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BIH AGM News: Pannu in, Panos out

Early news from the AGM of BIH is that there are to be significant changes to the BIH board. Peter Pannu has been re-elected to the BIH board as an executive director along with Anthony Cheung Kwai-Nang while Carson Wong Ka-Chun returns as an independent non-executive director. However, Panos Pavlakis was not re-elected as an executive director and is retired along with Liu Enxue and Li Hanguo who were independent non-executive directors.


The full vote count is available here.

As much as I expected this result (and alluded to it yesterday), I’m still disappointed by it. It once again reaffirms that Pannu has the confidence of Carson Yeung and severely undermines Panos’ position at the club. Panos will remain as a director of the club – and as he has an employment contract he will remain with BIH for now – but with the antipathy between Pannu and him I can only see this situation worsening for Panos – and I fear the team – over the coming weeks. Should Pannu force his return on the club I fear for it greatly as I believe all the good feeling and good work will be undone in one fell swoop.

I also fear this is not the last of the changes at board level in the short term; there are definite machinations going on in Hong Kong and I fear that these will only strengthen Carson’s vice like grip over BCFC – despite him being inside prison on money-laundering charges.

To be updated

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177 Responses to “BIH AGM News: Pannu in, Panos out”

  • Andy says:


  • mark shannon says:

    not good news, i think there could be a firesale coming up

    • Teej says:

      With “Genial” Carson Yeung (Grouty) still running the show, with the help of Peter Pannu (Crusher) Grouty’s bodyguard still doing all the dirty work. Do you not think Barrowclough would make a good representation of the FA, who like their initials state do nothing!

  • Peter Bates says:

    All the positives that Gary rowett and panos have bought back to the club have now been shot down by the negative that is pannu he is a spectre on our club and must have a great hold over Carson yeung it is now time in my opinion for the football league to hold a thorough investigation into the running of the club I think local mps should raise it in parliament and the sports minister in the government also should be asking questions as much as the supporters trust have tried with the petition and so on they have been totally ignored and for me that’s exactly what the faceless shareholders in bih think of us nothing thanks panos it was good to feel optimistic for a while but doom and gloom has just kicked in again I will forever kro but fear for our club under cy and pannu

  • Peter Bates says:

    On last blog I meant football league investigatewhos running the club and is it allowed to be run from a prison cell kro

  • martin says:

    I fu*king hate these clowns

  • ExPatJohn says:

    This is close to the most depressing news I have heard for many a while, although on a personal basis.
    Compared to other world events perhaps not.

  • Andy says:

    Does this mean Pannu will be getting the money he was getting before?

    If so, goodbye Gray.

    • Andy says:

      Pannu’s quote back in February:

      “Now, when Carson Yeung gave me these contracts the board knew that unless they paid me this I was not going to come and work for him….It is a demand and supply thing. Now, when my contract expires, unless BIHL pays me the same, I won’t work for BIHL….when my contract is over I am happy to leave, unless I am paid what I am paid. I am an employee, just a worker.”

      Yeah, I guess the fire sale is coming.

  • edd77 says:

    Well done BIH,the extra fans that have come bk to st Andrews with the good work of rowett and panos will undoubtedly stay away again now the name of pannu is once again back, I will be one of them, me and 4 pals, didnt have a season ticket this year but only before Christmas we decided nxt year we will again, might not be a lot to BIH, but thats 5 season ticket sales they wont be getting now he bk ,what a way to start the day, wish I hadn’t read it till after work

  • Art says:

    I just can’t believe what I’m reading and I’m at a complete loss to understand what’s going on.

    It’s yet another bleak day for the club

    You couldn’t blame GR or any other honest employee from walking away from these crooked morons and I hope the HKSE intervene and hold a full investigation.

  • Blue lizard says:

    So Pannu the turd that won’t flush floats back again

  • rusticblue says:

    for such a short while,it was so nice just to talk about what was going on the pitch….
    If we can take 8000 to a football match abroad,cant we do the same to the football lge head offices?
    Its time to take our club back.

  • Steve says:

    Bastards leave our club alone.

    F#ck off Pannu,
    stay away. You are not welcome.

  • masaccio says:

    Do us a favour Carson and pannu you slimy lying turds and do one!

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Keep it in perspective, it is bad news but it is BIHL and not BCFC.

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Why isn’t it? BIHL has a direct effect on the club. You only have to look at the banner they have up on Dan’s picture which only shows the BCFC emblem, nothing else. They have nothing else.

    • almajir says:

      Sorry mate, but say what?

      BIH own BCFC, control BCFC – the crap there effects the club immeasurably

    • steve says:

      Not yet Aussie

      • AussieBlue says:

        Mates, in case there is confusion I am a different entity to ‘Aussiebrum’ and hold differing views as per my post yesterday predicting Pannu would win BIHL board re-election and the shame it would be. Just sayin’ . Respect to Aussiebrum and his right to express his views too. I might have to change my handle. How about ‘Lover bluenose’ Dan? ;o)

  • Mickey07 says:

    All the good work done undone in one fell swoop,pannu would need a police escort should he ever have the balls to return to birmingham,remember him gobbing off to you dan to have the balls to return to Hong Kong??well shoe is on the other foot now lets see if pannu has the balls to return to birmingham……pannu and yeung are a double act and whilst they are at the helm we aren’t going anywhere….birmingham city football club!! R.i.p.
    P.s.keep making pannu life as hard as possible for him dan and don’t let up…

  • Will says:

    Daniel, you know how you passed those Pannu messages on to the HKSE and the FL? Did you ever get a reply from wither organisation?

