa£780K) within the next three to seven days with the remaining HK$35M (circa £2.72M) to be paid within the next ten days. The deal values BCFC at HK$375M or £29.241M.

Once the advertising firm have paid up they will have the right to put up to two directors onto the BCFC board – who will obviously have to pass the owners and directors test.

The aim of this sale isn’t to sell the club as a whole but to market the club throughout the People’s Republic of China.

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96 Responses to “BIH Sells 12 per cent Stake in BCFC to Chinese Advertising Firm”

  • Kazakblue says:


    With the amount of shares being purchased over the last two days, is it now likely that separate individuals or groups will soon match Carson’s stake in BCFC ?

  • blackandblue says:

    Given that BIHL has today sold 12% of BCFC for c.£3.5m (GB Pounds), that gives a £30m valuation for the whole of BCFC.
    Where is the extra valuation (c.£20m) that makes up the closing share price valuation for BIHL of c.£50m (GB Pounds)?

  • Benno says:

    Beijing Triumph International Media Advertising Co., Ltd appears to be the company….

  • Adam says:

    Does this mean Blues will be winning the champions league and the world cup this year?

  • Philly says:

    or the difference might be due to some perceived value of other assets within the holding company e.g. aren’t there some mining rights?

  • blackandblue says:

    The three investors who purchased a total of 22.67% shares in BIHL were also from the People’s Republic of China.
    When combined with this 12% sale of BCFC, which in effect is the equivalent intrinsic value of BIHL, means that investors from the People’s Republic of China have purchased 34.67% of BIHL/BCFC in the last 4 business days.
    More to follow…….?

    • almajir says:

      don’t think it quite works like that

      • Mike ware says:

        Any chance you can fill us all in on what this does mean

        • almajir says:

          What does it mean?

          An eighth of the club has been sold to some Chinese firm which is almost impossible to locate online. Can’t tell you much more because it’s down to BIH’s intentions – and it’s dangerous to second guess them.

          • blackandblue says:

            Try looking at its Homepage

          • almajir says:

            It would help if that was the homepage of the right firm. It’s not. ;)

          • blackandblue says:

            It’s not about being right or wrong, just about finding out what we can. I’m not on an ego trip.
            I’m not having a go at you at all, just trying to be collaborative in finding out who has bought into Blues. We’re all on the same side aren’t we :)

            But now I’m totally confused about this 12% Company of ours :(

            Can you just explain to me in very simple terms:

            1) Why on http://www.chinavim.com it comes up as ‘Beijing Triumph International Media’ at the very end of flash intro when, if as you say, it has nothing to do with that Company? I have never heard of a Company’s name flashing up on another Company’s website to which it has no connection at all – very confusing to me. Only thing I can think of is that they could be linked/owned by another Company, or changed its name. Please help explain.

            2) Why Chinese and Hong Kong media are reporting 12% Purchasing Company as ‘Beijing Kaixuan international media advertising’? Again very confusing when local media reporting different name to yours. The hk/finance link I posted previously, is what came up when I copied and pasted your 北京良渚國際傳媒廣告有限公司 symbols (Chinese symbols you put in post) – Again, this confused me because I was using your Chinese symbols and the first link that came up in Google search was the hk/finance link stating 12% Company was ‘Beijing Kaixuan international media advertising’ – Help!!!

            3) Where/Who is there information on the Company based in Chaoyang, Beijing known as ‘Beijing Triumph International Media’, that can be found?

            4) Why are BIHL/BCFC stating they can’t announce who purchaser is (see club website etc) due to confidentiality clauses, yet it seems they ‘announce’ the purchaser in the HKSE announcement?

            I apologise for all the questions, and my confusion, but, as you are all too well aware, it takes an enormous amount of digging to find out what’s happening at BIHL and, of its future intentions for BCFC.

          • almajir says:

            Actually, it is about being accurate – because not being accurate leads to mistakes and misinformation – something I don’t want to do.

            1) As previously stated, it is copyright “Triumph International Media” – however, the company that bought/is buying into Blues has a different Chinese name – and it’s the Chinese symbols that are key, not the English transliteration (which can be and often is misleading/incorrect). This is why I work in Mandarin rather than English when looking into this sort of stuff

            2) Because they have the transliteration wrong – the correct name (as in the actual announcement – I never go from second hand sources if I can help it but always go back to the original) is Běijīng liáng zhǔ guójì chuánméi guǎnggào yǒuxiàn gōngsī

            3) Beijing Companies House.

            4) No idea.

