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The Man Behind the Curtain? The Man Behind Trillion Trophy Asia

Following filings made by Birmingham City FC to Companies House with respect to the mortgage against St Andrew’s,  I have found one of the people behind Trillion Trophy Asia.

On July 29, Birmingham City FC filed this form, giving particulars of the mortgage held against St Andrews. On page seven of the PDF, it confirms who the mortgage is between – ie BCFC and Trillion Trophy Asia. It gives the Hong Kong address of Trillion Trophy Asia as Room 1501, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong. It’s also worth noting it’s the same company number as the Trillion Trophy Asia I dug up a while back.

The Address of TTA in Hong Kong

A search of that address in Hong Kong brings up on Bloomberg the name of Poly Resources Asia Ltd, which says that company is resident at that address at that time. However, from searching ICRIS, the Hong Kong Companies House website it’s possible to see that Poly Resources Asia Ltd moved from that address as of the 29 June 2015 – 18 days before the mortgage instrument was signed.

However, Google also threw up this circular issued by Enviro Energy International Holdings (HK:1102) which gives a company name of Able Victory Enterprises Ltd at that Great Eagle Centre address. A check of the major shareholders of Enviro Energy names Able Victory – and gives the name of its beneficial owner as Paul Suen Cho Hung.

Interestingly, the last annual return for Poly Resources Asia Ltd, filed in December 2014 at the 1501 Great Eagle Centre Address also names the same man as director.

On page 28 of the mortgage document linked above, buried under all the legal stuff is the same name.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 23.36.26

Paul Suen Cho Hung is the former chairman of Mission Capital Holdings Ltd (HK:1141) and is current chairman of Enviro Energy International Holdings. He’s been linked to a few HKSE companies but there isn’t much information on the internet that I can find about him. The best news I can give is that I can’t currently find an obvious or even tenuous connection between Suen and Carson Yeung.

As always, even though all the information I have given above is citable from public domain sources I must make it clear that until Birmingham International Holdings make an announcement to the HKSE confirming the identity of the beneficial owner of Trillion Trophy Asia or a disclosure is made by TTA to the HKSE if/when they take possession of shares in BIH it’s impossible to say anything is a fact.

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81 Responses to “The Man Behind the Curtain? The Man Behind Trillion Trophy Asia”

  • QBBC2 says:

    Maybe Paul Suen Cho Hung isn’t connected to Carson, maybe the connection is higher up the food chain and they are purposely not connected…?

  • Alex says:

    Are you sure that “outing” people who may not want to be named is not going to put them off?

  • Howard lane says:

    This individual seems to have links to many many companies, and be part of a network of companies that dilute share stock. This would be advantageous (potentially) in ousting the current regime by diluting their influence, but would place bcfc at the mercy of the investment vehicle that comes in.

  • weaponsguru says:

    Blimey, I hope I never pee you off Dan, you’re relentless!
    Good bit of digging again.
    Maybe we might get a bit more info pre season eh?

    I’d kinda given up on any meaningful info this side of Xmas.

    Who knows, maybe we will be sold!

  • Nigel says:

    According to hktdc.com
    Poly Resources (Asia) Limited

    Contact Person: Miss Shirley Chan
    Position: Secretary

  • Shinnie's Coiffed Barnet says:

    Fantastic bit of research again Daniel.

    Once again all other ‘credible’ news outlets are left scratching around writing complete non-stories about how Rowett thinks pre-season went etc whilst you’ve taken it upon yourself to find out proper news by using little more than an internet search engine and possibly a few calls to your sources over in the people’s republic, credit to ya!

    All the other ‘journalists’ covering Blues should be utterly ashamed of themselves for the lack of work they put into finding out the facts in this long running saga which has engulfed BCFC for the last 4 years. I can understand the frustration you have with the Mail etc on how they seemingly can’t be bothered to research into the HK affairs, something they’re paid to do!

    Please don’t give up writing the blog any time soon, I and many other thoroughly appreciate the work you do on here.