  • Matt says:

    FFS!! Panos is the only good thing this club has going from BIH, feel personally he’s done well at the club. Pannu would never be stupid enough to return to Blues, which is all the more concerning as how are you supposed to help run the club if your never there

  • Ronj says:

    Waking up to this news is shocking. Having that obnoxious character back is an indication that unless the football league step in my beloved club is in a precarious position financially and can only go one way.
    I know you are only 1 individual Dan but it seems guerrilla tactics are the inly way we are going to get rid of those despicable people from our former colony

  • chris says:

    said as much two weeks ago this would happen, just like a bad apple politician he would bounce back as he is a mate of jailed convict

  • mark w says:

    I think pannus reelection might mean they are going to sell now as he was pushing for this before so he could line his pockets with even more of the clubs money it is quite obvious that he is greed orientated so this might be a silver lining after all

  • Blackcountryblues says:

    As much as i will not agree with the response of probably most blues supporters , i cannot help but feel anguish at peter pannu and his contempt of everyone at Blues all in the name of money.I am pretty certain he will not be turning up at St Andrews if he does i hope he get’s the welcome he deserves Question remains what will happen when PP mark two’s employment contract has ran it’s course

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Shares had to be suspended after Pannu’s alcohol inspired outbursts – that situation has not resolved so how can HKSE be happy with a thug on the board? Also Yeung can no longer pretend that he is not at the very least a shadow director so now isnt it time for the FL to act???

  • Warwickblue says:

    Is there some way the Football league or FA can be petitioned by the fans with one of those on line petitions ? This at it’s least is blatant corruption and flouting of fit and proper rules,the league and our club are being made laughing stocks by these swindlers.when will it stop?
    Gutted this morning, I’ll still be going to the games as the club is more to me than them numptys in HK ..k.r.o

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Disappointing but not surprising. It is obvious that CY is still running the show by proxy.

  • Raymondo says:

    I’m e-mailing the FL as soon as I get off here to complain about our cllub being run from a HK prison cell. Suggest everyone does the same.

  • darren says:

    one positive we might draw from this and I admit it is loose, pannu – brought the wray deal to the table so maybe he has been re elected to push this through.

    Keep positive, even these muppets aren’t going to carry on forever if they r losing money

  • Neil says:

    Hi raymondo may be you can post F L emIl add so all can follow suit just may be some thing may happen .

  • Adam True Blue says:

    I can only imagine that Pannu has spread a web of lies and deceit and CY thinks the Hold on Shares trading is because of Pannos, or is there another angle? Perhaps Pannos is the real Mr Big money launderer with his contacts in the criminal world and CY is just his fall guy *!*!*! Entirely my own personal views. Kro

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Football League Operations Centre

    Edward VII Quay
    Navigation Way
    PR2 2YF

    Tel: 0844 463 1888
    Fax: 0844 826 5188
    Email: enquiries@football-league.co.uk

    Football League Commercial Office

    The Football League
    30 Gloucester Place
    W1U 8FL

    Tel: 0844 463 1888
    Fax: 0844 826 5188

    For sponsorship, advertising or licensing opportunities:

    Tel: 020 7487 9900
    Email: commercial@football-league.co.uk

    The Football League Trust

    Edward VII Quay
    Navigation Way
    PR2 2YF

    Email: enquiries@football-league.co.uk

  • Blues girl says:

    This is simply too confusing and depressing for words.These guys are a complete and utter joke.I just cannot understand the whole business.One step forward 10 steps back!!!No wonder BIHL are in such a mess they don’t have a clue.They are simply hanging on to anything they can,by any means they can and for what???!!!

  • rhees says:

    Disgraceful bloody disgrace

  • Ian says:

    Simply gutted that this man is allowed to be part of a company that represents our best interests. He has orchestrated the biggest demise in many a year and has been voted in? It’s a total joke, I cannot understand why anyone would choose to have him inplace

  • Lee says:

    i can see why he got re elected, since his involvement at bcfc he’s done nothing, which in fairness to chunky he is very good at, and the way he took so much money out of the club for doing nothing was actually very good, in fact he was so good at taking so much money for doing absolutely nothing He went and made him the highest paid director of doing nothing and taking lots of money, it all completely makes sense, why would they want some one like panos to look after the club who clearly shows he understands that doing nothing and taking lots of money is actually destroying the very thing that they all depend on? I don’t believe for one minute fat chops has blackmailed anyone at bihl about financial irregularities that may have occurred during his time there because it’s such a well ran transparent company that’s going places, there would be no reason for him to do this and I think given the fact his desire to do absolutely nothing for bcfc and take lots of cash should be rewarded with another bite of the apple, or in his cake sorry case a big pot of noodles in a nice uptown establishment on the other side of the planet, Pannu, you are a vile pointless human being with absolutely no ethics in life whatsoever, you may have wormed your fat vile arse through the back door but no one has any respect for you, panos is our leader, he’s twice the man you’ll ever be

    • alex T says:

      Well said Lee….
      I too am also convinced that the fat knacker has no hold over the other Directors, including Carson with which to blackmail them with… none whatsoever…. NONE!

