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Nadirs and Rebuilding

I fear the world is coming to an end – Tim Sherwood has been sacked, Gary Rowett has lost  a game – and I agreed with something Stan Collymore said.

The Birmingham Mail published an article yesterday expanding on Collymore talking about how the mob from across the expressway could learn a trick or two about how to run a club from us; not necessarily the Gary Rowett factor, but his backroom staff and in particular Darren Robinson.

It’s weird because this time last year was our nadir. I remember walking out of St Andrew’s having seen us be humped 8-0 by Bournemouth thinking that I really did hate football at that time. Twelve months on and look at the difference – even though we lost yesterday I’m feeling utterly positive about this season.

I feel I should ensure that a friend of mine gets the credit he deserves for something he posted on my Facebook wall after the match.


The thing is that I think the effect on Blues has been more than just about bringing in a suave and intelligent manager like Rowett; it’s possible to see how the ethos of the whole squad has changed and how the club is looking to build an infrastructure to ensure that there continues to be a production line of talent.

People (including myself) have knocked our scouting setup – and in truth I still would like to see more resources spent on it as Blues continue to build – but the fact remains if you look at the players brought into the club over the last twelve months it’s been more than just finding players who are “good”; there has been a lot of focus on bringing in players with the right mentality.

Football clubs can’t afford to be as they were twenty or maybe even ten years ago – with the ever-increasing amounts of money sloshing around the game clubs it’s harder to compete and it’s important for clubs like Blues to be able to make every penny spent in transfer fees and wages count.

Bringing through talent that has been spotted either at a young age and nurtured through an academy or has been found playing a lower level team and can make the step up can be the difference between finding a bargain that will go on to be a valuable asset and making an absolute mess of a signing.

I don’t often talk about the mob from B6 on here – mainly because I try to not care what they do – but the truth is what I fear they will do most is understand why they are continually struggling. I hope they’ll once again go down the short-termist route of appointing another manager to help them preserve their Premier League status for another season (like they did with Sherwood) rather than bringing in someone who will overhaul things and get them back on the right track.

Last year really was our nadir – but we’re on the path now towards much better things. It’s probably wrong and spiteful to say this but I hope they ignore the words of their “fan” Mr Collymore and continue on their own path of misery.


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58 Responses to “Nadirs and Rebuilding”

  • Dave Mann says:

    I will nominate Mr Lee Clark to take over at Vile park .. they deserve each other .. A match made in heaven ( for us) .. But it will be Brendon Rodgers , unfortunetly !! Kro

  • Tony Knight says:

    It’s a question of who they can afford and how much they are willing to pay – I suspect it will be a lesser known overseas coach

  • Dave Mann says:

    We’re see .. Maybe Nigel Pearson ? Kro

  • DoctorD says:

    Good post. I’d forgotten Edgar got a red card that day when it was 1-0 to Bournemouth and that Paul Caddis missed a penalty at 3-0. Your Facebook poster was spot on.

  • StevieW says:

    This came to early, they will again escape the trap door.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      That’s the thought that peed me off. This was the best chance of them dropping out of the premier… now it’s gone. I think almost anybody will do a better job and keep them up.

    • steve says:

      Don’t be so sure. Not only did they have a poor manager,they have a poor team.I don’t expect them to attract a top draw manager.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    It seems like David Moyes is the favourite, but I’ve seen Gary Rowett’s name being mentioned at 20/1. I don’t believe Gary would jump ship but it will be scary the better he does for us.

    • steve says:

      Would Moyes want to go from one relegation battle to an even more difficult relegation battle? If he wants to rebuild his career in England,i can’t see it being with a team at the foot of the division.

  • Tony E says:

    Has Rodgers reached a settlement with Liverpool, if not would he risk losing it by taking another job now? Sorry B6 have sacked Dim Time, I thought he was doing a great job!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Who the hell cares about them, !!.

    I am just grateful for Panos, and the backroom staff WE have, Then Gary and his backroom staff,.

    we can concentrate on maintaining Our position in among the top 10, [ Preferably — Top 6 ] Play-offs a possibility this season, KRO.

  • ChrisG says:

    Really disappointed that Tiny Tim has left vile, I think most of us felt he was definately the man to bring success this season, well successful relegation anyway!!. Not only could vile learn from us how to run a club they could also learn how to support one too, 2-0 down yesterday & we still out sung the home fans, brilliant. KRO

  • Dave Mann says:

    Oldbluenose , it’s not that we care about them is it man! ..we’re just love taking the Michael when there gonna be bottom of the league come 2’o clock as Sunderland lead 2-0 .. And yes we are all grateful ! Kro

  • Bluey says:

    I very much doubt GR will be the next mug at vile park. No top-flight experience and that is something they need so David Moyes would be the obvious choice. GR isn`t even price-quoted looking at my on-line bookie which, whilst not being definitive,is a reasonable guide to whether something is likely to happen.It could but i don`t see it. Bob Bradley at 14/1 seems a bit of value if you`re a betting kind of person.

