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Home Form Blues

Birmingham City were consigned to a twelfth home game without a win after losing to Queens Park Rangers on Saturday. A brace from Ravel Morrison was enough to hand three points to the visitors and Blues now have to face an in-form Burnley side on Wednesday as they look to stop the rot.

I was looking forward to the weekend; it was a chance to forget about some of the grief going on around the ownership of the club and get back into what mattered – the football. I had rather naively hoped that Blues could capitalise on the poor run of form QPR were enduring and actually lift the home crowd with a win. How wrong I was.

I don’t like criticising the formation before a game but I will admit that I was perplexed. The only reasoning I could see for going 3-4-3 was either because we had employed it at QPR and it had done okay (although we lost 1-0), or because Clark didn’t trust Paul Robinson or Tyler Blackett at left back having lost Mitch Hancox to injury and loaned out Amari’i Bell. It was interesting to see a recall for Shane Ferguson and a start for Jordan Ibe; Paul Caddis was to play behind Chris Burke but further up the pitch.

It just didn’t work though. Ibe was ineffectual on the left; Burke tried his best but struggled with the amout of pressure on him to create anything and Zigic was left isolated in the middle. Blues left far too much room in the middle for Ravel Morrison to exploit and QPR looked dangerous down both flanks, playing balls into the space behind Caddis and Ferguson.

It was a strange decision to play this sort of formation. I can remember Clint Hill being sent off for chinning Marcelo when playing for Tranmere Rovers in the late nineties and Richard Dunne is only a year younger at 34. When you have two slow, old centre backs playing for the opposition I would have thought the thing to do would be to use younger quicker players and to run at them, to tire them out rather than lumping it to Zigic who was about as mobile as the QPR pair. Blues looked devoid of any kind of threat and there wasn’t any real test for Rob Green in the QPR goal bar Emyr Huws’ effort.

I thought Randolph was at fault for the first goal too; whilst it was a decent free kick it wasn’t into the corner and I didn’t think Randolph should have been beaten on that side of the goal. I might be being harsh on the Irish keeper because I think he’s been one of our better players but I think had he kept that out we might have grown into the game a little more; as it were heads dropped on the pitch and on the terraces.

Burnley is going to be tough and I think Clark needs to go back to basics. I think that Blues need to go to a more solid four at the back – Blackett didn’t do enough wrong for me to think he shouldn’t play left back and Spector looks like he’d be capable at right back; in midfield we need to give balance so I would stick with Ferguson on the left and Burke on the right but I would look to play Huws in a holding role and have Adeyemi and someone like Callum Reilly in front of him to play box-to-box; and then up front it’s going to be a pickle because Macheda looked worse than Zigic – I’m not sure who can play the lone advanced role but I think we’d have to go with Ziggy again and tell Adeyemi and Reilly in particular to get forwards and close to him to take the knock downs from long balls.

I still think we’ll be okay; I think we’ll scrape enough points to stay up but it’s going to be close run. We absolutely have to get the home form monkey off our back sooner or later though because it’s getting ever more difficult to break and it’s killing the fans spirit.

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105 Responses to “Home Form Blues”

  • David Hynds says:

    For me it was more of a 5-4-1 than 3-4-3, the wingers in front of Ferguson and Caddis who were acting as wing backs didn’t really get enough up the pitch to support Zigic meaning at times it was like a flat back 5 with a flat 4 in front and Zigic isolated.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

    The fact is QPR were better in every position than ours. Lee has to pick a side he thinks will be best on the day and yes it won’t work all the time especially against quality. Typical example, Macheda coming on for an ineffectual Zigic, what happened? Nowt. No change from before he came on. We huffed and puffed and created one or two closies but never looked like scoring.

    Pitiful crowd of just 14,000. This is getting a joke now. Good on yer all you loyal boycotters as I now believe you are having a direct effect on the team.

    • almajir says:

      Paul – would you agree that bearing in mind the quality QPR had on the pitch (and I will agree, they have much better players) that they should have hammered us realistically?

      • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

        Yes Dan I would which is why I thought what we did wasn’t too bad. Ravel was the difference and we defended quite well but as always our lack of class showed. Said it before, we can all pick a different team to Lee but the truth is whoever we pick will struggle. If you can’t accept that then you ain’t gonna enjoy a home game anytime soon. Aways are better cos the support the team get is greater.

