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Mediocrity is Boring

With nine games left in the league season it increasingly looks like Birmingham City have nothing to play for. With 47 points on the board the threat of relegation is all but gone; and with only nine games left the chances of promotion are nil. As the season draws to an (anti)climax, are we all getting bored of it?

My attention was piqued by this thread on SHA where people openly admitted that they were bored with football in general and Blues in particular – especially as there was nothing to play for. It’s the first year in a while where we’ve not had some end-of-season thing to look forward to and I wondered if we as Blues fans have gotten addicted to it. As my friend Ian Danter remarked – “we don’t do mundane”.

With all the travails that have gone on both on and off the pitch one would think stability surely should be craved. Watching Blues at this last point last season was painful – to use a cliché every point was a prisoner and every home game was part of a larger horrific statistic of our worst home run ever. Large sections of the fans fought online about who was to blame – the poor players, the poorer manager, or the absent owners who had contributed to this downfall by taking the club into the poorhouse. Of course there was the ecstasy and redemption of Paul Caddis’ last minute equaliser which made it all better – but what if he hadn’t scored it? How toxic would it have been preparing for life in League One?

And yet in spite of all this, and knowing in my heart that stability and consolidation is what the club needs I can absolutely see why people are bored. Sport in general is about achievement and winning; football in particular is about being part of the tribe and feeling the highs and lows of the wins and defeats. Blues can’t win anything any more – we can’t achieve anything and we aren’t threatened by anything and now we’re just playing out the remainder of the season to almost make up the numbers. We are the very definition of the word mediocrity at the moment – and mediocrity is boring.

I think that feeling is translated to the terraces. I’m not going to put on rose-tinted glasses and make out that we are always loud at home because unless it’s been a big game we haven’t been for a long time; just the same as most teams around the country have louder away fans than home. However, that being said I think we’re even quieter than usual – people seem to be attending almost out of obligation and even the famous block 11 seem to be quiet of late. People can barely muster a half-hearted “we don’t care about Carson” at the moment let alone sing about the team which in itself tells a story that mediocrity breeds apathy.

I honestly don’t know what the solution is – or if we should even look for one. I do know that away from the ground I’m happier that the club is on a more even footing on the pitch and that we’re safe in the middle of the table. I’m also sure that things are slowly getting sorted off the pitch – and I can understand why people wouldn’t want to rock the boat on that score. Maybe we should enjoy this season for what it is and realise that without pressure of results needed we can enjoy ourselves a bit more – and hopefully that feeling will translate to the team.


61 Responses to “Mediocrity is Boring”

  • DoctorD says:

    I won’t relax until we’re mathematically safe.

  • Offtopartiesand says:

    I’d rather have stability than anything else. With GR in charge, maybe a few more seasons solidifying the team in the league, then onwards and upwards!

  • Dave Mann says:

    I can’t undestand why fans are getting bored because we’ve got nothing to play for as far as relegation and promotion goes.. To go through Bolton again is not the excitement ime lookin for because that was stressfull and going there last game this season will be FANTASTIC because we won’t see that again .. As long as these morons are in charge the best we can hope for is safety and we’ve achieved that so stop the negativity and the bored fan syndrome because it sure bores the shit out if me!! Kro

  • Andy says:

    Dan… When will we know the verdict of carson’s appeal?

  • Blue n Bad says:

    With little hope of a change of ownership and sizeable investment the best we can hope for is mediocrity.Yes it`s boring but far better than getting relegated.Sadly being average doesn`t put bums on seats and with many staying away in protest at the owners i can see our attendances getting even worse.The club is stale as is the home support and i can`t see it improving until things change at the top which is unlikely for some time.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    The best tonic for boredom (and always has been) is to watch exciting, attacking football. Sadly, that’s unlikely to happen in the near future. We play functional football at best, but it’s winning points, so we can’t complain too much after the early season worries. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of football that puts bums on seats.

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Considering our poor start to the season and the position of mediocraty that we are destined to finish in, I still see a lot of the blame being layed at the feet of ‘League One players’, it is these same players (almost) that have now all but secured our right to play in the Championship next season and could have / should of been fighting for the playoff’s if the first half of the season had been more fruitful (under Clark) , do we now promote these players as being worthy of their Championship place? Kro.

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    If i had the choice of either struggling to stay up or mid table mediocrity then its a no brainer. Some people are just never satisfied. It wasnt so long ago we were getting hammered by the likes of Bournemouth.

  • Alex says:

    I think there IS something to play for. There is still a possible scenario where BHI go bust (possibly via EY) and we get docked 10 points – or more. I think we should look if we are safe with 10 points less and get enough points to withstand a deduction.

