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Donaldson and Dick

Clayton Donaldson is the latest player to be linked with a move away from Blues with HITC linking him to a move to Leeds United to be reunited with his former manager Uwe Rosler.

It appears that in some ways normal service has been resumed; rather than Blues being linked with players coming in we’re being linked with players leaving us. As with most transfer rumours, I’m sceptical – mainly because I know of the struggle for websites to populate their pages with content during quiet summer months.

Losing Donaldson would be a huge blow to Blues were it to happen. Not only top scorer last season with 16 goals but with the kind of work-rate on the pitch that created space for other attacking players as well, Donaldson is a hugely important piece in the Birmingham City team jigsaw. Looking at the players who would replace him in the team and the difficulty in finding a player who can score 10-20 goals a season at this level I’d stick my neck out and say losing Donaldson would be worse than selling Gray at this time.

I suppose the big question is if Blues should say anything. On the one hand I agree with the not giving rumours any credence angle – and on the count it makes sense to not even give it the time of day if the rumours are not true but on the other hand I can also see why a firm denial would be a good thing to do as well if only to reassure people. Furthermore, as well as Donaldson has done I think it would be natural for other teams to be interested and to say “no, we’re not selling” lays down a marker for anyone else thinking of poaching the Wakefield-born striker.

I note that Brian Dick of the Birmingham Mail has tweeted when corresponding with a Blues fan that he expects a deal may be wrapped up before the end of the week. That would be good – Blues report back for pre-season training on Monday and despite people accusing me of scaremongering I’d like to see Blues have a handle on bringing in players as pre-season gets underway.

As it stands our goalkeeping roster for Monday is Nick Townsend, Connal Trueman and Jake Weaver and as much as I think Townsend has promise I’d rather be in a situation where our new goalie (whoever he is) gets to work with the back four and build a rapport with them with as much time as possible before the season opener against Reading.

I don’t know if the player who Brian is referring to is a keeper, but at least with one new player of any persuasion through the door I think the more pessimistic among us can breathe a little bit easier that the task of building the squad is under way fully.

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26 Responses to “Donaldson and Dick”

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    The reason that some fans are a bit worried about the Donaldson rumour is the fact that with no business being done and then the Kiernan fiasco,have the pursestrings been tightly tied up?

  • rhees says:

    If we loose Donaldson ill be gutted we need to build around good players not sell them ffs

  • pete says:

    same old blues , get your season tickets now ?, but when are we going to see anybody come through the door and sign for us ?. we need a goalkeeper now, not next month !. all we hear is who we are supposed to be linked with , but no players in ?. im not scaremongering, its getting close to pre season freindlies , and no players in , but lots out ?. why has GR gone quiet ?, lets hear something posative about blues . all the talk about top 10 finish next season ?.no chance . KRO .

  • davieboy says:

    The purse strings tied up? Hardly appears that way when we were paying a fee for Kiernan and can afford wages of people like Tesche. As for Donaldson what a terrible story. No substance I can tell. The Mail gets worse and worse

  • Ken Moore says:

    A lot of these websites carry rubbish….and once one reports it, they all do….so all of a sudden it looks up and running as a fact. With Donaldson, he played for Rosler at Brentford and he is a Leeds fan, he’s said that himself. So, its plausible. Blues wont deny it as if someone offered £1m for Donaldson, they would take it, so its never say never. With Kiernan….he just got a better offer. All this talk about paperwork delays is b*llocks. They cant actually sign anyone til 1st july so there was never any rush…..Mark Warburton would have been onto Kiernan within hours of him getting the Rangers job and offering more money. The already contracted players that GR wants need to be prised out of their clubs….once they go public it creates a market and the fee and wages rise. With the GK position…Ive seen Foderingham in the play off games…Im not convinced….he’s not tall enough and he’s not in the tradition of a Blues goalie from what I saw

    • Bluemaximus says:

      Ian Bennett was hardly a giant. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • waycolblue says:

      Foderingham would be a good keeper if not him then maybe Daniel Bentley from Southend United.
      I think we should go for a good up and coming GK witch both of them are. Bentley as been tracked by Man U and Foderingham was a failed bid by Swansea 2 years ago 2.1mil was rejected. now he is available on a free.