  • Masaccio says:

    Our only hope is that Carson stays in prison for the full term, not sure the FL will be interested in our plight or have any powers to do anything anyway?

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Guys, GET MAILING……

    Thank you for your email. Please forward any complaint you have to enquiries@football-league.co.uk or via post to the following postal address:

    The Football League LtdCustomer Services DepartmentEdward VII QuayNavigation WayPreston PR2 2YF

    Thank you for contacting The Football League.
    Kind Regards Amanda Craig
    Customer Services AdministratorThe Football League Limited

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Pannu relieved of his duties regarding being a director of BCFC sometime ago? If so he should have no influence on the club in an executive position.

    • lee says:

      if he has directorship of the holding company he makes key decisions on the club, take for example his decisions in the past, instead of shoving his face full of noodles and getting off his fat lazy arse he could well have been out there seeking investment into the club, ways of bringing in money, but eating noodles and selling players is an easy option, takes very little thought and very little effort

  • Bluenick says:

    Like a previous poster my thoughts are along the lines of maybe Pannu was the Mr Big in this operation all along. He seems to have some sort of hold over CY and others in BIHL, im speculating that CY owes him or others connected to the dark side of Hong Kong society a huge amount of money and this is one way of getting some of it back. It would be inconceivable that Pannu would be elected to any board for his business expertise, just selling everything that moves while offering no other income solutions, failing to find any sources of new investment, no communication with anyone whatsoever, alienating everyone he comes into contact with, and the drunken late night emails..Why would any right thinking board want to be associated with that…but this isnt a right thinking board is it, I think its being controlled by an outside and very dark element, and Pannu could well be part of that (This is purely my own speculative view of course).

    • lee says:

      Nail on the head, he got paid a lot of money only to make simple decisions that anybody could have come up with, the ‘going rate’ for doing nothing in Hong Kong is clearly a very good one, however I can’t help but think that it wouldn’t have taken much to do a better job than he did

  • Alan harris says:

    I am sending this to the Football League email (enquiries@football-league.co.uk)

    I wish to complain about BCFC and how its run and I would ask if you could investigate, if Shares had to be suspended after Peter Pannu’s alcohol inspired outbursts – that situation has not been resolved by the HKSE
    Also I find it Strange how Carson can still have power over the company whilst being behind bars I can no longer pretend that he is not at the very least a shadow director so now isn’t it time for the FL to act now that Peter Pannu has been re-elected to the board

  • davidfowler says:

    Just finished reading your book Dan. Fantastic piece of work but SOOO complicated in parts (share dealings and Court machinations). Well worth it though.
    Is there a “standard” letter somwhere we can all use to write to the FL? Or is it better to put it in our own words? I’d rather go with a letter which includes some well thought out legal/sensible phrases rather than use vitriolic stuff. As others have said before, I won’t hold my breath for any positive action by the FL. :-(

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Depressing as this news is it may be that it clears the way for Carson & Pannu to control the sale process, although I am probably clutching at straws. In recent weeks the board have obviously been at war and there would have been no chance of a sale until this particular battle was won. Pannu did say that he had been trying to do a deal with Wray when he had his rant.

    • tmsblues says:

      Its a long shot but You could be right.
      Pannu has no intentions of running the club any more in my view and if his rants contain elements of the truth then he may well be in the hotseat to sell the Club and of course collect his commission. It may also suit him to leave the Club itself under the control of Panos and the team under Rowett since they doing a decent job and protecting BIHL’s investment and / or even enhancing the value of the Club right now.!
      What’s the realistic alternative for Pannu. and Yeung right now? They aint coming back to At Andrews to run things even though Carson I suspect, still likes the idea of owning a footie club or controlling one. However they both like money and with Pannu acting as broker they might just sell. After all Pannu reckons he had a deal all set but Panos or BCFC refused further due diligence.

  • raymondo says:

    Dan, would I be committing any legal offence If I sent this e-mail to the Fotball League? know you have to be careful legally when dealing with people like Pannu and Yeung:-

    It appears from yesterday’s AGM of BIHL, the Hong Kong ompany that owns and controls Birmingham City Football Club, that against the wishes of the club’s fans Peter Pannu has been re-elected to the Board. This man has been taking extraordinary amounts of money in what is looked on by the clubs supporters as unjustified salary and it is thought by all of us fans, to be the direct cause of the influence of the major shareholder, Carson Yeung, who is a convicted money launderer residing in Hong Kong prison. My question to you is this. Is this allowed within the FL rules? In other words, how can one man, a convicted criminal, be allowed to be so involved in the running of a Football League club? Should he be allowed to be the major shareholder? I would welcome your opinion.

  • john says:

    I agree a March to the football league head office sounds like a plan!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Be interesting to see what happens for the rest of this month won’t it?…what team will play the baggies, will gray be sold, will blues plummet down the league back into relegation worries…. Mr pannu it’s over to you, happy new year sir !! Kro

  • john says:

    Are shares still suspended due to Pannu’s comments? If so how can he be re elected? Will a new statement to the stock exchange be required?