        • almajir says:

          I don’t think I am Paul, that’s the sad thing.

        • Andy W says:

          I agree Paul. I don’t know why I get so disappointed. We are what we are. A struggling team of players who don’t seem to know each other or what their manager wants from them. It would be different if we were under-performing…..we could be forgiven for criticising then…….but I believe this group are performing at their level. And I would evidence that on the basis that as far as I recall we have only had 3 home performances where we played anywhere near half decent football, and one of those was a 0-0. And yes, our crowds are poor, both in size and vocally. But they are desperate for something to get excited about and it’s just not there. It may even be a blessing if we were to go down (although I clearly don’t want us to). At least the kids might have a fighting chance in League 1 because they are not yet ready for this level in my opinion.

        • mark says:

          what amazes me Paul this is a player that Clark has pulled up by his bootlaces, and got the player to recognize the enormous talent he has……..he was on the scrap heap until Clark got hold of him………….tbh it was pleasure to see again……………..

    • chas says:

      Paul, I fully intended to go on saturday, but reading about al the protests that were supposedly going to take place, I decided I would be better off watching the Rugby, only to find out later that there were no protests, but the gossip was still enough to turn me off, and I know for a fact that I wasn’t alone in thinking that way.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

        Chas there were no protests. A big flag came round and that was it. Looked more purple in colour to blue but whatever the reason behind it nothing came of it. Same tactical experts on here who were moaning that we had to play Zigic when we weren’t are now moaning about how the side was set up. Chas if blokes like you stop going we really are in the shit mate.

      • nuneatim says:

        The protest was the same as it has been for the last few home games – flags, anti – Carson singing and all peaceful. Long may it continue – its one of the best ways the 14k of us who are still left can make our contempt for BIHL known loud and clear.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      If people want to stay away that is their prerogative. Until we something to sing an shout about Stans will be a morgue whether it’s 14000 or 24000

  • Gary Edwards says:

    Reilly isnt the answer – need Olly Lee or Shinnie or Rusnak to play that role behind the front man

    • tmsblues says:

      We can’t buy a win at home and whenever we break this ‘fear’ it will be a surprise. I just hope it comes soon enough to save our backsides! As usual the Tinkerman tinkered yet again and failed to come up with the solution a settled team is always at the whim of injuries but a settled formation away and home shouldn’t be too difficult to establish. Whatever the choice I think Zigic is most effective as an impact player that really upsets the opposition who’ve got comfortable handling Novak etc.

  • Big Al says:

    I was very disappointed with the fans treatment of Ziggy – he made to be the fall-guy for the naff tactics. I had no idea at times who was supposed to be playing right back – I’m sure Spector or Caddis were clear either. Good to see Ferguson back in the team though.

  • Quokkasskip says:

    It really was a tactical master class from LC again.

    He sings from the roof tops about Ravel so devises a formation that gives him the freedom of the park!

    We desperately need to play 2 up front at home. Even when we have decent possession we have no one supporting Zig. Ergo we don’t look like scoring/chances don’t drop to our players as they aren’t in the box!

    I try to take comfort from the fact QPR have a good team, but then it was the same versus Yeovil!

    Let’s hope Richard Beale can give him some words of wisdom.

  • dave mann says:

    this home form is the worse i can remember in my 40 years supporting blues, no excuses
    they were far better than us but that applys to most the teams that have come to st andrews
    this season, we werent unlucky or didnt play that bad, we were bloody awfull and thats
    putting it mildly, no rythm no quality no hope and no chance of putting this home form right
    unless we get the basics sorted out, the suport was non excistent, the flag a let down
    the team a nightmare, god help us wednesday against a burnley team boyed by there win
    against a blackburn side they had not beat for 35 years…cant be more scathing tham that
    now can i .DNM & KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    this home form is the worse i can remember in my 40 years supporting blues, no excuses
    they were far better than us but that applys to most the teams that have come to st andrews
    this season, we werent unlucky or didnt play that bad, we were bloody awfull and thats
    putting it mildly, no rythm no quality no hope and no chance of putting this home form right
    unless we get the basics sorted out, the suport was non excistent, the flag a let down
    the team a nightmare, god help us wednesday against a burnley team boyed by there win
    against a blackburn side they had not beat for 35 years…cant be more scathing tham that
    now can i .DNM & KRO.

