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GAMEDAY – Fulham away

Gary Rowett takes his team to Fulham hoping that he can snap a winless streak and give the travelling army of 4,000 Blues fans something to cheer about as we head into the next international break.


Fulham lie five places and five points behind Blues in 11th place and come into the game on the back of a run of three games that have seen fifteen goals – and six points for Fulham. Blues have not won in five attempts in Craven Cottage going back to 2004.

Andy Lonergan, Ryan Fredericks and Jazz Richards all miss out through injury; Scott Parker may come back in but is a doubt.


Blues have injury doubts regarding David Cotterill, Maikel Kieftenbeld and Paul Robinson with none of the trio likely to play. This should mean a recall for Jacques Maghoma while Jonathan Spector keeps his place in central defence. Reece Brown has travelled and should be in the matchday squad; Shane Lowry could be the defensive backup on the bench.


Iain Williamson takes charge of this game; he’s been in the middle for 11 games so far this season, showing 43 yellow cards and two reds. His last Blues game was the eventful 2-2 away draw to Derby which saw Blues score twice in injury time to dramatically snatch a point. He booked five players in that game including David Cotterill and Lloyd Dyer of Blues and awarded Blues the penalty which started their comeback.

Suspension Watch

4 Yellow Cards: David Davis
3 Yellow Cards: Maikel Kieftenbeld, Jonathan Grounds, Paul Caddis and David Cotterill
2 Yellow Cards: Jon Toral and Stephen Gleeson.
1 Yellow Card: Tomasz Kuszczak, Michael Morrison, Paul Robinson, Clayton Donaldson, Jonathan Spector, Andy Shinnie and Demarai Gray.

The cutoff date for 5 yellow cards to attract a suspension is November 30, 2015
The cutoff date for 10 yellow cards to attract a suspension is April 9, 2016

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41 Responses to “GAMEDAY – Fulham away”

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As long as every player is on his best game, there’s no reason why we can’t come away with at least a point. Obviously, we need to sit tight on Dembele and McCormack, easier said than done I know. Apart from those two, we can match them up pretty well. We’re due a good result against them anyway.

    I’ve seen Mr Rowett quoted as saying “we are working hard to find our ‘killer instinct,’ referring to the lack of goals lately. Well here’s a tip… get the players to chuffin’ shoot straight. I’ve lost count of the good chances that have been blazed high or wide.

    With the injury doubts we have, I think the team would probably pick itself today. The only way it would change, would be if Cotterill and Kieftenbeld were fit.

    Kusczcak; Caddis Morrison Spector Grounds; Gleeson Davis; Gray Toral Maghoma; Donaldson.

  • Bluegirl says:

    Well done our Blueboys … really chuffed for VSO scoring his first goal, too. Hate playing against 10 men, though, but so glad we kept our nerve.

    Well done the fans, too – sang their hearts out.

    Might even watch Channel 5 tonight – well I might record it and skip through the rest of the rubbish.

    Very happy Bluenose….


  • Shirley Blue says:

    If we could play every game away from home we would storm this division. Tremendous stuff Blues. Should keep the moaners quiet for a week or so.

  • AussieBlue says:

    Ripper result! 4.21am here in Sydney but the best late night ever!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Well done lads for shooting straight. It’s easy this management lark. ;)

    Seriously, well done to everyone, management and players alike. Just need to find those performances at home and there’s arent many who will take points off us.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      It would be great if we were better at home but easier said than done. There have been a high proportion of away wins this season because teams are getting very good at getting everybody behind the ball and hitting on the break. The sort of players who are able to create chances against packed, well organised defences are like gold dust and we can’t afford them. In our case St Andrews has got the atmosphere of a cemetery these days and I think our players feel under pressure if we aren’t 2 goals up in the first 10 minutes.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I think at home, the players need to relax more and wait for the chances to come, instead of trying to force the issue all the time. I believe we do have the players to hurt teams, but a little more composure on the ball would help. Today, we got that, let’s see if they can replicate that against Charlton, after a 2 week rest.

  • Mitchell says:

    Great credit to GR for reacting to last Tuesday’s draw. He has used the teams strengths and produced a team capable of scoring. Would like Dave Mann verdict on Soloman goal- it really does look special on sky highlights.

  • 7+ attempts on target job done , but 5 goals in about 9 on target , deadly deadly Topguns , kro super blues.

  • ChrisG says:

    What a great day, brilliant game, brilliant following & atmosphere lost my voice but who cares!! KRO

  • kford bluenose says:

    Keep the moaners quiet for a week or so??? You lasted 43 minutes Shirley Blue!!!