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I can only echo all of the comments above……..what a farce, what a disgrace!!
    The Chinese are meant to be an honourable people, who were civilised when we were savages; how in Gods name did we end up with this lot of criminals?? Who knows what now lays ahead for our wonderful club!!??

  • Dave says:

    Worst. News. Ever. (on a tuesday morning) Hopefully he’s only been elected to push through a sale of the club – isn’t that what he was bragging about before his tirade? Does this mean he can wrangle himself back on the Blues board?

    Has there been ANY development from the Football League and HKSE regarding the comments he made last month? The Football League are an utter joke if they’re not investigating what’s going on with BIHL. Not that I’m surprised, they hate us anyway, probably be glad to see Blues go under and fade away in to oblivion.

    Let’s hope the performances on the pitch remain at the same level since Rowett took over and there’s no serious financial repercussions (i.e. sales) following this ungodly and unwanted news. KRO SOTV

  • Neil says:

    I have just emailed the FL with my concerns
    The more people email the better .

  • rhees says:

    Sent my email to football league

  • ChrisG says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluenose08 says:

    I have sent my email to the football league stating my disgust at pannu and carson and hope more of you have done the same.

  • Neil says:

    Hi Dan could you not get in touch with the b mail for them to post the FL email add on there web site or even print a piece in the paper so all bcfc supports can email there concerns to the football legue about what is happening to our club most people will not bother unless the fl email add is in front of them just a thought to make something happen.

  • mark says:

    just wandering why anyone surprised…….obviously the next mandate will panos now continue holding his role at bcfc??????

  • mark says:

    just wandering why anyone surprised…….obviously the next mandate will panos now continue holding his role at bcfc??????

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Announcement to the HKSE of the votes for directors was made at 19.34hrs Hong Kong time.

  • Wilfred Puffett says:

    As BIH have no income other than BCFC. Pannu words about an unexpected bill
    come to the for again!!!!!! Maybe it is going to be his inflated unearned payments that will hit us.
    Sale of our assets on the cards again!!!!!!!
    Surely the FL can see that CY pulls all of the strings.

  • Howard Road says:

    Just means Pannu’s preferred sale to Jeremy Wray looks a likely starter now. Pannu’s influence in the bigger scheme of things as big as ever. Panos gone from the decision making process in HK opens door for Pannu to get his way.

  • Nelly says:

    Being an ex copper panu must have some sh-t on that cock in jail to blackmail him with to get back on the board kro . Sotv

  • Dave mann says:

    Ime not supprised but totally disgusted mark. Kro

  • raymondo says:

    I Iave sent this to enquires@football-league

    t appears from yesterday’s AGM of BIHL, the Hong Kong ompany that owns and controls Birmingham City Football Club, that against the wishes of the club’s fans Peter Pannu has been re-elected to the Board. This man has been taking extraordinary amounts of money in what is looked on by the clubs supporters as unjustified salary and it is thought by all of us fans, to be the direct cause of the influence of the major shareholder, Carson Yeung, who is a convicted money launderer residing in Hong Kong prison. My question to you is this. Is this allowed within the FL rules? In other words, how can one man, a convicted criminal, be allowed to be so involved in the running of a Football League club? Should he be allowed to be the major shareholder? I would welcome your opinion.

  • Craig Hill says:

    All us bluenoses need to stick together and if all of us email the football league we will eventually get herd. Protest outside the ground, get the press down there or failing that boycott entry into the stadium. Force a behind closed door games. Until those arseholes are removed nothing will change we need to force there hands to sell and go, i know this is totally unfair on gary and the boys but the short term survival is more important

  • blue says:

    after pannu’s drunken outburst,BIH just realized they needed to keep him in the tent pissing out than to have him on the outside pissing into the tent. it’ll be interesting to see if his wage/expenses package increases.

    has pannu even apologized for his threats and following outburst concerning bcfc?

  • Dave Mann says:

    That sounds very convincing Raymondo and well put but will they listen and take any action.. Not a chance because we’re a small club in there eyes and were north of Watford so were suffer like most clubs in our position , fair play to you though for at least making the effort, respect. Kro

  • jbfromOz says:

    Carson will never sell our Club unless forced to
    Administration only way out but easier said than done.
    A bit late now but why can’t we ask for “discovery of documents” from Football League on the original fit and proper person test.
    If indeed they did a test of Carson when he bought the club there must be a paper trail.
    Who actually did the test?
    All of you who think he wants to sell our Club I beg to differ.
    It’s his dream to own a premier league club…I know we are not now…he ain’t letting go.

  • mark says:

    hopefully the fourth round fa cup will generate much needed funds, i would like to think that it has every chance of a complete sell out at the stans……lots fans argue whether its a derby or not?/ i am sure the baggies will sellout their allocation…..kro

  • DoctorD says:

    >>>The Company has made endeavors however more time is required to identify a suitable candidate
    to be an additional independent non-executive Director in order to comply with the Listing Rules.

    Yep nice one — not only boot Panos out but don’t even have a replacement lined up.