  • Bluemat says:

    I am sorry but blame lies directly at LC’s feet. I forgive him the personal and whats going on at boardroom level but i don’t let him off with the fact that he cannot setup a team with any particular shape or game plan. Every game we change our formation to suit the opposing team that’s both home and away. Surely playing a team at home is completely different to playing the same team away. As much as i agree that Shane Ferguson should be in the team, he has been no where near the squad for weeks now but then suddenly appears in the starting line up. I did not get the formation on Saturday at all, playing 4 across the middle yet time and time again QPR stretched us across the middle and the amount of time Asso-ekkoto was free on the right was unbelievable. I gave up with LC a long time back to be honest but i couldn’t not say anything this time round. He has a difficult job but he does not help himself one bit. Surely set the team up with some sort of game plan, make us hard to breakdown, make us an attacking team but don’t just send us out and hope for the best. KRO!!

  • AF says:

    Lets go back to basics with a solid 4-4-2 at home. Spector, Packwood, Robinson and Ferguson at the back, Burke, Huws, Adeyemi and Ibe, plus Zigic and Novak/ Macheda up front. Be organised, in your face and go for it. What have we got to lose??

  • Tony says:

    Dan although your question was directed at Paul may I answer?, yes they should have hammered us but they were on a poor run themselves, they needed a nice steady performance against a poor side to boost their confindence, that was exactly what they got.
    just one point picked up by a previous poster, Morrison was compared to gazza so Clark picked a formation that allowed him the freedom of the pitch to operate (brilliant).
    Oh by the way Morrison is no Gazza, he may become like him but he is a million miles away at the moment, just another attempt by the manager to excuse the performance.

  • edd77 says:

    I like to be positive but I cant see many more points coming our way this season, and with the teams below fighting I think we will go down, I hope I’m wrong

  • Asif ashiq says:

    Tbh id be grateful for any points at home from our remaining games. I dont think clark knows his tactics or formation. He goes into games playing counter attack. When we concede the crowd on the backs the players struggle bigtime. I dont think the players or manager can cope with the boos at home.

  • dave mann says:

    you cant excuse a performance like that, if you go to away games like i do you would
    not believe the difference, same formation, same players ( well nearly ) but our results
    away are much better, were better on the counter than having to push teams back like
    we try to at st andrews with no effect what so ever, if we loose wednesday and yeovil,
    barnsley, charlton and millwall or pick up points we are in a relegation battle and you had
    better start worrying about that!!!! DNM & KRO.

  • Sh!t on the villa says:

    Need our own talented youngsters to be more involved. Brown, reilly, gray, arthur etc… Very little left to lose when it comes to home games and i fear they are the lads we will be reliant on to stay up next season! KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I have to say, that I’m of the same opinion. When I look at it, I really don’t think the premier loanees have added a whole lot to our game. Yes, with the clubs their with, they’ll probably have good careers.. but at the moment, apart from, maybe, Huws, the rest aren’t much better than what we already had. Bring our own youngsters back into the squad, but play them in ones and twos.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

        From what I’ve seen of the youngsters I don’t think they are the answer. It was ‘play Zigic’ the other week, then ‘change the formation’ every time we lose, if Lee changes it like he did and we lose he’s ‘Tinkerman’, keep a settled side like some of you want and we lose oh he should have changed it.

        Face it we ain’t got the players.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          This is what I’ve said all along. Whatever team Clark plays, in whatever formation he tries, the players let him down. If we were getting walloped every week playing 4-4-2, he’d be an idiot for sticking to it. If a selection or formation isn’t working, you have to try something different. He’s trying to play good, entertaining football, which is what we all want… but he’s not allowed to bring in the quality of players to do that.

