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Asking the Questions

As March comes to an end it brings us not only towards the conclusion of the current season, but potentially also the conclusion of the current phase of the ownership saga with Birmingham International Holdings looking to get their shares re-listed sooner rather than later.

BIH have already announced to the HKSE that they have come to an agreement with Carson Yeung whereby in return for him not interfering further in the re-listing process the lawsuit against him has been dropped, making it easier for Ernst and Young to push forwards with the required EGM to complete the process.

Judging by the fact that there are no longer any hearings scheduled in the lawsuit against Asia Rays and Amazing Top International Enterprises (there was one previously scheduled for April 13), it could be that there will be an announcement in the near future that an agreement has been reached with Peter Pannu to similar ends – something that could have positive ramifications elsewhere also.

That could potentially be the last major hurdle to be resolved although to my knowledge there are three further demands filed against BIH for non-payment of fees to former directors – Lee Yiu Tung, Harry Zhou Han Ping and Charlie Penn. I’m not sure how much these demands impact on what the HKSE want from BIH but I have to be honest – I think it would be minimal in comparison to the issues that surrounded Carson and Pannu.

However – before we break out the parties rejoicing that things are going to get better, I think we need to temper our enthusiasm. If things do proceed as we’ve seen, then it would follow that the holding company (and by extension the club) will be sooner or later be owned by Trillion Trophy Asia – someone we know very little about.

We only know that the beneficial owner of TTA is Paul Suen Cho Hung thanks to documents filed at Companies House. Small investor website Webb-Site.com confirms which companies Mr Suen is a director of and has holdings in – but it’s just numbers on a screen.

There are literally zero photos of Mr Suen online; he’s never been photographed by the Hong Kong press and has a reputation among Hong Kong investors for keeping a low profile. This could be viewed as either good – he’s never done anything to raise the suspicion of the authorities – or bad in that no one knows who he is or what he does. He already has a charge against St Andrew’s; I have to admit from a personal point of view I’m concerned we know so little about a bloke who could conceivably control Blues very soon.

I’m not trying to be the voice of doom here – more a voice of reason. We know from painful experience that the Owners and Directors Test administered by the Football League isn’t of much use so my faith in the FL to do anything is minimal. The club have been anxious to tell us that everything is rosy in the St Andrew’s garden – I think the time will come to show us rather than tell us…

Thanks to the generosity of some OP readers and organisations like the Blues Trust, I’m going out to Hong Kong in April with one objective – to try and shed more light on the situation. I can’t promise I’ll find all the answers – but I think someone has to ask the questions.

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53 Responses to “Asking the Questions”

  • Perry Clarke says:

    Good luck young Daniel – go get em!

  • Martin Tilton Road says:

    Dan well done in bringing us this update. I don’t think you are the voice of doom at all instead all you want, like us all is to know exactly WHO and what trillion trophy are about and to actually see photos of the people who could potentially be the owners of our club. There s a lot riding on this takeover after all in view of the mess that’s been created in recent times. All we want is a solid genuine board who can finally move this great club forward and put us to where we should , and deserve to be. Thanks Dan.


  • Art says:

    April could be a very interesting month with a number of things happening.

    – new owners
    – play off place
    – new manager

    Oh-it’s also my birthday.

    Good luck Dan- let’s see the end of this nightmare so we can look to the future with optimism.

  • Craig says:

    New manager? Bore off mate.

    • Craig, I think that all that Art is alluding to is the speculation regarding Gary Rowett’s short-term future. It would hardly be surprising if he were to be courted by other clubs in a better financial position to us in the summer given the fantastic job he has done at BCFC. I hope he stays for the longer term but we may have to face the prospect of a different manager next term. As for the play-offs, I’ve stated in my articles on Joys & Sorrows that it’s unlikely because we aren’t consistent enough and we don’t score enough goals but the point has to be accepted that we are still in with a chance. I reckon we need to win 6/9 games remaining and frankly it’s a tall order but let’s have some fun whilst the players attempt it eh?

      • Art says:

        Thanks and yes you are right-Dans report would suggest that GR could be on his way if Blues don’t get promotion this season.

        It’s a great pity Craig didn’t read Dans report.

  • Bluejohn says:

    Any new owner cannot be any worse than CY and Pannu (I hope!!) More worrying at the present moment is the rumour that Kyle Lavatory is already ‘crocked’ . Does anyone have any further info? Furthermore, what must Vaughan and Brock M be thinking about their status at the Club? GR’s ‘money signings’ have not exactly been inspiring.

  • Peter bates says:

    As you said in your piece Dan let’s not party too soon but didn’t someone say that takes companies in trouble and gets them back on track with the aim of making a profit in the future I know they have invested in the club by the way of loans etc but I would imagine that if bih get relisted and can trade again won’t tta want there money back and selling the club may be the only way of getting it good luck out there Dan let’s hope you can get the answers we all need as for the football league forget it they are only interested in themselves and haven’t really shown much in the way of support to the club and it’s most important asset the fans kro

  • Mickey07 says:

    They are such a secretive bunch over there oddballs if you ask me….agreed hopefully panos stops tweeting about some of the nonsense he tweets and we get too the real bones of the ownership issue…

  • I don’t know about anybody else but the right new owners is the most important thing on my mind this season , we have the right managerial and coaching staff the right director in Pav . get the owners sorted and we have lift off , the players are a good crew and a good base to take off with , we have a chance of promotion mind , and art is getting older by the minute , what more can we ask for , COME ON BLUES…….

