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Dear Gary…

apologies to Thongs of smallheathalliance.com for stealing his daily thread title

As the second week of the transfer window comes to an end, the level of frustration online with respect to Blues action (or lack thereof) in the transfer window is rising. Having seen what Gary Rowett said about the window on Monday, I wanted to respond in kind with my opinion on where I think we should be.

Dear Gary

It’s been a great fourteen months or so at St Andrew’s hasn’t it? I can’t tell you how nice it is to go to a game without fear of what is going to happen next and in hope and expectation of a result. No longer am I  able to make comments online offering an exponential number of twix bars to the lucky person who can guess the lineup formation  safe in the knowledge I’ll never have to pay up. The team is organised and is exceeding it’s ability – and much of that is down to you.

However, I’m going to annoy you again. I know you didn’t like what I said before the loan transfer window deadline about signing players – but that issue has cropped up again. We’re nearly two weeks into this window and Blues are yet to add a “new” player (discounting James Vaughan who had already been with us on loan) to their ranks despite your remarks about “the cavalry arriving in January” and Blues being “in a strong position to strengthen the squad” this month.

I know it’s not easy to bring in players. I’m not going to insult you by insinuating it’s like a game of Football Manager on the PC – I know it’s a complex business and that for every player signed you’ve probably enquired about 30 others that we don’t know about. However, it does seem like every window we’re faced with the same problem – that time ticks on without us making a signing leaving us frantic and missing out at the end of the window. How many players did you miss out on loan deadline day because there wasn’t time to talk players and clubs into sorting a deal out?

I hear what you’re saying about wages – I’ve spoken about that often enough on here. I know that Blues while having cash still can’t afford to offer wages like Cardiff who gave Federico Macheda 35k per week – and I know that even 20k a week until the end of the season is half a million quid; I understand that. It’s frustrating when people seem to think that we can spend millions on transfers as well as wages without factoring in how much that affects the club financially – especially when it needs £7.2million from Trillion Trophy Asia to stay afloat.

The thing is Gary – it’s not like we don’t know the positions we needed to fill in. It’s not like you had no inkling Demarai Gray was going to leave and it’s not like you didn’t know how much money you had to spend. If other clubs can do deals by working in the break between transfer windows – Wolves signed Michal Zyro the minute the deadline opened for example – why can’t we? Why do we take so long to bring in players?

We saw in the summer what happened with Robert Kiernan, Robert Tesche and Diego Fabbrini. For whatever reason, we missed out on all three – and while yes, you got Jon Toral and Maikel Kieftenbeld and they’ve done well we never did bring in a centre-back (bar Shane Lowry – and you seem to rate him as highly as I do) and now we’re struggling.

I know you like a small tight squad but it’s stretched to breaking point. Accepting Wes Thomas and Mitch Hancox aren’t going to play again, you picked our remaining fit 18 senior squad players against Forest. One injury or suspension and you’re either going to have to eat humble pie re those players or it’s down to raw kids again.

When you’ve got little money, it’s hard to spend it because you’re conscious you don’t want to waste a penny. Believe me, I understand that. However, if you want to be a boss as opposed to a head coach, you have to be the one to make decisions on transfers – and that means it’s time to sh*t or get off the pot. If we don’t have the cash to do it, then don’t make promises about the cavalry coming or about strengthening – be absolutely honest; under-promise and over-deliver.

The clock is ticking Gary. We’re not going to crucify you if you get one or two wrong – we just need to see that we can bring in some new blood and we’ll take it from there.

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239 Responses to “Dear Gary…”

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Having read all Thongs’ Dear Gary posts and enjoyed them, I was looking forward to this one… and I wasn’t disappointed. I think you speak for most Blues fans. The longer the window goes on, the more pi$$ed off we’re going to be, especially watching other clubs hoover up all the better players on offer.

  • jim says:

    Calm down you little tart, there’s still 2 weeks of the window left.

    • almajir says:

      People said that in the summer. Who did we sign?
      People said that in the loan window. Who did we sign?

      A pattern is emerging…

      • jim says:

        Didn’t we sign a few players in the summer? (Mags,kieftenbeld,Kooshack,toral,) Oh is it the quality that’s bothering you? well you better get used to that dopey

        • Mike says:

          Just to add – your comment Dan about Demarai Gray and foreknowledge yes he will have known long before about a possible move but personally I don’t sense much of a gap there, Maghoma is storming it now as he was always going to with his quality and we have Viv aswell coming in. Obviously it’ll be nice to have another winger just incase more injuries occur but personally I don’t think replacing Demarai is crucial, I feel it’s already done.
          (Not saying that you said replacing Demarai is crucial ofcourse – just wanted to put the point out there)

    • norman says:

      theres not much of the pie left

  • Bluesfan says:

    It does make you wonder didn’t The manager say he had three players ready to come into blues as soon as the window opened. Though what do you expect with the people who are running the club all words and no action.

  • Lee says:

    Time to sh*t or get off the pot? Are you mad? Struggling? Are you mad? We aren’t struggling, we’re over performing, you sound more like your frustrated because you have an expectation deep inside that we should be hitting the playoffs but are just coming up short, what can rowett do if players needed to improve the side are out of reach financially? His hands are tied, it’s ok wanting more players but they have to be better than what we have and if another club can offer a better wage we simply won’t get them, we are. Just short of the play offs but until we have investment then that’s the case and we have no option but to accept it, we’re a month ahead of where we were last year, but to improve we have to sign better players, which means most of what we have to play with will bring in maybe two players who are probably being chased by a host of other clubs, your going to have to learn to be patient I’m afraid

    • john says:

      Totally agree Lee, considering the disgraceful way the club has been run from the top, Gary Rowett has done a fantastic job. The players we have got, are no more than an average Championship team, but Rowett has got them punching far above their weight. There is absolutely no sense in going out and bringing in players, unless your sure they will improve the team overall. No one can guarantee, that any player brought in will do that anyway. Rowett has forgotten more about football, than some people will ever know, so we should all trust his judgement and back him to make the right decisions.. All criticism should be aimed at the major shareholders.

  • ChrisG says:

    Totally agree Daniel, Lee Clarke may not have been everyones cup of tea but he didn’t mess around in the transfer window & though some of those transfers didn’t work out, the majority did. You can’t tell me there aren’t players out there that are desperate to play because there is.
    I just wonder if GR gambles on waiting til the end of the window to save on wages

    • jim says:

      Lee Clark, was no ones cup of tea.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      You mean the LC who very nearly got us relegated to the FL the season before last. I never cease to be amazed at some of the stupid comments on here. Have a look at the League table now and compare it to where we were when that clown deservedly got the sack (2 years too late).

      • ChrisG says:

        Shirley take a look at the team yourself, half of them ard Clarkes signings. The point I was making if you can actually read what I wrote, was that he was more on the ball than Rowett when it came to transfer windows. At what point did I say Clarke was a better manager than Rowett?

        • Shirley Blue says:

          I guess if you prefer the “lets get in anyone who is available” approach of LC that’s up to you. I prefer the careful, considered approach of the current manager. I also prefer being on the fringes of the play-offs as a result of that approach rather than staring down the abyss at FL1 which we often did before.

          • Yiend says:

            Well as Chris said, he was talking in regard to Lee Clark in the transfer windows. Not referencing to where we were in the league under Clark. Cotterill, Donaldson, Gleeson and Morrison are the main core of the team and too say Lee Clark didn’t do a good job with the players he brought in would be very harsh. Morrison out of them is the only one he didn’t sign. Considering championship clubs have been rumoured to and have bidder on Cotterill and Donaldson, it would be fair to say they were very shrewd signings on Clark’s behalf. Granted, when it comes to management he isn’t quite in Rowett’s league.

