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New Year Round Up and Stats

Birmingham City turned down an offer of £1.5million from fellow Championship outfit Bournemouth for the services of winger Demarai Gray yesterday. Blues are apparently braced for larger offers but the Birmingham Mail reports that they will need to be in excess of the £3.2million received for Nathan Redmond.

I’m completely unsurprised that a bid has come out in the open for young Dimmi; although he’s only made 26 appearances for Blues his stock has risen immeasurably over the last few months culminating in that hat trick against Reading. It’s going to be an interesting month to see if Blues can indeed hang on to Dimmi – and in the event they do accept a bid whether any monies received for the England u19 winger are reinvested in the club.

Panos Pavlakis has come out to speak to fans on www.bcfc.com and has reflected on the improved fortunes at the club over the last few months – and the way that has translated into better gates and better morale as well as a better league position. I don’t think Panos was channelling Faith No More when he affirmed that the backroom staff cared a lot about what is going on at the club as much as he was taking a dig at the former “Acting” Chairman. As much as these sideswipes are a little entertaining I’m more pleased that no promises have been made on the transfer front – I’d rather that sort of thing was confirmed by actions rather than empty promises of “eye-popping offers”.

As it’s New Year’s Day I thought I’d round up some OP stats and let you know of my plans for the blog for 2015. Last year the blog received 2.372million hits; a slight rise on 2013 but considering I was a lot sparser in posting blogs for a good four to five months it’s a decent return. As you can imagine the most popular day was Pannu’s comments, when the site received nearly 30,000 hits.

Top commenter in terms of quantity is StaffsBlue with nearly 3,000 – 1200 in front of the second placed Chris W.

The big plan for next year is that I’m intending to do some podcasting work – either audio or video podcasts which I’m going to put on youtube. I’m still working on the technical aspect but the idea is about 10 minutes of video a week talking about what is happening and trying to answer questions I don’t get to in the comments. Those of you who are on the mailing list will have already heard my plans on that – I’m planning to keep the mailouts to once a week for now, and to keep that to content that isn’t online – more my personal gut feelings and things I’m working on. If you want to subscribe, there is a widget on the right hand side of the website where you can enter your email address.

If you would like to support OP or affiliate your business to the website please get in touch via the sponsorship page.

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41 Responses to “New Year Round Up and Stats”

  • Hillfield blues says:

    Found Pavlakis statement empty and brilliant in terms of stating the bloody obvious. Why can’t the man address a few issues and allay real concerns the fans have such as how he sees us moving forward in the future, clubs poaching our young talent or weather or not Blues are even for sale.

    • almajir says:

      Would you believe him if he said it?

      Action speaks louder than words mate. I’d rather see the action myself.

      • Hillfield blues says:

        He’s just a BIHL puppet. By the way panos,being as your falling over yourself to talk to supporter groups everywhere why not try the one that had nearly 2 and a half million hits last year if you feel like you need to clear up a few things.
        Happy New Year to you all on the blog.

  • Tony E says:

    If PP1 wins the upcoming dogfight, PP2 will not be around to have any affect on the clubs future and we will be back to being run by a man driven by self interest from thousands of miles away. Oh yes and we will probably find the club funding his enormous salary/expenses/consultancy fees again, that is when Gray will be sold, let us hope he loses and vanishes for ever.

  • rhees says:

    Not fussed myself if we sell Demi as long as it funds two or three new players
    We need strengthening

  • steve says:

    I just can,t see Pannu coming back. Haven’t the HKSE said that shares were suspended because of his comments on OP ? Surely,after that the BIH board wouldn’t vote him back in would they ?

  • JohnnyZulu says:

    Hillfield Blues seems a little dim. Pavlakis stated he will update us when he can because of the minefield and mess left by Pannu in Hong Kong he can’t start spouting about potential new owners or investors. Jeremy Wray has obviously not ‘shown us the money’. It seems pretty clear too that he has got a grip on the finances and we don’t want to sell Gray. I find it refreshing he is talking to us fans and communicating with us. Better than the way we used to be treated by Mr Pannu. It is obvious Pavlakis is not a puppet of BIHL as I don’t doubt he pushed for Pannu’s removal as MD and off the Blues board. If Pannu gets in power again then God help us the club will go backwards and we will be in a massive hole

  • Texas Pete says:

    It is new years day. Day one. So let us focus on the positive rather than raising negative chi. Panos’ message was a positive message for the whole club and included fans. I see that as good intent and we should accept it and complement it with our own. Even though the club is limited in its current situation, it is in ascendancy. We are looking forward in 2015 to winning rather than losing and the team’s flipped confidence is growing so the fans job is to support that mode even if we lose. As for last year, the good management decision to appoint Gary Rowett has set up the optimism for the new year. Thanks to Panos. Our outlook is the top half of the table new plyers to fill gaps, and perhaps a place in the playoffs without expectation. A healthy finish to the season in a good finishing place and we are more attractive for a sale acceptable to quality buyers and sellers alike.I see a satisfying spring ahead.

