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Upcoming Supporters Club Forum

Blues will be holding another supporters’ club forum on Thursday 16 April and I’m pleased to be able to say that I will be attending. While they won’t be able to answer questions on the ongoing froo-fraw in HK what they can and will talk about is the matchday experience, ticketing and other day-to-day concerns.

While I know the big question is what is happening with respect to the sale of the club is what we all want to know, these events are important in that they ensure that there isn’t a disconnect between the fans and the club management. Under the previous ownership, our questions were routinely ignored as it was seen that the owners knew best and we had to accept what they did; we’re lucky now that the administration staff at the club are empowered enough to talk to us and to gauge our opinions on what they want to do. Many of the staff at the club are not just long-term employees but are also fans and I do believe that they want the best for us on the terraces – after all if we’re happy we’re more likely to spend more money and bring our friends and family.

From previous experience I think ticketing and season ticket prices will be talked about but they will probably have already been decided in the main – as we know what division we’re going to be in next year I can’t see why they would hold back launching season ticket sales for too much longer and indeed, there have been posters and such going up around the ground as part of the advance marketing. However, I’m sure they’d like to talk about iniatives like the one they have with grassroots clubs where local teams are given tickets to sell at a discounted rate. This scheme benefits the local club as they are given a cut of the sales too and I have seen one instance where a team has sold 100 tickets have been given a signed shirt to raffle off to raise further funds. I’m all for the club becoming a larger part of the community and this is one way that it can.

I think they will also be looking for feedback on the catering such as the cookhouse and the general kiosks as well as the fans bars – ie the Changing Room and Bar 8. I know that the club want to build on the matchday experience and encourage people to come to the club earlier and they’ll be looking for ideas and suggestions on how to improve that.

In order to maximise what we as fans can get out of this the club have asked attendees to submit questions in advance so that they can prepare answers ready for the day to help get things moving. If you have a question you’d like me to put to the club please email it to me – almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk – and I will forward it onto them. As always, I will take notes on the day and submit a precis and a full report to the site for everyone to see. The deadline for me to forward emails to them is Monday so please can you get everything you want across by Friday.

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13 Responses to “Upcoming Supporters Club Forum”

  • paul everett says:

    I would like to know that we can keep the better players we have and i would also like to know if there are funds to bring in better quality players ? To me the match day experience is about what happens on the pitch win or lose!! i buy my season tickets to be entertained and not to fussed about how expensive the burgers & drinks are.

    • almajir says:


      The staff can’t answer those questions… so why even take the trouble to write your comment when you know I’m not going to forward it to them

  • David says:

    Will there be a range of savoury snacks available at the meeting?

  • graham says:

    Ask them to next season do away with graded games ? There should or could be same price tickets for each game its not like any glamour teams in our league are there ? Its just a rip off as a pensioner to find one cannot afford to go the match because the club have graded it MUGS WILL PAY ,That’s how I see it , only my opinion but I know many share it

  • steven says:

    More points rather than questions really mate. A few things In My Opinion to advance the match-day experience.

    ticket prices capped £20 most expensive for adult, Kids a quid every game.
    ST Prices again In My Opinion should look at being dropped slightly or a more substantial discount for those on the loyalty price (5 years + of holding a ST).

    The clubs aim In My Opinion next season should be to get as many fans as possible into the ground on match-days ticket prices such as the £30-£35 for the upcoming wolves game aren’t going to do anything to help that.

    How about a range of things for the kids to do not just in the paddocks but around the ground, outside/on the concourses perhaps, a face painting booth, or a weekly competition for the kids in a similar style to chip and win (without the gambling aspect). I think the club could do more in this respect of engaging the kids around the other area’s of the ground more than they currently do.

    In terms of the blues loyalty portal I think all STH should have their points automatically added after going to a home game, quite often I forget to add the code or the website refuses to allow it etc.

    In all honesty I think our club do really well with the match-day experience on the whole but things can do with tweaking In My Opinion to maximise our potential income and potential for more fun. Prices are the big thing this applies to not just with tickets but all things, make things cheaper you likely sell more of that product if it’s of good standard!

  • paule says:

    I think the club should choose a Mascot for home games by drawing children’s season ticket numbers at half time & season ticket holders should get a decent discount when purchasing from the club shop, in my opinion the club doesn’t do enough for the loyal supporters.

  • Mike Raybone says:

    Let the kids play on the pitch before the game…get 4 or 5 mini pitches with 5 a side goals etc

  • craig says:

    One area that needs improving is the timing of the music when the players come out. Its always played too early and people then get bored and stop clapping. St andrews used to be a fortress, fans need to be motivated by louder energized music. Also the use of the big screen is awful more could be done with that. I also think ticket prices should be capped at £20 and season tickets adjust accordingly to fill the stadium .

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Can you ask / suggest a review of the merchandising. When you compare Blues to similar clubs in the Championship our retail offering seems to be limited by comparison. When I look for a range of gifts to bring home; kids things, pet items etc. we are wanting.

    If you look at the range of merchandising at clubs like Wolves, Wigan or Derby a few weeks ago when I was over you’ll quickly relate. Improving the retail offering, especially with merchandise that isn’t necessarily seasonal, so won’t date would surely also make commercial sense.

    On an unrelated subject, the staff at BCFC are awesome, whenever I have to arrange tickets or transport or whatever from Australia they are so helpful, efficient and friendly. A real credit to them. Can I ask you to convey this please.


  • marc says:

    regarding the big screen, why don’t they show the goals anymore like they used to. Also bring back ‘keep right on’, ‘mr blue sky’ and then ‘the temperer’ or whatever it was called, what T.F. brought in , that used to get the crowd going.

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