            It does take an enormous amount of digging – but it also takes people doing it correctly – and you’re relying on information that isn’t correct, seeminhly on Google alone and on poor translations. I know you’re trying to help but you really aren’t helping me, because I’ve had to spend time explaining over and over again where you are incorrect – time I could spend doing other things…

          • rhees says:

            All in all confusing day but lets hope for more investment. Tomorrow

        • blackandblue says:

          I see you are holding back my posts, so I put more detail in this for you to try…..

          It worked for me, although it does try sending you away

          Take a look without extension of /show.,asp

          Try this with your contacts
          This guy is listed as main contact
          Contact: Mr Zhang Shikai
          Phone: 86-400-6601960

      • blackandblue says:

        I’ll try to give an accurate picture of influence over BCFC from the new investors from the People’s Republic of China.

        BIHL now own c.85% of BCFC
        The three investors from PRC own 22.67% of BIHL, which equates to c.19.27% of BCFC
        BIHL sold 12% direct to another PRC investor today.
        Therefore investors from the People’s Republic of China now have a direct/indirect 31.27% (12% + 19.27%) influence and/or interest in BCFC

        BIHL were originally going to sell 24% of BCFC but reduced that 12%. I wonder why? Perhaps Luo buying 8.51% in the market changed their minds.
        Two main possible reasons for this reduction from 24% to 12%
        1) Buyer didn’t want/couldn’t afford the higher percentage
        2) Luo buying 8.51% meant that if BIHL sold 24% of BCFC it was in danger of losing overall control BCFC. It would have meant Investors from the People’s Republic of China having a c.40% shareholder influence and/or interest in BCFC (at least 22.67% holding in BIHL + 24% direct holding in BCFC).

        All above is of course only my thoughts, ramblings and opinion

  • Bluesian says:

    Kung hey fat choy, or words to that effect.

  • parchy99 says:

    At the risk of bursting the balloon, this means nothing until we here an announcement from BCFC that a capital investment has been made available to the club.

    It is until that announcement just an investment in BIHL.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    It is beginning to look like there may be a protracted investment scheme rolling out and Carson always said he wanted investment not sale. I an hoping the the new Chairman and his deputy are the one’s with the nonce to pull this off. If so we wont be exposed should Carson have to go off the scene for a while.

  • The Flying Pig says:

    I accept caution must be necessary, but trying to market a 2nd tier English football club in China must be a ‘tough gig’. That might suggest there are more things going on behind the scenes… or it might suggest I know nothing and I’m talking out my ar*e!!!

  • Sh!t on the villa says:

    Hopefully this money will find its way to LC for the start of next season. Team will need completely rebuilding again and a 12% stake will be worthless if we carry on down the road of loaning kids to scrap through seasons. kro

  • andy says:

    I think Peter Pannu made it clear that Carson does want to sell the club, we will see, but at last things are starting to move rather than stagnate.

  • Chris W says:

    Wasn’t CY’s original plans when he first bought BCFC to get them promoted in the Peoples Republic of China and to seek investment?
    As Mentioned by several comments, any investment has to be a positive and even more so if it comes directly to BCFC.

  • glyn rees says:

    As I said a few months ago, when the shares were re-listed thing would start to happen. This is just the beginning , lets hope its good for the Blues Kro4ever

  • JohnR says:

    Following Pannu’s statement last week to keep fans informed it would be nice to think that he would tell us what the strategy is behind the share selling. I haven’t a clue what is going on. My only interest is will BCFC get any new investment to allow Lee Clark to spend money on transfers.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    We should not perhaps forget what Carson Yeung said when he once purchased the majority of the club, that is to make it a popular club in China that could also make money on merchandise, etc. My feeling is that his and his allies’ business plan has not changed that much despite the court trial. Carson has a big network in mainland China, he will attract investors from his network and even if the court rules against him he will have his allies backing him up the way they do here in this part of the world where I have spent 12 years now. I would guess we will have more investments in the club shortly, but I don’t think it will be sold to any European, Russian or Middle East consortium, only to mainland China or Hong Kong investors with Carson, or his son,controlling things in the background.

  • andy says:

    He couldnt make the club popular in china or promote merchandise etc when we were in the premiership,he got sod all chance now were a struggling team in the championship

  • pierre says:

    does anybody know any famous Chinese players?IE their version of Beckham.

