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Charlton Reflections

Birmingham City finished off their home campaign with a 1-0 win courtesy of Lloyd Dyer’s first goal for the club. Rowett’s charges now lie in 11th place in the table with 60 points following their ninth home win in 16 games under the former Burton manager.

I will admit I wasn’t expecting much today. Although the sun was out and there was a decent crowd in the ground, I thought this was going to be one of those games where most players would be in “holiday mode” and that it would be a relaxing wind down to the end of the season.

Robert Tesche disabused us of that notion with a thunderbolt in the fourth minute that almost caught Stephen Henderson in the Charlton by as much surprise as it did me and the former Portsmouth and West Ham keeper did well to tip it onto the crossbar and post.

It was the first act in what was a classy performance from the German, and one that has convinced me more than ever that Blues have to try to keep him at the club next season. Tesche is out of contract at Forest at the end of this season and although his parent club do have an option on his services word is that option comes at the expense of doubling the German midfielder’s salary – something I don’t believe Forest will want to take up.

Likewise Fabbrini has added more plaudits following another performance full of guile and creativity – and one that ended with him coming off the pitch to the refrain of “sign him up” from the Tilton. It might just be that Watford’s promotion to the top flight will mean the Italian forward will be loaned out again next season – and I have no doubt that Blues will be doing what they can to convince the Pozzo family that he would be served well by another year in B9.

Dyer’s goal came at the culmination of another good little cameo from the former Albion man. I think a few people (including myself) have been hard on him since he arrived on loan but of late he’s improved – and in honesty, I think he deserved the goal for all the hard work he has put in of late. I think it meant a lot to him too as he ran, ears cupped towards the Blues dugout – and while I don’t think his stay at St Andrew’s will be extended past next Saturday I am thankful for his efforts.

I think some mention should be made of young Dimmi Gray too, who while struggling with his end product was a box of tricks on both flanks – not just running with the ball and getting in behind the Charlton defence but also working hard to win the ball back and to help stop attacks from the front. I wonder if the watching Eddie Howe will be back onto his chairman tonight to see if he can prise the chequebook open wider in an attempt to lure the teenager to the south coast.

I can’t overstate just how much Blues have improved under Rowett. I’ll leave you with two stats I’ve seen about him tonight. Firstly, today was Blues’ 9th win at home in 16 matches; it took Clark 51 matches to reach the same mark. Secondly, Blues average home attendance under Clark was 14,608 this season. Under Rowett, it’s 16,819.

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41 Responses to “Charlton Reflections”

  • Lee says:

    had rowett managed us from the start of the season and continued his points ratio we would be on the verge of if not in the playoffs with well over 70 points

  • Tony E says:

    Specs is not my favourite player, but I thought today, particularly in the first half, he was excellent. Pity he is made of glass.

  • ukblue says:

    Well done blues today. i would like to congratulate rowett on his brilliant achievement. Keep Right On

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  • AussieBlue says:

    What a great last home game gift from Rowett & the lads that was! If he’s given even a modest budget to buy players for next season it’s a warning sign to all other teams that we are no longer walk-overs. I just love the character and cojones shown in last 2 games, when coasting to May 2 is a temptation.
    Nothing but pride and defiance to play for at Bolton, KRO lads.

    BTW: Raymondo if you are logged in: Aussie Sheila is fine but overdid the sweet sherry a bit – over breakfast this morning when she heard the Charlton result. Having a kip in the swing hammock now, making loud noises bless her heart.

    • Dave mann says:

      AussieBlue, Back here mate they show live Hyundai A- league football on BT sport , as ime posting this its Wellington Phoenix v Sydney …. Who’s your team there mate or do you only follow Blues? Kto

      • AussieBlue says:

        Hi Dave,
        That’s great that they show the A-league, never knew that! I follow Western City Wanderers here – they took out the Asian Champions League Cup last year against big-money clubs from Japan, China Korea etc but are not doing so well this year. You probably noticed there is a huge difference in class between Australian and European/UK clubs – Soccer here is not a well-funded game but it is getting better. If you are any good like Cahill, Kewell and our own Lazaridis, remember him? ..you end up in an FA or FL club and make decent money. All the big money goes into Rugby League, AFL and Cricket.

