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Looking Forward

Birmingham City players, staff and management came together last night to celebrate the end of season player awards at the International Convention Centre. Following the dramatic last day escape from relegation the mood within the hall was one of relief and of happiness in the face of what might had been.

One theme that came out throughout all the speeches was just how thankful everyone connected with the club was for the support of the fans; although in fairness I’ve seen nothing but unqualified support for the backing from the terraces for the last few weeks. Mike Wiseman told the crowd he thought that the fans deserved the assist for Caddis’ goal, collectively blowing the ball back into play with their noise and support. I’ve long held that the fans were the ones who could help make the difference and I have nothing but admiration (and yes, a bit of jealousy) for the 3,800 who travelled up to the Reebok Stadium. It’s easy to be a supporter when everything is going well and it’s in times of crisis that fans need to be stood up and be counted – our fans did that in spades and it’s been amazing to see the reactions of non-Blues fans on Twitter applauding the Peaky Blinders up in Bolton.

From talking to various people at the event, there was definitely a feeling Blues dodged a bullet – there seemed to be a collective thought of just how bad the awards night would have been if we had gone down and I got the impression that there are some relieved people within St Andrew’s as preparing for another season in the Championship is going to be easier than it would be for League One. It can’t be easy working behind the scenes right now at St Andrew’s with all the uncertainty over the club’s future and I think it’s important that the effort of the people who work there is recognised as well – many of the staff are fans too and I know for a fact that Paul Caddis’ goal meant as much to them as it did to us.

It’s my hope that Panos Pavlakis, who was at the game (and indeed on the pitch and in the dressing room post-match) at Bolton and who attended last night has taken all this in during his time here and that he will be the one who will force the sale of the club through. My singular worry in all this now is who will make the decision in Hong Kong now that Carson is out of the picture. Carson was very much the driving force within BIH and I’m not convinced his replacement Cheung Shing is of the same mentality. It’s fairly common knowledge that there are three people trying to sell the club – Victor Ma Shui-Cheong, Pannu and Pavlakis – and while I think competition will ensure BIH will get the best bids for the club possible I hope that competition remains on a professional level.

I think May will be a month of action – there has to be movement on a sale now and hopefully we’ll hear something very soon on it. I know that there is a lot of doubt out there that a sale will happen – understandably – but I am convinced that it has to. There is very real interest out there and people have been meeting with the powers that be to discuss it – but until BIH announce something to the HKSE it will all remain under wraps.

with thanks to Tim Andrews of Hollywood Monster who was kind enough to invite me last night.

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13 Responses to “Looking Forward”

  • Andy W says:

    I really hope you are right Dan. We have to start next season in a positive frame of mind with everybody knowing where they stand and what the expectations are. My fear is that any sale may become too protracted with a bidding war between the interested parties to leave any time for the existing/new manager to do any decent business in the window. If we start next season in an anyway similar position as we ended this one, the positivity created at Bolton will soon dissipate. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and I for one will be anxiously awaiting any news you can bring us.

  • Chris W says:

    It is a relief all round now the season has concluded on a somewhat happy note. I wonder if staying in the championship will make BIHL more determined to hold out for the £32 M and sell the club in tranches.
    We, the supporters, know that we need new investment if we are to compete next season. But has it sunk into BIHL?
    We cannot have another season whereby we rely on loans and though our young academy players did well they need some experience around them. it would also be wrong to just push them back into the background.
    There was a lot of positives that came out of last season regarding the academy players and I feel that we should carry that into the future, but hopefully without the fire and brimstone baptism they have had.
    Will Packwood. Damarai Gray, Reece Brown all showed promise and with those who went out on loan earning valuable experience I think the future of BCFC is quite bright. If we can just buy some experience and maybe negotiate a couple of new deals with those out of contract 2014/15 should be exciting.

  • Kazakblue says:

    no matter what Carson is doing in Stanley Jail, whether he is on day release to the Pickled Pelican or the Smugglers Arms, keep up the fantastic work that you have done all season under very difficult circumstances, we the fans of BCFC spread accross the world owe you also a very big vote of thanks.
    Hopefully next season in the championship onward and certainly upwards.

  • Firstly, a big thanks to Dan for another season of news, analysis and excellent journalism. Much appreciated.

    Secondly, does anyone know how long the sale process could take, including choosing preferred bidder, informing HKSE, etc and then a bid being worked up and financed? I think you are right that some of the leadership and dynamism has left BIHL, we really need to be sold before end of July.

  • Steve says:

    Unless we get new owners and a new manager,the only place we’re going is League 1.There is no way i can see us surviving another season with these clowns running the club.Thanks for keeping us informed this season Dan KRO.

  • Michael Casey says:

    Could the fantastic response of the players, the staff and the fans at Bolton, and the publicity it has generated, possibly entice someone with cash to believe in the commercial possibilities of investigating in a club that generates such passionate support? I still feel tearful when I see it.

  • Paul Carter - Voice of Reason says:

    Holiday booked, just need to renew my season tickets then I can sit back for the summer awaiting new investment into the club hopefully. Never thought we’d ever be flirting with Division 3 again and hope it never happens again.

  • Blooflame says:

    This club is going at a snip!! investors know there is a short time window because we MUST be prepared for the new season. I’m banking on bids in quick time…or we’ll have another tough season

  • Ali Duncan says:

    It actually felt like we had been promoted and it made a wretched season feel like a good one. I think it’s going to be a decent summer now after this “success” and hopefully a quick sale to follow. Also only 37 days until I leave for Brazil so this really has been a good season for me.

  • bluenose08 says:

    according to the mirror carson wants 25 million !! is he still pulling the s
    trings from a prison cell ?

    • Geoff S says:

      Interesting point re how the convicted criminal Yeung may still be pulling the strings from a prison cell. So it is reported that he now wants £25 million for BCFC, is it? A bit of a drop from the near-£40 million he was believed to have been sticking out for not so long ago.

      There must be some desperation in there somewhere…

  • mark says:

    Daniel fanstatic day out , our away fans more than proved themselves ……
    Caddis deal was bought with the money down the sofa, how fitting he got the goal…..
    Life as a bluenose is never dull, if there is so-called bidders, step forward otherwise shut up… Because you will never change anything without the colour of money….

  • riverphoenix says:

    Sterling job Dan this season thank you.Now time to regroup,Its just a shame we blues fans always seem to be waiting for something to happen whether it be what loans we can afford to is our owner going down to now when are we going to be sold?Hope next season we can just look forward to the football and let the numbers come back down St Andrews.There was a time not so long ago I used to see a full 29k+ almost every home game and I for one would love to see that again.Someone hurry up and buy us quick you will be getting a bargain and a club with fantastic support KRO SOTV

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