  • Blue Lizard says:

    The only reason I can see for Yeung not giving Fat Pete the flick is that he knows too much..possibly about the underhand dealings /money /bank accounts that are hidden etc? this plus the many long hours they have spent in the past playing hide the sausage together..Now he still needs someone shifty on the outside….step up Fat Pete!! first choice for a lying, cheating scumbag(my opinion and not influenced by OP)

  • oldburyblue says:

    Taking personalities out of it….is this bad news? I think we all want new owners and if it takes Pannu coming back to allow a sale to take place, it might be good news. I am not holding my breath though!

    • DoctorD says:

      Yes that might be the positive to take from this. The key is a sale — it’s not like anyone particularly is in love with Panos other than he was better than Pannu.

  • Craig Hill says:

    Just Emailed football league too. Everyone send emails until they listen and act

  • micko says:

    Have just written to Football League asking them to investigate BIHL. In particular, have asked if they will/can identify the mysterious Wang Lei and their role in this sorry saga. If Wang Lei does turn out to be CY’s common law wife then, surely, that pushes CY’s interest over the 30% mark and should trigger a “fit and proper person” test.

  • mark says:

    so pp in on 84% of the vote…….. that appears to be a massive swing of vote in pp favour…from a few week ago looked out of it…..amazing…..

  • mark says:

    Daniel is independent non-executive Directors are…………is that technically a shadow director???

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Dear Mr Panu

    Congratulations on your re-election to the BIHL Board.

    Following your explaining the pending GBP1.8m tax liability which you explained the club can’t meet, can you please detail:

    a) Were your initial comments correct OR
    b) Were your original comments incorrect (which would breach HKSE listing rules as this information was not in the public domain so as a director you would have breached your duty by disclosing it)

    If the initial comments were correct, as a director you assume liability for unpaid tax liabilities, so why are you exposing yourself and your family?

    Keep Right On,

  • A Hawkins says:

    I have spoken to the Football League operations centre and they want supporters to email there concerns. The address is enquiries@football-league.co.uk. They said they would investigate the whole saga. Whether it will do any good is anybodies guess but the more of us who voices our concerns then just maybe it will.

  • A Hawkins says:

    Who is willing to payfor a coach and go down to FA headquarters and show our frustration lol

    • Richard Granfield says:

      What has it got to do with the FA?
      In my opinion we should let the dust settle and see what the “Announcement” means in practical terms before e-mailing the Football League.
      We could do more damage than good by acting in haste.

      • A Hawkins says:

        What harm will it do by voicing our opinion and fears to the FA. What more damage could it possibly cause, i feel the damage has already been done by these people. Peter Pannu has already caused damage by saying the club was going to run out of money in the new year.

  • dom94 says:

    F*ck off Peter ! Nobody likes you

  • Marky mark says:

    Completely lost for words, what are they trying to achieve? it might not be so bad if we had the first idea what the plan of attack is at BIHL.

    Without BCFC they are nothing !

    Dan, can you not share with us how you think this may all pan out, you must have a gut feeling ?

  • oldburyblue says:

    Who do we trust? I try not to be too sceptical….but it seems harder as I get older. Pannu was portrayed as a good’un when taking the reins after CY’s demise. He was then portrayed as a bad’un particularly when it was disclosed just how much money he had cost the Club/Company for his services. Recently Panos has taken credit for the upturn in the Team’s fortunes but obviously not in the eyes of HK. Will it later transpire that he is not as snowy white as we think? Sometimes I wish Real Life was more like the old films where the “Goodies” all wore white hats and the “Baddies” wore black hats so you knew where you stood. Also it was easier to recognise the burglars by their masks and striped jumpers. In real life they ALL look the same!!

  • nicko says:

    have emailed the football league has any body had a reply back yet

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Think we are all worrying prematurely.
    On the 12th December Peter Pannu quit his position on both the BCFC Board and BCFC Plc.
    On the 15th December Peter Pannu was sacked as Chief Executive Officer and MD of BCFC.
    He retained his position at that time of Executive Director of BIHL pending being re elected, which he was today. THAT’S ALL.

  • bluenose08 says:

    Dear mr Pannu I know you are a regular reader of these posts so I am sending you an invitation to join me at st Andrews for the f.a. cup game against w.b.a. as I would like to know your plans for bcfc. look forward to your reply and if you really have the clubs best interests at heart you will be there cheering the team on.

  • rhees says:

    I emailed fl earlier and asked them to explain a convicted criminal can be running a football club so blatantly from his prison cell.
    I suggested they investigate before they make a mockery of there own rules

  • Bluegirl says:

    Dan currently on BBC Radio WM – good to hear you, Dan.

  • gerard says:

    I have just spoken to the Football League -they acknowledge receipt of many e-mails from bluenoses today on one subject- they have said they will reply to each one individually and the matter will be discussed at board level- do not hold your breath-however we need every blue nose possible to keep the pressure by e-mail/phone fax on the football league

  • RichardM says:

    For F***’s sake, surely there are parallels here with the Leeds UTd situation, where the FL did eventually get off it’s arse and ban the jailbird from running the club? Perhaps in all these emails we are intending to send we should highlight the similarities?