  • sappy sad says:

    it will be good for swedish bluenose to keep the rest of us in
    formed of the mood of the chinese .it will ease our fears . i
    can see blues getting some of the best young footballers for
    L.C. and co to train up .there must be 2 million promising
    young players in china .we could be in line for a few more
    reece browns for next to nothing .as carson intended when
    he first took over .we will nred a top scout to find them and
    live and travel china …and have the likes of fans like swedish
    blunose to keep us informed on rated young players to go with.
    our own good youngsters…kro

  • bluenoserob says:

    do you think any other football clubs blogs require a degree in economics before you can post? I dream of a day when all the talk is of the next player we might sign ,rather than 15% of this 20% of that , none of which i can completly follow.we can only dream. KRO

  • rhees says:

    All comments respected but what exactly is going on

  • Martin Latka says:

    All this talk of steaks is making me hungry! but I am also sick to the back teeth , front teeth and tonsills please just sell the club and stop flogging our young talent

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Starts to make a bit more sense.

    If this advertising company do what PP and CY could not do effectively – market BCFC in mainland China – do not be surprised if pretty soon enough they purchase another percentage in Blues.

  • dorestblue says:

    Anyone putting money into the pot obviously knows something. This gives me hope even though its all still a bit unclear.

  • chris says:

    imo don’t expect team investment from this money, i think it’s more about liquidity and cashflow.
    in the summer we will be around £7 million better off without Zigic, Mullins, Ambrose and Lovenkrands (Elliott ??).
    Add this cash and it means the club can meet most bills and debts and may even be able to take on new younger players in the summer and pay around 10k per week, which may attract players like Macheda if he performs for the rest of the season.
    I don’t think there will be transfers above £500k unless there is further investment which going by this week may happen.
    Hopefully this will mean we won’t have to sell players.

  • Blue tsunami says:

    When the initial investors came in yesterday I was concerned it was just pure speculation. But now someone’s actually purchased BCFC shares it may actually be the beginning of a significant new phase of this saga. The 12% will I suspect just be the first toe in the water to see if it destabilises the BIHL share price. If it doesn’t then expect more BCFC shares to go Chinese very shortly. On to pitch matters, it was really positive last night to play so well despite the result. Think Huddersfield are going to get spanked on Saturday!

  • chris says:

    seems to me the share price is over valued for a ground and players which only amount to circa £15 million.
    have these investors done their homework and really found out the value of the company.
    what was the value of bihl in the last accounts?

  • andy says:

    It will be nice for Lee Clark to actually be able to make a bid for players rather than loaning all the time. Im not against loaning but im sure Lee would liked to have made bids for the likes of Ravel, Bartley, Burn, Macheda, the list could go on. Hopefully more investment will come in, Blues consolidate their Championship place and Lee can bid for players during the summer.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It’s funny, the Birmingham Mail online just posted this story at 7pm. Bet they’re a whiz with the greyhound results. :-))

  • Mario says:

    Well I’m not excited or interested in these ” new investors” as I think that they will be connected to yeung or pannu and Asia rays. There’s no investment only more borrowings to fund share buying.
    We are a mess and will continue that way. I understand people clutching at straws but that’s all it is. In my opinion. I bet the op boss man finds the connection in the next few days!!!!

    comment edited

    • AussieBlue says:

      I reckon nor Mario…we’re talking unconnected companies who have invested on basis of a prospectus and share offer. 1.3 billion people in China – CY can’t know them all!

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I wonder if any of the ‘investors’ are simply being pragmatic, buying a blocking stake in case there is a takeover attempt?

  • bluearmyfaction says:

    Doesn’t seem to be much about the company on the internet. If they’re PR merchants, could they be fronting for someone else? Someone with whom they have a PR contract? Or someone who doesn’t want to spring a full takeover bid just yet and is using a shadow shareholder to accumulate a holding?

  • AussieBlue says:

    Dan and blackandblue – I’m not a Sinologist but I’ve been there enough times and done business with China to know that you can’t take a literal approach to identifying companies. This is straight off the Chinavim website (google translated):
    Beijing Triumph International Media Advertising Co., Ltd.

    Beijing Victory International Media & Advrtising Co., Ltd.

