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The most important contract renewal of all

Birmingham City have secured seven first-team players on long-term deals this summer with David Cotterill being the latest last week. It’s marked a movement to a more medium-term vision at St Andrew’s with the core of the squad now committed to the club beyond the end of this season. Even with all these contracts being handed out I fear the club have missed one person out – possibly the most important link in the chain – Gary Rowett.

We all know what an amazing job Rowett has done since he took charge of St Andrew’s. We’ve witnessed with our own eyes the uplift in fortune but the numbers need to published once again just to show in black and white how good he has been for the club.

36 league games. 16 wins. 60 points – which extrapolated to a 46 game season would be around 77 points and would almost certainly see the team in the top six.

As we head into the Autumn it’s a certainty that the Premier League sack race will begin – and if Blues maintain anything like the momentum they have shown so far Gary Rowett will be a hot commodity – a young English manager working miracles on a relative shoestring. I have no doubt that as the p45s are issued by Premier League chairmen Rowett will be a name mentioned in the media at least as someone who could step up.

Although we may not have made the signings I was quite hoping for (I was hoping for a permanent centre back deal to be tied up) the Birmingham City administrative team have to be commended for standing firm on the Dimmy Gray situation – even when in the final days of the window it seemed someone was trying to stir the pot on a move for the talented teenager. The next challenge for them I think will be holding on to Rowett and while I believe that Rowett is very happy to stay I think it would be good PR at least to reaffirm his value to the club with a new deal.

Rowett is currently contracted on a 12 month rolling deal much like his predecessors Lee Clark and Chris Hughton. While it gives Blues 12 months worth of security should a Premier League team come in I’d like to see Blues improve that to a two or three year deal with a hefty release clause in the same manner as Steve Bruce had. I’m not going to be naive and say that would ensure Rowett would stay come what may but I think it would do a few things.

Firstly, it would be a mark of intent that Blues wanted to hang onto Rowett for the medium to long-term, warning off the casual enquiries at least and ensuring that if any Premier League chairman came a-calling that they would have to bring their negotiating boots. Secondly, it would be a repayment of faith to Rowett that the club believe in him and his vision and hopefully cement his feelings of wanting to see the job through at St Andrew’s.

Thirdly – and potentially most importantly, it would be a statement of intent to the fans: That Blues are no longer a club that can be picked off at will by other clubs and that the people at the top are looking to take the club onwards and upwards rather than just trying to survive.

I don’t know if Rowett’s contract has come up at all within B9 but I have faith that Panos sees what we see and hopefully will be looking to the Receivers Ernst and Young and Trillion Trophy Asia to provide the funds necessary to convince Rowett to sign on for a longer deal. I hope that he can convince them to do that sooner rather than later – and that we’ll continue to reap the rewards of the Rowett revolution.

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55 Responses to “The most important contract renewal of all”

  • daddyblue 1 says:

    Totally on the mark there Dan, sign him up on 5 year contract with a 10 buy out clause at least Kro4ever

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Traditionally, the Premier League sack race begins around December. If, by then, Blues are in a good position in the Championship, there’s a possibility that teams in the bottom half of the prem might fancy taking a chance. Would Blues stand in his way if a prem team came knocking? Is a contract really worth the paper it’s printed on these days? Do managers have agents?

  • Murph says:

    Best of the best Gary , it’s not luck it’s being ahead of the game , hard work . Can you imagine him in charge of Man U instead of bingo board holder manager ? Hope he fulfills he’s and our dreams at St. Andrews , legend already mr Rowett , all of us are behind you .kro

  • Raymondo says:

    I think Derby County were considering GR before their las appointment, especially as he still lives in their area. Lucky for us he wasn’t tempted. KRO

  • peterbates says:

    I think gr realises that we gave him an opportunity to be at bcfc and knows about loyalty look how loyal he’s been with the new contracts for the players I also think panos also will be loyal to gr and the club in general and I am sure he will do what is right by gr gary rowett has bought the feel good factor to the club but credit must also go to panos and e&y and I think together with the supporters good times appear to be on the horizon let’s hope so kro

  • bluemaximus says:

    Here, Here.

