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New Investment Analysis

Yesterday afternoon Birmingham International Holdings announced that it had agreed a memorandum of understanding to sell a 12% stake in BCFC to a Beijing-based advertising firm. The deal, which will cost Beijing Liangzhu International Media approx £3.5M values the club at a shade under £30M.

Obviously, it’s caused a riot of speculation – particularly with three mainland Chinese businesspeople investing in the holding company in the short time since the EGM on Thursday. I have done my best to source information where I can and will provide links – however the usual caveats apply as to my legal and financial knowledge and I urge you to treat any speculation on my behalf with the scepticism it deserves.

Who are these people?

As one would expect from a company based in the People’s Republic of China, there isn’t much information available about them. Thanks to some help from Andy, who runs the smallheathalliance forum I can provide this link to the Beijing Companies House registration for the company. This confirms that the company is based in the Chao Yang suburb of Beijing. It also names two investors in the firm – Guan Weixia and Su Zhongshan, with Guan owning 2/3 of the firm to Su’s 1/3. The filing goes on to confirm one executive director in addition to the above two names – Shang Hui.

There isn’t any info online about the people involved – about all I can tell you at the moment is that Guan Weixia is a lady.

What do they want with Blues?

This is the $64,000 question. The announcement speaks of

The Company can raise further capital from the Disposal and will be able to collaborate with the new Chinese partners to enter into the China market through their connections in the People’s Republic of China. Accordingly, the Board believes that the terms of the Disposal is reasonable and in the interests of Shareholders as a whole

which would suggest that this Beijing firm are making an investment rather than looking to take over the club. The announcement does confirm that they can have up to two directors on the BCFC board (who of course will have to take the Football League Owners and Directors Test) but there is no word on any investment into the club or indeed if the club will see any of the £3.5M BIH have received.

Is this deal connected to the new investors in the parent company?

I think it would be a step too far to extrapolate a direct correlation between this deal and the three new large shareholders in BIH. I think those two shareholders fall into two categories – the first category which consists of Luo Chao Kui alone I think could be something as simple as a speculative investment from someone who thought the shares had fallen cheaply. The second category, which consists of the two investors in the new placing, Liu Yuanjun and Lyu Yobo are more likely to be potentially connected to the BCFC deal but could also be connected to rumored plans that BIH intends to go into oil and gas exploration. Without speaking to the people involved it is difficult to correctly state one way or another and I think we have to treat them seperately for now.

Is this a good deal for BCFC?

Whilst this is a good deal for BIH in that it brings in cash and shares the burden of financing the football club, I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing for the football club in itself. Whilst it might mean an injection of cash – although this is by no means guaranteed – it also means should anyone want to buy the football club they now have an additional party to negotiate with which complicates matters further.

So what next?

The deal is due to be completed within the next ten days so I suspect the next bit of news will be to confirm directorial appointments at BCFC – until then, I don’t think we can expect to hear much unless Peter Pannu decides he wants to call into Tom Ross’ show again to let us know.

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108 Responses to “New Investment Analysis”

  • Chris W says:

    Once again you excel and explain things in easy to follow breakdowns.
    While all this talk is about BIHL and BCFC investments I feel that some have forgotten we played a match on Tuesday.
    It would be nice to get back to footballing matters.
    I have one small criticism of our young loan players from Manchester, as we have a decent travelling base who make a fair amount of noise to support the team, our own players acknowledge and applaud the travellers, Tuesday the loans just walked off as a group at the final whistle while their team mates came and applauded us.
    Looking forward to Huddersfield as our performances in the last two games deserved more than the three point we got, and I feel we can break this St Andrews demon that is hanging over us, we need to to stay clear of the chasing pack.
    Sorry about the moan, and thanks again for your diligence in breaking things down.

  • glyn rees says:

    Well done O.P keep up the good work Kro4ever

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    As at 5am the BIHL share price has gone up another 30% today, meaning the shares have nearly doubled in value this week. I struggle to see how Beijing Liangzhu International Media could make a return on their £3.5m purchase into BCFC without there being some sort of investment plan into the club.

  • sully says:

    There just moving money around back to the people who gave it CY.

  • rhees says:

    I don’t know much about things but hasn’t this media person bought 12% of bcfc not bih

  • Agent McLeish says:

    As I’ve said before BIHL have and have never had any interest in the football side of BCFC. It is only a vehicle for their own activities.