          But, whatever the quality of player, they should be able to do the bare basics, like controlling the ball and passing it a few yards to a team mate. I think the players need to take a good, hard look at themselves and ask themselves ‘Am I putting as much into this as the manager?” I already know the answer.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

            Agreed, players personal performance is another input to the negativity at the minute. God how I loved the irony of the same football experts in the stands who gave Lee loads for subbing Zigic and dropping him earlier in the season clapping Lee for taking him off on Saturday :)

            I understand why Lee gets it, people are desperate to vent their frustrated feelings. Some do it with flags, others with boos, loads of moaning on the net. Loads who can’t be bothered going down anymore forgetting why they’ve stopped. Was it Carse? Is it Lee? How about PP or the cost? Luckily I can rise above it all, smile, enjoy being at St Andrews and look forwards to the next game.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Managers don’t get managers sacked… fans don’t get managers sacked. It’s players that get managers sacked. If Lee Clark has to go, then I think all the players that have let him and the fans down should follow him. I think very few will play as high as the Championship again.

          • paule says:

            The last 3 seasons I’ve been saying I’m not renewing my season tickets & giving the low life that own our Club any more of my hard earned cash & just before deadline day i give in, the reason for this is Birmingham city is not only Tattooed on my arms & legs its also in my blood so unless i can’t afford to go for any reason nobody will stop me going to support the boys. Its sad when listening to fellow Blues fans arguing especially on the Terraces & nearly coming to blows, what has Carson the crook done to our Club & fans who have stuck together through thick & thin over the years. I know we are at best shite at the moment but things will change, i just hope when it does we can get the fans back & make it the Fortress it used to be. KRO

          • steve says:

            The manager is there to get the best out of his players.Clark isn’t capable of doing that.It’s back to the argument,if we win it’s well done Lee and the team.If we lose it,s the players fault. You’re one of the worst for that Staffs.

    • Tony says:

      SOTV , Hate to rain on the parade but have you asked yourself are our youngsters really that talented?. I dont think they are, they are trying but its asking an awful lot of them.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Mates, I’m a long way away and not as well informed but it seems to me we’ve lost our hardness. Win or loose, Birmingham at home always used to be a game that even the top flight Premier clubs dreaded; we were hard; we gave no quarter; we risked yellows and often got reds; we fought and fought and it was hard for any team to visit St Andy’s. I’ve personally met a footballer (Captain) who was snotted by…can’t say his name but a Blues legend. I don’t defend that but you don’t win games by being flowery with the ball. Yes, skill and Ronaldo-style magnificence but ‘hard’ can win games or get draws too if you’re a bit short on talent….which we clearly are.

    Give it some ‘ammer?

  • AJ says:

    Such a shame that “we’ll be ok” is now deemed acceptable at blues…

  • dave mann says:

    AussieBlue, under mcleish our home record was magnificent, something like 7 defeats
    in 70 odd games though a lot of them were draws, we were hard to beat and got stuck
    in and battled, under lee ime afraid its nothing short of appaling though i do admit that
    hes had it much harder than mcleish, no fight, no guts, no nothing, its bad and getting
    a lot worse……£10 adults wednesday £1 for under 13s….lets see what crowd we
    get…maybe 14,000 if were licky. DNM & KRO.

  • fletch says:

    best player since gazza ,do me a favour!! what about gerrard lampard … clarke needs to stick with one side .. 1.randolph 2.caddis .3 hancox 4robinson 5 packwood 6reilly 7burke 8 hughes 9 macheda 10 novak 11adeyemi

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I agree with AussieBlue. What’s been a problem all season (and last) we have no bollox in centre midfield, they all want to be “players.” We need some roll-up-yer-sleeves and they-shall-not-pass attitude in there, but we ain’t got it. Reilly is about the nearest, at least he has a go, it’s just that his passing let’s him down a lot.. I still think though, that the best pairing is Adeyemi and Reilly.

    Of the 4 strikers – Zigic, Novak, Lovenkrands and Macheda – Novak, whether you like or dislike him, is the most productive. Zigic, does win balls played to him, but the problem is, no one knows where the ball is going to end up when it comes off him. It’s very hard for other players to try to anticipate it. I’ve always thought he’s better used as a last-20-25-minute impact player. We’ve got no one who is good in the air, so whacking balls over is pointless. What we need to do, is keep the ball on the ground, play one striker and tell him not drift out wide, to stay between the posts and try to get on the end of anything that comes into the 18 yard area.