    • Raymondo says:

      I hope those are SNORING noises. Give her my love. Kepp right on!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Very good all round performance yesterday and as staffs rightly said I predicted between 10th and 12th also so 11th is fine … Held my head in my hands when dyer came on but credit where credits due and he done really well and I said to my son that I bet he scores the winner and so he did but the whole team out a shift in and Tesche and fabbrini must be signed up if possible and with that core of a first team and new players to come in its all systems go for next season .. But it’s Bolton next week and that 10th place is up for grabs if we win do come on Blues !! Kro

  • Dave mann says:

    Supporters have the right to pass judgement on a player or the team if there not happy , but to boo a carling cup winner and a week in week out man of the match player like Roger Johnson was un called for in my opinion ..so he left and went to wolves and we got £7 million because he needed to play premiership football and was on the brink of the England squad … Yes he was partly responsible for relegation and you could say he was a greedy b” stard but I hate booing and I’ve said it many times that you don’t boo someone who was majorly responsible for winning our one and only proper major trophy .. Just my opinion but ime proud that me and my family did not get involved!! Kro

    • paule says:

      If you think booing Roger Johnson was bad what about the stupid prats at the top end of the Tilton booing Cotterill whilst he was on the pitch, Cotterill had a fantastic start to the season scoring some good goals & some great assist’s!! Ok he’s had a dip in form but what an intelligent way to rebuild his confidence by idiotic prats booing him “what sort of support is that” anyway I’ve got my Bolton tickets so will be there for a more relaxed final game than last season. KRO SOTV.

      • Dave Mann says:

        paule, could not agree more with all that you said with cotterill , I admit that I was shouting for him to be replaced with Arthur but to boo him is disgracefull and if they think that that’s supporting there team then ime buying a vile season ticket ….as for Bolton I can’t wait , last time was stressful but this time enjoyable and looking forward to next season. Kro

    • Suenoble says:

      Agree with that old son, I can well understand the dog heads booing him, that move didn’t come of at all but for anybody to doubt Johnsons commitment to Blues is ridiculous. He was just one of many players who were forced out of the club because of circumstances beyond his control. Gardner and Foster didn’t get booed and I’m willing to bet Larson, bowyer, beausejour, Ferguson, Dann, etc wouldn’t get booed but they were all shifted out for the same reason as Johnson. I need the difference explaining to me

      • fingles says:

        Absolutely agree. We have some right nobends amoungst our fans.All of those Cup winning players should be treated with respect. In fact ALL returning former Blues players should be too.

    • Tony says:

      Bang on Dave booing a blues ploayer is bad without exception, Johnson especially he was a hero most weeks for Blues, terrific wholehearted player. He wanted to stay in the premiership nowt wrong w iith that.
      He got it into his head he was on the verge of an international call up, eeerr well he was a million miles away from that but will have fond memories of him for all that.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Totally agree. If I can think of one player who was prepared to get hurt for the cause it was RJ. I don’t know why he gets abused while some of the others get hailed as returning heroes.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    A top 10 finish is now within reach especially as Charlton have Bournmouth next week. Tesche and Fabrini are ready made signings for next season and if the club ownership issue is resolved soon we could have a lot to look foreward to next season.

  • Dave Mann says:

    It annoys me Shirley Blue that we seem to have this mentality that if you have been a great player for Blues but then leave under circumstances there not happy with then your booed … If your a n average player who did ok but was not the best they get a standing ovation .. I can’t stand Liverpool but there fans always give all returning players no matter what ability or curcumstances a round of applause … Not very often I will praise Liverpool fans but maybe in this occasion we should take a leaf out of there book.. Just my opinion of course. Kro

    • Smudge says:

      Totally agree, at the end of the day football is a business all clubs need the money and players want to earn the biggest salary they can any returning player should not be booed under any circumstances. Players have always come and gone its a footballing fact. The only thing I don’t like is when a player uses media to slag off his former club and its fans but I still would not boo him if he returned I prefer to enjoy the game and hope he does not score against us.

  • Peter Bates says:

    Can’t help feeling that had lee Clark not been rewarded for failure at beginning of this season playoffs would have e been well in reach peter pannu again but onward and upward lets hope new owners rowett with the money to compete he’s done a fantastic job and deserves all the accolades he’s now receiving lets hope the success he achieves continues to be with blues kro

  • Harbsbleu says:

    A cracking performance yesterday to cap 3 excellent home games. The passing, determination and effort were spot on. Very proud, and if renewing my season was in doubt before, it ain’t now. Can’t wait for start of next season, just hope there is stability with new owners if we get there. KRO and happy closed season to every one!

  • andy says:

    Booing any of those ex players who won Blues the League Cup is a disgrace.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Nobody booed zigic and he refused a subs spot but you get morons booing cotterill who’s scored some crackers this season and Johnson who was one of our best centre halves ever on his day .. Unbelievable to be honest ! Kro

    • steve says:

      Give him a break Dave. He thought other players deserved it more than he did. Fair play to him.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Steve, I’ve been having my say on here for quite a while now and you should no my affection for the big man .. He’s a massive hero of mine and zigic will always be forever remembered in our carling cup victory .. He said that he didn’t want to take someone else’s place and wasent natch fit enough and that’s fair enough but if these idiots are gonna boo cotterill and a cup legend in Johnson then what’s stoping them booin zigic ? Who’s next .. Gray , rowett?.: STOP the booing of our players and past legends please!!! Kro

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I personally have never booed a player, or manager, or referee (although the latter requires far more restraint.) I mean, to actually stand/sit there and go “Booo.” How embarrassing!

