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Positivity – an Often Partisan Video Podcast

It’s been a good week for Blues – two players tied down to longer contracts showing financial intent in B9; action taken against Carson Yeung and Asia Rays showing intent to sort things out in Hong Kong and a new kit!

Key points

  • New contract for Dimmi is good for Blues but is very good for Dimmi’s career progression and hopefully will help him move to the next level of talent
  • Donaldson’s contract is a bit of a gamble (lots of money for a 30+ striker) but a real statement of intent to keep him on board
  • HK is full of intrigue – trust no one but official announcements…

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39 Responses to “Positivity – an Often Partisan Video Podcast”

  • Nigel Hughes says:

    Great update, thanks for making the effort to do the podcast, it rally is useful to get an informed view on what is going on. KRO

  • Brian King says:

    Interesting that the man who you have been told is connected to the people with a 2 year exclusivity deal to buy BIH seem to have had dealings with CY. Yet we are told that their is no connections.

  • The star players signing on again will enhance our chances of signing other players, kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    Staffs , the home strip looks great .. Your grow to love it trust me .. Dominating game Paule.kro

  • rhees says:

    Thanks Dan I’ve been posertive for mths now feel things improve evry month

  • bluenose52 says:

    Read on the BBC website that the guy questioned about the missing £2.5 million has been released without charge. Police still investigating.

  • atko says:

    Thanks again for the update Dan! Just a note for any Blues fans who might not be local, the Blues Ladies game is live on BT Sport tomorrow evening at 5.30pm. The Blues away kit is also apparently going to be on the website today too.

    I have to agree with GR when commenting on the extended contract of Clayton. Had we let him go, who else would we have gotten to fit perfectly in to Blues team & fill that role as good as he has? Like he says, there is nobody out there right now. It’s better news than Gray right now because without Clayton’s 16 goals last year who knows where we would be. Hopefully he can better that this year! All in all, some very positive news at the moment as you say Dan! :)

  • Dave Mann says:

    Right staffs & Paule this is my take on Kiddey1-1 Blues ,kuszczak responsible for there goal but both him and ledzkins had nothing to do , Lowry absolute quality along with Spector… Reece brown looks the part and Bostin Rostyn looks like he can do a job, Dimmi was frightening for 30 mins and Mitch Hancox showed that he’s up for it ….. BUT Koby Arthur was different class , fantastic skills and trickery but no end product though head and shoulders the best player on the pitch .. My team now for reading as it stands Is .. Ledzkins, Caddis , grounds , Morrison , Spector , Davis, brown,cotterill , Arthur, Gary , Donaldson .. That’s from THIS performance ok. Kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    Maghoma, shinnie , Thomas, cotterill were not upto it and I need convincing seriously … Maghoma was a total waste of time .. I hope he proves me wrong ,!! Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    Kiddy game : Bright performances by Gray, Arthur and Lowry looks solid. Shinnie, Maghoma, Cotterill and Thomas average. Morrison and Caddis worked well with telling passes to Arthur and Donaldson. I am Afraid Rostyn although dead ringer of Mattic of Chelsea not the answer at all. Please bluenoses no more Bostyn Rostyn.Even Kiddy was a step too far. What really amazed me during the game was that the referee did not stop for a minutes applause for Mr. Mann’s birthday,,!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Interesting to hear your views on Griffiths.. as both Tatts and Rowett thought he had a good game. It just goes to show we all see the game in different ways.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Oh Mitchell your to kind mate and thanks for your kind words and I’ve got the up most respect for you and your posts … Let’s party !!! Kro

    • paule says:

      Thanks for the match report Dave Mann sounds like there’s a few positive’s in todays performance and hopefully the players who didn’t perform will do better before the Reading game. Have a good birthday & drink loads, KRO.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Side note … Blues fans who ran on the pitch and held up the game were a disgrace .. The two were just below me and trust me I rapped them big time .. Idiots!!! Kto

  • atko says:

    The new away kit is on bcfc.com if you haven’t seen it. IMO it’s our best away shirt for years. Really smart kit!!

  • Geoff S says:


    We may be talking at cross purposes. All I was trying to say is all colours change in appearance as manufacturers use different materials to produce dye, clothing, paint, ink or whatever. Royal Blue seems to have become lighter down the years.

    That said, I STRONGLY agree about how much c**p (corporate advertising and other jazzy stuff) spoils traditional football strips. I also think the shade of blue Blues had for last season’s kit is the one to stick with along with the globe and ball crest and hope these things will be reverted to this time next year when this one-off is out of the way.