  • Dave Mann says:

    The only thing Blues fans will be celebrating this season and possibly within the next fortnight is the relegation of the Vile and that will be one hell of a party .. Ime hoping its at Reading Saturday week !.. That could be one hell of an away day ! KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    Daniel, are you planning to meet up with Pete Pannu while you’re out there so he can show you round the HK nightlife & girlie bars??!!

  • Pods says:

    Please behave yourself Dave at Reading, we need you for your comments.

    Charlton 1 – 2 Blues


  • Dave Mann says:

    I’ve got charlton first pods ! KRO

  • Big Al says:

    My view has always been better the devil you don’t know – but I accept that’s a bit naive. Good luck

  • Dave Mann says:

    Apparently Lafferty could be fit for Charlton and play as Donaldson won’t train until tomorrow .. What happened to six weeks ? Not as bad as first thought , :-) days ! KRO

  • Texas Pete says:

    The effort you put in always astounds me Dan. We are very lucky to have you. The insight and information about the club educates the media as well as us. Ee would not be able to see the positives coming out of HK if it werent for your reporting. If we miss out on promotion hope you wont be accepting an offer from another club.

  • I wonder how long GR has known about it being just a tightening of the groin , is anybody reading the fans comments ..besides that great news ….kro

  • atko says:

    I was always under the impression that TTA never had any interest in Blues themselves. I thought when they were first identified as the prefered company, they were also identified as a company who simply rescues companies who are locked in boardroom power struggles, sorts them out & sells them on for a profit. Maybe with an added interest in the company listing on the stock exchange too. Have I dreamt this or am I correct?

  • I think they would be interested in getting promotion Atco with £100 a mill boost in value of the club , and then you never know with football in China taking off , I think they would like a few Chinese top players in the team to get TV coverage over their , who knows it’s like reading a book up side down and starting from the back to read the clubs future , let’s hope Dan can raise a light at the end of the tunnel for us ….. Keep right on ….

  • Chris W says:

    So I see that Paul suen was Part of skyways securities which from what I’ve looked at looked like a legit company. Have you read much about it and can you find out more about there dealings than the limited knowledge I have of it. It’s ok ds like he’s a pretty good business man from what I’ve read but it depends of the authors which I know even less about. I hope that he is serious and that TTA are going to lol to do good things with our club. It is about time we got our break

  • Mitchell says:

    Reading GR comments on the gamble to ‘splash the cash’ on Laffertys loan period instead of using it for summer strengthening is a big decision and I feel for him. We know he will not start against Charlton, but what a big game this has suddenly become. Gary must have been devastated when learning of Laffs.groin strain yesterday -which should now get Donaldson and Toral to get their act together and hit the blessed target on Saturday. I have been dubious about GR recently but this decision to gamble for a possible prem.spot is admirable. He could have taken the easy way out and stuck but he has decided to twist and for that surely the absence of his star throw of the dice should get the regulars to get the 3pts.vitally needed at Charlton.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      It’s all very well gambling on loan players.. but if you don’t play them, it’s not much of a gamble is it… more of a waste of money really. Of the players who came in in January – Shotton, Buckley and Vaughan.. plus Fabbrini, none have made much of an impression over two months on.

  • Perhaps he hopes that things will have improved this summer and more money will come in for one or two players Mitch …

    • Mitchell says:

      William.just take a look at the final day fixtures. If we can get within a couple of points of Sheff.and Ipswich/Cardiff going into the game with Cardiff – well what drama especially Wolves v Sheff. So important to beat Charlton and I know it sounds obvious BUT it is vital this Saturday game and amazingly I am now going for a defensive line up with the tried and tested ‘Nick it on the break’. This game not for gung-ho. My reasoning down to GR not now having Lafferty and the fact that Gary has really not had the opportunity to see whether his gamble could have paid off.

  • We have had a hell of a lot of crosses with no result at the end of it Mitch , Lafferty is good in the air whether that is heading back across goal to the likes of the DON or Toral or heading at goal , I for one are looking forward to the challenge , it s. Time blues players proved thereselves better than the lower teams , and sitting back can only give them the opinion that we are afraid of them .true grit and guts blues , no mercy ….

  • Rob says:

    I thought Paul Carter was the voice of reason?

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    We have to start a winning run to put pressure on the four above us and gain some ground. We have got to be bolder

  • swissjonny says:

    I suspect that Lafferty will do his utmost to play- pain killing injections or whatever.His career is at a crossroads and he needs to be in the shop window in the summer.

  • atko says:

    Gotta laugh at the Vile & congratulate them on becoming the biggest laughing stock in football this morning. According to one of the papers this morning reviewed on BBC Breakfast they have started charging fans £5 for leaving early. How ridiculous & like they are in a position to do that given their huge level of success these days! Do they not think that gates will simply fall & fans simply won’t go in the first place?! Lol!

  • Geoff Morton says:

    Lafferty and Donaldson half fit….1 forward only

  • I here the villa players are having pancakes for tea because their seasons been so flat , and they have all changed their names to April ………….FOOLS.

  • Swifty says:

    Voice of doom. Yeung and Pannu are on the way out at last and that has to be great news for us

  • Dave Mann says:

    Gabby banned by vile for smoking a shisha pipe in Dubai , oh the pain and sorrow those players must be going through with relegation only days away , it brings me to tears . :-(…KRO

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