    Burnley are strong in almost every department. If they have a weakness, I think it may down their left hand side. If Burke is on his game, we might get some joy down that wing. It will be pointless banging crosses in, Duff and Shackle will eat them for breakfast.

  • dave mann says:

    AJ, what we must understsnd is where we are, no owners, no money, no quality players,
    no home form, its no wonder that weve got to the point where staying up will be acceptable
    and should thank our lucky stars that were not already in the bottom three and staring
    relegation in the face….we are where we are and until things change of the pitch things
    aint gonna get better on it so YES being ok and staying up is acceptable. DNM & KRO.

  • Adam says:

    The thing I look forward to most at home games is the half time chip and win. Least the tilton gets to see a ball hit the net.
    That being said I shall be there Wednesday night with naive hope we can beat the second best side in the league

  • DoctorD says:

    I should have put money on my 2-0 defeat that I predicted on Saturday. We’ll be lucky to scrape a draw on Wednesday. We certainly won’t get more than 1 goal.

  • dave mann says:

    we would have to improve massively to have any chance against burnley but then whos
    to say we cant, i will be there wednesday just praying that it can all come good and we
    can pull of a huge shock because it certainly would be and thats sums up where we
    are and where they are. DNM & KRO.

  • ian g says:

    I agree with Tony that our youngsters with the exception of Brown and Hancox are not good enough at this level, I have never been impressed with Reilly or Gray as two examples

    The sad part is we are probably going to have to reply on them and frees next season as my view is BIHL have to hang onto to us to stay listed on the HKSE and thus have the potential to funding for their supposed business expansion

    As it seems clear the FL wont act there is a big decision for all of us in the summer as to whether we cut off their supply of cash via season ticket sales. By all means go game to game but if they stay in charge don’t fund them up front in season ticket purchases , all it does is maintain this bankrupt regime and does nothing for supporting the club back to health via a change of owners

  • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

    I will proudly buy my season tickets as I do every year.

    Who owns the club has zero bearing on it.

    I’m Blues.

  • Sheldonman says:

    Like most other fans, I sympathise with LC and think he will just about keep us in this division, despite everything and I also realise that nothing will change until something drastic happens at the top. My problem is that I still don’t think he is a good manager. How do you hope to get any rhythm in a team when he makes so many changes to the team and tactics, does he pull the names out of a hat every week? No doubt I will be reminded that our away performances are top 6 form and that will probably keep us up, but to see the team play like a bunch of strangers at home is so frustrating. I’ve said before that I think we have some decent players at the club and we just need to decide on a settled nucleus and system and battle for the points we need, until something positive happens with the ownership.

  • dave mann says:

    nobodys gonna come in and buy blues if supporters dont buy season tickets dont go to
    games and boycott because they dont like the current owners……whos gonna spend
    £30 million on a club who cant even half fill there ground and have supporters who
    chuck there toys out the pram annd wont go down because there upset with someone
    and cant be bothered to rise above this and support the team and manager who have
    no control over the situation….if thats a reason for not going down then shame on you
    and your so called valid reasons, sorry dont wash with me!!! DNM & KRO.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Unfortunately, BIHL cannot/will not sell us because they’ll lose their HKSE listing. So, until they find themselves a new toy to play with, the situation won’t change, except for the worst.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      A new owner who has done his homework will be aware why the crowds are low and apathetic

  • Sheldonman says:

    Who’s gonna spend £30m, whatever the size of the crowd ???

  • sappy sad says:

    its all in the mind and the numbers game …get a couple of strikers
    up front get balls in the box none stop .7+shots on target per game
    and dknt give the opposition a chance to shoot..simples and
    ..give us guts and true grit …kro

  • dave mann says:

    you make it sound so easy sapppy sad but we havent got the personel and ability to
    produce thase numbers in order to win games….simples!!! …..and sheldonman, correct
    and what ive just said, there be lucky to get £ 20 million now for what weve got left
    and the size of the crowd will not improve that much under new owners anyway so
    itsa bit of a shitty situation to be honest mate. DNM & KRO.