    • Shirley Blue says:

      All I said was that the atmosphere at St Andews wasn’t great which wasn’t helping the team who are struggling to create chances ar home which is a fact. Not quite the same as constantly calling for players who have got us into 6th place to be dropped like you have being KB so go and do one.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Shirley Blue , I agree with you pal, our away support is second to none and that’s why we tend to play better and with more zest because the fans get right behind the team , at home were negative at times because you have so called supporters slagging off every mistake any player makes and we tend to play it safe thus not creating as many chances as we did yesterday …,Ime not having a rant here I promise but those who don’t do away games and just home games really don’t always see the true Blues performance , not a dig just an observation . :-) kro

        • paule says:

          I think the reason we play better away is because of our style of hitting teams on the break! We find it harder to break teams down at home who come to defend or are negative like Blackburn. I can’t comment on yesterdays game although we were supposed to go something came up so have only seen the highlights, our away support is second to none & I enjoy the game’s more but wouldn’t moan about our home support because of a minority of moaners. KRO

  • Dave Mann says:

    Still in shock after a truly memorable away day experience, the performance , the team, the goals , the managers and our remarkable away fans were a credit to our football club … I would have took a draw but we ripped in to them and played a trully great game , 5 goals at Fulham and yes Mitchell solomans was magnificent and we certainly showed him our appreciation of a fine effort … Away from home were promotion Certs playing like that , at home we need to rip into teams like we did yesterday ..get that right and the playoffs Look on more than some fans prediction of mid table .. That will send shockwaves through this division the way we played , we were three up before there sending off so that’s no excuse , we should have scored 8 today no exaggeration , magnificent Blues , absolutely killed three goals without a game , Fulham got the backlash !! :-) happy kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    I would like to thank our players for giving us all a ‘Reality’ check .. After three games without a goal I was beginning to think mid table , after yesterday the reality is we’re booming for the playoffs and Soloman- otobar brought tears to my eyes with is 70 yard run and cool magnificent finish.. I didn’t think that was real at the time but in reality it did ! :-) kro

    • ChrisG says:

      Dave I couldn’t agree with you more & those that are saying we’re not good enough to get promoted need stop being so negative & get behind the boys. It’s not often you score 5 goals & the manager says he’s disappointed because he felt it should’ve been more!!. I know GR & the coaches are working hard on finding a winning formula for home games & when that happens, watch out championship!!!

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Jon Toral has proved in this game, if we hadn’t known this before, that he is irreplaceable in Blues attacking formation.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Toral looks un droppable , maghoma looks the part now, Donaldson as good as ever , Gray showing signs of what we know he is all about and Soloman – otobar scores our goal of the season … Oh and Gleesons wasent bad either ..and both there goals were lucky in how they were scored more so than bad defeanding .. All round it was a very satisfactory Saturday .. Six points of top and this afternoon the vile will be six point of 17th .. It could also be a super Sunday! Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      So where does that leave Cotterill, Dave? As well as the team played, we still miss his deadball skills at free kicks and corners.

      • Shirley Blue says:

        I think we need him at home because he is our most creative player against packed, well organised defences and as you say easily our best dead ball taker. Away from home pace is our most effective weapon when we can hit teams on the break who have committed players forward – lots more space to work in. Horses for courses as they say.

      • ChrisG says:

        Personally I think it’s time for Cottrill to step up to the plate & be a bit more consistant, his dead balls you mention have been poor of late with free kicks hitting the wall & cormers hitting the 1st defender, he constantly gives the ball away. Now we are getting a bit of competition for places he’s gotta work harder

      • Dave Mann says:

        We didn’t miss him yesterday staffs though I know where your coming from .. Competition for places in that forward four are getting very interesting .. Soloman, Gray, cotterill , maghoma, Toral, shinnie, Donaldson and the Brock .. Best away team in this league with 17 points .. If only we had that at home we would be top with Hull and Brighton .. We’re on our way again after three indifferent results .. Keep the faith and kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    We didn’t miss him yesterday staffs though I know where your coming from .. Yes we’ve cotterill as well so you can add him to our list of match winners .. If only they could play like that most of the time we would be playing premiership football next season no danger but it’s that consistency we need to get and at home we need to come out the blocks get an early goal which will bring teams out and were tear them apart with our pace , simple really but that’s the ploy we need. Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    This team reminds me of the first Brucie squad when we sneaked into the play offs with the enormous help of Stern John. Nobody fancied us but the team spirit was there just as it is today. Maghoma reminds me of Stern John- quiet yet explosive when needed. keeping below the radar but not giving up our 6th spot must be the target.

  • Dave Mann says:

    That is a great comparison Mitchell , similar season and maghoma is our Stern John … We aren’t gonna finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd or even 4th if Ime being honest but 5th or 6th is possible on our away form and if we can start picking up wins at home then were more than capable ..mid table after Yesterday’s performance would disappoint me to be honest but only time will tell .. We can all have opinions but none of us actually no where were finish .. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Without the addition of a couple of decent players, I’m still going for 10-12 place, maybe even 8th. That could change depending on what happens in January.

      I must say, I was happier with Gray’s performance yesterday. He seemed a lot more at it than of late. He still needs to learn when to shoot and when to pass, but hopefully, that will come in time.