  • Lee says:

    Well the way your going you’ll end up with another Lee Clark, hope you enjoy him

  • Alan Lane says:

    Dear Mr Hicken,

    I have read a very good letter you are straight and to the point but really you do get carried away a bit the club is in really no position to be going out and buying class players and at best all we can hope is that Gary works his wonders in the lower basement.
    There have been players banded about recently as for the three that come to mind such as Peterborough guy, Walsall guy and Bolton young lad quite honestly we cannot afford the hyped up prices they are asking lets live in Blues world not yours John.
    I think this guy Gary Rowett is class and we will do well to keep him he will tinker with his team and eventually we will become a force if he is allowed to build and not sell players.
    Sorry i have put such a downer on you John but our manager is good and he probably will bring players in but not quite what you had in mind take care and look forward to your next conversation


    • almajir says:


      Before you make a comment like this, take a look who’s sponsored the category and who writes the site. I’ll give you a clue – my name is neither John nor Hicken – and it’s not like I hide my real name either.


    • Tony says:

      You miss the point entirely, the statements coming from Rowett and the club gave everyone the impression that money was available for team strengthening.
      This is not the first time we have been misled, if money is available then get on and spend it, targets should have been identified months ago and a dialogue opened.
      There does seem to be a few agent provocateurs in here today whos sole intentions appear to be having a go at Dan, well if you cant even get his name right why the hell do you bother?.Its obvious your trying to stir things up, but you really do not have the ability, your names and writing style are unfamiliar are you in disguise?.
      If you cant say anything relevant pi–off

  • dangermouse says:

    I think the transfer window in itself creates this manic rush. We’ve seen other clubs wont let their players go until they either have a replacement or they want to make sure they are injury free. Some players can be bought as soon as the window opens, but that’s very much dependent on that players circumstances with his club. I understand the frustration, I like most blues fans would love to see 2-3 new players come into the team sooner rather than later. I’m sure Rowett has plenty of irons in the fire. Unfortunately when you only have so much money to spend you have to spend it wisely or not at all. Lets give Rowett the 16 days that are left of the window to bring players in and judge afterwards. While we are still within touching distance of the playoffs, I don’t think there is a need to rush things

    • Blue Steve says:

      Completely agree. Clubs will not sell unless they have already purchased a replacement or have a ready made one in their squad. At the start of the window I reckon we had a shot at signing Tesche. Now Lansbury is out injured for 3 months and Vaughan has been suspended for 3. I can’t believe they will let him go now.

  • FlowerPower says:

    Leave Rowett alone. For months you have been on his back unlike I have seen with other managers, yet this one is performing exceptionally well. You are almost trying to manipulate and use your powerful voice as a great speaker for all us bluenose but frankly speaking I think you are overstepping the mark and starting to annoy.

    The Window haw not closed so we must all remain humble and have a little more patience.

    • almajir says:

      I’ve never once said I’m a voice of the fans – if anything I’ve always said I only speak for myself.

      • FlowerPower says:

        Since you went to Poland you have been horrible in your manner.

        You are abusing the position you hold. We the fans think you are a voice and have for many years represented our thoughts and opinions.

        Lately you have been on Rowett’s back and the manipulation you are attempting to exert will only do more damage than good. E.g he’ll f**k off like the rest of them.

        Lets back this fellow because he has proven to be successful and for the first time in years we may under his leadership achieve something. We do not need to badger him half way through a Window. He clearly has the minerals so chill and enjoy the fantastic ride we have been blessed with this last twelve months.

        • almajir says:

          Firstly – I’m not in Poland any more and haven’t been for some time.

          Secondly – you can think what you want about me representing people but I have always been adamant that I neither want to or do. OP is my opinion – that’s the point of the website – it’s my Birmingham City blog. You’re free to disagree with it – I have absolutely no problem with that.

          Thirdly – Where in that piece did I not back him? I said that he’s turned things around, that he’s made being a Blues fan feel good again. That doesn’t mean he’s absolutely immune from criticism.

          Fourthly – when you say “we the fans” – who do you speak for? Who elected you to that position?

        • ChrisG says:

          A lot of supporters happen to agree with Daniel that’s why we read his blog, no one forces us. I’m not having a dig at anyone in particular, but if you go to the games regularly you will see that we really need better players or even cover for several positions & i’ll argue all day long that we are NOT punching above our weight, in fact our half term report should read….have done well so far, but could do much better. As far as transfers go, i’m sure any manager would or should be compiling a list of targets & doing enquiries as the season progresses & it’s not a case of panicking that no one has been brought in, the fact is players do often need to settle into a team so the sooner they are in the better.

  • swissjonny says:

    Im really sorry to be repetitive but this is not entirely GR,s fault.He should identify the players he wants and then the business side of the operation should go out and negotiate for them.GR then comes into play again when he sells the idea of playing in Blue and excites the player with his vision for the future.Its like having an Eric Morecambe with no Ernie Wise.We need a proper leader with football experience and contacts who is full time in the UK and fully focused on the business side of the Club.This cant be a hobby.It has to be 100 per cent using contacts,schmoozing agents and keeping an ear to the ground.Panos is, I am sure, a delightful individual but he aint the right man for this role.Even Karen Brady-Im no fan but credit where its due-used her Arsenal contacts to get us good loan players and eventual signings.Larssen,Muamba and Bendtner were all a success in some shape or form.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Who’s to say that come the end of the window there won’t be 3 decent quality players joining our squad. We are operating under a brief of trying to get good quality younger players for lowish fees and wages. Even with the Gray sale these are still the parameters. Deals like this tend to happen after long negotiation.

  • James B says:

    Be very careful of what you wish for, look what is happening in Aston. Leave the manager to manage. Its so easy to sit back and be the sage on all things again leave the Gary Rowett to do his job and give him our support. He has not done to bad so far.

  • edd77 says:

    Agree 100% I was hoping for early activity for one reason alone January is a very tough month in terms of the teams we have to play come the end of the month the new players will have missed these games and maybe our play off chances with it ,just an opinion !!

  • northfield says:

    I feel very happy with GR and the current season, our position, the football being played (most of the time)

    No rush, no panic, we punch above our weight, we are not a struggling team…

    Gary I’d like you to stay on the pot and continue the great work, thanks!

  • Mike says:

    None of us know what is going on behind the scenes for all we know deals may be close. Yes some teams have made signings but lots haven’t. As in the last window Gary will know who he wants and he will wait for those players. You say we won’t blame him if he gets one or two wrong, oh yes we will. At this time in the window there is a lot of juggling of balls, clubs, players and agents will all be looking for the best deal they can get. It’s not as if we are losing matches so we are in a position where we don’t have to rush into rash deals wasting the money we have, we are in a period of one match a week as well.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    The only reason I’d like new players in quickly, is because in the next 4 matches, we play Derby, Ipswich and Shefield Wednesday… all of whom are above us. They are games we need to win if we have any pretentions of getting into the top 6. Win those 3 and we’l be right in the pack.

    • Singapore Brum says:

      Actually, 6 of the 7 teams currently above us have to come to St Andrews. What a wonderful opportunity to really make a play for the run in. But to do that, we need some quality additions and some cover. It just doesn’t seem to be happening though, despite positive indications made earlier and that’s what is the main point of this particular thread.

  • DaveP says:

    I’d be happy for us to save whatever pennies we have now and use it in the summer so we can prepare for a play-off push next season, this season is too early I think and we’d miss out on the derby with the muppets up the road if we went up. I know some people want us to get five or six players in but when you have kids like Alex Jones and Charlee Adams on the verge of making it in to the side it’d make more sense to bring them in wouldn’t it? Who knows, Reece Brown might come back a new person after his Hammers trial finishes.

