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The Carson Trial: Final Appeal, Day 1

Carson’s lawyer Clare Montgomery QC told the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong today how there needed to be a distinguishment between “notional proceeds” and “actual proceeds” in a money laundering case.

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Audio Podcast – Will Giles Talks About Carson’s Upcoming Appeal Judgement

With the judgement on Carson’s appeal due to be heard in the Court of Appeal in Hong Kong in the next couple of weeks I talked to “Haircuts and League Cups” co-author Will Giles about what is likely to happen.

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The EGM: More Boardroom tussles

Birmingham International Holdings have issued a statement to the stock exchange to confirm that they have received notice that the “EGM” was held, and that a “meeting” has been convened with the intention of taking the legal steps necessary to remove the receivers.

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The Carson Trial: Appeal Hearing Day One

Carson Yeung was back in court today for the first day of his appeal hearing into his conviction on five counts of money laundering. Clare Montgomery QC, representing Carson told the three appeal court judges how the conviction could not stand as Judge Douglas Yau Tak-hong had not applied the “reasonable man” test accurately in the original trial.

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Who is Wang Lei?

Back in December, I wrote about how a mysterious individual by the name of Wang Li had taken control of U-Continent and had become the second largest shareholder in BIH and by extension BCFC.

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Carson Demands BIH hold EGM

BIH have today announced to the HKSE that they have received letters from Carson Yeung and from U-Continent in their capacity as major shareholders demanding an EGM be held to remove three directors and appoint three directors of their choosing.

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Ongoing Battles

Talking Points sponsored by John Hicken Industrial roofing and cladding materials

Birmingham International Holdings will hold their postponed AGM tomorrow in Gold Coast, Hong Kong with controversial director Peter Pannu seeking re-election as an executive director along with Panos Pavlakis and four others. With all that has happened over the last month people could be forgiven for thinking that this may be the end of an […]

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Carson Yeung Refused Bail

Carson Yeung’s bail application was refused this morning in the Court of Appeal. Judge Michael Lunn, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal refused bail after dismissing Carson’s grounds of appeal as unlikely to succeed.

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Who is Wang Li?

The ownership of the football club took another twist yesterday when it was disclosed to the HKSE that Yang Yuezhou has cashed out his interest in 4.86 billion conversion shares to leave him with a tiny remaining stake in the club (0.28%). What is concerning is who he has sold his stake to – and just what that means for the club.

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