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Distractions and Windows

Speculation linking Gary Rowett to the vacant hotseats at Craven Cottage and Loftus Road seems to have hit fever pitch today with the bookies installing Rowett as favourite to take the role at Fulham which Steve Clarke has declined. With the loan window closing tomorrow and the club reportedly chasing two players it’s a distraction that we don’t need right now.

I was hoping that I’d get to write about a new signing this morning on my return from Canada but apparently it’s dragging out bringing someone in (who would have thought that would happen, eh?) and in the meantime we’ve got some wonderful speculation about Rowett going elsewhere. The club have issued a statement saying they’ve received no contact re Rowett and if I’m honest, I’m 99.99% sure he’s going nowhere despite people emailing me that they “have it on good authority he’s already gone.” Of course, if he does leave us I’ll have to eat humble pie but right now I’m fairly confident.

There seems to be an impression from some fans that Rowett will leave because of a lack of money and ambition. If anything, I think this is odd because I believe that is what will keep him at the club. It’s not that I think Blues will have a mountain of money to spend – but more that based on Blues over the last six months it seems Rowett doesn’t like spending money on players and I think his reticence to take a chance will harm his chances in getting a job elsewhere. At both Fulham and QPR there is money to be spent and I think they’ll look for someone bold who will take a flyer on players and try to improve their squad at each window.

Furthermore, both clubs have technical directors – something that Rowett has spoken out against as he likes the autonomy he has at Blues. Rowett is of the old school – he wants to be a manager, not just head coach. I can see his point – judging by the way Blues have pushed the development team into playing two games a week, and have tried to recruit players to grow in the u21s I can see Rowett has a vision that the club needs to grow from within and create an even better production line of talent. That being said… the travails in the transfer market do point me to thinking he needs help on that front – and accepting help is one of the hardest things to do, particularly when you have had much success in your life.

I’m not one to often play devil’s advocate, but I’m going to advance a theory here and then as a reader you can decide what you think of it. The timing of Rowett being linked to both of these clubs started a couple of weeks ago – curiously enough when Panos Pavlakis departed back to HK (I’m guessing to talk to EY about the upcoming window etc). Rowett has been really successful at Blues and although I think a rolling contract serves both parties well I could imagine  he might think he’s worth a payrise – something I think many fans would agree with. What better way to demonstrate how valuable you are to a club by being wanted by other clubs – not to mention the outcry from fans when it happens? Managers have agents just like players and I certainly wouldn’t put it past a player’s agent to tout their client around a bit to get interest; would a manager’s agent act in the same manner? Just a thought.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be all about new players. Once again, I’m going to reiterate there is money there – money is not the issue.

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29 Responses to “Distractions and Windows”

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel. You make some good points and prepared to say that in your view he is going nowhere at the moment. I respect your view but cannot share your optimism. Money has to be paramount in both being paid and supplied in order to buy better players for a club that wishes promotion. GR has his principles and ambitions- therefore I don’t buy into the fact that his situation at Blues suits him with regard to lack of money and not really wishing to splash the cash. Believe me I would far sooner eat humble pie rather than yourself- but today’ s bookies odds will not turn out to be flier. London calling and all that.

  • Texas Pete says:

    Well said Daniel. GR will look at the temptations and say no. He will say, I have had this position for just one year and I am not ready. I am not a meteoric rise (and fall) kind of guy. I am building something here that needs to reach a goal, so stick with it at the moment….level headed. There will be other offers so not right now.
    There is also his commitment to his players.
    End of the season will be the time to consider his future.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    I share Dans thoughts on GRs situation at Blues.He’s never really had serious money to spend and probably lacks a bit of confidence to take the plunge with it so thin on the ground at Blues.His stock is very high at the moment with how he’s turned us around with little resources and is under no pressure to deliver.Why would he want to change all that and put himself in the firing line at a place like Fulham?

  • KC says:

    Dan. Love your optimism and really hope you are right but I have to agree with Mitchell. However, let’s hope it’s status quo with management, a couple of decent additions to the team, something out of the Brighton game, and then as I have said previously a big crowd and noise at the Huddersfield game to show our support.and how important an influence fans can be and get us back to winning ways at home.

  • andy says:

    Players, Managers, if they go, they go, but I believe Rowett, like his players, will show loyalty to Birmingham.

  • ian ambrose says:

    Am not blame to GR is good manager at blues on moment but blame to some player too weak back centre half and midfiled bit sleep and lazy no skill

  • Gaz says:

    Compare Jackett’s “I’m committed to wolves” quote when he was linked with QPR compared to Rowett’s “I’m just getting on with the job” comment in today’s Mail….BIG difference and either it’s all a ploy to get a new contract or he’s off!

  • Blue Steve says:

    The reason while things are taking time is that while we have money its still a small pot relative to the top 6 of the championship. To bring in quality on a small budget is a tough ask.

  • Art says:

    Sorry Dan I have to disagree.

    GR is an ambitous manager working for a club shackled by legal ranglings which by the looks of it will continue for a considerable period of time.Its not just about money it’s about taking the club into the premiership and delivering his personal ambition which unfortunately under the current circumstancesy I can’t see him achieving this.

    He’s made his mark in the championship so I think he will move on and frankly I wouldn’t blame him.