  • Lee says:

    Posts like this make it feel like the beginning of the end for rowett, footballs worst enemy is raising its ugly head again when a manager turns a club completely on its head and expectations suddenly go through the roof, not your best post dan, completely disagree with everything this post represents

  • Bluesfan says:

    I don’t think OP is having a go at Gary Rowett though I’m sure he did say they have got players lined up a couple of weeks ago and nothing has happened. But while these owners are at blues we will struggle to get players in and we will no doubt be frustrated every time a transfer window comes around. Just imagine how frustrated Gary Rowett must be sorry to keep repeating it but IMO I think this kind of thing will make him leave blues because he will never be able to bring in the players he wants.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Good article Dan,panos and rowett seem like a bit if a double act at the moment loads of talk from both but actually doing “f-all” the jury is out on panos with me but really disappointed in rowett,he forever dilly Dallys.

  • glosbigblue says:

    This article could just as easily been titled ‘Dear Panos’. Is it a coincidence that not only have we not signed any players but that GR has still not signed his new contract that was ‘nearly there’ back in October?

    Could it be that GR wants to see if he really has some backing in the market before he commits himself to a new deal? My fear is that PP and the guys back in Hong Kong are spinning a line and we will end up, as usual, bitterly disappointed and losing another bright young thing in the form of our manager.

  • JamesW says:

    What is wrong with people! Yes I would like to see 2 or 3 signings walk through the door and yes I agree that we should have snapped up a deal such as Zyro…BUT…. come on blues fans, remember where we were little over 12 months ago and look where we are now. The fact that this has all been done by the very man that you are now summoning to answer why he hasn’t signed anyone yet.

    Look, i’m not saying we don’t need a few signings if we are going to push on for play-offs but I think we all need to take a step back for a minute and remind ourselves of what a state it was here not that long ago. I’m sure GR is doing his all to get someone through the door so I think that we need to give the man a break and not jump on his back half way through the month.

    We have all seen previous transfer windows and the end of the month is where the bargains are – don’t be surprised if we don’t wait until then to snap some fringe players/players out of contract at the end of the season.

    Considering we haven’t made any of these signings, we’re not doing too bad on results for January so far! Have a little patience, let’s not turn into our fickle neighbors, get behind GR and let him get on with it

  • Blue Nose Gaz says:

    Totally agree with your post Dan, Gary did say he had the players he required lined up so to my way of thinking these players should have been in the squad by now.
    He also stated Panos had been told the finances are available for this window and that was before the departure of Dimmi.
    We were also lead to believe a player would be joining us last Monday, lifes never dull with Blues but it is still very frustrating though.

  • steverusselluk says:

    Uggh. There’s something about the ‘open letter’ format that makes me want to take a shower. Good points within, as usual….and of course, your blog, your prerogative.

  • WalmleySteve says:

    Gary Rowett and his staff are no mugs – they’ll know what’s needed to improve the team and the harsh reality is that for those type of players, we’re competing with other Championship teams who seems willing to throw money around to reach the promised land. The fact is, Blues as a club simply has no financial muscle anymore thanks to its basket case owners who only survive due to money loaned to them at high rates of interest. Thanks to them we have a league one squad. But thanks to Gary Rowett and his staff it is punching way above its weight. I suspect the failure to sign players is nowt to do with Rowett ‘dithering’, but everything to do with financial constraints relative to other clubs. We should be patient and think about the mess we would have been in by now if it wasn’t for Rowett – lower reaches of League 1 probably.

  • Jamie says:

    I am absolutely mortified that we are making comments such as ‘sh*t or get off the pot’!

    Also, pretty sure the comment regarding the cavalry arriving were aimed towards our injured players returning as opposed to a large influx of new signings.

    Rowett has said he hopes to get 2, maybe 3 signings in this window, let’s be realistic, only one of those would be a signing to excite the fans, the other most likely to bulk numbers for the run-in.

    Look at where we were 13/14 months ago and look where we are now, be careful what you wish for…

    • zxcv says:

      Jamie says:

      January 15, 2016 at 9:34 am

      I am absolutely mortified that we are making comments such as ‘sh*t or get off the pot’!
      Jamie that is because the man is Rude and ignorant like I told him when I stopped posting on this site.

      • almajir says:

        Sorry, I had to chuckle about you announcing you don’t post on this site any more because I’m rude and ignorant, by posting it on this site.

        Slightly ironic.

        I’ll get back to being rude and ignorant now, and you can get back to not posting on here. :)

      • ChrisG says:

        Why are you still reading this then zzzzz, i’ve given you my opinion before on your posts but I have to say I wasn’t even close as to how thick you really are. READ A DIFFERENT BLOG IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT

  • Sean says:

    I dont think Gary is responsible for closing deals just identifying them

    • almajir says:

      Gary is responsible for the final decision. That’s his prerogative as manager.

      • swissjonny says:

        Agreed Daniel he does have the last word.He may have given his nod of approval on a player but do we then have the capable,assured,experienced football savy businessman to go and get the deal done? Do we actualy have the dosh to do a deal.Remember that our prefered bidder may well walk away in the not so distant future.I personally am sure that they will.Clearly I have not seen the agreement but I presume that if they walk away they will be wanting the interest on their loan paid and the repayment of the capital..If they walk away we will want to pay them this interest and the capital to remove the threat of the security on the ground.I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody at the Club thinks this too and is setting up an emergency fund for just such an eventuality.Whoever they are-well done.We may not appreciate it now but their foresight may well save the Club.

  • Waycoolblue says:

    Sorry Dan but you sounded like a Villa fan in your letter . 2weeks to go GR as dune good business in the transfer market one of the best DM in the championship Maikel Kieftenbeld The game changer Jacques Maghoma The lone ranger Jon Toral the Blue nose James Vaughan all hits. and only one unfortunate miss Nicolai Brock-Madsen . You are Making a problem where there isn’t one Stop Bitching and show your support for the club.

  • BlackCountryBlue says:

    I for one am very happy with our progress and believe GR and whoever are doing all they can to continue it – but we have to be realistic. Yes I would like 2 or 3 additions but as a club we are not in a position to call the shots by offering deals that clubs or players (or should I say agents!!!!) cant turn down. Some players are made immediately available by clubs because basically they don’t want them, but most are only allowed to leave towards the end of the window in case of injuries, suspensions or replacements are secured. If we can maintain momentum over the next few games and go into February with a couple of new faces it will do for me.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    If as some people have assumed we are trying to find a starlet in lower divisions? where are they? You would think they would jump at the opporunity to join a club like Blues and have a manager like GR to impress? This has not happened, therefor I can only presume we are not looking at the lower leagues, perhaps the delay is in sorting visa’s for foreign players? All I can do is wait and see and hope. Kro

  • Womble Joe says:

    I don’t blame GR on this. He knows there’s no point in making signings he doesn’t rate just to be quick so waits and watches the players he does want. I bet he’s made offers and these are being mulled over by players who invariably will wait to see if a club offering better wages will come in first. I don’t think we’ll see anybody coming in until the end of the month because of this.

    I am sure Gary is doing the be necessary work behind the scenes and that he’s having to wait. This is the fault of the financial position of the club

  • Adam says:

    Your a bellend mate!!!!

  • Matt says:

    I usually agree with you Dan, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. GR is a pragmatic & intelligent guy, he must go in to the transfer window with 10 options for every available position, and unfortunately bringing in quality is so much harder. As seen with Bristol City, they have loads of money! Yet they’re unable to bring in any of their targets. Blues are a more attractive prospect, but when the likes of Derby, Middlesborough & any prem club come in, we lose out. It’s a tough game but hopefully with a bit of luck, GR can bring in the required players.

    • Waycoolblue says:

      Yep he must have been drunk when he came up with this letter most of what he Duse is good but some times he speeds muck just like any other journalist that must have a story regardless to who they upset.