  • nicko says:

    hi richard granfield yes i agree with you comment about pannu but what worries me why was panos voted out kro

    • Richard Granfield says:

      Hi Nicko…..Maybe it was thought that Panos needs to concentrate all his energies to Blues as MD of BCFC, without the need for him to be on the BIHL board.

  • Hopey says:

    I agree on two fronts, namely that this is shit news, but also that it is not at all surprising.

    However what I want to know, that you can help me with Dan, is: other than the internal bickering and the complex HKSE laws, why does Carson not want to sell? I appreciate it is still probably the biggest asset he is still in control of, but wont the value of the club tumble, as results worsen and fans stay away (esp if we are relegated)? I get why we are not an attractive prospect for buyers at the moment, but there has been genuine interest, so why not force a sale while we are still a half decent championship club worth a few quid? Is it just a case of massively differing valuations of the club / unrealistic expectations on Carson’s part? Obvs he doesn’t want to make a massive loss, but its too late to do anything about that…just recoup as much as you can, while you still can?

    Sorry if I am being stupid here…but can anyone explain?

    As a final comment I still retain a lot of faith in GR. He is one of us and will stick by us, and I think he will manage the players so they are only concerned on field and ignore off field. Yes we will lose Gray and possibly one or two others, but Rowett will keep a core squad of motivated hard-working players. KRO

  • Chad says:

    This is so wrong it and must be stopped or all the good work will be ruined.


  • Eric says:

    This is all Carsons fault and he is a convicted criminal. Football league – GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. And Pannu – stay away from our club.

  • A Hawkins says:

    Im calling on all bluenoses to email the Football League to vent your anger and frustration. Action always speaks louder than words so now is your chance.
    When i spoke to the Football League, they said they would investigate if enough of us complain.

    • Richard Granfield says:

      May I ask why you and others want to e-mail the Football League today?
      Yesterday Peter Pannu was an Executive Director of BIHL. Today he is the same I.e nothing has changed!
      He has had no influence at Blues since December 15th when he was sacked as CEO & MD of BCFC.

      • A Hawkins says:

        Because you will only force change if we all get together and bombard the FA. I do regular signing for petitions with a website called CHANGE and they have made such a difference by letting the powers that bee know that people are unhappy with certain things. They got a petition to stop the footballer being allowed to play football again because of his rape conviction. This proves that if people get together it might make all the difference. So bombard the FA with your concerns about BCFC!!!

      • A Hawkins says:

        If these idiots get there way then we could have all this for a few more years and so there wont be a club left. The idea of that scares the shit out of me and now feel its time for the supporters to turn there groans into action.

  • Blooflame says:

    Well what do people expect? All criminal gangs (and that is my personal viewpoint) keep their henchmen in the firm when the boss is doing bird. Until this man is investigated properly and exposed as unsuitable the saga will run. His goal is to walk away with money and leave a shell behind.

  • rob k says:

    pannu is no idiot he might not like pav but he is bringing money into st Andrews through tickets and other deals and the team look good are getting results so BIHL might leave alone as they want money and the team is only a few points of the play offs so better to hold off and see what happens than throw everything up in the air right now. Players could be sold and pannu could come back to haunt us but with the tills rolling and monies coming into blues lets hope a bit of business sense comes from H K and we are given a chance this season. carson needs pannu he knows the legal system in hk and he will keep him close.

  • kimberley blue says:

    What in your opinion has happened to so radically change Panos failure to be elected.
    Below is your comment dated 15th December:

    Panos is up for re-election too?
    He is – but that’s nothing more than procedure. As Panos was appointed director since the last AGM he has to have his appointment confirmed by the shareholders so he is up for election at this point – as are Li Hanguo and Liu Enxue.

  • Asif says:

    Wel i see greg from masterchef is back!!!! Wel can only expect demarai gray bein sold for pennies so a few more pounds siphoned. This saga will never end til these lot have took close to what they paid for the club

  • Big Bill says:

    I’ve sent my email to the Football League. I’ll post on gere again if I ever get a personal reply to the questions that I posed.

  • nicko says:

    me two big bill i believe they have been inundated we emails and phone calls which is good. i think they will have to do something now. i don’t think pannu will darken our door steps again. kro

      • Drew says:

        I certainly hope he does ‘darken our door’ again as I think we would be guaranteed a full house for that match. I would simply love an opportunity to give him a ‘real’ St Andrews welcome. ………Pannu you are an oily heap of sh*t who deserves nothing less than a rectally infused disease and I sincerely hope you are readings all these comments …… You’ll be able to see just how much love we all have for you. ……Knowing your warped mind though I bet you are reading all these comments whilst wank**g over pictures of your beloved sponsor….. Never mind, another 4 years and you’ll be able to give yourself to him once more and you never now….. Hopefully he will have met Buba in the showers a few times and he can be the one to deliver your rectally infused disease. Sleep well Pete me old fruit.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Mates, the main issue now is that we can be assured that any vfuture vote by BIHL will go Carson’s way by a long shot and that is the big worry. FL must realise he is de facto controlling the club and is not a FAPP. sorry for typos…on smartphone.

  • OneTrueBLUENOSE says:

    I’m sure that everyone want’s to write to the Football League, enquiries@football-league.co.uk, to voice their concerns, but how do we word it?