    Address (Add): Fushi Road, Haidian District, Building 11, Block A, 69 B Xishan International City

    ADD (Add): Beijing Daxing District Hospital No. 17, Jia Lu demand

    National toll-free hotline :400 -660-1960

    Telephone (Tel): (86-10) 56531188

    Fax (Fax): (86-10) 56531199

    Chinese domain name:.. Www com Triumph International

    English domain names: http://www.chinavim.com

    E-mail: sky@chinavim.com

    So, looks like they are one and the same…actually 2 companies but with common ownership. Addresses mean nothing…my company’s registered address is at my accountant’s office eg. Dan, you can’t exclusively rely on the Mandarin characters you see online. Chinese type uses many varied characters – simplified Chinese, Traditional, Pinyin, regional dialectics and the adaptation of left-to-right reading versus up-and-down which is the preferred Chinese written way. Computer screen’s don’t like up-and-down as they raster scan across. There are 2,500 characters in a Chinese typewriter plus another 1,200 supplementary founts. Various type reforms have been made by Beijing to simplify communications in the internet age.

    Anyway, let’s not get bogged down as you say; they seem like a fine company to have as substantial shareholders.

    • almajir says:

      You fell into the same trap as blackandblue…

      • AussieBlue says:

        Maybe I did Dan, but the link you provided in your editorial describes a company called :
        Beijing Triumph International Media Advertising Co., Ltd.
        not “Langzhu.” ‘Coz we trust your reporting so much, I followed that lead mate!
        Langzhu BTW can mean both ‘Lovers’ or a very ancient culture that existed in China 5,000 years ago. The latter indicates a very traditional company respectful of Chinese heritage would you not agree?
        Anyway, no big deal…let’s hope more about the right company that now owns 12% of Blues will be forthcoming. There’s no room for secretive deals of this size in UK football, we have a right to know although PP obviously thinks not.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Note of caution…I could be wrong. I was focusing on the ‘Victory/Triumph’ debate in the posts. Dan has a new post that doesn’t use either of these terms. The phonetic character descriptor is Liangzhu…..which means Lovers! Of course as with all things Chinese it could mean other similar meanings/emotions.
    It’s Chinatown, man.

  • bcfc1975 says:

    all those gloating administration have gone awfully quiet………..Well done BIH appear to moving in the right direction……………….It appears a lot of hard work has been done in HK

  • bcfc1975 says:

    sorry had to join in with mark thoughts

  • PAULL says:

    THIS WILL SHED LIHGT ON HIM( Beijing Liangzhu International Media Advertising Co) WHO ARE THEY WE DONT NOWS YET IVE SEARCHED INTERNET ASWELL I CANT FIND THEM Beijing Liangzhu International Media Advertising Co DO A GOOGLE SEARCH FOR THIS ADDRESS Beijing 100093, China, S RD NEAREST I GET TO IS AN COMPLEX EVEN WENT TOO Xiang Shan Nan Lu
    Beijing An Internet search turned up no English- or Chinese-language website for Beijing Liangzhu nor any news media mention of a company by that name before the sale filing. Birmingham International said it was in talks to sell as much as a 24 percent stake in …
    China , WHO IS IT ONLY TIME CAN TELL THE alphabet mystery buyer Mainland Kwai Ming Jiaoluo tide first appeared, reporting more than 8.5% stake held in Birmingham, has become the third largest shareholder of Birmingham.BCFC
    new owner background, according to the Beijing International Media Advertising Co., Ltd. Triumph page display information, the company is specialized in providing implementation of planned activities, television advertising, outdoor media and print media production and distribution, focused on corporate identity and packaging design , creative advertising, outdoor advertising design and production services company focused on market brand marketing strategy planning and execution of integrated advertising companies. Companies rely on the advantages of their own media resources in the most time-media publishing and most creative design team to win many customers. Over the years, committed to serving the real estate, building materials, IT, electronics, clothing, education and other, SURPRISINGLY WEVE JUMPED UP TOO 0. 2.07 HKD OVER NIGHT 30 PER CENT INCREASE MAKES YOU WONDER EVEN MORE OF WHO THIS PERSON IS OR IS IT PERSON`S MORE ON THIS IS AT http://finance.qq.com/a/20140212/008703.htm?tu_biz=web_cfr_2 I MYSELF IS CONFUSED THATS ALL THE DIGING IVE DONE OVER NIGHT NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE

  • Kenny says:

    Should be good game Saturday Huddersfield at home things looking brighter macheda hatrick blues 3-0 let’s get behind the team and focus on the football KRO!!!

    • Chris W says:

      Hear! Hear!, let’s concentrate our efforts where we CAN make a difference, the work ethics at Charlton and Watford were there for all to see and we could and should have got something from the Watford game.
      Huddersfield are having a similar mixed season but should easily be overcome with our “Young Guns”.
      Millwall v Bolton and Doncaster v Barnsley we will have a chance to give us some breathing space, not to mention a confidence boost before we face Blackpool who are only a point above us and facing a difficult visit to Ipswich.

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