  • Peter Bates says:

    As I said yesterday we have no influence over what happens in hk what will be will be as they say so lets get behind all the players and management team at st Andrews happy new year Danieland to everyone on this site kro

  • Ian Finlay says:

    2.372million hits in 12 months……Wow !!!
    I’d like to thank Dan for his continued courage and determination in bringing important news to us Bluenoses.
    Without his ‘investigative journalism’ we wouldn’t have any idea what was going on ‘behind the scene’
    Happy New 2015.

  • I am a bit disturbed that any figure is being mentioned with regard to young Demarai Gray. £1.5 million is totally insulting but £3.2 million is grossly undervalued despite his tender age. Assuming he stays injury free and he doesn’t end up in some so called big team’s development squad he will only improve and his value will undoubtedly increase as a result. I hope that his family are smart enough to realise that and advise him accordingly. His best interests at present are to stay with us, accumulate more first team games, increase Birmingham City’s and his personal stock and when he does inevitably move on, go to a team that will play him regularly and thus benefit his own career and that of the national side in the future. We should drive a very very hard bargain at present and make any suitors for Gray’s signature wait.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Absolutely agree. TF gave us about 9 years… and he still became the first £1m player. If DG gives us another year or two and continues his development, who knows what we’ll get for him then, especially if our present owners have done one by then.

  • Frenchblue says:

    I don’t understand these ‘really insulting’ comments at all. Bournemouth can offer what they like; it suggests they are testing Blues’ financial needs or wishes, possibly as what is called a ‘stalking horse’ in politics – testing the water for someone else maybe. If Gray thinks a bigger weekly wage is worth vegetating on the bench/on loan/eventually sold on is better than weekly first team games for his home team and lots of publicity I’d be amazed. The precedents set by Buckland, Redmond and Mutch are there for evidence. On imminent matters, I hope we see a team of squad players bding for first team places at Blyth (and winning of course).

  • Eric says:

    I think Pavlakis is doing all he can with a divided Board. Some people’s expectations are not realistic or sensitive to Pavlakis and our wonderful back room people at St Andrews. Keep Right On Gary, his coaches and the team. Let us hope for a 2015 sale. Happy New Year Dan and thanx for being a strong and informative Bluenose.

  • mark says:

    i think value of 3.2 million for DG IS EYE POPPING…….totally agree 1.5 millions is very insulting imo….until the big players bring their cheque book out it could surpass that figure……and it will also depend what options DG FANCIES when they do arrive……

  • mark says:

    must come back to the manager thing GR THE ONLY loyalty he will have is to his family if offers were bigger than he got at blues…….lets remember this is a stepping stone for GR….

    • Trevor Honnor says:

      I suspect that if Blues can stabilise themselves financially and sort out the goings-on in the board room, Gary Rowett will be here for many years to come. There is no doubt that he is a brilliant “young” manager and in time, the Premier League is where he will end up. Going back to my previous statement about Blues being stable, there is no reason why Rowett won’t manage Blues in the EPL.

      If the club itself can’t move forward (new owners, fresh money etc…) then yes, I agree it will be a stepping stone but I have a lot of faith in Rowett to not drop us at the first opportunity to go and manage a Hull or Crystal Palace type team…. Or worse a V*lla type team #yuk

      Happy new year folks

  • mark says:

    UNTIL the 6t jANUARY is sorted out no one can say that PP has disappeared……..but i bet panos will need to wait before making slide remarks…….is his seat well and truly safe in the civil war that is about to erupt ???

  • AussieBlue says:

    The site statistics are truly amazing Dan. Other clubs could look on and wish they had a dedicated fan such as you with so much talent and IT savvy. To you and all the ‘Noses on here that keep me informed and entertained from afar…a real Happy New Year! I reckon Pavlakis is just doing his job as best as he can and has actually enabled the success we have experienced of late by building a Great Wall between the football and the shenanigans at BIHL. He’s a sort of buffer and we needed that.
    On Dimmi….don’t sell and Dimmi; don’t go yet! You’ll be worth 5 million by end of Season and will get a better club if you move. What is happening now under GR is true Birmingham/Midlander grit and it will go down in football history…be part of it! KRO and get the job done.

  • Dave Mann says:

    transfer market now officially open so lets see what bids come in for gray and also Randolph.. We need to keep both but if 5 million comes in for the pair of them I think blues will find it hard to turn down in the current climate..we’re on a roll of scoring goals and playing good football and 2 points per game average under rowett so we need to keep everything ticking along but money talks and there’s not to much we can do about it as fans…. FA cup Saturday and looking forward to our trip to Blyth , lets hope were not the shock of the round and can roll on to round four and when we do get knocked out its by a top premiere club and no clubs from lower leagues or even our own league though I do appreciate its all about the championship and our rise into the higher reaches and even push for the playoffs IF we keep up our points per game ratio up !!.. Happy new year and kro

    • steve says:

      If the price is right and they want to go let them go. I don’t think Randolph will be a No1 at a premiership club,unless it’s with us and that won’t be next season. Gray has a lot of improving to do. we won’t get big money for somebody who at the moment is only potentially a Premiership player. But if they want to go,we have to let em go.