  • Kings Heathen says:

    When the Fulham and QPR jobs came up everyone started to panic because Rowett might have been poached, yet a month later we have people slagging him off for not buying anyone.
    Make up your minds, is he the man you want or not? If so get off his back.

  • Woodlands says:

    Can I remind everyone we have already signed a second player in the window? – Viv Soloman-Otabor. That has increased the wage bill. There are days to go in the window. The team is still performing. We do need more quality in the squad, not bodies – that takes patience and the right deal. I trust Gary to get it right. He is building a team – we are on target for 69 points – one more quality signing and sixth place is not beyond us.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Very feisty on here this morning , just the way I like it , hard but fair , very different opinions and slanging matches going on …. Let’s hope the players have the same commitment against Derby , bring it on !!! Kro

  • Bluesfan says:

    Woodlands if soloman is one of the new players Rowett is talking about then blues must be in the brown stuff more than fans think and they are taking the pee out the fans he’s a good promising young player but he not the answer to our problems I think we will see the best out of him next season or the season after that.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Obviously Rowett will take his own sweet time about things, which is his perogative. I’m just wondering what it was about this window that had him so excited (his words.) Was it bringing Vaughan back? Solomon-Otabor signing? Gray leaving (and the thought that he might have some extra pennies?) Or does he really have some decent players lined up to come in. Only time will tell.

  • Steve in Yorkshire says:

    I’m very please that so many of this posts are calling for patience. Yes it is frustrating, yes we all get giddy and anxious constantly checking twitter, and various sites for transfer updates, but I think this is a reflection of the impatient world we live in. we have the unrealistic influences of Football Manager games and Sky Sports constantly talking about deals or made up stories about deals.. I would hazard a bet that compared to the other 91 league clubs Blues have done as much business as most (one loan with view to permanent) and certainly made as many enquiries behind the scenes. I don’t believe for one minute that there aren’t a couple of very likely deals that need details ironing out and many possibilities that will depend on the club that holds the said players’ registrations.
    I do fear that such a lack of patience and faith could potentially make Rowett feel unappreciated for all his efforts, afterall he may make the final decision, but he certainly isn’t God, He can’t make the players sign and can’t make them do it before they have considered all options just to appease our fans. I would much rather he wait for a player of quality than just sign anyone, if they don’t come he can always go for 2nd, 3rd 4th choice players in the last couple of days if we are desperate for bodies. I fear some fans would rather just see anybody come in right now and then slag them off afterwards when they’re crap. Have some faith, this time last year he brought in Fabbrini, Tesche and Kiernan who all improved the squad so why the fuss?

    • BlackCountryBlue says:

      Well said Steve.
      Decent players agents will wait until all the deals they can muster are on the table before making a decision and will be playing clubs off against each other as we speak.
      We all know what we want/need but I cant understand the lack patience. Once this weekend is out of the way re. potential suspensions and injuries things will start to move IMO.

  • joebradford's ghost says:

    This is a really poor blog Daniel. **** or get off the pot? Unbelievable. Rowett’s remarks about the cavalry were throwaway not meant to be taken literally as if 15 players were coming in. Sounds like you are turning into another bcfcfollowers SHA fan mate

  • B26 blue says:

    Ouch. A very poor blog, which is unlike you Daniel. Did you write it after having having a few too many? Contradictory and badly argued. Think you should stick to the Hong Kong stuff mate…

  • almajir says:

    Can’t believe I’m having to say this – but John Hicken is the company that sponsors the Talking Points Category (if you need roofing/industrial cladding, use them, they’re ace) – only ONE person writes OP and that’s me.

    Also – I appreciate a lot of you seem annoyed with what I wrote – and that’s fine. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. What I have a problem with is people who seem to think that I write OP as a voice for them – I don’t, I’ve always said I’m not nor want to be a spokesperson for the fans; equally it’s annoying that people think I should write what they want me to. OP is my opinion, always has been, always will be – and you won’t agree with it all.

    Finally, I just want to make this clear – I’m a huge Gary Rowett fan. He was my favourite ever player and as a manager he’s done a great job BUT that doesn’t make him immune from criticism about one thing he does – just as you might like OP as a whole but not like this article…


    Daniel – not John Hicken :)

  • Strettonbluenose says:

    Week 1 of transfer window: why hasn’t anyone been lined up? Im on the verge of panic
    eeek2: panic panic panic! Ffs buy someone. Anyone (but must br the biggest bargain ever)
    Week 3: doom doom doom. Were going down. Sack the managet. Sack the bosrd. Buy somebody – even if they’re shit
    week 4. Im never watching the blues again
    window closes: “Gary Rowett’s blue and white army”

  • Feet on ground time!Think we need to trust Gary on this one. What we have to remember here is that we are pretty much safe from the drop with plenty of points to play For. Blues are massively punching above their weight and it unbelievable that we are in this position to even dream of a play off push this season huge kudos to the man that saved us from having local derbies with cov and Walsall this season. None of this is down to Gary or panos it’s down to the complex situation of a protracted take over that has truly become a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. Yes things are slightly better but until Carson has absolutely no association with blues then we are going to be financially vulnerable and I’m sure the clubs, agents players are aware of this. In fact it becomes obvious thats the case when an agent negotiated a release clause of 3.75 million for one of the most coveted young english players that every one is talking about. It’s a crying shame when you think wolves sold afobe for 3 times that. This is where we are as a club at the moment. There are many variables to maybe why we haven’t got any new additions yet but I’m pretty sure that most clubs and agents are aware of blues financially plight 3.75 million isn’t going to get us much if that total includes players wages agents fees. Gary is having to work in a difficult financial environment who even knows if he has even got the full amount to spend? None of us do. E&Y have to be paid somehow right? not to mention TTA have only loaned us money in essence. The majority of rowetts signings have been a success with the exception of a couple. And in his defence even sir Alex was guilty of that one example is veron how much of a flop was he! Gary if he had the choice would have a few players over the line I’m sure but I’m sure he has his reasons and should be patient because he needs to buy the right players to move forward we simply cannot afford to take risks on players that might not make the difference. Let’s just wait and see deals can be going on in the background we know he likes to keep his cards close to his chest. Let’s not get carried away blues are in murky waters and we have a very competent skipper who is the clubs crown jewels at the moment. I really hope there is an end to this nightmare soon because I for one would like rowett at the club when there is money to spend where blues can be back to being what they are a big club!

  • Blues fan says:

    People saying it’s good Rowett is taking his time to bring in players and patience is needed I think fans have been patient for the last four years having to put up with rubbish during that time and before anyone moans I don’t mean Gary Rowett. But while blues mess about trying to get half decent players in other teams are coming in and snatching them away from blues and we are left with the dregs.

  • IvoryTowers says:

    Come on Daniel admit it, you misjudged the mood of the Blues fans and you’re coming across like Clive Dunne out of Dads Army. ‘Don’t panic, don’t panic….’

  • IvoryTowers says:

    Is the heat getting to you now Daniel? Thought you only moderated comments on legal grounds. You’re better than this.

  • HOLD on a bit , there has been a lot of fans moaning on this blog , and all Dan is doing is defending our right to an opinion , we respect Gary rowett as a manager and we expect respect back for putting money into the club that pays his wages , Dan has done a lot for blues fans, this is a family at Stan’s and everybody should show a bit of respect to each other , GR, has done great work for blues , and we respect that , but this club needs a spokesman , if your brother stopped talking to you , you would want to no why , and if he kept not talking to you , you would start to get annoyed, they call it human nature . it is not good business to upset people that give you income , nobody is going to groom Bluenoses into bowing to the board after what has gone off., but we will show respect if we are shown respect , now let’s this club on the road to glory with RESPECT,…KRO

  • Charlie says:

    I agree with Dan

    He is not slating GR, just giving his concern. Concern I believe most blues fans have.