    I genuinely believe we have a very special Manager. One that is destined for the very top. Derby will already have eyes, and I certainly had butterfly’s when Leicester sacked Pearson in the Summer.

    Get that contract sorted, for him and his backroom team.

  • chris says:

    keep saying it but Panos seems slow or reluctant to do a deal unless he has and has been rejected?
    We have seen the major contrasts in manager’s and we need to try and get our most important team members signed up on longer and stronger contracts.
    Come on Panos.

  • Singapore Brum says:

    I don’t think a normal contract is going to stop any top club knocking on our door.

    I agree that an improved contract sends a message but I wouldn’t blame Rowett for taking a potential once in a lifetime deal to manage a top PL club should that opportunity arise. He has taken a team that was destined for relegation, not only saved them from the drop, but put self belief back into the team and the fans, all that on a minimal budget.

    In other words, he has done his job and more and as much as I am sure he would like to be at the helm taking Brum back to the PL, without the investment to back him, that is surely a long shot? So when the time comes, I will say “Thank you Gary and all the best”. The contract to me simply means a few more pounds that another club will have to pay.

  • rhees says:

    Needs to be signed up swiftly look at Houghton now.
    Garry best manager in many a yr
    Loan market I think for centre half love Kyle back from sansea

    • Blueboi14 says:

      On deadline day, Sheff U made an offer for Dan Burn that was rejected by Fulham. Fulham later that day bought in the Wolves center half.

      I wouldn’t mind Burn back with a view to a permanent deal.

  • Mitchell says:

    It is not a question of if GR will move upwards, more of when.I would imagine every Champ. club will have him top of their wish lists. It could be Forest, Derby, QPR etc. My hope is that he stays long enough for TTA to complete the takeover process.

  • chris says:

    The last paragraph about TTA sums it up for me, in that if any of the £13 million loan is allowed to be used by BCFC, then it should be towards a new contract for GR and the rest of the backroom team.
    That would be money well spent, compared to wasting that loan money on a player who may or may not perform.
    A £4 million release clause on this management team should be inserted too, with of at least 75% of that linked to the manager himself.
    These sort of sums will put off most clubs except the prem clubs and one or two in the Championship.
    Hughton decimated our backroom when he left, so imo we should be protecting what Panos & GR have built up over the last 11 months.

  • Bluejohn says:

    My guess is that Gary Rowett will want to see what life is like under Trillion trophy Asia. He will have been fully informed by Mr Panos what they are about, and for all we know a future contract may already have been promised. If Gary leaves before the takeover it would suggest that TTA are not up to the job. Having seen what Mr Panos has achieved so far I would suggest that the new owners will be top draw. Mr P will be as keen as all of us to keep Gary and his team at the club for the long term. I am hoping that Gary’s reign at Blues will mimic David Moyes at Everton, because if Gary is given the ‘tools’ to take us and keep us in the Premier league, I am sure he will be in no rush to jump ship. KRO

  • Adam True Blue says:

    I don’t know if it just me, but I think GR is enjoying the challenge that he has undertaken and relishing the challenges ahead, and while there is all the turmoil in HK he is probably one of the securist managers in the championship, he is not going to be constantly looking over his shoulder and is not expected (outside of fans expectations) to produce outstanding results and I would imagine his bosses would are happy with the steady ship he has helped to produce, then on top of this thousands of Birmingham fans love him and have labelled him their saviour, he is a young manager with hopefully a very bright future (possibly with Birmingham :-) ), WHY would he consider leaving when he has not yet achieved what he set out to do, I think too many people think all managers are that shallow and would be too easily tempted by bigger salaries.
    I have faith and believe that we have a manager that is looking for job satisfaction above a short term higher paid position, and IF he achieves his goals with US then surely the rewards would also follow. Kro and bring on the Vile

  • atko says:

    Whilst I agree we need to do everything in our power to try to secure GR’s services & his backroom staff long term, I also can’t help feeling that the takeover is what is holding everyone back. There is no guarantee that TTA are going to take Blues on so until there is a takeover set in stone as it were, then I feel that nothing can be progressed. It’s not unusual for a change in ownership to mean a new manager & backroom staff. Look at all the problems at Leeds when they were taken over & fans were happy with the job their manager had done but their board insisted on a change. Until there is something more concrete I can’t see neither Blues offering anything longer than the rolling 12 month deal nor can I see GR accepting anything if it were. The management situation is the only thing that we might come unstuck with due to this takeover saga. Blues have handled themselves superbly, GR & his staff have been amazing given the circumstances. I think GR is wise enough to take a leaf out of his own book having gotten Dimmy to stay put & learn his trade. I’m sure there is a lot more GR can learn before he decides to move on to bigger things. Remember he was only a Barnet 12 months ago. The sooner we can get this takeover sorted though, the sooner we might be able to breath a little easier with regard to management IMO.

  • I think Gary has two loves in football Birmingham and derby , his son supports derby and would like him to manage derby , the only problem with that would be if Gary failed at derby his sons friends could turn against his son and make life hard at home , so he is at a club that wants him there by all , a club that is big enough to make him a multi millionaire in the near future ,take us all the way to the top Gary ,you to panos , make the A38 between brum and Burton Rowetts way , we have a dream make it happen ….kro ps sorry Burton I honestly do like shopping there …

  • ChrisG says:

    When GR played for us & the prem came calling he was off like a shot, so if it happened again as a manager I would probably expect the same outcome. GR like Dimmi is prrobably in the best possible place now to be learning & plying his trade, I mean look what happened with Hughton, he jumped ship & failed miserably.

  • Bluedad says:

    Another excellent logical written piece and “oh so true” well done

  • Bluey says:

    I doubt GR would sign a new long-term contract as things stand. My guess would be that he will bide his time to see if ownership changes and whether that will mean he has a fighting chance in the transfer market. If this doesn`t materialise then don`t be surprised if a bigger club steps in for him and he decides to take his chance.And would we really blame him?

  • Blue Steve says:

    Derby have not had a very good start to the season and Paul Clement is inexperienced and has limited experience as a number 1 in English football. If I were to guess I would say he won’t last very long. At which time my guess would be that Derby will have GR firmly in their sights. A long contract and a hefty release clause may scare them away. Whether GR will sign – I’m not sure…..

  • darren says:

    would disagree dan – i think rolling 12 mths is enough, at the end of the day he is under contract so any predator would need to ask the club first, otherwise GR would have to give notice and wait 12 mths, dont see what diff 2-3 yr contract would make?

    if GR does fall out of favour at some point (always possible in football) the club are only committed to 12 months pay – so i would leave as is – i think rolling 12 mths is the best for the club

  • Roger Me says:

    Great Article Dan. I would also like to add I don’t think Rowett would jump ship as look what happened when the Scottish Judas did the same to Vile Park it ruined his career.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    For the players that have extended their contracts they have accepted extra job security knowing that they are probably at the pinnacle of their careers. Some may taken longer than other to sign on the dotted line, but sign they did.

    For Gary (and his staff) the success they had at Burton is repeating here, so they will have the confidence in believing that their ambitions could realised. Only if they were convinced this could be at BCFC would they commit to longer than 12 months surely. There’s no need to renegotiate a new contract unless they wanted improved salary.

    If Gary know enough about Trillion that his ambitions could be realised at BCFC he’ll bear this in mind if another job offer comes along.