  • sutton apex says:

    agree its complicates a future sale – no chance of a midlands based consortium now , i fear

  • The Francis Fake says:

    The new investors connection to advertising is interesting. I can’t see why they would invest into the oil & gas sector as this has no obvious link to media whereas you could see some synergy being involved with a football club. However, Championship football is hardly of any interest in China. Do they have other ambitions for Blues?

  • Noddy says:

    I don’t see this as an investment, but more of a financial exchange. The £3.5M goes to BIHL for them to do what they like, probably not involving BCFC

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Have said all along Dan that Carson still feels there is a major Chinese player out there with serious cash who may want a football club.

    This marketing firm will be tasked in selling the idea to these kind of people.

  • Mickey07 says:

    ” it also means should anyone want to buy the football club they now have an additional party to negotiate with which complicates matters further.”

    The club for sale?my arse, it never has been,that’s just pannu pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and certain people falling for it…he will be coming out with the same old waffle and claptrap this time next year…..if that bloke told me today was Thursday I’d go and take a look at the Calender……

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Agreed, pure BS comes from PP. He must think we are all muppets. I only believe the evidence in front of me which is a club that has been asset stripped. Even having a clairvoyant owner hasn’t helped!

      • Mickey07 says:

        Exactly,this is why the protests must get bigger and better and to let them know they are not wanted at our club,not long hopefully until yeung gets the guilty verdict….here’s hoping….

        • chris says:

          Can only agree with you both, i don’t see any of this money coming the club’s way and to a degree i don’t want it to, as i think the club needs to stand on it’s own two feet.
          If we did get the £3.5 mill it may well be wasted on transfer fee’s and players which in the end may not work.
          What i do want out of it is, if Yeung and his puppets care anything about the club, is for the sales to stop and be able to re-sign players like Burke and maybe sign players like Macheda and offer average Championship wages .
          The club should be millions better off in the summer with most of the high earners gone, so hopefully they can spend at about half of those savings on new signings.

  • Frankie says:

    Would be so nice to move the club ‘ownership’ away from Asia.
    These people don’t appear to be super rich and like BIHL are just using BCFC as a means to an end, ie making a few bob out of it.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think nationality comes into it

      • chris says:

        I think is does Almajir, in the sense of trust and bringing back fans like me.
        I want someone here who talks to the fans in a respectful manner unlike arrogant & deluded pannu last Friday.
        Even if they spend money i won’t come back till Pannu has gone, he hasn’t an ounce of personality that you can have a rapport with.
        Name one person involved in the club or BIHL who has come across as trustworth and someone who can undersatnd their customers.
        The only one i can think of is Vico Hui (may have his name wrong) who was our original chairman and tried to buy us last year.
        That is i believe why fans say they don’t want someone from Asia (not a nationality), they see no trust, no one who they can connect with or communicate with.

        • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

          So your love of the club is dependant on who’s running it??

          Don’t get it.

          They were running it when we reached Wembley. I take it you didn’t go?

          • John says:

            No, its dependant on the people, being interested in football and wanting to run a successful football club, not using it as a cash cow.

        • chas says:

          Chris , YOU say the Fans don’t want anyone from Asia …Who made you spokesman ? The Club was up for sale three years ago or so and how many British bidders were there ? None, you seem to overlook that fact. The only bid that has come in since, allegedly, was from the Italian, no-one else is interested. Get your head out of the sand. No-one wants to risk their money, and after seeing the fans reactions over the last half dozen years, I don’t blame them.

          • almajir says:

            The Club was up for sale three years ago or so and how many British bidders were there ? None, you seem to overlook that fact.


          • chris says:

            Chas, i said “That is i believe why fans say”.
            I didn’t say all fans but “fans” as quite a few on here and elsewhere have said similar things, so if there are more than two ‘fans’ who have said it that amounts to ‘fans’.
            I also didn’t say it was my point of view but why i can understand why ‘FANS’ say such things, because of the lack of leadership from the boardroom.