  • edd77 says:

    We have had years of silence from hk so it’s normal for us to get a bit worried ,I get the in rowett we trust and all that but rowett can only sign the players his budget allows and them loan players I believe are defo out of his budget ,he would have been better served not saying he wanted them because I think a good percentage of ours fans think because he mentioned their names they are in the bag and I don’t think any of them will come ,like others have mentioned tho the goalkeeping situation needs to be addressed asap ,for me the keeper we sign could make or break our season it’s such an important position and we have been spoilt at blues with some excellent keepers .KRO….

    • ukblue says:

      Would everyone just stop being negative. We’re lucky we are even playing at championship level after the previous years. Just enjoy it and support whatever team plays next season.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Stop Panicking !!! Ime not but loving the hurt of some fans concern over issues that will be resolved in due coarse ., calm down!! Kro

  • paule says:

    All we can do as Blues fans is support whatever players we have at the start of the season &don’t get on their backs, we know whilst the idiots from Hong Kong own our Club the only way we’ll go is backwards, what is annoying though is the lack of information coming from e&y!! We all thought something would have happened regarding the sale or investment in the club by now but they can’t even be arsed to feed us any information just to keep us a little bit optimistic for the forthcoming season, some fans won’t buy season tickets when all you read is negative, who we’re selling , the standard of players we’re looking at & losing out on players for whatever reason.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I can understand fans being frustrated regarding the lack of signings. But to put the best gloss on the situation, maybe GR is waiting for the players he REALLY wants to become available rather than signing inferior third and fourth choices that are available now.

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I think it’s a shambles if it’s true that we lost out on Kiernan because the paperwork wasn’t ready!
    I always thought that the club was being well run behind the scenes. Dan is this because we’re missing the lady who recently left? Was it Julia? (sorry not to remember).
    I don’t suppose that I’m different to many fans and I’m very concerned that the only transfer news is about players who may be leaving.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Regarding clayton it wouldn’t surprise me if he left,money talks as we all know and Leeds more than lightly have a bit more money than us as does most of the championship.

  • andy says:

    I think the concern over Donaldson is that he is from Leeds and that he supports them, surely at his age, this would be his last chance to play for them and it would not surprise me if a transfer request is handed in should Leeds pursue him. You could not blame Donaldson if that turns out to be the case and Blues would do well to get a million plus as they would lose him for nothing next year. Hopefully he stays as he is worth more to Blues next season than accepting anything around 1-2 million.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Nah, nothing to worry about what so ever , as cool as a cucumber ! Kro

  • Darren Nelson says:

    Never seen so many headless chickens panicing, all in the same place.

  • clive smith says:

    sadly the same rhetoric come out of the blues camp every year. Money is available, we are chasing this player, that player etc etc.
    we are approaching the return from the holidays, not a single signing, No senior goalkeeper, no recognised centre half, 50% of a midfield and speculation about Gray and Donaldson leaving.
    My slant on this is that they had expected a deal to be done for Gray at £5m+ to pave the way for a 500k fee for Tetche plus several bosmans. the fact that no offers have come in for Gray means no signings and possible outgoings. I can see a mad scramble to make the numbers up in august from the dregs left on the shelf.
    sadly I see a season struggling to stay in the league rather than the picture painted of challenging for promotion

  • Kford bluenose says:

    Totally agree with UK Blue, we’ll back the lads again next season however much we spend in the transfer window cuz that’s what we do. KRO

  • Leigh Larigo says:

    Personally, I would prefer a goalkeeper on his feet, than on a broomstick.
    The fact remains we are weaker today than on the last day of last season.

  • John B says:

    I’ve corresponded a few Times with Brian Dick on Twitter and he always appears spot on with what he’s told me in the past…lets see what the end of the week brings

  • blue lizard says:

    I’m sure GR knew the situation when he landed the job but how can you expect him to perform with his hands continually tied ..even average looking players are not in the offing!! How long before he has had enough?

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