    • atko says:

      To be fair to the media, no amount of uncovering of names is going to make a bit of difference at the moment as nothing is happening. Whilst Dan’s detective attributes are first class for uncovering snippets of information, the media are completely being ridiculed by the public for not getting their facts straight before they print them & as Dan has pointed out these are not confirmed facts they are simply observations at best right now. No disrespect to Dan & this site but the aforementioned person is more likely to be a little more uncomfortable about a widespread media coverage if they wish to remain anonymous than being mentioned on here. The media are bound by codes of conduct….although some of the tabloids you wouldn’t think that, lol! I’m sure most readers are more interested in what’s going on AT the club rather than outside it so I for one am happy for them to report solely on that rather than be bothered with events in HK that aren’t moving anywhere anyway. On a side note though, Dan should be on their payroll for what he uncovers when they use his research! :)

      • almajir says:


        I think you should read more about the Leveson Inquiry before you go on about codes of conduct… as I think you have no understanding of them. If someone’s name is in a public domain source – ie Companies House – then they’re fair game to be reported on in the manner I have. If they didn’t want to be named then they could have taken steps with respect to the Companies House submission. :)

        • atko says:

          I agree Dan & my comments weren’t aimed at you in the slightest. The previous comment was referring to lazy journalism & how journalists are not reporting on the ongoing saga. My point was they don’t because they have codes of conduct which they are supposed to adhere to…albeit they don’t always. Therefore most will probably not report on any of this matter until there is something more concrete to report. You have already pointed out that your findings should not be taken as facts so I don’t see why journalists would print unconfirmed reports until they know it is fact. Journalists will not be on this 24/7 they have other things to report on, they don’t have any vested interest in Blues.

      • johnnyzulu says:

        Hilarious. He’s got time on his hands so spends weeks on Google. Hardly groundbreaking ‘journalism’. More like guesswork

        • almajir says:


          Nice to know you know me so well. I’d love to know where this “time on my hands” is cos it doesn’t feel like it at the moment :)

          Also guesswork involves making guesses. As you can see, I’ve linked everything I’ve said in this article – to Companies House in the UK and in Hong Kong. That’s not guesswork mate, that’s facts – something you don’t seem to understand.

          One thing I don’t understand is even though you take the chance to slate me every chance you can, you STILL read OP. (you must do to comment here). If it was that bad, and it was such a waste of time, what does that say about you having time on your hands, hmm?

  • Steve R says:

    Deeply impressed by the legwork, connections, intelligence and sheer perseverance you bring to bear. Thanks. Again.

  • The Family Stand says:

    In these situations where people want to hide the owner there are often cover directors who are directors of multiple companies. They give all of their docs to suffice regulations and the privacy of the real investor is maintained. Could be that going on. Difficult to tell and so it remains quite a good tactic. Or may be our new owner is Mr Hung. Bodes well.

  • AussieBlue says:

    I knew there would be an Australian connection (see end-sorry it’s long)
    Mr. Cho Hung Suen, also known as Paul, served as the Managing Director of China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group Company Ltd. from July 22, 2002 to July 30, 2003. Mr. Suen served as the Chief Executive of several private enterprises and has over 15 years of experience in international trading of metals, minerals and other raw materials, manufacturing of metal products, property investment as well as management and corporate planning of industrial enterprises in the People’s Republic of China (the ‘PRC’). Mr. Suen has an extensive experience in project investment in various businesses as well as strategic planning and corporate management of business enterprises in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China. He has been Chairman of The Board of Enviro Energy International Holdings Limited since June 8, 2015. Mr. Suen has been an Executive Chairman at Poly Capital Holdings Limited since November 20, 2007. He served as the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Mission Capital Holdings Limited from November 20, 2007 to March 3, 2015. He served as the Chairman of Huajun Holdings Limited since September 12, 2012. He served as Executive Chairman of BEP International Holdings Ltd. from August 2009 to January 28, 2014. He served as Executive Chairman of China Yunnan Tin Minerals Group Company Limited from July 22, 2002 to September 16, 2009. Mr. Suen served as Executive Chairman of Hailiang International Holdings Limited from March 1, 2012 to September 11, 2012. He served as a Non-Executive Director at BEP International Holdings Ltd. from January 28, 2014 to June 1, 2015. He served as a Non Executive Director at Hailiang International Holdings Limited from September 11, 2012 to June 3, 2014. He served as an Executive Director of Huajun Holdings Limited since September 12, 2012. Mr. Suen served as an Executive Director of BEP International Holdings Ltd. from July 15, 2009 to January 28, 2014. He served as an Executive Director of Hailiang International Holdings Limited from February 23, 2012 to September 2012. Mr. Suen holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of South Australia.

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Grief ! ! Ausiie Blue.! !

    Well done to AJ and you.

    It will need a spreadsheet to sort out the overlapping “directorships and interests” of this fella.

    He seems to be a “player” as they say, and AJ can’t connect him with Carson…actually he makes Carson look very amateur and small fry with that CV.
    If he is TTA, I doubt his interest is in footie nor gambling on 20016/17 Prem bonanza, and a mortgage on St Andrews seems very cents ‘n pence for his CV. …Why not buy the Chinese Quarter in one go…would be cheaper :-)

    IF he is TTA, then he is not here to syphon-off the odd HKmillion, for pocket-money. He don’t need Blues for that.