  • Mitchell says:

    Cast your minds back to Wembley. We had 7 players hobbling along with season ending injuries. Worst was RJ who from the 55 minute was jumping on one leg and in severe pain each time he went up for headers. He refused to come off . Arsenal pick him out as he was only 50%mobile. He was literally shot to pieces. His reward for this was yesterday’s treatment. How many of you saw him shake his head? I saw it twice in the second half. True bluenoses are better than what was aimed at him.

    • Richard Granfield says:

      Mitchell…….Johnson couldn’t have been badly injured in the final, because he played in all 38 league games that season.
      I agree though that fans shouldn’t boo former players, particularly as Johnson was forced out due to our relegation.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Mitchell , short memories and short sited , those who boo him can not see past there last pint .. Just lazy and disrespectfull .. I would like to have a little chat with them one to one to try to and find out there mentality .. But they propably wouldn’t understand ! Kro

  • marc says:

    The people who booed RJ are Knobheads. I spoke to the bloke when i was making a delivery at Wolves and he told me the club wanted him out for the money they could make on him and yes it would help his England chances if he was playing in the prem, also who wouldnt move to another job if they could make more. For a footballer its just a job not a passion like it is for us supporters. As for those booing Cotterill after the way he’s played for most of the season, don’t these people understand if he was world class every week he wouldn’t be playing for us he’d be at a top club in the prem, so give the bloke a break

  • Steve in Yorkshire says:

    Cotterill has been so disappointing and frustrating for the last few weeks! he is so greedy and wasteful, no wonder he gets so many wonder goals, shooting all the time. Great when they come off, but when Caddis makes an overlapping run and is free and he puts it in the stand I want to throttle him. As is said though, that’s why he was free and why he’s playing for us!

    As for Roger Johnson, I would praise most returning players and I absolutely loved him and Scott Dann as a pairing, but the difference is that unlike others he openly said to the press that he wanted out and wanted to play Premier League football, touting himself for a move rather than recognising that his poor performances led to our relegation and being prepared to fight to get us back up as a contracted player. He also liked a night out and I think a few too many of our players went into Carling mode after winning the cup which is basically why a good side went down! Why should I show adulation for someone who couldn’t give a toss about us when contracted? Any pantomime villain abuse for someone like that is deserved, you reap what you sow and he has broad enough shoulders to take it. It’s not like anyone was chucking half house bricks at him! When they make such good lives out of football, players ought to realise that their final actions will sour relationships. I would have loved to welcome back Savage, McLeish and Johnson for what they did at Blues, but they chose to sour what they had. I’d say all three probably regret their decisions too.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Sorry to come the ‘old soldier’ but, when I were a lad in Brum, the only person you ever booed on a football pitch was the referee for making a bad decision. Never players.

    • Raymondo says:

      Also Aussie Blue we stood side by with the visitin fans, clapped when their side mad a good attempt at a goal, or if their goalie made a good save. Seperation has caused tribalist tendancies. You don’r get this in cricket, I think,.even with the Aussies!! Perhaps I’m wrong since I don’t go to cricket. Regards to Aussie Sheila! KRO

      • AussieBlue says:

        Yes it was a bit more warm and fuzzy back then (the Vile excepted!). As for cricket, we absolutely love the Barmy Army when they come over.

      • AussieBlue says:

        Yes it was a bit more warm and fuzzy back then (the Vile excepted!). As for cricket, we absolutely love the Barmy Army when they come over (and the Indians, known as the Swami Army!). There used to be a bit of drunken bother in Bay 13 at the MCG and The Hill at the SCG but they went all-seat and banned the bringing in of ice-boxes (Eskies) full of beer so it’s all calm and good natured now.
        All we have to contend with is the odd streaker. Aussie Sheila did it one test match and had to slow right down so the handsome young copper could catch her!

  • Dave Mann says:

    I’ve been to Edgbaston to whatch the bears , I’ve been to twickernam to whatch rugby and the fans all mix together and have the crack and there’s no problems .. I’ve been to many away games this season watching Blues and I’ve drank with many fans before and after games and besides Cardiff there’s been no problems what so ever and have had a whale of a time .. It’s just that tribal thing inside grounds where fans throw abuse and threatning behaviour at each other but coming out of grounds the banter continues and sometimes it can be intimidating but generally it’s nothing lo like it use to be in the 70s and 80s and lets be thankfull for that . Kro

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