  • Sheldonman says:

    DNM – it is a crap situation. As Tom Ross said the other night (not often I agree with him), it’s not just a matter of buying the club, it’s also dealing with any debts and basically starting from scratch with the playing staff. I somehow think things will get worse before they get better unfortunately.

  • andy says:

    Birmingham are just not good enough. If it wasn’t for a couple of fortunate away victories then Blues would be sitting on the relegation trap door. If this miserable home form continues then Birmingham will go down.

  • dave mann says:

    what you saying andy, thatwere not good enough for the championship? DNM & KRO.

    • ryan foley says:

      no we are not good enough for the championship we are full of league 1,2 standard players with a league 1,2 manager that’s where we belong and in a couple of months we will all be looking forward to the league 1 fixtures being released.

  • Andy J says:

    I think we really need to start playing more percentage football, pick a solid/best XI and go 442 for the rest of the seaon, and keep the changes to a minimum. chopping and changing game to game can only have a negative effect both for the players who get dropped every week and in terms of building any fluidity in our play(is it any wonder we play like strangers at times?)

    I watched a bit of Burnley v Blackburn and noted that Burnley play the game simply but effectively. 442 ball gets played into Vokes and Ings or down the sides early and they build and move players forward to support in a second wave. (it is not rocket science).

    At times this season i feel we have shot ourselves in the foot before kick off with taking too much notice of the opposition when it should all be about what we are going to do (how we are going to beat them?).

    V Burnley i am anticipating more of the same, however it would be refreshing if Clark were to select a team that does the basics right first and foremost, is effective and also have an idea of how to win a game at home for a change……….we can but hope!! KRO

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      What a lesson in football management could learn from Sean Dyche.

      Know your best team, know your best formation, then pick them week in week out.

      Burnley dont have any world beaters , but they do possess a great team ethic.
      Dyche trusts his players & instills them with confidence , which drives the momentum that has taken Burnley to 2nd in the Championship..

      Look at Sam Vokes , couldn’t get a kick at Wolves, always out on loan, but Dyche has given him the opportunity of regular football , & is now reaping the benefits of having a competent championship striker.

      • mark says:

        didn’t say a word with 10 match unbeaten run , when our team gets ripped apart, injuries amassed sorry to be blunt, as for Sean could he have done any better than lee in the same circumstances………….imo i dont think so……….. but that i will say good luck to them…………………probably once in the premiership they will probably get hammered week in week out……lots of teams have rose to the premiership as champions when for some reason they lose where way………..

  • monty says:

    Has anyone seen this article about lazio fans boycotting a recent game in protest against the owner and he’s no where near as bad as yeung!


  • andy says:

    Dave, I am not saying Birmingham are not good enough for the Championship, though it is debatable, but the home form will send Blues into League One.

    • ErnieD says:

      Andy, sad to say you are bang on…in the past 50 years only one team in top 3 divs has avoided relegation with 3 home wins…Southampton in 1969 ..in our div Sunderland did it with 5 home wins in 1994 and Watford with 5 in 1980. Blues have 2 as you know…no one has survived with that..we have 6 tough home games to come but we have to win some otherwise we are gone…..

  • steve says:

    Dan,have you heard the rumour that Pannu will be gone by Friday?

  • Art Watson says:

    League 1 Manager

    Championship players.

    That’s why we are struggling to survive in this league -I think for this season we will though.

  • Art Watson says:


    If it’s true I predicted this would happen last week.

    Rats jumping ship and he’s the KIng Rat.

  • steve says:

    Somebody told me on Saturday that they were struggling to find anybody who would do business with anybody from Yeungs mob.

  • andy says:

    Paladini is willing to do business, he is waiting for the call.

    • steve says:

      at the moment Andy they’re looking for investment.Nobody will invest whilst Yeungs people are involved.

    • almajir says:

      Andy – they aint going to come to him. If he wants the club, hes going to have to go to them

      • mark says:

        and find the price Carson wants………..