    I’m impressed with his activity and manouvering across businesses…..but I regard all succesful
    Capilaists, as being ‘robber-barons’ anyway.
    But if AJ is right…I’d rather go with him, with a track record in business and not a “lost record” of agreements that Carson/Peter P seemed to have.

    I was the last supporter of Peter P, you know….but I still feel a stronger allegiance to OJ’s innocence…thought I’d say that for clarity of my myopia.

    Brill research AJ…and also Ausiie.

    Thanks guys.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    I haven’t read his ‘CV’ as above. Is the consensus that his presence in TTA will be good for BCFC?

    • almajir says:

      I think it would help if people even knew who he was – there isn’t much out there – and what his motivations were before deciding if he was good or not for BCFC Julian…

  • pete says:


    Thanks for this. I, like others I am sure, started searching the man. Oddly names kept coming up. These were poly, tan and Wang. I won’t claim to be able to make sense of what Google was finding but are these not associated family names to be alarmed about?

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    With regard to the secrecy issue just because something is in the public domain doesn’t mean it’s automatically not private. Eric Schmidt of Google thinks he can use any of our personal data because ‘what have we got to hide’. Let’s just lay off TTA and give them some slack.

    • almajir says:


      Your comment makes no sense. If a document is in the public domain – ie on a publicly searchable archive, which Companies House is – then it’s automatically not private, it cannot be by the very definition.

      “Personal data” doesn’t necessarily equal public domain.

      • BhamCityJulian says:

        Dan. I understand that but now his name is known the digging won’t stop will it?

        With old BIH / CY / PP there was a reason to dig. For new BIH we are run by
        respectable businessmen who won’t want any connection to the ‘dark side’

        There’s a difference between in the ‘public’ (ie BCFC fans) interest – old BIH and ‘publicly interesting’ ie nice to know – new BIH

        But whatever I trust your judgemnt

        • chris says:

          Julian “nice to know” it is not, after what we and many other clubs fans have gone through, while fully understanding stock market rules and timings, i want transparency.
          many of us stated misgivings when Yeung took over with lack of information, lack of funding and his conviction in court and it led us to where we are today.
          so asap i want to know who these people are, who owns our ground and club and their intentions.
          i don’t expect them to be rich and plough money into the club, but i do want honesty, communication, openess and a development plan.

          • BhamCityJulian says:

            It would be ‘nice to know’ what decisions are being made in the boardroom too but we’re not entitled too. Some things you can’t have but it doesn’t mean anything sinister

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Is Able Victory so named because of a connection with acquiring Witton Rangers?

  • fingles says:

    Good work Dan.

  • Latchford says:

    Good detective work, Dan and I agree with above post that other Blues journalists have been disgraceful in their non coverage of this. But, let’s be clear, this is not, on the face of it, good news for the club but rather further evidence that TT Asia are merely interested in the HK listing, seemingly to reverse in an energy business. They are keeping the football club on life support, only supplying the minimum loan finance to keep it alive, not investing properly in the team. Sadly, this whole saga has never been about the football club, but rather about faceless Chinese businessmen with ulterior motives who will never step inside StAndrews. Panos, to my mind, remains their unwitting frontman for the club, powerless to run it as he might want to see the football club run but instead saying what he is told/allowed to say (which, let’s be honest is next to nothing). This is not a good state of affairs and has several potentially disastrous outcomes for BCFC. You should not be shouldering alone, Dan, the task of digging into what is really going on. The brutal truth is that while we fans yearn for positive news about a brighter future for our club, those running the show in HK have very different motives. The spectre of CY may be the least of our worries.

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Tenuous link, tongue firmly in cheek, Enviro Energy International Holdings Ltd has listed as one of their interests Exploration, development and production of coal bed methane (CBM) and natural gas in China, is this not the field of interest that CY was hoping to move into? I don’t think he was expecting to be ousted by it. Kro

  • Brian says:

    I know this is a long shot but poly, has in Miss Poly Anna Chu

  • I am not getting this , why would a big hitter like mister suen be remotely interested in a small company like BIH unless it is to be used as another smokescreen for the group or to stop other big hitters from getting in to the stock market as opposition , as didn’t BIH want to buy into mining , but there again BCFC could treble in value over 10months , but then again perhaps not , if they are not willing to name names they certainly are not going to divulge intentions,

  • Latchford says:

    Why was my post deleted, Dan ?

    • almajir says:

      It wasn’t, it just wasn’t approved. As I’ve said many, many, many times before – sometimes comments require approval and I’m not around 24/7 to approve them.