    In the summer, were blues fans not expecting more quality signings, did deadline day not pass and we were told the loan market is still open? Halford was awful, Lowry has played 2 games and has looked week, the only decent player was Vaughan, who we now have.

    I just worry the longer we leave it in the window, the more desperate we will get and end up paying over the odds for average players or just not getting anyone at all. We have seen in recent weeks what happens to results when we get injuries to two key players like Don and Cotts, and that’s before Dimmy left. Some fans are saying save the money until the summer for a play off push next season?? We are 4 points off the play offs with just over half the season gone. It would be insane not to try and get 2 or 3 quality players and go for the playoffs this season. Next season at this time we might not be in such a good position. And I also fear if GR is not backed with money for signings, he will be off in the summer to another club that will give him financial backing, and with him players like Don, Cotts and Morro will leave as well. Then we’ll end up with Mr Sherwood for a manager. Really what to wait until next season for a promotion push? A lot can happen in football in 6 months. The time is now, so once more into the breach dear friends….

  • Charlie says:

    Leave Dan alone, he can have his own opinion

    Don’t forget how much time and effort he puts into his blogs and to give us updates even when the club don’t. Without him we would be clueless about the takeover.

    Dan thanks for all your hard work and efforts, and for having a brain to form your own opinion ;)

  • Blues fan says:

    All these fans having a go at OP you could see the frustration in Rowett on the last transfer window when he was saying we had players lined up only to be snatched away by another club he will get fed up with the owners at blues if he doesn’t get any help from them and he to will be poached by another team then all these fans will start moaning saying why didn’t the owners help him out more.

    • Charlie says:

      I agree, the last accounts showed we are in the black, we have some money from TTA and Gray, we our 2 or 3 players off a play off place.

      Time for Panos to back GR and go for it, or wish GR well when he leaves for greener grass

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think that if Rowett begins to feel frustrated, it’s because he knows that this season, we have a realistic chance of finishing in one of the play-off positions… and that, with a little help from TPTB, he can make that final push into the pack. It could be a very long time before we get a chance like this again. He’s done an excellent job so far, why put the reins on now? I think it’s Pano/E&Y who should sh*t or get off the pot tbf. Why spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar?

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I don’t think that Dan’s article does misjudge the views of Blues many fans. That’s the thing about opinions and forums, people may have very different opinions and it’s fine to express them, not everybody will agree.
    Personally, I tend to agree with Dan, it’s an anxious time as far as I’m concerned. Other clubs ARE making signings and it’s natural to wonder if we will be doing the same. It’s not as if Gray leaving was a surprise and it’s not like we don’t know which positions need strengthening. I had hoped that targets would have been identified in advance and some progress made towards getting them by this point. Surely no one wants to be left on deadline day hoping we manage to someone/anyone over the line??

  • Gerard says:

    Dan is entitled to his opinion whether you agree or not, this is the best site by far for true bluenoses, I often disagree with Dan but that does not mean I do not respect him as a bluenose, seemingly we are split 50/50 on his comments as long as criticism is constructive and not personal great, it shows are true passion as we are the most unique and amongst the best fans in the land, the vile fans given the circumstances would have been suicidal not us, we have suffered far more them and complained far less, like WM ( WOLVES RADIO ) IT SHOULD BE RE-NAMED , the vile and the wolves they are the most fickle of all the West Midlands let us not join them, GR is the best- Dan said that but no human being gets it right all the time even GR- but again look back 15 months ago and then think again ? Re WM radio anybody agree how biased Franksie and that lot are against us it gets worse everyday, unfortunately were I live I cannot access anything similar and with Tom Ross gone no alternative I did not like Tom that much to smug for me but a bluenose at least and just shows how bad WM and Franksie are today compared to TR. Like Dan you may agree or disagree with me it is called opinions and this is a democratic country my fellow bluenoses

    • Tom Ross says:

      TR not gone every Friday and Mon 6-7 taking calls txts tweets and facebook posts Free Radio 80s 1152am DAB and online at thegoalzone.co.uk-I will try not to be smug KRO and of course facebook and twitter,
      I know the club have been working hard to bring in players-but they have not got some over the line for whatever reasons probably financial. Vaughan signed and now Buckley with hopefully another one or two. We are where we are financially and cannot compete with the Derbys Burnleys Boros or even Bristol City when it comes to wage etc. I think GR has done an amazing job in getting this bunch of loans and freebies anywhere near the playoff positions in my opinion.

  • Pvt John Braachsons says:

    An open letter to John Hicken:

    Dear John Hicken,

    since you have been writing this blog, the mood and opinions have changed dramatically. When Daniel wrote it there was a firm element of positivity that ran through each and every word. Daniel is now stranded in Poland and you are ruining all the hard work and insight he provided to us Bluenoses over the years. His legacy is being destroyed.

    I for one don’t mind stating that I am up for doing a whip-round to get a plane ticket and return Daniel to his rightful place as writer and editor of this blog.

    You John Hicken are a charlatan and poorly represent the opinions of us avid fans. I will be in the Tilton road end next match repeatedly singing “free the Polish one” to the tune of things can only get better by D:ream. Any true fans can feel free to join me.

    Yours frustratedly

    Pvt John Braachsons

  • Alan Richardson says:

    It’s probably the first time that I have been disappointed with what you’ve written. To me you are expressing wishes that all Blues’ fans would endorse i.e. players in asap. But surely you must know that there are many obstacles before one can sign a player; wages,fees, the player’s wish, his club’s wish, richer opposition clubs. Please, please do not blame the manager; he is the best in this division if not more. Don’t let him think he is not appreciated and don’t be one of those who drives him out. Don’t you think he’s doing his best and that “best” has pulled us up by our bootlaces. For the first time I think you are writing as a child and not as the intelligent person that I think you are.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Give me GR’s careful approach to get new players in rather than the mad, anyone will do, scattergun approach of the previous incumbent. He will only bring in players that are either better than we have already got and very importantly have the right attitude. For those who feel the need to criticize a manager who has got us from certain relegation to the fringes of the play off, spending next to nothing in the process, be careful what you wish for folks.

  • Jaffa says:

    Could it be that Gary is waiting for the loan window to open!

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I know that Dan isn’t keen on my opinions of E&Y, but there is a dynamic which really worries me here. Without going into my personal beef against this company, I am very concerned that E&Y only earn their corn whilst they are ENGAGED on accounts. It is therefore not in their interest to bring the current situation to a speedy conclusion as that takes them off the payroll. As long as the status quo persists, patently money will not be forthcoming for anything other than petty investments. By the Way other than a few innocuous tweets does Panos have anything to say?

  • Stephen says:

    Dan. Brilliant article as always. GR was promised money to spend and was looking forward to the transfer window. On top of this the money for Grey became available. For goodness sake we are the second largest city in England and should be able to outbid the likes of Bristol for an immensely talented player. If you buy talent you do not lose money. If you buy a player who MAY make the grade you stand the risk of being stuck with them if they underperform. I understand GRs reluctance to splash out but it would be moral boosting for players and supporters to send out the message that Blues mean to get to the promised land

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    There is clearly a problem with the player recruitment process here.Its not just this window but the previous two.Starting with the Kiernan fiasco we seem to dither our way through and end up missing out.
    Coaching and motivation of players is a strength.Player recruitment is a big weakness and he needs some help with it.

    • wanchaimassiv says:

      Absolute cobblers mate. Kiernan walked out of his medical and went to Rangers. Fabbrini cost £2m in a loan fee. Hardly Rowett’s fault. Look at the players he did bring in and what a bargain Maghoma has proved to be

  • Art Watson says:


    Are you absolutely certain that funds are available to strengthen the squad or is all this marketing hype it just a load of horse shit to appease the fans.?

