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Carson Yeung Refused Bail

Carson Yeung’s bail application was refused this morning in the Court of Appeal. Judge Michael Lunn, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal refused bail after dismissing Carson’s grounds of appeal as unlikely to succeed.

Although one ground of appeal was based on the decision made in the Court of Final Appeal last month (the Pang Hung Fai case), Judge Lunn – who was criticised in that decision – told the court that Carson’s conviction differed from Pang Hung Fai’s and that decision was irrelevant.

I am somewhat surprised that Carson was refused bail but I did believe that he would have to go all of the way to the Court of Final Appeal to overturn his conviction. His hearing in the Court of Appeal is set for March 2015.

What does this mean in relation to the AGM?

It actually doesn’t make that much difference with respect to the AGM. With Pannu’s ill-advised and indiscreet comments hinting at Carson being a shadow director of BIH, Carson couldn’t attend the AGM for fear of giving those accusations further legitimacy. Carson can still vote his shares by proxy – his lack of attendance doesn’t change his entitlement as the largest shareholder in the company.

Does that make any difference to the likely outcome of the election of directors?

It always was going to come down to Carson – what I think is interesting is that the shares are still suspended this morning which means that the HKSE haven’t received enough information yet for them to be happy for shares to be traded again. It’s my opinion that suspension in trading of the shares hurts more than any boycott by supporters – it’s much more difficult for BIH to raise money without shares being traded – and I would think that shareholders could voice their displeasure by voting against the cause of the issue.

Do we know anything more about the mysterious “Wang Li”?

Joanna Wang, Carson’s common law partner was in court today but my sources were unable to confirm whether Joanna is indeed the mysterious second largest shareholder in the company. With no disclosure made to the HKSE yet it’s impossible to know but the word from around the club is that it isn’t.

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31 Responses to “Carson Yeung Refused Bail”

  • Blue Lizard says:

    No Christmas Pudding for Yeung…..just porridge!!

  • Andy says:

    OP is like an advent calendar with a new treat every day.

    Door 14 was the write up of a 6-1 win, door 15 was Pannu getting the old heave-ho and Blues not being embargoed, and today’s door brings news of Carson remaining behind bars for the time being.

    Santa is a bluenose!

  • Art says:

    Coincidentally I’m just settling down to read your book Dan and in the meantime the saga rolls on.

    With Pannu going down the pan and Carson still sewing mail bags its a bleak time for Mark.

    Oh well Mark it could be worse looks like GR could save us from relegation.

    Happy Xmas.


  • Dave Mann says:

    Pannu sacked, Carson still behind bars and blues seven points clear of the relegation zone and pushing upwards with a manager fresh in ideas and playing attacking football… This could be a better Xmas than I thought, bring on Huddersfield, derby and forest and lets go into the new year with renewed optemism … Oh, and we’ve got no embargo round our neck come January… Lovely jubbly kro.

  • Alan Watton says:

    Its amazing what the power of prayer can do!

    • Bluesbot says:

      Prayer !!!
      I have prayed to christian gods
      Pointed my matt towards mecca
      cut up sacrificial lamb (doner kebabs) in offering to the devil (well alan sugar at least)
      shouted hari krishna etc etc

      so hopefully its blood worth it lol

  • steve lines says:

    wake up BIHL and smell the coffee delay no more sell the Club and take what HK Dollars you can.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    After the euphoria at the demise of Peter Pannu’s tenure at Blues subsides, I have been under the false assumption that BIH suspended their shares. But from your blog today it seems that the the HKSE has suspended them.
    My question is what does BIH have to do to satisfy the HKSE so as to resume trading?

  • rhees says:

    Glad his behind bars for Christmas, things do look more positive.
    But as a blue nose of many many years and seaon ticket holder for most of them in not counting my chickens and expecting bubble to burst.
    The joys of being a blue nose ha ha

  • AussieBlue says:

    Not being a smart alec because Dan’s right far more often than not but on 12th Nov, I wrote regarding the Pang Hung Fai case:

    >>Well Dan I read the whole tawdry appeal document an was particularly impressed by:
    “They would go diving every weekend and play ping-pong on Tuesdays.” (Appellant and Kwok).