  • Andy W says:

    Looks like he put about £15m into this project in December, so clearly has a few coins rattling in his pockets… http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-12-12/shengjing-bank-investors-seeking-1-4-billion-in-ipo

  • rvh1t says:

    I suspect that your excellent digging (pun) has helped to consolidate the view that these investors, with Mr Suen as front man, are not interested in the football club but the HKSE listing for their mining and commodities interests. Not necessarily a bad thing, if they sell the club on to someone who really cares. Well done Dan.

  • swissjonny says:

    I have no proof of what im about to say its just a gut feeling from my increasingly abundant gut.I dont think this deal has legs.Its just doesnt feel right.I fear its just keeping the status quo.I cannot understand why E and Y failed to enter into discussions with other totaly credible suitors who could have had the deal wrapped up in a much quicker more usual timescale.I expect that the administrators will be having a very good Xmas.

    • atko says:

      People always seem to think that E&Y’s involvement is a good thing for Blues as they are a reputable company but let’s not forget that E&Y based in HK will equally have the HK market’s interests at heart too. If this drags on for the full 2 years then that’s more than a good little earner for E&Y too. I don’t necessarily share other people’s joy at E&Y’s involvement to be honest, I think it is causing many delays. The only good is court cases that are costing CY more money. Sooner or later he will have to sell! If I had a choice for Blues it would be to completely get out of any HK connection because the whole HK law is ridiculous. These people are so obsessed with their status on the HK Stock Exchange yet they are allowed to remain ‘suspended’ for what seems to be an indefinite period of time until this is sorted. Surely you would expect the HK Exchange to dictate the time frame this has to be sorted or else their listing would be removed! The whole HK Market to me seems a sham & we are better off out of it & sooner the better!

    • AussieBlue says:

      I’m tending to be with Swiss Johnny on this. TTA registered in BV Islands, secrecy, cloak and dagger; no transparency; mystery man with no past except a degree from an Australian University, several exec directorships, no hint of just ‘WHO?’ he really works for and with.

      It’s Chintown, man… (Jack Nicholson)

  • Dave Mann says:

    I think we all know that atko ! Kro

  • Disgruntled says:

    I am waiting to see how long it takes before Pollyanna Chu’s name is linked to this “takeover” of BIH.

  • duchess says:

    What the hell does it matter!? if this is the guy and he has a few quid then who cares… gotta be better than ex gambler and hairdresser, which this guy is clearly not and in fact a very astute senior business figure!

    In July he had the shares of that Enviro Energy transferred to him equating to $240M… clearly he has a few pennies!

    Bring on Saturday and a brighter future than what we had! :-)

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Like when you sell your it might take a while but there’s always one person who’ll be interested in it. I’m happy to take it at face value that TTA are seeing a big city club that can make it back it back to the Prem without needing to spend a fortune to do it. Talented and wise MD and football manager and a sensible budget. Stay under the radar to keep everyone guessing how much wealth they have.

    We’ve seen evidence on more monies being spent on new and current players. I’m hoping to see some evidence that Stans has had some TLC too. I thought I saw some of them Kop Corner turnstiles being repaired.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    If you can’t be optimistic before the first game of the season when can you?

  • Zuludave says:

    has this bloke got any money?

    • duchess says:

      considering how many shares he has in a number of companies and he gave £15M to Blues and BIH before he has bought it… I would say so! loads more than the tin pot businessman that is Carson Yeung!

  • Duchess says:


    Read this! http://www.4-traders.com/business-leaders/Cho-Hung-Suen-06V5LB-E/biography/

    Point to his share holding in BEP, worth over $1Bn US!

  • MrB says:

    Pure conjecture and I don’t even know if it’s even allowed/possible but… Let’s take an imaginary scenario:

    1. Holding company (BIHL) with a valuable listing on the HKSE. Can’t keep their listing and sell their other primary asset (BCFC) without having another business operating to keep the listing.

    2. Have BIHL that has an owner damned to sell up, but administrators are running the day-to-day show.

    3. Have a venture capitalist that wants the HKSE listing for one of his other business interests.

    4. The venture capitalist company provides loans to the holding company.

    5. The administrators agree a debt/equity swap leaving the venture capitalist as the major shareholder.

    6. One of the venture capitalists other interests is moved into the group, triggering a round of shares being issued and diluting the original BIHL shareholders to reduce their influence more and to represent the additional value with the new interest in the group.

    7. BCFC is sold off as a separate entity, without affecting the holding company’s HKSE status.

  • Jazzzy786 says:

    Wel hung available suen – would make a great advert in the personals department

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