    If I was a potential investor I wouldn’t touch BIHL with a barge pole at the moment and this could well be the case i.e there is no money available.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    For all those criticising the blog for (apparently) speaking for most/all Blues fans… I think you should read the blog again, carefully. Right at the top, in the very first paragraph, you’ll see the sentence “Having seen what Gary Rowett said about the window on Monday, I wanted to respond in kind with my opinion on where I think we should be.” The operative words being “my” and “I.” “My” and “I” denotes an individual, does it not?

    Also, the open letter reads as an opinion from one person to another. The only time the OP speaks in the plural, is in the very last sentence. So I think it’s safe to assume that the original blog was the opinion of one person and one person only.

    Whether I agree or not, that is my opinion, I don’t speak for anyone else either. ;)

    • ChrisG says:

      As i’ve said before staffs, a lot of people read what they want to read & not what is written, or they just totally misinterprate (I think that’s how it’s spelt) what is written. As a regular on here yourself you must notice as I do that it’s very often the same people that disagree with Dan & slag off his comments.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        It was pretty clear to me Chris. Trouble is, in this digtal age, a lot of people tend to speed-read and miss important details. Just the way it is I suppose.

        • ChrisG says:

          Yep, i’ve read through a lot of posts on here today & it’s ridiculous the amount of people that have totally missed the point. Thank god for you & Dave!!

  • Kings Heathen says:

    Can’t believe some stuff on here today. Bristol City, and Burnley, and Fulham and ……… …… are smaller clubs than us BUT they have money. We don’t.
    If Real Madrid were bankrupt do you think they would be able to sign Galacticos just because they have a big name?
    Whatever GR is trying to do he has his hands tied by financial restrictions and even if we don’t buy anyone and end up mid table it would be a good season in terms of our resources compared to the rest of the division.
    Please get a reality check some of you.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Yes it would , just . KRO

  • TommyKBlue says:

    Wow! This is all pretty negative. We are massively over-achieving. Rowett will be aware of what we need and trying to get deals over the line but we still can’t compete for the standard of players we need. Get off his back and let him do his job, who would have thought we’d be anywhere near the play-offs this time last year

  • Dave Mann says:

    Exactly , that was the point I was making , 9th is better than 10th . KRO

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Perhaps when Gary said the cavalry would be arriving in January he was thinking of the 7th cavalry and the Little Bighorn…..or possibly an Italian Armoured division during WW2???
    Joking aside, everyday I turn on the laptop and look to see if anything is happening and so far it isn’t. It’s natural to feel a bit disappointed and for anxiety to increase and to wonder if anything at all will happen…….it’s just human nature. As Blues fans, we’re used to disappointments but we also remember better times when people actually wanted to come to our club.

  • gazza says:

    It appears there is mixed feeling with this post. personally i would suggest dan has hit the nail on the head again. if you are going to face the public in a press conference and tell the world that there is money available and 2/3 players will be bought in then surely…. there are thousands of bluenoses on the long road, and as the old school get older the road gets shorter, meaning time is of the essence. in life and the transfer market. if we can smell even a glimpse of the play-off spots, then we need to act sooner rather than later. time waits for no man.

  • KLB says:

    bit harsh lad, bit harsh!

  • ChrisG says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, us not signing anyone or the vile chasing Obafemi Martins, according to Martins they’ve approached him with a “very interesting” offer

  • atko says:

    I was always under the impression when he said the cavalry is coming he meant Cotts & the Don back from injury. I cant imagine GR meaning signings because he plays his cards a lot more closer to his chest regarding every Blues decision. Thing is every player that is likely to improve us who might be available is out of our price range. If we can afford someone then they”re not likely to improve us. It’s that simple! Only way out of this mess is to go for it and like I have said before gamble and throw every penny we have at a game changer. No point in messing about with cover for this or that or the three positions we are supposed to be light on. Go for broke and throw everything in to someone who will make a big difference!

  • Dave Mann says:

    True but even with money a player won’t come if he doesent fancy it or thinks he’s better , we could offer £3 million for a player , don’t mean there sign for us does it . KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      We all know it’s down to money in the end. We would be a very attractive proposition otherwise. Why else would someone prefer, say, Bristol City to us? There are very few players who move for footballing reasons these days. Just a fact of life unfortunately Dave.

    • atko says:

      True Dave but at least we are trying to sign one quality player than 3 average ones who at best are cover anyway by the sounds of it. You see thats the thing, all we hear in press conferences is we are a bit light here and there and we need cover here and there. Nobody talks about improving the team its all about cover for the team. That attitude will get us safe but short of any playoffs this season and beyond. We need someone in to shake up this team and take it to the next level. Sure players need to want to come but that goes for everyone not just the creative or flare players. If you dont try you dont get. The team needs improvement NOT cover!!!

  • Dave Mann says:

    True , and they sacked there manager and put Wade Elliott in interim charge … Money talks not football with a lot of players and Birmingham City in the championship struggling with finance and off field problems is not an attractive proposition unfortunately , sad but true .

  • Texas Pete says:

    Well I agree the letter is harsh and sides with fans who want their dinner and they want it NOW. I am surprised at you Dan, although it does convey the anxiousness of being let down before. However I cannot say that GR has let us down yet and if he read this blog it would be annoying to hear when only at half time and we are 1-0 up and the aim is 3-0.

  • SaudiBlue says:

    Well, I thought I could smell something being laid, or was it the bogs in the Tilton backed up again?
    We have all seen some shite down Blues so I’m hoping GR stays on the pot. No more shite please!
    Trouble is now the next player that comes in is going to be known as elTurd.
    Apologies for the toilet humour but I’ve not had a drink since Xmas!

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel’s open letter is clever. It is the kick up the backside we fans needed. Promises of funds and exciting times ahead by GR was taken as areal push for promotion by most Bluenoses-exceptions being Bluey and a few others. What this has done is to step back and analyse the current state of the farcical window,which requires a special craft in getting signings over the line. I have always maintained GR needs an older head around who is capable of ‘selling’ our club to potential signing-and this still is my concern.

  • BlackCountryBlue says:

    Thats why the window is so slow for us, because the type of players we are shopping for are all waiting to see what offers they get before committing. IMO things will start moving after this weekends games. I cant think of a player (we can realistically go for) who has recently moved to a top half championship club and I have said wish we had got him!

  • I quite like John Egan as a centre back from Gillingham , right footed but good with his left staffs blue .much admired by Gillingham fans ,

  • Dave Mann says:

    Let Mr Rowett know if he’s that good , we still need a centre half to make our first eleven , but again it’s a name that gets bounded around , signings not soundings will do for me . KRO

  • nicko says:

    so much negativity today there are players coming in soon so stop sounding like the vile supporters you think we have problems bristol city have a lot of money look were they are. we have a good manager with not a lot of money working out of his skin i for 1 are proud of him kro

    • Dave Mann says:

      Well said nicko , to many fans having a dig here , I will be at Derby tomorrow supporting our team with the passion and love I always show , I wonder how many digging will also be supporting the team with there presence as well as there mouths . KRO

  • Jim says:

    I think Gary knows more than anyone so why don’t everyone stop moaning
    The clubs working hard and so is Gary and his staff if you all carry on hell walk out and join some other club

    • ChrisG says:

      Why will he walk? If you mean he’ll walk because people are questioning him then he’s either in the wrong business or he’ll be walking the rest of his life

  • Dave Mann says:

    You make more sense than the other Jim , Jim :-) KRO

  • almajir says:

    Will Buckley for a month then.

    It’s a start.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Yes it is but with cotterill and Maghoma fit will he play? .. Not having a go just saying the way it is ! KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      My thought straight away was, a month? Is that it? Can it be extended in the loan window? If not, then he’s only come in to cover for Cotterill’s injury. Other than that, I’m quite pleased, Buckley was in great form until he went to Sunderland.