          • rhees says:

            Not all fans are anti Asian owners.
            i don’t care who owns us as long as there
            genuine and have plans for a premier league future.

            surly that’s what counts.now it remains to be seen if the current investment
            are this way inclined but things appear on paper to be moving in the right

          • chris says:

            Surely you want someone (pannu could have done this last Friday on Tom Ross show) to say we won’t sell any more young players now there is money in the BIHL bank account.
            If this isn’t the case then tell us the facts but pannu’s interview told us very little on the future and direction of the club, he just used it to critisise the protestors, the boycott fans and any more of his dissenters from the fans and the media and even OP if i remember correctly.

          • chas says:

            By the way Dan, when I said ‘Three years or so’ I was referring to the initial takeover by Carson. I don’t remember many other bids being reported at that time.

        • Enckelman says:

          You wouldn’t be saying that if someone from the middle east threw millions of pounds at the club…And yes the middle east is part of Asia.

          • chris says:

            If aimed at me, yes i would because would those millions spent be put on the clubs balance sheet as a debt like they have been at Cardiff (Thai owners), Man City(Middle East), Leicester (Malaysian owner) and Hull (British owner), who now have £50 million plus debt’s thanks to their so called rich owners.
            No one knows what will happen in these clubs if their owner suddenly dies (as per Forest) or leaves, will those debts be paid off or will the club be saddled with these debts?
            As a fan i would want to know up front before they bought the club or we go through the scenario we are now in all over again.
            Trouble is football fans lose all normal senses when it comes to prem glory chase, in any other business these clubs would be extinct.

        • phillip says:

          Vico Hui cost Blues money with his “Xtep” sponsorship deal, I think you may mean “Sammy Yu” who walked away about the same time as “Michael Dunsford” left due to the shambolic way “Yeung & co were running B.I.H and the slap happy way blues were made to pay B.I.H,s debts.
          “Sammy Yu” has fronted a consortium from the mainland that tried to buy BCFC

      • bluenoseb says:

        I think nationality does come into it and if you asked most blues fans would the want the next owners from china/hong kong I think the majority would say no without doubt. Not because were all racists but because like this advertising firm now that has acquired 12 per cent we dont know nothing about them and from reading blogs and forums theres noting out there on information wise about them, and if i Had to put money on it then i would think that sumwere along the line this company will have links to carson and his “circles”. Once bitten and all that. Now if it was a china/hong kong well established business or company that bought blues outright and completly moved this lot of the board and out of the club that might be a different matter, but all this selling an 8th of the club to a company know one knows about doesnt fill me with confidence and just seems like more tactics to keep the club if anything IMO.

        But for me I would take British owners based in England everyday of the week over someone from asia based 6000 miles away, if thats offensive tough sh*t, its my opinion its what would be best for blues!

        • Gaz says:

          It doesn’t matter where the owners are from, its the same regardless of nationality when money is put into a business. If the money is gifted then the company pay tax on what they have received. At this level this would be super tax so the business wouldn’t see much of it.
          If it is put in as a loan then only a small amount of interest is payable by law. So the person putting 1 million into a business as a loan is owed the money unless the business manages to make enough money to pay it back.
          This doesn’t happen very often and either the investor loses the money like CY has, or the business gets sold for enough money to pay the loans off. CY put a lot of money into Blues in the hope he could turn us into a big brand in Asia. It hasn’t worked and he has lost a lot of money even if we just base it on the clubs current valuation.

          So you cant just plough money into a business.

        • Steve Aerobic says:

          Its not tactics to try and keep the the club he IS keeping the club! He is simply getting investors in to syrengthen his position. Your comments about not giving a s*** about what anyone thinks is fine but racism is against the law and I would seriously think about writing anything that might appear to be raciist because its not only offensive but could lead to the police knocking on your door!

    • Royalblue says:

      As opposed to the ‘ super rich ‘ midlands based consortium that couldn’t even raise half the valuation of the club?
      Let’s just see what unfolds in the next few weeks before we make snap judgments.

      • chris says:

        Royal, they raised what the club was worth not the over valued price.
        Would you pay double the price for your home, NO, so why should someone do that for a football club?

        • Royalblue says:

          Over valued in whose opinion ?
          The current share price suggests they weren’t too far off the mark! Bottom line is it is there’s to sell so they set the price . Palladini was just a chancer and that was obvious.

