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OP Video Podcast – Visiting BIH

Having tried to correspond with the Receivers by email in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to try and speak to them today, to put faces to names and to ask questions about what is happening.

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Video Interview With Leading HK Insolvency Expert

Following the summons issued by Carson Yeung against the Receivers of Birmingham International Holdings, I have interviewed Steve Briscoe, leading HK insolvency practitioner and Will Giles, solicitor specialising in company litigation and co-author of Haircuts and League Cups to find out more about what is going on.

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Civil Wars and Rumours

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Rumours of change at BIH board level seem to have intensified over the last 24 hours, with various people in the press seemingly contacted with the same information – that Carson wants certain people out of the BIH board and others in. As there has been no official statement to the Stock Exchange there is absolutely no way to verify any of this and to me at least it seems that the civil war within the Harbour Centre boardroom has by no means ended.

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Postcards from HK: Strict Rules and Enforcing Them

As the last day of the month and the BIH board meeting approach I’ve had a few questions about why the Stock Exchange are so laissez-faire in their approach to Birmingham International Holdings and their problems. I can’t promise that I have the answers but the last few days I’ve learned a lot about the way HK and China are run and it goes some way to explaining the situation.

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Postcards from HK: Visiting Asia Rays

There has been a lot of talk of late about the future role of Peter Pannu at BIH as his consultancy and managerial contracts draw to a close at the end of this month. With that in mind, we paid a visit to the registered head office of Asia Rays Ltd yesterday to see if we could get some answers.

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Postcards from HK: Shares and Bears

Shares in Birmingham International Holdings dropped heavily this morning, dropping to a five year low of HK$0.0615 per share before rebounding slightly. Trading has been brisk with 400M+ shares changing hands – just under 10% of the total number of shares currently available in the company.

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BIH Delay EGM For a Second Time

Birmingham International Holdings have once again delayed an EGM to obtain shareholder approval for a new convertible bond. A circular was due to be dispatched to shareholders today with details of the EGM but it has now been put off until October 10.

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Haircuts and League Cups Launch Dates Confirmed

I’m pleased to confirm that launch details for the book I’ve written are now available on the “Haircuts and League Cups” standalone site.

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Carson Bail Application Hearing Set

It has been confirmed in Hong Kong today that Carson Yeung has applied for bail pending his appeal hearing and that the application will be heard on Thursday, August 21.

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Share Prices and Gala Dinners

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After a frenetic few days following relisting, the share price of Birmingham International Holdings seems to have stabilised at around the HK$0.27 mark – nearly double what the price was when the share were suspended back at the end of June 2011.

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