      • almajir says:

        I would expect it can be extended. I wonder if it’s short because of his injury history.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Says in the BM that Buckley has trained with Blues for most of this week. That’s good news. It means he’s getting to know the players and being inegrated in the system already. Good job.

      • atko says:

        There we go again….cover for someone else. When will we look to improve the team? GR seems to have a settled team so how could we ever attract any quality here? Nobody is going to want to come to Blues & play understudy to a bunch of players who respectfully are first & second division players. I say respectfully because they are all punching above their weight & doing a great job of it but they continue to prove that they haven’t the consistency to maintain it. It seems in this team there is one or two maximum places up for grabs & that warns players off. A small squad is one thing, keeping a settled team is one thing but there is such a thing as keeping it too settled. It’s not the way to attract players in!!

  • Texas Pete says:

    GR has responded directly to the fans and as level headed as he can be.
    Also Will Buckley. That deal has been floating on the net for a week and still it is only a month! Is this a reflection of how difficult it is to do these deals?

  • andy says:

    It is a good opinion you make dan and it certainly has set everyone having a say. I have not read all the comments but it is disappointing, considering we play Derby tomorrow, that the cavalry has yet to arrive, I thought the players were lined up and set to sign after reading Gary Rowett’s comments before the window opened. This seems to have caused the frustration and Gary would have been wise not to have said anything at all until a player, or players are signed.

  • Blue Boy says:

    Finally people are starting to see through this guy. As much as Daniel says he is not trying to be the voice of the people, he has continually fed of the misguided adulation afforded him on this site for far too long.
    Glad to see others are now waking up to this before his ego truly gets out of control. Was the Buckley signing a direct result of his “Dear Gary” letter ;-)

    • almajir says:

      Of course it wasn’t.

      The “have faith in us” bit might have been though.

      You totally have me wrong. I’m not in this for ego or anything like that – I don’t want your adulation and I never know what to say when someone asks me if they see me in public if I’m OP. I just write this because I want to – if you don’t want to read it, don’t.

      • wanchaimassiv says:

        Course you love it but can’t handle it. Ego the size of the moon if you think Rowett was speaking to you. He is probably up to here or whining fans as much as the rest of us

  • Dave Mann says:

    It’s only the 15th of January , let’s chill a bit here what !! KRO

  • Eric says:

    I have respect for this web site and you have a well deserved following. HOWEVER I DISAGREE WITH YOU PUTTING FAN PRESSURE ON ROWETT. I believe he deserves our support at this time and not criticism (ie like “sh– or get off the pot”). January is a tough time to get bargains. We have a massive ownership problem and Rowett deserved more respect than shown in this letter to him.

    • steverusselluk says:

      Agree Eric, some valid messages undermined by a clumsy tone. Would be disappointed if this is a new blueprint for how this blog communicates to its audience.

    • atko says:

      I was interested to hear Jurgen Klop’s opinions when he first got the Liverpool job. He said England will never be successful as we play too much football. He was referring to us not having a winter break. Winter breaks have been branded about since I was a kid & I always said no way. Whilst I still have a massive interest in the game & obviously particularly Blues, now I am much older I think it does make sense to have a winter break. Ideally through January so we can have an uninterrupted transfer window. The problem with opening the window THIS month is that January is a very busy time with league matches, cup matches, possible replays. There are many midweek games in January therefore a manager has to train & prepare his squad for 2 games a week. That’s a big ask when you are trying to sign players too. You cannot focus on the transfer window & focus on the next game so what gives? I suspect that is why a lot of managers cannot be bothered with the January window. Especially if you believe you have something to realistically play for. The next game always comes first!

    • ChrisG says:

      I think you find there are really only 2 people putting pressure on Rowett, Panos for saying there was money to spend on transfers & Rowett himself for publically saying over a month ago that he couldn’t wait for the window to open & hinting that he had players lined up. Nowadays with the way things get twisted around it’s better to say nothing or as he’s said today that they are working hard to bring more players in. I have to say I thought the same as others that he was hinting at having players lined up to join in the 1st week of january

  • Dave Mann says:

    Eric , respect . KRO

  • Texas Pete says:

    Looks like the Buckley signing is cover for injuries and similar to Vaughan tests the player’s fit in the squad and commitment. His wages may be high also, so very shrewd management when you dont want to waste the transfer money. Excellent. Blues are now 2-0 up in players at half time and still 2 weeks to go.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Will Buckley has been assigned the No.30 shirt, same as he had at Brighton.. and we play in blue and white too. He should feel right at home. Welcome Mr Buckley and good luck!

    • Dave Mann says:

      If he plays, can he come of the bench tomorrow ? KRO

      • atko says:

        I would think he can play. I think when Vaughan signed there was talk that if he signed before midday that day he could play that evening. As it is the day before a game I would think he can make an appearance if GR chooses. I’d be surprised but it’s a funny old game, lol!

        • StaffsBlue says:

          He’s available.. but, will VSO think he should have first dibs on the position? Buckley would make a good impact sub if used that way tomorrow. The way his career has stagnated at Sunderland (and Leeds) Derby won’t know what to expect.

          • atko says:

            Maybe that’s the thing. VSO seems to fade out of games or seems to need to be given a bit of a push at half time so between the two of them maybe they can have an impact.

  • Dave Mann says:

    No it’s 2-2 because we lost Gray and Brown .. Keep in touch !! KRO

    • Texas Pete says:

      Now you are splitting hairs. Ok then 3-2 because we signed VSO, so there.
      I am feeling better about Gray going especially with Buckley in his place. We need someone who can cross the ball. Yet to hear or see how he will help out the full back with left side defence.
      Rowett is rating him highly and promoting the rescue approach for jaded players. Wonder if that comes from his dad’s prison govnr job? Interesting. We need steadily growing success and commitment for the club or we will lose Rowett in June.
      I hope he goes straight in tomorrow, but most likely not.
      Now for number 4!

  • nicko says:

    correct Pete if he does well he will be there for the season as i said before dont worry the players will come kro

  • Jaffa says:

    Buckley has signed.Humble pie for tea tonight

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Cardiff have been placed under a transfer embargo now too.

  • Dave Mann says:

    And there one of our rivals , we are looking ok as far as keeping our head above water .. How’s my spelling ? Ok , thought so !! KRO

  • So if he he turns out to be great can we buy him in this window or sign a pre contract agreement for him to sign at the end of the season, or is he only cover ,

  • Alan Richardson says:

    January 15th and already we have James Vaughan & Will Buckley, both improvements to the squad. These players are 2 out of the 3 who GR said we would try to sign. Because a player is “only on the bench” it doesn’t mean we are not strengthening the team. I, for one, am very pleased with these additions.The attacks which some people are making on GR makes me think we have been invaded by Villa moles. I want the best for BCFC but some of the whiners need to consider what they are saying and how it affects the management. Would you like it if there were constant moaners getting at you in your job?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Looks like Vaughan and Buckley are the two attacking forwards he was referring to. Just the defender to go now. Maybe a Dutch or German full back. Y’never know. Mr Rowett made a point of referring to the scouts out there atm.

      • ChrisG says:

        Not 100% sure but I think we’ve had a German centre back on trial, either that or we were watching him, apparently never played higher than the German 1st division

  • Looks like we can sign Buckley , great ….KRO

  • Dave Mann says:

    Already sorted mate , keep in touch !! KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    I can’t understand why it’s been so quiet on here today, hardly any comments, no argueing amongst posters, very strange, I wish Dan would make his blogs a little more controvercial!!!!!lol

  • Mitchell says:

    Well, what a day! Bashing galore for Daniel-Buckley in-Dave Mann likes Jaffa Cakes -all leading up to a tasty weekend. Got that feeling in my water(just like Staffs does sometimes) that we be all smiles by 5pm tomorrow.- but don’t let Bluey know!.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Mine’s just cystitis. What’s your excuse? lol

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Having read through a lot of this it seems the people who are bashing Dan are those that are not reading his blog properly.Dan isn’t criticising what GR has done since he has been manager.He is criticising GR’s ability to get deals done and over the line.