  • DMC says:

    I don’t think there’s any chance any premier league club, even one struggling by Christmas, would try to get Rowett

    for all we love him he’s still relatively inexperienced and given the riches within the premier league when there’s experienced managers like Fat Sam lurking in the wings unemployed it’s a risk I can’t see any club taking irrespective of their league position

  • Tony says:

    Think we may be getting ahead of ourselves a little here. GR Has done a fantastic job up to now just lets see where we finish up at the seasons end.
    The suggestion that a top premiership club may come calling is a bit fanciful I think, they wouldn’t take the chance on an untried manager neither would their supporters who would demand a top name.
    Lets not forget the last man who tried the step up Houghton, he didn’t last long.If a Prem club did come in for him it would be the likes of Sunderland, Norwich , etc. Gary has done a magnificent job the point is emphasised by the appalling performance of his predecessor who was easily the worst manager we have ever employed, or anyone had ever employed.
    As for a new deal I’m all for it he deserves it, and he shows great promise for the future.

  • andy says:

    I remember Ron Saunders having a roll on contract with Birmingham and the then Forest boss, a certain Brian Clough was envious!

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    I see Derby as the only threat and even then would represent a big gamble on GR’s part. He’s making a great fist of it at Blues and his stock is obviously very high at the moment so why would he want to change that at this point in his managerial career? I think there are a lot of parallels to be drawn from the the Dimmi situation and I see Rowett as a man that would practice what he preaches.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    So do Davis advocates still want him in place of Gleeson?

  • kford bluenose says:

    GR is most definitely the most valuable asset Blues have at present (excl. St Andrews) and I think most of us would put him above any other staff or squad member within the organisation as vital in picking us up off the floor and giving us a positive outlook . However we have all felt the pain in the past when we have lost what we consider to be irreplaceable individuals and yet we move on and someone else steps in and becomes the ‘new idol’. I was gutted when we lost Hughton, the football we played in our first season after relegation certainly gave cause for optimism. Then we hit a slump under LC until, here we are now, enjoying the GR revolution. If GR was tempted away it would be either because of an offer he couldn’t refuse or he saw no evidence that Blues had a bright future with the current off-field situation. Let’s enjoy it while we can and continue to show GR true football love, for a team with no cash, behind the scenes chaos, an uncertain future but fans who turn out in their thousands for huge games against giants of the game such as MK Dons. KRO

  • AussieBlue says:

    Depends what floats GR’s boast. Some do it just for the money, some for the pride, some for love. Or a mix of all three. What I see from here and post-match interviews is a man of immense integrity and genuine concern for the state of BCFC and football in general. However, he’s definitely no one’s fool so he can’t be blamed for not committing long-term while the parent company is in the mess it’s in. Was similar with Steve Bruce eh? Yeung & Co would not commit to him so he wouldn’t commit to them. He was right and we lost a great manager imho. Could happen again but somehow I doubt it. GR’s got a lot of hard bark on him and I think his tree-toots go a lot deeper at Stans than most managers. Having said that, if Chelsea is still bottom half come January; who you gonna call Roman?

  • AussieBlue says:

    BOAT not boast! sorry mates.

    • Raymondo says:

      I think GR is here for the long haul and if our eventual new owners have any savvy and are well informed enough through football channels, they’ll want him to stay on and the rest of his team as well. Just need E @ Y tot steer the company of BIH in the right direction and TTA to put a few bob in to buy a few extra players and we have a good future once we’re rid of the Yeung/Pannu influence. KRO.

  • AussieBlue says:

    and ‘tree roots’ not ‘toots!! Gawd, what’s wrong with me?

  • Mitchell says:

    I feel the most defining moment will come for our future status after the Bristol and Forest games. My feeling is that should we gain maximum points and this is now very possible, our position in the league could be mouth watering. Bearing this in mind two possibilities shout out for me. Firstly, GR will be the number one target anywhere in the Champ.with sack race by many in swing. However, more productive and vital to Blues is that with the real prospect of Prem. football ahead-the pull of this carrot should galvanise TTA in speeding up the takeover process and ensuring GR a lucrative contract and the backing of players to fear nobody in the push for the £100m. Jackpot.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    2,800 allocation for the next round of the League Cup!!!!!

  • Brumbie says:

    I think our allocation for the villa game has been decided by our local police and not by villa. The fact it is an evening game makes it more volatile and with the yobs from both clubs able to get well tanked up and spoil it for the genuine fans.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      I am sure you are right but what will happen now is plenty of Blues fans in with the home fans and potentially even more trouble. I was going to stay away anyway for the reasons you mention so doesn’t make any difference to me. I don’t reckon the home areas will sell out completely.