  • Mezz says:

    Yes we are playing out the season with nothing to play for, but the main point for me is we are in the nothingness of mid table which given what happened last season is an absolute blessing! Yeah we aren’t great to watch but the thought of another relegation battle really depresses me so I for one will accept the remaining boring games and hopefully good news off the pitch in the summer allowing GR to really re-build the squad

    • harborneblue says:

      Totally agree!
      I for one am really looking forward to going to Cardiff Saturday, and as club had sold out of coach seats until they just put more on seems I’m not alone!
      Plus there’s still Blackburn or Liverpool to cheer on!!!!!

  • Mark says:

    More than happy with a mid table finish, if Clark was still in charge we would of been relegated by now. I do think the last good performance at home was against Wigan, teams have either worked us out or the starting 11 is too comfortable and not looking over there shoulder at players coming in and taking their shirt.

  • james kinsella says:

    I was there Saturday and yes the team look tired or have lost the need to fight for a win. But I would rather that than being down the bottom fighting for ourlives. I think until we get new owners or as I have thought all along Carson is released and is back at the club we should take these games and blood some of the youth and see what they are made of nothing better than seeing one of your own playing and running round the pitch but as all fans over a certain age I’ve seen worse times down st Andrews.

  • PeteBaldwin says:

    The main issue for me in regards to getting excited about Blues is that there is no hope of anything at the moment until we are sold. If a player does well for us, the immediate thoughts are to who they will be sold to.

    We’ve had a really good half a season but that doesn’t make me think “well done Blues – consider the position we were in, we’ve done really well”. Instead it makes me think “oh god… Rowett was impressive… I wonder who he’ll be managing in July”

    Until the ownership situation is sorted out, we will only ever be treading water and that isn’t very exciting.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I would be very surprised if Rowett left us so soon. He’s already stated that he’s planning for next season. There’s a possibility that a top half Championship side might chance their arm, but with him only having a couple of seasons in League 2 and half a season with us, I think he’d be far too inexperienced for a Prem side to come calling. IMO, he’ll be here until the end of next season, at the very least.

      • canaryblue says:

        Gary Rowett has ties to both Leicester and Derby and, depending on outcomes come May, there could be a managerial vacancy at either or both clubs. Both are in better financial shape that we are and if I were a Gary Rowett, I would be looking to progress up the managerial tree quick as.

        I sincerely hope not, because I have been so impressed with the work he has done this season with what is, after all, a hard-working, willing but relatively limited group. I would love him to stay for 5, 10, 15 years or more and build this club from the ground up. Now that would be a hell of an achievement.

  • Captain Blues says:

    Personally I’m loving the relaxed position we find ourself in, even if performances of late have been less than inspirational to witness, just cast your mind back to Saturday 25th October (the bournemouth debacle) at that point if you’d told me we would be mid table with 9 matches left it would have sounded ridiculous.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I think that apathy and a lack of expectation have become a ‘normalised’ feature but it’s hardly surprising. Since our wonderful cup win, we’ve seen a huge decline (as we are all painfully aware) and the normal expectations that most clubs have at the start of a season just haven’t applied to us.
    At the start of this season, the best that I hoped for was that we avoided relegation. I’m delighted that we seem to have managed that but then when we struggle in games, the familiar feeling (of oh god here we go again) comes back. There have been too many games where we haven’t beaten teams around or below us and opportunities have been spurned; I’m thinking of the times when we get a good home crowd (perhaps following a good away result) and we just don’t kick on and put in a really good performance. Those additional people who turned up on the day hoping for something to cheer leave wondering what’s changed at the end of the game. I suspect that we’ve lost out on a number of key opportunities to persuade those people to come back again.
    Having said all that, I still remain hopeful that if the club can be sold and investment follows, then WE WILL BE BACK!! KRO

  • john says:

    Unfortunately, this apathy will continue, until the club is free of the stranglehold, that Carson Yeung and his cronies, have put on it . Every top class business ,has a dynamic leader, who inspires their workforce, sadly, BCFC has a convicted criminal , as it’s owner. I realise that the stability of BIHL is the main concern for Ernst and Young, but as BCFC is 90% or more of BIHL, a sale of BCFC. would enhance their finances. It is quite obvious, that the sooner BCFC is sold to new owners, the more money they will recoup . The team has now reached its level, so the value of the club will only go down.. Ernst and Yeung must make it known to the shareholders, that it is in their best interest, financially, that the club is sold, sooner, rather than later. I think the saying “delay no more” is very apt.

  • fingles says:

    I stated at the begining of the season, that I will be happy if I can go to Bolton and just enjoy the day without any stress.