  • Jim says:

    busy body’s who think they know how to run a football club, leave rowett to get on with his job.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Guys, let’s just get three points tommorow and we will all be happy , have a great evening . KRO

  • Mr Floze says:

    Thought this blog was pretty good tbh, almost shocked and amazed at some of the, well what can only be perceived as jealousy by a few keyboard warriors. Kudos for handling yourself in a constant professional manner, you dont speak for this particular Blues Fan but i always welcome your opinion, kind of makes the world a little less ignorant. Keep right on guys.

  • steve davies says:

    Always look at this site. First time ive sensed nevativity from you mate.

  • blue says:

    never seen so much engagement on one of your articles before…should write controversial blogs more often!

    Totally agree, we’re all aware of the great job GR has done. But his decision making in the transfer market needs to improve.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Brentford’s James Tarkowski refused to play tonight against Burnley… the team who are trying to buy him. The game’s gone Tom! :-O

  • Andrew says:

    Birmingham City football club are in a sorry state and you are deluded to not think this. Any ‘normally’ run club would have thought they could be in with a shot with promotion and bringing players in by now. If by some miracle promotion happens we would need a complete new 11 customers not one of the current squad could hack it in the higher divisions.

    • Texas Pete says:

      Best to think in the present Andrew. We are in a good situation in the league and we are getting new players despite the clubs difficulties. If we get promotion it would be a great achievement and what happens after that is not worth thinking about right now.

    • Dave Mann says:

      Not quite as a sorry state as some other clubs Andrew , as i said stay positive you miserable git . :-) KRO

  • Could be free agents from bundesliga ……..moumamadou Dabo 28 LB / RB ….
    Or slobodan Rajkovic….CB…26 ..

  • Bob Hattons boots says:

    It was pompous attitudes like yours that hounded out Gold and Sullivan.

  • Dan Hickman says:

    Wow Dan, I can’t ever recall you having to defend something you’ve written to this extent! I think it is fairly obvious that OP is not trying to be a unified voice of the fans. In my experience it has most often been used to inform fans on goings on off the pitch when other sources don’t, and offers an opinion as to the actual football side of it. I have no qualms with people having different opinions, and always try to be open minded. On this occasion I happen to disagree with you, and feel that the sensationalist style actually undermines what is usually a reliably professional source of opinion,, one bad entry doesn’t outweigh all the others though, so keep up the good work! I understand peoples frustrations with this window, but it is only this way because we have seen what can be achieved with some investment, we know we can get there! When Sullivan and the Golds came in the club spent the next 10 years building up to a point where we could and should have consolidated a place in the PL. The problem now is that we know that for the forsee able future we will not see that investment, but still want to move forwards. We spent 2.5 million on Horsfield 15 years ago before we’d ever been in the Prem! How I would love that kind of money to be available today!

  • Mitchell says:

    As regards Buckley. At Brighton I can remember him being quite lethal as an attacking right back as well as an orthodox winger. Could GR have a surprise position for him. If fit and please God why shouldn’t he be, then Derby could be his game- especially if reports are correct and he has been training with us for the last 5 days.

  • Who,s to say Hickman , without Dan’s pressure we might not have signed Buckley, Que Sera Sera , we are as one again , so it doesn’t matter , but there again we have only got him for a month , which is not much time to settle in , which seems a strange thing to do if we are going for promotion , which can only spread more doubts of can we really afford him , or are many of us blues fans called Thomas , we have to trust Gary but when you have been falling so long without your parachutet opening , its hard to believe someone telling you not to worry , .on the other hand with a club trying not to spend money it is hard to believe that they will , so we need our concerns easing , so here we go again, Que Sera Sera…..

    • Dan Hickman says:

      Well Morgan, if you really think that we were umming and arring about Buckley and OP pushed us into it then you are overestimating the power of this blog. It is important to us as fans and without it I personally would be gutted. With the greatest of respect however I very much doubt it also serves as a guide to Rowett and his team. I think the Buckley thing was rushed because of Cotterills injury. I get the feeling that he was training to check fitness before signing until the season, but they made the initial month to be able to check fitness and play him at the same time. It’s a sensible strategy and although it flies in the face of many people’s hurry hurry hurry thinking, it saves us wasting a loan fee and wages on somebody who could take half of our remaining games to get sharp. On the other hand if he gets up to speed quickly we can just extend the deal!

  • Cornish Bluenose says:

    Well done Dan..you have raised the issue, and your blog shows a wide range of opinions. The variety of feedback is great…and as we move closer to the Derby game the mood has changed.
    I have to say Dan l was disappointed with your first comment and feel that it was still too early to be so critical at this stage of the transfer window. However if GR or his representatives read this blog, and l hope they do..!. He will get a full understanding of the way Blues fans are concerned about our progress this season. I have read every comment on this blog…and thought hard before replying to you…l have every confidence in GR and think we should wait until the window is closed before being too critical. Concentrate on the next game..and make improvements one step at a time.

  • Pete says:

    Absolute garbage. I do not mind if GR does. It spend Grey money until summer if the right player is not at the right price. I trust the man and am happy where we see with what he has had.

    Of course he might be waiting of clubs to buy before his players are available or has loans lined up.

    Some people have a short memory….

  • Dave K says:

    Anyone is entitled to their opinion? Ok fine, but when you’re publishing it you have a responsibility to consider the impact on the club you profess to love. Do you really think Dan that you can motivate the club to spend and players to want to sign by being a whingey, fickle little muppet? Yup, that’s my opinion on your letter. Your ego is running away with you Dan, Rowett is not Clark and so does not need you second guessing him. If the right players are availavle AND willing to come to Blues despite the ownership issues we will sign them. For years I’ve seen you preach understanding and empathy for the position the club finds itself in, and you were right! Don’t forget your own advice Dan, don’t forget Carson, his shadow looms large over this club so anything at all we achieve is truly amazing and a testament to the skill of the best manager we have had since Jim Smith. He wasn’t appreciated here and we paid the price, lets not make the same mistake with Ar’ Garrrrry. Oh, and Buckley is an ace signing, anyone who doesn’t know that simply doesn’t understand the benefits of having a truly tricky and creative winger arrive.

    • almajir says:


      Of course anyone is entitled to their opinion – just as you are entitled to yours. (I’m sorry it took ages for your comment to be published but I’ve been out most of the day.)

      I think like many people you misread what I wrote – which is fine. It’s not about motivating the club to spend – it’s about GR having the same faith in his own talent that so many of the fans do (judging by the comments on here) and making snappier decisions on whether to sign someone or not. That’s it.

      • Dave K says:

        Dan, it’s not about your intention, it’s about how people may choose to read it. You’re a clever guy, you know what I’m getting at: you’re handing people weapons, out of the best of intentions no doubt, but still handing weapond. When you consider the fact that most people are starting with the same context as yourself, loving the club and appreciating the manager, and still it prompts some to criticise the manager you’re not having the effect you desire. By the way, I do get have a lot of time and respect for you. You do a better job of being a fan than I, and you often write with an assuming slant to your style. Also, I apologise for calling you a muppet, I was far more annoyed with the content of some of the comments than what you had written and failed to disassociate the two when spurred to comment. Kro.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Gary’s optimism in December was because he was he got a memo for ’10 new arriving at your desk in January window. It have read ‘Your new Windows 10 desktop is arriving in January’

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Gary’s optimism in December was because he was he got a mishmashed memo for ’10 new arriving at your desk in January window. It should have read ‘Your new Windows 10 desktop is arriving in January’

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