      Well done to VS-O on his first professional goal. Loved his interview, so unassuming for a young lad. Only thing was, I kept expecting him to say “Know what I mean ‘Arry.” His voice is so deep. :)

  • Dave Mann says:

    As I said staffs your opinion but we had 11 decent players start and a couple come of the bench so a couple of decent players might make a difference but it’s not the be all or end all for me .. This squad I think is more than capable .. I think we need to not be so critical of the squad we have now .. We might sign a couple in January but if they can’t push for first eleven then what’s the point instead of the numbers? .. Injuries , suspensions maybe .. We will see . Kro

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      I, like you Dave,think Staffs is in the minority and unless we spend mega bucks will not better the players we have and the desire they have to do well. I think a higher quality player would upset the balance GR has created, on yesterdays performance we are as good if not better than anything else I have seen in the championship, these players just need the belief.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      The reason I mentioned additions, is because it’s an awful lot to ask of such a small squad to keep it going for a whole season. A couple of injuries could make it even tighter.

      As for being in the minority, what’s new.

      • Singapore Brum says:

        You know what they say Staffs? Only dead fish swim with the tide.

        I am with you and Dave, we should be prepared for a long term injury to a key player / suspensions and ideally rotate so the team doesn’t burn up towards the final push.

        In the meantime, I am quietly coming around to the realisation that we have a pretty decent team and a bloody good manager.

        I recall an absolute nightmare performance in a PL game at Craven Cottage around 2008 or so in which we lost 2 – nil and ended up being relegated with Fulham finishing one place above us and staying up. The result on Saturday went a long way to healing that memory.

  • Dave Mann says:

    No your not staffs your just making a valid point that injuries or suspensions like I mentioned making the difference between 6th and 12th .. If we can be where we are now come 1st January then a couple of additions mainly at centre half and up front would be welcome but they have to be pushing the first eleven and not be a disturbance in what seems like a together squad …. I think we’re all in the majority on that opinion .. Well i would have thought so . Kro

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      That is where I am glad that we have a manager like GR and its not down to me! We all know that we are where we are because of the consistency that GR has brought into the team but it was only a few days ago that people on this site were moaning at the lack of playing time afforded to the likes of Brock Madison and Brown, so do we now buy in more players to warm the benches? more players that will be frustrated at their lack of starts? I agree we have a few key players whose loss through injury could harm our attack on the top places of the table (Donaldson, Toral) , but we are not a club that can afford to double up on players and then hope they perform knowing they are second fiddle. If its not broke don’t fix it ,,,Kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    Totally agree Adam, we’ve had fans post on here about the fact that having lost two games in a row we’re now gonna slip down to mid table mediocrity .. The facts are we got 12 points in the first 8 games and 16 points in the last 8 games so if that’s slipping down the table and out of the top six then I need to re exam where the “Reality check ” comes in .. The reality is that if we carry on getting 2 points every game like the last 8 we’re end up with 88 points , that’s not only 100 per cent playoffs but automatic promotion a possibility .. Those are the facts .. Ime not saying we’re get that but that’s how it looks at present .. We might end up mid table but then again from what I saw Saturday then the playoffs are a certainty ..that’s the reality check Ime looking at ! Kro

  • Barny Blue says:

    The majority of fans, myself included, can be guilty of switching from great expectation to despair on the back of one result. I think we need to accept that there will be occasions this season when we will perform like we did against Rotherham and Wolves, but I am confident that, as has been the case this season so far, more often than not we will achieve results and performances like we did on Saturday.

    Yes, defensively we could do with a long-term solution at centre-half to partner Morrison, and probably a bit more quality at left-back looking forward into the future, but it was only a month ago we were on a run 4 games with only 1 goal conceded.
    Yes, we need to be a bit more savvy at home in order to break down opposition teams who come and sit back with the aim of containing us, but we have pace, quality, and a variety of options in our attacking ranks – there are in fact only two teams in the league who have scored more than us, and 13 different Blues players have made it onto the score sheet so far this season!

    Personally, I am pretty happy with our squad as it currently stands. We have cover for every position, albeit with some young, raw, inexperienced talent – but it is our talent i.e. not a Premier loan player (Toral being the exception). We have limitations of course (show me a Championship team that doesn’t), but consistency, team spirit, hard work and momentum count for a lot in this division. It is going to be virtually impossible to break into the top 4, but the play-offs would be an excellent achievement and it is a realistic target from what I have seen. However, being successful in the play-offs is another matter – it will be incredibly difficult to win even if we manage to get in them. Personally, I intend to enjoy the ride – this season is a massive step in the right direction, promotion or no promotion, and the club (on the field at least) is going from strength to strength.

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel. I notice a report this morning that Blues failure to tie down GR to a long contract is making him 1st choice outside the Prem. Do you have any update on this report and the validity etc. thanks

  • Mitchell says:

    Above report on GR came via HITC sports report latest.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    1/ it would take new owner’s with deep pocket ambitions to tempt Gary to sign long term

    2/ as good as Saturday was we learnt no more than VSO can cut it at this level Toral is Prem quality.

    3/ Fulham are not playoff challengers. I was optimistic of a win when I saw Dan Burn.

    4/ we still have to repeat our excellent away form and results to something similar to be genuine promotion candidates

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      For me that was a very good day at the office. Sitting in the Hammersmith Road end stand going ‘yes’ five times at watching my comrades opposite who were absolutely marvellous was fantastic.

      Which of the bu@@ers stopped the first up escalater at Euston?

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