    If we achieve that I will think it has been a good season.

    Obviously going forward I want the ownership issue sorted.

  • Adrian says:

    I can certainly remember the feeling of something missing the season before the Carling Cup win. We were well away from relegation and not really near European qualification via League Position. We have become so used to fighting against relegation or for promotion, that having several games with nothing riding on the result really leaves an empty feeling. (As I said after last season’s escape, unlike some teams (i.e. the local pair up the road) that save themselves with a couple of games to go, we leave it till time added on on the last game of the season!

    Any way, the Blues Ladies start their new season this Sunday at home against the Reds of Liverpool in the Women’s F.A. Cup (which for the first time ever the final is being played at Wembley, could our Ladies win the F.A. Cup at Wembley before the men do? They won the F.A. Cup in 2012 at Bristol Cities ground.

    They also usually have something to play for on the last day of the season too!

  • ChrisG says:

    Two things we’ll never know, “if” we had been relegated might we have had a more enjoyable season as i’m sure we’d have been pushing for promotion back to the championship giving us something to get excited about, also I wonder if going down to league one would have conviced CY to sell up & move on?……..probably not!!!

  • Blueboi14 says:

    With the current ownership in place, I think we should just see the season out, and let GR introduce a brand of football during the pre-season that will give us half a chance of making the play-offs next season.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Bihl have taken our “hope” when thats gone you have nothing,on a positive note things will be sorted by the end of April I imagine so we can all look forward….also when can we look forward to the first finding of e&y digging dan as they’ve been there a month now,any idea?

  • Raymondo says:

    Is it not still possible we could have points deducted because of CY’s antics. If so we’re only 3 above safety and not really safe. Perhaps I’m reading things wrong?

  • Mitchell says:

    Reality is that we are delighted with 47 points at this stage. 54 points is my target as this would cushion an unexpected nasty turnaround by whoever may deduct us ten points.This is based on us being Blues and ANYTHING can happen in our world. My main concern is that Wigan do not get within 10pts. Of us by season end. This to me is why our season is very much alive. Glass half full? ..well maybe, but remember we Blues fans are totally punch drunk with the last few years events by CY and Pannu. Result being that until a new regime is installed, we can never relax for one minute. No make that one second.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I think Dan will propably say you are Raymondo but borings good compared to last seasons antics and heart failures so I will take it any day . Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation.?

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    Yes mediocrity is boring. Our post Morrison-injury performances are by and large miss-able but … we have to grateful for where we are now compared with what could have been!

    Until the quality of the squad improves significantly the inconsistent performances will continue and the crowd wont find enough to be enthused. I foresee another season of mid-table unless Gary manages to pull six or seven rabbits out of the hat in the summer. In fact until ambitious owners arrive mediocrity on the pitch and apathy off it could be the norm.

  • Mitchell says:

    With the likes of Leicester, QPR and Burnley coming down..I would settle right now for mid table for next season.

  • bluenose08 says:

    ok who wants to swap with blackpool for a bit of excitement because thats where we would have been with lc !!

  • Dave mann says:

    To bloody right mate. Kro

  • Mike Raybone says:

    Football wise what Rowett has achieved ( I think we are pro rata 8th since he arrived) means we have been mega successful with the lowest paid squad in the league. Boring and mundane will do me

    Off the pitch we are the most entertaining circus of a club on the planet………….( sadly)

  • Paul says:

    I agree Dan. Blues have always been at their best and worst when their backs are against the wall. Now we are pretty safe, its boring as. You can hear fans conversations half way around the stadium its that quite and to be honest its been like that most of the season. Its actually more exciting waiting for BIH news!!
    Its experimental time and blooding youngsters for preparation of next season i think and to be honest. Roll on on August.

  • egneg says:

    Its true, we are stuck in no-mans land – Villa have been in that position for about 15 years on the trot and realistically thats all they can expect.

    Our style of play doesnt help at the moment, we only look decent when we play on the break. And we can only do that if teams come to have a go at us.

    But as mentioned above, blues ladies kick off their season on Sunday. I went to their first super-league game 4 years ago out of curiosity and to be honest, I thought it would be a bit of a laugh watching girls play football. It peed down with rain for 90 minutes, We won 4-2 and the girls went crunching into every tackle. Ive been a season-ticket holder ever since.

    I wish a lot more people would give a try – just out of curiosity or maybe just for somewhere to go on a Sunday. You never know, you might be impressed. Plus it gives you some football to attend throughout the summer and Solihull Moors is a great little ground to play football.