          • chris says:

            it was overvalued at the time because they wanted £32 million alledgedly (if they ever wanted to sell which we don’t see any eveidence of).
            The club had assets of the ground, the training ground and the players and an income of £25 million, but had debts from 2011 of £10 million and the debt to Yeung (now written off, but it wasn’t at that time) of £15 million.
            If you agree on the boards value of £32 mill take off the debts and that is roughly what the club is worth, so at the time that would have been about £7 million plus something on top of that for future guaranteed parachute income (if not already spent or taken into the accounts for future bills).
            I’m no accountant obviously but there was no way it was worth £32 mill.
            Paladini people seem to forget was not the only buyer, Vico Hui was another (our old chairman i think) and he wouldn’t pay that inflated price either.

          • chris says:

            your mixing the price of a year ago with the trading price today and although they are similar they are totally different scenario’s.
            One was a none trading business whose board said it was worth £32 mill with £25 million of debts to be paid off.
            Today it is a company with Yeungs debt’s converted into shares and it’s value and it’s share price is based partly on true value but also sentiment of the market.
            It will need time to settle, but also depends on board statements.
            If they say nothing in the next few weeks i GUESS the price will fall but e.g. if they said they had found oil it will rocket.
            All i was saying, was in MY opinion there is nothing to substantiate the share price going up except sentiment and or confidence.
            At the end of the day when Blues was in the prem our average share worth was £40 million in the Championship it was an average of about £22 million, FACT.
            Plus each year in the Championship we had far better players in terms of their value than we do today.
            BIHL is 98% BCFC and in the last account the 2% of BIHL had no income of any note.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Frankie, be careful what you wish for. Look at what’s happened at Leeds recently from a European bidder who may possibly have been the guy behind the Paladini ‘bid’.
      I’d be happy with ownership from ANY nationality if it was right for the club. The nationality is completely irrelevant mate.

    • Chris W says:

      I don’t think we need super rich owners, look at the problems if Chelsea, Man City or even Man U would or are facing when the ownership changes.
      What we do need is someone who has the clubs interests at heart and is prepared to invest in the club.
      Whether they come from China, Asia or Mars, as long as they care about the club and the supporters has to be the main criteria.
      I agree that if PP said the grass was green I would also check with my own eyes.

  • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

    Same mentality as those chanting ‘Chinese Bastards’

    Race only comes into it when things are going bad.

    No need

    • chris says:

      what an over reaction and typical of someone who wants to deny people freedom of speech and uses a pathetic argument to shout them down by bullying

      • Paul Carter - a lover of BCFC he says:

        Over reaction? Racism is despicable and it’s creeping into St Andrews. As you said you don’t go to games so don’t see it. Actually you do cos it’s online too.

        You will not stop me from pointing it out.

        comment edited

  • chris says:

    How can BIHL / club be worth £30 million, seems to me the share price is way over valued and is heading for a fall.
    BIHL has little so far in terms of assets and Blues has property worth about £10 mill and players worth about £5 mill, so the rest of the value must be speculation, which could disappear as quickly as it has appeared.
    Unless they have found oil i can only see this price being reversed once this hype settles down.

  • rhees says:

    Sick of negertivity lets see how this pans out before we judge.the club wont be sold that’s obvious so our hope is in what’s happening.
    we will soon see if money will come into the club and the 12% is of Birmingham city.
    surly no one is going to purchase 12% with out some kind of plan.
    chineese business men are stupid that’s why there economy is flurishing.
    fingers crossed for me kro

  • mark says:

    imo this is major progress and shouldn’t be sniffed at……every little grain is positive move in the right direction……..as for the protest thing imo its in material more Chinese directors on the way……..so get use to it….if anything embrace it……kro

  • mark says:

    they plan to be here for the long haul…..the sooner fans realize that the happier the stans will be……..kro

    • Tilton1875 says:

      I’m glad not many fans have your mentality mark, if people are unhappy about the situation they should voice their opinion, not do a France and surrender.

    • Mickey07 says:

      As people are saying on sha now,what kind of advertising agency that’s just bought a share in us doesn’t even have a website??all very grey areas yet again from our Chinese overlords…

      • almajir says:

        Mickey – this is China. China works a lot differently from the way the west does, particularly online.

        • Mickey07 says:

          Ok they may do things different to us but its still very grey where you can’t find anything out about a company that’s just bought into bcfc,don’t you find that a little strange/odd?would you say that’s normal in Chinese business culture and have you came across this before?