      • bluenoseb says:

        Could you not act as a middleman or chaperone for him dan? After all you know where all the people are out there and the places they socialize in them private clubs. Get him to foot the bill for your flights and accom and that will be the proof whether hes full of it or not wouldn’t it, call his bluff so to speak. Hey worth at shot if gets the club sold ah ;)

    • Agent McLeish says:

      CY (BIHL) do not want to sell for whatever reason. I don’t think the valuation being met is the prime reason. Maybe BIHL need to hold on to the club for HKSE reasons or maybe they need time to bury the skeletons in the cupboard.

  • steve says:

    I put on an earlier blog that Paladini got in touch again but was messed about again.He got in touch with his backers,one was Flavio Briatore and told them to forget it.Lucky escape if Briatore is involved.

    • mark says:

      might be wishful thinking on your part steve……..carson made it plain it as can be GP is pi**ing in the wind……………..now if he got some bollox cough up the 32mil carson wants……..then get your backers to put about 20 millions in the team……………oh fairy godmother ………..

  • mark says:

    As mentioned in the previous blog looking forward to the burnley game imo i believe we might get more than 14,000 not sure what burnley allocation is ?? 10 pounds and kids for a quid lovely………….

  • mark says:

    imo the three to go lge 1 will be yeovil barnsley finally charlton even sought they have three games in hand……………

  • brumbie says:

    I’ve been a fan since the mid 70s and we have probably been involved in relegation battles for half those seasons but I have never felt so depressed as I do now. The owners are a joke the team are crap results are dire and the stadium is dead. We have had many dark times over the years as blues fans but this time there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • DeanBlue says:

    I keep saying this – sorry to be boring
    14,000 against a top club – no noise – what investor is that going to impress
    We get what we deserve

    • steve says:

      As somebody put earlier.Any owner that does his homework will understand the apathy from supporters.

      • DeanBlue says:

        But the apathy isn’t new is it
        Sullivan constantly moaned about it – and how many times since redeveloped St Andrews has there been a capacity crowd . Yet there were 40K+ at Wembley 3 years ago, so if they really cared now is the time to show it surely
        Imagine if 3/4 of them forked up a tenner on Wednesday night and showed the young players and any potential owners what support they have .
        Only a dream I know

  • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

    Correct Dean all the true blue boycotters and the Internet Blues are part of our problems.

    Still, they’ll never forget Wembley or Europe

    • ian g says:

      Yes I went to Wembley and loved it , best day of my life apart from the birth of my children , and over 15 years I missed one game including being at games when my wife was about to go into labour. However there comes a point re funding these directors particularly up front in terms of season tickets that only helps maintain a regime who has brought the club to its knees and has no interest in us other than keeping us as a shell to retain HKSE status

      Why would anyone want to keep this regime in place? yes go game by game but don’t give the life blood of upfront cash flow in the summer, for me any true blue will stem life support to this board this summer. Also I don’t buy we need full attendances to show to viable purchasers we are worth buying , they know the potential if only the fans are given some hope and it is hope that has been lacking for far too long now

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Lee Clark is a record breaker for our worst ever home record. I can’t stand all these Clark apologists stating the bad hand he’s been dealt. Gary Pendrey had a much worse team and even he won 6 at home.

    LC is a tinkerman and his constant interference with the formation and team means the players don’t understand their roles and have no cohesion with each other. When things aren’t working there’s no point taking off a striker and replacing him with another striker when we are being overrun in midfield.

    I agree we are going to get very close to getting relegated and Lee Clark’s bizarre team selections and tactics do not fill me with confidence. However if it was a certainty that relegation would get rid of our owners I’d take the immediate pain for the long term gain.

  • Lazwal says:

    I have supported the Blues since the age of 8 I am now 65. I have seen good times and bad times but my support for my beloved club has never waned. I have never known such a poor atmosphere during these troubled times. Even under previous poor regimes there was fight, banter, but above all loud and vocal support for our team. It is as if we are now conditioned to failure and this has had a marked affect on the team,poor as they are.
    The only time I have heard the crowd make lots of noise was the Forest game, then there were echo’s of our loyal support. I think what we need is something to get the crowd get going like musicians and this may impact on the team.It works at other clubs so why not ours? KRO.