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    I agree with Dave Mann that Randy Lerner should really consider Lee Clark. If he doesn’t like Clark, then he could perhaps call in John Carver, Pepe Mel or the Norwegian Egil “Drillo” Olsen ;-)

  • Dave Mann says:

    Swedish Bluenose, I would put all those four ahead of Nigel Pearson, David Moyes, Brendon Rodgers and Sir Gary Rowett … No completion in my mind mate ! Kro

  • Bradley says:

    You’re all mental if you think Moyes or Rodgers would even consider the job! Their team is simply not good enough to be in the top tier of English football, neither of them will want to handle what can only be described as a ticking time bomb.

    • Bluey says:

      Why wouldn`t they consider the job? It`s a big club with huge potential and many managers would love the challenge.I`m not saying it will happen but i wouldn`t be that surprised. And i`m of sound mind thankyou very much.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Bradley, we’re all Blues fans , of course we’re mental !! Kro

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Moyes or Rodgers not a chance.Pearson will get the job off the back of Leicester’s escape last season and I think he’s the perfect man to take em down!
    Felt strangely unbothered by our loss yesterday. It had to happen sooner or later and it’s a tough away day out of the way.Not many are going to take much away from up there this season and we’ll level it up when they come to our place.

    • ChrisG says:

      Hillfield Blues, i’m with you I felt strangely unbothered by yesterdays result, even on the coach on the way back after a loss it would normally be like a library, but it was if all other bluenoses accepted we’d been beaten by the better team & were looking forward to 3 points next week

  • Dave Mann says:

    So do I , nothing to worry about . Kro

  • Blue Lizard says:

    Timothy had lost the plot….his eyes were wild like he’d been hitting the bottle and I think he was looking for a way out..why else with half a brain(benefit of the doubt)would you criticise your chairman in public?..I wish they would have kept him to finish the job and take them down. What about Stanley the mouth of Cannock taking over? he seems to know everything?Has he got his badge? or has he only got badges for services to dogging ?I’m sure he could finish them!..Who would want it with the history of meddling and firing?..i wish them doom and gloom and hope they get what they deserve .

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I see Gary Rowett is 5th joint favourite at 20/1 for the B6 job.

  • zxcv says:

    No up and coming Manager will go anywhere near that sh/hole

  • steve says:

    Enter Lee Clark :)

  • Zuludave says:

    Hi Dan, both my lads play in Sutton and have both been scouted by Walsall and Albion. Blues scouts don’t venture over here and are missing out big time, what they need is a development centre like a Stoke do att Goals, Perry Barr, not expensive to set up and we would have the city covered. The Wolves scout was out today looking at my 11 year old again today, bloody Wolves! Thankfully the scum are so far up themselves as usual you never see their scouts and to get them to look at your lad is too much trouble. Come on Blues, I could give you three or four good prospects now! Come and watch the Erdington v Sutton district game under 11s Nov 21st super players on show!

  • Anthony Hawkins says:

    I think the Vile need to get this appointment correct cause they are rapidly turning into a Sunderland who seem to go through managers every 6 months. They are becoming that new oxo cube the laughing stock

  • What makes a club successful is everyone pulling together , so a good consistency can be achieved to manage success , all have to believe , once too many heads go down you have to turn everything upside down to achieve this to aviod relegation , as to believe for to long without success makes a club fodder for that graveyard stalker they call the great reaper . as many good managers have found to their doom , so come on let’s get this show back on track again , come on rowetts raiders, kro

  • Nappa says:

    I think they’ll escape. as per usual, bye throwing money at someone, highly possibly Moyes, just like they did with, Bent, Benteke and so on and so forth………………… S.O.T.V! ! !

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Think it’s different this time mate. Lerner has had enough of throwing money at them and wants out of it. Also I don’t reckon any descent manager with his head screwed on would go anywhere near them,nobody wants a nailed in relegation on their CV. Looking foreward to seeing them one way or another next season.

  • Mitchell says:

    Big difference to last Saturday’s results for Sherwood and us- we returned pointless and no bonus-he walked out of Villa pointless but winning the £2m. Lottery in the form of sacking compensation. Puts everything into perspective doesn’t it.

  • zxcv says:

    I hear there is a cricket match on in Southampton tomorrow night. lol

  • Stephen Wood says:

    Unfair on Tim Sherwood ? To be fair , i can not understand for the life of me why Villa chose him in the first place? Why chose someone (For a top premier club) with NO track record ?? That said, Rowett had only managed Burton Albion. Tim , a brief spell as deputy coach of Tottenham. But who has the better record ? Still, at the end of the day most of us would have settled for £2mil compensation. Is this what draws No hopers to Villa ? A quick ‘wham bam, thank you Mam’ £2mil that will do for me?

  • Mitchell says:

    With Wolves around the corner, this game I feel hinges on us keeping eleven on the pitch. Tricky opponents who can raise their game sometimes but also look very dire at the back. Afobe and Fondre carry most threat with the plodding McDonald the only players who give 100%. Without doubt we have a side well equipped to win providing patience is kept in check- it is just this niggling feeling about keeping to eleven on the pitch especially with Robbo. possibly up against Afobe.

  • Richard Reeves says:

    We should all vote for Clark on any poll

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