          • almajir says:

            Mickey, the whole nation has a very censored internet. It’s run differently there – when I was in Shenzhen I found it very hard to get onto any UK sites.

    • chris says:

      i agree on that, they have no intention of selling till it suits them and it will for certain be after the parachute payments have finished and may even be years after that.

  • Ray says:

    I think that they are here to stay and to immediately improve relations with the fans they should remove PP. This would be a beginning to better things perhaps. He has no understanding of public relations in my opinion.

  • dave mann says:

    so here we go 15 days and counting till carsons court verdict and hes doing a fine job
    assembling all his troops in prime positions to carry on the good work if hes found guilty.
    there here to stay by the looks of it so we all better deal with it and accept it and just do
    our job which is going down to the games in our numbers and start getting behind the
    team ans supporting the players and not slagging of the owners, we aint gonna get
    rid of them unless THEY want to go so shout to the top for the team and leave the
    chinnese to sort there mess out for the benefit of BCFC and BIHL…..KRO.

  • mark says:

    Paying money into investments that can rise and fall in value is always going to be daunting – particularly if you are likely to need your money in an emergency. It is for this reason it is generally recommended that you do not invest in the stockmarket unless you can afford to tie your money up for at least five, but preferably 10 years or more. This gives your money the chance to ride out any short-term ups and downs in the stockmarket.

    If they are gung-ho investors we will have to wait and see, or are they gamblers happy to invest in, say,BIH and bcfc are they prepared to risk huge losses for the chance of stellar returns imo i dont think so, they are
    here for the long term………..long term investment…………

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Pannu stated that the future direction of the club will be determined by the new chairman. He also said that if BCFC dont carry on paying him megabucks then he will leave of his own accord. Lets hope the new chairman is a savvy bloke!!

  • Blue tsunami says:

    I agree with the ‘let’s give it a bit more time and see what happens’ viewpoint. At least something is happening now. It was only Christmas time that it was all doom and gloom, no stock market placement, no funds whatsoever, players going back to their home clubs, and Carson heading for jail. It may not work out any better in the long run but we just don’t know. The approach of getting fully behind the players, the manager, the UK based staff ( who have done an awesome job) and protesting sensibly and in an organised way, as is finally happening, is the best we can do for now.

  • dave mann says:

    totally agree Blue tsunami and well said, as you say lets suck it and see and what will
    be will be, we wont go into administration and we wont go out of buissines and that
    means when all this has blown over there still be a Birmingham city f.c to support and
    thats all that matters to me, all those that stay away because of the owners look like
    there be staying away for quite a while yet.KRO.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    My criticism of Peter Pannu is not personal, (fans calling him fat is childish), its not financial, (I don’t begrudge him his salary), after all we still have a football club to support and he is responsible in part for that.
    No, my criticism of him is of a total lack of leadership in general and a lack of communication skills in particular. He had numerous opportunities to keep the fans informed of club matters via the official club website, but failed to do so.

  • Blue tsunami says:

    It’s a pity Mr Pannu doesn’t follow Winston Churchill’s advice:

    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Winston Churchill

    He appears to neither speak nor listen. Time to demonstrate some courage.

  • Poppa999 says:

    Am I right in saying you have to be invited onto the board if you have less than 20% share? Isn’t that why CY wasn’t on the Gold/Sullivan board with his initial 19%?

  • Poppa999 says:

    I was offered 19% of a Ltd company once and had no say in the running of it so I declined. :-(
    Bought a car instead with the money ;-O

  • Cyprus Blue says:

    Shareholding does not mean you get a seat on the board. You can make it part of the deal though, or lobby other shareholders to become a director.

  • andy says:

    People should stop looking at the negative side of things all of the time. It is obvious Birmingham City will remain in the hands of Chinese ownership and I believe it will be for the good of the club. Nobody from these shores is prepared to pay the asking price for the club and there isn’t a Sheik out there willing to pump vast sums in. We should all accept that the board are looking to move forward with the club now, I see encouraging signs not negative ones. They have even accepted that we have been kept in the dark far too long and will now keep us better informed. Troubles? What Troubles?

