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Donaldson Bids Rejected?

Rumours have broken this afternoon that Birmingham City have rejected several bids for Clayton Donaldson, who was top goalscorer with 16 goals last season for Blues.

Sources close to this website claim that Blues have rejected bids from four clubs for player-of-the-season Clayton Donaldson, ranging from a swap deal to £1million in cash. 31-year-old Donaldson has one year left on his deal at Blues, having arrived on a Bosman free transfer from Brentford in the summer of 2014.

While it’s been reported elsewhere that Blues are holding out for £2million in cash for the Wakefield-born striker, the club have refused to comment on speculation when contacted this afternoon.

My concern is that while Donaldson has done very well for Blues – and is one of our highest paid players – that might not be enough to hold on to him. At 31, Donaldson will be very aware that he doesn’t have a massive length of time left in his career and it could be if a sufficiently large wage increase becomes available he will push for a move away in the same way as Adeyemi did last season.

While every player does have his price I think Donaldson would be very difficult to replace and as such I think Blues should make every effort to keep him – to the point of offering a better contract if at all possible. If they can’t hold onto him the challenge would be to find a replacement that can not only score the goals that Donaldson did but also fit into the style of play and system in the same manner.

One thing is for certain – like with Demarai Gray in the winter window, this presents a challenge for both Gary Rowett and Panos Pavlakis in getting the best possible outcome for the club.


31 Responses to “Donaldson Bids Rejected?”

  • CannockBlue87 says:

    if he leaves and we don’t at the very least sign Tesche over the summer I’m officially hitting the panic button

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Thanks Dan. I agree and really hope that we can hang on to our top scorer and player of the year.

    Just for once though, it would be nice to read about players potentially coming in instead of potentially leaving. KRO

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Every player has his price so if a bid of £2m came in I am sure Blues’ would sell.
    Donaldson will be 32 next February and although I would be sad to see him leave, £2m would be good business.

  • rhees says:

    Tta must show there intention now and insist the club keep our very best players

  • rhees says:

    Lets keep what we got and spend a couple mill for a change

  • Richard Granfield says:

    JAMES MAGHOMA joins!!!

  • Richard Granfield says:


  • Adam True Blue says:

    Looks like a really promising signing, playing alongside Donaldson, Gray and hopefully Tesche next season is starting to look good. First time for a long time I am feeling optimistic. Kro

  • Adam True Blue says:

    And welcome to the Blues Maghoma

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Sell Donaldson….nonsense! Even if you got above market value for him because he is worth more to the team. Example-If your car is worth a grand yet gets you to work,does the school run,takes you shopping and gets you from AtoB you don’t just sell it for a grand because it is worth more to you. Can’t believe Rowett would even consider it.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Very good analogy Hillfield – he was our most important player by a mile next season and very difficult to replace. If this money really is coming in we would be very wise to offer him a two year extension on improved wages and stop the bids coming in.

  • paule says:

    Not the best of signings and if we go along the route of that standard of player i think it will be another long season, i have seen him play a few timer & never been overly impressed, hopefully Rowett can get the best out of him but in my opinion he’s a lower league player. Too good for Burton but not a championship player,really hope I’m wrong though but times are hard at stans at the moment so expect cheap or free signings on low wages. .

  • £2 million, 32, remember terry sherringham ,how much will he be worth to blues if he helps us into the prem , he’s got 3 good years in him yet kro

  • Tony says:

    The thing with donaldson is he is not at all like sherrigham, he was a very clever player, Donaldon on the other hand although effective relies on his power and workrate.
    At 31 there cant be too much of that left, I would take 2 million but a replacement has to arrive first.

  • andy says:

    Leeds United, the club Donaldson supports, at his age I would be surprised if he didn’t ask for a transfer.

    • Mirkwood55 says:

      SSN reporting Leeds are interested in Chris Woods of Leicester for 2.5m. Played for us on loan from the Baggies but wouldn’t extend his stay as he felt he was spending too much time warming the bench. If he had more playing time with us could have been a different story.

  • Raymondo says:

    Semms Donaldson is staying put and Jacqess Moghoma, a forward who played for GR at Burton and then at Sheffield Wred is joining us. Now that Trillion have settled in things are starting to happen. KRO

  • paule says:

    Maghoma is a midfielder not a forward, we haven’t spent anything yet!! Lets hope Rowett can work his magic & he is given a bit of cash to spend.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Where will maghoma play? .. Up front if Donaldson goes? .. Behind the front man in a number 10 role so no Fabbrini? .. Out wide which means Grays on his way? .. Ide have him out wide in a three man role behind the main striker , good signing and about our level of player as it stands so let’s hole this is the start of a few more coming in! Kro

    • Mitchell says:

      Dave, I want him bulking up a massed midfield with little chance of the opposition penetrating and us nicking lots of 1-0 wins. Maghoma is strong and a bit like Beausejour.He can track back and run all day apparently.

    • paule says:

      Maghoma is a winger i thought he was more of a Donowa than a Beausejour!! Rowett knows him well enough so we need to trust him, personally i wasn’t impressed with the signings but Dave Mann you are correct we are where we are financially and we ain’t buying a Messi just yet

      • StaffsBlue says:

        To be fair, whenever I’ve seen him, he’s not a hug-the-touchline winger. He’s everywhere. He’s not like a lot of midfielders who stand on one spot waiting for the ball to feet, the guy is always running into space to receieve the ball. Very clever on the ball too, quick feet.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    The Maghoma signing is one of those where we’ll just have to wait and see. Most of us haven’t really heard of him but there again we were asking the same questions about the likes of Donaldson this time last year. Interesting interview he gave about GR and his ability to get the best out of him and others though.

  • Luke says:

    It looks like a corner has been turned players are not being given sold to keep the club a float for the up coming season.

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