  • canaryblue says:

    Gary Rowett has ties to both Leicester and Derby and, depending on outcomes come May, there could be a managerial vacancy at either or both clubs. Both are in better financial shape that we are and if I were a Gary Rowett, I would be looking to progress up the managerial tree quick as.
    I sincerely hope not, because I have been so impressed with the work he has done this season with what is, after all, a hard-working, willing but relatively limited group. I would love him to stay for 5, 10, 15 years or more and build this club from the ground up. Now that would be a hell of an achievement.

  • BluesBlues says:

    We need to have a place / section in the ground were you don’t have to reserve your seat. Although I don’t like Crystal Palce German type singing they seem to have created a great atmosphire in there p**s poor ground. The places for some singing seems to be block elven the back of blocks three and five and the block at the back of the kop adjacent to do away fans .. Although you can not get tickets for this area on line

  • Dave Mann says:

    If things change in the summer and we do get a change in ownership then I think rowett would be silly to leave but if things drag on to next season which is very likely then there’s every chance he could move on if a better job is offered, I hope not but then there’s no loyalty in football anymore just money and plenty of it at the top end of the ladder so were wait and see . Kro

  • blue n bad says:

    Bottom line is that with the current state of the club under BIH we are left with no hope of meaningful progress.It`s hard for fans to get excited hence the quiet around the ground. This is likely to be the scenario for a long time and i`m thinking very hard whether to go next season.

  • Mitchell says:

    When you hear about Crystal Palace, Leeds, Sheff. Wed,and Middlesbrough all getting new owners and real investment. Isn’t it frustrating that we with Birmingham City cannot get wealthy owners.think of what this City has..NIA, Alexander Stadium, NEC,World famous Symphony Hall, Award winning new Library, Broad Street etc. Fantastic opening now for Buyers to leap out. I still feel anything Chinese as regards negotiating is what has put many off. Ernst & Young will have attracted investors no doubt and pressure on CY will mount up. If the unthinkable happens and he is released what betting that he returns with cash and promises to get Blues on the way up. Not so fanciful as you think..perverse people do perverse things. Don’t rule this one out.

  • poppa999 says:

    Why doesn’t Gary blood a few more youngsters, make it more interesting and see all the U21 talent/academy get an opportunity in the first team? Not all at once obviously, They’ll be up for testimonials before they get a break!

    • Richard Granfield says:

      Yes and start with Reece Brown who scored another 2 goals from midfield today.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Absolutely agree. What better way to freshen up a stale squad, than to give a run out to the odd youngster here and there. We’re never going to know if they’re good enough if we don’t give the buggers a chance.

  • guinanza says:

    We’ll be ok – Get Brown on and start giving Denny a go too – and what about Truslove? He’s ace – Start getting a good few of them used to it – hopefully Charlee A can replicate some Lincoln magic – how long has Marlon got left in prison? He must have done half his sentance by now – re sign him upon release – we are the kings of criminal rehabilitaion – Pennant bagged a couple last night – he owes us for putting him on the road to redemption – let him rejoin us too. Couple of good signings once all this BS is sorted and we will be fighting up there again. Hopefully it’ll be enough money to get Gardner back home too, The Sherwwod revelution honeymoon will be over and the pansies shall fall by the wayside. Rowetts grow and we will land back in the promised land together – cups, europe and all. I’ll enjoy the mediocre stuff. Apart from saftey all i want from this season is for Zigic to score one. Gotta go – i think i hear Pauline W calling me….! X

  • Tony says:

    Who would have believed it people complaining of mid table mediocrity at this stage of the season, Ithink its fantastic and its all down to one man.
    Their is no doubt whatsoever we would have been relegated if the previous manager were still in charge thankfully Blackpool are suffering now rather than us.Just how good is Rowett? we have no way of knowing I suspect he will prove to be decent not the best and certainly not the worst.
    What he has done is not rocket science he has made us difficult to beat, people knowing their jobs and carrying out instructions. We are not attractive to watch because we play mainly on the break, borne out by possession stats. I accept all that because it means we are safe from relegation comparatively safe anyhow. Nothing will change until we get new owners we have to be patient until then.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      What GR has done is made the best use of the resources available to him when he arrived. We have decent options on the wings and a willing runner up front in Donaldson.so he has set us up as a counter attacking unit. We don’t have the players to play an attractive passing game and Rowett deserves massive credit for setting up the side to play to the strengths we do have. Mourhino couldn’t have done a better job of it IMO.
      Remember he has done this with someone else’s squad and if he were allowed to do it with his own players,we could have one of the best young managers in the country without doubt.

  • frederico says:

    Following this argument we will soon be in for a very exciting time as receivership takes hold, and the club’s assets are sold off for a pittance…….bet you can hardly wait

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