  • Art Watson says:


    I don’t think its obvious that the club will remain in Chinese hands

    There’s a lot of wheeling and dealing going on at the moment and no one can be certain about the final outcome.Some of the main investors could just make a profit and run.PP has the opportunity now to explain what’s going on but again total silence.As for the future,in order for the club to make a challenge for promotion it needs serious investment and frankly under the current owners/board I can’t see this ever happening So get used to struggling in the championship or a couple of seasons in Division 1,

    Our future lies with new owners-not the current ones!

  • rhees says:

    None of us are clairvoyant so we will have to see what
    happens. I for one am watching what happens with both excitement
    and trepidation.
    patience is rightly short these days we have suffered and been kept
    in the dark far to long.
    how ever we have choice but to put up with it for now and keep the faith.

  • BeeGeeBlueBoy says:

    BIH is effectively a penny stock which leaves it open to speculators to use the non risk averse parts of their portfolios to try and make a profit. This could be the case with those who have bought BIH shares but woudnt be for the media group who have bought into BCFC because the shares are not listed so there is no market for them. Given that they have negotiated to directors places means that have some influence on the strategy for BCFC with a view to getting a return from their investment. Now does this mean being major shareholders in BCFC helps to generate more profit for their media business or they are looking to use that to directly improve the profitabily of BCFC by building a route to the Premier League?

  • Tony says:

    Its all smoke and mirrors with this lot, the chinese have a particular slant on things.

  • chas says:

    Is that the St.Anns in Alcester Street ? They used to have great Boys Football Team, but I don’t think anyone will find much oil there.

  • Bluehobba says:

    I had a fortune cookie once in a restaurant and the note inside said “Good luck” – kro

  • bluenoseneil says:

    I sometimes wonder how many people read back what they write to themselves, before they post it.

    A lot of speculative twaddle on here, as well as the casual racism and amateurish attempts at being businessmen.

    Being a fan of the club is the only act that we can all engage in that isn’t (and can’t by the nature of its definition) be a futile act. Whatever the position or condition or ownership of BCFC we won’t go away…like the song says “we will journey on”..

    I think a lot of people have forgotten that – about 15,000 given the average gates recently – and it’s sad to see how much energy is ploughed into whinging about CY, PP, the club ownership in general and (for no real reasons other than ignorance) why Chinese business isn’t as accessible and transparent as ‘we’ (and I mean a certain section of the fan base) expect them to be.

    I will say it again and I have before: CY cuts his cloth to suit by stripping out the costly assets in his business (our 2011 cup winning squad), covers himself in the event of possible imprisonment by keeping his friends close and in charge of his interests and wants to retain his right to come back and reevaluate after the event. Looked at this way no sane person would deny him this right or contest it cos we’d all do it.

    YES we may choose to declare our every move to the world as we did it but CY has not and by proxy neither has PP so we use them as a vent for frustration as we aren’t challenging for supremacy in the finest league in the world…we are slipping into mediocrity a league below…and if CY had still been pumping money in at that rate now he’d be called a fool too. Damned either way really I guess.

    We need to sit back, chill the hell out, see what happens, not be reactionary in the face of little/no communications (“they don’t respect us/hate us”) and be FANS.

    I guess if this were all true Dan wouldn’t have a book to publish (and it will be a riveting read I am sure mate!) but isn’t it a little sad that large sections of the fan base have turned on one another and the club all based on not hearing/seeing/expecting the things they wanted to or had gotten used to knowing under previous stewardship?

    I for one will continue to be a fan and avoid any of the rest of the guff other than commenting on its futility and stupidity in the main.

    Let’s clap, cheer, encourage and be ever present for our boys in blue. Nothing more is actually important in the true definition of a fan. KRO

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      So BlueNoseNeil you are judge and jury in the veracity if our comments? I have news for you: no you are not.

      • BillyBlue says:

        You are so right BhamCityJulian. It is amazing there are still any CY apologists around plugging how wonderful he has been while, like bluenoseneil, purporting we should get behind the team instead of ‘looking at’ the shenanigans in Hong Kong. The post from bluenoseneil couldn’t have read better if Pannu had written it himself.

        A good read published today re-iterates our need to remain wary.

        And BIH’s share price, which values it at over £85m, displays that there is indeed still a lot to be wary.

        It is ‘interesting’ that CY and others took up share placing and convertible bonds at prices of HK$0.03 & HK$0.05 with the share price now at HK$0.39
        I hope there is a genuine reason for the price hike of +680% (from suspension price) and that they have indeed ‘struck oil’. It wouldn’t surprise however if the share price came down even more quickly than it’s gone up, if the ‘struck oil’ ‘idea’ turns out to be ‘unviable’.