    Can somebody ( BRAINY ), write out a draft for us to work by. We want to create as much attention as possible.


  • Andrew Bissett says:

    No Football fan deserves to be worried about the future of their club in regards to financial stablity. The whole saga with BIHL has been a disease on this football club and has ruined a vast majority of people’s support. By any means necessary lets just hope the people behind this Football club can bring some stability and consistency with the backroom staff and players. If we continue to sell our best and upcoming players with no cash inflow thereafter more and more people will lose interest.

    We all want to support the club and its players. I would rather be ignorant to all the shenanigans with BIHL and just focus on supporting my team.


  • atko says:

    What I find pretty remarkable is that the document passed to the HKSE refers to authorisation of the issue, allot & deal with new shares plus the repurchase of shares. Given that BCFC is the only asset of BIHL & clearly BCFC are not seeing any of the funds raised by the sale of these shares, why isn’t that sending alarm bells all over the HKSE AND the Police & HK’s other authorities given that the main shareholder is locked up for money laundering? I’m wondering if the HKSE have already or plan to suspend any trading in BIHL indefinitely as it would seem money is just being moved around hidden as ‘trading’ with BCFC seeing none of it. We all know the purpose of trading on a Stock Market is to typically raise much needed funds for a Companies primary business yet BIHL don’t seem to grasp that.

  • blue says:

    taken from an article
    “Pannu re-elected to board of Blues parent but in reduced capacity.

    ……..in his new role, Pannu will not even be a member of the audit, nomination or remuneration committees.
    As such his influence over board affairs is likely to be significantly eroded………”

    from http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/westmidlands/news/712664-pannu-re-elected-to-board-of-blues-parent-but-in-reduced-capacity.html

  • raymondo says:

    What a storm of protest today! It’s as if all our suffering over the last few years has erupted in one day. What did we ever do to deserve all this? Please god deliver us from this chinese …t soon!

  • raymondo says:

    I knew Karen Brady years ago and I always thought she was such a nice girl but dumping us with this unbelI

  • raymondo says:

    to finish my comment, dumping us with this unbelieveable bunch of owners is unforgiveable. I do n’t think you deserve the Olympic Stadium as a reward!

  • OneTrueBLUENOSE says:

    Do the HK:Stock Exchange have the power to force BIHL to sell?

  • A Hawkins says:

    If you havent done so already then i plead with you to voice your anger with a email to the enquiries@football-league.co.uk. The more of us that does the better chance we have of having this scum investigated.

  • johnS says:

    I see no other way for fans to show their protest over the way the club is run but to stage a one off boycott .The cup game against the baggies should have zero attendance which would spark the media to carry the story of why is this game being played in a empty ground .

  • Eudyptula says:

    Hi all,
    I’m a first time poster, but avid follower of OP and have just been spurred on by everyone to send this email to FL…

    ‘Could you please inform me as to what action FL is taking against Carson Yeung, the convicted owner of Birmingham City FC, regarding his continuing apparent involvement and control over BCFC whilst being locked up in a prison cell. This is wholly against FL rules.
    It is patently obvious to anyone who cares to conduct basic research into this matter, that the purchase of the club was to facilitate the laundering of illegal monies, illegally gained, by the aforementioned convicted criminal.
    Why was this not spotted by FL when you performed your fit and proper persons test?
    And why have you not taken any action retrospectively?
    A comprehensive answer to these questions would be most gratefully received.’

    . …And may I add a massive thankyou Dan, for helping keep us all informed. KRO

  • AussieBlue (whoisNOT_Aussiebrum!) says:

    Hi Mates,
    Here is my tuppence worth sent to the FL. Even is as Dan says, it may not have any effect; it was cathartic and I feel better.

    Dear Amanda,
    Further to our correspondence from March 2014; I wish to add my name to today’s vociferous outrage over the control of Birmingham City Football Club.

    I realise you will have been inundated with complaints, of varying accuracy, over the past 24 hours so I will be brief.

    The re-election of Peter Pannu to the BIHL board in Hong Kong is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned; the shareholders conducted a vote and he was re-elected.

    However, what is of enormous concern is that Mr Pannu’s majority vote is a clear sign that Mr Carson Yeung, currently an inmate at Stanley Prison for money-laundering, clearly influences or even controls more than 30% of BIHL and hence BCFC. As a convicted criminal on very serious offenses, he can hardly be a ‘fit and proper person’ to exercise such control over a Football League club of any kind.

    To be clear, Mr Yeung’s approximate 28% shareholding/voting power was boosted by a further 17% of recently acquired shares, strongly suspected as being owned by his common-law wife under the name ‘Wang Li or Lei.’ Undoubtedly, since the pro-Pannu/Yeung vote was so high at 84%, there must be other blocs of BIHL shares over which Mr Yeung has control, and therefore has control over BCFC – described as a ‘vice-like grip’ by investigative author Mr Daniel Ivery on his website. This is evinced by the displacing of Mr Pannos Pavlakis from the BIHL board as he was not of the ‘Carson/Pannu camp.’

    If so many other people are aware of Mr Yeung’s ‘vice-like grip’ on BCFC; even though in prison and having resigned his official positions with the club; my question is: will the Football League re-investigate the situation and apply the FAPP test in light of these recent developments?