    On the new change strip: it reminds me of 1972 all over again (apart from the advertising c**p)!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      For me, it’s nothing really to do with the shade of Blue, although it seems to get further away from royal blue every year. Maybe if it didn’t have the sash on, I could get used to it, but I really do dislike it. Sorry me old mucka, but nothing will convince me to like it. The last one I disliked as much, was the 2010 – 2011 shirt. I agree though, last year’s kit was the business.

      • Geoff S says:

        I don’t like the sash either, Staffs. I think we can both agree plain blue and white (where I think the shade of blue does matter) should be the order of the day.

        I also think fans should be consulted re the playing kit. Come to think of it, if fans had more say in the ownership of the club, Pannu, CY and few others would have been gone a long time ago…

        • almajir says:

          Okay, I’m going to bite here.

          Speaking as a generality, fans have done nothing with respect to the ownership of the club and would have done nothing, “consulted” or otherwise. Businesses don’t consult their customers on who to sell their companies to, why should football clubs?

          Geoff – simple question – what have you done about it? If you’ve done nothing to change the way football clubs are run, do you have any right to moan about it?

          • Geoff S says:

            People are entitled to express opinions and you have fallen well short of your own normal high standards with such a presumptuous posting.

            I’ve expressed my disgust as and where I can re Pannu (at a time when you were bemoaning the “bed sheet” brigade) as have others. I have mentioned to you before in comments that a health condition prevents me from getting out and about as much as I would like.

            Should fans really be treated as money fodder and little else by cynical money people as you imply? Why not come clean and say?

          • almajir says:

            Yes they are entitled to express their opinions, Geoff – quite right.

            That doesn’t answer my question though, does it? What else have you done bar “express your disgust” on a website?

            Okay, so you have a health condition that means you can’t get out, fair dos. Have you written to your MP? Have you written to the football league? The HKSE? I did all three without leaving my house.

            This isn’t a jibe at you – it’s an observation in general. People are quick to say “oh you were against protest” like that makes any difference – if people felt strongly enough about something, they would do it. As far as I can see that hasn’t happened – the Trust is dying a death because no one can be bothered to join or make it do anything and I’ve yet to see an alternative.

            Fans are treated like money fodder because they act like it. Yes that is cynical but yes that is the truth.

  • Dave Mann says:

    The strip is what it is and seeing it for real yesterday it looks better in the flesh than on screen but the football is what it’s all about and it was a dominating 1-1 draw with Kidderminster with chances missed and wasted but it’s pre season and only our second game so no panic from where I was sitting …..Dimmi, Koby, Reece & lowry were the best of the bunch and from what I saw Koby Arthur behind Donaldson with cotterill & Gray out wide looks the way to go IF that’s where we are now .. Arthur played out wide but from yesterday’s performance he has to start the season but not ahead of cotterill or Gray but let’s wait and see what others come in but Brown alongside Davis looks promising also … Over the two games I would give 6/10. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      How would you rate Griffiths’ chances of earning a contract Dave? According to both Rowett and Tatts, he’s played well so far.

      • Dave Mann says:

        He played it simple and without any problems Staffs and he’s a big unit to and if the Tesche deals off then hes got a chance but needs to be more mobile… Lowry looked very good but again he needs better opposition … I’ve already said that the no 10 slot is Kobys if he wants it , full of tricks but needs to be more greedy I think! Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    As regards the strip..without Panos intervention last season and bringing EY into the vital arena I doubt very much if we would have had a team shirt in sight.

  • Geoff S says:


    I appreciate your frustration with apathy. As it happens, I did write to the Football League (I think I may even have sent you a copy of the worthless reply I received). I also invited people to contact me so an online petition against Pannu, CY and co could be started but I received no replies and my IT skills ain’t the best.

    I also recall trying on three occasions to see my local MP about a range of things and on none of those occasions did the useless man even show up. I have not always agreed with you but I have respect for your tenacious work and, when you first planned to go to HK on a fact-finding tour (the job the “Mail” ran away from because this was Blues and not their beloved villa), I was one of a number of people who pledged to get my hand in my pocket to help fund your trip.

    This whole thing started with an exchange about the new strip and, for the record, even K Brady made provision for fans to vote on Blues’ strip (for one season) in the early 2000s after one especially bad kit (the notorious Tesco shopping bag shirt) was brought out by the club to much anger from fans.

  • Geoff S says:


    I accept your apology.

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