        In the meantime we will, despite the machinations and insinuations of bluenoseneil, continue to support Blues week in and week out, and for many years to come, long after the Hong Kong/Chinese contingent have disappeared.


        • bluenoseneil says:

          Shame my points got missed by both of you.

          I am not an apologist. I am a fan. That’s what I do. Anything else is in my eyes futile as I don’t run the club, nor do I want to.

          That’s it, really.

  • Wayne says:

    Not sure if this website has anything to do with them http://www.sdqx.com/

    But the at the bottom of the webpage it says

    Beijing International Media Advertising Co. Times frontline
    Address: Room 2501-2503 Lotus Pond No. 11, Block B, Lin Xili, Hope Garden, Fengtai District, Beijing
    Tel: 01063937159 Fax :010 -63,937,147

    Also the following website has some interesting information that may be about the same company.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    Just a small comment: Chaoyang is not a Beijing suburb, it is a district in central Beijing where most of the multinational corporations have offices or China headquarters.

  • AussieBlue says:

    So, BIH starts selling down its prized asset – BCFC- cash starts rolling into BIH. People rush in to buy shares…10:30 HK time as I write and BIH shares are heading north even though the S&P HKSE index is heading south. BIH is defying the market. So what’s the attraction? After selling down its BCFC stake, BIH is cash-rich but asset poor. And it plans to go drilling for oil in Indonesia? That’s expensive and uses up cash quickly.

    Watching BIH shares today; most exchanges would be asking some probing questions and looking to suspend pending an announcement. I won’t speculate but it all does not look right and the initials IT keep popping into view.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    IT? You think BIH have struck oil or BCFC have the wherewithal to mount a promotion campaign?

  • AussieBlue says:

    Julian – can’t say what I think here – Dan would have to block it. No oil yet but Chairman knows where to find it! Neither is BCFC a compelling prospect for sudden turn-around. It’s all to do with the money trail.

  • Julian Glass says:

    I think the Corparate Governance team will be checking out significant share movement to check for IT and ML.

    If the Chairman knows where the oil is you can bet there’s not much there or too expensive to extract otherwise the big boys would have been there first.

  • StevieW says:

    So whats fuelling the share price??? Is it Oil speculation information?

    Up 40% on the day with a significant rise at the end of the day closing at 29 cents. Whoever got in at the ground floor will be making an absolute killing.

    • AussieBlue says:

      Stevie, Dan might know but he’s not saying. Rule of thumb is when people are buying price goes up. The volumes are enormous. Something has informed them that the shares are way undervalued at the 10.4cents HK they were last week. Maybe just the fact they are re-listed and BCFC is a reasonable asset; maybe market psychology of ‘going with the herd.’ Either way it needs looking at by the HK exchange authorities. CY will be smiling. On paper, his stake has gone up by many millions.
      Ricky, Richard has nailed the abbreviations.

  • Ricky says:

    Hi sorry for being a tad simple. What’s meant by IT & ML in the stocks world?

  • Frankie says:

    No really it ISN’T about where a person comes from and apologies if I put that across.
    We as fans though have had a basinful of H.K shysters building a pathetic shell around our club and using it to raise money on the equally ludicrous H.
    K stock market.
    Personally I don’t have a great deal of trust in people connected to BIHL and others trying to jump on that ‘bandwagon”.

  • Whizzy Wheels says:

    We are in a much healtheir position now than we was 3 months ago and for that I’m grateful.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Just to put today into perspective; BIHL was the second most active and appreciating share on the entire HKSE today with over 1 billion shares changing hands:
    1) China Environmental Energy Investment 1,418,320,000 0.217
    2) Birmingham International Holdings 1,030,244,000 0.295

    We gotta ask ourselves why? 96% of BIHLs revenue is from BCFC. – less when the new 12% shareholder comes up with the dough, but it is still basically all it does to earn a crust. Where’s the goddam value that sends these shares up 40% in a single day?

    Has Dan been buying up all the shares? ;-) Can someone check if he’s in the Cayman or BV Islands right now?


  • DoctorD says:

    This graph puts today’s rise in quite a bit of perspective:


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