    • almajir says:

      I’m curious as to how people know what kind of personality that Rowett is – what makes him “ambitious”?

      I would argue the point he’s not made that much of a mark yet – yes, he’s done well but he’s not got a promotion on his CV yet. I don’t think he’s the finished article and I think maybe we hold him in higher regard than people away from the club…

      • Tony says:

        Yes have to agree with Dan here, Rowett has done very well, however he’s not pulled up any trees the job he has done for blues cannot be overestimated.
        He seems to like a small tight squad of average players, how he would fare with a large squad involving international players remains to be seen
        After the disaster that was Clark he has restored hope that’s an accolade that deserves the highest praise. To be honest I don’t think he is ready for the Fulham job, I know some commentators regard that as a step sideways but they are a famous club with a lot more money than we do and its in London.
        If he does go I will be surprised he would be better off learning more with us for the next couple of years yet at least.

      • Des says:

        Im with you Almajir, Rowett has done great for us but hardly a fergie/jose CV is it? No promotions so far just improves the club both Burton & Here.

      • Art says:


        I think last night’s article in the Mail confirms that GR is ambitious and he said “he wants to take a club to the premiership.”

        Question is will it be BCFC- under the current termite I don’t think so.

        It’s reminiscent of the CH situation before he moved to Norwich-I actually think Gsry is at least as good as Chris but it’s just my opinion.

  • DaveP says:

    Agents should be banned, not much better than paparazzi in my eyes, they just serve to stir up trouble.

  • The Flying Pig says:

    I cannot see Rowett talking to anyone unless he has permission to do so. Therefore, there is either no truth in this whatsoever; or, Blues are not telling us the truth; or King Gary is involved in shady dealings. I really cannot see him taking either option allegedly on the table.
    Alternatively, I’m naive to think there’s anyone honourable in football.

  • Tony E says:

    I agree with Dan that Gary likes to be a manager and not a head coach working under a football director. This I believe works in our favour with respect to the two clubs alleged to be interested in his services. I am not a gambler so can someone please clarify the following, his being favourite with the bookies is this because they have inside information that he is likely to be approached and take the job. Or is it because this is where the punters are putting their money? Making him favourite is just to reduce their chances of taking a big hit if he actually gets the job.

    • almajir says:

      Bookies work on mathematics – the more money put on something happening, the shorter the odds become. I think Rowett’s odds have shortened due to people piling on – which has been in reaction to other people betting. A self-fulfilling prophecy as it were

      • Bluey says:

        If he goes i hope no-one has a go at him. We are a club with no realistic chance of promotion,little cash to improve the squad,behind-the-scenes chaos and a supposed takeover which just drags on and on.Add to this,Fulham are well-run and have far more potential (currently) than we have. I hope he stays but if not then i wouldn`t blame him. He`s an ambitious young manager and needs to take advantage of opportunities whilst his stock is high.

  • Karlton Hutchinson says:

    In as much as Rowett may have a sense of loyalty, and the need to finish the job he started, the danger in owners like Fernandes and Khan is that they may present the classic “offer you can’t refuse ” in order to lure him away

  • Tonyd says:

    GR commutes to Wast Hills from his family home in Derby. He would have to move his family if he took a job in London. Another reason why he is unlikely to be tempted.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I said earlier that I would be supprised if he left Blues to go to another championship club.. I will stick with what I believe .. See you at Brighton Gary along with a couple of first team signings .. Ok!! Kro

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    There are a lot of comments linking GR’s move away from Blues with the state of the club, obviously these people do not listen or do not have any limited intelligence to understand what they are hearing!! GR has stated several times in interviews both written and audible that the shenanigans in HK are not affecting the day to day running of the club and that we do have money to spend on the correct players, he has also said he is really enjoying his time at Blues and has a job to do, either people do not listen or do not believe what they are hearing.
    I am first to admit I was one of the doom mongers when LC was in charge and could see no immediate future for the club but there is a time for pessimism to turn to optimism and that time is now!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    The main priority now, is to bring in a striker. It’s ok creating loads of chances, but if there’s no bugger there to put them away, it kind of defeats the object. If Rowett fails to get anyone in today, then we’ll have to go with Brock-Madsen… and hope that the likes of Gray, Toral and Maghoma can step up to the plate and provide support, or it could be a long winter.

    Only other option I can see, would be to promote someone like Kyle McFarlane to the bench.

  • rhees says:

    I agree with you Dan I cant see any way gr will leave just hope he is successful in geting someone in

    • Mitchell says:

      rhees. Managers come and go,we all know that. We lose-we poach- it’s all in the game.Its memories of what we remember on the pitch. Who can forget Darren Carters penalty, Paul Caddis last gasp effort to prevent oblivion and two weeks ago VSO leaving Stearman on his but to finish a memorable afternoon. Yes, I agree GR is a talented guy who has worded his latest remarks very very carefully and wish him to stay- but Brighton is the bigger picture with possible mini history in the making with their first dropping of three points.

      • rhees says:

        Mitchell, yes I take your comment on board, and supporting blues for 50 yrs I have many memories and taking pnts off Brighton would rank with the best of them.
        But I do feel loosing gr would be a catastrophe at the moment and panos should make sure it dosnt happen.
        First time in a few yrs blues are reported on possertivly for what’s going on ,on the pitch not regailing the troubles off the pitch. Kro

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