      • Dave mann says:

        That’s the reason I think we’re take the money if we get say for arguments sake 3 million for gray and 1.5/2 million for Randolph then were take it BUT I don’t think we will so ime hoping we turn the offers down and they stay but if they want to go let them go and I’ve no problem with that. Kro

  • steverusselluk says:

    Hi Dan, great to hear of your plans for OP in 2015. My sister is a Blues fan and a professional in TV football production. V happy to put you guys in touch if it might help in some way? Just DM me. Thanks for all you do and best wishes for 2015!

  • Kazakblue says:

    To every Blue Nose in all areas of the world, and I know there are many, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    To Dan and the OP website and followers,keep up the excellent work in 2015.

    Best Regards from -30c in Kazakhstan.


  • Dave Mann says:

    Kazakblue, happy new year to you pal , I’ve just heard the weather forecast and we’ve had the mildest last 12 months ever recorded, mild winter, not summer and yesterday was the mildest New Year’s Day for nearly 100 years, our seasons have changed dramaticly over the last 10 years and my heating as hardly been on over that period, rediculously mild to be honest mate but anyway lets hope the rest of our season is not stuff and we have a pleasent end with a nice hot day at wembley in may.. Ah well it’s not out of reach if we carry on the warm welcome that Gary rowett as given us.. Lol&kro

    • Kazakblue says:


      Happy New Year to you and your family, give the lads an extra cheer tomorrow, I can only follow the games on Blues Wall when we get the internet here, KRO for 2015, best wishes.

  • Dave mann says:

    Cheers mate and the same to you and your family ….I will sing a song for you mate no problem and have a beer or six to hopefully celebrate our big win and our 4th round birth and then look forward to the draw.. is the draw Sunday or Monday? …anyway I will personally donate this victory ( hopefully) to all blues fans living or working abroad..all the best and keep well. Lol&kro

  • RichardM says:

    Happy New Year to all, and thanks Dan for your sterling work on here. Dan, I think you should not be shy about telling people how much OP costs to keep running. I’m sure it’s not cheap, and I’m more than happy to make a regular contribution to costs (as I’m sure many others on here would be as well!) Just don’t come back with “£685K per annum including living and travelling expenses”!!!!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Richard, your boring me, take the night off

  • Adam E says:

    Happy new year all, just finished reading the book and what a read…. cant wait for the next book!

  • B123 says:

    Just watched “Match of the Day” I wonder how many others like me thought the worst when the Blues match was the first shown. Perhaps after a lifetime of being a blue nose and the home side being from the lowest level left in the competition it was natural to expect this and as the game went on and we were two down my heart sank. How pleasing to witness the recovery and how much the new regime deserve the thanks due to them for the way we fought back . It was not just a win but a sign that the spirit shown must be a great pleasure to everyone after the months of doubt. I believe that other teams will think of us as a side to be regarded as deserving respect but that all of us will feel just that little more uplifted

  • raymondo says:

    The BBC were so disappointed after we came back from the dead and beat their media darlings yesterday! And one of our radio stations actually coveered the match. Mind you that was because the Villa don’t play until today. Otherwise 1152 a m and 95.6 fm would probably both have been covering the same Villa match as they usually do. 1152.a.m. just assume that we’ve all got DAB radio’s and live in the Birmingham area to get any broadcast. of a Blues matchon on a regular basis. Anyway, don’t know what GR said to them at half time, but it worked. I doubt if Clark could have brought about such a reaction. We have a manager!

  • RchardM says:

    From the limited amount I saw on the highlights, it looked as if Eardley struggled to cope even at this level, Hancox totally lost his man for the first goal, Zigic missed a sitter and Thomas put a strong case forward for challenging Donaldson for the main striker spot. Can anybody that went give any further insights? How did Duffy / Moussi play?

    Agree with your coments about the BBC, the Sky Sports team were equally delighted reporting the first half score flashes, and gutted reporting the Blues fightback! Then again, what did you expect? Let’s be fair, every non Bluenose in the country was hoping for a Blyth victory, as would we have been if they had been playing anyone else.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Richard, I went and your right on all counts about the individuals mentioned, Hancox , eardley , moussi were not upto scratch and Duffy did ok and zigic did put a shift in to be honest but he did miss a sitter but played 90 mins and that’s only good for the rest of the season, we were first on on match of the day and BT sports main game but that’s only because they’re thought we would loose but we only played one of our regular 11 ( Morrison) and still showed bottle and won .. Sorry to dissapoint the media but never mind ah!! Kro

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