    Mate, this ruling in my opinion will have no bearing whatsoever on Carson’s appeal. The circumstances are entirely different and the amount (about a million quid) much smaller.

    Unless the entire legal system in HK has been corrupted; which I seriously doubt, Carson will be spending all of his legitimate time behind bars. This does not help BCFC financially of course; you are right there.

    almajir says:
    November 12, 2014 at 1:47 pm


    I have to be honest mate, I’m going to go with what I’ve been told by the solicitors in Hong Kong.>>>

    Just sayin’

  • Blue is the Colour says:

    What I don’t get is I thought like in England the proceeds of the crime would be recouped ?
    As Carson has shares in BIHL surely these would have to be cashed in to pay to the HK Authorities.

    Anyone know anything on this side ?

    There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel I’m just hoping its not the bullet train !

  • Peter Bates says:

    I am not going to gloat but I love the fall from grace of the big egos especially peter pannu but I can’t help thinking it won’t make any difference to either him or cy they are in love with themselves and will try to pitch the blame on others for their downfall good riddance to pannu lets hope we can say the same to cy sooner rather than later kro

  • ChrisG says:

    Would this outcome affect any possible takeover or are we still in the same situation as before?

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Wray aligned himself to Pannu not Panos so he’s got some bridges to build

  • Peter Bates says:

    More good news Michael morrison to sign 3 year deal kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    I can’t take all this good news at the moment, it’s so different to what we’ve been use to.. Long may it continue!!kro

  • bluenose08 says:

    So here it is merry xmas everybodys having fun look to the future now its only just begun,poor old carsons locked up in his prison cell and all the bluenoses told pp to go to hell !!
    Garys got the team playing well in spite of carson,pp and bihl and with a bit of luck we will beat Huddersfield,forest and derby to inspite of carson,bihl and peter pannu !

    merry xmas everybody and a happy new year !


  • Hillfield blues says:

    Just when you think things are looking up you hear we need 4.4 million to keep going in the short term. Mmmmm…….I wonder where that’s going to come from.

  • Tony says:

    It would be difficult for anyone to have much sympathy for Carson, he has been a disaster for this club for a long time now.
    And yet in 60 years of following Birmingham City I have never known such success,we won a major trophy and finished 9th in the premiership, that’s the best we have ever achieved i cant forget that and thank him for it.
    Hes a crook,Charlatan, chancer, but most of all he was a naive fool who followed a dream, have not we all done that at some stage of our lives? or regretted not doing so.
    Like everyone else here I want the club sold and out of his clutches, but will remember that day at Wembley until the day I die.

  • mark says:

    4.4 million just to keep going lets hope Santa got some big Christmas Sacks

  • mark says:

    i must say i would have preferred 1.8 million that pp mentioned….wonder where heck we going find that sum from…….

    • Hillfield blues says:

      Every day seems to bring a new set of circumstances. Who knows what or who to beleive anymore. A statement from the club last week strongly refuted Pannu’s claims that we were in financial trouble and now this. My head tells me that we’re hardly going to be signing players and offering new contracts out if we’re knee deep but you never know.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I’m a bit confused with the £4.4m to keep us going business as reported in the BM today. If we are that short of money how have we signed Moussi, Zigic and Morrison. We have offered an improved offer to Gray but I think that maybe just to get more money for him. I just cannot see where we are going to get £4m from apart from selling Gray.

    • raymondo says:

      Maybe they’ll flog the club after all. It’s gotta happen sooner or later. Being faced with bankruptcy or something similar as an alternative might be just what they need to fo that.They’re suspended from the HKSE anyway Wouldn’t that make our Christmas complete? I can dream. Our Rowett, which art in heaven………….

      • AussieBlue says:

        Raymondo..carrying that thought:
        “…Gary be thy name
        Give us this day our weekly win
        6-1 against those who would try and score against us,
        And deliver us from BIHL
        Lead us not into administration….”

        I’ll stop there as I am a believer and want to go up, not down!

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