  • Brumbie says:

    I don’t think it would be wise for our fans to sit in home sections, Isat in the Doug Ellis stand in 2004 and took a thumping and there were other bluenoses who had a rough time. I hope that they agree to increase our allocation if it’s possible as the majority of fans are law abiding. The fixture does have a history of trouble over the years the last cup game being an example ending in us only allowing them 1500’tickets for the next league game at SA.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Been to my fair share of these over the years in both ends and shall give it a miss. Perhaps I’m showing my age but seen too many normal people turn into drunk psychotic loons.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Enjoying myself here in Germany , one of the most organised , beautiful & enjoyable breaks ime having and the views from the Rhine are breathtaking .. As for the football the allocation is laughable & if they think that’s going to keep the trouble to a minimum then that’s there argument but ime not so sure but I will be going with the family and let’s just hope that we beat the vile and have a peacefull evening of celebration.kro

  • Brumbie says:

    Dave, do you really think if we turn them over it will be a peaceful evening ? Wishful thinking !

  • Dave Mann says:

    It was tongue in cheek sarcasm on my part Brumbie , I will be just ever so slightly exited and buzzing with joy .. I hope that is not wishfully thinking . Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    Whilst Mr. Mann is doing his bit for EU relations (impeccably no doubt) I am still smarting at Wolves getting Nathan Byrne from Swindon. I know I must be boring the pants of bluenoses but this player is right back, right midfield and electric pacy right winger. He would have made that promo. possible. However will say no more. Next two games could net us points to go into game in hand with Brentford on a roll. As stated at season start, plenty of 1-0 wins will do. Don’t care how lucky we are -we are owed a little joy. Our first bit of joy no doubt will be the return of Mr. Mann having I hope done his Basil Fawlty German walk!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Absolutely Mitchell, Thursday night at our hotel and a party of Germans turned up on the evening had there meal then or marched of to bed at 9pm prompt .. My Basil Fawlty walk following then in there wake and the rest of our party all laughing at my antics … Not a word from any of them and a sense of humour that’s as dry as some of the wine tasting I’ve been doing all week .. The country itself is absolutely fantastic around the rhine valley & the Black Forest but the Germans ??? Not so sure . Kro

    • David L says:

      I’m really conscious that this is a footy not a political place, but just wanted to say something re Germans and ‘humour’. It’s not meant in any way personally Dave.

      I have German in-laws and would agree that they are great people. They are fully aware of the evil that lies in their past, but know that this is over three generations ago, and they are trying to move on. My in laws cannot understand our fascination with us harking back to WW2 after all this time, and find the whole Fawlty Towers thing incomprehensible.

      As for German comedy – what do you think of Henning Vehn ?

      Anyway – with our 2nd kit, surely the Rheinlanders should all be Beau Brummies!

      • AussieBlue says:

        Answer is simple David L. They want to forget all about WW11; we never will and neither will the families of the 60 million people who died as a result. It’s not 3 generations..there are still war criminals alive and being prosecuted. And there are still neo-Nazis in Germany. Your in-laws are probably very nice people – I once married an Austrian as it happens – but sweeping WW11 under the carpet is a flaw in the national characters of both countries. For the record I visit Germany frequently and have German business associates; I can forgive but never, never forget.

        • almajir says:

          Can we a) leave off the politics and b) discuss the article?

          OP is not a forum – please do not treat it as one.

          Aussie – not just directed at you.

          • AussieBlue says:

            Yes Dan…sorry; just couldn’t let such statements go unanswered but you’re right…not the place.
            Is French existentialism as postulated by Jean-Paul Sartre permitted? ;-)

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Wes Thomas scored on his debut for Swindon today. Scored the second (effectively the winner) in a 3-1 win.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Just like the Gillingham game at at to-be-relegated Millwall last season he has found his level

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