    • mark says:

      i was at the forest game some thought we never get anywhere near a full house i wonder how surprised were they…………maybe burnley game at the stans can give us another surprise….who knows…………calling all the noses to get down to the stans lets make some noise………..let the flag roam from all sides of the ground in fans unity as one for its team………………kro

  • Norfolk blue says:

    Guys has any one heard of the law of attraction, what you send out comes back to you. We have been in worse scraps than this in our infamous history of comical owners any one remember the kumars and the paint splattered influence home kit!.
    If we all go out and buy a euro lottery ticket tomorrow then we can all live the dream of owning our club. Think our new catch phase should be delay no more support a lot more

  • DoctorD says:

    We have 12 games left — if we get the same points against those teams as we did the first time we played them this season, then we will end the season on 52 points. That’s IF of course.

  • steve says:

    The way we’re playing at the moment Doctor,can you see more than a couple of home points ?

  • andy says:

    I have backed Lee Clark all through but after the QPR defeat I did start to question why he tinkers with the team constantly. He has said today that he is looking for the correct formula to arrest this very poor home form. In my opinion with 6 home games left, he has no more time to tinker. He should go with a straight 442, playing his strongest 11 and if we are to see Macheda score goals then he needs to play off either Novak or Zigic in a front two. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it, but why complicate things with different formations every week, it will only unsettle the players and this poor form will continue.

  • sappy sad says:

    i dont remember ever seeing blues supporters so low as this.
    i am gutted but their is less to worry about than we think if
    we do go down so does the value of the club which will mean
    more buyers will be able to afford the club..my old man was
    wounded and tortured on his knowledge of the front line but
    refused to give up to the gestapo. he kept strong by thinking
    about the family in small heath and his time with grandad
    at blues matches …are we going to give up so easily ..COME
    ON nothings easy in life you have to work hard at it kro

  • Shirley Blue says:

    It will be interesting too see what crowd we get Wednesday night. Don’t think it will be the 23,000 we got against Forest as it is an evening game and a lot less away supporters. Don’t be too surprised at the gate on Saturday when they are charging £32 to get in the Kop. Maybe whoever decides the prices might actually come to terms that the club has been out of the Premier League for three years now and stop bloody ripping the supporters off.

    • erpa says:

      I would not pay £32 in the prem even if we were in the top half. I agree what clown set that price in the championship. They seriously need to get real or lose fans for life, regardless of the owners.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice of Reason he says:

    Totally agree the pricing should be looked at.

    Probably as a result of the loyal boycotters that the club has to try and maximise what they can get off those who still go.

    Agree this needs to change.

  • Chris W says:

    I am not overly worried about relegation now that any sign of administration has gone, if we can believe PP, but the Football league are also saying we are safe till the end of the season.

    I think there are at least 3 teams playing worse than we are and Blackpool are in free fall .
    With games away to Sheffield, Millwall, Middlesbrough, Doncaster and Bolton there are plenty of points to be available, I fancy at least 7 points can be earned away.

    At home is another story, Psychological springs to mind, has to be, the same players cannot put in so many away day performances and be so poor, bad, apathetic, lethargic, pick a word, at home.
    It is easy to blame individual performances, Zigic is always one that is the first in mine, along with many others, to be the first player slated, and rightly so.
    However, on occasions away from home he has been sublime, won everything, worked hard and as well as scoring, he has created several goals, why can’t he do it at home?

    Burnley are our next opponents at St Ans and are definitely the surprise team up there in the mix, they have a first team squad of just 20 players, the smallest squad in the league and no loan players. They have been lucky with injuries, the difference is consistency, their team virtually picks itself and has done all season.

    LC has not had that luxury, mainly due to loans being recalled, but a number of vital injuries and suspensions. He does, in my opinion, change the team unnecessarily or needlessly, far too often, we also have far too many loans in the midfield department that our own players are being overlooked because loan players have to be seen to be involved, unless injured of course.
    Letting Bell out to kidders was not a good move as I don’t feel Blackett is much better.
    The latest group of loan players are not performing any better than the players we have on the books, and this has to have a demoralising effect on all the players involved, LC needs to have a serious look at what he has and why players are under-performing. Is the dressing room as harmonious as it should be, is there resentment amongst the younger players, all probable causes to apathy on the pitch, which in turn is transferred to the supporters because there is nothing to cheer, nothing to get excited over.

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