    Thank you for your kind attention and wishing you a happy and successful 2015.

    Kind regards

    via Birmingham UK.

  • rusticblue says:

    I said this yesterday and i will say it again…..
    we as a football clubs fanbase were able to take 35,000 to wembley and 8,000 to a football match abroad.
    Lets get a few thousand down the football lge offices,that would grab the medias thoughts.

    The only thing these people have of us is ourselves…..

  • […] Trust is disappointed to learn of the output from Birmingham International Holding’s Annual General Meeting held yesterday in Hong […]

  • paulo_bcfc says:

    I have heard it said that if Carson came back to Blues with heaps of money, he would be welcomed as our saviour. In part, this is true. I however, will be stood against him and ‘his’ board that is BIHL. I have long thought he never wanted to sell, but wanted the club to exist for his own reasons. He is a convicted criminal and has now shown his true colours. I’d love to continue with my thoughts and opinions on Pannu and his ‘above the law’ attitude, but this is not the place.
    I would really like someone to assure me that this mess we have been dragged through, and will now be in for some time, is not the normal Chinese way of conducting business.
    ..is there a guardian angel for us somewhere?

  • raymondo says:

    The last time I sent an e-mail about our owners to the FL they acknowledged it promptly but took about 6 weeks to reply and said that there was notihing they could do. However, they say it takes a lot of action to get a lot of reaction and I think the sheer volume of it might achieve something. this time KRO.

    • Adam True Blue says:

      If we really think that we might pressure the FL into some kind of action then we need lots more fans to participate and really bombard them. What we really need are some of the media to fight in our corner not only the local papers but the national ones as well to spread news of our plight to all football loving fans, just a mention of what we are trying to achieve would help, The football league needs to show what they are made of and set an example but I very much doubt that our club is important enough.

  • AdamD says:

    We know that anything we have put to the football league this far has failed to spark any action as we are just one club. With this in mind I was wondering if it would perhaps be a better idea to raise awareness of our plight the other 71 members of the football league. I know this would be nigh on impossible to orchestrate but one weekend a few hundred blues fans all go to another game taking place and at a unified time say 3:30 we start singing keep right on/unveiling banners. Supporters of other clubs may take interest and even begin to also start emailing the football league.

    I would hope it wouldn’t end in country wide pitch invasions causing a halt to all games but that would certainly cause them to take note

  • Adam True Blue says:

    I Have just sent this to the Sun Newpaper, any publicity is good publicity.

    This is concerning the running of Birmingham City Football Club,
    I know your sports editor will be aware of the situation that has befallen us, we are currently being illegally run by Carson Yeung from within his prison cell in Hong Kong, where he resides for money laundering charges, share trading has been ceased because of comments made by a director, there are rumors of a tax bill on the horizon with no funds available and we are being run into the ground, and The Hong Kong stock exchange are pulling all/ most of the strings.

    There is a BCFC forum in operation http://oftenpartisan.co.uk/archives/12980/bih-agm-news-pannu-in-panos-out.html
    Fans now are taking into there own hands to lobby the football league to take action and prevent us from losing our beloved club, you can read the emotion and passion on the website, the football league have openly admitted they will only pursue this if they get enough complaints to warrant it, even though the club has not adhered to FL’s rules, to do this we need to bring our plight to the attention of the masses, this is not just a case for Birmingham Fans, but for all fans of the beautiful game, if this has happened to our club it could happen to any, ( Leeds FC is another example), One small mention in one of your columns could make all the difference for us.
    Just found this link on the Birmingham mail http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-fans-unhappy-peter-8391648
    but we need the news spread to a larger audience which only a paper like the sun can do for us, please help.

  • bluenose08 says:

    I have just read a statement on the blues trust site saying panos has been retired !!!

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    I have to say that whilst I was right about Clark even before he started I was spectacularly wrong that Yeung would be out of the picture after his conviction. Knowing it and proving it are two entirely different mattters.

    My fear now is that he’ll force Panos out of BCFC, sell players and get the BIH board to give him a new consultancy contract.

    If p@ss@s in Gary’s porridge the Rowett Revolution will be ended

  • blue says:

    is it right that Pannu will not be a member of the audit, nomination or remuneration committees?

  • Paul Buckingham says:

    Help Help is there someone out there to offer these COCKS £32 million to F— then off
    To keep what we have recently having with a team that’s now playing with motivation and passion thank to a very good manager who’s helped us come out of dark times.
    Pannu you are two faced and slimy you think you are a business man but you are not.
    So do use a favour and go away and let a business man with Brains who will not suck out the last drops of money from this Great Club

  • Blooflame says:

    One of our ranks recently voiced his frustration about the inaction from the FL. He urged us all to write to the FL to voice concerns. I heard nothing until today, the same time as the announcement that the FL is starting to make enquiries. It could be a start but Carson Yeung is not the only question that needs to be asked as I mentioned in my mail to the FL. I wanted to know where monies have gone and as to why there has been no monitoring. In my view the FL is culpable and need to answer questions. I believe if they were accountable (to whom I don’t know) there would be closer administration of their charges…the clubs.

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